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Riding Out The Storm

CW: Depression, self-deprecating thoughts, anxiety

Notes: Written for @abstractedthinking who is having a hard time. Just a short little thing. Sorry if it’s a little rough around the edges, I’ve got a pretty bad headache today D:<  


Patton hadn’t seen Virgil all day. 

That by itself wasn’t terribly alarming, but then there’d been the anxious side’s behavior before he’d disappeared: withdrawn, uncertain around the others, more likely to shy away from physical contact. The clues were subtle, but Patton had learned to spot them long ago. Combined with his all-day disappearing act, there was no doubt in Patton’s mind: Virgil was having an episode. 

He waited until Logan and Roman had retired for the evening before seeking Virgil. It was always better to confront him when there was less likelihood of being interrupted. He knew Virgil wouldn’t be asleep; he rarely slept anyway, and during the episode, there would be…distractions, keeping him awake. 

Patton’s jaw firmed a little as he climbed the stairs. Distractions, indeed. A familiar curl of anger uncoiled in his gut, but he suppressed it. Now was not the time for his own emotional response; now was the time to be there for Virgil. 

He didn’t knock when he reached the anxious side’s door. But he did pull out the key Virgil had given him, all those months ago. He’d pressed it into Patton’s hand, eyes averted, and mumbled, “Just in case.” 

Patton hadn’t asked ‘in case what.’ He’d suspected he’d know, when the time came to use the key. 

He pushed the key into the lock and opened Virgil’s door, slipping inside and closing it behind him. He blinked, willing his eyes to adjust. “Virgil?” 

A soft whimper met his ears, and he squinted, trying to see through the shadows. They eventually resolved themselves just enough to see the vague lumpy shape of Virgil’s bed–and the dark shape of Virgil, curled up in its center. 

Patton reluctantly let go of the doorknob and stepped into the unnatural black. It wasn’t just the absence of light that made Virgil’s room like this sometimes, he knew, but an invasion of shadows: the darker thoughts, doubts, and fears that Virgil worked so hard to keep from Thomas. 

And he did an amazing job, he really did. But sometimes they overcame him all the same, and he’d confided to Patton, not long ago, that they could hound him for days or even weeks at a time, if no one intervened. 

Patton’s heart had broken, thinking of all the times no one had. Of all the times in the past that Virgil had vanished, and the’yd all chalked it up to the anxious side simply being ‘emo,’ or ‘broody.’ Not once had any of them thought to check on him–to find out if he needed help. 

Guilt tried to choke Patton’s throat and pushed, burning, at the back of his eyes. We left him alone for so long, he thought sorrowfully. He suffered so much, and it was our fault. My fault. I could’ve–


Patton’s mouth twisted into a silent snarl, and he forced the thoughts from his mind. The shadows were subtle, but he’d learned to recognize them, when they began to work at him. And he’d learned ways to resist.  

Virgil. Focus on Virgil. Guilt doesn’t matter. Yes, I made mistakes, but they’re in the past. They don’t matter now.

(…you left him to suffer, you ignored him, you hurt him, you…)

–won’t make the same mistake twice.

The voices relented some, sullen, and Patton nodded, satisfied he’d shut them up for the time being. He moved forward, doing his best to ignore the vague, ominous hissing as the shadows slithered past him, trying to coil around his limbs. He clenched his fists and focused his attention on his goal: Virgil. He thought, clear and confident, I am going to get to Virgil. I am going to comfort Virgil. I am going to reach my son. 

The shadows hissed angrily, furious at his steadfast resolve, but it was enough: they retreated a little. Enough for Patton to catch a glimpse of Virgil, sitting wide-eyed and curled in on himself, tears streaking his face and hands clamped to his ears as he tried to drown out the voices. Patton’s heart broke again, and he eased himself onto the mattress in front of the anxious side, reaching out to touch his arm gently. 

Virgil started, badly, drawing away and staring at Patton. For a moment there was no recognition in his eyes–just horror, fear, and a kind of desperate despair–but after a few moments, he blinked, and his eyes cleared just a little. 

“P-pat–Dad?” he said, and his voice broke badly on the single syllable word. There was so much hope in that word, but so much fear, too–that Patton might not be real, that he might simply be a figment conjured by the shadows, sent to torment him further. 

“Yeah, kiddo,” Patton murmured, giving Virgil the brightest smile he could in an effort to dispel those doubts. “I’m here.” 

Virgil stared for only a moment longer before flinging himself forward, launching himself into Patton’s arms and whimpering as fresh tears spilled onto his cheeks. 

“Dad,” he sobbed. “I’m…scared. Dad, I’m so scared.” 

“I know, kiddo. I know,” Patton whispered, wrapping Virgil up tight in his arms and cupping the back of his head. He felt his own tears threatening once more, and this time he let them fall. He pressed a kiss to Virgil’s hair, then another, and another. He began to rock him back and forth, soothing him, even as the oppressive weight of the shadows tried to bear down around them. 

“They–th-they say you guys don’t really…c-care about me,” Virgil whimpered into Patton’s neck. “They s-s-say you’re just buh-being nice…th-they…” 

“They’re lying,” Patton said firmly, but gently. It was, after all, no good scolding Virgil for these thoughts and fears: he didn’t ask for them, and he didn’t want to believe them, either. “They’re telling you lies. We love you very much.” 

It took a few more repetitions of those gentle reminders before Virgil finally calmed down, and the shadows retreated a little bit more. Not completely–Patton knew they might not go for hours yet–but they did at least withdraw a little, leaving the pair of them with some breathing room. 

Virgil sighed, ducking his head and hiding it under Patton’s chin. “I’m s-sorry,” he whispered. “I…I know y-you must get…tired of dealing with all of this…”

“Hey. No,” Patton murmured, drawing back far enough to take Virgil’s face between his hands, easing his head up to look at Patton. “Never,” he said firmly, stroking Virgil’s cheeks with his thumbs and brushing away the tears. “I only wish you didn’t have to go through this, Virgil. But I’ll ride it out with you every time. And I’ll never get tired of reminding you just how much you’re loved.” He smiled and tapped Virgil’s nose with his thumb, then bent to press a kiss in the same spot. “Okay, bugaboo?” 

Virgil smiled. It wasn’t a solid smile; it wavered, like a reflection in a pool of water whose surface had been disturbed by drops of rain or a casually tossed stone. But it was there. And it was a start.

“Okay,” Virgil whispered.  

Patton leaned down again and kissed Virgil’s forehead firmly. “I’m proud of you, Virgil. I love you.” 

Virgil drew a shaky breath. “Love you too, Dad,” he whispered, curling in closer and wrapping his arms around Patton’s waist. 

And Patton held him that way until dawn, whispering gentle praises and words of love and support and comfort until the shadows finally began to abate, and Virgil drifted, at last, to sleep in Patton’s arms. 

Kiss Me Not -Part 21-

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tags: drarry, hogwarts eighth year, soulmates au

“We shall see it through as efficiently as possible,” McGonagall said primly as they walked down the hallway towards the great hall.

Harry stretched his legs slightly to keep up with McGonagall’s impatient clipped pace, “You’re going to be there?” he asked.

McGonagall nodded, “Of course. You are my student as well as those who wish to-” she tsked faintly under her breath, “-tempt fate, as it were. It’s my duty to make certain things operate in the most efficient and ethical manner possible.”

Harry relaxed slightly, at least there would be no diving tackles or kissing his feet if the Headmistress herself was there.

“The optimum solution would have been if your fellow students could control themselves and not act like a great many cats in heat,” McGonagall’s expression soured, “Unfortunately, having taught for a great many years, I know such a thing to be utterly impossible.”

Harry smiled faintly, “I think you might have better luck with cats, Professor.”

McGonagall’s mouth turned up in a faint knowing smirk, “That shows what you know about cats, Mr Potter.”

Harry spotted Hermione standing by the entrance to the great hall and raised his hand to wave, “Herm-”

He was engulfed in a fluff of brown hair, Hermione clutching the front of his jumper to stay upright even as they half spun round from the force of the collision, “Harry! Harry listen-!”

Ms Granger,” McGonagall said, “What are you doing?”

“Professor I just need to talk to Harry for ten-no-five- just five minutes it’s very important!” Hermione said all in one breath.

McGonagall narrowed her eyes slightly before begrudging them a nod, “Very well, five minutes.”

They both watched for a breathless moment until McGonagall had entered the great hall.

“Hermione, what’s going on?” Harry asked.

Hermione loosened one hand out of his jumper to take out her wand and cast a muffalito around them.


“What if he doesn’t remember?” Hermione said.

Harry’s brow furrowed, “What?”

Hermione’s hand tightening its grip like she was on the verge of shaking him out of frustration,“What if Malfoy doesn’t remember the kiss at all? Everything makes sense if he doesn’t remember it happening!”

“But someone else would have, Pansy or Blaise,” Harry said doubtfully, not wanting to grasp after false hope.

“They were talking to each other, I think,” Hermione said carefully.

“You think?” Harry said incredulously.

Yes, I think,” she said impatiently, “You don’t understand how horrible your memory was-”

“Hey!” Harry protested.

“Not like that!” Hermione said, “I mean that your awareness of your surroundings during the whole thing was so completely muted it was like trying to make out details through a fog and I think your perception of time was distorted as well. Everything was a lot more drawn out than it would have been in real life. I mean, really” She finally let go of his abused jumper to put her hand on her hip with a huff, “the whole thing couldn’t have been more than a half a second - the actual kiss, I mean- and your lips just brushed so someone would have had be looking right at the two of you to notice which was highly unlikely in that corner of the room and the angle you were standing at-”

Harry held up his hands, “I get it! I get it, he might not have remembered.”

Hermione nodded and spun on her heel, marching towards the doors, “We need confirmation and for that we need Parkinson. Malfoy would be better but he’s probably sulking in his room if I were to guess. I was just waiting for you to go get her.”

Harry followed, caught up in Hermione’s urgency, only to nearly run into her back when she suddenly stopped.

Hermione frowned at him and shook her head, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

“I only have five minutes-” Harry tried to call after her but Hermione had already gone into the great hall that, if the noise coming from inside was any indication, was packed full.

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Yes. A thousand times.

Authors Note: Hey everyone, soo I have kind of been slacking with writing blurbs and I apologise for that, I just haven’t had much inspiration to write. I feel like I say this with every blurb I right, haha. But sorry!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one! Hope everyone is having a good week… and bless Harry for his damn tour that gives me life. :) xx
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He was more than you ever deserved, he was your right hand, your heart, and essentially your everything. You thought he was the one, the one you’d spend your life with until you were both grey-haired and grumpy, you thought in years to come you’d watch him from the kitchen while he plays outside with the children, chasing them around the garden, teaching them to play catch or tea party. You believed he was the only one you’d bring home to Mum and Dad, the one who would ask your Dad permission for your hand, the one who would stand by you even through the darkest storms. But lately, all the high hopes and vision you had assumed would become a reality, seem too far-fetched, they’re nothing but a figment of your imagination.

He has been distant lately, travelling for work and for unknown reasons, not giving many explanations each time he leaves. He gives you the bare minimum for where he is going and what he is doing, which wouldn’t bother you if it wasn’t just out of the blue for him to become secretive and shady. For four years, the two of you have built on your relationship and became an open book with each other, always managing to keep each other updated on the events of what’s going on, but now, now it feels like you are both living two different worlds that are miles apart from each other.

You stand towards the back of the bar, the smell of beer and overly applied cologne lingers the area as everyone pays attention to the mellow music playing, introducing someone that is destined to embarrass themselves with karaoke. This isn’t the type of scene you appreciate being in when it comes to Saturday nights, but you were hauled along when one of Harry’s friends invited him and it was too much effort to even attempt to try to get out of it. 

You scan the crowd for the familiar green eyes of your boyfriend, your eyes skimming over the crowd until they lay on him. He’s sitting at the bar with Nick, having a good gossip— so you presume— while entertaining a few of the other mates you have yet to be formally introduced to, for what reason, you do not know. You stare at him from a distance, observing how he is smiling widely and laughing, seeming completely unaware of the fact you have strayed away from him and settled into the crowd of half-drunk individuals who have no idea they’re getting laughed at when they hit the karaoke stage.

Your eyes extract away from their stare when a bitter liquid embeds itself into your dress, your eyes glaring up at the man who has managed to spill his drink on you. Your eyes stare at him like daggers ready to pierce his soul. The poor guy looks like a deer in headlights, frozen and scared by your distinctive glare. “I am so-” he begins but you cut him off and shake your head.

“It is fine,” you mutter through your teeth, the whole situation far from fine. You fake a smile before stepping away from the deer in headlights and manoeuvring your way through the crowd to get to the bar, the bar that has probably seen more lonely nights than you can imagine.

“Hey, love, havin’-” Harry begins with his subtle smile, one that would usually melt your heart with its charismatic charm, but tonight, tonight it just infuriates you further.

“No, I am not having fun,” you mutter, “I don’t enjoy smelling like a damn brewery,” you gesture towards your dress. You take a breath, not wanting to start something in public and in front of his friends, so you stick with calming your voice as you speak, “I am going to head home, be careful,” you inform him as he studies you carefully, his brows knitting into a frown before you lean down and kiss his cheek.

“I’m just going to say bye and then we can leave, here, I’ll meet you in the car, if you like,” he dangles his car keys in front of you, taking you by surprise. With how shady he has been recently, you expected him not to give a damn that you were more than delighted to get a cab home while he stayed and did whatever with his friends. You take the keys into your warm hand, giving his mates a small smile before walking away from the bar and making your way out.

The drive home was quiet, no thanks to you. Harry tried to have a small conversation with you but you weren’t too interested in a half-ass conversation.

You step out of the car and close the door before making your way towards the doorstep of the house, your heels sounding against the concrete as Harry’s footsteps travel behind you. You step out of his way so he can open the door, but his hand doesn’t reach for the door, instead, he turns to face you.

“Care to tell me what’s going on?” He questions, taking note how something is unquestionably wrong but entirely unaware that something has been ‘wrong,’ for quite a while.

You shake your head, crossing your arms over your chest as the wind begins to pick up and whistle around the two of you, Autumn leaves falling at your shoes and dancing around the pavement. “I can’t fix it if I don’t know what’s wrong,” he presses as he turns to the door and begins to unlock it, “And don’t tell me nothing is wrong because it is clear something is wrong, so you might as well tell me.” He continues, subsequently pushing the door open and allowing you to step foot into the house first. You ignore his attempts at a conversation about what is wrong.

The door closes behind you as you turn the lights on and walk down the hallway, “Y/N,” his voice travels down the hallway behind you before his touch meets your arm, “This isn’t like you, you’re always open with me, what’s going on?” An unrelenting stare narrowing down onto you.

“Look who’s calling the kettle black, Harry.”

His forehead puckers in a thoughtful and irritation expression while frustration crinkles his eyes. “And what do you mean by that?” He questions as you shrug his hand away from your arm.

Your eyes flash with fury, “Exactly what it means. You talk about me always being open and yet you’re closed off and shady as hell.”

“I am not shady and closed off, Y/N.” He shakes his head, defending himself.

You scoff, rolling your eyes at him. If how he has been acting lately isn’t shady then you don’t know what shady is. “You were gone for two weeks without much detail, you are barely home and when you are I get one worded answers out of you, it seems like you are just not interested. And quite frankly, if that is the case, then go ahead and tell me right now.” You raise your voice slightly, tears already threatening to fall from your eyes as the words leave your lips.

You love him, you do. You don’t want things to an end, you don’t want all the future plans to go down the drain like they were nothing, but if it is what he wants, it is what he will get. There’s no point fighting for someone who is already gone and has already lost interest.

He shakes his head, “Y/N, no. You have it wrong.”

“How so? Even tonight you didn’t even realise when I strayed away from you. You were more interested in your friends, which is fine, but you invited me to go out with you and then just disregarded me.” … “If you want to end things, just tell me. Don’t make me think you still love me.” You let out in a whisper, mentally praying that he doesn’t want to call it quits.

Harry’s body stiffens at your remark and he grows quiet for a moment before he breaks the silence. “Is- is that what you’re wanting?”

You lift your shoulders into a shrug as you look down, no longer what to stare into the eyes that you fell for so many years ago.

“Can you look at me?” He questions, his hand resting under your chin and lifting it up, his eyes meeting yours, “You have it entirely wrong..”

“How? Explain how.”

He takes a breath and his hand moves to his pocket, resting itself in the warmth of the space, “If I have been shady, it has been for good reason. When I was gone for two weeks, I wasn’t on a business thing for the album, I uh, I was Niall.” He begins and you cut him off,

“So you lied.” You immediately challenge, your mind swirling with one-hundred different reasons why he would have lied about his whereabouts. Was he cheating?

He nods, “But, for a good reason, I swear.” … “There was this place in Ireland that had something I needed and I had to go down and get it, well, when I got there, they had screwed up the entire order so I had to stay and make sure it all got fixed.”

“And you couldn’t have just told me?”

“No,” he shakes his head, “I-I was trying to make everything special and a surprise. But, it is ruined now. It was all for this… This is why I have been distant or whatever.” He murmurs, his hand pulling a black box from his pocket. He lowers himself down onto one knee, his finger flicking open the box to reveal a beautiful diamond shining brilliantly with the lighting. Your heart races instantly, tears cascading down your cheeks as the realisation of him proposing becomes a reality.

“This isn’t how I wanted to propose, I had hoped to make it special. But, from the moment I met you, you have been the light at the end of the dark tunnel for me, you have lifted me in more ways than you will ever know or understand, you have helped shape me into being a better man. Y/N, I love you with all my heart and every fibre of my being, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. It has been a few years of ups and downs and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. You’re the best thing to have walked into my world and I pray to God you never leave. I’d be honoured to have you as my lover for the rest of my life, I want to be there for you, to hold you, to cherish you, to love you, and to be the man you have wanted. I want to raise kids with you and show them what it is like to be loved, I want out kids to look at us and see how much we love each other and I’d like to have you as my wife if you’ll allow me.”

You gaze at him as he’s on one knee, your breath hitching in your throat as more tears fall from your eyes. You hadn’t thought he would be down on one knee moments after an argument, in fact, him proposing hadn’t even been on your mind until now. “Y/N? It’s your cue, what do you say?” He smiles up at you, waiting for your answer.

There’s no other man you’d want to spend your life with, nobody else you would want to have children with, he’s the one, the one that you want to wake in the middle of the night when you hear unknown noises, he is the one you want to cry into when things go wrong. He is the one you want by your side, he is the one you want to always love.

Without much effort, your answer slips from your lips, “Yes,” .. “Yes a thousand times, Yes.” You whisper as he stands to his feet. You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him, the kind of kiss the silences everything and creates a reality where it is just you and Harry….

My Boys (Part 1/?)

Steve x Plus Size!Reader x Bucky

Author’s note- This is my first fic ever, so it’s going to probably need lots of work but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so… yeah… also it’s going to be broken down into parts. This is part one its more of an introduction than anything…. Oh, and it’s not smutty… yet… Well my lovelies I hope you enjoy it!

Summary- You are best friends with the Captain and the Winter Soldier. You begin to realize your feelings for the pair of them and drunkenly tell Natasha, but who knows who else was listening in on girl’s night?
Warning- fluff, drunk reader, mentions of smut (kinda), drinking with Nat and spilling some secrets (again this is just sort of an introduction, so not much action I guess. Part 2 coming soon!)

Word count: 1382

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ok so this is about eddie kasprak and ocd. i said i’d do this and it’s definitely a mess but it’s important to me, though i don’t talk about this stuff v often or usually write things like this but. hope it feels true to some of you idk idk (and uuuh warning for some gore-like description? talk of sickness in relation to sexuality?? all those fun intrusive thoughts things) (and @eddierichietozier you wanted to be tagged 💖)

  • so eddie is brought up thinking he’s sick, being told he’s sick, and a lot of his intrusive thoughts get caught on that, some inherent wrongness inside him. and even when he finds out his illness isn’t real, he kind of thinks he knows the Truth, and that is that he’s rotting inside
  • he uses his inhaler for a long time even after finding out it doesn’t do anything, because it’s so much a part of feeling safe for him, a touchstone, and he imagines he can feel it burning up all the bad parts of him, running through his blood, cleaning him out
  • he always feels like if he ever described his intrusive thoughts to anyone they’d never speak to him again, feels like he’s filling up with it and he’ll overflow soon and spill everything and all his friends will disappear
  • he has routines he imagines stop this happening. his inhaler and the zip on his fanny pack and the laces on his shoes (he ties them three times because the third knot is the safest)
  • waking up to check the time over and over every night, to count how many hours/minutes/seconds he still has left to sleep before he needs to get up for school. not being able to sleep again if it feels wrong, waking up again and counting waking up again and counting waking up again
  • listening to single songs over and over again, not being able to stop until he hits a number that feels true, getting distracted and forgetting his count, stopping the tape, taking it out of the player, flipping it over in his hands like that resets it, putting it back in, starting again
  • making spaces he has complete control over, his bedroom and the way it looks, not necessarily tidy, but exactly how it should be, so that coming back to it after being outside all day is a relief. his locker at school, it looks kind of chaotic to other people but it makes total sense to him
  • getting confused about whether his sexuality is real, whether he really likes boys or that’s just a part of the mess in his head because he thinks about sex a lot, but in an awful way, in a terrible awful sick-making way, and he knows those things aren’t what he wants, so maybe being gay is the same
  • getting older, not using his inhaler anymore really, but not throwing it away, keeping it in a shoe box with a bunch of other things his mother told him he needed, bottles of pills he can’t throw away either, prescriptions he keeps getting filled even though he doesn’t use the pills anymore, just keeps the full bottles
  • kissing richie and then feeling intensely guilty about it and then avoiding him because what if it’s all fake, what if he’s just stringing him along because he’s confused about what’s real
  • being obsessed in general about the idea that there is some true thing, above everything else, some real answer that he’ll get to if he does certain things. he gets his inhaler out of his shoe box thinking that if he uses it before he kisses richie again he’ll be cleared of all the bad shit and only the truth will be left
  • so he does this, he goes over to richie’s and he uses his inhaler and richie is like ‘wow flashback eds your mum spinning you some bullshit again?’ and eddie is like ‘be quiet, kiss me’ and richie is glad to of course and then eddie sort of hums v intensely and is like ‘ok im pretty sure i really truly wanna kiss you’ and richie is like ‘well… i should hope so ???’
  • feeling like he can’t breathe when he steps off the curb because every single time he thinks about walking into traffic. he wonders how fast a car would have to be going to kill a person, what kind of injuries he might get if it wasn’t going fast enough, the way it would look if he wasn’t killed, spread across the road but still breathing, no one noticing
  • refusing to jaywalk because of this, getting lowkey hysterical one day when richie innocently tries to get him to cross the road w him at a point where there isn’t a pedestrian crossing, being unable to articulate why when richie is confused by it, like ‘but you ride your bike on the road all the time?’ eddie just saying over and over again “it’s different i can’t i can’t i can’t’, tapping a count across the back of his knuckles with his other hand, tugging at three pieces of his hair three times
  • richie calming him down, letting him do his counts before he holds his hand, going with him back to his house, sitting with him on his bed, listening to the frantic fall-over way eddie tries to explain himself, it’s not that i think it’s really going to happen but what if it does? what if it happens and i hurt someone, i hurt you, and i knew the way to stop it the whole time but i didn’t do it and richie is like ‘we already saved the world eds an it was all of us not just you lemme help’
  • the others doing research for him, ben and mike and stan in the library going through the dsm and whatever other books they can find. bev and richie and bill roaming around town going to psychologists and psychiatrists and collecting pamphlets and shit. richie getting super intense about it, even talking to eddie’s mother about getting him a new doctor, not letting her fuck him around again
  • eddie getting diagnosed and prescribed meds but getting really weird about it because it’s sort of confirmation that he’s sick, sort of confirmation that he was right all along about being all fucked up inside. his mother put him on medication too. richie helping him with this because richie is on meds for adhd and obviously that’s not the same thing but it helps eddie to trust his new doctor
  • eddie and stan going on whole tirades because people tease stan about being ocd because he’s meticulous, clean, and that’s not what that means asshole come here so i can explain some shit to you stan get the folder
  • richie being like ‘ok i got a new ritual for you, kiss me three times’ an eddie like ‘i’ll kick your ass three times get out of my house’ kissing him way more than three times anyway because kissing richie is easy and he knows it has nothing to do with having ocd or thinking terrible things sometimes or the way his rituals seem arbitrary to other people but feel comfortable to him
  • richie wanting him to flush all the pills he’s hoarded and eddie being like ‘tf no im taking them back to the pharmacy they’ll be useful for someone else’ keeping his inhaler though, not using it, just keeping it
  • just. fuck. my boy eddie. figuring out ways he can exist that are comfortable, that are smooth and clear and easy and make him feel less like he’s flying apart at the seams. 

To all the fans of The Loud House: Stay strong and positive.

With all the trouble regarding the (highly likely to be false) accusations of Chris Savino, the last thing we should be doing right now is panicking. There has yet to be any decisive evidence that incriminates him, so he is still innocent until proven otherwise (hopefully innocent). So to all of this fandom, I ask that you remain calm and come together in this time of chaos. This is not the time for any panic or discourse whatsoever. If you really love the show, then hope and believe that this results in him being found innocent. We need all the positivity we can get.

Thank you for hearing me out.

anonymous asked:

sorry for asking but what do you have against kps?

another anon asked:
Sorry for asking, but you said in another ask that you don’t support kawaiipenshop’s practices? What has the shop been doing to make you not want to purchase from them? I’ve been considering buying from them, so I’d like to know! Thank you!

a number of things ranging from exploitation of customers + promoters / exorbitant prices, art theft, etc. @literaturs explained it all much better than i ever could in her article and @studyingamy explained it really well on her ig story once (her studygram is studyamy). because of that, i’ve cancelled my codes with bxc and refused to work with some other instagram stores of that type. i don’t want to associate myself with stores like that anymore + i disapprove of promotions involving those kinds of stores, especially when the promotions don’t state that they’re affiliate / sponsored / etc. 

places like aliexpress and amazon are much better in terms of price + i’ve recently made an order with them and all of my items arrived to me (some faster than what i’ve experienced from ig stationery shops). amy (studyamy) has a list of alternative links to kawaiipenshop that may help you find alternatives as well.

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In your post, you made such a beautiful point. I don’t have anything against Tinker, but all of this is just too random. I personally believe that its bs how she came literally out of nowhere and kinda snatched Wrath.... i rlly hope Tanaka doesn’t forget the character development Tsuru got and how he and The Mother made such a great duo. And I’m seriously praying she isn’t suddenly throwing Tinker in as a permanent eve just because theres a lack of female characters.

     Yah… this pretty much sums up how I feel tbh. And I know as a Tsurugi fan I’m horribly biased with it. Don’t get me wrong though, like I’m down af for getting more females in the cast because there are an absolute ton of dicks on the dance floor already. The timing is just… questionable. Like I’ve seen a lot of posts from various people wanting a female eve for World End, which I’m fine with because we have no idea who his is/will be. Wrath however… with all the development and interaction between her and Tsurugi and then just… again, damn near out of nowhere. Also like… christo we’ve been teased about the Wrath/Tsurugi pair for so long now it’s losing the hype. If it even happens at this point, rather than being a crescendo moment it’s going to be like ‘omg fucking FINALLY, can we be done now?’ That’s my take at least.

    Whatever TANAKA decides is what she decides in the end. It’s her series at the end of the day so whether we like it or not what she says goes. It just feels like… I don’t know it would be sloppily put together? Like an order coming from the editor or something like ‘hey you need to add this because demographics and shit’. All of her other arcs have gone so well written and cleverily put together with great flow and this is just… starting to feel like more of a clusterfuck… I mean… the amount of different stories we’re following is just crazy.

     We’ve got:

     Tsurugi’s Story
     Shuuhei’s Vendetta
     Junichirou’s nearly been axed
     Mikuni’s watching a fucking livestream of his enemy’s downfall
     Wrath’s story
     Lust, Pride are…???? Fuck if anyone knows
     KuroMahi doing a thing until Mahiru got blasted to kingdom come
     Gil & Ray jumping from faction to faction
     Wrath/Tsurugi –> Tsurugi/Touma
     KuroMahi —-> KuroYumi
     Wrath/Tsurugi —> Wrath/Tinker??
     At some point we saw more of Melancholy????

     Like dear sweet muffins man… too much shit to follow… how the heckie you gonna wrap this up because I’m interested!! 8U

     I’m really happy I’m not the only one that feels this way though. Got nothing against Tinker, happy to see her more involved and I’d LOVE to see her providing some serious support with like support gear or weapons/intel for Mahiru & Co goin’ up against future baddies and the like… just… this introduction wasn’t the best execution for me personally and yah just really off the wall… OTL;;;

Magic mishap

Egotober, Day 18

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

I actually wrote this on Monday because I was looking forward to it so much, and then sat there suffering knowing I couldn’t post it for another two days. But the time has finally come! Gosh, I hope you guys will enjoy this.

Idea from a sweet anon (I don’t know if you’d be okay with me tagging your blog?)

Second Chance AU

Characters: Marvin, Jackie

Word count: 5.3k

Warnings: malnourishment, small references to generally bad living conditions, injury.

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I’m Back!

Hey everyone! Its Katie, I’m so sorry that I have been away for so long and that you haven’t been able to get any Japanese content from me lately! I’ve been so busy with exams and midterms and trying to get used to the college like that I have neglected the blog a little bit too much. Not to mention that the three of us on here had some trouble logging in and Tumblr takes forever to fix things like that. But I just wanted you to know that I’m finally back and I hope that you guys enjoyed the awesome content that was provided for you while I was away! 

I’ll be working on some Japanese posts tonight and through the next four days since I’m off of school! 

Hope everyone is doing well and thank you so much for the continued support and love you guys give us!

Keep up the hard work,


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I hope people who watch the Demi Lovato film realize that just because you stan a celebrity doesn't mean you know the half of what they're going through. Or who they are. We have an idea of who they are as a human. But, an interview isn't completely them, it's not who they are with their friends and family. It's just.... we don't know them. And I hate to say it but especially in terms of Niall. He's almost never negative and he's a people pleaser. And 1D hid the majority of real life as well.

yeah, it really was insane bc like we hear things thru media/tabloids and shit, but half the time its not true or its only a fraction of whats really going on. i honestly didnt realize she had been through THAT much….

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That Lady choice ask is ironic because i just replayed the game and the first time I had played it I had gotten Montfort just being concerned about his friend. This playthrough I got him as falling for the MC and I was SO CONFUSED. I was like what? I thought his motivations were different last time? Whats going on? Am I reading this right? Maybe its another lie. Now I know lol, he certainly has a weird way of showing it.

Yeah, Montfort was an… interesting character :D I enjoyed putting in the different motivations for him, as it added a bit of freshness and interest to the route! At least, I hoped so anyway, lol.

I like when characters react based on the MC’s personality and actions, like in real life. It’s easier said than done with coding sometimes, though :/

Thank you so much for the message! :)

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hi !! idk if you're interested, but i've been working on a fic detailing my headcanon backstory for Daniel on Ao3 and i was wondering if you'd like to read it ???? AAAA sorry if this is a little annoying i just !!!! i really like ur blog and i'd like to know what u think o golly anyways hhhh i hope you have a good day !!!!!!!!!!

khfbhka it’s not annoying,, but i’d love to read it!


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cardcaptor sakura openings (requested by @tachibana–chan)

I would get on my knees for Tae

Hoseok | Jimin | Namjoon | Jungkook | Yoongi | Jin


Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.


                  “The difference between stupidity and genius, is that genius has its limits.”

                                              ↳ Neji Hyuuga dedicated to @elliejoys!

Reasons to be happy today:

  • When Dick was in elementary school (back in the days when Batman was a Gotham City cryptid and no one had any evidence that he existed), his classmates used to propose that they “catch Batman” in pretty much the same way kids try to catch Santa coming down their chimney on Christmas Eve: they would try to stay up all night in places Batman seemed likely to show up.
  • Obviously, little kids with responsible, non-vigilante parents aren’t allowed to hang out in alleyways or on rooftops at two in the morning, so they made do with the next best thing– skyscrapers with big windows where Batman and Robin might swing past. You know who has access to a building like that? Dick Grayson!
  • So Dick Grayson, Robin, superhero and Batman’s ward, frequently hosted pizza-party sleepovers on the top floor of Wayne Enterprises, while Alfred supervised and all of his classmates crowded around the windows hoping for a glance at the legendary Batman.
  • Sometimes, nothing happened. They played boardgames and baked brownies and never saw Batman (because I’m busy, Dick), but every once in awhile…. there would be a shadow on the roof across the street, or the tail-end of a cape flashing past the windows.
  • Sure, it could be their eyes playing tricks on them, but what if it was the real thing??? It was all the school could talk about for weeks.
  • And then one fateful night, they saw him. He was right there, right in front of the window, and honestly? No one seemed more shocked than Dick Grayson.
  • “WOW WHAT A TRULY UNEXPECTED TURN OF EVENTS! [winks out the window] Anybody want another brownie?”