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Even was ranting. Again. The lightning of the scene this and the decision of the director to do blabla that. Isak was annoyed. Ok, well, Isak was not really annoyed but you know, he still wanted to complain.

So, naturally, when Even once again started to talk about the cinematography (Isak wasn’t even sure if he could spell it correctly without consulting google translate first) and gave a bunch of fun fact side infos Isak channeled his inner brat.

“Meh meh meh Kardemommetography.” Isak muttered while dramatically making his eyes wide and moving his head slightly from side to side. There was silence for a beat. From the corner of his eye Isak could see how Even tried to suppress his smile with pursed lips as he looked at him. “Are you trying to be cute?”

Isak scoffed to cover up a laugh, his brows furrowing even though his mouth betrayed his offended demeanour with a smile.

“No, Even? I just happen to be?” Even laughed, turning his face away and back.

“Cute? You just happen to be cute?” Isak lifted his chin in a single defiant nod.

“Ja.” He shrugged, putting his tongue between his lips to fight his grin after he answered.

Even practically attacked his cheeks (anywhere he could reach on his face really) and neck with kisses after that. Isak tried to squirm out of it (read: he very very much leaned into it with a huge ass smile but protested with a weak “nooo”) before he wrapped his arms around Even’s middle.

“You’re such a nerd.” Even chuckled out and pressed a final kiss to his cheekbone. “I love you anyway, though.” Isak snorted. “Wow, thank you. You’re the biggest most pretentious dork, but I love you anyway, too.” He turned his head towards Even while he spoke and his face grew more soft and fond with every word. Eyes heavy lidded and mouth curled up to one side in a warm smile he leaned in a bit so their noses touched only barely.

“This is all very sweet, but can we continue with the movie now?” Mahdi made their moment screech to a halt. Oh, right. The boys were there, too.

“Can you rewind a bit? I didn’t register anything from the moment the woman was fired.” Mags nudged Jonas who had the remote on his lap.

“Only because you were creeping again.” Isak grinned and grabbed for his beer. When he leaned back against the couch again he sunk more into Even’s side than before, who put an arm around his shoulder.

“What?!” Mags high pitched outburst was met with snorting laughter of the others.

So, Isak wasn’t reallyannoyed. Isak was actually pretty un-annoyed by all of it.  

For and inspired by my shiny banter-y brotp @linneaxskam & @skamisako 💚💙💚 love youuu

One thing that drives me nuts in Daredevil, because the show/Matt never acknowledges it:

Matt can’t tell when Elektra is lying.

Not ever! And you would think that he would have caught on by this point, but no, he still says things like ‘your heartbeat is always loud and clear’ and falls for lines like ‘listen to my heartbeat, you know it’s true’* without a blink.

Like, at this point I just admire Elektra for having the chutzpah to pull all this off, but damn Matthew. You never learn.

Some examples:

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Better Than I Know Myself

As soon as the door slammed, Beca wanted to go after her.

She called her dad instead.

“Give it a little while,” he advised. “Let her walk it off, she’ll be back.”

Beca felt tears start to well up. “Dad, I don’t wanna lose her.”

“You won’t, hon. You and Chloe are too good for each other, one fight isn’t gonna change that.”

Beca nodded, feeling a little better. “Thanks, Dad.”

Aubrey called too. Beca thought she meant to yell – nobody upsets Chloe – except her voice softened as soon as Beca answered the phone.


“Mitchell, is there a – oh. Hey, you sound awful, Beca.”

“I feel it.” Beca swiped her hand across her nose. “Are you calling to yell at me?”

“I mean – well, I was going to tell you to unbend your pride and apologize, but … you sound upset enough.”

Beca nodded. Then: “Is she – is she mad at me?”

“I don’t really think Chloe has the ability to be mad. But she’s upset, yeah, she was crying when she called.”

Beca slumped back into the couch, heart in her throat. “Dammit.” She willed back a fresh onslaught of tears and asked, “How can I fix it, Bree?”

“Just let her come to you, Beca. You know she’ll forgive you. She always has.”

Beca sniffed. “Thanks, Bree.”

Aubrey hummed an affirmative. “You should rest. And fix it when she gets home.”

Beca was still on the couch, staring at the lone candle she had lit when the room got too dark. She heard the door click closed and jumped to her feet, startling Chloe, who dropped her keys. “Jesus, Beca! I thought you’d be asleep.”

Beca shook her head and moved around the couch to get to her girlfriend. “Couldn’t sleep,” she mumbled, feeling her heart swell in her throat until she couldn’t breathe. “I just – I thought – I couldn’t –”

Chloe’s face softened. “Beca, honey,” she murmured, pulling Beca into a hug. “Becs, don’t cry, you’re fine, I promise.”

“I’m sorry,” Beca mumbled past the lump in her throat. “Chlo, I’m so sorry, i didn’t really want you to leave –”

“Beca, baby, I know.”

“– I don’t ever want you to leave,” Beca said softly. “You’re the best part of me, and I’d never be able to live with myself if you left.”

“Becs, love, stop.” Beca hiccupped herself into silence. “Hon, I’m not going anywhere, I promise. You don’t have to worry, okay?” Beca nodded, not trusting herself to speak. Chloe soothingly rubbed her back. “Good. Now c'mon, let’s go get some rest, okay?” Beca nodded again, and Chloe laced their fingers together and led the way to their room.

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I'm just still feeling really meh about it, and of course it's noora giving her religious advice because heaven forbid it should be Even who studied the qur'an or her brother who is Islamic and both know yousef no its Noora again because she's perfect and got a 6 in a religion class. Anyway who's Elias meeting is what I want to know now.

Hiii! :) I’m just gonna post your ask because it’s everything

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43 and 95 with aneruin or jack? preferably where y/n tells him 43?

You’re The Perfect Height For Me To Rest My Chin On Your Head

Jack Lowden


It’s in the title.

Word Count:



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for your ship game: dickbabs, dickkory, dickhelena, dickshawn, joyfire, roykory, jaykory (i picked a lot, sorry but i'm just covering dick + kory's main ships since I know that you ship dickkory)

Wow that is quite a few but it’s cool.

Dickbabs: Not really a fan. I don’t even think it’s the ship itself that puts me right off this pairing; it’s the fact DC can never just make up their damn mind and they think that the korydickbabs love triangle is like this amazing groundbreaking thing when in fact it is an overused cliche and plot device that really needs to be put to bed. Idk, like I don’t like the way they treat it in the sense its always shady with the entire triangle and nah fam.

However, I do loveeee them as brotp like I really like that bc whilst I don’t care for them and will admit I dislike them and am not the greatest fan of Babs like overall, I can acknowledge and appreciate that they have a relationship just like I would hope dickbabs shippers would be respectful of dickkory in the same way. Like, both of these ships are the mains of Dick’s lovelife like really it comes down to kory or babs they are his main ones throughout. They’ve been and are canon and like get equally fucked over by DC just at different times. So yeah.

Wow, turned into a different kinda answer, huh?

Dickkory: Pft, ya’ll already know this ship rules my damn life and I love/hate it for doing so.

Dickhelena: Never really recognised this as a full fledged ship rather than just a hookup kinda deal. Idk, in my mind its a fling. Shrug.

DickShawn: Do you know what is sad about this one? I could have liked it because Shawn is a good character but I fucking hate this ship. Again, it because of DC’s shittiness. Her whole being in the Nightwing Rebirth issues… It rubs me the wrong way bc they have thrust her in and after like only a few issues are like omg we are such a strong couple we’re solid we have so much love omgomgomg and it’s like Fuck. Off.

Again, I’m comparing to Babs and Kory bc how can you not. Those wonderful relationships took years to mould and have been redone and redone but they’ve always built on the attributes. Babs was in his life since childhood; they connect and they know each other and have that trust which is lovely. Kory is someone later in his life who shaped who he is and helped him so much in terms of character development. Shawn has literally come out of nowhere and they force it as though they have some deep and meaningful relationship and it’s like… nah fam. I really dislike how they’ve rushed this pairing and they even threw in the pregnancy cliche of is she? Isn’t she? Like everything about it makes me want to scream.

Not because of the ship but how its been rushed which equals a crappy pairing. It had potential, in my opinion but DC fucked it.

Joyfire: Absolutely love it. Both platonically and romantically I am fucking there for joyfire. Idk what it is but the whole rhato lineup for that; Kory, Roy and Jason. They were a perfect team in my eyes like they are all very broken people and want to make things better by their own means which is killing and stuff which yes wrong but meh this is comics. Whatcha gonna do.

I love everything about them and tbh, I know a lot of people weren’t fans but… y’know this is my ask and I dont really care what others think. I loved rhato and the lineup of these three and I don’t care for anyone throwing their opinion in so.

RoyKory: I liked roykory like at first it was a bit eesh… like it just kinda make you pull that face like nooo but when they actually got into a proper relationship; I found them so sweet and they genuinely did care for her and idk I’m a sucker for seeing Kory happy tbh and Roy didn’t fuck her over as much as some have. I thought they were sweet.

JayKory: GOD SOMETHING I WISH HAD COME TO FRUITION. Like, I love it bc its Jason. Jason. As in, Dick’s brother and something seems so very scandalous about it, y’know? Part of me wishes Kory and Jason had become a fledged thing rather than a what if because they have such great trust and banter and comradery. And I really love that he’s protective in reflection of Dick like that panel when they go to the house and Jason has to grab some stuff and Kory waits outside and Dick is in the house and Jason basically calls his ass out for being true to his name; a dick. Idk, there’s something there which just GOD I wish they’d gone through with it.

I think that’s the other part like I wish it could have been purely bc I wish Jason could have treated her the way she deserved and have Dick like well shit I fucked up and they are just happy little broken couple. Idk. I love all of the rhato ships TBH.

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Which mario game is your ultimate favorite?

Super Mario 3D world! Strange choice I know, seeing as it’s most peoples ‘meh’ game but I just adore it so much! I think its the fact I could play as Luigi from the beginning. Also the music is just perfect in every way and the end boss is cool. Boringly easy in true Nintendo style unfortunately, still but cool.

A close second tho would be the original Paper Mario, god that was a good game

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shallura 20

I totally suck for taking so, so long to answer this. Sorry! Hope this makes you happy.

I don’t believe you.”

His tone is neutral, his expression carefully schooled into displaying nothing but polite interest in the dancing before them. He’s not even looking at her as he speaks. As always, Shiro is the picture of the perfect Black Paladin, competent and responsible.

You would have to know him very well to recognise the glint in his eye.

Allura looks ahead, feigning interest in the gathering herself - though the speeches had all been given already, so really all that was left was to wait until it was polite to leave.

“When have I ever given you reason to doubt me?” She replies, secretly pleased with the primness of her tone (her elocution tutor would be so proud).

Shiro turns to her, the picture of professional concern. “Just now, when you said that you would rather remain in the ballroom.”

“I believe I said it would be more beneficial to remain in the ballroom.”

He nods sagely. “I agree, but I did just see Ambassador Xaka’al leave looking heavily inebriated. As his guests, it’s only right that we check on him, don’t you agree?”

Allura spares him a sideways glance, then returns her gaze to the party in front of her. “About 70% of the people at this gathering are ‘heavily inebriated’ right now, Shiro. If our presence is needed anywhere, it is here.”

“The other paladins can watch over the ballroom for us,” he replies with a smile.

Allura bites back what would have been an undignified snort. Pidge is busy playing the social butterfly, Lance is sitting morosely in a corner, and Hunk is draped over Keith while they both listen to Coran’s stories. The other paladins are far, far past ‘heavily inebriated’.

Which means that neither Shiro nor Allura could afford to drink, because somebody has to be responsible in the team. 

“I saw the Ambassador leave through that door there,” Shiro continues, pointing to a smaller exit on the left-hand side of the ballroom. “Should we follow him?”

Allura tilts her head to the side and considers his words.

“Given his inebriated state, I believe it would be more prudent to exit through that door - ” she points to an exit on the right, which she knows leads to a corridor with a lot of excellent hiding places “ - and loop back around. That way we can be sure we won’t miss him.”

He struggles to contain his grin at her words. “Good idea, Princess. Let’s go.”

“How long do you think it will take to…check on him?”

Shiro bites his cheek and pauses as he offers her his arm. “Hmm. About a varga?”

“That should be acceptable,” Allura replies, taking his arm and allowing him to quietly lead her out of the ballroom. They won’t be missed for a varga.

And the Ambassador certainly won’t notice they’re missing - at least not while he’s passed out underneath the canape table.

Code Realize 1

So I watched the Code Realize premiere quite a while ago, but I still have thoughts over it:

  • this directing is Bad with a captial B. like, the mcblandest of early 2000s anime bad. I don’t know who storyboarded this, but please. take away their pen.
  • the writing adaptation was good though
  • oh my heart
  • do you now how much this scene means to me after shit like diabolik lovers. do you.
  • animation was expectedly meh aside from a couple of scenes 
  • however, cardia is gorgeous and cute and perfect in every single shot like she 100% should be
  • “I’ll capture your heart” oh yes very subtle hohoho
  • speaking of lupin, he seemed too emotionally expressive
  • he’s not even my favorite boy, but?? something feels off about the characterization (especially in prologue context)
  • I never got the game impression that he was like this:
  • more mamoru chiba tsundere than Too Cool Gentleman Thief and that’s disappointing
  • damn I played 30+ hours, made blood pacts for dialogue guides, and crossed the red sea to unlock lupin’s tragic backstory and yet episode 1 just dumps it on us
  • impey who lmao
  • exposition dump sticky notes version [scene change] emotional feelings dump sticky notes version

TD;LR I went in with no expectations, and was pleasantly surprised by the first half while the second half kinda dragged. Not the best start, but I know the (rather excellent) story and hope that the direction will improve to back it up.

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Kageyama is always so well drawn and handsome in the manga compared to other characters like Kenma


When I started manga this actually surprised me bc I know how much styles change and all and a lot of characters are bound to look meh in a considerable amount of panels so I didn’t expect this to be case but… He always has been drawn so consistently perfect-looking, even in the beginning where even Oikawa didn’t look that good, Kageyama was still perfect and he merely continued to look amazing.. I just can’t get over it??? IMO he’s the most perfect looking character in hq and his looks are just.. so underrated, it’s annoying. Also he has that .. different sides that are all so very attractive? There are panels of him being incredibly beautiful, then super masculine and and intimidating and just so very handsome, then super dorky and sdhgf so adorable and cute.. I just.. love how he looks so much in all of them?? It’s kind of a challenge to find a panel of him looking meh tbh, even when he’s in the background Furudate draws him well, that’s also why it’s so hard for me to progress at reading manga, I end up .. basically screenshotting all his damn appearances, wtf??? :/ 

This is from the first chapters, when pretty much everyone looked .. eehh most of the time while he looks like this:

then he started to look like this 

and from the latest chapter.. he’s in the background and yet still he’s still drawn so attractively:


(Also, imo.. Kenma doesn’t look bad, esp lately. Check Suga-Hinata-Yamaguchi-Akaashi if you wanna see the actual horror.)


Michael Emerson knowing everything about his Johns.

requested by talking2thesky.


Bowie(ism) A David Bowie fanmix (LISTEN)
*first graphic is not mine except for added text, and exists in The Next Day album*
A wide array of artists/bands covering and/or collaborating with the Thin White Duke himself. From remixes to duets, Bowie shows just how flexible he can be in terms of changing styles. Even if you’re not a fan, you cannot deny the sheer brilliance of these songs.

nature boy (david bowie cover) - eden ahbez | sound and vision (beck cover) - david bowie | reflektor (ft. david bowie) - arcade fire | heroes (philip glass cover) - david bowie | the cynic (ft. david bowie) - kashmir | five years (ft. arcade fire) - david bowie | falling down (ft. david bowie) - scarlett johannson | sound and vision (sanjay prabhakar remix) - david bowie | fannin’ street (ft. david bowie - scarlett johannson | province (ft. david bowie) - tv on the radio | bring me the disco king (lohner remix) - david bowie | wake up (ft. david bowie) - arcade fire | space oddity (london symphony orchestra) - david bowie | love is lost (hello steve reich remix) - david bowie

EDIT: Deleted the cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart cover because it was confirmed to be fake.


Day 2 → Lyrics / Quotes : TALK

Oh brother I can't, I can't get through
I've been trying hard to reach you 'cause I don't know what to do
Oh brother I can't believe it's true
I'm so scared about the future and I wanna talk to you
Oh I wanna talk to you

Truth is that I’ve heard about this drama since it was aired (and the fact that it was Nam Joo Hyuk, huh. Of course I’ve heard about this). BUT I wasn’t really planning to watch it (at least not so soon). However, people talk about this drama. A LOT. So I got curious. And honestly, watching this drama was one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2016! I watched it on the last day of 2016 - how cool was that (but anyway). 

I thought it was just another (boring) drama with nice actors but this drama is anything BUT boring. I was so hooked (still am, tbh) on the first episode. But my favorite part? When Joon Hyung agreed to see a clinician (I was actually expecting that he wouldn’t.) I thought it was just another drama that will worsen the stigma by refusing to seek professional help BUT NO. At that very moment, when he agreed with his brother that he will do it, I know that I will love it.  And this drama is more than that so allow me list the things I love about it:

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IT’S HERE!!!! The Shroud of Turin...er I mean MY STEPHEN AMELL SIGNED T-SHIRT IS HERE!!!!

It. Has. Arrived.

Well it’s about damn time UPS. Sweet holy Moses. Do you know that I have no groceries in the house? Nothing. But I was too scared to leave my home to buy a gallon of milk lest UPS decided to finally show up. I missed you on Monday. I had to pick up my child from school. I know I know…priorities. But I would not miss it again.  Luckily UPS showed up and I found a bag of frozen chicken nuggets to feed my kid. #win

You guys would be so proud of me. I waited until AFTER the UPS delivery person left to start to scream. I thought that showed unbelievable restraint.  It arrived in perfect condition (of course it did…Em packed it).  


Close up of the signature…cause reasons.

I now own something Stephen touched.  I think he has nice handwriting. Very confident. And masculine. I especially appreciate how neatly he wrote my name. That’s not easy to do on a t-shirt folks. Isn’t it cute how he signed his name next to his face? I do. I think it’s cute. Overall I think I just won life, so I’m basically meh about any future life goals.

I LOVE MY WONDERFUL DEAR SWEET AMAZING KIND GENEROUS UNBELIEVABLY KIND AND THOUGHTFUL FRIEND EM.  The absolute best thing that has come from starting a blog is meeting you…t-shirt or no t-shirt. I am bonded to you for life. You, my dear, are stuck with me I’m afraid.

And LOOK! Em sent yummy wine with the Stephen T-Shirt. Stephen Amell T-Shirt + Liquor.  And the sweetest card…it was like a little Em care package. I am a fan of Em care packages.

Yeah, it’s basically the best present ever. I’m ranking this second to my engagement ring.  Nick’s gonna have to step up his game for Christmas.

I will be framing this. To maintain it’s pristine condition for all of time.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! olicity-i-believe-in-you  THANK YOU!!!!!!! A million times thank you.