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Ya know bisexual characters can be…bisexual….you don’t gotta write them in fanfic like they’ve been Straight™ all their life but this One Person is the exception….like I know it’s wild….but their partner doesn’t have to be the only person of the same sex they’ve ever Noticed™ ever

Luke Arnold:  [The shark scene] was the first time it got to be just the two of us doing a big sequence together to that extent. We definitely top that in Season 4 — there is so much Flint and Silver stuff and it gets really, really deep. There’s a lot to look forward to on that side.

Me, halfway through Season 4:

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  • Pisces revenge pt.2
  • Pisces: I bet you're all wondering why i gathered you here today-
  • Virgo: We're here for you're revenge on Aquarius and Gemini
  • Cancer: We agreed to help you get back at them
  • Pisces: OK so you all know why you're here then
  • Scorpio: I also have someone on the inside that has agreed to help us
  • Virgo: You can just say it's Libra
  • Scorpio: How do you know it's Libra?
  • Virgo: C'mon man, everyone knows you two have been hooking up
  • Scorpio: Okay, so Libra is going to help us
  • Pisces: Libra will be our eyes and ears from the inside, we'll call her our lookout.
  • Scorpio: Yes, and Virgo, we're gonna need your detailed eye and your perfectionist skills to be our planner
  • Virgo: It will be my honor
  • Scorpio: Pisces will be the actor and I will be working with Virgo, I will be the schemer
  • Cancer: What do you need me to do?
  • Scorpio: *looks at Pisces*
  • Pisces: *looks at Virgo*
  • Virgo: We're gonna need snacks
  • Pisces: Yes! And you're THE best cook we know!
  • Cancer: Chef Crab Cakes at your duty *salutes*
  • *Libra walks in*
  • Libra: I got bad news guys
  • Pisces: *gulps*
  • Libra: When I was hanging out with Leo I got some intel on Gemini and Aquarius. They found out that y'all are planning a revenge scheme and *takes deep breath* want to make...war
  • Scorpio: Oh no
  • Pisces: *gulps even louder*
  • Libra: They've recruited...
  • Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer: *staring intensely at Libra*
  • Libra: Sagittarius
  • Pisces: *is a gulp-a-holic at this point*
  • Scorpio: *looks off into the distance* oh god. help us all
Chocobros Sexuality Headcanon (spoilers? Just skip the notes)
  • Noctis: Asexual Heteromantic.
  • Note: not gay, he kissed Luna.
  • -------
  • Gladio: Heterosexual Panromantic I guess.
  • Note: He has a girlfriend so *stares at magazine he was reading* I GUESS.
  • --------
  • Prompto: Hetero/Bisexual
  • Note: look people, he only showed interest in girls, let's be honest. But I'm getting the feeling that he might be bi...who knows!
  • ------
  • Ignis: Demisexual.
  • Note: Hasn't shown any sexual attraction for anyone, but maybe he will for his crush s/o one day...I feel that. I don't really know his gender preference though.
  • (fun fact: I ship him with Aranea lol)
  • ----------
  • Phew! Just a head canon, not insisting it's true.
  • I'm sick of people labeling them all as gay when there are in-game details to suggest otherwise.(Not saying they're all heterosexual, but c'mon, let's be honest here.)
"Heathers: The Musical" - A Summary
  • Beautiful: “i hate this place and i hate all of you..... just kidding i’m fucking beautiful suck it”
  • Candy Store: “don't be such a pussy lets go fuck shit up”
  • Fight For Me: “wow you beat up the assholes i lov u mister no-name-kid”
  • Freeze Your Brain: "wow this is going so good i think she likes me... now mention ur dead mom"
  • Big Fun: "lets go fuck shit up (part 2)"
  • Dead Girl Walking: "even tho in the last song i didnt even know what third base was .. im gonna go to this dudes house and literally demand he have sex with me woooooo adrenaline"
  • The Me Inside Of Me: "wow maybe the queen bitch wasnt actually a bitch huzzah"
  • Blue: "date rape is kool now vrrrrrronicaaah"
  • Our Love Is God: "aww this is really cute .. wait.. omg u killed them jd stop"
  • Prom Or Hell?: "my boyfriend killed three people for me but i lov him so its ok"
  • My Dead Gay Son: "its not weird at all that we're making out at our sons' double funeral"
  • Seventeen: "c'mon dude lets be a normal couple i dont wanan kill people anymore its kinda stressful :////"
  • Shine A Light: "hippie mom™ talks about stuff"
  • Lifeboat: "mac n cheese is actually a cinnamon roll and nobody knew"
  • Shine A Light: (reprise) "nobody likes mac n cheese for some reason except vrrrrrronicaaah"
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: "she kept a scab in a locket oH MY GOD"
  • Yo Girl: "gangsta™"
  • Meant To Be Yours: "my girlfriend is sad so im gonna blow up everyone and everything shes ever known cus that will totally help her
  • Dead Girl Walking: (reprise) "my boyfriend is crazy and im somehow just now figuring it out so im gonna go on a suicide mission weeeeeeeee"
  • I Am Damaged: "psycho trenchcoat kid realizes he fucked up and goes boom"
  • Seventeen: (reprise) "i know i was a bitch but ily please be my friend thank u"
Red vs Blue Fic: Thicker Than Water

Summary: There are a hundred words for “sister.” Wash has forgotten all of them, and Epsilon remembers too many.

Parings: None.

Warnings: Canon-typical language, canon character death.

Notes: Also available on AO3

I never had any particular attachment to the “Carolina and Wash are siblings” idea…until @a-taller-tale dropped a headcanon that slayed me, and then this fic happened.

Agent Washington


Wheedling always used to work on her.

“C'mon, Sis, pleeease?” he begs. The kitten squirms in his arms, trying to escape, but its purr is a steady vibration against his ribs.

“No,” she says. “We can’t keep it, David. You know what Dad would say.”

“He wouldn’t notice,” David mutters, looking at the locked door of their father’s study. 

He hasn’t noticed anything, since they got the news about Mom.

“I’ll call the shelter,” she says, her voice brisk and grown-up, the same way she says here’s your dinner when she shoves another plate of baked beans and sliced hot dogs in front of him. David knows it’s hopeless, and he wants to be grown-up, wants to be the little brother she’d be proud of, but he can’t stop the tears from stinging at his eyes.


The visor of her helmet gleams golden. “You can’t slip up, David,” she warns him. “Anyone here finds out you’re my brother, and you’re out.”

“You got it, boss,” he says, and grins at her through his HUD. “And call me Wash.”

It’s not hard. That’s the one thing she doesn’t get. Burying the person he used to be, that’s not hard at all.

David’s the screw-up younger brother who cried when he didn’t get a cat, who nearly blinded Cecil Kyle, who watched his older sister walk away into the ranks of the UNSC and leave him alone. Who tried to follow her and ended up facing a court-martial.

Wash is the rookie agent who made it onto the leaderboard inside of a month. Wash is the one who deserves to be on Agent Carolina’s team, who gets to back her up on missions and take her orders the same as anyone. Who gets teased by York and protected by Maine and actually belongs.

He’s never happier than when he calls her “boss.”


Epsilon happens.

Afterward—when he’s recovered enough to realize there is an afterward—he sits in his bed. Listens to the doctors and nurses walking back and forth. Feels his single, separate heartbeat. Flexes his fingers one by one.

There are too many memories jammed into his head now, and they aren’t all his. That’s not the problem. Wash remembers being Leonard Church, but he knows that isn’t true.

The problem is that Epsilon didn’t just dump data and leave; he read, copied, overwrote. And now Wash doesn’t have a single memory left that isn’t altered. When he tries to remember his own childhood, his fucked-up mind can’t help twisting it into memories of being Leonard Church’s son. Of a red-haired older sister heating up a can of baked beans, and the bugles at his mother’s funeral, and it’s not real, it’s not. 

His name was never David Church.

(If Carolina was his sister, she never would have left him here.)

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“Why are you here, Emma?” Neal asks and his hands are in his pockets like its the most casual conversation and the most casual situation for them to all be in the underworld.

Emma blinks, baffled, walls in place, “I’m here to save Hook. You know that…”

Neal nods, smirks, “c'mon, Emma. We both know I know you better than that. That’s not why you’re here.”

Emma’s getting mad. Frustrated. Her fists are clenching at her sides because she can feel her resolve crumbling. “Okay, then why am I here, Neal. Enlighten me.”

“Regina.” Again, Neal speaks like this is the casual conversation ever, like this is the most obvious answer ever.

Emma is quiet for a moment. Trying to collect herself. Her thoughts.

“R-Regina? What does she have anything to do with–”

“Emma cmon! You sacrificed yourself- YOUR SOUL- for her. That’s why all this is happening right? Where it all started? Emma, I might not know a lot of things but I have first hand experience about why someone would sacrifice their life for someone else’s.”

It hits Emma in the gut like a fist and tears sting her eyes and she holds tights to her walls, to her safety net surrounding her.

“Neal. I- I had to.”

Neal laughs, “no. You didn’t. Don’t think I don’t know, Emma, about Killian telling you you were his happy ending or the fact that he /begged/ you not to do it. To stay with him. You could have found another way around it. You could have saved Regina afterwards. Regina can handle darkness, Emma.” Emma is shaking now, the tRuth bubbling at the surface. “You could have stayed with Hook and had your happy ending but that wasn’t good enough for you, was it? Why Emma? Tell me whY?”

Emma’s silent. Her knuckles balled tight and white at her sides.

“We both know that I already know the answer. I’m dead, I’m not stupid. I’ve seen you Emma. I KNOW you, Emma. So. Again. WHY. ARE. YOU. HERE?”

And it pushes a button so deep inside Emma that she erupts and yells, “BECAUSE I LOVE HER. ARE YOU HAPPY, NEAL? I love her.”

Neal smiles, “I know. So. What are you waiting for? You’ve literally been to hell and back, what do you say we go get your girl?”

“What about Hook? I can’t… This is my fault…”

Neal holds up his hand, stopping her. “Leave that to me.”

Okay so theres a new saying floating around the internet “responsible for what you have tamed” in regards to owning pets.
Like, upon taming them you should respect them, whole heartedly and give them exactly what they need. You may own them but you also need to understand their behaviour and how to alter it to work in a human environment.

The context ive seen these posts in genuinely make me concerned for some animals welfare.
*people holding their pet bird with a whole fist wrapped around them* just to fit context.
That is not taming your bird!!! Your bird is currently freaking out because there is a potential there to crush them, even if you are holding it lightly.
Taming your bird/exotic pet is not forcing them to do things when they clearly dont want to.
Why I am writing this post is to make people understand they need to know how and when to handle small animals properly.
Please don’t just get a pet because you think its cute or everyone has one or so you can make an instagram for it.
I’ve seen too many people just get pets and then get sick of them because they’re not new anymore.
Heck i know of someone who got a “free kitten” online, didn’t have anything for it, went out the next day and bought beds toys a collar. They then had the hyde to say “oh we can’t afford food because we’ve spent all the money already, dont worry it’s not climbing up the walls yet”. YOU CAN BUY CAT FOOD FOR $3.50 IF YOU’RE THAT DESPERATE.
C'mon thats the basis of animal cruelty and its people like this that make me furious.

Reasearch EVERYTHING properly. From training to handling to feeding to hygiene.

Just don’t be an irresponsible pet owner. Prepare yourself before you have dependant life in your grasp.

TSL Interview: David Wilson

TSL: Marie France promised me chemistry between them last night.

David: uuggh…Chemistry….yeah

(he gives like an “ooohh yeeeah” you are gonna get CHEMISTRY look)

TSL: Do you feel?…Do you sense that even when you’re around them?

David: oh yeah! absolutely yeah…yeah

TSL: It’s what we all talk about when we watch them so…

David: I know and its funny because they’re not a couple, but we all want them to be a couple.

TSL: And I think it’s almost better that they’re not…

David: Absolutely

TSL: because there’s like sexual tension

David: It’s that fantasy

TSL: I mean Carmen, c'mon

David: Well they have a certain thing. He’s got that you know, local guy works in a gas station or works on a car in a garage in a body shop you know…

TSL: little like boy next door

David: Yeah, he is like every man
little scruffy but he is so sweet and Tessa has this regal quality…

TSL: Queen

David: angelic, and you know so sweet. There is something so quietly sophisticated about her…and they just have this fire and ice…they just…it just…it IS…yeah, its just there so…..yeah

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ashi, i scrolled through all the songs on niall's spotify playlist and they all sum up to one story kinda. practically all the songs are about someone leaving you (esp w a great distance between them) and that's bc they ran away from love and 1 song is about knowing that the love would fail and they should've expected that rlly bad outcome from it (love like this-kodaline) and it's all about being left and being sad about it? i'm so angry??? we lowkey know who hurt him but c'mon. he's so sad.

Cant You See That?-Sam Wilkinson Imagine

Requested:Can I have an imagine were Sammy likes you and everyone is liking dropping hints all the time and you’re clueless until Nate, or Johnson or Gilinsky gets annoyed and blurts it out?

I hope this is okay Request are still open

Your POV

I was heading over to Nate’s and Sammy’s like usual to chill with everyone, I pulled in to the driveway and made my way to the door “heyyy sweet cheeks” Sam said as he engulfed me in a hug"Hey Sam"(Sam had always been flirty but that was just him) I was greeted by everyone and went over to chat with Emily

Sam’s POV

“She’s so beautiful Nate I don’t know what to do” “Just talk to her bro you guys a really close friends” The way she was speaking to my sister I could see her with my family at thanksgiving and Christmas and she will be my wife she is so amazing but she is only my friend I need to tell her how I feel.

Your POV

“So you and Sam are pretty close ay ay” Johnson says whilst winking "Johnson we are just friends you know that" “Yeah we all know but you and sam would be cute together” Emily adds "Guys stop c'mon lets go see everyone there all by the pool" I walk outside and see Sam sun bathing on a lounger Emily and Johnson quickly run over to grab the last two, “There is enough room come and lay here” Sam calls, you walk over and take off your tshirt and shorts “Sam quit staring at Y/N” Nate jokes and sam gives him a death stare “chill bro"  You were all chilling for awhile when a text came on your phone "Who’s that?” Sam said “Oh its just my ex” “What does he want” “he is trying to get back together with me” “do you want to get back with him?” “I don’t know” “ohhh ok….Im just going to get a drink” “Yo Y/N what the hell was that” Nate whisper shouts “what was what?” “Cant you tell Sam was pissed that you said you didn’t know if you want to get back together with him Sam is obsessed and so in love with you cant you see that? He wants you so bad but he wont tell you……Oh shit I shouldn’t of told you that” “Wh…what Sam likes me?” “Yeah I do” Sam had caught the last of the conversation “C'mon guys lets leave them alone to talk” Johnson Said and they all walked back inside “So you like me?” “Yeah and I know its crazy Y/N and I know you would never fall for a guy like me but I rea…” I cut him of as my lips attached to his it was the most passionate kiss I had ever recived and I felt fireworks inside of me sam smiled into the kiss which made us stop “I’ve been wanting to do that to you Y/n for the longest time I just didn’t know how, Will you be my girlfriend?” “Of course I will Sam” His lips attached with mine as he tangled his fingers in my hair and laid me back on the lounger and I turned him around so I was on top we kept making out until we heard a loud knock on the glass door and shouting “get a room” Which made us both laugh but as I looked into his eyes I knew hew was going to be mine forever.

ashton coming home with a whole bunch of face masks and he’s super excited and he’s like “y/n look at how great these are, they’re all natural and everything we have to try them” so you grumble and agree and he pulls his hair into a man bun and you put yours into a messy pony tail and he boosts you up onto the counter in your apartments bathroom and he opens one of the packets and it smells horrific and you crinkle your nose in disgust and he gets all pouty “like c'mon babe, i know it smells bad but its gonna be worth it your pores are gonna be so clear afterwards” and you pretend to be offended like “what my skin isn’t clear enough for you???” and he gets all worried like “no no no babe you’re perfect no i love you” and you just laugh really loud and take a big glob of it and smear it on his cheek and then when you finish it turns out he was right, not that you actually doubted him, and your skin is glowing and can’t help smiling but tell him you’re never doing another one of his face masks again but secretly you do them occasionally when he’s not home

some more achievement hunters as memes
  • Kdin: Only 90's kids remember
  • Matt: Snatt (snake Matt)
  • Jeremy: i’ll kick anyone’s ass. i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick your dog’s ass. i’ll kick my own ass
  • Caleb: Caleb's meme is complicated, so I will provide an example. He's never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. he's never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
  • Steffie: Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse
  • Trevor: Remember Trevor? He's a meme now. Feel old yet?
  • Kerry, a very official Achievement Hunter: For $8,000 a month, I will stop
  • Jon. okay. he's not an AH member. but it's jon, c'mon. embrace the risemonger: rooster teeth: how will we make this video better? we need a special touch. jon: *rihanna hand gesture and wink*
  • Roy from Challenger Finders: Seriously? What did you expect? You all wanted to know what meme he was, but the answer is right in front of you. Ray IS a meme. He's the memelord. He is too great for one puny meme. He is the alpha meme.