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I just noticed this. I don’t know how I missed it, but I did. So in the flower cards, Cordelia Carstairs is shown with a flower crown of daisies.

And Grace Blackthorn is said to love making flower crowns. The odd thing is that James calls her Daisy, as in the flower, and Grace likes making flower crowns.

My theory is, maybe James is in love with Grace and Cordelia, and maybe Grace is in love with Cordelia as well. I mean its strange that Cassandra Jean put in two things, that are in a way hobbies of two other characters, (Grace makes crowns, James picks out nicknames for everyone) and then put them on one specific character.

Also I’d like to point out that daisies don’t just mean loyalty or love, they also mean purity and innocence, two things Magnus called Grace in TMH [Magnus does not exactly describe Grace as pure, but he does imply it (he says she looks innocent like a child)].

Strange right?

Anyways, I’m probably the only one who thinks this (if you do think the same then maybe we can talk more about theories and whatnot).

okay this is really random and i know its probably been played out since lady midnight but cassandra clare is a sneaky bitch and im really nervous about something i noticed a while ago. so we all know julian was named after julias caesar right and the most famous thing about caesar is that he got killed by brutus. and then i was thinking oh i wonder what brutus’ first name is. its marcus. fucking mark. like this could mean nothing or it could mean something either way why the fuck would you neame your children something like that its like you want there to be stabbing.

family tree 1.pdf
The Extended Shadowhunter Family Tree


here is that little surprise i have been working on for all of you!!

its the shadowhunter family tree from TID but its extended with the Fairchilds, Blackthorns and a few other people!! (this is correct as of august 2017, i will update it if something gets confirmed *wink wink Ash* and i know that the family tree from CP2 isnt 100% accurate but this is just for reference!!)

I spent a lot of time on this trying to get it to fit together so i hope you all like it!! feel free to download it for your personal keeping!!

lots of love from reallygaymangos xoxo

  • Dick: I want my allowance in college credits this month
  • ---
  • Jason: I will literally do all your homework if you give me that cookie
  • Tim: Liar, you don't even do your own fucking homework
  • ---
  • Steph: *seconds after receiving a math test* what the hell
  • ---
  • Duke: I actually bought two hamsters. I named them both after the Muppets. They ate each other.
  • ---
  • Tim: I don't have enough upper body leg
  • ---
  • Damian: I drew a dead guy. Someone put it on the fridge this morning.
  • ---
  • Dick: Literally all I've a learned since last summer is that poptarts taste the best when they're warm.
  • ---
  • Cass: Here is your gym credit *flexes muscles*
  • ---
  • Jason: *writing in red pen* Viva La Revolution
  • ---
  • Tim: I had a tan, but it's gone now. My tan vanishe- guYs, ohmygod, it tan-ished. Guys. Guys. It tan-ished.
  • ---
  • Damian: I really hope I run into our Spanish teacher in a Walgreen's parking lot one day. She can catch these hands.
  • Cass: She's old.
  • Damian: So is Satan. It's not a coincidence.
  • ---
  • Steph: How many things do you think I can staple to that guy's jacket before he notices
  • ---
  • Dick: I think we should start a band, I used to play guitar hero a lot so I know what I'm doing
  • ---
  • Duke: This little kid just asked me why I'm shaped like this, and honestly I agree

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Inquisition companions and advisers react to the Inqursitor off handedly calling them beautiful. Like it's just a fact of life that they're beautiful. Romanced or not doesn't matter.

Cassandra: She gets flustered, especially if she’s in a romance (which, if so, garners double approval). After a moment, she thanks them sheepishly.

Iron Bull: Laughs. “I know, right? You too, Boss.” He can’t help but hold his head up high.

Blackwall: He lets out a laugh. “Not exactly the compliment I would have expected, but I’ll take it. Thanks.”

Cole: He’s so happy. “You think I’m beautiful!” he exclaims with glee. “Even with the hat! Thank you.”

Varric: “It’s the chest hair, isn’t it? I know. It’s irresistible.” He laughs and thanks them.

Sera: She giggles. “Aww, you’re sweet. Thanks, yeah? You too.”

Dorian: “Of course I am, but it’s always nice to hear someone acknowledge my beauty.”

Vivienne: “Yes, I know, dear, but thank you for saying so.”

Solas: “I’m glad you think so, Inquisitor/Vhenan.” Returns the compliment if in a romance.

Josephine: She’s sent into a fit of giggles if in a romance, and intense blushing if not. “You are quite beautiful, too.”

Leliana: She stares at them for a minute, and if she thinks they aren’t trying to butter her up, she smiles slightly and politely thanks them. Otherwise, she brushes it off.

Cullen: Stammering and blushing results outside of romance as he tries to thank them. If in a romance, he grins wryly and replies the comment is kind, but he pales in comparison to her.

Reasons to love Dragon Age Inquisition cast


- Tough and gorgeous

- Could kill you.

- *Disgusted noises*

- Tsundere

- Loves poetry

- Like seriously, its her kink most likely

- So cute when in love

- Is also the best mom you could ask for

- „Ugh.“

- Owned Iron Bull more than once

- Made him fall when she hit him with a stick.

- Don´t mess with her.

- She´s tougher than all your guy friends combined.

- „DEAL. WITH.  IT.“

- You totally watched her walk. Dont lie to yourself


- Is still awesome

- Still hot and cute tbh

- Best one liners

- Will probably write a story about you

- His crossbow is named Bianca.

- It´s important

- Like really important, the devs wont let you change his weapon just like that.


- Doesn´t know wth is going on here.

- But still helps and becomes the best bro

- By that I mean, AGAIN.

- And you won´t complain

- If you hate on him I will fight you.

- And so will the entire fandom


- Acts serious but actually funny af

- Introvert

- Secretly intrigued by parties

- Knows everything

- Basically elf expert

- Also magic and Fade expert

- Also love expert


- Just wants to sleep and dream.

- Can make you dream about anything you want

- Breaks your heart but you still love him inside

- Admit it, you romanced him more than once


- „Vhenan“


- This shouldnt even be a question

- Look at that face

- He makes moustaches hot

- Sassy

- Precious

- Girls love him despite the fact hes gay

- Compliments you even if you play as a girl

- Because hes a sweetie

- Just wants to be loved and accepted

- The best and he knows it.


- Loves his country and wants to make it better

- „Don´t worry, I´ll protect you“

- He got the booty

- Likes „watching you go“, so he can stare at your booty.


- Is elf but doesnt want to be all „elfy“

- „They got no breeches!“

- The crazy aunt.

- Makes no sense.

- Then makes more sense than everyone else

- Wants to save the world so she can play

- But you love her.

- Admit it

- Makes fun of Solas


- „Arrows“

- Just doesnt want to be judged.

- Trolls Solas

- And Vivienne

- Is ok with Dorian and not because they´re both gay

- Also pals with Blackwall, its cute ok

- Likes qunari women


- The cinnamon roll

- Also the sinnamon roll

- Could kill you

- But is so innocent.

- Wants to help everyone


- Just wants people to be happy

- Literally so precious

- Dont you dare take off his hat.


- Doesnt care if people forget him.

- „What matters is, I helped.“

- Blunt in the most innocent way possible.

- If you don´t love him then there truly is no hope for you

Iron Bull

- He picked his name.

- Biggest Qunari in the trilogy.

- Also the funniest.

- Casually talks about sex

- Has the best squad in the world and he knows it.

- Seriously he´s precious with them.

- Nervous around magic and demons.

- But just hit him with a stick. He´ll feel better.


- Gets owned by Cassandra.

- Flirts with Cassandra and she likes it.

- „Ride the bull?“

- Ends up with Dorian if you romance neither.

- And its kinda cute


- She´s beauty. She´s grace

- She´ll step on your face

- Let her

- Also knows everything

- Wants the Circle back because she knows mages are dangerous

- Is a mage herself btw

- Savage when roasting people

- Scary

- Like legit she scares Iron Bull

- Is the aunt we didn´t ask for, but the one we desperately need

- Admit it, you want her to give you fashion advice

- So pretty and elegant it´s not fair.


- What can he do? „Save the fucking world, if pressed“

- Says „fucking“ a lot.

- Cute beard


- Has a big heart

- But also tragic past

- Thinks he´s not worthy of love

- Or anything good

- Wants to make up for what he did.

- Actually cares about your cause

- Friends with Sera

- Trolls Solas about his …relationship with Spirits

- Hella funny, if you ask me.


- Still cute

- Even cuter

- Grew so much

- Be proud of him

- Always doing his best.

- Great leader, you can count on him

- But still nervous when in love

- Got owned by his sister in chess.

- But then won by practising for weeks with his brother.


- Cute fluffy coat

- Y´all probably wanna wear it.

- The glare he gives to the soldier when he and his love get interrupted.

- Like omg

- His romance is literally so sweet

- Just as he is

- Two words. „The desk“


- Greets you differently depending on your culture

- So thoughtful

- And sweet

- And cute

- But still great at what she does

- And the entire world knows it.

- Protect her.

- I love her design so much

- Cheers loudly with the soldiers, then covers her mouth shyly


- Such a dork

- Tells great stories

- Really fun, but tries to act all decent, its cute.


- Baby girl

- She grew up so much

- Could kill you

- No, seriously.

- Also really tough.

- Probably even more than Cassandra.

- Deserves everything good.

- P. R. O.T. E. C.T. Her

- In an alternate timeline, gives her life to save you.

- Probably mentally strongest girl in the game

- I just want to hug her


- Still giggles like a school girl when remembering her lover tho

- „S/He misses me!“

- Best sis you could ask for basically.

@whore4batfam mentioned that Jason would have missed out on Disney movies, and I couldn’t let that pass, so, it is 12:16 AM and here we are.

Damian finally finds him sprawled on one of the many, many couches that decorate Wayne Manor. There’s a book he’s probably read a hundred times in one of his hands, the other occupied with spooning Dick’s stolen cereal into his mouth. 


The spoon stops halfway to his mouth and there’s a guilty smile on his face, betrayed by the mischief in his eyes.

“Don’t tell Dick.”

“Do me a favor and I will not.”

Jason seems to ponder that for a second before shrugging, “Shoot.”

Damian clears his throat, suddenly unsure of how to approach the topic before deciding to simply get straight to the point.

“Todd, certainly you’ve noticed that the rest of endless band of children Father seems to be adopting,” he receives a raised eyebrow and an amused smile for that, “are prone to making…references.”

Jason’s eyebrow arcs higher and Damian is left to question the limits of the human anatomy.

“You’re gonna have to be a bit more specific, shorty.”

Damian thought back, “…Last week, when we were in the cave and Father had just finished outlining the mission. He said ‘Let’s get down to business,’ and Brown and Grayson simultaneously screeched, ‘To defeat the Huns.’ Father had the same look he had on his face when he caught you and Cain trying to see how many of his ties you could hide in odd places before he noticed.”

Jason laughs aloud at that, looking extremely proud of himself, “Yeah, that was a good one.”

Damian raises his eyebrow, though somehow he doubts it has the same effect his older brother’s seems to have.

“Anyways, they’re referencing Disney movies, I think. I asked Tim about it once and he more or less told me that Dick and Steph have a cult like obsession with colorful children’s movies featuring catchy songs, talking animals, and overdramatic villains.”

“You’ve never seen them?” Damian asks, confused. He would have thought Jason would have enjoyed something like that.

“Wasn’t around when they came out,” Jason says, flippantly enough that Damian almost misses it.

Wasn’t aroun-oh.


Suddenly, Damian feels like the largest idiot in the world. How could he not have had the foresight to maybe, ask one of the siblings that had used the references in the first place, why hadn’t he connected the dots-

“Stop thinking so hard, baby bat.”

When had Jason gotten up?

“I, um-”

He’s cut off when Jason tousles his hair, a casual smile on his lips. The young bird is too stunned to protest. Instead, he looks up at his brother and does what he’s always done best. He observes. There are bags under Jason’s eyes, a fading bruise on his shoulder, his hair is wet, and something about him is so, so tired.


“Yeah, Dami?”

“Get some sleep.”

Jason chuckles as he walks towards the stairs, Damian quietly putting his cereal bowl in the sink and picking up his(Jason’s) book to take his place on the couch. Now to wait for Tim.


Tim looks up, certainly not surprised at being accosted within seconds of walking through the front door. The look on Damian’s face is one of determination; he will not stop until his objective is reached. Tim sighs.

“At least let me take off my shoes.”

“So let me get this straight. You asked Jason about Disney movies, only to find out he was…gone when they came out, felt horrible, and now you want to watch them with him, but are hindered by the lack of your ability to Internet?”

Damian wishes Barbara was visiting.

But then Tim breaks into a smile and there’s something incredibly…tender about it. Damian thinks this won’t be too bad after all.


Jason looks up. It’s been a day or so since Damian had inquired about one of their siblings’ many strange habits. He supposes he should have been more subtle about the whole thing, but what else was he supposed to say? ‘Oh yeah, sorry Damian, I didn’t see Mulan because my corpse was being submerged in the Lazarus Pit?’

He had, however, taken his younger brother’s advice in getting some rest. In fact, he had just woken up from a particularly nice nap, and had been planning to go and hunt for Dick’s last cereal box. Thieving aside, he waits for Damian to speak, seeing the boy looking expectant.

All he receives for his patience is a ‘follow me.’

Sighing dramatically and ignoring Damian’s ‘Tt,’ Jason drags himself from the covers and straggles after his brother, curious as to what his intentions may be.

Upon arriving in the same room Damian had found him in the day prior, Jason is, to say the least, confused. Moreover, he finds, he won’t have to go on a cereal-thieving scavenger hunt, as it’s already sitting on the coffee table in one of Alfred’s less precious ceramic bowls.

“Damian? What’s going on?”

Said preteen defender of Gotham and his Honor(Jason may not have been around for Disney, but he and Dick had sure as hell marathoned Avatar at least eight times), was struggling with what looked to Jason like an HDMI cable. Succeeding in connecting it, Damian fiddled with Tim’s laptop for a few seconds before setting it down carefully and practically tackling Jason to the couch.

Surprised, Jason yelped as they tussled on the couch, turning his head to the screen just as a soothing jingle played, accompanied by a graphic of a blue castle and the word, ‘Disney’ written in a circular font.

“…Damian?” He looks over to the smaller body sprawled against him to see him looking away, ears turning red.

“..I wanted you to watch them. I wanted to watch them with you.”

Jason stares for a moment before a soft smile overtook his features. 

“Okay,” he says, and settles down against the armrest, grabbing a handful of cereal and leaning against his baby brother as ‘The Little Mermaid’ appeared on screen.

Dick drops by the Manor to find his cereal on the floor and two of his siblings locked in a fierce argument.

“Mulan was clearly the best, she literally defied all gender stereotypes and learned how to fight as well as Li Shang in like, three days. Also bonus points for talking dragon and grade A catchy songs.”

“Ridiculous, Todd, Aladdin was obviously superior. The poor street thief with a heart of gold and the rebellious, self-aware princess? Not to mention the flying carpet, genie, and quality displays of villainy.”

They’re interrupted by a devastated scream, the two boys at last becoming aware of Dick’s presence.



Dick gazes up at them with a look of incredulous horror, “How could you?!”

Jason blinks. Damian stares.

How could you do this to my cereal, you heathens?!

Two pairs of eyes land on the mess of sugary breakfast food scattered on the carpet.

Shit.” That’s Jason.

“Thank you, Jay, for reali-”

Did we break Alfie’s bowl?!

Damian pales, vaulting neatly over the coffee table to search for the ceramic piece that could spell their doom. Dick is forced to watch as his two brothers scramble about the room, ignoring the remains of their pilfered meal on the floor. 

“Found it!”

Jason triumphantly holds up the bowl, chipped slightly, but still in one piece.

Dick wants to know why it was behind the couch.

Unfortunately, the other two residents of the Living Room of Horrors seem content to set the bowl to the side and resume their places on the couch, resuming where they’d left off in ‘Snow White’, having broken into an argument when Damian voiced his preference of Aladdin.

“I hate you both,” Dick, about to storm out of the room, is interrupted by Cass’ entrance to it. She looks to the screen, currently displaying the seven dwarves, before picking a piece of cereal off the ground and popping it in her mouth. Dick’s horrified expression goes unnoticed as she goes to squish Jason’s cheeks.


He sticks his tongue out and she replies in kind, before moving to Damian’s other side and cuddling him, the youngest of them content to be sandwiched between his brother and sister. 

“Dick, why are you calling me, it’s 4 pm on a Saturday I would like to be not awake right now.”

“Steph, I can never watch ‘Snow White’ again.”


i know i want a world where people trust the chantry, and their trust is respected

Shadowhunter Family Mottos
  • Emma: I wonder what the family mottos are. Do you know any?
  • Julian: The Lightwood family motto is 'we mean well'
  • Emma: Very funny.
  • Julian: No, really, it actually is.
  • Emma: Seriously? so what's the Herondale family motto? 'Chiseled but angsty?
  • Julian: 'If you don't know wat your last name is, it's probably Herondale'?
  • Emma: What about Carstairs? 'We have a sword'? 'Blunt instruments are for losers'?
  • Julian: Morgenstern. 'When in doubt, start a war'?
  • Emma: How about 'Has even one of us ever been any good, like ever, seriously'?
  • Julian: Seems long, and kind of on the nose.
  • -Lord of Shadows; Cassandra Clare

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Okay, this is weird, and can you make this public, please? Are you telling me this. Mages become Tranquil and it is when you lose your powers or something/ Or its when a mage dies in the fade, and they become like... well zombies? (correct me if I'm wrong). Cassandra is a seeker, which from what I understand was someone who was made tranquil and it was reversed, which gives them other abilities. So basically Cassandra is an ex-mage? Am I understanding this right?

“If I felt pain, it is meaningless to me now. Once I knew only fear, but now I know only service. Whatever pain there was, I believe it an acceptable trade.”

Tranquil aren’t really “zombies”- they don’t want to hurt anyone and have self-preservation and a desire to be “useful”. When mages become Tranquil, they lose access to the Fade, leaving them emotionless. They retain awareness of their past selves and the world around them, but they cannot feel anything about either. The Tranquil process everything logically and still have preferences.

If a mage dies in the Fade (like Feynriel can in DA2), he wakes up Tranquil. If that’s how the Rite of Tranquility works, it hasn’t been officially confirmed as yet; we haven’t seen a defined description of that process anywhere.

Cassandra has abilities, but they are different than a mage’s- she never had an innate ability to cast magic in the first place.  Her abilities are more in-line with a Templar’s, but she doesn’t need lyrium.  Bioware hasn’t really elaborated on this point, but Cassandra is proof that non-mages can be made Tranquil as well.  It seems to be that if a non-mage uses lyrium or is briefly made Tranquil in the manner Cassandra was (the Seeker’s Vigil), they gain some magical abilities, but are not classified as mages. This distinction is likely due to the fact that Templars and Seekers did not naturally manifest their powers like mages.

Neither of us has read Asunder (despite the quote at the top of this post - thank you, Dragon Age wiki), so maybe someone who has can say more about the mage whose Tranquility was reversed.  They had some issues re-adjusting to their non-Tranquil state, which Cassandra mentions to Solas in a banter that unlocks after completing her personal quest.

  • Cassandra: Solas, I assume you know it’s possible to reverse the Rite of Tranquility.
  • Solas: I did hear of what you learned, yes.
  • Cassandra: I know of only one mage thus cured, and… he had no control of his emotions. He was distraught.
  • Cassandra: Do you think that would have passed? If the Tranquil are cured only to end up thus…
  • Solas: They would be a danger to themselves and others, yes.
  • Solas: It is difficult to say. In your Vigil, you were Tranquil for but a moment. They have suffered much longer.
  • Solas: Such control is like a muscle, atrophying without use. Given time it might be restored, but until then…
  • Cassandra: That may be a risk we are obligated to undertake.
  • Solas: They will be grateful… even the ones who do not survive.

It’s hard to say whether the mages who were willingly made Tranquil would agree. Tranquil are less desirable targets for demonic possession, though they are not immune. But the Tranquil who were unwilling? They’re a different story.

-Mod LC and Mod KM

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Hey I was wondering if you could do the companions and advisers reacting to a Inquisitor with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? You don't have to if you don't know what it is or if it's too hard or anything; it's just I have it and idk I would like to see how they'd respond. Thanks for whatever you decide :)

Cassandra: When they first meet Cassandra, to her eternal shame, thinks they are lazy. Anyone who needs that much sleep and is still tired must not be used to hard work, and she is more than happy to make them learn. But in short order- mostly after they traipse through most of the Hinterlands with no complaint- the Seeker begins to doubt her first belief. It’s not just the constant exhaustion that she begins to notice. It’s the headaches and memory loss and the swollen nodes. And when she finally breaks down and asks them their answer- that they have suffered this for years- shames her further. After that she goes out of her way to make things as easy for them to deal with as she can, and woe betide anyone who suggests that the Inquisitor keep watch.

Solas: Solas discovers early on that something is not right. The first time he sees the Inquisitor rubbing their temples he offers a small burst of restorative healing magic to relieve it, but is confused to find that the headache- rather than being a simple stresser or migraine- is instead bound by a thin dark line to a malignet net reaching all throughout the Inquisitor. A few pointed questions has the whole story before him, and while a cure seems unlikely the mage is more than willing to help develop symptom treatment to make their days a little easier.

Varric: Well, he’s been saying it wasn’t a good story for heroes, but even he didn’t see this one coming. BUt for all his posturing and jokes Varric is at heart a compassionate sort. More than that he is observatn as all get out, and it is he who first begins to notice the INquisitor flagging on that first hike to the Temple of Sacred Ashes. Even after the healers and mages confirm that someting is truly the matter and begin working on treatments he remains vigilant, always keeping an eye on their fearless leader in case they need anything. It’s no different, in his mind, than watching any of his Kirkwall companions after a fight- stubborn lot that refuse to admit weakness- and in a way the role is almost familiar.

Sera: LIke Cassandra Sera is inclined to believe that the Inquisitor is lazy and too big for themselves when they first meet, but when she gets the whole story the Red Jenny becomes one of their staunchest defenders. Anyone who says anything bad about the Inquisitor is mercilessly pranked, and she is always trying to get them to take a nap, even though she knows it doesn’t help.

Vivienne: It’s not the first time she’s seen a condition like this, and so the Enchanter takes it in stride. There is no cure that she has heard of for it, but months of taking care of Bastian has given her a talent for symptom treatment, and brews a cacophony of potions, elixers and tonics to help them combat the worst of it. In her mind it is a challange- which she loves- but also a way to allieviate a burden that one already so burdened should not have to carry. And any who give the Inquisitor grief over their condition is very quickly made to regret it.

Blackwall: He can’t say that he understands exactly what the healers are going on about in depth, but if the Inquisitor needs as much rest as they can get and the occasional early stop to a day’s travel, or even just someone with a sharp memory then he is their man. Anyone who has suffered like they have suffered shouldn’t be judged -not that he is the one to judge any- and more than one they lose an argument about him not carrying their pack. Anything he can do to lighten their load he does, and hear’s no complaint.

Dorian: Despite his reputation for being a slugabed Dorian is the first to be willing to pull long hours, and in the beginning he thinks that the Inquisitor has been indulging in one too many nights burning the literal midnight oil. But as the symptoms add up he is very suddenly concerned; their symptoms are very similar to Felix’s day to day life, and it makes his wary. But once he has a clearer picture of what is happening he is determined to make himself useful, and shares with Vivienne those draughts that were most beneficial to his departed friend. 

Iron Bull: Among the Qunari such things are rare- the pysiological differences between Qunai and other races being the main reason- but among the Viddathari there have been documented cases. So long as the person who is so affected is loyal to the Qun and fulfils their tasks allowances can be made– this is partly due to the fact that even Qamek does not affect the biological symptoms of the condition. As such the Iron Bull notices what is going on early and make sure that there is always something or someone in place to help the inquisitor do what needs to be done.

Cullen: If there is anyone who is in absolutely no position to judge someone for needing to rest it’s the commander. He is in awe of them for suffering- far more than he is suffering in some ways- and still going out week after week to save a world that doesn’t always understand. To his end he does everything he can to make their load lighter, and sometimes when the withdrawl gets too bad he takes both inspiration and encouragement from them and tells himself that if they can do it so can he.

Josephine: She can’t even imagine. For someone who spends hours and hours awake, fighting migraines brought on by head aches and then falls happily into a soft bed, the ambassador can not even endure the idea that sleeping in that sme bed would do nothing to relief the exhaustion or quell the headache, or bring the fuzzy edges of a memory into focus. Add tot hat the burden of being a religious icon and the last hope for Thedas, and she is almost in tears for them. But it also lights a fire in her, and Josephine Cherit Montiliyet will go to the trenches for the Inquisitor, doing everything in her power to make them comfortable and safe.

Leliana: For almost a year Leliana watched two wardens battle nightamre fueled exhuastion, hunger and pain from the blight within their very blood, and the grinding, grueling agony of being the last hope for a nation. At the time her ability to help was limited to the hands on, but now? With an army of spies at her back and a quarry of steel in her spine? There is nothing the spymaster will not do to help the Inquisitor with whatever they need. 

Cole: “Tired, so tired, but sleep doesn’t help. Joints ache, muscles twitch, you know they said something but  can’t remember. Eyes won’t focus, have to see what is coming but your head hurts too much to focus. No, you aren’t crazy, just different. They want to help, they don’t judge. To them you are perfect, exactly what they need.

–Mod Fereldone

Cassandra Clare on Tumblr
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reading the dark artifices
  • me (after reading lord of shadows): I am dead, I have died, death reigns. what am I supposed to do after this? WhAt Is ThE mEaNiNg Of LiFe? WHERE AM I? WhO aM i? HOW DO I WAIT TWO YEARS FOR QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS? I WANT THE FIRST DRAFT NOW PLEASE THANKS CASSIE! I know you have to like write it, but can you invent a time machine please, i'm sure it's possible, everything is possible, all the stories are true right? I JUST WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO MY BABIES IN THE NEXT ONE PLEASE KEEP THEM ALL SAFE THANKS!

I don’t ship Rizzy (I like their relationship being platonic) but to say that Sizzy is better? Lol the same “oh I’ll never get my bff to actually love me so I’ll date you” Sizzy? Srsly if you did read the books and thought that Sizzy is a good and healthy portrait of romance so maybe you actually need read more books, good books, thank you

anonymous asked:

It's more that he takes up so much screentime that no other character has gotten well-paced growth or a backstory arc. Cassandra suddenly had a call from the hospital that her tumor's worse but she hadn't had symptoms all season? Ezekiel is a super empathetic person for one episode then back to snark 24/7? Eve hasn't gotten focus since S1 Christmas, she's always Flynn's SO. I like him, but they're using him too much and we're going into the fourth season barely knowing any details about the cast

Okay I’m sorry but this actually made me laugh

“he takes up too much screentime”

Out of all 30 episodes, over 3 seasons, Flynn has only been in 16. One of them (And the Eternal Question) he about 10 minutes of screentime. Only 2 of those episodes were even focused on Flynn (”And the Hollow Man” and “And the Trial of the Triangle”).

“no other character has gotten well-paced growth or a backstory arc”

This has nothing to do with Flynn being in episodes. This is entirely because The Librarians is a small show with only 10 episodes per season. There are massive time jumps between episodes and we can only get so much story in 40 minutes.

The backstory of every character has been address in multiple occasions at this point. I mean, Jacob had an entire episode, “And What Lies Beneath the Stone (AKA Coyote)”, dedicated to his previous home life, in “And the Rule of Three” we learn that Cassandra’s family was rather controlling as well as her emotions over her tumor in “And the Heart of Darkness”, and in “And the Curse of Cindy” and “And What Lies Beneath the Stone (AKA Coyote)” we learn that Ezekiel once worked for MI6 and grew up impoverished. Jenkins even got backstory points in “And the Apple of Dischord” and “And the Fatal Separation”, as well as sprinkles of his history throughout other episodes.

I would also like to point out, the first show runner and one of the main writers for 1 and 2, John Rogers, was not fond of throwing backstory at the audience, in fact “backstory arc” probably would have made him cringe.

“Eve hasn’t gotten focus since S1 Christmas”

Eve focused episodes: “And Santa’s Midnight Run”, “And the Loom of Fate”, “And the Infernal Contract”, “And the Image of Image”,  and “And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”. We get backstory in two of these episodes as well as a little backstory in “And the Fatal Separation”.

“but they’re using him too much and we’re going into the fourth season barely knowing any details about the cast”

Once again, 16 episodes, and we know a lot about these characters for only 30 episodes, I’m not sure what show you’re watching.

Eve Baird:

  • Military parents, born on Christmas Eve
  • Spent most of her life in the military
  • Went through A LOT to get to her position in NATO including sexual harassment from the people she worked with
  • This resulted with her having some issues with self image and the way people interrupt you based on how you look, and does not like having photos taken of her because of this
  • Stays in touch with the people she fought with, even had a mentor
  • Incredibly protective, only wants the best for the Librarians and the Library
  • Also not “always Flynn’s SO” in “And the Hollow Men” she left his bitch ass behind when he wouldn’t stick around, and was prepared to do it again as many times as she needed to in order to protect Cassandra, Jacob, and Ezekiel
  • Growth: Over the past 3 season we’ve watched Eve turn from a hardened boss bitch military solider to someone who cares fiercely but is still learning to be a guardian to someone who understands that the people she works with are human and acts in their best interest

Jacob Stone

  • Rural upbringing with a bitch of a father and a most likely absent mother
  • Worked on an oil rigging firm that his father hoped he would run with him one day whether he wanted to or not
  • Had to grow up with a father who thought he was a dumbass as he taught himself to read ancient greek texts at night
  • Has major league trust issues after spending about 30+ years hiding his identity from people
  • Passionate, will fight for what he believes, even if it’s against people he admires
  • Better singer than Ezekiel
  • Probably would’ve been a professor is he had a different life cause honestly he was enjoying himself way to much in “And the Cost of Education”
  • Doesn’t think too highly of himself when it comes to fighting, before “And the Fatal Separation” he only thought of himself as a bar fighter
  • Incredibly loyal once somebody’s earned his trust
  • Growth: Over the past 3 season Jacob as grown from a distrustful man who hides his abilities from the world to someone is unashamed of his passion and fully trusts the people around him

Cassandra Cillian

  • Had a mom and dad who pushed her to be the best in academics, no matter what she wanted
  • Diagnosed with her tumor at 15 years old
  • Her parents threw out all her STEM trophies when she became too sick to compete 
  • Grew up feeling inadequate, constantly reminder of her mortality as well as having to face her synthesis attacks 
  • Couldn’t go to college, despite how badly she wanted to
  • Child-like at heart, because she grew up with parents who never gave her the chance to believe in magic (they told her Santa wasn’t real when she was 3)
  • Picked her own death date when she was diagnosed with her tumor because she wanted to die on her own terms
  • Feels the need to prove herself because before she thought her gift was a curse that made her useless and now struggles with the idea that her gift is the only thing that makes her useful
  • Growth: We’ve watched Cassandra gain control of her abilities gradually over the course of season 1 then gain confidence as she finds something she’s quite good at (combining science and magic) over season 2 to someone who has learned that she does not need magic or her gift to be useful


  • Grew up impoverished (with someone else, as he says “we” in his monologue)
  • Was made fun of by the other kids, this made him grow to resent other people and just take what he wants
  • Was recruited by MI6 for his skills (and in fact did enough for and against the MI6 that he has 2 separate files)
  • Believes he’s only good at stealing, and is proud of his abilities
  • Met Flynn once while Flynn was the only Librarian
  • In that same time period, made a name for himself among the underground community of thieves
  • Spent a lot of times in night clubs, enough to be able to easily recognize different symptoms of drug use and how to treat them
  • Still cares greatly for the wellbeing of other people, even though he’s constantly egotistical 
  • He was at one point, the worst version of himself, and wasn’t even that bad
  • Growth: Went from literally the worst version of himself, someone who would bail on the people who needed him and would rather run then punch, to someone who would go through the same torture repeatedly to save his friends and not even boast about it, in fact he fakes forgetting everything, who sacrifice himself to help the cause, and would fight side by side with people who once though he was just an egotistical brat


  • Was once the night Galahad of Camelot
  • Fought his own father, who turned to the Serpent Brotherhood and bring chaos to the world
  • Has spent thousands of years working for the Library, tinkering and enhancing magical objects
  • Does not like the first Librarian, Judson, because he fell in love with the first Guardian, Charlene, but Charlene chose Judson over him
  • Is friends with Mrs. Clause apparently?!?
  • Also performed naked on stage at one point?!!?
  • Unfortunately that’s all I can think of because we haven’t had much with Camelot since season 1 and I’m just waiting for the Jenkins focused episode I need in my life
  • Growth: Grew from a grumpy caretaker who wanted nothing more than to be left alone and not bother to someone who cares deeply for the people he’s become friends with and actually charge into dangerous situations to save them after even being told not to (I mean, dude jumped off a cliff to save Eve man like my gosh)

I would list Flynn’s stuff, but I have 3 movies worth of backstory for him and I can’t properly separate it from the show without having to rewatch everything. 

However, I think at this point it should be rather obvious that Flynn being in only half of the series has done very little to actually affect the developing story and the character growth in The Librarians

tda modern high school au

i’ve seen this floating around so i wanted to take a stab at it (@blxthorns made me lolol)

i know its kinda written weird i was going for a mean girls kinda thing but also like a book synopsis? idk lmao if you want more/a sequel feel free to ask for more trash!

Malibu High is full of all sorts of different people. From the jocks to the nerds, you can find just about everyone here. But is there’s one family that really stands out, it’s the Blackthorns. They all share the same physical traits, curly brown hair and blue-green eyes and are all super active and hot. Seven kids and a whole lot of holy hell. 

They younget brother and the oldest sister, Tavvy and Helen, don’t go here. Helen’s MH alumni and Tavvy’s a future MH Dolphin, but that’s not the fun part.

The youngest is Dru, shes a freshmen and thirteen. She skipped sixth grade, so she got to MH a little early. She’s into horror and gothic stuff, but she’s freaking gorgeous and you can find ten guys a day staring.

Next are the twins, Livvy and Ty. They’re sophomores. They’re both ridiculously smart. Livvy’s into computers and Ty got moved into 12th grade bio. They’re inseparable.

Then, there’s the heart-throb of them all—Julain. He’s a junior and a painter and literally every girl in school has a crush on him. yet he’s had his eyes on the same girl since sixth grade.

Last but not least is Mark, and he’s a seinor. He spent a semester abroad last year and came back with lots of stories and a lamp.

Of course, next to the Blackthorn’s side, is their posse.

Mark has a girlfriend, Cristina, who moved to California from Mexico a few years back. They’re both also dating Kieran, the hot foreign exchange student. Everyone’s jealous of all three of them because its, like, against the law to have that many hot people in a threesome.

When Cristina came to Cali, So did Perfect Diego and his brother Jamie. “Perfect” isn’t just a nickname. Both boys have rock solid abs and amiles that’ll melt your heart. Cristina and Diego dated for a while back, but no one really talks about that. Diego’s a senior and Jamie’s a sophomore.

Jamie’s also kinda dating Dru, but she’s a freshman and a young one at that, but noo ne can tell and everyone ships them.

Then there’s Julian, and his best friend and girlfriend Emma. She’s got long blonde hair and a whole lot of sass. They’re perfect together and everyone knows it. Everyone shipped them even when Emma dated the red-head Ashdown kid. Emma’s also best friends with Cristina, which brings their dynamic even closer.

Last but not least is the trio everyone either loves, hates, or wishes they were apart of. The Blackthorn twins hardly let anyone in, but somehow Kite Herondale managed to get a spot at their table. he’s dating Ty and is Livvy’s best friend. Their dynamic is odd, but works so perfectly it’s not fair.

The whole school wants to be in the Blackthorn’s posse. Only few can. How is it possible for one family to be so perfect?

Dungeons and Dragon (Age)


Because let’s be real, Varric would make an awesome Dungeon Master…

(Pavellan, approx 2500 words, most under the cut)

Varlen stared at the board, his face slack with shock, his hair pulled back into a scraggly bun. A few unruly strands had already sprung free over the course of the evening, tumbling down the side of his face.

“So… wait, I’m what?” he demanded, eyes wide. Varric nodded somberly, barely visible from behind his DM screen as leaned down and hastily scribbled what might have been a sequence of numbers. Or an epitaph. Varlen hated when he started writing like that. It always made him nervous.

Eaten,” Varric repeated, flashing Varlen a whip-crack of a smile. “Sorry, kid. With a dex check like that, purple worm bites, purple worm swallows.”

Mouth open, Varlen watched in horror as his bard, Taliden High-Strung, was removed from his square and placed atop the purple worm’s tile. Around the table, voices rose in a chorus of protest.

“What, so there’s nothing we can do?” Dorian demanded, leaning forward, pensive behind his clasped hands. “A reaction, perhaps? A counter of some description?”

“Hey, you tell me,” Varric said with an easy smile, spreading his hands. “You’ve all got your sheets. Impress me.”

Dorian, Cassandra, Iron Bull, and Josephine peered down at their character sheets, brows furled in concentration. Paper rustled as Dorian leafed through his spells, lips pressed into a thin line. Cassandra and Bull were the first to sit back with resigned looks on their faces. Josephine took a few more beats before letting out a gusting sigh and casting worried eyes across to Varlen.

“Nothing,” she said sadly, as though she had personally failed him. “Sorry, Varlen.”

Desperate, Varlen just nodded and turned his gaze to Dorian. The man was glancing back and forth between a pair of spells, but already it was clear there was little that could be done. Slowly, reluctantly, he eased back in his seat and cast a dark glare towards Varric. “Unfortunately,” he said through clenched teeth, “I have nothing prepared to deal with this particular… circumstance.”

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you know what makes me angriest about book stans? its that they just can’t see past their own love for the books…. like pull your head out of casserole clams ass for a sec and realize that this show is so much more than the books it started from. when I was a kid I could’ve never imagined having a show with the representation shadowhunters has…. I am a bisexual woman and malec makes me cry because of how beautifully they are portrayed, so I can only imagine how helpful it is to young gay and bi men to see such a loving relationship on screen. y'all need to wake up cause it wasn’t cassie who gave us that, it was shadowhunters. stop being bitter cause your fave couldn’t do it.