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i said a bunch of things in the note on ao3 but its like. sooo long so yeah just check that out please and thanks ilysm 

(son of a gunn = adrien, the worst = alya, lol death = nino, its red = mari)

what is happening in this anymore


son of a gunn: NASA!!! PLANETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!

son of a gun has changed their name to trappist


the worst: as adorable as it is to see u nerd out like the loser u are
sleep boi

trappist: WHO CAN SLEEP AT A TIME LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol death: hello my dudes why are we yelling

trappist: NASA!!!!!!!!!

lol death: nice
the one good thing the americans gave us

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AD v. Hanna

Throughout all the seasons it is plain to see that hanna has got it the worst out of all the liars. It honestly seems like A or A.D. has had a serious vendetta against her so i’ve been looking back at old episodes and clues and have been trying to piece together what Hanna could have done to make AD hate her so much. 

A part of me has always felt like the girls have been way more involved in ‘That Night’ than they think. I mean even Ali told Hanna in a dream that we later find out was real “The four of you combined know more about that night than you know. Im surprised Spencer hasn’t figured it out.” 

Well here’s my theory, in addition to the girls being involved in that night I also think Hanna might’ve played the biggest role without realizing it. 

In S1 Wilden suspected Hanna of mudering Ali the most. He says she did it out of jealousy. Thats why hanna turned into the new ‘IT’ girl after she was gone. Maybe wilden was onto something.. or knew more than he was letting out. 

I think it could be a possibility that Hanna murdered the girl in the grave because she mistook her for alison and was letting out all her built up rage from the constant bullying ali did to her. B/c lets be real I know ali was mean to everyone but out of all the 4 liars she was especially mean to hanna, she constantly bullied her for her weight and made her feel like shit. W/ the other girls she kind of just held their secrets over their heads to get her way. 

Okay so the first thing I want to note is from the pilot and S4 finale A is for Answers, during the scene of ‘that night’ All the girls are drinking and in addition Ali slipped some pills in their drinks. When you mix doctor prescribed pills w/ alcohol almost 100% of the time you blackout and dont remember shit you do. 

In the S4 finale flashback the writers made and effort to show that when Ali went back to the barn after she talked to byron that all the girls were asleep and emily and hanna were on the couch laying under a blanket (the first pic) but in the pilot when aria wakes up the girls not only is their no blanket on the girls but its also nowhere to be found in the scene. Now either this is just a prop error and another plot hole (b/c the couches are also different) or marlene did this for a reason.

I think it’s possible after Ali leaves the barn and A/Charles/WHOEVER hits her over the head the girls wake up b/c of Ms. D screams and go to investigate all out of it. 

We know in S3 Emily starts having flashbacks of what she thinks is that night and she has a shovel and alison turns around falls to the ground. Later we find out that the screaming em heard coming out of ali was her own screams & the shovel she was holding was actually from when jenna & crew took her to dig up ali’s grave. But that doesn’t mean the vision of ali falling and her standing above her is wrong. 

Bethany (who they thought was ali) turns around and comes face to face w/ all four liars (or maybe not all of them who really knows) approaching her angry, she backs up, trips and falls and HANNA w/ the murder weapon & the most anger hits bethany knocking her out (we’ve seen how hanna is when she’s angry….)

then they all realize what just happened and run back to the barn to plot their story while melissa & possibly Ian walk up after searching everywhere for Ali or the NAT vids to bethanys unconscious body & they bury her alive.

we know ian knew about melissas secret b/c he wanted to get rid of spencer (presumiable to free melissa from her lies to protect spencer) in the bell tower so he could’ve just helped melissa that night too. 

Now I know Mona already confessed to this but what if she was going to kill ali too as she was her A but then see’s the girls already there so she hides in the bushes & witnesses hanna do the dirty work. At first she was probably happy & was gonna use this against them but later her and hanna become super close so instead she takes the fall for her. 

We’ve seen her do this before when hanna was gonna take the fall for wilden so she confessed instead so her & her mom wouldn’t go to jail, it wouldn’t be too farfetched if she did it again. Idk her reveal seemed so hasty and rushed when she told the girls almost as if she wanted to end give them an answer before they starting looking in other places. 

A has done so many things to hanna from hitting her with a car, leaving her to burn in the lodge, going after her mom and putting her in jail and hanna herself getting put in jail, torturing her, & even in the upcoming episode the synopsis said hanna’s task from the game is alot more serious than the other ones. It really seems like A wants to see hanna suffer the most… & this very much would be a good reason why…. 

(Now theres probably alot more clues or maybe even plot holes in my theory but bare with me its 2:30am and im running on E. lol if I missed anything please let me know! Also might do a pt 2 later on to discuss the other girls parts)

lu-cien  asked:

3, 27, 31 :)

Hi 🙌 thanks for your question!

3. favorite first book in a series?

Thats a really good question…i would say Schwert und rose (defy) by Sara b Larson, but i havent read the last book yet so i cant be completly sure.

29. characters you would punch in the face?

Oh man waaaaaay too many! Lets See, maeve (tog), tamlin(acotar), kriss (the selection), Chaol (tog), and many many many more.

31. character you hated but now love?

Puh THATS not the best question for me bc once i hate someone i hate them with all my heart and its really hard for those charavters get out of that section in my heart. @tessalivesandbreathesbooks knows that right? We already so many discussions about certain characters. I cant even put Rhys bc i only read so many spoilers before starting acotar that i loved him from the beginning. Idk maybe chaol? I didnt hate him in the beginning but def disliked him in qos but now i have a strange apprechiation for him…its confusing. I dont wanna like him but…

Okay thats it for the questions! Love to answer these! Hope you have an awesome day!🙌😘🌼😍

6 Incredibly Hasty Predictions for Race to the Edge Season 4

I’ve only watched the Season 3 episodes once so far. I’ve read no follow up interviews with creators about the content of the season. I’ve never written a HTTYD analysis in my life. But this season has me feeling riled up, and I can’t help but think ahead to what’s going to happen in the final season. So here are my predictions for events, made after the show has been released for less than a day, supported by statements like “it’s my opinion” and “this quote is relevant because I said so.” Feel free to disagree. [SPOILERS DUH!!!!]

1. Dagur is alive. 

As a life long consumer of pop culture I’ve learned one rule when it comes to television/movie deaths: if you don’t see the body, be skeptical. The entertainment industry LOVES fake deaths! Yes, this is a children’s show. Yes, they can’t show very much relating to a man being killed in battle onscreen in a program rated Y-7. But a knife dramatically falling into the water, while symbolic, does not necessarily mean Dagur is a goner. So unless Doug and Art speak out in an interview saying that Dagur is absolutely, 100%, unquestionably dead, I will continue to hope. Daddy Dagur will rise again. I’m in hardcore denial right now. Just let me have this, guys. 

Originally posted by domhnallgleeful

Look at him go. I miss him so much already. #TeamDagurLives

2. Berk will face economic hardship.

STOICK. WHAT. WERE. YOU. THINKING? Who trusts their teenage son with the ENTIRE FORTUNE OF GOLD of their village? I can barely trust myself carrying around my mom’s credit card. I’m sure Hiccup was very sure of his plan, but this is Viggo we’re talking about. Nothing is certain. Which is why I’m predicting the loss of Berk’s fortune will come back to bite them in the butt at some point before the series ends. That’s a LOT of money. People gotta eat.

3. Heather: revenge or die tryin’

Heather played a much larger role this season (moving in, getting a bae. Haters, what’s good?) and we’re going to see much more of her again next season. Is Heather going to take the death (???) of her brother lightly? Nawww. Especially with all the revelations revealed to her about Dagur after he left, flying into battle with the hunters to protect her. There’s going to be hell to pay, and it’ll be interesting to see how her unfinished business impacts her place within the riders, her relationship with Fishlegs, and her future as the heir (?!?!?!) to the Berserker tribe. Also i need answers about their dad what the hell happened to that guy

4.  Hiccstrid kiss. Duh.

We earned this, guys. We’ve waited so long. We earned it.

5. Chicken will lay eggs. 

Did you see the way Chicken hopped right on up there to help hatch that egg? Pure biological instinct, people. There are chicks coming, I can feel it. And with Chicken’s new family lifestyle there’s no way Tuffnut can get in the way of that. Bam. That’s my Chickenless-HTTYD2 rational.

And finally…

6. Viggo will try to use Astrid against Hiccup. 

One of Viggo’s strengths is that he not only thinks up genius plans, but finds ways to use Hiccup’s strengths against him. And boy oh boy, did Viggo discover a big one. “Buffalord Soldier” had some definite Hiccstrid moments, but one event I can’t stop thinking about is the interaction between Hiccup and Viggo after the capture of the Buffalord. Hiccup compromises. Hiccup WILL NOT let Astrid die. And Viggo sees that firsthand. Do I think it was a coincidence that the writers chose that moment to reintroduce Viggo into the equation? Hell no. This moment showed Viggo that there is something, someone, that will cause Hiccup Haddock III to surrender a dragon. Sure, maybe Hiccup had already thought of the Buffalord blowing up the hunter’s ship, but maybe not. Viggo looked so pleased in this moment, like he found a trump card he had plans for in the future. I can see him, very strategically, playing this card.

From then on, Viggo pays attention. He had Astrid in his sights during “Defenders of the Wing Pt. 1”, and he makes sure to bring this up to Hiccup when they meet. And Hiccup’s face isn’t subtle at all:

The boy needs to work on that poker face. Anyway, I’m predicting something is going to go down next season in which Viggo uses Astrid’s safety as a bargaining chip to get Hiccup to do what he wants. Nobody likes damsel!Astrid, that’s for sure. But if there’s a knife to her throat and a choice of “the girl or the Night Fury”, some shit is gonna happen. And we all know Astrid isn’t going waltz into this situation, or take it sitting down. 

So that’s it. 6 predictions made with very little evidence. It’s ok if you disagree. I’ll probably disagree with myself on some points too when more info is discussed. But this was fun.

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 62 Spoilers

~At Shoueisha~
Shiono: How old are you?
Eto: 14….years old
Shiono: hmm… (Its quite thick, around 500 pages i guess?)
Shiono: (I still have preparation for that gathering dinner and need to find Yamada sensei to discuss)
Shiono: You look like someone who can write
Eto: Yes, please be frank
Shiono: Let me think. Your expression is a little too long. But, for your age, you are quite good. This is my namecard. If you have any more drafts please contact me
Eto: ………Wont you read it now?
Shiono: Do you know how many pages is this, well I dont know but I still have things to do
Eto: But its only been 15 minutes
Shiono: In our field, “15 minutes” is a long time… So I will keep the draft first. Thats all for today!
Eto: Yes…. I understand

~In the office~
Chief: What is this Shiono?
Shiono: There was a high school girl just now and she brought this draft
Chief: Can I take a look
Shiono: Sure~~
Chief: …… *read through*
Shiono: its quite good for her age, ohya where should we go for the gathering?
Chief: Did you read through this properly?
Shiono: Yes I did
Chief: Are you stupid!? *dramatically grab on Shiono’s collar*
Chief: You are throwing stacks of cash into the toilet!!!
Shiono: Eeh….
Chief: Go and find that girl right now!!
Shiono: Yii…. Yes…!!

Eto: And i thought i could get some money with it. Sigh… *few coins on her hand*
Eto: Daily salary
She passes by an accident scene where a police is asking questions of someone who is involved
Man 1: I told you, its that guy who crashed onto my car first!
Police: Yes yes I see. Please follow me to the police station….
Man 1: I have urgent things to do right now!
Eto approaches the other guy who is in the car
Eto: Erm… The police is calling you
Man 2: I need to go too…?! What the hell…. *gets off car*
Eto steals his wallet *wow LV wallet*
Man 2: Didnt you ask me to wait in the car….! …..what? You didnt call for me?

~At a temple??~
Eto with two ghouls
Ghoul 1: Amazing, what can I do to earn this much…
Ghoul 2: Eto really is different from us…. When she fights those doves she is good too
Eto: (I need more strength more numbers, else I cant win against “them”)
Eto: (Mother…) *while reading a book her mum left her??*
Eto: …..I wont run away like Kuzen (father) did…

~Outside Shoueisha~
Eto: (I need to get back those drafts) What should I do
Shiono: You! You!! Why didnt you write your contact number on the drafts!! *running towards Eto*
Eto: (Here comes the stupid one) Because I dont have any
Shiono: Eh!?

~At a cafe~
: I didnt know you were from an orphanage
Eto: Yes because I dont want to let them know about this, and I dont have a phone
Shiono: I see…..alright!
Shiono: Here! *gives Eto a phone*
Shiono: I buy this under my name, just this as your contact then
Eto: Thank you
Shiono: ….I can see it. Your ability…future!
Shiono: I will make you into an incredible author!!
Shiono: I am Shiono Shunji….and you are?
Eto: Eto
Shiono: So its Eto chan, how about your last name?

~Outside Anteiku~
Eto passes by. Inside Anteiku, Koma and Irimi are arguing over who makes better coffee and ask Yoshimura
Yoshimura: Its a hard question, I think…. It should be Yomo
Both: Eeeeeeh….!
In anger, Eto twists her novel and throw it on the ground
Koma/Irimi: Its been a long day
Yoshimura: Yes, see you both tomorrow
When Yoshimura is cleaning outside, he saw the crumpled up novel and takes a look at it
Yoshimura: ……

~At Eto’s house~
Shiono: Sensei. Takatsuki Sense~~
He opens the door as it wasnt locked
Shiono: I brought some foods for you. Eh? She is sleeping
Eto is sleeping on the desk in her office. Shiono puts a blanket over her
Shiono: You need to lock your door properly~~ You have alot of weird fans you know
Shiono: Sensei’s working attitude is amazing
Shiono goes to the kitchen and opens the fridge
Shiono: ….?
Shiono: (What are these… Cases…. Numbers? They must be….dates right)
Shiono opens one of them and it was part of human’s face inside the case. Shiono closes the fridge after that.
Eto: Shiono kun….?
Shiono: !? *thump*
Eto: You saw it right…… *put on glasses*

~Interrogation room~
Sasaki: You may go back now
Shiono: ……huh……
Takatsuki: Shiono
Shiono: Ta…..Takatsuki san…… And I thought you wouldnt come
Takatsuki: ……sorry! For troubling you. You look so pale….are you okay
Shiono: Sorry!!!! *gets down on all four*
Shiono: Sorry sorry sorry sorry….. Sorry sorry sorry…. I…. I….
Sasaki: Takatsuki san, “15 minutes earlier” he confessed, your room did “contained something similar to human meat”…
Shiono: Sorry sorry…
Sasaki: Takatsuki Sen….. No, Yoshimura Eto. I hereby capture you with perhaps being a ghoul as reason
Takatsuki: Your “eyes” are getting good Young one…but, if you think you can win this, its better for you to first “keep your mouth shut”
Takatsuki: …..Shiono kun, lift your head up. I never thought of you to keep it in….. I dont blame you…. I dont know if I am “incredible”… But you did make me into an author

~Rue Island~
Hachikawa squad is fleeing
Hachikawa: Faster faster! We need to get back before the reinforcements are here
Hachikawa: ……Ayumu! Above you!
Ayumu manages to dodge the attack
Seidou: OH-NO. Hachikouuuu
Ayumu: Takizawa…
Mutsuki: …. (Owl…!)
Hachikawa: ….If Houji were to see you like this, I think he would cry out of happiness
Seidou: Aaaah– Wuuuuuu– Whatttt did you say?
Hachikawa: Crazy (A second rate original investigator getting his way like this)
Shikorae: You– *gets on Hachikawa’s back*
Hachikawa: Ah?
Shikorae: CHU 🙂
Shikorae lands a kiss on Hachikawa’s face