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Hey, Yesterday I ate a quite heavy breakfast about 270 cals. Then i went to meet my psychol. and I didnt eat anything the entire day because I couldnt and I wasnt hungry. Later when I came home my mom made me eat something so I ate a small small piece of whole wheat bread crust not eaten tho. And this morning I ate a bowl of oatmeal about 70 cals and an apple. Rn my stomach is so damn bloated, I was wondern if its normal and will it go away? I really need help asap thnksss❤

hey hun, im sorry you feel like that right now and i know its hard but only eating that tiny amount of food is super bad for you. One way i overcame that was eating little and often that way you’re still getting the energy you need but you’re not eating enough to feel bloated and gross. i know its hard but try thinking of it as fuel rather than calories, the right fuel the better your body will be able to shift itself into looking how you want it to. But in the mean time i usually drink green tea or camomile tea when im bloated because for me it calms my stomach

stay strong lovely 💕


Getting in a little decorating before I start writing again because oh my god, look at these buildings. Look. I totally haven’t done them justice; might have to make a copy of the neighborhood, strip the deco, and redo it properly with them. (@simblu, have you seen these yet? I bet they’d look wicked cool in some of your neighborhoods.)

Speaking of writing: I wrote 2k for NaNoWriMo yesterday and the day before fueled by sheer spite. I’m still behind now, but I have a lot of spite, and 2k is slightly above what I need to write each day to catch up.

Me: sees Katsuki Yuuri in a house that isn’t Gryffindor.




Ok so I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of doubt with SAVEWOY, and I really just have to post my two-cents.

It stinks, it really does, but we cannot give up on this fight. This show is so special to children and adult alike, it has helped those when people’s lives are at their worst, and it brightens up so many lives.  Wander Over Yonder has given important lessons and teachings that shouldn’t go unnoticed, and still has messages to give.

We cannot sit back and watch as Disney ignores this show, as it doesn’t even seem to ADVERTISE their new episodes. WE ARE THE FANS, AND WE WILL TURN THESE TIDES.  We HAVE to take action, all of us, in order to help. Sending in letters and emails, tweeting at them and tagging @disneyxd ASKING about Wander Over Yonder, ASKING for a Third Season and Merchendice. Watching the show as it airs, buying the episodes, showing out support in any way we can! 

There are so many of us, and we need to take a stand to support this show. We need to make sure Disney hears us, and knows this show HAS support, that they have made a huge mistake by trying to end this show before it was fully complete!


Let’s Play- Fuel Part 2

Gavin: Shut up, Ryan.

Everyone: ooooooooooh

Ryan: It’s alright. He has to hear about me at home so often now too, don’t you?


Gavin: Did a jet just fly over?

Ryan: That’s right, cause I DROPPED A BOMB ON YOU

Geoff: You just got Haywooded!


So I just learned @hetcharacteroftheday is an actual blog that actually exists that people actually put effort into which is kind of..baffling.. But I’m not even mad because at least none of the mods are straight, so yknow, if they really wanna do this they totally can but it just.. It’s so confusng to me?

Like… Straight/cis/abled/etc “headcanons” aren’t really… headcanons. They aren’t treated like headcanons. You cannot fucking deny that they’re just. Not treated as such. Your headcanon is your fun theory you hope is true but probably isn’t, and you’ll get a lot of fun-killers trying to make you “prove” or “have a reason” for them

 (ESPECIALLY in the context of orientation and gender which is infuriating because they don’t work like that shitlord!! you can’t PROVE someone is cishet cause well they act a certain way cause that’s stereotyping and shitty!!!!!!!! unless they outright say they’re that orientation/gender cmon) 

But like… Cishet “headcanons” are not talked about, discussed, and critiqued the way non-cishet headcanons are. They’re held to a WAY lower standard. You know why? Because people ASSUME cishet. Always. Not just in fiction too, which is the real kicker.

Non-cishet headcanon blogs are great because they provide a space for mogai kids to talk about relatable characters and headcanons without having to have fucking intellectually debates with straight ppl about it or being grilled about it. If you want to NOT be grilled for assuming what 90% of the fandom aLREADY ASSUMES ABOUT MOST CHARACTERS (that they’re cishet) JUST!! TALK TO 99% OF THE FANDOM!!

tl;dr: cishet headcanons are only ever brought up to shit on mogai headcanons, in the same breath and often by the same people who use all lives matter and thin pride and shit. So…..why make a blog….catering to those shitty people? I’m baffled.

-your local trans queer