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Okay, I keep getting the SAME kind of asks about CS’s future in Season 7, and how can I be positive about how they’ll turn out and… please, stop sending them. I’ve already said that we don’t really know what will happen, but my faith lies in them NOT dismantling what’s already been done. They were committed to telling Captain Swan in a positive, organic way that felt right and natural (even amidst a fairytale series with fantastical elements to their story). You don’t build this up and give it its happy beginning to tear it asunder four months later and also expect the audience to stay around for that. Any hope for the future of the series would be GONE because there goes all the people that decided to give it a chance, and said people will warn any incoming people ‘just stop after six’. Boom, audience lost. It would be like pulling the foundation out from under what they’re trying to build now.

That’s not to say there won’t be trials and tribulations to get through for CS in S7. Whatever will be happening with CS will obviously be told through Killian and Henry (just as JMo said). That’s the new outlet for the ship. And it’s probably not gonna be all rainbows and middlemists. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be ruined. Again, ruining one of the two greatest OTP they had on the show (the other being Snowing) doesn’t bode well for any future endeavors.

This is my answer. This is the answer I am carrying into the fall when the new season starts, unless some news along the way changes my perspective. Considering we likely won’t be getting much concrete S7 news until July (SDCC), it’s pretty much set right now.

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Chara, don't you have class or something? It's like 9:00 in the morning....

“Four other students and I are suppose to represent the college to further persuade the representative as to why he should fund our college further, which is kinda weird to me? Since this college is pretty high class already, but hey, who am I to complain?” - Chara

“It’s only been six months since we were freed and the humans are still adjusting to us. Chara so far is the only human we know that’s pretty smart and responsible that’s quite comfortable around us and humans alike. Yeah it’s pretty early and what we’re doing is pretty shady of us, but Queen Toriel really has to put on a show for the arriving representative. Mr. Asgore set aside his distaste for Her Highness to help.” - Sans

“Pretty pushy of you guys.” - Temmie

“I know, but what other choice do we have? We come with peace but a lot of humans don’t seem to be too happy to see us.” - Sans

Title: In the Name of Love

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Bonnie and Clyde AU 

Words: 1594

Some day they’ll go down together;

And they’ll bury them side by side,

To a few it’ll be grief—

To the law a relief—

But it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.

— Bonnie Parker

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Who here do you want to sleep with that you haven't already?

You know..I didn’t really think that anyone would be on this list at this point. But..maybe it’s because I’m high, or because I haven’t had sex in almost four months. Or maybe because I’m tired of being lonely and being good all the time and feeling worthless. Oh yeah, you wanted a list didn’t you? Yeah here, in no particular order:

@seanthehuman  @heliwrr  @drgravesphd  @noahwrightx  @barrybilsby  @tommyheavyshield  @agnarrxxfrey  @wolfxstorm  @liamoftheirish  @gusbedivine  @brian-hawthorne  @slaveandersonmontgomery  @dhanilyman  @griff-osbeorn  @levixmatthews  @simonxwest  @jaceconflagratio  @sterling-cook  @riggedmercy  @maelhegen  @enslavedhunter  @professor-shaw

(Sorry for the improvised graphic, I know its El from Stranger Things, but I mean I am Multi-fandom and I love this girl so)

I reached 500+ followers last night, and I legit though I was gonna cry boy. I’ve only had one other blog and it was just up to 70 followers in like almost a year. Its only been 4 months and I already made so many friends! It’s so insane guys! Thank you x100 for following me, and reblogging my content, and messaging me along these four months. If I forget anyone I’m extra super sorry!

P.S: Once I hit another Milestone, I want to open up a “multifandom fampage” where my followers can choose to be whatever character they would like to be from any fandom!! Can you maybe give me your thoughts on that idea?? Send me a message here! (open to followers and anyone not on this list!)

both=I love you with everything I’ve got


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