i know it's been four months already

Born. Life. Death

Do you know when is the best time to type everything out on your tumblr? Exactly days before your exams when in actual fact I should be studying right now just like my peers. But FUCK IT. I’m too lazy to not give in to myself. Even though I am not on any meds right now but seriously the whole week pass by like *pew* 10 seconds. Too fast. I didn’t even had the time to get out of my bed on Monday and BOOM its already Sunday. Fascinating right? Lets get to buisness shall we? 

Officially this tumblr will be inactive by the end of this month hopefully. Day by day honest thoughts on literally everything that I have always been afraid to tell will be posted and that is how I am going to end it. I won’t delete it though because who knows in near future I want to come back and revisit my nostalgic past. So anyway it has been great being on this account for about four years plus. 

(To me in future: Hello. Remember this post? haha. Are you going through memory lane again? I hope things has gotten way better than it is now and please say that I became a nicer person. Did you get the things we always wanted? HOPEFULLY HELL YAASS -Cheers from an old friend)