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Mornings sucked. Waking up from the most peaceful moments of his life, the sun temporarily blinding him because some how that one ray of light managed to hit him directly in the eyes every goddamn morning, and a dry throat because no matter how well he could breathe his mouth just had to fall open at some point during the night. Mornings were the bane of Tommy’s existence. Usually.

This morning didn’t seem half as bad as usual, because the empty spot next to him was warm for the first time in far too long and the sun was being blocked from his eyes by the bare figure of the girl from the night before. “What a view,” he mused, breaking the silence. “How’s your morning, sunshine? Mine’s been pretty great so far.”

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Ok where the fucking hell you find that gif of Sebastian and ciel sharing a bed like bruh I thought I found all the extra shits from the main thing but no I have not seen this yet where do find? I'm confused and curious now!? Please. Tell meh. 😢

It’s a fan edit from Book of Circus. The original had (and its been about a year since I have seen that series so I cant remember her name) a girl from the circus in the bed because she was trying to comfort ciel after he had an asthma attack. (this is the gif for those who don’t know)

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You know how you can like a character/actor but just kinda be like “whatever” on the attraction thing? Like maybe people talk about how sexy they are but it doesn’t really click for you?

And then one day you see a gif or picture and it’s like woooooah.