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Behind The Scenes 2 (11/16)

Author’s note: This part has changing POVs and is very segmented, so I’m sorry if it feels “chunky” or “choppy”. Now, there is a piece of this part that was very, very hard for me to write (which is one reason why it is short). That piece is dark and does concern something that is very serious. (I’m sure you’ll know which piece I’m talking about as you keep reading.) As I said before, I love all the members and this series is meant to be a dark and realistic-as-possible series. Sorry for any errors.

*Anything with asterisks means its a text message.*

Genre: Angst, Dark

Word count: 2838

WARNINGS: Physical abuse, a tiny bit of verbal abuse, sexual abuse.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You watched the boys from the corner of the practice room by yourself. The manager was out making deliveries so you stayed quiet in the corner as the boys went through their set of fast songs all in one go.

The second they were finished, they all fell to the floor. Their bodies were sprawled across the practice room as they tried to catch their breath.

“Fuck… How are… we gonna… do this… for the… actual concerts?” Jin asked.

Jhope was the least tired of the guys. “Namjoon… you guys need to take… the shit you give me… it helps.”

“Why… don’t you… just give us… yours?” V asked.

“I’m not sharing!” Jhope shouted

“Whatever… I’ll… take care of it.” Rap monster mumbled.

“I’m… hungry.” Jungkook huffed

“Me… too.” Suga added

Jin sat himself up and slowly brought himself up to his feet. He stumbled his way to the bag of meals you and him made that morning. “Y/n… help.” He ordered

You got up and grabbed some of the main meal containers, while he gathered all the containers of rice.

“That… shit… again?!” Jungkook complained.

“What… about it?” Jin asked defensively.

“Let’s eat… something else…”

“Like what?” Jin furrowed his eyebrows. If Jungkook had actually been looking up at Jin, he would have known to just shut up already.

“I don’t know… burgers… or something…”

V quickly noticed how upset Jin was getting. “Let’s just eat… what they made… Jungkook.”

Jungkook sat up. “No”

“You fucker!” Jin shouted. He grabbed one of the rice containers and threw it at Jungkook. The small box landed perfectly on the side of Jungkook’s head. He continued to throw the rest of them at Jungkook. When those were gone, he moved to onto the food you were carrying in your hands. There was food all over the practice room floor, but his rampage wasn’t over. He ran over and grabbed Jungkook by his shirt and violently yelled into his face. “Do you know… how long we… took to make this food?!?… You ungrateful shit!… You don’t want to eat this food?!?” He pushed Jungkook’s face into a tiny pile of rice that was on the floor. “You don’t want to eat… this fucking food?!?… You’re lucky I don’t… make you eat it off the floor right now!” He pushed Jungkook down and kicked his side. It looked really painful, but you could tell Jin was too tired to put too much force into it. “Well, you got what you fucking wanted… There is no food for us to eat… you’ve gotten what you wanted again you little shit.”

Jungkook didn’t say anything, he just stayed on the floor covered in food.

“I’m gonna take a shower.” Jin huffed. He grabbed his bag and marched out of the practice room.

Everyone including yourself looked at Jungkook disappointingly.

“You’re becoming a real fuck up lately aren’t you?” Rap monster said shaking his head.

At his words, Jungkook expression fell even more. Jimin made Jungkook sit up and he began patting the food off him.

Rap monster turned to V. “If Jin decides to fuck his ass up later, just let him.”

“B-but- but-”

“I said let him!” Then he got up and left the practice room, probably to the locker room too.

“Um… Well, I guess you guys should just should go shower too.” You said softly. You looked about the room for a broom or anything that could help you clean up the mess.

“She’s right. Let’s go.” Suga ordered. He rounded up everyone and make them go out the door. “Y/n, come with us, we can worry about this mess later.”

You sat on the hallway floor outside of the locker room. Everyone expect Suga went in to shower.

Jhope noticed that Suga was staying behind, “Aren’t you going to shower?” he asked.

“Not yet. Y/n can’t be alone. Make sure that your shower is quick so that she won’t be alone with Jin or Namjoon or Jimin.”

“Don’t worry y/n! I’ll make it fast!” Jhope shouted as he ran into the locker room.

Suga slid down the wall and sat next to you.

“Thanks for staying.”

“Don’t worry about it.” His voice was very groggy. He didn’t add anything else, he just closed his eyes.

You decided not to say anything either. It was probably best to let him get as much sleep as he could. He must’ve been really tired, especially after that practice session.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” He mumbled after a minute or so of silence.

“I thought you were going to try and nap while you waited.” You kept your voice soft.

He let out a small chuckle “Well, if you’re being so boring right now, of course I’m going to fall asleep.”

“Shut up!” you laughed. “You guys looked really good today. Are you ready for the tour?”

“Uhhh, dance wise… This is the best I’m going to get.” You both laughed a bit. “Uummm, rap wise… I’m Suga! I’m already the best rapper!” this time only you laughed. “I don’t see why your laughing! I’m being serious!” He smiled. “Anyway, for whatever Namjoon had us doing… Eh I don’t know. Things are weird with Aiko…”

“How so?” Instantly you felt annoyed for some reason.

“I don’t know exactly. Things were cool in the beginning, but I think she’s getting bored with me… maybe she’s busy or something…”

“Wow!… You sound like such a girl!”

“Shut up!”

“Ooooohhh! Aiko doesn’t like me waaaaa waaaaa!” you mimicked.

“Pabo!” he laughed. He playfully tried to cover your mouth.

He was too tired to move quickly, so you were able to dodge his hand every time. “Look at me! I’m Min Suga and I’m soooo boring that-“. Well, dodge it almost every time. You continued to mimic him with his hand over your mouth, but even you could barely make out what you were saying.

“What y/n? I can’t really understand you right now. Can you say that again?”

You glared back at him. You opened your mouth wide enough to let your tongue out. You licked his palm, making him retract in disgust. “Ewww! You’re so gross!” he said as he wiped his hand on his shorts.

“Haha! So, you were talking about Aiko…”

“Yeah. Like I was saying! It’s like weird now. I don’t think I’ll be able to get her to be the mule.”


“I don’t know. It’s just like this vibe.”

“Uh-huh uh-huh… So, not knowing… How does that make you feel?” you asked in a stereotypical therapist voice.

He laughed at your current persona. “Stressed…” He said in a sudden serious tone. He was trying to be serious and get his concerns out, but you just weren’t picking up on his words. “If I can’t get her to do it, I’ll have to find someone else and I don’t think I have the time for that. Not only that, but then I’ll have to worry about her leaking out our conversations…”

“Don’t worry… You’ll figure it out.” You were finally noticing that he was serious about it all. It had been a while since he came to you with his concerns and you just thought he was okay lately.

“What is it that he has to figure out?” Rap monster voice boomed as he walked out of the locker room. He looked down at you. His hair was still dripping, but he didn’t care.

You immediately fell quiet.

“I was just talking about one of my songs.” Suga lied. He was back to his groggy demeanor.

“Take a shower so we can go already.” Rap monster ordered

Jhope hadn’t come back as soon as he said he would. Suga didn’t want to leave you along with Rap monster. “I’ll go in a bit. I don’t feel like moving right now.”

“Move or I’ll make you move.” Jin said, coming up behind Rap monster.

Suga slowly got up and shuffled his way to the locker room, mumbling under his breath. It wouldn’t surprise you if he was cursing out Jhope for taking too long.

Rap monster squat down to look at you. He brought his face close to yours.

You looked away from him.

“Is little y/n hungry?”

You didn’t answer

He slapped your shoulder hard to get your attention, his smirk now gone. He grabbed your face and made you look at him. “Answer me!”

You looked around, avoiding his gaze. The only other person was Jin and he was just on his phone, not like he was going to help you anyway.

“Answer me!” he growled squeezing your face some more.

“Yes!” you managed to let out

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I’m hungry…”

He threw your head back, hitting it against the wall. You winced in pain.

“What did I say about ignoring me?!?”

“Not to do it…” you said softly

He back handed you across the face, but definitely not as hard as he usually does. “And what did you do?”

“… I ignored you.”

He slapped your other cheek. You noticed his eyes fall onto your collar bone. His fingers pulled back your shirt to expose your scar. He admired his work before he spoke again. The tips of his fingers running over your skin sent chills throughout your whole body. “If you dare ignore me one more time, you’ll get something worse than this scar… Got it?!?”

“Got it…” you gulped

He stood up and walked to one end of the hall to make a call.

Eventually all the boys were out and you all walked to a nearby burger place. You and Jungkook walked hand in hand while surrounded by the rest of the members.

The place was a bit full for being rather late on a week day. While in line to order, Jungkook subtly kept his arms around your waist. “Baby, what do you want to get?” he asked softly.

You raised an eyebrow at him. “What?”

He brought his face to yours “Time out… Just trying to go along with our truce… or did you forget?” He whispered

“Oh! Yeah sorry. I just am a bit distracted… time in.” You whispered back into his ear.

Suga and Jhope looked at you questionably, but you just shrugged at them. You could feel Jimin glaring at you, but you didn’t dare look in his direction.

After ordering, the eight of you moved to sit at two tables, four of you at each table. The hyungs were on one small table, and you and the maknaes sat at the table next to them. You sat in front of V and Jungkook sat in from of Jimin. All the guys were pretty tired and things were relatively calm except for the one fan that kindly asked for a picture with the guys.

You did your best to keep up with your end of the truce. You moved your chair next to Jungkook’s. You let him rest his left arm on your chair as he ate with his free hand. Once or twice you even offered him some of your fries and cutely feed them to him.

You noticed that Suga was constantly keeping his eye on you and Jungkook. However, Jimin more than Suga was distracted by you two.

“Jimin, you okay? You look kinda sick.” V said

“Not feeling too good.” Jimin mumbled

“Why?” Jungkook asked. There was some concern in his voice too.

“… It’s just… Y/n’s face. She’s so ugly it makes me sick.” Jimin smirked

Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh a bit. You quickly elbowed him to make him stop laughing.

“Ouch! Sorry y/n. Sorry, that was kinda funny though you have to admit.”

Suga glared at Jimin and Jungkook. “Apologize.” He said.

“Aish ok ok.” Jungkook turned to you. “I’m sorry baby, I just couldn’t help it.”

“Well that isn’t much of an apology.” You said

“No, no, no I mean it. Here let me give you a kiss!” before you could brace yourself, he grabbed you and peppered your face with kisses.

“Remember the truce, remember the truce.” You told yourself. When he was done you rested your head on his shoulder. “Ok fine, you are forgiven.” You said playfully.

Jimin went back to his sour expression.

“But seriously Jimin, what’s wrong?” Jungkook asked

Jimin didn’t answer him, he just grabbed his phone.


Jimin pulled out his phone and began typing away. It wasn’t long before Jungkook’s phone buzzed. He looked at the screen questionably. “Why the fuck did he just text me?” Jungkook opened the message.

*What is going on with you and y/n?*

Jungkook looked back up at him and spoke, “Dude seriously?”

Jimin texted again. *yes*

“If you wanna do it this way.” Jungkook mumbled. He got his arm away from y/n and responded. *what’s the big deal?*

*Why are you so extra with y/n? there aren’t even any fans around.* Before Jungkook could respond Jimin sent another text. *don’t tell me you guys are fucking again*

*We aren’t it’s just a truce*


*We are only being like this so Namjoon wont be on our asses.*

*I call bullshit*

*I’m not fucking around.*

*Yea right*

*Believe me its all a part of this stupid truce.*


Jimin and Jungkook were too busy on their phones, so you spent the rest of the time talking to V.

After eating, you all went to a bus stop and used a bus to get back to the dorm. You and Jungkook didn’t stop acting like a couple until you were safely in the elevator ride to the dorm.

Since it was already late, Rap monster ordered you guys to all go to your rooms.  It was probably 11 or 12 when you heard a set of footsteps walking down the hallway. You recognized the rhythm of the steps, but you couldn’t pinpoint which of the guys it could be.

Within 15 minutes, there was a knock at the door. Neither you nor Jimin said anything, you both just shared a look of bewilderment. It didn’t make sense for anyone to knock when the lock is on the other side of the door.

There was another knock. “Don’t tell me a wasted Yoongi is too fucked up to open the door.” Jimin mumbled. “You can open the door! The lock is on your side stupid!” Jimin shouted.

You both heard the door unlock and the manager popped his head in. It was definitely a surprise to see him. He was rarely over at the dorm and when he was, he barely went past the kitchen.

Jimin didn’t look too happy to see him. Actually, he looked just as upset as he did when you were all eating. “What do you want?” Jimin asked. He sounded a bit nervous.

The manager scanned the room and found you on your mattress in the corner of the room, then he turned back to Jimin, “I need to talk to you.” the manager said.

“Can’t this wait until tomorrow.”

“No, it has to be right now.”

“Y/n can’t leave at night. It’s Namjoon’s rule.”

The manager looked over at you. “Y/n, Namjoon said to go to the other guys’ rooms while I talk to Jimin.

You got up and made your way to the door. “Um… I guess I’ll just go see who is awake…” you said softly

“Don’t worry, I’ll go for you when we are done.” The manager said as he closed the door


His last line of defense was y/n and she was just walking out of the room. Panic grew inside him as he saw his manager close the door. “Why are you here?” he asked, his tone was much darker.

His manager didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to, the look in his eyes said it all.

“Hiro, not here” he begged

“I love it when you say my name!” Hiro jumped on Jimin.

“Get off of me!” Jimin successfully pushed his manager off of him

“Oh don’t be this way.” Hiro got off the floor and made his way back to the bed.

Jimin stepped off and stood his ground, glaring up at him “Look, I don’t want to do anything! Not tonight, not here!”

The manager couldn’t care less about what Jimin was saying, he just smiled down at him.

“Hiro! I’m-“, He was stopped by Hiro’s lips crashing into his. Hiro’s arms wrapped tightly around his waist. Soon Hiro’s hands were running all over his body. His lips making his way down his Jimin’s neck. “I know you miss me.” Hiro said through slobbery kisses.

Jimin pushed him off of him again. “Get off of me!”

Hiro shoved him against the wall. His hand held Jimin back by his neck. “I don’t give a fuck! All I give a shit about is what I want and right now what I want is you.” He growled

Jimin didn’t fight anymore, he just let it all happened while he tried to hold back tears.

I know it really sucks to get your heart broken, but have you ever thought about how much it sucks to break someone else’s heart? I don’t mean like if you just up and leave and don’t feel bad or leave for someone else or leave an abusive relationship ((please leave an abusive relationship)), I mean like when you have to end things because the timing is off or something just isn’t working or you have things to fix within yourself before a relationship can ever be normal or you just tried so hard and you can’t do it anymore.
Trying to explain reasoning to leave somebody who loves you so much is one of the hardest things to do. And then you leave, and you’re expecting this weight to come off your shoulders or some kind of change but it just leaves you lonely, and sad, and guilty. Even when you know that this is what you need to do you’re just guilty, because you know that the other person is sitting there wondering what they could’ve done different or how they could change themselves or how they can’t even imagine loving another person again. And you know that you can’t come up with any reason that’s good enough to help how they feel but you try to reassure them that somehow all of this pain will end up being better, but you can’t promise it’ll be better for them. Then you want to check up on them and see how they’re doing, but you don’t want them to feel like you’re trying to rope them in again or like your intentions are to get back together if they aren’t because you would never dream of hurting them again and you’re afraid of stirring up their feelings, but you care so deeply for them even if you aren’t together and it’s this awkward limbo of silence and getting attached.
And on top of that all of the worry. Are they okay? Are you okay? What if this was the one person who truly loves you and you just left because you’re scared? What if the only person who will ever love you with all of their heart is the person you just walked away from and someday they’ll be in love again and you’ll be wandering like a lost soul because you were too afraid to accept all of the love they had to offer, or you couldn’t give up something and put it before them, or you didn’t want to feel tied down when you left for college or work or any place they wouldn’t be less than an hour away from anymore.
Like I guess I’m just trying to say that heart break is awful from every angle and we only ever think about things from our side of it, but maybe we should try to be more loving -not in love, just loving- and understanding, because in every breakup of a healthy relationship there’s two sides hurting.


BTS Text Series: It’s not me Part 1/6

Genre: It’s supposed to be fluff but why do I feel that it’s becoming more of an angsty story?????? ((You’ll need to read part 0.5 before this or you’ll be more confused than you already are)) SO IS IT A TAE SERIES OR NAH? Who knows. 😎 I’m trying so hard not to make the storyline too obvious but I’m failing I’m sorry I suck 😂

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