i know it's late but shh

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So my conspiracy theory is that Maria IS the girl on the car in the parking lot. Maria is established immediately as saying she’s dying and locking herself in a room crying, and she also along the edge – but not of the building the girl on the car in the parking lot wants to jump from. She walks along the edge of where the ocean meets the land. Nothing to worry about. We’re okay. We just stay up really late. I do a little footwork to get here though lol. Maybe most effective is – “She says, ‘its only in my head. Shh, I know it’s only in my head.’” Rather than “she says it’s only in my head. That changes the tone so effectively for me. And he tells her he’s under the gun. He’s under a lot of pressure. Trying to love someone into not wanting to die? No wonder he’s not sleeping. I’ve never thought about take a shot as being anything other than a terribly depressed manic pixie dream girl day drinking in the parking lot of her boyfriend’s work, but now I’m rethinking everything lol

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OHHH am I late? 9? Maybe?

Nah ya ain’t late and you touched one of my fave aus, the dance one thats a crossover with my ocs but shh



and Fell is working off passion while Sci isn’t really, he just started up young and since he’s pretty good at it (all the practice)  he just keeps going even though its kind of y’know killing him inside slowly BUT HES GOOD AT IT SO ITS JUST LIKE EH

They meet when Fell “upgrades” ballet places (orschoolsyknowwhatimean) and Sci is kind of an asshole to him (but just cuz he’s jealous of that sweet burning passion of his, like gosh darn he wants that)

but (since he has no idea how to deal with feelings) he just keeps snobbing Fell (”Your posture isn’t straight.” “Wow, great rhythm. Not.” “I cringe whenever you do a plié, dear god.”) until he snaps back and breaks down crying

and Sci’s like “wait nonO FUCK” and then after that they bond and become sorta awkward friends and dance together and they fall in love and sldkfsg

again a doodle coming soon!