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joshsfrend  asked:

2, 13 and 19

2) a twenty one pilots song that you used to not like, but now you like/love? Johnny Boy I really like it now, I have no idea why i didn’t like it its amazing!

13) a twenty one pilots song that you wished it to be part of a soundtrack of a TV show or movie (what tv show/movie?) A Car, A Torch, A Death in Sherlock, i don’t know why but it seems fitting. :D

19) a twenty one pilots song that helped you through a difficult time in your life: Friend, Please (like yourself <3) and (coz i should have a different answer to you) um i know its tyler not TOP but Just Like Yesterday from No Phun Intended 

Thanks fren!

         ‘ it feels so damn good to finally be back in new york ! i’ve missed my bed, and the korean food, and the busy streets, and all these yellow cabs everywhere ! i would kiss the ground, but that’s so unsanitary why would i even think of that ? anyways, i spent a long week in bora bora and now i feel like i could take on every challenge that might come my way, but enough about me. how have you been ? any good parties i should know about ? ’ 


22-05-15 //
As you can see yesterday was not very productive. On the upside I’m half way through my AS exams as of Wednesday! Another five to go after the holiday 😅

(oh man my desk is about as messy as the first entry of my bullet journal)


for the anon yesterday who requested a pic of me from two years ago….. i totally forgot facebook was a thing.

ur lucky my dysphoria aint that bad. here’s me yesterday vs. me before i realised …shit…i’m not a girl. i think i was 14, if math.


Sam + man bags (4x17 // 9x22)