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Wishing a very happy birthday to Fefe @ohhsenshine​ (01.12) ♡ ♡ ♡

  • ronan, talking to his poor tattoo artist who Did Not Ask: my brother is such an uptight loser like he's OBSESSED with following the rules and pretending everything's perfect. he has never done anything cool in his LIFE
  • declan at that exact moment on the other side of town: *setting up an illicit meeting with a career criminal while cleaning and loading his illegally-purchased firearm*

god look at him, it should be illegal to look that fine

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Does Genos know that he's pretty? Gosh murata is serious. I can't stop staring at this manga.

Anon pls, I’m suffering over here. Weeping every day tuning in to the streams. 8’D Murata is damn serious to draw him as the fairest of them all. What a goddamn work of art, almost weaponized at this point. Just LOOK AT HIM!!!!!

UUGHHH, damn. And you see, the funny thing is that Garou’s not immune to it either. It’s actually a reoccurring point in the webcomic that YES Genos is too pretty for his own good, and if the script is the same for their fight in the manga, Garou will happen to say THIS about it:

So YES it’s probably very deliberate Murata’s drawing Genos this way, because it’s something that will even be brought up in their fight. :’D MURATA IS VERY AWARE. And has too much power. Giving his all to make Genos stupidly gorgeous. ;.; Thank you Murata

As for whether or not Genos is aware of himself, ohoho he certainly is aware of his fashion sense, that’s for sure. ;D So on some level he probably IS conscious of his good looks, and heck, KUSENO definitely is too! Designing him that way. :’3 The only real question is whether or not Saitama is aware of it too ohoho.    

I think my biggest gripe w/ how martin handles racism on planetos is that only racism toward the dornish is deconstructed. even w/ the dothraki, there’s still a way they’re portrayed through dany’s eyes that’s just… uncomfortable.

but it’s more egregious w/ the rest of the essosi and the summer islanders. we never get povs that deconstruct the way a lot of these people are seen. I’m thinking a lot of taena here and how fucking exotified she is through cersei’s eyes. and unlike ellaria, we have nothing to counter that. no one counters how the summer islanders are all described as being the same fucking shade of black. like the westeros only know of two or three black things. that comes up w/ the dothraki too, their skin is all “copper” despite then being a mongrel race. like what the fuck is that.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m tired of reading a book by a hwite guy where I have to remind myself that oh, the people seeing (x) thing are outsiders and flattening issues w/ (y) people. martin can’t afford to be subtle with this shit. it’s not his right to be subtle about it. and I’m tired of opening a book where a hwite nigga calls someone’s black mom a fucking monkey and NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING. or saying she thought the crew of the cinnamon wind were monsters and sam not saying a fucking thing about that.

If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 19
  • Yurio: Katsudon you should stay away from Viktor!
  • Yuuri: What? Why?
  • Yurio: When the police come do you want to ruin his career too?
  • Yuuri: P-police! Why would the police come?
  • Yurio: I know what you did in Detroit.
  • Yuuri: What?! I-it's not illegal or anything. Wait how did you find out? Did Viktor tell you?
  • Yurio: Viktor is innocent in all this. I can't believe he supports you when he knows about the drugs.
  • Yuuri: The what?
  • Yurio: The drugs. Don't deny you used to sell them.
  • Yuuri: *laughs* I never did that.
  • Yurio: So you never got into contact with drug dealers?
  • Yuuri: Well I never said that.
  • Yurio: See?!
  • Yuuri: I kicked a couple out of my territory before.
  • Yurio: I knew it! ...Wait you WHAT?!
  • Yuuri: I mean they were in my jogging route and it was distracting.
Theory Time: DRAMARAMA

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After watching the MV a few times, the story line finally clicked. I’m usually never one to think up and share theories, but now it all just fell together and I can’t keep it to myself. So, this is my theory of what’s really going on in Dramarama:

There are two important elements in this story: time travel and alternate universes. There are, as everyone saw, three storylines, running separate from each other but all placed somewhere on one timeline.

There is Wonho, who is already in possession of a time travel watch, and uses it to regularly spar with Shownu, who is aware of the fact that Wonho time travels. Then there is Minhyuk, who finds the watch in a restaurant and uses it to get away from his life as a barista. He accidentally ends up in a time where the use of this watch is illegal. He then finds his childhood friend, Changkyun, who helps him get away from authorities who try to chase him down.

And then there is the third one, which is the key part in the story, Kihyun and Jooheon. Kihyun loses his friend, Jooheon, in a carcrash after he drops him off one day. Hyungwon - an overseer or ‘guardian of time’ with more power than the others - sees Kihyun’s struggle and how he wishes he had a way to save him. And gives him this time travel watch to help him. But Hyungwon doesn’t tell him how. Kihyun keeps traveling back to the time and place of the accident to try and save Jooheon. However, he fails each time.

Then Hyungwon appears to help him once again. However, seeing that simply traveling back in time is not enough, he uses the watch to create an alternate universe. A different ending. You can tell by the colors when the watch is used. Before, it was beige/brown when the others used it to simply travel in time. But when Hyungwon uses it to change the events, it’s gray/blue. However, when he does this, he changes the entire timeline and with this all the storylines.

For two of the stories this creates a bad ending. In Wonho’s case, he gets caught and the watch is taken from him, causing him to never be able to see Shownu again. It also separates Minhyuk and Changkyun. While it seemed like they were getting away from the authorities before, they now get caught and Minhyuk goes back to his own time. His watch is broken and he can never time travel again. As a consequence: he’s never able to meet with Changkyun again.

The only one in this story who gets what he wants is Kihyun. Because when Hyungwon changes the events, he gives him exactly what he wished for: a way to save Jooheon. In this ending, Kihyun is the one who drives and dies in a car crash, not him. However, this leaves Jooheon in the same state as Kihyun was in the beginning: heartbroken over the death of his friend.

Kihyun sacrifices his own life to save Jooheon, but distorts the entire timeline, causing everyone to be separated and leaving them miserable. So while his act was of good will, the results were… dramatic.

So yeah, that’s what I think really happened.

while not everyone has syfy please try to watch the show legally, i know its very tempting since its easier to illegally watch wynonna earp but if you happen to already have a syfy subscription, please use it. we want to show syfy that they wont regret renewing a great show.

I feel like this is highly inappropriate for the situation but. Have you seen top? He fucking acts high all the time so why are all yo netizens so surprised lmao. His chair obsession….I have no words. Love u Tabi. Stay Rad.

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Fun story! I work at a gas station, and last night someone told me to go fuck myself cause I wouldnt sell him cigarettes. He was trying to buy them for his gf (who looked underage and didnt have ID), and I informed him its illegal for me to sell him cigarettes knowing they'll be given to her. I told him sorry, have a great night, and they both flipped me off as they drove away. (Leave replies letting me know if you want more stories, graveyards always get the fun customers 😂)

I have been cussed out so many times it doesn’t even register anymore. A new girl asked me once how I did it and all I can say is I’ve been called worse names by better people.