i know it's not his birthday yet but idc really

klunked  asked:

lmao why are people trying to fight you over your valid concern that matt will be favored over characters of color?? its happened before in so many other fandoms, idc if its the first night we know matt is alive, ppl have the right to be nervous about this considering characters like hunk only get this kind of special celebration when its his birthday

lmao i know right??? people are really trying to get me to hate matt even though he hasn’t even shown up yet……. like you said, this isnt like my first fandom or anything, i know a pattern when i see one, and this is vaguely familiar that makes me feel real uneasy. like, stop trying to invalidate me and the points i’m making bc i’m making you actually think abt why you’re stanning for a character who actually has no character yet