i know it's illegible

god look at him, it should be illegal to look that fine

If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 19
  • Yurio: Katsudon you should stay away from Viktor!
  • Yuuri: What? Why?
  • Yurio: When the police come do you want to ruin his career too?
  • Yuuri: P-police! Why would the police come?
  • Yurio: I know what you did in Detroit.
  • Yuuri: What?! I-it's not illegal or anything. Wait how did you find out? Did Viktor tell you?
  • Yurio: Viktor is innocent in all this. I can't believe he supports you when he knows about the drugs.
  • Yuuri: The what?
  • Yurio: The drugs. Don't deny you used to sell them.
  • Yuuri: *laughs* I never did that.
  • Yurio: So you never got into contact with drug dealers?
  • Yuuri: Well I never said that.
  • Yurio: See?!
  • Yuuri: I kicked a couple out of my territory before.
  • Yurio: I knew it! ...Wait you WHAT?!
  • Yuuri: I mean they were in my jogging route and it was distracting.

while not everyone has syfy please try to watch the show legally, i know its very tempting since its easier to illegally watch wynonna earp but if you happen to already have a syfy subscription, please use it. we want to show syfy that they wont regret renewing a great show.

I’ve said it before but look wash and york are absolutely not friends tbh. and the only reason I can think of that would work canonically for why wash continued to hang out with him and north despite being straight up mean to him is an unrequited… thing. I mean come on high stress situations??? constant threat of death?? hot boys????

I feel like this is highly inappropriate for the situation but. Have you seen top? He fucking acts high all the time so why are all yo netizens so surprised lmao. His chair obsession….I have no words. Love u Tabi. Stay Rad.

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Fun story! I work at a gas station, and last night someone told me to go fuck myself cause I wouldnt sell him cigarettes. He was trying to buy them for his gf (who looked underage and didnt have ID), and I informed him its illegal for me to sell him cigarettes knowing they'll be given to her. I told him sorry, have a great night, and they both flipped me off as they drove away. (Leave replies letting me know if you want more stories, graveyards always get the fun customers 😂)

I have been cussed out so many times it doesn’t even register anymore. A new girl asked me once how I did it and all I can say is I’ve been called worse names by better people.


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Hey its the anon that asked if u were from Arizona you asked why I asked, bc u know it's illegal to chop down a specific cactus there. Btw illysm

i dont think its legal to cut down any like trees or plants like that

@fenriswaifu you didn’t ask for this and I didn’t wanna put it in the tags SO

As the Mormon legend tells it: Utah has seagulls because when they first made it out here they were beset upon by a plague of crickets and they were eating EVERYTHING. Prayers were said, fasts were held, and a bunch of California gulls appeared and ate the crickets. I guess they decided to stay after that? We do have two fairly big lakes right in the middle of the state, one is even salt water so like. Same thing as the ocean right?

hey guys i have one prompt left to write and then I’m out, so if you have a request, or if you want me to reblog some more prompts i’ll do either one!

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Hello once again, have you seen the leaked footage of Hamilton? Hear me out, I know it's illegal but it is almost impossible for a person like me to spend the type of money that will allow me to see the show with the original cast, and even harder for you. I watched it on Reddit and was not disappointed, however one thing that I will warn is that if you want to keep your vision of the songs original don't watch it. Once you see the musical it's hard to picture any of the songs differently.Thanks

are you talking abt the bootleg?? ye ive seen it bc its impossible for me to see it irl anyway