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Hi my name is Keith K’ogane and I have ebony black hair that’s longer in the back than the front (its NOT A MULLET) and dark purple eyes like limpid grape juice and a lot of people tell me I look like Zuko (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m part galra but i dont have any fur. I have pale white skin. I’m also a paladin, and I pilot a lion that joins up with four other lions to become a giant robot man (I’m an arm). I’m a goth texan (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a dark gray t shirt, black skinny jeans, red and white boots, a belt with two fanny packs, black fingerless gloves, and a cropped red motorcycle jacket. I was walking outside the Castle of Lions. The particle barrier was fully functional, which I was very happy about. Lance stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.

mhmmmmmm i cant shake the feeling that the quintessence keith absorbed at the end of s1 has more significance than just galra!keith foreshadowing, like in s3 we saw that even a little drop of quintessence could become an infinite power source, keep a cat alive for 10,000 years, turn zarkon and haggar into literal zombies and look how much keith came in contact with???

he’s covered in it???? (obviously its not anywhere near to how much zarkon +haggar came in contact with but still, ) will it effect him past the obvious “galra” patches of skin on his hands???? (also we have seen much of galra keith’s significance past the BOM–maybe this and galra keith are related???) i just feel like now that we’ve seen what quintessence can really do, that this scene possibly holds more significance than we originally thought/keith’s exposure may prove helpful in unexpected ways 

so I got my bf into Trollhunters and he turns to me and says “Jim and Strickler look a lot alike”, and I kinda picked up on the resemblances before (esp in some fan arts I’ve seen) but it never hit me just how much they look alike and can we just talk about that for a sec

Character designs are always very conscious and deliberate choices, and Jim and Strickler share a lot of likenesses. They both have long faces, long hooked noses, darker hair, thin lips, noticeable eye bags. Their body types are the same too: long and lean. Jim, in all honesty, looks more like Strickler than his own mother. Barbara has a rounder face, a smaller upturned nose, paler skin, red hair, and electric blue eyes. Very pretty, but not much like her son. We can assume Jim probably takes after his dad in this case, but I think its interesting that Strickler is the only character we’ve physically seen so far who Jim seems to resemble a decent amount. In the words of my bf “imagine what Strickler looked like when he was Jim’s age and tell me they don’t look alike.”

To which you’re probably thinking: ‘so whats the point?’ I don’t know, but characters designed similarly usually indicate similarities between those characters, like in personality or familial relations or maybe to show Jim has some changeling blood in him too. Regardless, I do find the parallels between Jim and Strickler interesting. Such as how they both love knives and are skilled knife twirlers

Or how they prefer passive aggression and snark

Or “Get [Barbara] out of here!” and “I’m only helping you for [Barbara]” aka Barbara Lake is both of their biggest concern always

Or how they trick each other, which I think Jim managing to do is pretty impressive considering Strickler’s a crafty little shit

Or how they come to the same conclusion and concoct the same clever plan to defeat Angor Rot together, following which Strickler claims how he’s surprised how well he and Jim work together. Basically: they make a good team

Or how they love being petty and annoyed with each other, but secretly care about the other

Or how they lie to others (esp Barbara) continuously

Or how they literally yell the same thing in unison at one point

Etc. Jim and Strickler are definitely not the same, like at all. But parallels like these are some of the things that make their interactions so fun and interesting. They have a great dynamic, definitely one of my favorites, and I think their physical similarities kinda emphasize that.

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eyyy I just want to start by saying holy wow I love this blog more than I love myself, but I did notice a lil something that sort of rubbed me the wrong way? It's just that in my humble, amateur artist opinion, you color John a smidge too dark? I apologise if this is too picky, but Anthony is a slightly lighter skinned Hispanic like myself and the representation (especially in such an amazing art blog like yours) would be awesome.

First off- thank you so much! We love hearing from you all! Even when we don’t post it know its being kept in our inboxes as inspiration to keep going. It’s seriously so wonderful to get messages like this ;; we both work really hard on the blog.

This is the pallet we use for John. Its only slightly darker but its a cooler tone which may read as a bit darker? We generally try to be as careful as possible when coloring so we don’t whitewash the characters.

Also note (this isn’t super related but I thought I would add it) the characters are only loosely based on the OBC and aren’t meant to directly reflect them because they aren’t their characters (we change up features and things too so you can distinctly know which character is which)

But of course we can add characters (like the therapist ect) who are lighter skin Hispanics for you too!

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Racism against Whites do exist though. I know a White girl, whom doesn't have that much money go to a rundown, mainly Black school. At that school she was made fun of, called names such as 'wholesome' and other things relating to her skin and Black girls would threaten to beat the shit out of her after school. So racism against White people DOES EXIST. It's just nobody cares enough about it to do anything.

holy SHIT they actually call her the w-slur??? they actually call her wh*lesome after white people were enslaved for literally hundreds of years by black people, and that’s what the entire country of america was founded on??? holy shit those RACISTS

jeepers creepers, my dude, i wonder why so many black people go to a rundown school. maybe it’s because of institutional oppression, hmm?

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Hey, in your recent Poison-Ivy-wraps-Batman-in-kudzu fic you mention that Harley died, and in Sweet you mention that she was "dunked" by the Joker. Did Joker kill Harley at some point? (Also curious if it's related to Harley's red-rimmed irises)

i don’t know who started the whole ‘joker dunked harley in the same chemical bath that jokerized him’ thing, but i stole it and added in some ‘technically this was murder it just didn’t stick’ - it bleached her skin/hair/eyes, interfered with her ability to feel pain (so she’s capable of terrifying feats of strength that basically tear her body apart because she can’t feel that that’s what she’s doing), and interacted weirdly with her schizophrenia (got rid of her tics, reduced her focus and impulse control, worsened her visual hallucinations and susceptibility to delusions) (it also changed how she responds to her meds which is why it’s so much harder for her to stay medicated)

i added the eyes thing because it seemed like something capable of bleaching joker and harley to look like perma-clowns would have other visual effects beyond the usual joker’s-green-hair. also i thought it would be kinda cool and creepy.

(my theory is that the original joker chemical bath idea came about because figuring out what would and would not completely ruin someone’s makeup is a pain in the dick and saying ‘no they actually just look like that’ solves the problem pretty neatly, and once you’re doing more with harley she runs into the same problem/solution)

fic rec: FANBOY

by arkhamcycle

“Love!!! on Ice” is sure to be the greatest Wattpad-hosted love story of Viktor’s day. At its center are Viktor’s idol, world-renowned figure skating champion Yuuri Katsuki, and the silver-haired boy whose heart he steals–Vitaly Nikulichev.

Yeah. Vitaly Nikulichev. Sure.

In which Viktor is 15 and writes Wattpad self-insert RPF about himself and Yuuri, and all hell breaks loose.

(read on ao3)

listen. you have to read this. it’s already a classic. you don’t know what you’re missing. this fic has cleared up my skin and mended my broken heart that was torn to pieces by umfbamha chapter 13. this fic has made me laugh until i couldn’t breathe? vitya&co are just such relatable fanboys, i absolutely love them but also want to bury my face in my hands because i’ve done most the same shit during my fandom life. “fanboy” is simply a masterpiece. i especially love all the intentional typos they give me life and i just really love this fic and wanted to share it with you all ♥

sad songs for dirty lovers

an / the fic there are probably a million versions of, but still, political marriage ftw, inspired by this meta, show verse, could be canon but will be destroyed nxt week lol / part one of ? 

Summary: When Sansa learns of Jon’s real heritage she knows what she’s expected to do. She comes up with a different plan. 

Jon doesn’t leave his solar for hours once he learns the truth. Once they all learn the truth, that is. Petyr disappears, one sweep of his cloak and he’s gone, subsumed into the castle walls somehow. Sansa knows he’s waiting for her to come and find him, consider the path he’s cleared for her. He’s laid his trap now, but she’ll be damned if she’s going to walk into it. Littlefinger is blinded by his own ambition, and she will not let him blinker her own vision too. Not over this. Not over Jon.

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Spring is coming soon and I know all of you will begin seeing red clover around… So here are some of its benefits!

Red clover treats menopause and period symptoms.
Red clover minimises the risk of osteoporosis and maintains strong and healthy bones, especially in women at risk for fragile, frail, and breaking bones. After menopause, lower levels of oestrogen reduce bone density.
Red clover reduced high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It is very helpful for maintaining a healthy heart.
Isoflavones in red clover minimise the risk of certain cancers, especially ones related to hormone balance and changes like prostate cancer.
Isolavones also reduce skin inflammation, treat eczema, psoriasis, and other rashes.
Red clover helps protect against and heal respiratory infections.

Use as a tea or tincture.

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Eggsy x POC!Reader Headcanons

Anon Request: Oooh girl can you do an Eggsy x reader? Maybe she’s an agent already and they get assigned together and he’s just head over heels entranced by her

-being the only black woman in the agency 

-(alternatively) being the only GOC (idk how to write that right) in the agency

-being the underdog when you were in the recruitment phase

-merlin always believing that you would win during the recruitment thingy

-you and merlin being best friends

-you are the best agent the agency has for: undercover work, manipulation and etc. (so basically ur just the best)

-after vday at harrys “funeral” you and eggsy meet

-yall become really good friends after that because yall are similar in age

-eggsy looking up to you as someone who has accomplished and is good at so much at such a young age

-you realize that eggsy likes you after a honeypot mission and eggsy gets jealous and yall have a fight

(also sorry for the abundance of yalls but i actually do talk like this in real life im from texas so what can ya do)

-”why are you acting so irksome its just a mission!” -you

-”its not just a mission someone like that cant just put their bloody hands all over you” -eggsy

-”who are you to dictate who and what can put their hands on me?!?”-you

-”well as someone who loves you i think i have some sort of say in something”-eggsy

-”first, no you dont and second…i love you too.” -you

-yall being all mushy all over the headquarters

- eggsy loving everything about you, your smile, your curves, your voice, your skin, your neck, your back, your pussy and even…your crack 

- (im really sorry i just had to do it)

-merlin already knowing that yall are compatible so it doesnt surprise him when yall finally get together

-when harry comes back its a shitfest but yall have each other so its alright 

-eggsy helping and comforting you when you feel depressed because he can relate because he got depressed back when he lived with dean

-you helping eggsy through nightmares he has over missions, killings, and about harry

-merlin walking you down the aisle (or your parents if you prefer but i picture in this universe you wouldnt want your parent to)

-harry being eggsy’s best man

-yall loving each other a lot 

-i mean really people at kingsman are sick of seeing yall-dont even get me started on missions yall are unstoppable

-ooh its even worse when yall have a fight 

-eggsy sleeps on the couch

-eggsy is not allowed to touch you or even look at you

-everyone at hq knows when yall are in a fight and each agent goes up to eggsy to tell him to just apoligize so rachel doesnt take it out on them in training

-overall yall are just mushy 

-for kingsman yearbook yall are most voted to “Love each other forever”

-yall are just cute as fuck face it

-merlin: if yall make out with the glasses on one more time i will fuck you guys up”

ok so i have a lot more ideas so i will probably make a part two (probably more about the wedding and domestic headcanons) to this depending on the response this gets so please share this all around!!! love yall

That hope that my eczema may be cured is so overwhelming. I literally can’t believe this, this is making my day, fuck, MONTH. I can finally get rid of this horrible underestimated thing. God so many people are uneducated about it and assume its a silly rash when oh god its not..
As someone who has a severe case of chronic eczema and type 2 eczema, it hurts me so much that people don’t realize how horrible it is. Ive been needing to make a post about it for awhile now.

Eczema makes you lose sleep, confidence, self esteem, and a whole lot more.
My hands are the worst part of my eczema and the skin has literally thickened over the years. Yes, its nice to have pain tolerance in your hands but its also saddening. I could jab a mechanical pencil into my hand and not feel it. It makes me feel numb and sick.

Not to mention what you gain from eczema. Social anxiety, stinging sensations literally every concious moment, constant scratching, dopamine addiction, dermatillomania, other skin related manias, infections, unability to control yourself, a put down everytime you finally scratch it, and of course steroid addiction.

Yes. That can happen. The only truly working lotion/cream is Steriod cream. But it doesn’t just stop you from itching, it does a bit more. When I was young my hair began falling out in the handfulls, I still have a weird hairline, but worst of all you get addicted. This is Atopical Steroid Addiction, and many many people suffer from it. People here have blogs that are logs of them getting out of it, how many days they’ve been steroid free. Its horrible.

The sad fact is, is that eczema is CONSTANTLY looked over by people, even positivity posts and such. Let me tell you, I’ve only seen two positivity posts that mentioned eczema and I bawled. I don’t know why people avoid it but they do. An ex friend of mine once said “well its because people have a fear of holes.”

ANYONE with eczema knows thats bullshit, acne is more related to holes and yet its on every body positivity post. I’m not sure why people like to undermine eczema, maybe because its ugly. Who knows. But it’s extremely hurtful and I would love to see it around more.

Anyways, I’m very excited for the recent discovery of Filaggrin. If they found the protein responsible for the eczema reaction than they can find a cure. What it is, is that we lack Filaggrin, and that does some crazy stuff to the skin. So what I predict is that now they will try to make a supplementary cream with Filaggrin.

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Do you have any tips for coping with how all my favourite famous lesbians keep talking about gender stuff? First it was Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, now Tegan and Sara. I've struggled so much to be okay to be in my skin as a woman and a lesbian, I can't handle people whose work got me through some awful things telling me that everything is fluid and instead of women and girlfriend I should just say folks and "babefriend"...

Ooooooooooooooooof. I feel this so hard. Its rough to see the people you look up to as successful lesbians trying to escape from being like you in some way. Related… I know for me it took me a long time to really know in my bones that I could grow old without having to change and fix myself, that lesbians can be lesbians forever, so it fucks with me in a really particular way when older lesbians who I think have “made it”… well, you get the idea. I think the thing that helps me the most is staying as connected as I possibly can to my lesbian friends, especially the older dykes. If you don’t know any old lesbians you should do anything you can to seek them out and connect and hear their stories. And in the meantime, maybe try looking into comedians + artists who are really grounded in lesbian culture. Off the top of my head, try Julie Goldman, a butch dyke comic. Try listening to Gossip - the singer, Beth Ditto is strong in her lesbianism, and I think there is a big overlap in fans from both groups so you might like them. One thing that’s great about lesbian culture is that its extremely CREATIVE, we’re constantly building culture and making art, so there are always a lot of lesbians to find the works of. In the meantime, stay grounded - you know what you are, you know the meaning of your experiences. 

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Could you maybe make headcanons for RFA + V and Saeran dealing w/ MC who is overly stressed out from school? ^^" Like... it's an overwhelming amount of hard work that makes her break down sometimes? Thanks so much! <3

Oh ya~

The life of a student is not easy. If you’re struggling with classes please know you’re amazing and I’m rooting for you! You can DO IT! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)


  • He can relate more than anyone
  • Takes over all of the housework and cooking so all you need to focus on is your studies
  • Will not go to bed without you
  • So when you stay up late to get homework done he either puts a movie on and sits with you or plays LOLOL at the desk by you so you’re not alone
  • Super concerned when you have breakdowns
    • “MC just tell me what I need to do, anything you need please let me know!”


  • Really dislikes seeing you distraught
  • Plus he wants to spend time with you when he’s actually home and he can’t because you’re buried in work
    • “I know you, MC. You’re not an unbalanced person. So the fact that you’re struggling must be your professors fault. They clearly don’t know how to create a syllabus. I’m going to send an email right now and-”
    • “J U M I N  NO!”
  • Massages your feet and back while you study to help relieve the stress


  • This poor guy can’t relate and wishes he could do more to save your sanity
  • One of the worst parts for him is that you have to stay up late and
    • 1) he thinks sleep is so important for your health and skin and
    • 2) he relies on his looks a lot so he has to go to bed at a decent time without you
  • Honestly just a huge cheerleader for you
  • Orders food from your favorite takeout places to cheer you up
  • Makes and brings you drinks while you work
  • Constantly telling you how amazing you are
    • “I know its so hard right now, MC. But you’re the smartest and greatest person I know, and you can make it through anything!”


  • Stress queen baehee to the rescue
  • She takes a few minutes to look over your schedule and work load when you reach that tipping point
  • Organizes your stuff from least to most important and what will take the most time
  • Schedules your breaks for you
  • Literally just manages that shit like a boss and makes your life so much easier omg
  • Then brews you both a cup of delicious coffee


  • This kid is the king of studying/cramming
  • Plus he’s hecka intelligent and went to an ivy league school
  • So when he sees you stressin’ he jumps in
  • Sometimes he just ends up bugging you tbh
  • Looks over your stuff like the nosy tomato he is
    • “This answer you wrote here is wrong, MC.” “This is your assignment? Your professor is kind of an idiot, aren’t they.”
    • “If you’re not going to help then get out, please.” -_-
  • Honestly just relieves the stress in the best way he knows how, by making you laugh
  • One time dressed up as a professor
  • Came in the room where you were hunched over your books
    • “Time to teach you a lesson, MC.”
  • You were partially annoyed because you had a lot of work to do but who could turn down a little naughty time?
  • But he took the role very seriously and ended up just lecturing you and legitimately trying to tutor you on your homework


  • He’s a mess right along with you!
  • Super sensitive to your mental state given She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named
  • So hes constantly checking up on you
  • Asking how you’re feeling
  • Making you take breaks
  • He understands that you have to get your work done, but he will not let you stay up past midnight, your rest is too important
  • If it’s been a particularly hard day he has a bubble bath waiting for you before bed and a nice glass of champagne (if you drink)


  • He is constantly holding you while you study
  • His favorite is when your back is to his chest on the couch in the living room
  • He watched TV while you work and stays up as late as you need
  • Runs his fingers through your hair
  • Random kisses all night
  • Rests his chin on the top of your head
  • If you’re swamped with “busy work” he will force you to let him take some of the load off of your shoulders (if it’s something he can do)
  • He may not have had the same schooling as Saeyoung but he is still incredibly smart and wants to help you in any way he can

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I'm here guessing that MAYBE they let Zayn be asked about the Muslim British topic more for his answer to contrast all the Liam's "I don't know how he hated 1D, I had a BLAST" narrative, showing the things the white dudes didn't had to face, things they will never understand. (I know it's a long shot and shows Z's team working for his benefit (finally), but was what I related once I read that bit.

I can totally see that. Its something he shouldn’t have to talk about, but the thing is, the hate Zayn got because of the color of his skin or his religion, or the micro/macro aggressions he had to deal with was something we  saw in things like gross social media comments, or the signs that people thought they should hold up at concerts (which just, blows my mind that people would even do that? The fuck?), but to hear him talk about being 17 and being profiled and interrogated for hours just because of his name and his skin color broke my heart, and also raised the point that his experience in the band was coming from an entirely different place then the rest of the dudes. Which, let me just fully say that conceptually, as white dudes they could sympathize with, but because you don’t have those same experiences, you can’t ever fully understand or relate to them. 

I said this yesterday, but I’ll say it again: what really also made me admire Zayn so much more was the fact that he was talking about it without any anger (which, I don’t think anyone would have blamed him for), just a place of forgiveness. He has a kind and gentle heart, and the fact that he was able to hold on to that through years of getting hate for his skin color and religion is something that should be applauded. 

All For The Game Andreil Hair HC

Ok I have this weird headcanon that after Andrew graduates Neil decides that he maybe kind of wants to try and grow his hair long, because he’s never been able to because of all the disguises but he also thinks he might end up looking like an idiot. So, anyway he stops cutting it after Andrew leaves for pro so he doesn’t have to listen to Andrew telling him that he looks like an idiot all the time. It’s been a couple of weeks since they have seen each other in person (because Andrew hasn’t been able to fly back yet and Neil hasn’t been able to fly out) he’s been able to keep it hidden on Facetime with hats and hoodies and clever camera work.
All of his efforts are for nothing when Neil walks into his dorm after class, throws his keys down and turns around and into Andrew. He almost pisses himself. Andrew doesn’t say anything about that but reaches up and tugs on Neil’s shaggy hair with an indecipherable look on his face. Neil tries his best not to blush but he does …. hard. He doesn’t know why the fuck he feels so stupid its his hair he can do what he wants with it but he swears to himself that he is going to get it cut tomorrow. “I know it’s stupid I’m getting it cut tomorrow.” Neil manages to mumble running a hand over the back of his head.
Andrew doesn’t say anything but he yanks Neil’s hair hard enough that Neil finally meets his eye. Andrew looks at him for a moment with that weird expression on his face and then says, “Don’t.” Before pulling Neil in by his hair to kiss him hard.
Neil doesn’t cut it. It gets down to his shoulders and that’s as long as he will let it get. He doesn’t like it that much, he thinks it’s too much of a hassle to deal with. But Andrew loves it. It’s soft and wavy and smells nice. He runs his fingers through it and presses his nose into it and Neil hadn’t noticed as much when he had short hair but Andrew is a hair puller.
Andrew isn’t the only one who loves it though. The press loses it’s shit. Neil’s hair is talked about on late night ESPN and there’s posters and tshirts and when it gets long enough and Neil starts to wear it in a half bun it gets its own verified twitter account.

Another hair related head canon is that after a few years of pro exy Andrew decides to grow a beard. It’s blonde and full and looks manly af with Andrews eyebrow scar. Neil loves the beard. He has a beard kink pretty much. He gets a boner just thinking about the scratchy feeling of it on his skin. Andrew knows this.

Japanese/ Indian

In a word, the experience is “lonely.“  The perceived spectrum for my appearance runs from “Mexican” (???when was this a race/ ethnicity?) to Filipino to “some kind of Middle Eastern”.  I’ve been called a terrorist and had rocks thrown at me after 9/11, pulled over by cops in San Diego to show proof of citizenship and asked to show my ID to plain clothes officers in NYC.  I have a sibling who is Japanese-passing and our experiences are dramatically different as the way we look is often perceived (esp. by East Asians) as different, particularly as we went to predominantly E. Asian schools.   

I’m first generation immigrant, so our family works very hard to maintain ties with both sides.  Thus, as a child I enthusiastically absorbed as much of my parents’ respective cultures as I could.  I changed my cultural identity as easily as I changed my clothes, and sometimes, that was literally all it took.  Over time, it’s become more difficult because the world is more forgiving to a child whose behavior may fall outside of a culture’s norm than it is to an adult. 

My Indian side is wonderful.  I often think I take them for granted.  For them, the fact that I take pride in India’s diversity and rich history is enough to call me Indian.  What matters to them is that I enjoy making and eating the food they serve, that my feet unconsciously move in response to the sound of a particular thaalam and that their folktales are deeply engrained in my memory.  The problem is that I don’t think I can be the person they seem to think I am.  I eat beef, I don’t want to marry a Brahmin (though I doubt there are many Brahmins who want a spouse who eats beef), I vehemently argue against Hindu nationalism and anti-Muslim sentiment and I call out a lot of traditions that I perceive as chauvinistic in a particularly obnoxious Western fashion.

My relationship with my Japanese side is much more complex.  I have undoubtedly worked much, much harder at being Japanese than I have at being Indian.  My Indian relatives all speak English, so I never bothered to learn their mother tongue.  My Japanese relatives all speak English to a degree but I explicitly go out of my way to perfect my Japanese to make them feel comfortable.  Though I value and perform aspects of my Japanese heritage to the best of my ability even to the extent of forcing myself to adhere to cultural norms that go against who I am, I always feel as though I’m being slammed into a wall.  

I am convinced that for many Japanese people, including members of my family, “Japanese-ness” in its very nature entails focusing on the exclusion of anyone who, however slightly, shows any sign of being “non-Japanese”.  As a half-Japanese person brought up in the US, getting Japanese people to accept me as one of their own is a stretch, at best.  That said, I feel the most comfortable in my skin when I am in Japan.  People over there don’t know what to make of me.  I don’t look Japanese to them (interestingly, non-East Asians always say my sibling and I are obviously related, East Asians always exclaim  how different we look), but the mannerisms and the language are there, so I don’t stick out the way I do in the US.  I’m Buddhist, so being in a majority-Buddhist country, as opposed to a majority-Christian country, is a huge relief.  I can get lost in a sea of people in Japan and feel completely at ease, but the second I have to interact with someone, I can feel myself slamming into the wall again.

There is no community that I fit into. I think of my cultural identity is a tiny island with a population of 2, occupied by me and my sibling and the cultural traditions we share.  However, even then, my sibling’s Japanese-passing appearance has spared them a large portion of the great deal of intra-Asian discrimination directed towards me.  I have had many non-Japanese East Asian Americans bluntly tell me that I am the “wrong kind of Asian”, that my “good” Japanese blood is “tainted” by my inferior Indian heritage.  These same people are more than happy to pin the responsibility of every single Japanese war crime on me.  While I consider it my duty as a Japanese person to promote awareness of Japanese war time atrocities and own to them, I’d rather they picked which of the two reasons they want to hate me for: My “dirty” blood?  Or for being a part of a country with war criminals?  It’s most irritating to be told,”We hate you for the half that has “good” blood but is not evil, but we also hate you for the half that is not evil but still dirty.” 

The hardest part of being the mix that I am is the expectations I think I am expected to meet to prove my membership to the group; who to hate, who to love, what to wear, what to eat, and how to live.  It’s hard to bear 3 countries’ worth of animosity and it’s becoming harder to discern who really I am under these many masks I have unconsciously come to accept are expected of me.  In India, I play the apostate Brahmin Hindu.  In Japan, I am the earnest non-native Japanese half.  In America, I am the ambiguous potentially dangerous immigrant trying to keep my head down.  The question I now find myself struggling with is:

Who do I play when I’m alone?

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okay, so this is gonna be kinda complicated?? can i get 2d and his SO who has autism watchin a movie together with murdoc (because green lizard man cant leave people alone lol) and his SO is stimming (preferably chewing on, like, a necklace designated for that and hand flapping) and murdocs kinda being a dick abt it? ig what im tryna say is how would 2d react to this?? pls and thank you, i know you'll do good!!

((AAA!! FIRST POST AND ITS SOMETHING MOD CAN ACTUALLY RELATE TO, THANK YOU SWEET BABY. correct me if im wrong on this, i wrote this based off my experience, i don’t like skin on skin contact but if there’s something in between it’s cool.))

  • you were sitting on the couch under a blanket with 2D, donned in your baggy hoodie and laying your head on his chest, his arm around your shoulders, watching another one of his rented zombi movies–he’d gotten you hopelessly obsessed with hooked on them just as much he was. murdoc was sitting in the chair beside the couch, and you really weren’t minding him so much.
  • you had your rubber star necklace in your mouth, currently being chewed on by your back molars, trying to keep from drooling all over your boyfriend’s shirt, when there was a sudden plot twist in the movie and you couldn’t help but smile and flap your hands a little bit. it was just how it was, that happened when you were happy or excited.
  • “oh, for christs sake, can’t we watch a simple movie without you getting all childish and flapping your hands all everywhere?” murdoc snarked in your direction, as you looked towards him, the movie playing in the background. 
  • you sat up, phased by this. 2D was already staring down murdoc, his eyebrows furrowed. “it wasn’t even that big a deal until you brought it up. i happen to enjoy it, actually.”
  • “enjoy it? what’s to like?” the man pressed on, further humiliating you.
  • 2D mumbled for a minute before murdoc left the room, feeling proud that he’d won this one. you weren’t sure why it bothered him so much, but you guessed you could try to stop. by the time you got out of your mindspace to try and focus on the movie again, the credits were rolling across the screen.
  • 2D turned his head to face you, saying “wha’s wrong, love? s’it about murdoc? cause if it is, don’t worry about him. he’s not worth the time. and it’s true, what i said, i do think your flappin is sweet.”
  • you spoke up, “but why? i mean, like he said, there’s nothing to enjoy about it. i’m sorry, i’ll try to keep it und–”
  • “love, here’s all you need to try to do–remember that, flappy hands, are your happy hands, and i quite enjoy knowing that you’re happy.”

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I've always associated the song 'Devil Don't Cry' by King810 with Vegeta & Bulma but lately I think it really resonates with your fic in particular. Specifically the lines "Tonight let's pretend I'm a man, and you're a woman and we're human just bones and skin / And I'll pretend that your touch makes everything alright, if you pretend you're not nervous that I've taken lives" I'm not sure if it's your type of music, but I thought I'd let you know as you may appreciate it!

Gosh @myn-sii!

I didn’t even know that song!

You made me google and listen to it, and it hit me right in the feels. I can definitely see how it could be a Vegebul-related song, and I’m flattered it even made you think of my fic, girl.

You are too kind to me, as always…

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I am so upset and dissapointed this is the last season of the amazing series that SKAM is. Like honestly, we finally get a realistic, diverse show that we can relate, that uses actual teens, has LGBT as main characters and doesn’t cover skin problems like acne, and most importantly really covers what globally means to be a teen, for what, to be over so soon. 

I am not exaggerating when i say SKAM is probably the best show i’ve seen, i love, can relate to, and now it has been fucking purchased by another company which we all know is going to steal and destroy the essence of what skam truly is. 

I just wish we, as fans, as the audience, as the SKAM family (skamily), could do something to stop this, and keep this amazing show and its actors on air.