i know it's loud but... hahaha

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But to name some Chanbaek moments…. cos I just have to *squealss*

At 1:50, when Chanyeol passes the toy to Baekhyun, the hand graze, gahhhh!! :DD

From around 6:25, it’s the question asking about Baekhyun being able to recognise EXO’s hand touches, and Chanyeol just looks at him in the cutest way ever.. at 6:35 you can see Chanyeol playing with his ring, as if he’s ready to take it off straightaway.. ;) At 6:47,Chen wants to put his hand on Baekhyun’s but Chanyeol’s reaction, telling him to back off (his man) hahaha :P so Chanyeol places his hand on top of Baekhyun’s and I don’t even know what Baekhyun is doing…its like he’s trying dead hard to examine Yeollie’s hand all over hahaaa, and I think he would have known it was Chanyeol’s even if Chen didn’t cough it out loud, it seems like a hand he can recognise well….I mean he’s probably got the biggest hand out of the members, and it must be slightly rough cos he plays the guitar… so of course Baekhyun would know..as proven at 7:40 when Chanyeol places his hand  AGAIN (in the rightful position it should be) and Baekhyun recognises its right away.. hehe! Then when D.O and Kai put their hands on Baekhyun, it feels as though Baekhyun doesn’t touch their hands as much as he did with Yeollie.. haha, I wonder why ;) the way Chanyeol stares at Baekhyun and Kai’s hands touching at 8:02… :P (jealous, much?)

At 9:03, the way Baekhyun smiles at Chanyeol struggling to do those poems…heheee (I can’t stop smiling)…

One other part I’m gonna mention is the Chansoo bit, where Chanyeol re-enacts the END part with D.O as Yeonhee…at 10:35 when Chanyeol punches air, im guessing to warm up, Baekhyun’s loving smile in the back, haha :) Baekhyun’s face throughout it was sooooo jealous…he couldn’t even watch him do that with D.O, can you imagine with Moon Gayoung? hahaha everyone else was watching, even Kai (which was surprising actually) but yeah, Baekhyun couldn’t even look at Chanyeol whilst he was cornering D.O… luckily Chanyeol made it into something funny (As usual…so it was cuteee) 

Just one little note, when Chanyeol and Sehun switched seats… how much more touching did Baekhyun do with Sehun… I think Baekhyun can be like that with everyone except Chanyeol (well in public anyway), but does anyone else find that slightly strange….? like with Chanyeol, its only ever subtle touches that they think we can’t see..(but we can of course.. ) :D its a shame he cant act like that with Chanyeol, but I think I actually prefer these little moments between the two..cos its doesn’t seem forced or unnatural..

Ahhh! Chanbaek shippers, what a good day!! :DDD