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College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams


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T:“Their uniform makes them look like a fruit salad. A shitty, uncoordinated salad.

Y:"At least it’s not as bad as last year’s.”

T:“Oh man, you’re right. Dumbasses had neon colors on, Jesus.

for psy, merry super late Christmas and happy holidays! As you requested, baseball AU for the nerds.

I tried so hard. /cries

Is it some sort of cosmic law that all the little headshots used on tv when they show player stats have to be incredibly unflattering no matter the sport??

It’s like, “jaw lines? NO! Cheekbones?? Not allowed either! how can we make your eyes look piggy?? Tilt your chin the bad way. Thank you.”

The Super Bowl seems to be three and a half hours of advertisements, drinking, gross fusion foods, and the referee blowing his whistle non-stop. If there was ever a sport that confused me in it’s popularity, it’d be American football. 

okay so…I’ve seen various headcanons concerning what happens to Adam after Armagedidn’t – that he never grows up or that he does grow up, that he stays in Tadfield all his life or leaves it, that he consciously uses his powers afterwards or that he avoids them – but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything about what happens to Adam regarding Hell. Regarding Satan – you know, his (biological) father?

maybe Hell never bothers him again because he’s powerful enough to keep them at bay, but what about Satan? is he cool with how this whole antichrist thing turned out? is he disappointed that his boy didn’t turn out to be the perfect tool for destroying the world and conquering Heaven? Or is he…secretly proud? that his own rebellious spark is alive and well inside his son? and sorta relieved that there’s still more time to see what else these pesky creations of the god he rejected will achieve?

what if Satan decides he wants to meet Adam? but he’s not sure how to go about it – should he just sorta, lurk around Tadfield spying on the kid? no, too creepy. okay, but showing up and announcing that he’s The Devil Himself might not be the best idea either…

so he decides he’ll become a coach.

Adam’s entering middle school and suddenly he’s interested in sports, and he convinces the Them to join him in signing up for cricket (yes, including Pepper; Tadfield’s too small to support two teams and who would dare stop Pepper from joining the team she wanted anyhow) – so the old coach mysteriously, ahem, vanishes off the face of the earth a few days before the first practice and a new coach shows up out of the blue. or rather, out of the Pit.

he looks like a pretty normal guy. the horns would probably be a dead giveaway, but he’s picked a body with big, messy curls to keep those hidden.

he quickly learns that training small, scruffy children on the cusp of puberty to throw a ball around is nothing like training hellhounds. practices are…intense, until he figures out that ordering them to “grovel before the Master of Darkness” is not appropriate conduct for a kids’ coach. and neither is urging them to “burn their enemies in hell’s eternal flames,” apparently.

it’s more exhausting than tormenting souls, trying to get kids to quit picking at the grass and breaking up scuffles (usually led by Pepper, of course) and handling Wensleydale, who can hardly hold the bat up and won’t stop pulling out a notebook to write poetry  – but he gets to spend quality time with his son, just as he’d hoped.

he takes the Them out for ice cream after games, even when they lose. (the first time they lost, he very nearly summoned all the demons of Hell to annihilate the opposing team, but remembered himself just in time.)

and it’s going pretty well until Crowley, oh no, not that obnoxious demon Crowley, the one who’d donated eggs to help make the antichrist in the first place and apparently considers himself a dad of Adam’s too, finds out about it. and suddenly there’s an assistant coach on Tadfield’s middle school team.


By popular demand, by which I mean one of you, here are gifs of usagi just friggin’ clubbing and braining her enemies with her giant pink magic stick. 


❝II’ll never be able to forget the defeat in the summer. Our pitchers improved drastically after experiencing the depressing defeat. Then this time, we have to win. There’s something you can only find at Nationals…

———————I want to take them there.


get to know me » anime edition
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“I don’t know what kind of baseball you’ve been playing, but the best pitches are works of art produced by the pitcher and the catcher working as one. I’ll draw out your full potential. You just need to trust my mitt and throw your best pitches. It’s that simple.”

I said i was going to draw a baseball stadium for this school assignment based on a haiku.

so I did.