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Sincerely, Me

Evan: In an email I received from you two weeks ago I noticed a comma in the middle of a phrase

Evan: It changed the meaning. Did you intend this? One key and you’ve consumed my waking days.

Evan: It says “Dear Evan Hansen,”

Evan: With a comma after dear

Evan: You’ve written “Dear, Evan Hansen”


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Genre: smut  |  Word Count: 4,987

Summary: Reader hates that Bucky calls her names, but the latest one he’s come up with has her fuming.

Warnings: public sex (?), unprotected sex, swearing, Bucky being an annoying little shit.

Author’s Note: This idea came to mind a long time ago when there was an audio going on on tumblr of Seb’s voice. In it, there was a part where he says Princess, and the idea just popped up in my head like that. The audio can be found here. Be warned though, it’s pure porn. As always, let me know if there’s any typo.

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KLANCE WEEK!! Day 2-Love/Hate

they got into a fight but lance knows how to make up for it

edit: lmao i forgot to color keith’s elbow

When Natasha Romanoff introduced Darcy Lewis to Steve Rogers for the first time, she hadn’t expected them to know each other already and she definitely hadn’t expected Darcy to flip the hell out when she laid eyes on Steve.

“You,” the normally chirpy brunette hissed, pointing an accusing finger at a wide-eyed Steve. “What is he doing here?”

Natasha looked from one to the other, suddenly very interested. “This is Steve Rogers, Darcy. Captain America.”

Darcy looked stunned. She snapped her gaze to him and said incredulously, “You’re the Captain? No! You can’t be.”

Steve looked guilty. “I can explain.”

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Love Is On The Radio 

Sitting in the study, bent over your work you sighed and threw the pen down. You had been trying to write this stupid essay for nearly two days now and it was winding you up to a point that you never thought it would be finished. Had Seb been home he would have sat with you, not saying anything, just playing on his phone or sitting there, and his presence just seemed to make you more relaxed, at ease which made the whole thing so much easier. But at the moment he was away filming, he had been gone for months and the most contact you had had with him was the odd text or phone call. While proud of him for his work you couldn’t help but feel a little lonely when he was gone.

Having given up for the day you headed down to the kitchen, switching on the radio so that some noise filled the silent apartment as you made something that might resemble food. Seb normally cooked, you chuckled as you remembered him telling you how dangerous you where when it came to cooking. You had dropped a knife and it had nearly got right through his foot.
You weren’t really listening to the radio, it had landed on a random channel, but you didn’t care, you just needed something other than your own thoughts to listen to for a while. Vaguely noting that it was some celebrity interview for a film you set about making your best and only safe dish. Pasta.

“So filming has just wrapped on your latest film, what’s next for you?” the interviewer asked and then you froze.
“Well, hopefully I’ll get some time off before the next job but currently we are working towards the next avengers movie” said the familiar voice.

Forgetting the pasta you ran to the radio, sitting on top of the counter across from it, your attention now solely focused on it. “Oh I love those movies, I can’t wait for it to come out!’ the interview exclaimed. She was female and you could picture just what she looked like. “Can you tell us anything about it, Sebastian?” she asked. The flirtation in her voice was evident and it shook you as you could see the blond hair and red lipstick as she asked your boyfriend questions. “Well of course its all very hush hush at the moment, and I haven’t actually started filming yet, but from what I’m aware of it is going to be the most epic movie we have done to date” he replied. Unlike the interviewer, Seb’s voice was calm and collected, exited about the topic he was discussing, but there was something there that only you would have recognised. He was clearly uncomfortable with the way she was talking to him. “You said that you hoped to have a break first- do you have any plans?” she asked and you scowled at the radio as if it was the one you where getting cross with. “Well of course it will be great to get home, see family and just relax generally-“
“But still working out, after all the winter solider has a very distinctive look” she laughed. Seb chuckled but you could tell it was forced.
“Ha yeah, I guess he does.”
“Do you have anyone special waiting for you at home then?” you huffed, this woman was pushing the boundaries of what was okay to talk about live on air, and you knew Seb hated talking about his personal life. “Actually, I do. And they are amazing” he said, the slightly irritated snap was clear in his voice that anyone might have picked it up. The interviewer was clearly taken aback and coughed lightly. “Well then… um… that was Sebastian Stan discussing his latest movie ‘Lucky Logan’ out this August” she said and the interview ended there.

With a huff you jumped off the counter top, annoyed that Seb hadn’t mentioned a radio interview in his last phone call, you made a mental note to ask him about it later. But you where pleased that he gave the woman whats for, she had stepped way over the line.

Your phone rang and you groaned, desperate for food at this point, and answered not even bothering to check the caller ID. “Hello, depression centre, how can I help?’ you answered in bored tone before snickering at your own joke that if you had been honest wasn’t funny. “Wow, and I though I was calling for support” said a voice that melted your heart.
“Hello you” you grinned instantly perking up. “Nah, just bored, stupid essay that’s all”
“Anything I can help with?” Seb asked and you shook your head
“Nah, its nearly done now. So why do you need support?” you asked
“I’ve just had to do this god awful interview-“
“I know, I heard” you sighed
“Oh God, you didn’t did you?” he groaned and you knew that he was going that cute thing of running his hands through his hair, which was currently in the process of being grown out. “Yeah, accidentally though, I’m trying to cook’ you explained
“Oh god” he cried dramatically “whatever you do don’t burn the house down” he laughed and you grinned back
“I’ll try not to, but I can’t promise anything” you said. “That woman though, how come you didn’t tell me about the interview?” you asked tucking your phone between your ear and shoulder so that you could move around the kitchen while talking. “Because of that exact reason” he huffed “She always flirts and I hate it, I had to put my foot down this time, she just grrrr” he groaned. “Aww what a hard life you lead, with beautiful women throwing themselves at you” you said teasingly and he huffed.
“Maybe I don’t want them to” he replied and your snorted “Seriously! I have you! Why would I want a slaggy Linsey when I can have a perfect Y/N?” he insisted and you grinned.
“Your being cheesy again” you grinned stopping what you where doing to actually talk to him, it wasn’t fair on him to be multitasking right now. “I’m serious Y/N, besides, you know you love it” you couldn’t help but roll you eyes.
“Yeah I do, but you know what I would love more?” you asked and wiggled your eyebrows even though you knew he couldn’t see you. “What’s that?” his voice had gone all husky and deep clearly he was thinking what you where.

A knock at the front door stoped what you where about to say “I want there to be no one at the door, and ice-cream” you huffed. “Who is it?” Sebastian asked and you pulled a face
“Funnily enough my x-ray vision is broken today and I can’t see through doors”
‘Oh bummer, might want to see a doctor tomorrow then” he joked and you grinned back
“I would but there could be a murderer on the other side of the door in which case my laser beam hands will need to be replaced first, otherwise I might starve to death while your gone” you laughed.
“A murderer?” he asked and you could hear the grin in his voice as you moved to the front door.
“Its that or purple aliens, I haven’t decided. Hold on” you said as you opened the door and froze. You nearly dropped your phone in surprise only just managing to catch it. “Not a murder or an Alien, but I do have Ice-cream” Sebastian grinned as he stood in front of you. Your mouth hung open in shock, not believing that it was really him. You reached out and poked his chest causing him to rock on his heels and he laughed. “You really here?” you asked and he nodded
“Where else would I be?” he asked. You shook you head, clearing it of the initial shock of seeing him again.
“Being probed by purple aliens of course” you laughed before rugby tagging him into a large bear hug. You felt his arms wrap around you waist as he breathed in deeply, inhaling the smell of your perfume as you clung to him. “I missed you” you whispered into his neck. You could feel his smile as he hurried his head in you hair. “I know.”

villainwiki / inga-kun / bmchill callout

before i start i would like to mention that toby has had another callout here and he has also gotten a callout from @/farmworld thats been deleted. 

its important to note that im younger than toby so im not “ganging up” on him because im older and i have nothing better to do, he is seriously a threat to his victims and people deserve to know the situation with him.

warning for suicide baiting, attempted suicide, sexual abuse and a bunch of general bad things

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  • Ishida: How long have you been sleeping with Rukia?
  • Ichigo: What? I don't even get...why would I?
  • Ichigo: I've never had sex with anyone, anywhere
  • Ishida: ...
  • Ichigo: It's none of your...you have the nerve, the AUDACITY
  • Ichigo: And how do I know, quite frankly, that YOU'RE not sleeping with her?!
  • Ichigo: Maybe you are. Maybe you're trying to throw me off
  • Ishida: ...
YOI - Barcelona

I know this has been done before, but I wanted to do it too. So here’s my pilgrimage to Barcelona. The trip was not without its hiccups, as you will see, but for the most part, I think I covered the hot spots: 

1. The hotel. By now, I think we all know which hotel they stayed at. Let’s start at the top. The pool had nice views at night, but was very cold.❄️☃️ I can only imagine what it was like in December. What were Viktor and Chris thinking???

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anonymous asked:

Hiya! I really liked your first hc and just HAD to request something. I don't know if this has been done before but could you do a hc for the RFA (+V and Unknown if you want) where during a canon route MC leaves the apartment to go shopping or something and accidentally runs into them? And it's like a "oh shit it's them" situation? Thanks! X

A/N: Hello, hello! I’m an INCREDIBLY sorry that I’ve kept you waiting, I do hope you see this nonny. College has totally been kicking my ass, and I have no free time. I finished some exams, and decided to reward myself by finishing this up. But, I’m super happy to hear you enjoyed my first headcanon ^^ Thank you for the ask!! I tried my best (had some trouble with V and Saeran but I will get better!!). Hope you like it! :3

• Seeing Yoosung’s attempt at making omurice the other day really inspired MC to go out and make her own
• She wants to surprise him with her own version when they meet!
• Honestly, how cute would it be if the two of them were cooking meals together in the kitchen for the both of them to eat
• MC thinks it’s pretty cute
• Alrighty~ Time to prepare
• But when she went to check the fridge it was rather… barren
• Oh well… might as well spend the afternoon shopping for groceries, and use the evening to have her faux dinner with yoosung
• there wasn’t much to do in the apartment and the RFA members were probably quite busy with work or school
• She’s made a grocery list and checked it twice, and is already on her way to the store
•  All the ingredients are quickly found and MC is about to buy them
• But she gets to thinking that a salad would also be nice to have tonight
• She swerves her cart back to the vegetable aisle, making a mental list now
• MC stops at the tomatoes, trying image her salad having them
• “Scuse me! Sorry!”
• The voice is so familiar that MC can’t help but turn her head
• Her cheeks instantly turn red when she sees that it’s Yoosung
• “Oh. Uh. Sorry,” she’s talking so fast and trying to put the tomatoes in her cart that she drops them on the ground “No.”
• Yoosung, being the ever so kind gentleman, picks them up and hands the back to MC “Here you are. You might want to find some new ones since these have bruises.” He frowns a little for emphasis
• MC’s brows furrow slightly, it seems that she’s the only one that sees how dire the situation is
• And as if Seven had possessed her body, MC thinks up a small trick
• “Thank you! Hey… Would you like to go to dinner with me? Like a date?”
• Now it’s Yoosung’s turn for his cheeks to turn red
• But, he’s shaking his head from side to side “I’m sorry. There’s just… someone I really, really like. And I don’t want to betray her. I can’t.”
• MC has to try to contain all her excitement and smiling
*zen mode activated*
• She frowns, shrugging her shoulders and trying to act disappointed “Sorry to hear that. I hope she’s nice..”
• “She really is. She’s the nicest person I’ve met. SO encouraging and kind.”
• “Well.. Goodbye. Good luck with her.” MC slumps her shoulders and walks towards the checkout, and left
• By the time she was far from Yoosung she was cheering and jumping around “He likes me! He really, really likes me!”
• And as a final tease, MC texts Yoosung ‘I have a strong feeling you look cute in person

• Taking one look at her nails, MC knew she had to repaint the chipped polish.. But, it there didn’t seem to be any spare nail polish lying around the apartment
• MC could’ve sworn she’d seen Rika have painted nails… or was the Seven dressing up as her?
• A quick trip to the convenience store should do the trick
• Heck! might as well grab a whole set of polish and some other tools so she could have her own mani/pedi day
• MC briefly walks through the isles, searching for what she needs
• Ah ha! Found… but there seems to be a man searching for some polish too it seems
• MC nods, she appreciated men that weren’t ashamed of using makeup products, such as nail polish or eyeliner, or hell even buying products without the attitude of “ew”
• Taking a second look at his outfit, she cheerfully decides to make a suggestion at what colors could work with his outfit
• “Have you tried this deep purple? Oh! This dark burgundy would look really nice with your current look”
• The man looks at her and he seems… startled. very startled
• oh boo, MC, maybe you should’ve made your presence clear, you probably scared him by talking so suddenly
• but for some reason, she doesn’t think talking is what’s causing this reaction
• “Back off!” he abruptly says, wide-eyed and still unsure of what to do
• Huh?? Why is he telling her to back off?? they have plenty of personal space between them
• “I’m sorry for startling you, I-”
• “Why are you here?”
• Rather blunt? But alright, MC you can play along, maybe he’s mistaking you for somebody…
• “You’re not supposed to be here! You have a job to do!”
• Which is… the RFA, but how would he know?? Is he…? No. There’s no way..
• “Do we know each other?”
• MC decides to play the cautious route. Maybe he’s mistaking her for someone else? Maybe she’s mistaking him for someone else
• As if he spilled too much, the man bolts for the end of the isle and continues to run off
• MC shouldn’t follow… it wouldn’t be smart
• Call Seven.. or someone
• But… she feels her feet move automatically and her voice calling out for him to wait and explain
• She’s outside now, and there’s… no sign of him
• MC pauses, panting and trying to catch her breath
• She’s pulled into an alleyway, and OH GOD does her heART STOP BECAUSE WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!?!?!
• It’s the mysterious man again, and when MC tries to yell for help, he covers her mouth with his hand
• “Don’t fail me. Paradise is waiting for you and the others. You’ll see. You’ll see very soon.”
• MC’s so scared she can barely breathe, and when the stranger lets her free and runs away once again, she collapses on the ground from utter shock
• It takes her a few minutes to regain composure and she calls a cab for the way home just to be safe
• She makes it home safe and sound, her hand on the doorknob, and she’s hoping Seven is watching and listening just so he’s aware
• “Was… was that.. the hacker I just met?”

• The new DVD edition of ‘Rental’ was now in stores. And MC had to get herself a copy, because who didn’t want to see Zen play the guitarist Robert David
• She wanted to get it as soon as possible so she and Jaehee could chat about it over the phone
• Honestly chatting to Jaehee about anything was fun
• But MC was determined to be well-versed in Jaehee’s hobbies so even more meaningful conversations could be had
• She’s entered the store, finds the DVD and is now looking around for more movie entertainment for the evening
• MC ends up finding a Zen plushie, and the tears are starting to form in her eyes as she tries to control her laughter
• She snaps a quick picture and sends it to Jaehee (and all the RFA members too lolololol)
• A message pops up almost right away
‘I just saw that! Are you in the same store?’
• MC is frantically looking around for Jaehee
‘UHm no’ she texts back, ducking behind a large cutout of Echo Girl
‘I just saw someone hide behind a cutout’
‘NOT ME! I’m at the supermarket and saw them’
• Some more internal screaming ensues
• MC can just see the quizzical look of “uh huh sure” on Jaehee’s face right now
‘Okay… so maybe I’m in the same store as you’ MC finally texts her back ‘It’s just really nerve-wracking to see you before the party. It’s as if we’re not ready, and fate says only at the party we can meet’
• MC can hear Jaehee giggling her head off on the other side of the store
• Wha-what?? Why??
‘MC! I was only joking about that person being you… but since it’s really you. I would love to see you’
‘But… but fate!’
‘I thought be both believed that through hard work and perseverance we can make our dreams true’
• MC meekly leaves her hiding spot, her head bobbing up to spot Jaehee
• But MC cannot find the short-haired woman anywhere
• She walks up to the counter ready to ask the clerk about her possible whereabouts
• “Are you MC?”
• She cautiously nods her head in response
• “A lady bought you these, and said she’s sorry she couldn’t meet you in person. There was an emergency at work”
• MC meekly smiles, looking at the wonderful gifts of DVDs and CDs given to her by Jaehee “Thank you”

• Hearing Seven talk about the Honey Buddha Chips + phD Pepper combos being heaven really makes MC crave snacks
• “I’ll bring you a whole box when we see each other!”
• All right, MC cannot wait that long, she has to experience this right now!!
• But this adventure seems much harder than originally planned
• None of the stores have any trace of the chips on their shelves or in stock
• So they weren’t kidding around when they said it was rare
• MC cannot falter!! She must prevail!!
• She spends the entire day running from store to store, it’s already getting into the late evening
• She opens the door to one of the corner stores farther away from the city and lo and behold, a familiar looking red-head turns her way
• Both let out a piercing scream and duck behind the isles
• The associate is already half asleep and having “whatever. this might as well happen” kind of day
• They’re kinda just sitting behind the counter, watching the entire scenario hoping one of them will just.. they don’t even know. At least something is happening
• MC and Seven just keep panicking, every isle they turn into is the same
• Oh my GOD!! Please, this is nerve-wracking
• Eventually, MC thinks she’s lost him and is turning around to check if he’s snuck up on her… alas
• Her back presses against someone else’s back
• *turn around fast pose motion*
• “Seven!”
• “MC!”
• They both stare at each other, mouth agape, unsure if this was reality
• Because, let’s admit, MC and Seven were not supposed to see each other like this
• Preferably a little less dramatic… but hey, it might just be the right amount of dramatic considering how they’d been clowning around in the chat room
• “I’m not supposed to see you yet!” MC blurts out, taking a tiny step back. “I didn’t know you’d be here!”
• “I didn’t realize this was the convenience store,” he responds, also taking a tiny step back
• “Those… chips looked good?”
• He laughs freely, smiling at her, but his voice is quiet and still shocked “They are”
• “We can pretend we didn’t see each other?”
• Seven nods his head, “Just to keep the members on their toes, huh? I’ll take you home.. You know, for safety.”

• MC had the day off
• Well, she likes to consider it a day off since emails were answered for the time being and the RFA members promised to find her more guests to talk to
• So MC takes the opportunity to learn a little more about the illustrious V
• And what better way to learn about him was to attend a gallery in his honor
• Apparently some of the previous buyers gathered together to showcase V’s photographs for the week in anticipation for the new party being held the next week
• MC enters the gala and is shocked
• Photos of such beautiful images were on the walls that MC lost all breath
• There’s ones of sunsets and sunrises
• Oh! Mountains and lakes with children swimming
• The close ups of eyes have MC double back and look again, for the photos are so clear and crisp that she mistakes them for solar systems for first look
• But there’s one photo that catches her off guard a little more than she’d anticipated
• A photo of Rika
• Her back was turned, sitting on a grey rock. She was wearing a long white sundress with small pink flowers pinned to the bottom half and a large white summer hair.
• The blonde hair that MC saw in pictures of her was braided down her back and she was watching the ocean
• “Wow. Even if you can’t see her face, you can feel her delight at the beauty.” MC softly whispers out
• “I thought so too.”
• She whips back turning to see who was talking so close to her, and was immediately startled to see V
• “V! H-hello. It’s a beautiful photo of Rika.”
• He’s nodding his head, partially out of agreement, but partially because of something else
• It was a soft type of nod, one that meant that the person seemed engrossed in what the other was saying. A sort of trance so to speak
• “V?”
• “Yes, MC?”
• She has to gulp down more surprise. “Wh-what? I’m not… How’d you find out so quickly?”
• He’s chuckling quietly to himself. “Seven told me.”
• “Oh… Well, it’s nice to meet you in person. So, why are you here?”
• They start up a small conversation about how some of the previous buyers really wanted to help out the RFA and contacted V asking if he could meet them so they could discuss donating the old photos once again
• It was all rather pleasant
• MC is about to excuse herself when V catches her arm “Why did you decide to come here today, MC?”
• “Well…” she draws out the word. “I guess I just wanted to know more about our leader. But after seeing his photos, I think I’ve come up with the idea he’s a very kind and selfless man… It was so nice to meet you V. I will see you at the party.”
• And before anything more can slip out, MC leaves the gala and heads on back home

• Whatever business classes MC took in high seemed to be forgotten at this point
• Seriously, it seemed like nothing was retained
• How was she supposed to show Jumin her knowledge of the subject?? He did seem impressed when she mentioned C&R’s stocks the other day
• But that was one comment
• She needed to be ready for more
• So… why not take a trip to the bookstore and stock up on some books about stocks.. haha (also marketing and economics, the whole shebang)
• After sorting through most of the shelf, MC begins to read the first chapter of a rather promising book
• She’s halfway through, totally engrossed and barely notices the little bell above the door ring
• welp, might as well look up to see what’s going on around the store
• “Is that Jumin Han?”
• Immediately the man in the suit along with his bodyguard stare in MC’s direction
• Oh GOD, she said that out loud
• MC! Bad MC! Think! Don’t speak out loud!
• “Ha! I actually said cumin.”
• It’s too late to save MC’s sorry butt also what kind of excuse was that????
• How was one to explain themselves? He is a famous business man… A-ha! Idea! … MC.. please
• “You’re the famous chef that uses cumin in his recipes right?? Cumin Han?” TOTALLY UNRELATED TO BUSINESS???? HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THAT????
• A WAVE of confusion flashes across each of their faces
• Even the store clerk is looking up from their book and is trying to piece together this disaster
• “… no. You have me mistaken,” Jumin’s brows furrow
• “Oh shoot!” MC snaps her fingers, trying to disappointed as believably possible. “I could’ve sworn that was him. The likeness is just so… similar”
• Girl, you should’ve just kept your mouth shut when he said no
• “Okay! Yep!” MC tries to correct herself as quickly as possible, but come on, the damage is done
• She grabs the nearest book and begins flipping through the pages, trying to seem busy
• But a hand covers up the letters and lifts the novel from her hands “Cumin Han, hm?”
• MC freezes, showing off an awkward, wide smile. “Hello, sir.”
• Jumin is watching her carefully, trying to piece her together as if she were some puzzle. This would either end with an arrest or a misunderstanding
• He’s looking at the book, and flips to a page with a photo of a landscape. “I took this photo, that’s how you know of me. I’m a famous photographer. I auction my photos.”
• MC almost spits, “No you don’t! You can’t take photos,” she blurts out, laughing at his seriousness “But V does, he auctions them off for charity.”
• And then she watches the corners of his mouth twitch up in a smile. “V of the RFA?”
• Without realizing what she had said, MC nods her head “That’s the V. Along with our only.. Jumin..”, she had already dug her own grave bought the tombstone and was now hopping in the coffin on her way down
• “So, this is our infamous MC… It’s good to meet you. I knew you sounded familiar.”

• MC had an itch to dance… and dance well
• With the new MV release from SHINing’s Baemin, MC really just wants to learn the dance. It’s so catchy and expressive and gosh darn beautiful!!
• But… all the tutorials she finds are hard to follow… plus Seven teases her every time she trips over the table and rolls over the couch sorry that the spins are so dynamic seven geeez
• It’s not long when Seven links her a dancing class with one of Baemin’s backup dancers
• OH she is SO signing up for this!!!!
• She’s lucky that Seven linked her the flyer hours before sign up was even known, otherwise she’d never have the opportunity
• And then the day comes
• She’s prepared thoroughly
• Watching videos, getting acquainted with the choreography so she’s not completely lost, and plenty water for hydration
• And went she steps inside the studio her eyes automatically see Zen
• Up front
• With the instructor
• As their helper
• She’s about to turn on her heel and leave when she hears him.. Zen..
• “Hey! Where are you going? Class is starting now.”
• “Uhm..” MC is looking for ALL exits at this rate “I’m just looking for the best spot…”
• “Right here!” he practically drags her to the empty spot near him “I”m really good so you won’t be missing a thing.”
• She internally sighs to herself, and although this isn’t what she wanted, MC is so relieved he doesn’t know it’s her
• And then the actual instructor starts a roll call, he’s halfway down the list when he calls out “MC! MC here?”
• “Uh,” MC does one of those awkward half laugh half LET ME LEAVE things. And Zen whips around to look at her
• “MC? Really? It’s you?” He keeps whispering
• “Oh, no no. That’s my… cousin. She was sick today and asked me to fill her place. Said she’ll call later.”
• Zen almost seems disappointed, but as long as it’s MC’s relative he can show off a little “Tell your cousin more about me. I’m quite the star.”
• Oh Zen
• The instructor shrugs, and shortly begins the class soon after
• They’ve gone through three songs already, and Zen keeps glancing at MC hoping that his skills will impress her “cousin”
• They sure are impressing her though
• As soon as the class ends, MC BOOKS it
• She gets on the messenger as soon as she gets home, and the first thing she sees is Zen’s text “MC! I met your cousin today”
• MC has to log off for the day, otherwise, she’ll laugh way too hard and let something slip

Scratch - Part 4 - (Steve x Reader)

Originally posted by ahengaheng

Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been best friends since New York, so when when they are both going through a dry spell they agree to a friends with benefits relationship.

A/N: As of now the word count for this series is a little over 13.8k and I still have a bit more to write before it ends. Right now I’m looking at around 12 parts and maybe an epilogue. Is that too much? Are y’all willing to stick with me till the end?

Warnings: light smut I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Steve has a few more kinks

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Do you really want to do this,” Steve raised any eyebrow looking at the bag I held in my hands.

“Rule number five Steve,” I look back at him. “You agreed to rule number five.”

“And you’ve done this before,” he asked.

“Are you judging me,” I ask.

“No,” Steve is quick to say. “I just wanted to make sure one of us knew how this worked.”

“What’s there to be confused about,” I say. “I tie you up on the bed and all you have to do is lie down and enjoy yourself.”

“And it the restrains can’t keep my back?”

“They will,” I smirk. “I took these from Tony’s lab.” I pull out the cuffs Tony had made for some of our more dangerous threats. They just happened to be sturdy enough to hold back Steve as well.

Steve eyes the cuffs and shrugs before pulling his shirt over his head and holding his hands out in front of him.

“I like this eagerness of yours,” I smirk placing the cuffs on. I push Steve back until he is laying down on the bed with his hands restrained in front of him. “Lets see how long it lasts.”

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  • Shiro: How long have you been sleeping with Keith?
  • Lance: That's disgusting and wrong. I don't even get- why would- I- I've never had sex, with anyone anywhere. It's none of your- you have, the nerve, the audacity- Keith is my rival, and he is terrible face-wise and how- how do I know, frankly, that you're not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you're trying to throw me off. Hmm? Check and mate. This is an outrage. Who do I call?!

(Requested by Anon)

You approached the doors of the throne room, a shiver shooting down your spine. Here goes nothing Y/N. You did want to be a part of this after all. Just don’t mess up and then they won’t eat you.

The doors opened and you entered, keeping your head down so you didn’t seem too confident. The number one rule of being a human in the Volturi castle was not to piss off the vampires who dwelled there.

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First Encounter

Originally posted by stellarollins

Request - 15) Reader’s child from a previous relationship is a massive fan of the Superstar they are currently dating and they meet for the first time. 

Pairing - Roman Reigns X Female Reader + Reader’s Daughter

WordCount - 1,728

Requested By - @ashreigns 

Written By - Tacha

Key - Y/D/N - Your Daughter’s name.

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When you began dating Roman you never thought your relationship would come to this point. You didn’t expect things to go so well, with each man that you had seen as soon as they got any sort of information that you had a three-year-old daughter they disappeared. Gone. Without another word. But Roman was different. When you told him you had a three-year-old Daughter he didn’t run out of the door as fast as his legs could carrying. It was the total opposite, he sat down and began to question you about your Daughter. He actually showed interest in her. After you had left the restaurant that evening, you feared that you were never going to hear from Roman again, you were shocked that next morning when you noticed a text from Roman. You had to acknowledge that Roman was indeed sincere when you had dinner the night before.

Some time passed and Roman had asked you out for coffee which was why you currently sat in the cafe waiting for Roman to appear. While the meeting or date was completely out of the blue you were content while you waited for Roman to show up. You casually flipped through your phone until a bell rung high above the door, you turned observing Roman walking through the door lifting his sunglasses to sit firmly on the top of the head. Roman searched the coffee shop for you, he noticed you he manoeuvred through the collection of tables before taking a seat on the opposite side of the table reaching for your hand instantly.

“Hey, baby girl.” Roman slipped off his jacket placing behind the back of his chair.

“Hey, how’s work going?”

“Good, WrestleMania’s just around the corner so I’m busy. It’s part of the reason why I asked you to meet for coffee.” A young waitress came over and you and Roman both put in your order before returning to your conversation.

“So you didn’t want to spend time with me?” You puckered your lips as you playfully pouted at Roman, rolling his eyes he leant over the table kissing your lips passionately, Roman’s warm soft lips covered yours making you forget what you had been doing.

“Baby girl you know that I always want to spend time with you. Just like I want you to be there for Wrestlemania but when we spoke about it before you mentioned that you wouldn’t be able to come because no one will be able to have Y/D/N but recently I’ve been thinking.” The young lady returned with your order as she placed it down in front of you and Roam. You quietly thanked her before she left.

“What if you didn’t have to find someone to look after Y/D/N? What if she could come with you? With us. You’ve told me that she’s a big fan of mine and it would be an honour to give Y/D/N her first live wrestling experience. Now I know that meeting Y/D/N for the first time at WrestleMania could certainly overwhelming, so how about we meet for the first time before Wrestlemania, I even have a few suggestions as to what we could do.” Looking at Roman you felt an uneasy feeling beginning to twist and turn in your stomach. You knew at some point that the two were going to meet at some point. You wanted to go to Wrestlemania to support Roman. Yet the thought of Roman and Y/D/N meeting terrified you. What if they didn’t get on? You had heard the saying never meet your Idols? What if Y/D/N meet Roman and she disliked him?

“What if something goes wrong? What if Y/D/N doesn’t like you? You know no matter how much I love you my Daughter comes first. What if-” You babbled on through your concerns Roman listened to every word. He knew that you were bound to have your concerns yet Roman wasn’t going anywhere. Roman knew that he was going to have to prove himself in order to become a regular feature in Y/D/N’s life.

“Baby girl, I know you have concerns but haven’t we waited enough. You and I both know that I can be a great addition to Y/D/N life and it’s okay for you to have all of these concerns. Please just here me out.” Perhaps you were jumping ahead negatively.

“Okay, I’m listening.” Roman began discussing what he wanted to do when he met Y/D/N for the first time as Roman went further into his plans you grinned and became convinced that it was officially time for Roman to meet Y/D/N.

The day before Roman and Y/D/N were set to meet for the first time. You were set to tell Y/D/N about tomorrow’s big adventure you had prepared her favourite kind of sandwich and cut it into triangles just how your Daughter liked before heading to the living room where Y/D/N sat at the coffee table colouring a picture of a Dinosaur. Slowly you crouched beside her as you stuck her tongue to the side, to show just how much she was focussing on this dinosaur.

“Hey Honey, can I talk to you about something?” Y/D/N quickly finished the section of the leg that she was colouring before putting the crayon down. 

“Yes, Mummy. Did I do something wrong?” Y/D/N. every time you needed to talk to her she always presumed she had done something wrong it was almost as if she had a guilty conscience or something. 

“Not unless you’ve done something wrong that I don’t know about.” 

“No. no. I haven’t done anything wrong.” You decided to ignore your Daughter’s sheepish grin, whatever she might have done will probably get out in the open sooner rather than later. 

“Okay, well do you remember how I have a boyfriend and that we’ve been seeing each other for a while now.” 

“Yeah. what about him?”

“Well, I and my boyfriend think its time that you should meet for the first time. However, there’s something I need to tell you before you meet…. my boyfriend’s name is Roman. He thinks you might know him.” You watched as the clogs steadily working in her brain. Your Daughter had luckily been given your intelligence.

“Oh. My. God. Your dating Roman Reigns! Mum! Why didn’t you tell me? Oh, my God. I get to meet Roman Reigns. My Mum is dating Roman Reigns!” Your normally quiet five-year-old Daughter was now running around the living room. You couldn’t have predicted just how well she would react as per usual she proceeded to excel your expectations. 

“When can I meet him?” 

“Tomorrow.” More squeals came from your five-year-old Daughter as she gushed over the revelation. You laughed and then suddenly realised that until tomorrow morning you would have to deal with an over excited daughter all by yourself. 

The following morning, Y/D/N seemed to have more energy than yesterday she was running around the house, there were clothes thrown everywhere as she decided what to wear, the house had honestly looked like a tornado had blitzed through your apartment, you had no time to collected and tidy the mess that Y/D/N had made. You were relatively calm, you had prepared everything for your day out made both of you breakfast, gotten ready. Y/D/N had gone overboard, she had changed multiple times, asked a thousand questions that you frankly didn’t have the answers to. She often complained that you took too long to get ready but in reality, it was her that was taking the time this morning. It was a very welcomed change. 

A hard knock on the door signalled that Roman had arrived, hearing bumping and tumbling around in Y/D/N room. 

“Y/D/N! Roman’s here” You called, the thundering of Y/D/N’s footsteps echoed through the apartment. 

“Can I open the door?” You nodded as soon as the door was open Y/D/N lunged herself at Roman, Roman laughed as he hoisted Y/D/N into his arms like it appeared to be the most natural action. 

“Well hi there. I didn’t expect to get such a warm greeting and what’s your name Princess?” Y/D/N smile could have lightened the darkest of rooms. You hadn’t seen her this happy in a very long time. 

“Y/D/N.” Y/D/N replied in a small voice, Roman caught her attention again. 

“Well, that’s an awfully pretty name for an awfully pretty little girl. Did your Mum tell you what we’re going to be doing today? Your Mum mentioned that you liked going to the Mall so I thought we could go to the Mall, do some shopping, grab a bite to eat and if it’s okay with Mum perhaps if things go well then maybe I can stay over and we can have a sleepover.” Y/D/N certainly perked up. 

“Mum can Roman stay over, please? I’ll be good.”

“We will see.” With that you, Roman and Y/D/N headed to the Mall. 

You had often been scolded by many people. You spoil your daughter too much. She’s going to grow up and become a brat. Blah Blah Blah. Today was not your fault. In no which way could you be blamed for everything your daughter had got at the Mall. It was not your fault. It was Roman’s. Whatever Y/D/N remotely showed interest in, he brought for her. No matter how you complained and told Roman that she didn’t need it, Roman shushed you and brought it to her. You sat in the living room eating pizza and watching a movie as Y/D/N began to fall asleep on Roman’s chest. 

“You know I think today went great,” Roman whispered to you, you looked up and nodded happily. After all of that initial worrying and stress, everything had gone off without a hitch. Roman kissed you softly as you melted deeper into the warmth of his body. 

“Does this mean you can come to Wrestlemania now? I’m definitely going to need both of you in my corner.” 

“Yeah we’re coming to WrestleMania but you have to be the one to tell her and help me deal with Y/D/N, she was bouncing when she met you and I’m pretty convinced she’s gonna be worse when you tell her about Wrestlemania 

“Deal.” You snuggled back onto Roman’s chest getting back into the movie, you were grateful that Y/D/N and Roman’s First Encounter had gone off without a gone off without a hitch….

i feel bad for lying to you guys about this because of how personal it is but uh. we actually moved blogs cos we have one of our abusers blogs added on this account, and we cant get it removed. at this point its gotten really bad and im worried that theyre gonna call us out at some point for “abusing” them when we didnt, and they had acted violent towards us and accused us of a bunch of things we simply didnt do. again, im really sorry about this and i do heavily regret moving blogs especially since we had just hit 15000 followers but. it had to be done for our own safety. im hoping we can get the archive up someday but i dont know when thats gonna be, since this situation - which had been going on since before we moved - has been taking a huge toll on both of us mentally. - xol

Prompto Fluff (sneak peak)

The soft tresses of hair are enough to tickle you from your slumber. Pressure rests on your side arms wrapped around your waist, and you can feel a face pressed into the crook of your neck. With a sigh you smile sliding your hands through the silky hairs that had smoothed overnight. A chorus of unrecognisable words are mumbled into the crook of your neck, his arms tugging you closer to him as he snuggles in. After a few moments of silence he groans, pulling away from your side to glance up at you, smiling tiredly at you as one of his hands lifts to brush across your cheekbone. Leaning forward he places a light kiss to your cheek, eyes sparkling as he props his head on his hand and gazes down at you.

“G’morning baby,” he exhales happily, “What time is it?”

Quietly you glance through the gap in his arm to where your phone lay, extending your hand that had been resting on his hip to grasp the device. Lifting it in your hand you flip it over,tapping the screen to get the hour to show. With a groan you drop the phone, nuzzling back into his hair when the white numbers flash before you brightly. Stifling a giggle he slowly pulls back to look at you as you grumble, grin on his face.

“Well?” He laughs, eyes sparkling with mirth.

“Eight-thirty,” you move forward, pressing your face back into his chest to escape back to the world of sleep. Chuckling he pets the back of your head arms cradling you against him as you lay back down. Running a hand through your hair he places a chaste kiss to the top of your head. Behind the blonde the tent flap opens, Ignis peering in upon you both- and the sleeping Noctis who had curled around a moogle plushie across the tent. He gestures for you both to exit the tent when Prompto notices his gaze falling on you as you let out another annoyed sound.

Ignis sends you a bemused smirk, laughter bubbling in his chest at your disheveled and crabby state. Waving him off, Prompto pulls the covers from you both squirming away from you. He rolls to his knees, dancing away from your hands that reach to pull him back down. You’re left with no choice than to rise as Gladio appears to rip off Noctis’ sheets as well, running off with the pile of blankets to ruin your plans of snuggling with the prince while everyone else eats.

“Why?” you groan, sitting up and rubbing at your eyes. All you wanted was to cuddle and sleep, what’s so bad about a lazy day? Besides, after dealing with that Ardyn guy yesterday you all certainly deserved it.

“It’s time to start the day,” Ignis chimes, amusement clear as day, “Willingly or not.”

With a sigh you shuffle over to the tent flap, exiting after Prompto as Ignis climbs into the tent to wake ‘his highness’. The blonde reaches back to grab your hand as you join him, tugging you over to your canvas chairs. As he plops down, he pulls you into his lap. Smiling as you land with a oof he rests his hands on your hips as Ignis climbs out of the tent. The lean male retreats over to his grill to resume cooking as a soaking wet Noctis scrambles after him, shaking his fist as Specs chuckles.

“G’morning Noct,” you smile laughing at his misery along with Prompto who sends a similar greeting.

“Looks like Sleeping Beauty’s finally awake,” Gladio chimes chugging down some water. You hadn’t even noticed him standing there until he spoke up, his voice causing you to jump slightly in Prompto’s lap. The guys ignore it though, continuing on with their early morning chatter- or in your case (and Noctis’) lack thereof. In fact, snuggled into Prompto’s shoulder you were more likely to snore than speak. He was just so warm, and soft, and squishy. Laying against him on the haven, save from all the daemons, it was the perfect place to just settle back to bed.

“Oh no,” Noctis’ voice stirs you as you glance over to his chair where he glowers, “If I can’t sleep then neither can you.” Childish as always. He pouts when you merely lift your head to stick your tongue out at him before settling into your boyfriend’s shoulder once more.

“He is right, I didn’t bring you out of the tent just to nap on Prompto,” Ignis states gaining your attention, “There could be- dire consequences.” The look he sends shoots you out of the chair as you fumble into your own after pulling it closer to the blonde’s.

Just because Noctis wasn’t scary didn’t mean Iggy wasn’t a force to be reckoned with.

The camp falls into a peaceful silence, only occasionally interrupted by the sizzling of food Specs had taken the initiative to prepare. Once finished he calls everyone over to collect a plate. Digging into the fresh soup- one you hadn’t taken the liberty of even looking at as you gulped it down. All of Iggy’s food was delicious- and if it had been burned you wouldn’t have noticed with how hungry you had grown. Being up waiting for ten minutes really had taken an unbelievable toll on you. Especially in the crisp morning air, the fresh morning dew scenting enough to reach the top of the rocks you had mounted upon. It was an unusually cool morning for this region of Duscae (not too far from Hammerhead), and you were going to bask in it until the temperature decided to spike.

“We’re headed back to Lestallum today,” Gladio speaks after finishing what you had now identified as a cup noodle, “Iris called last night, says there’s been a spike in daemons recently.” Oh boy, another hunt. Truly your favorite, right after Prompto being nearly incapacitated of course. The amount of potions you’d had to use on that boy since you had started travelling with the boys was astounding.

“What are we hunting?” You question, shifting in your seat.

“Don’t worry about it,” Noct chides sending you a sly grin before he whispers more to himself than anything, “We’re sending you and Prompto on a date instead.”

In all honesty, there was no hunt. Nor had Iris called, the boys had actually arranged to send you and Prompto on a date. Since your relationship started, you two had never been able to go on an official date. Constantly travelling and going on hunts was no way to have a relationship, even if it was incredibly healthy. Ignis had picked out a nice place for you both to grab a bite to eat, Noctis had gathered the money, and Gladio had relayed everything to Prompto- and decided how to get you both alone.

The only one who didn’t know the plan was you, but it had been the reason you were all up so early. Noctis almost regretted the whole ordeal since it required that he crawl out of bed as well.

“Okayyyy,” you send him a look before you stand.

“Well, let’s get going then!” Prompto chides, breaking from his unusual silence, “We’re wasting daylight.”