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okay this turned out alMOST AS LONG AS WOLF!WONWOO AND IM SCREAMING BC THAT WAS SUPER LONG SO??? GET READY TO READ A LONG SCENARIO AGAIN Y IKE S but anyways this is what yall have been waiting for since last month whOOPS IM SORRY!! here it is happy reading my children!!! <33333

warnings: this is a piece of garbage like wolf!wonwoo, brief mentions of gore but its barely anything bc i dont like gore/horror, mentions of violence, lots of flashbacks whOOPS, lots of vanilla ice cream!!!

  • His eyes are trained on his opponent sitting directly across from him
  • “Your move,” his voice drops an octave, a slight edge detected in it
  • The other man’s hands remain clasped in his lap until he slowly stretches one out
  • His eyes follow the man’s hands with bated breath as he grasps the smooth marbles in his fist
  • “No, no…. nO!!”
  • “hA I WIN AGAIN”
  • “GODDAMMIT,” he frustratingly runs his fingers in his blonde locks
  • “You guys really need to chill,,,,, it’s just mancala,” Seungcheol calls over his shoulder in the back of the room as he reads the papers
  • “Okay grandpa,,,, you’re no fun,” Jeonghan retorts, a sly grin on his face, “and don’t be so pouty, Jihoon”
  • “Whatever,” Jihoon mumbles as he and Jeonghan put away the board in its box, “there’s not much we can do if we’re in this dump so might as well do something a little less boring, like reading the news”
  • “Hey! I’m scouting for updates on our pack, you ungrateful punk. Need I remind you guys why we’re here in the first place?”
  • “To protect us from the hunters and keep a low profile,” everyone chorused
  • “Huh. Nice to know you punks are listening,” Seungcheol clucks his tongue and resumes scanning the pages
  • “Anyways, Jihoon and Wonwoo are gonna be the ones to restock our food supply today. You know the drill”
  • “Ugh fine,,,,,” Jihoon grabbed his coat on the rack while Wonwoo set aside his latest novel on the table

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honeymoon with seungcheol
  • you were never much of a tropical vacation but seungcheol’s dream vacation with you has always been going somewhere tropical so what better place than a cruise to the fricken Bahamas
  • and you’re like you know what why not because pina coladas and a twenty four hour all you can eat buffet sound really good right about now so sign u the heck up
  • and since your wedding was a small and intimate event you guys decide to go all out for your honeymoon
  • so this is how you and seungcheol end up on a week cruise to the Bahamas with a one day, one night stay in the Atlantis hotel in Nassau, the capital
  • you guys wait in line to check in to the cruise ship and he can’t keep his hands off of you and you’re like ‘cheol stop there are children’ and he’s like ‘so !!!’ as his hands stay firmly planted on your waist
  • the cruise usher calls you two up by saying “Mr. and Mrs. Choi good morning!” and you swear you can see seungcheol smile so wide you’re scared that his face might get stuck
  • after check in you guys rush up the port hand in hand with your matching key cards and its really cute because ya know your last names match bc you’re married heh
  • the first day of the cruise is a sea day so you and seungcheol don’t do much but explore the ship, eat, lounge at the bar and the pool sipping drinks watching the children slide down the water slide
  • when night falls you two climb onto the top deck and lie down and watch the stars its all v cheesy and romantic
  • then of course when it is much later in the night the kisses begin to linger and the touches start to get more sensual because hey it’s still your honeymoon after all *wink wink
  • the second day passes in a flash and the third day is when the fun really begins since that is when you guys actually plan to do something
  • The Great Stirrup Cay is the first stop in the Bahamas and you two decide to go paddleboarding
  • now you’re no paddleboarding newbie nor are you an expert but you do know a thing or two about a thing or two
  • but s.coups on the other hand
  • ‘babe you’ll save me if I drown right?’
  • ‘babe you’re not gonna drown you’re gonna be wearing a life jacket’
  • ‘y/n do you think there are sharks in these waters’
  • ‘idk probably we’re gonna find out aren’t we’
  • ‘babe can we just share a board what if I get drifted off with the current or you end up leaving me because I’m slow’
  • ‘cheol I’m not gonna leave u I promise but if you keep worrying like this I might’
  • eventually after a couple of tries you both are able to stand on the board
  • he actually learned quite fast and ends up leaving you behind instead
  • now I know that I said tropical vacations weren’t really your forte but something about the salty sea air, the way the sun kisses your skin, and the clear blue water makes you start to think otherwise
  • it might also be the amazing view you have in front of you (ahem shirtless seungcheol his back facing you while he stares at the sunset)
  • the fourth day comes around way too fast and a part of you is super sad that tomorrow is the last day in the Bahamas but that’s easily forgotten once you see what seungcheol has in store for you two!!!!
  • your cruise ship stops in Nassau for a whole day (24 hours) so coups has planned a night stay in the Atlantis hotel and resort (if you guys haven’t seen this resort seriously google it it’s so gorgeous)
  • your face lights up like a Christmas tree when you open the door to your guys’ suite
  • the carpet and curtains are adorn a beautiful blue color that perfectly matches the water outside
  • and the king size bed has bed sheets so white that it takes your breath away
  • seungcheol’s heart skips a beat when he sees your reaction because even after all these years of seeing you smile he would still go to the ends of the earth just to keep that smile on your face
  • after getting settled in the suite seungcheol whisks you away for yet another outing
  • you guys board a tender boat which then takes you to a secluded island called the “Blue Lagoon” where you both decide to go jet skiing
  • you two rent one jet ski and then the tour guides guide you guys to an area where you are allowed to go as fast and as far as you please
  • being the “manly” guy he is, s.coups offers to drive and you gladly hop onto the back gripping him tightly around his life-jacketed waist
  • honestly this moment is actually really magical for you because it all seems so surreal that you, y/n, are actually on your honeymoon!! and are actually fricken married!!! like you are going to spend the rest of your life with your best friend!!!
  • but of course all great moments have to end so you guys return everything and get back on the tender boat to board your cruise ship once again
  • it actually takes like a good 30-40 minutes to actually get back to your cruise ship so you end up leaning your head on seungcheol’s shoulder and drifting off to sleep
  • he takes notice of your stillness and looks over breaking into a sweet smile (dimples ofc a show) leaning in to kiss you on the forehead gently
  • you may have thought that the ocean was breathtaking but as cheesy as it fricken sounds seungcheol thought you were even better
  • the last day finally arrives and your guys’ hearts feel heavy but it also feels nice to finally get to go home and get back to normalcy as a newly married couple
  • you are packing your suitcase that night when you stumble upon a small unfamiliar navy blue box
  • opening the box you reveal a pair of beautiful swarvoski butterfly studs
  • under the lid of the box is a note written in seungcheol’s messy scrawl that reads “Adventure is wherever you are, here is to the end of a beautiful one and the beginning of another –Mr. Choi”
  • you giggle softly as you flip the note over and begin to scribble something on the back
  • “Couldn’t have said it any better – Mrs. Choi”

notes: ohOHOhhoho it’s finally done ( a week late heh). once again i am extremely thankful you guys have been so patient and also srry if the ending was kind of abrupt but i didnt want to drag this one out any longer than it already is so yeah. also don’t forget you guys can request if you feel like!! 

remember that anon who requested a patater engagement?


Kent’s sitting on their couch on a random Friday night, blindfolded and laughing as Tater feeds him something round and cold.

“Another grape,” he says once he’s finished chewing. “Come on, give me a challenge.” They’ve been at this for half an hour. Tater came home with the idea in his head that they try the Sensory Challenge, whatever that was, something from Russian Youtube. It involved people blindfolding each other and then making them feel, taste, smell, or hear things and then guessing what the things were.

So far, Kent’s had to guess the feel of the TV remote (”Easy.”), the sound of Tater shaking one of their house plants (”Tater, if you hurt one leaf on Alejandro, I’m going to murder you.”), and the smell of Tater’s socks from practice (”Alexei I am going to murder you.”)

After the socks, Tater started feeding him various fruits and veggies out of their fridge, as well as spoonfuls of ice cream, so Kent’s decided that Tater is forgiven. Tater told him earlier that he could take the blindfold off, but Kent’s having too much fun. He was half expecting this to devolve into something kinky. But Tater’s just playing the game, having fun, and Kent’s having fun, too.

That’s the thing he loves about Tater: the guy never lets him get bored. Tater’s always bringing something new into Kent’s life, a joke or a book or a recipe, a new perspective on life that Kent’s never seen before.

Kent’s eaten this brand of Rocky Road a million times, but with his vision gone and only his nose and mouth to inform his experience, it’s like a whole new flavor.

“Mm, you should kiss me now,” Kent says, smacking his lips.

Tater does. It’s a short peck; a soft, warm contrast to the hard, cold feel of the ice cream-laden spoon from a moment before.

“Now my turn,” Tater says against Kent’s mouth.

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Interrupted (Five)

Wordcount: 4.883

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Min Yoongi x Reader
Description: When Yoongi is still the broken guy you’ve left in Daegu and you help him to appreciate life a bit more.


A/N: The more I look at Yoongi, the more I feel bad for how I’m developing him… He’s such a squishy softball of pure tenderness in reality çç

This is the most angst thing I’ve ever written in my life… And I don’t think I’ve done a good job but at least I tried XD Again, sorry for the length but considering how things evolve, I couldn’t really cut it…

Thanks so much to all those kind souls who liked the previous chapter or reblogged!

Hope you enjoy it ^^ As always, any kind of feedback is more than appreciated, I swear I don’t bite 

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The hardest part of being without Yoongi, has been the loss of someone constantly thinking about you day and night.

He’s never been the ‘Good morning’ or ‘Goodnight’ type, not even in the beginning of your relationship (letting grow in you the confidence he actually likes you)  but his texts were full of complete fondness demonstrated in his own way: ‘Already at the subway, I bought u coffee. Hurry up’, ‘Don’t feel like going to school, let’s cut class?’ or those random ‘I want to see u’ written in the middle of his sleepless nights.

However, unforgettable are those ‘I need you to save me’ every time he took a step into a dark corner of his soul when his socio-phobia begun to pollute his mind. You still remind the shivers throughout your whole body and that thrill that made you run so fast from your house to his bedroom, leaving behind whatever you were doing because Yoongi and his health always came first.

You thought things were changed, yet he’s still a priority…




01:06AM MY: The Venue, 119-29 Itaewon-dong

01:06AM MY: Come fast

01:07AM MY: I need u to save me


You lift your eyes up scanning for the ninth time the exterior of the building, knuckles are white for the grip around the phone.

You were studying for the imminent exam when its vibration distracted you. You thought it was Yerim asking you a piece of advice about a paragraph but immediately your eyes enlarged when a ‘MY’, that didn’t appear on your screen for five years now, sparkled.

After this Christmas spent together, things between you and Yoongi have chilled… You probably scared him, he has scared you too after all.

You don’t know if you’re ready to take that lip of faith in what remains of yours relationship and even if you do, what can you offer to each other? What if you aren’t anymore the patient girl who withstand his fragility? 

You can’t stop but be afraid he’s going to suffocate you again with his moodiness.

Yerim’s probably right: you must be brutally honest, even if this means hurting each other…

A group of drunker nearby starts to shout incomprehensible words in your direction so you walk in, going up the stairs. The small basement is so dimly-lit it’s almost impossible to see in front of you and if it wasn’t for Hoseok’s high, bright laugh (it’s incredible how it stands even if the R&B music’s so loud you can barely hear your thoughts) you’d probably give up long time ago searching for them in the crowd.

Jimin’s eyes widen as soon as you reach them, his plump lips open in an unconvinced smile while throwing a strange glance to Taehyung, peacefully drinking his beer “______, hey!” he greets you.

“Hi guys—“

“______!” Hoseok jumps and before you can raise a hand, you find yourself wrapped into his embrace “I’m so glad to see you, it’s been so long!” he tights your shoulders “What does it bring you here? I thought you were studying!” he asks confused.

“Ahm, actually I was—“          

“The hell are you doing here?!” Yoongi interrupts you with his slur speech; he’s visibly disappointed but something tells you that his caustic reaction depends on that almost empty glass of tequila tight in his hand.

You narrow an eyebrow “You asked me to come.”

“… What?” he responds, clueless “I didn’t do anything! As if!”

“Well, someone did” you show him the phone and he’s got your same stunned expression, shocked by those too much familiar words (you ask yourself if he’s feeling the same electricity that made you shiver) “I need you to save me… I didn’t write such a bullshit!” he lifts his red face up and immediately searches for Taehyung’s amused stare “The fuck have you done?!”


Yoongi pushes the tongue on his cheek, knuckles are white from the grip around his knees “This is the last time I lent you my phone” he hides his curved lips behind the glass “I have to call Ye, my mobile run out of battery, my ass.” He cuts bluntly the conversation, throwing himself onto the alcohol.

Tae rolls his eyes and grumbles “One day you’ll thank me.”

“For what? Interfering with my life—“

“Why don’t you sit and have something to drink?” Jimin asks politely, trying to save the situation.

You puff your cheeks, disappointed by Yoongi’s behaviour; you know he’s just awkward for what is lately happening between you two yet you can’t help but feel as he’s just pierced your heart with a knife.

“No, thanks. It’s better if I go back home—”

“Oh, come on, since you’re here…” V smirks.

“No, I gotta—“

“Sit!” Hoseok drags you down on an empty sit and passes you a menu, studying it with you “You’ve to try this one, it’s incredible!” he taps his finger on a cocktail “Last time I drunk it, I woke up dressed as a Hula dancer!”

“I think I’ll pass.” You force a smile while Jimin and Taehyung laugh, remembering that night.

You’d like to follow them in their cheerfulness but Yoongi’s frustration ruins the atmosphere: he’s pissed off, replies to questions with monosyllables, he ignores you and more than once you were about to throw your cocktail at him, because you feel stupid for coming all the way here for an absolute nothing.

Fortunately, the others are trying with all their strength to save the night.

“______, look here! The only moment I saw Suga being extra and excited!” Hoseok pats your back while Jimin shows you a picture on his phone.

Of Yoongi.

Hugging Kumamon.


He’s so freaking cute (he’s also now, with red ears and liquid eyes) you’d like to scream it out loud but your throat’s completely dry –and Yoongi’s deadly gaze isn’t of any help-.

“Aw! Where do you hide all those smiles Suga?! Did you left them in Kyushu?” Tae grins.

“I kill you, I swear I’ll do! Put away that damn phone—“

“You should have seen him, he obliged us to go to Kumamoto only to find it and when we did, he resembled a small little child—”


You suffocate a laugh; you don’t know if it’s more hilarious a soft Min Yoongi with a toothy smile on his bright face or Jimin, who tries to stop him from hitting J-Hope. Fact is: you miss that blazing side of him, the one he slowly showed you when he begun to trust you.

It’s just when they leave you two alone you actually realise how Min Yoongi’d prefer migrate on Pluto rather than being here, with you.

“Why did you come?” he crawls fingers on his sweat forehead and pulls back his hair, visibly abashed.

“I thought it was clear. You wrote me—“

“I didn’t.”

You swallow, feeling terribly stupid “And I thought you needed help.”

He wrinkles “I’m fine.”

“I see…” you chuckle “I guess I was worried over nothing.”

Yoongi’s eyes shake “It’s not like you can do something anyway.” his words barely murmured make you feel useless, as always; you know he’s completely drunk and probably doesn’t even hear what he’s saying yet you can’t help but look up at him with delusion. You catch a breath and he bites his tongue “Shit–_____, wait—“

“You’re right” you leave the money on the table and he covers his face “I couldn’t do it back then and I can’t now.”

“______, I didn’t mean to—“

Hoseok comes back with another beer, his smile cracks when he sees you wearing your coat “______, are you leaving already?” he peers at Yoongi “Let us give you a ride home at least.”

“No, I prefer walking. A bit of air will do me good. Say hello to others for me” You smile at him and peek one last time at Yoongi, curved on the table “Bye.” 

You go away without turning back, feeling pathetic. Your eyes burn, your teeth torture the bottom lip… You’ve never felt so humiliated as tonight and what’s worse is that Yoongi doesn’t probably even realised how he deeply hurt you…

“______, wait…”

Or maybe he does…

You roll your eyes at the sound of his annoyed voice “Yoongi, don’t follow me.”

“It’s no good for a girl to go alone so late at night” he responds, moping behind the scarf “And I’m not following you, I have to go home too and that’s the only way to the subway” his raspy voice makes you shiver but you step up the peace.

“You didn’t seem to care too much about me in there.” You don’t do anything to hide your irritation.

Yoongi pauses a bit and then bluntly says “It’s just… I don’t need you to save me.”


“I’m not eighteen anymore—” He hits against the lamp street and almost falls “Did you see it?! It crashed into me!”

You roll your eyes “Write to the mayor asking him to clap it in prison” he grimaces at your irony; you sigh, reaching him “Come on…” he doesn’t lose your grip when you grab his hand. You’d really love to abandon him on the sidewalk but you can’t do anything against that uncontrollable sense of protection flaming when he acts like a terrorized cat.

“Your hand is cold.”

“It’s winter, if you didn’t notice it.”

“You should wear gloves. I know you hate wearing them but you have to. I should have bought them for Christmas. Are you mad I didn’t buy you a present?”

You sigh “No.”

“It’s a no: no, or it’s the classical ‘girl no’ that means yes?”

“It’s a no, no” you squeeze his hand when he stops in front of the stairs of the subway, studying you “Yoongi—“

“Can you call me Suga? I really feel uncomfortable when you call me Yoongi. The way you pronounce it…” he swallows but doesn’t end his speech, looking at his Sneakers.

You breath in, patiently “Suga… You never bought me a present for Christmas when we were together, I didn’t expect it now.”

“… I composed a song every Christmas for you.” he says in a low tone, as if you’ve hurt him.

“Yes, but maybe I wanted something more. You know, when you see that all your friends receive dresses, shoes, jewellery, a dinner at the restaurant—“

“Since when are you so materialist?”

“I was seventeen! I was shallow most of the time.”

“You weren’t. You understood me with one glance” he slurs “I missed it. You, being there, rumbling immediately when there was a problem…” he sniffs a bit “Why didn’t you tell me you wanted all those things? I know I was… Strange, but for you I’d have done anything.” Yoongi staggers and you almost follow him in his fall.

“You weren’t strange.”

“People do think so.”

“You aren’t. People criticize what they can’t understand, that’s all” you help him to stand up, his droopy eyes are veiled with so much sufferance you feel your heart mangling “I didn’t tell you anything because presents weren’t important. And I would have probably throw them since we broke up” you put an arm around his waist, going up the stairs “Come on, slow…”

He tights at you “Do you think we’d be still together if we didn’t break up, five years ago?”

“Maybe… How could I know? We’ve changed so much.”

He bitterly chuckles “I didn’t change at all. I still have night terrors, panic attacks, I still dislike crowded places and I suck with others’ feelings. I always end up hurting them” he mutters “I still hurt you even if I don’t want to, believe me…”


“I’m a scumbag, the worse. I told you you’re beautiful and then I disappeared” he ignores you, he’s like an uncontrollable flood “I should have called you but I was so… Scared.”

“Of what?” you ask softly but he shakes his head, shutting up.

With difficulty, you reach one of the benches and help him to sit down while you go down on your knees, studying him: he seems so small wrapped in his coat, with that big scarf on; you’re tempted to caress those blond strands escaping from the beanie or his red cheeks but you refrain yourself, aware that in this way you’d complicate the situation “Do you want me to take you a coffee?”

“Did you know if you fall from the Lotte World Tower you become an omelette? Literally.”

“Fascinating” you heavily sigh “So? Is a coffee ok?”

“It wouldn’t be bad… Becoming an omelette. Omelettes are good. Do you like them? I can cook them, Jin taught me…” he curls his lips “Maybe I’d be more useful as an omelette—“

“Stop it…” You say firmly but deep inside you’re shaking like a flame in the wind. You’ve lost count of times you’ve heard such talk escaping from his mouth but this time he’s not really himself “Yoongi, listen—“

“It’s too cold, I hate cold” his voice is barely a whisper “I wanna go home.” He trembles, embracing himself.

“The train will arrive soon, don’t worry” he curls and hides his pout behind the scarf, dangling “I take you a coffee, ok?” he shakes his head “No? Well, I need it… Stay here, don’t move.” You run to the machine, tapping on your feet while waiting for the coffee to be ready.

This is the first time you see Yoongi so drunk and… Done.

It’s like he’s reached a point of the abyss where it’s not possible for you to go and no matter how hard you reach out your hand to save him: Yoongi won’t grab it because for him you never will be enough, he’ll never see you as a good reason to appreciate this hard life.

When you hear the train getting closer, he’s already in front of the yellow line vaguely looking at the rails.

“Yoongi, this train doesn’t stop here, come back—“ you get closer but he doesn’t back off.

“______, have you ever got the sensation you’re going nowhere with your life?”

“… What?”

“It’s completely worthless: waking up, go to work, meeting the same people, empty talks, come back home. It’s not what I wanted. I wanted to do music but even if I was good it wasn’t enough, there’s always someone who’s better than me” he now turns to you, with a smile you didn’t see for too long “I loved you with all my heart yet I did nothing but hurt you. I understand why you were done with me, I’m done with myself too…”

You open your mouth but not even a sound escapes.

“I really want to quit, I despise myself so much. Nobody wouldn’t care anyway… Nobody cares about mediocrity” he watches again the rails “Every day I think: if I cross this yellow line… Everything will end in a blink of an eye. No more pain, I won’t hurt nobody anymore” he crosses it “What’s left anyway? A meaningless life, empty future, I’m so tired…” the train is about to come and you’re there, completely paralyzed, unable to move even a single muscle “I feel like an island in a vast ocean where nobody wants to come. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

No, you don’t. Because you don’t see an imperfection when you look at him, you see a whole human being full of facets: he’s polite, funny, hardworking, talented, caring…

“Yoongi, please—“

“You’d better off without me. Everybody are.”

… And there are people who  unconditionally love him for the marvellous mess he is, ready to save him from himself.

They need him, they’d suffer without him.

Why can’t he see it?

It’s just when the train’s lights blind you that you wake up. Unconsciously, you throw him the hot coffee, hitting his blue beanie He turns, widening his deep brown eyes.

“You… Idiot!” you yell with all the voice you have in your body, tears roll uncontrolled on your face and you aren’t doing anything to hide them.

You want him to see your sufferance.

Before you can actually realise what is happening, you find yourself caught in his embrace, faraway from the yellow line, while the train races fast behind you. He’s shaking, you are. Your legs are so numb you feel you’re going to lose sense at any moment but the first to fall on the ground is Yoongi, while grabbing your arms.

He’s worn out, completely “______—“

In the heat of the moment you hit him.

In that slap on his cheek you’ve put all the anger held in these years, the grudge and the fear for having almost seeing him disappear from your life.

This time with no turning back.

“You’re a coward” He grimaces for the pain but doesn’t fight you back when you punch him on his chest “Do you really believe I’ll be fine without you?! I won’t. Nobody will. Nor Tae, nor Hoseok, nor Jimin, nor Jin… What about us? What about our pain? The importance you have in our lives” you lower your head “Why can’t you accept the good you already have in your life?” you crack, completely.

You sob with rage, desperately. You didn’t cry so much not even in Daegu.

Suddenly, you feel his fingers running through your hair and your forehead pressed on his chest; his heart bumping faster is the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard, it mixes with your hiccups and his light breath.

You don’t know how long you stay like this, caught in this embrace you’ve missed even when other guys did because Yoongi’s incomparable.

“_______?” he calls you softly, his lips on your hair makes you shiver ‘til your toes. You lift your head up and his eyes are more beautiful than a starry sky “If you keep being… Yourself… I’ll seriously end up falling in love with you again.” Yoongi’s voice sounds vague, he probably doesn’t even know what he’s saying.

“I’m ok… If you fall in love with me. Again.” You reply quietly, aware that he won’t remember not even a thing tomorrow morning.


You will, though. You won’t forget it till the end of time.




A ring’s phone wakes you up slowly.

You blink a couple of time, with your head hidden in the crock of your crossed arms on the table. Your temples pulse, your eyes are heavy and itchy, you feel as if you’ve cried ‘til now.

“Hello—Jin, stop yelling” Yoongi’s voice bleary with sleep catapults you back to the station and you curl more, reminding the warmth you’ve felt while being wrapped into his arms, his words… He sits, scratching his neck “What am I, five years old?! I can stay out as much as I want!” he stands up and the sunlight coming from the window kisses his back. You find tremendously sexy the way he runs fingers through his bed hair, how he fixes the shirt in his trousers while holding the phone between his ear and shoulder… He resembles a guy who just had sex and you’re completely mesmerized by his sluggish movements “Uff, ok, I’ll be back soon. Bye.” he heavily sighs while curving his shoulders.

You contemplate him in silence, relishing of that view. Yoongi turns, stiffening as soon as your eyes meet.

“Morning…” you faintly smile at him “Feeling better?” tonight he kept rolling on the spot where’s fallen, once back to your home, murmuring incomprehensible words. You’ve stayed awake studying until he hasn’t fallen asleep, curled up like a kid (you’ve always found him tremendously adorable, you still find him) Yoongi doesn’t reply so you go on “Do you want to join me for breakfast?”

His stare widens a bit “No, I…  Gotta go home.” He nervously messes his blond fringe.

“Oh, ok…” you stretch your back and a sweater falls on the floor; it’s Yoongi’s, he probably woke up in the middle of the night and covered you with it. He used to do it also back in Daegu…

“See ya.”

“Hey, you forgot your—“ he slams the door and you close your eyes, sighing “Sweater, jeez…” you lay on the floor, looking at the ceiling.


Only few hours and the house already smells of Yoongi.




A few days later you, you walk in the tattoo parlour with a frustrated expression. All alone. With Yoongi’s sweater. That fool has probably forgot he’d left it at your apartment (or he’s just avoiding you…).

“Oh, ______!” V shines, studying you from your cute dress to your shoes “What brings you here? Ye told me you’ve to eat together.”

“Yeah, I just—” you munch your lip, tightening the sweater “I  need to give back this to Yoongi… Or I can leave it here—“

“Go there” he glances at the door and he flaps a hand “Don’t worry, he should be on his break now.”

You sharpen your eyes when he winkles at you but you walk in anyway, shaking off that sensation of agitation that makes your knees tremble. You knock on his studio’s door a few times but the only thing you can hear is loud music coming from the inside.

You muster your courage and open “Yoongi, sorry to bother you. You forgot this—Holy crap!” you close your eyes when a half-naked blond with a generous breast turns toward you without even a trace of embarrassment on her face “Sorry I—I didn’t see anything, I swear” with the corner of your eye you clearly see Yoongi sat on the chair, a bored expression hardens his features “Do as I’m not here—“

“Hey, you!” she calls you,  keeping her shirt pulled up “What do you think of it?” she brightly smiles while showing you a tattoo in the middle of her breast.

“Arh, cute…?”

“Only?” she pouts “Yoongi here has done a great job, as always!” she pulls the camisole down and starts to chitchat with him, while you hum a song only to keep you busy.

‘Damn Tae! He’s taking a break my ass!’

When she goes away, Yoongi observes you with his judge look.

“Sorry… Taehyung told me to come here.”

You can hear a curse and a low “That idiot…” before turning to the desk, looking at some drawings “What do you want?”

“You forgot this at my home” you rudely throw him the sweater and he narrows his eyebrows; you wait for him to say something, anything would do, but when he stays silent you realise how Yoongi is in the mood ‘I don’t give a shit about you’ and immediately a sensation of inadequacy starts to crawl in your veins “Well, I gotta go now. Sorry to disturb you—“

“Five minutes and I’m done” he scratches his hair and his expression mutes, it gets softer “I’ll walk you to the subway.”

“There’s no need for you to—“

I want to. And we need to talk” you fondly smile at his red ears “Wait for me there. If V bothers you, you can punch him. Or kill him…”



Yoongi is quiet but strangely… Clingy.

He’s not literally clingy -as if!- but something in his behaviour makes him look adorable: he always keeps distance but today he lazily walks beside you with hands in the pockets, elbow to elbow and when you are behind, he waits for you; he bought you a hot coffee even if you told him you were fine -the pit of your stomach is completely closed-, he’s also asked you how your days have been, what you’re going to study today…

It’s crystal clear he’s struggling with these small talks and the anger you harboured in these days, slowly fades in front of his efforts.

He blows on the plastic cup, leaning against the wall. You do the same, peering at him. He’s quiet, he’s so different from the frightened guy of some nights before.

“_______” your name trembles in the chilly air, he doesn’t seem so confident anymore “I’m sorry for the other night… But I’m fine now, I really am.”

“You scared me so much” your voice quavered “If I hadn’t stopped you, would you—“ you swallow those last words back into your stomach but Yoongi catches the meaning, nodding after a while. Your eyes itch, tears are pushing to fall down but you try to control yourself from cracking again “You really are—” you bite your tongue, you don’t want to be rude and shake those emotions he’s probably trying to recover again.

He faintly smiles though “I’m an asshole, you can say it.”

“I’ve always thought you were an egoist” you confess, remembering all those times you felt guilty for even thinking something like that “Hear you say nobody would care if you’d disappear from this world even if I was there, supporting you” he stiffens, looking at his Nike “You leave behind many people who care about you. You’re important to m—Us.”

“I know. But I can’t help myself, I feel useless, lonely…” he blows after a brief pause “I’m just so tired about everything I sometimes think that’s the only solution. If it wasn’t for you, I—” He munches his nails, he’s visibly unease “Why did you came?”

You hesitate “I thought it was one of those nights.”

“It was. It is. Every night is one of those nights” he now makes eye contact, guilt crawls in them “I’m sorry for making you cry. I always intend to not make you suffer anymore but I inevitably end up screwing up everything” he munches the corner of his mouth “The other morning I wanted to clear up things but I—“


He frowns “No. I had to think…” you curve an eyebrow and he rolls his eyes “Listen, don’t make things worse—“

“I’m not making things worse, only—You practically run away!”

“Of course I did, I was nervous! I woke up next to a girl I didn’t fuck with, I was caught off guard! It never happened to you?!”

“Of course not! I’ve never had a one night stand, unlike you.”

“What’s with that face? It happens sometimes, you know? And I didn’t have so many as you may think. Do I give you the impression of a horny guy who goes around fucking with every girl he meets?!” you gasp at that insinuation and he cools down, leaning again against the wall with the hands in the pockets, frustrated “Why do we always have to fight?” you take a sip, looking at the ground “I wanted to say that I saw you and I remembered all the things I said. I didn’t know what to do, I—“

You roll your eyes “You didn’t mean them, it’s been a mistake—”

“Actually, I mean every single word” your legs shake at the sound of those low words “But what you told me back scared me the most…” you sink in his eyes full of insecurity. Before you can realise it, he takes off his scarf and wraps yours necks with it, trapping you between his body and the wall. Your stare widens and he raises an eyebrow “What? You told me you liked when I do…”

Oh, yeah, you remember. You’ve been the first to wrap your faces with his scarf only to get on his nerves but after that, he’s always been the one to do it. He knew you liked it and he wanted to make you happy because “I’m not good at anything, let me take care of you with the small I can.” he’s told you once, a sincere affection crawled in his eyes.

The same you catch now.

“Thank you for running to me, even if it’s been V’s fault…”  he presses his lips on your forehead and you melt in this moment of sudden sweetness. He goes down, leaving small pecks on your nose. His warm breath caresses your mouth, his eyes scorch you while studying your petrified expression –your cheeks must be on fire, as much as his ears-.

“You should move.” But instead you stay there, waiting for him to unset the distance.

And when he does, you really feel catapulted in the past.

Kissing Yoongi’s is anything you expected: he’s slow, not rough at all and the way he’s pulling you closer makes you believe he was actually waiting for this to happen for a long time. He plants his hands on your waist and you pull your arms around his neck, lost in that kiss that seems never to end.

When he pulls away catching breath, his forehead against yours, you realise you can lie to yourself how much you want but the truth is: you didn’t see the time for this to happen again too.

Nobody can compare to him.

“It’s so cold today…” he trembles in your arms.

Unconsciously, you cover his ears. You always did because he hates cold, as much as you adore that smile he’s giving you right now before searching for your lips “You’re going to lose the train.” He murmurs.

You smile back “I’ll take the next.”

All Grown Up (Part 2)

Originally posted by mayfifolle

As requested, here’s a sequel to All Grown Up!

Summary: The Christmas party has come and gone, and it’s clear this new, fresh-out-of-college Jungkook is here to stay. But how exactly do you feel about it? You have no idea. Only now, it’s New Years Eve, and your parents want to spend it with none other than the Jeons. 

Genre: Fluff  | Word Count: 2019 | Pairing: ReaderXJungkook

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12 days of jerrie - christmas (baby, please come home)

Summary: Perrie Edwards is one of the most famous singers in the world and Jade loves her for it but when her management makes Perrie go on a tour in the US on Christmas AND her birthday, Jade just can’t help but be sulky.

Pairing(s): Jade/Perrie

Warning(s): sexual content, graphic descriptions, strong language, watching kink (is that a thing??)

Word Count: 4,021

A/N: I usually don’t really get turned on by my own writing but idk?? I like this?? It’s also quite long, sorry it got update so late. Based off of Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) and obvs my fav performance is the one by Little Mix

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CHAPTER 8 | the sope co-operation™

“What if you accidentally fall in love?”

JEON JUNGKOOK: Full-time Student, Part-Time Heartwrecker

When Jungkook is hired to break up the relationship of Taehyung’s childhood best friend, he finds the presence of overwhelmingly attractive Park Jimin a bit more distracting than he could ever expect it to be…

ch. 1 + full summary | ch.2 | ch.3 | ch.4 | ch.5 | ch.6 | ch.7

read on AO3 
thanks to @gracefulweather​ for being my b(a)eta~

The walls were collapsing. All too quickly. All at once. 

Jungkook pushed Jimin away, not even bothering to hide that he was completely red in the face.

“Oh, Jungkookie? Are you blushing?” Jimin teased. He was still smiling from ear to ear. Jungkook would be completely lying if he said he had any resistance left to that smile at this point.

Jimin started to pull gently at Jungkook’s wrist, in an attempt to move him so he could see his face better.

“Jimin…stop,” Jungkook murmured, fending off Jimin’s advancements while shielding his face with his arms.

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merry christmas angel hope ur havin a lovely holiday !!! yoonmin + under the mistletoe drabble thank u 💖💖💖

that’s a classic, so i tried to vamp it up a little hehe. and thank you, merry christmas to you too!!! enjoy the drabble!! it’s a little rough since i wrote it in 40 minutes hehe.

I’m feeling festive today, so send me your favourite ship + Christmas-themed AU and i’ll write a drabble based on my favourite ones from the lot!!!! have a happy holiday!!

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Taetae has created the group chat.

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CHRISTMAS PROMPT! Could you do one where Chloe & Beca have only been dating a few months and Aubrey's still not totally sold on Beca as a good girlfriend so when xmas comes around she keeps asking over and over if Beca wants help picking a gift for Chloe and Beca keeps turning her down and xmas comes around and Chloe gives Beca a present (fluff pls!!!) and then Chloe opens becas present whatever it is, it's the most adorable and heart-warming thing and Aubrey's like, ok u win this round mitchell

“I’m just saying,” Aubrey said, picking a piece of lint from her shoulder. “I’ve got a list.”

“And I’m just saying I don’t need a list,” Beca said back. “I’ve got this.” 

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thats was like the lamest intrudction to a follow forever ive ever seen/made but whatever I LOVE YOU 

also this has so many errors im not even sorry 

sorry for that 


pdx2; im about to get rlly clingy even with ppl that i dont really talk to but wahtevs im disgusted about it… not really

pdx3; OH AND I WISH ALL A V V V V V V V HAPPY 2016!!!

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ilarual  asked:

Lifetime for SoMa?

So along with being the request of ilarual, this is also for kittenintheden, who requested the same prompt.  Prooooobably not what you two were thinking, and there will be a part two.


Finding Sharkface:

Sometimes, Maka wondered what ever happened to Sharkface. That wasn’t really his name, of course, just what she’d called him when she was really mad at him, like she had been when he told her he was moving in a week. It was the summer before Jr. High, and he’d kissed her, and she’d punched him and run and never seen him again.

It still hurt, over a decade later.

They’d been best friends since preschool, inseparable. Sometimes they teased each other, annoyed each other, and lord knew they fought with each other, but deep down they had always, always loved each other. Maka would have told anyone who asked, then or now, that Soul was like the brother she had never wanted. Part of her knew that for the lie it was; that she still dreamed of that sweet childhood kiss, her first, told her it was probably something more, something she had thrown away before it ever had a chance, or maybe something life had destroyed. It made her heart ache to think of it, so she didn’t.

It was stupid. Soul was in her past, far in her past, a little boy lost. She had a life now, she had responsibilities, she didn’t have time to regret the silliness of her twelve year old self.

The night she looked him up on Facebook, Maka had been out drinking with Kim, Jackie, and Tsu, and had fended off no less than six horny idiots with beer goggles firmly in place. She was busy wondering how the hell she was going to manage to teach in the morning because she was that drunk which meant she would probably be that hungover as she stumbled into her apartment and opened up her laptop to double check her lesson plans. But her mind wandered, and she ended up on Facebook, and her mind wandered some more, and she wondered for the umpteenth time where he was and what he was doing because this was something she tended to do when she was drunk enough, and then she typed those two little words into the people search: Soul Evans.

Only one profile came up-who the hell named their kid Soul, anyway?-and of course it was him. His profile was public but sparse, just a snapshot and the occasional post about a performance. The white hair and red eyes of the man in the picture told her everything she needed to know, however, and damn it all if he wasn’t hot. The cute twelve year old had, unsurprisingly, grown into a smoking 22 year old; that wouldn’t be invading her dreams anytime soon, of course not.

Did he have a girlfriend? Fiance? Wife? Or-boyfriend even? Things can change a lot in a decade. Information on Soul’s page was limited-but it did say single. That was something. He was also practically scowling in the picture which hardly surprised her-he’d always been sullen, though she had always been able to draw out his rare smiles. Maka missed those smiles.

Holy hell, she was pining over a twelve year old ghost, a boy who had been replaced by the stranger in the picture. It was silly. Before she knew what she was doing, she clicked on the message button and the box popped up. Screw it. Here he was. Why not say hi? What was the worst that would happen-he wouldn’t remember her? He’d ignore her? He’d tell her to fuck off? She was a big girl; she could take it.

Hi Soul.

The name might throw you off-I use my Mom’s maiden last name on social media to be harder for my students to track-but this is Maka Albarn, not Maka Arakawa. I don’t really know if you remember me, but we used to be friends before you moved away from Death City. I was just wondering how you’re doing. Well, I hope!

I’d love to hear from you. It’s weird, and I hope you don’t find it creepy, but I really missed you when you left, and I still think about you. Okay, maybe that does sound creepy-it’s just, you really were my best friend.

Anyway-hope you’re having a nice life.



She pressed send before she could have second thoughts, and even still full of liquid courage, her stomach churned. That was probably stupid, right? Soul was far in her past-like her Mama and her pigtails and her ill advised Sailor Moon phase. It was probably better to let sleeping ghosts lie. Too late now.

He’d probably ignore her. At best, she wouldn’t hear back for hours or even days.


Maka blinked at her laptop. There was a new friend request on Facebook, along with a new message, both from someone named Soul Eater.

Who now? Could it be?

She clicked on the friend request, and a smirking image of Soul Evans stated back.

Soul Eater? What an utter dork. Figured.

She accepted the request and clicked on the message.

hey maka

course i remember u bookworm. i totally get using a fake name i do too. u messaged my professional profile, the one i keep to make the agent happy. this is the one i give to friends. r u still in death city?

Oh shit-oh shit-he remembered her and he’d messaged her back and he sounded-happy? Well, not unhappy, anyway. She should probably respond. But she was still drunk. Was it stupid to respond drunk? No more stupid than writing drunk.

Wow, Soul EATER? I’d ask, but I really don’t want to know. Yes I’m still in Death City. Where do you live now? Your other profile didn’t say.

She pressed send quickly, not wanting to second guess herself, trying to remind herself that whoever he had become, somewhere in there he was still Soul-had to be.


She didn’t hesitate to look at the new message.

betchu wanna know. might even find out one day if ur nice. I’m in LA now. kind of hate it, but if i want work i have to. stalked ur pics a bit. miss the pigtails. r u really a teacher? figures. if id had a teacher like u, i might have done better in english.

He was looking through her profile? Her stomach flipped as she clicked open Soul Eater’s profile. His profession was listed as Jazz Pianist, he did live in Los Angeles, he was still listed as single. There were a lot of pictures with a good looking black man, a few with two blonde girls. Her stomach clenched at that, until she saw another picture with the tall blonde and the same dark skinned man kissing next to an extremely flustered looking Soul. She noticed he smirked sometimes in the pictures, but he didn’t smile. He also didn’t post much-the pictures were mostly things he was tagged in by others, what posts there were mostly consisted of messages from others on his wall. She saw one from Wes about actually showing up for Christmas and smiled. Maybe some things never changed.

I’m really a teacher, yes. I’m glad you still play piano. I know you used to say you hated it, but you were always really good-and even if you hated how your parents acted, you loved music. Do you like being a jazz pianist? I’ll bet you’re really great! I’d love to hear you play!

As if she ever would now. Still, Maka pressed send. Her stomach was churning and she couldn’t tell if it was nerves or the alcohol, but with her mind feeling less foggy by the second, she suspected the former. Blair came up with a loud meow and she pet her absently, eyeing the message box, the churning in her stomach reaching nearly cataclysmic levels.


u were the only one i liked to play 4 back then. now i mostly just play for myself, but id love to play 4 u again. ive been thinking about coming back to dc for a long time but i wasnt sure. its only 5 hours. i really missed it.

Her heart was pounding in her chest. She had just found him and now he was talking about coming-here? About missing it here?

Hand shaking subtly, she typed a response.

I’d really like that. Everyone here really missed you. You could stay with me if you want-I have an extra room in my apartment.

She sent it, and it felt like her heart was going to explode out of her chest. Why had she offered that, to stay with her? He was a stranger. Except he wasn’t, how could he be? Even now, so many years later, he still felt like her best friend. He always had, even when he was long gone.


won’t ur boyfriend get mad?

Maka frowned at the screen. What now? Oh-OH. Yeah, that.

I don’t have a boyfriend. I just put that to keep pervs away. Single girls get messaged by all the creeps.

The response was almost instantaneous.


thats good. but how do u know im not a perv?

Laughing, she typed a response quickly.

You were always a perv, but I know you know I can kick your ass, so I’m not worried.

It was strange how it felt just like ten years ago, yet nothing like ten years ago. It did funny things to her insides.


dont i fucking know it. took a week for the last black eye to heal. u had a mean right hook even at 12.

Her heart froze. That had been the worst day of her life.

I’m sorry about that. I was upset. You shouldn’t have done that.

She was sober now, stone cold sober, and the sick feeling in her stomach and in her chest made her skin crawl.

There was a long pause. Maka thought she might lose her dinner. Her hand on Blair’s fur became restless.


She hesitated to click the message, fear clawing at her soul. She was being ridiculous; it was just a message, and he was just a boy from her past.

The only boy from her past who had ever really mattered.

i know i was a fucking idiot. i didnt know what else to do. i was just a scared kid and about to lose. doesnt matter. im sorry. ill make it up 2 u when i visit ok?

Her heart was still drumming in her chest, but she didn’t feel quite as sick.

Yeah, okay. I really missed you. Did you know that was my first kiss? Stupid, right? Anyway, I’m glad you want to visit. I really am.

She figured she may as well tell the truth. They weren’t children anymore, and it was easier, so far away, so far from when she’d last seen him, to lay herself bare. She wouldn’t punch him to hide her feelings; she wouldn’t lash out. Not here and not now. She couldn’t if she wanted to-he was just words on a screen.


mine too. m glad too. i was thinking i could visit this weekend. r u free? id really really like to see you again. if its ok.

Oh gods oh god oh god he wanted to come in less than a week? Was she ready for that? What the hell had she done?

Of course it’s okay, stupid Sharkface! I really need to get to bed, I have to teach in the morning, but my number is 555-555-4264. You can text me with details-I’ll give you my address. What day were you thinking about coming? I’ll try to plan a few things. I could maybe even get some of our old friends to come over one day, or we could meet them if you want. Or-well-if you’d rather stay somewhere else, that’s okay, too, I’d understand.

Shit, she was rambling. Why was she so nervous? It was just a visit, she had five days to prepare herself, it would be fine. It just seemed so-fast after so long, and she was in knots.


friday night if its ok dont have a gig this weekend. definitely rather stay with u bookworm rather just stick with u 2 if its ok can catch others another time. dont need to make plans just wanna hang out if thats cool?

He just wanted to see her. He just wanted to see her. Her heart was racing again. She didn’t know what it meant. She knew what she wanted it to mean, but she quashed that thought because it was ridiculous. She didn’t even know him, not anymore. Why was she acting like a twelve year old with a stupid crush?

Then again, she supposed, in a very real way, that’s what she was. Maybe that’s what they both were.

That’s totally cool. I’ll see you Friday, Soul. Goodnight.

She didn’t wait for his reply, just closed her laptop and trudged to her room, stripping down to dive in her bed and try to calm her ridiculously rapid heart rate.

A minute later, she got a text.

see u friday maka. night.

The deep sigh she let out as she put down her phone was a reflex. Excitement buzzed through her veins, fear, nervousness. She felt sick and dizzy and elated.

Five days. In five days, for the first time in a decade, she would see her best friend, the boy she had loved and lost before she had even known what love was.

On Friday, one way or another, everything would change.

the methodology of not dating until you do

happy holidays everyone! for the @ererisecretsanta event 2k15!


Title: The Methodology of Not Dating Until You Do
Writer: Ryssa
Recipient: @glenflower (i hope you like it, this was so much fun!)
Contents: fluff, mutual pining, very important kissing, a star wars reference, office parties
Summary: They’ve been getting coffee together every Tuesday and Thursday for the past six months.

You can also [Read on AO3]!


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Holy shit well here we are at 400 followers. Like gosh it’s been a journey to get here and what a journey it’s been. I’ve made so many friends and meet so many amazing people. This all started because I wanted to try something new and now I look back at that beginning moment and just smile. I’m so happy to have meet all of you and to all my new followers don’t be shy to talk to me I love making new friends.

You all make me smile like a dork like you wouldn’t believe. I look forever to going onto tumblr for the first time in forever. I have a main blog where I post all the random stuff I like and I have a ton of followers on there but no one ever talked with me and it felt very lonely. But here I’m loved and just I feel so welcomed.

Okay enough mush about stuff now to call out some amazing people who I adore and care a lot about!

tailsfromtheshadow You sir are adorable. Like normally I would never imagine myself shipping my character with furries but your two characters are just so cute and adorable. AND VIVI NEEDS TO HIT AT VIN THAT SHE KIND OF THINKS HE’S GOOD LOOKING. MAZU IS JUST STUCK IN THE FRIEND ZONE CAUSE HE REMINDS HER OF HER OLDER BROTHERS WHO DIED. Also have I thrown my skype at you yet? I need to do that if I haven’t already. xD

theblindedmysterylover​ You…. YOU… YYYOOOUUUU!!!! It’s all your fault that I ship vivicest so bad. It’s all started cause I kept seeing a bunch of arthur and lewis cest stuff and I was just like where is the vivi love? THEN YOU STEPPED IN AND BAM NOW SHE’S PREGNANT! You are sweet and kind and just amazing!! I need to draw you shit cause holy cow you are awesome. I love our chats on skype I look over and we chat about silly things with our muses and REMEMBER THE ANGST WAR? WHO WON!! I DID!! I am the champion of angst!!! 

fuck-its-you-arthur you is a sweetie and such a cutie!! Like I know we don’t get to talk nearly as much as we used to but girly you got a friend in me. Like if you ever feel down or have a bad day I’m running to your side and making you smile cause girl you deserve it. Also if you get hate I’m a open a can of whoops ass for you. I will fill your inbox with so much love and shit till you smile. Also I need to plan stuff with you with vivi cause I wanna see his reaction to her demon.

officialghostlewis YOU DA BAE! Like you are my headcanon lewis and just so awesome. Like holy cow. I still get nervous and shy when I message you cause you are just so good at rping. Like blow my mind you is good.

evilarthurcurse YOU PLAY THE ANGST GAME TEN TIMES BETTER THEN ME. Holy hell. I stay up until 5 am sometimes just to rp with you. I think our thread is the longest thread I’ve been in with people that hasn’t been dropped? Like just wow you get all the awards. You are an amazing rper and I get so giddy when I see you responded to our threads. Like what started out as cute stuff when to the sky in awesome. I love your Envy like omg. I ship vivi and envy just cause they hate each other so much. It’s so funny. I think my favorite was when she dumped water on him. But I’m still working on a gift art for you of your envy cause hot damn.

demonbxstard I AM DRAWING YOU MORE DE ART!! >:U YOU CAN’T STOP ME!!! It will happen!! I will shower your dash in De art. Cause he is a cutie!! Also you are really cool!! I love how you rp! 

vivi-the-scarf-ninja YOU IS A CUTIE!! Like holy shit WHY YOU GOTTA MAKE A CUTE DEMON?! I have a mighty need to draw your cutie Jin. Also YOU KILLED YOUR VIVI!! AHHHHH!!!! ;v; Your muses are just so awesome and you are just so cool and you put up with me constantly forgetting about our threads like a derp.

ghostly-human-hound YOU! ARE! ADORABLE! I will scream that till the end of my days. Also YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY WHEN I GET MESSAGES FROM YOU!! I so wish  I could met you in person so I just just huggle you! Goes you and your whole family are just so amazing! Like goes. DON’T GET ME STARTED ON YOUR MUSE!! Jesse is a bae! xDD I’m so happy to call you my friend!!! You are just so amazing! >u<  <3

imgivingupagain IF YOU WANT TO LAUGH OR HAVE CUTIE RPS GO TO THIS ONE!!! LIKE i love your mystery xD And omg just all your muses are just so funny I love them. Also my ask and my skype is always open to chat when ever you need me. ;3 You are a sweetie and so creative and funny! I love our threads so much! 

summer-of-the-shinx You are a magical girl! >:U Like omg. Can’t tell you home many times a day you make me smile with all your puns and just being yourself. I will totally make anything you need again just cause you make me laugh. Plus I owe you your pokemon trainer self I drew of you a while back. Oh and your magical girl version I drew. Need to finish that. Yell at me I’ll get it done. CALL IT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT.

mysteryskullstrio WE NEED TO RP MORE!! >:U *just thows complements at* you is amazing. Like wow so much wow. So awesome.

mysteryskullghost omg i miss rping with your Lewis. He’s such a bae!! xD You are so awesome at rping and I feel like I’m just derping around trying to keep up. Seriously awesome rper right here.

youwouldntrememberme YOU I MISS YOU!! I love your Arthur!! He’s just a cutie!! I want to snuggle him up cause just askldasndala!!!! So cute!! 

gxvingupagain I HAVEN’T RPED WITH YOU IN FOREVER BUT DON’T THINK FOR A SECOND I FORGOT ABOUT YOU!! I miss your arthur!! :,D You is a cutie!!! I need to draw you stuff and make a new thread cause you amazing!! 

alwaysjonsoki HEY!! >:U We needs to rp again too!! You adorable and sweet! I love your oc! Such a cutie!! ;3 


Okay that’s all my bae of friends now to all my senpais…

These are all people who I’m to shy to message or just in amazement that I have rped with.


thatpinkpompadour phantasmalskeletonbeats imightjustdxsappear skelegant-lewis splatterlewis ghxstgal andimfeelinglikeaghost gxspenst tragicquartet thatpinkskeleton-ghost strigoilewis lewhux ghostlewis

Arthur Senpias:

evilarthurcurse deadman-arthur ifonlyicouldswapplaces axthur cyborgdorito fuck-its-you-arthur pissbabyarth iamnxtarobot a-r-thur robotarmedweenie greasemonkeycoward hi-my-name-is-arthur ar-th-ur soblxmeitonme green-eyed-mxnster fuck-its-you-i-hate-the-most armxless a-reluctant-mystery nervousandarmed 

Mystery Senpais:

mysterykitsune mysteriouscanine itmystery mysterypxppy 

Vivi Senpais! :

ghostlyvivi huntervivi vivitheblue vivi-la-vxda the-best-blue-bae stuck-in-my-own-mystery amnesiacboy vivitheghost bluescarfvivi bluemysterybabe bluescarfedmystery bluescarvedmysterygirl viviisms ghxstiing littleforgetmenot scarves-and-spooks mysterysolvervivi

OC AND OTHER Senpais!:

bloodytailsdoll thenimdxne gettingjinkywithit cluesandscoobysnacks threelittleghxsts crazedkitty1290 solitaria-fantasma haz-the-d lance-o-lot 


I love you!! You are amazing!! Okay goodness… I’m pretty sure I tagged everyone who needs to be on this list… :,D I have a lot of senpais.