i know it's illegible


The reason it was so funny is that i asked - tried to play it cool - if there were any rumours about him at school. The guy says only that Harry is a massive homosexual. To be more detailed, that he was openly out, loud and proud at school and dated a guy. I mean like seriously!! I asked if there were any other rumours and he said he didn’t know any. Just that one. Like that is it, that is what the school has to say about him apparently. 

Also apparently his religion teacher has kept a copy of his book and let’s kids touch it when they have behaved well?? Or something weird like that? I don’t remember exactly. And apparently he has spelt religion wrong. Doh. 

I clearly did a terrible job of keeping my chill because this dude literally looked at me and was like “you have NO CHILL” and I was like I know, please, tell me more about your school in Holmes Chapel!

Just a little question, my freund

Hello my freunde. No I’m kidding, I just wanna ask you something. X’D

Do somebody know a good, FREE, unlimited, without ads desktop recorder? I know about Fraps but, it won’t work on my desktop. I have also used Bandicam but the serials don’t work anymore so I’m like stuck at 10 minutes and a ad. So if someone know a good one, I don’t care if its illegal, please answer me! :3 

I want a desktop recorder for doing a CC creating progress. I’m not 100% if I want to do it but, maybe I’ll :3 

Edit: @nisukiye, my freund, told me about OBS so Imma try that out. Thanks Nicki <3

@uravitys replied to your post “people know i really love karushuu right”

you are not allowed to not love karushuu its illegal

;-; i know i’m very aware of this but are other people aware?????? (thank u tho jess ily i feel very reassured)

takaoka-akira replied to your post “people know i really love karushuu right”

its part of your soul

i know right … if only it was part of my brain though. can i be as good at school as karma and gakushuu are ahdhajdjsjdjf;

greengargouille replied to your post “people know i really love karushuu right”

pretty sure it must also own part of your body, I mean are we supposed to believe you never pushed it to its limits just so you can write more karushuu fics ?

it’s true karushuu owns all of me whenever i need to write karushuu fic i suddenly begin to channel the spirit of karushuu as i type

Guys, listen.

I found this on twitter and this far I haven’t been able to find a source, so if anyone has even the slightest clue of where is this from, I’d gladly appreciate it.

hmm…do I wanna spend ten dollars on a ticket for that new r. reynolds movie where he dies in the first ten minutes
…do I wanna spend a dollar for each minute he’s on screen…am I really that person…