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College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams


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I had a thought about the teacher au No matter how many times Whizzer corrects him, Marvin won't stop calling baseball practices "rehearsal" (he def only does it bc it pisses Whizzer of)

holy shiT!!! i literally laughed out loud at this idea pffft. it’s too real.

  • marvin: how was rehearsal?
  • whizzer: what?
  • marvin: you know… baseball rehearsal
  • whizzer: it’s baseball practice
  • marvin: whatever. 
  • marvin: did they know all their parts?

i can just imagine whizzer getting more and more distressed. that hairline just keeps receding in marvin’s presence.

  • whizzer, walking over from coaching: they’re practising for a game this weekend
  • marvin, waving at them: oh! break a leg!!

the students are all snickering as whizzer rubs his temples yet again that day. the kids definitely think it’s the funniest thing and it becomes one of those inside jokes (a school meme if you will). marvin finds it hilarious to wind whizzer up and he always talks about how funny he is to his drama class.

  • whizzer: we don’t mention the m word on the field
  • marvin, whispering: *gasp* …macbeth?
  • whizzer: what..? no! MLB, for god’s sake, marvin.

this is so ridiculous, i’m in love with it. please always discuss the teachers au with me, i love it to death rhdfjsk

so i’ve had this kinda random idea of neighbour!astro so like,, here’s a neighbour!astro au in which all of the guys live on the same floor of an apartment building! 


  • everyone in the building knows who he is and loves him
  • like myungjun doesn’t leave, return to, (etc) his apartment without saying hello and smiling at every single person he passes 
  • he’s always ruffling kids hair on the way by and always has candy with him to hand them
  • at first all of the parents were freaked out by this dude giving their kids candy but eventually they got used to it bc they realized myungjun is literally a harmless bean
  • there’s a lot of house plants in his apartment
    • succulents on the desk in his bedroom
    • a flower called a clivia on the living room table (everyone says this flower is just myungjun as a plant due to it’s orange and yellow petals)
    • grows aloe and various herbs in the window in his kitchen
    • random flowers and other plants scattered around the various rooms of his house
  • once sanha broke one of his plants and he cried 
    • he didn’t talk to sanha for a whole week and only forgave him when sanha bought him a new plant
  • doesn’t care at all about anything else in his apartment looking good though and jinwoo is constantly yelling at him bc “myungjun hyung you literally have yellow walls and your bedsheets are blue and you have purple and green striped pillows whAT ArE YOu dOIng” 
  • jinwoo has tried like five times to get him to buy matching stuff and each time myungjun gets out of it by distracting jinwoo with his flirting skills™️
    • cue flustered jinwoo with super red cheeks and barely responding to anything myungjun says
  • he introduced all of the guys to one another and they all kinda credit him for their friend group
  • is the friend who brings them all coffees, treats, etc whenever he goes out
  • loved unconditionally by everyone for his ever present smile and positivity around the building


  • has his dog’s name on the name plate next to his door alongside his
    • everyone thought that it was the name of his child for a really long time bc he refers to his dog as his kid and bc his dog’s name is jihun which is a pretty common name
    • takes his dog on runs/walks every day and when he sees the old women in the park doing yoga/exercising he yells out a “looking great ladies” with his signature smile nd literally all of them are in love with him 
    • ”omg i wish he would marry my daughter” “psh please mrs. kang i want him to marry me” (sucks for all of them though bc he only has eyes for myungjun)
  • has way too many things for his dog scattered around his apartment,,, somehow his house is nearly as neat as dongmin’s
  • his apartment is the epitome of aesthetic and everyone who comes in is jealous of his white walls and white bed sheets and completely matching green accents
  • (if only he could keep a plant alive, then it would be perfect in his mind)
  • only has mugs in his kitchen and no one knows why he doesn’t own any glasses 
  • he met myungjun bc he was constantly throwing out dead house plants and myungjun saw and started to leave ones he had been taking care of for a while outside jinwoo’s door
    • kept it up for like 3 weeks before jinwoo finally caught him trying to sneak back into his apartment across the hall
    • jinwoo thinks that he should probably be offended that myungjun had no faith in his ability to grow a plant but he can’t be upset bc the cutest guy in his building is giving him plants and its a great excuse to talk to him for “tips on keeping his plants alive”
  • is the one of his friend group who all of them go to for advice whenever they’re having trouble with something
    • he’ll sit them down on his couch with a mug of tea and let them pet his dog as they rant to him about whatever is wrong
    • gives them great advice and a good hug before sending them back to their own apartments
  • highkey the kindest and most genuine hearted person in the building and he always has something nice to say to everyone he sees when leaving, coming, walking around, (etc)


  • has been living in the building for the longest time of all of the guys
  • he tutors like half the kids in the building in various subjects ranging from science to english
  • he met myungjun the week that he moved in bc he thought myungjun was trying to kidnap one of the kids he tutors
    • myungjun ran into the boy as he was returning to his apartment and told the kid to come in for a minute bc he just bought new chocolates
    • cue dongmin freaking the heck out bc he thought that his new next door neighbour was actually going to murder the 10 year old or something
    • calmed down after myungjun explained himself and gave dongmin some chocolate too
  • his house is literally spotless and no one knows how he does it bc he’s so busy
    • though it’s not as aesthetic as jinwoo’s apartment it’s super nice and well decorated and put together
    • has complete matching utensils and plates and glasses (and even has a set of wine glasses)
    • a closet that, according to myungjun, is “bigger than my bathroom wtf” and is filled with super nice pieces of clothing that the other guys steal from time to time
  • doesn’t talk to everyone he sees bc usually he’s rushing around to get home for tutoring, to school, or to his part time job but always offers everyone a smile
  • the most organized and put together person in the building,, you’ll never catch him in any drama like he’s so lowkey it’s unbelievable 
  • hosts weekly drama-watching nights for all the guys bc his living room is the biggest
    • doesn’t get caught in any irl drama but will binge watch an entire show in 24 hours and rant to anyone who will listen about why it sucks/is a must see while in the laundry room
  • everyone who lives in the building either wants to be him, marry him, or have one of their kids marry him tbh


  • everyone in the building describes him as “unique”
  • no one really knows him that well but they also can’t really complain about him bc for the most part he’s a great neighbour
    • he’s quiet and keeps pretty much to himself,, never really has people over very often 
  • lowkey a hoarder though bc he finds things that he thinks are cute, different, (etc) at stores and buys them for no real reason and then stacks them on his shelves
    • dongmin is always trying to get rid of these little trinkets like “wtf bin why do you need this mini statue of a rooster??” “bc it’s cute, okay, and the lady told me it was a good luck charm i can’t get rid of it”
  • highkey in love with dongmin,,, everyone knows it,,, even dongmin knows it,, but it’s okay bc dongmin is highkey in love with bin too
    • the two spend hours together /studying/ but actually study bc they just like being around each other even if they’re not talking
    • sanha, being the buildings Drama King, has tried to find dirt on their “study dates” but can’t bc they literally just study
    • go on coffee dates 25/8 bc they’re both struggling university students, pray for them (sanha and minhyuk are constantly annoyed that they don’t get invited for coffee bc they are also struggling university students, jinwoo reminds them that dongmin and bin are in love™️ and they need to chill)
  • he’s the only one who actually knows how he and myungjun met bc myungjun doesn’t remember
    • bin lives across the hall and to the left of myungjun, next door to jinwoo
    • basically he lives on the end of the hall, with jinwoo in the middle and minhyuk on jinwoo’s other side; sanha lives directly across from him, myungjun in the middle of the opposite side and dongmin on myungjun’s other side
    • one night myungjun somehow manages to knock on the wrong door and totally confess to jinwoo how much he likes having him as a friend bc he’s only his second friend in the building aside from dongmin
    • except he tells bin all this stuff and bin is like “uhh i mean, i know i’m great but who are you??” 
    • they end up friends after that somehow,, it helps that myungjun is friends with dongmin 
  • bin will bring all the cats back home each time he comes back to his apartment
    • like he’ll see a familiar black cat and be like “oh that’s miss. kim’s cat, mina, i better bring her home!!” 
    • then gets the cat to follow him home bc cats love him for some reason and returns the cat to it’s apartment 
  • smiles so much bc he loves smiling and being smiley and everyone loves seeing him walking around
  • super nice when you get to know him but comes off as slightly intimidating
    • the guys know he cries at dramas, and offers to fight anyone who hurts them


  • athlete extraordinaire in a nontraditional way
    • aka the shelves of his apartment are filled with dance and taekwondo trophies 
  • really quiet and pretty shy tbh like no one really talks to him unless he wants them to
  • he lived next to jinwoo for almost a month before anyone met him
    • they literally never saw him and thought maybe it was some kind of ghost tenant or something living in the apartment
    • and then one night when myungjun was working jinwoo went over bc he heard minhyuk playing a song by bts that he really liked the dance to
    • cue him and minhyuk bonding over dance and becoming dance buddies
  • his apartment is really messy,,, like there’s clothes covering every spot in his room and no one knows how he can tell anything apart
    • he’s the person who will just grab a random shirt off the floor like “eh this is good” and wear it 
    • dongmin is always telling him to clean up but he doesn’t ever listen
  • he’s really observant which is a benefit of being quiet and not talking much
    • him not talking much is also why him and sanha bond so well bc sanha incessantly talks but in like a good way bc minhyuk loves it
  • hardcore pining after sanha and everyone knows it except sanha bc he’s oblivious
    • does absolutely anything sanha asks him to bc he just cares about him so much
    • even helps him with finding dirt/drama about people around the building even though it’s not really his thing
  • he heard about a few of the kids wanting to attend dance lessons and not being able to afford it so he convinced bin and jinwoo to help him teach them for free,,, took none of the credit even though it was 110% his idea
  • everyone has a lot of respect for him bc they know he works hard 
  • is super polite to everyone so pretty much everyone likes him and they leave him alone for the most part
  • definitely the balancing personality in his friend group bc while he can be excited and joking when he wants to be he’s pretty serious for the most part and makes sure they’re not doing, saying, (etc) anything silly or stupid


  • only moved in like 3 months ago and lives on myungjun’s other side
    • when he moved in myungjun helped him carry some boxes up without even saying anything to sanha first
    • the poor boy thought this guy was trying to steal his stuff and only realized myungjun was helping him after he yelled at him
    • quickly forgave him bc they live right beside each other and have quite a bit in common
  • absolute Drama King like he doesn’t start it or get involved in it but he knows everything there is to know about everyone
    • he goes to tea at the houses of the gossip ladies and bc he seems so innocent they just talk about everything in front of him
    • someone: “did you hear about what miss. kang did with mrs. kim’s husband??” 
    • sanha: “uhh no please fill me in” 
  • all the ladies love him and invite him back every single week
  • he doesn’t spill any of the secrets he learns unless he has to,,, chaotic good tbh
  • his house is surprisingly clean,,, bc he’s so young everyone expects it to be like minhyuk’s but somehow it isn't 
    • his plates, bowls, cups, other kitchenware are yellow and everyone loves it bc they think they’re adorable
    • constantly falls asleep at the desk in his room due to staying up late to do homework and jinwoo is always telling him he needs to get proper sleep and use his bed
  • the buildings largest child tbh,, everyone kinda watches out for him and all the parents pinch his cheeks and think he’s adorable 
  • the most oblivious person on earth
    • everyone has told him that minhyuk likes him, including the gossip ladies but he won’t listen bc he’s stubborn
    • doesn’t believe that his huge crush isn’t one sided until minhyuk kisses him one day while they’re having a very very rare argument about something
    • when the guys find out they yell/say variations of “finally” and myungjun buys minhyuk ice cream as a congratulations
  • like myungjun, he’s super positive and always smiling his super nice smile and everyone loves having him around

Cow Chop Baseball AU:

Aleks: First Base- He was picked up straight out high school is known around the league as ‘the guy with the tattoos’. His batting average isn’t great, but he can make plays others would see as impossible.

James: Right Outfield- A college draftee, him and Aleks have a rivalry that carries over into social media sometimes. His batting average is one of the best in the league and he’s known for making the plays that have him jumping into the stands.

Joe: Shortstop- He got called up from the minor leagues and he always has a smile on his face. His positive attitude always keeps the team going even when they’re losing. His attitude also gets on the opposing team’s nerves and always sparks a confrontation.

Brett: Pitcher- As a veteran player, he does his best to run the team and he isn’t afraid of some confrontation. He’s best known for being a ‘reverse’ pitcher. His best pitch is a knuckle-ball and he rarely pulls out a 4-seam fastball. Opposite of the rest of the league.

Trevor: Catcher- As the rookie of the team, he feels like he has a lot to prove. He does this by having a terrific batting average, very rare with catchers, and by making outrageous plays that always seem to work out in his favor.

Asher: Second Base- He’s best known for being a thief. So far he has a record 40 bases stolen and their at even halfway through the season. He keeps quiet and is rarely on camera in an interview, but when he’s on the field he’s silently cursing the other team and making snide comments underneath his breath.

Jakob: Center Outfield- As a prodigy in the high school baseball scene, it wasn’t surprising to see him out in the big leagues. So far he’s stolen 17 home runs from opposing teams. 4 of which were grand slams. He’s slightly above average when it comes to batting, but his field skills definitely make up for it.

Anna: Third Base- As the fastest player to ever see the major leagues, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She can turn a single base bunt into a double and has scrapped out more close-call runs than ever thought possible. At third base, she’s Brett’s eyes and with one whistle he’s sending a ball over to the bastard that’s trying to steal a base.

Lindsey: Left Outfield- She’s the baseball queen. With a grand total of 34 home runs so far this season, she’s on track to being MVP. As the golden child, she’s the one that has all the merchandise and all the interviews. She doesn’t let that get to her head though and is always proving her haters wrong by being spectacular on and off the field.

Other random things:

Aleks is always the one to start something on the field. He claims its never his fault but everyone knows the truth.

Brett had only been up to bat twice in his entire career as a major league pitcher. And although he’s scored home runs both times, earning a total of 7 points, the Manger insists on giving him a designated hitter.

When James isn’t playing, he’s out in the community volunteering and helping out anyway he can. This has given the community a positive view of Cow Chop making them more popular.

Anna has gotten into one fight on the field and everyone still talks about it to this day. A guy twice her size got all up in her face and I’m one punch she had him on the ground. Unfortunately, she was ejected from the game, but later in an interview she said it was worth it.

At first, Brett was nervous about being put on a brand new team. As a Vet he would be expected to lead the team and he didn’t know if he was ready to deal with a bunch of children. But, as time went on, he warmed up to everyone, even though the ARE children.

Asher was nearly kicked off the team when it was discovered he had a sealed criminal record. After months of demands from fans, Asher’s record was opened and it was found he was once arrested for breaking and entering when he was 18. The fans were furious and it nearly destroyed his career, but he was able to save it by making key plays in games, eventually winning the fans back over.

Lindsey secretly hates being the poster child for baseball because she can’t do anything. After a devastating loss, she’s the one the media tracks down to interrogate. This has led to her nearly snapping it a couple times, but always keeps it together.

Because of his desire to prove himself, Trevor nearly ended his career prematurely. During a game, a runner slid into home, knocking Trevor’s legs out from under him. At first, he thought nothing of it, brushing off everyone’s concerned questions, and continued to play until the next days practice came. During a set of sprints he took a bad step and immediately crumpled to the ground. The doctors declared he had a slight tear in his ACL that would heal on his own. That night he received some strong words from Brett on why he shouldn’t try to hide his injuries.

Anna is known as the partier and there are plenty of pictures of her in local bars having a good time. Whether it’s alone or with other people, she can almost always be found in a club in her days off.

Jakob hates that he had to constantly live up to name. If being a high school prodigy want enough, his older brother is also on a major league team. The two are constantly being compared and it Jakob hates it. But, as he plays more games, the media has stopped with the comparisons and is starting to see him as an individual player.

Joe is the has the biggest social media presence possible. He’s always posting pictures of his dogs, of his girlfriend, and of the rest of the team. It gives the public an inside look at their everyday lives and makes the team appear more human.

Let me know what oh guys think!

Imagine baseballplayer!Woozi shyly asking you to come to all of his games because he thinks you’re his ‘lucky charm’.

#actual sawamura eijun protection squad
all’s fair

pairing: jeon jungkook | reader
genre: rivals au / fluff
word count: 5,655
description: sometimes people can surprise you and do absurdly kind things, even the ones you least expect… even your rival, jeon jungkook.
author’s note: i don’t know a whole lot about baseball and its penalties so i used this source (x) as a reference. 

The first hit in the baseball is crucial. It sets up the rest of the game by getting the momentum going and initiating a form of liquid courage that either side may take a drink from to course through their veins and settle in their psyches. Not only can it make or break the batting team, but it’ll only reflect on the opposing team—sometimes it’s their pitch that does it for you or maybe it’s their pitch that can totally decimate you in three fell swoops—all in a matter of minutes.

You don’t think too deeply on the task at hand, fully aware of how much pressure is pushing into the forefronts of your mind and atop your shoulders like someone’s heavy forearm. Your eyes narrow at the familiar sight of sun-kissed skin, shoving it away as you meet their half-lidded ones and purposefully scowling in response to the smirk curved on his lips.

“Ready to lose, Y/N?” Jungkook asks, remaining firmly planted in front of you. His teammates are gathering behind him, yet he makes no form of acknowledgement in their regard. In fact, his doe-like, dark brown hues are trained on yours despite your best attempts to ward him off with your best scowl. “Aw, c’mon. Don’t pout just yet! You still have two more hours to do that!”   

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Do you ever fantasize about Judge?

Solangelo One-Shot

Here Comes the Sun

One thing was clear to everyone at the baseball game that day; the boy standing behind the plate with his arms crossed and a perpetual frown etched into his face definitely did not want to be there. He never spoke, never encouraged his teammates when they went up to bat, never patted anyone on the back when they made a good play. The only time his expression changed in the slightest was when he himself did well. And even then, he only allowed a small smirk to break his glare.

Nico hated the sun. Anyone could probably guess as much judging by his pale skin. And what was worse, as the catcher, he had to wear all that gear, which only made him hotter. But he would rather be behind the plate than in the outfield.

Truth be told, Nico was one of the best players on the team, he just didn’t actually like to play. He was sure that this fact was the main reason most of his teammates had decided he wasn’t worth the trouble and had given up trying to be friendly. All too many times he’d heard, “You’re wasting your talent,” or, “If you don’t even want to be here, don’t bother coming!” Frankly, he would if he could. Jason was the one who forced him to try out for the team, and when he miraculously made it through, Jason also had to drag him to every game and practice.

Now, Nico was even more ticked off than usual. Here he was, on a Saturday, standing in full uniform and catcher’s gear on the hottest day of the year. But Jason was all smiles as he made his way to his position at Shortstop. He gave a small smile to the people in the stands before catching Nico’s eye and giving a thumbs up. Nico rolled his eyes and tugged his helmet on before squatting down and waiting for the first batter to walk up to the plate.

Two innings later and Nico was already sweating, his face red from the heat. The pitcher was off his game today and was really giving Nico a workout; he kept throwing balls so far from the strike zone, Nico felt like a jack-in-the-box as he jumped up after the wild pitches and then squatted back down, only to jump back up again the next pitch. It was almost worse than doing Burpees at practice.


After the Percy had walked yet another batter, loading all three bases, Nico called time and stormed up to him, yanking off his helmet. He put his mitt to his face before he started whisper-yelling to cover his mouth.

“What am I, a frog? Knock it off, dude!”

Percy glared at him and lifted his own glove. “Don’t you think I would if I could? I’m not doing it on purpose!”

“Oh, really?” Nico said doubtfully. There was no way he could be doing that badly without doing it on purpose.

“What are you trying to say?” He yelled, not even bothering to keep his glove up. Nico shrugged, which only aggravated the other boy more. Percy shoved him, and Nico shoved back, and he would have done much worse if their coach hadn’t intervened.

“Enough,” he said. He glared at Nico. “Jackson, sit out,” he commanded. Percy started to protest and tell him that Nico started it, but coach cut him off. “I am fully aware,” he replied calmly. “But we don’t have another catcher, now do we?” Percy huffed and ran his hand through his hair, which was matted to his forehead with sweat, then stalked off the field. Their coach waved their backup pitcher over and Leo hopped off the bench.

As Leo was walking up, Coach turned to Nico. “I better not even hear of you picking a fight with a teammate again. Or you’re off the team.”

Nico purposely lit his face up. “Really? Because that would be awesome.” His coach only shook his head before jogging back to the dugout, and Nico rolled his eyes and returned to home plate.

Leo was doing a lot better than the last pitcher and they made it out of that inning quickly, only giving up two more runs for the other team. Fortunately, now that the batters on the other team were striking out left and right, the rest of Nico’s team seemed to come alive again and gained a little more enthusiasm. The next half of the inning, they scored seven runs and the score was almost tied up.

About half an hour later, it was top of the fifth and Nico was once again frowning behind home plate. After a few minutes, Nico’s eyes landed on the third batter that inning, number 3. Nico didn’t know how he remembered, but he knew it was this kid’s second time up to bat that game. He was walked his first time in the top of the second. But even if he didn’t hit the ball, Nico had a feeling he could crush one if he got the chance.

And he was right.

Second pitch, he hit a hard line-drive toward Leo, who had to duck to the ground before he got his head knocked off his shoulders. Nico’s mouth dropped open as the ball sailed straight into the fence at 20 miles an hour. The boy took off running toward first, and Nico couldn’t help but stare at him.

He rounded the base and headed for second, his cleats digging in the dirt and arms pumping at his sides. He had made it halfway to third base before the Centerfielder had even gotten to the ball. As the batter rounded third, his teammates and coaches and people in the stands cheering him on, Nico snapped back to reality and got into position at home plate.

The Centerfielder threw it to the cut-off, who then turned and fired it at Nico. Nico held his mitt up and willed the ball to go faster as he saw the batter sprinting right at him from the corner of his eye.

A split second before the ball made it to his open glove, Nico was run over by a truck and everything went black for a moment, then the next thing he knew, he was laying on the ground. As the ump yelled, “Safe!” and the batter stood and dusted himself off, Nico realized both his helmet and glove had been knocked off. Then the pain registered and he groaned.

This seemed to catch the batter’s attention, who realized that he still hadn’t gotten back up. He yanked his helmet off and kneeled beside him. “Oh gosh, are you alright? Did I hurt you?” He asked, sounding horrified. “Where does it hurt? I can help!”

Nico opened one eye and his heart stuttered as he got a good look at him. His light hair was falling in his face, which was covered with millions of freckles. The first thing that popped into Nico’s mind was the starry sky he sometimes gazed at from his roof when he needed to clear his head. The next thing he noticed, the boy’s eyes. They were so incredibly blue, it didn’t seem possible.

Nico closed his eyes and willed his face to cool down as the boy leaned over him. He faintly heard Leo and Jason’s voices asking if he was alright, but his heartbeat drowned them out mostly. As he calmed his breathing, he heard the boy telling him that he was studying medicine and might be able to help. Nico could almost hear the smirk on Jason’s face as he told him, “Hey, maybe he needs Mouth-to-Mouth. You can take care of that, right Dr. Freckles?”

“Shut the fuck up, Jason,” Nico groaned, and Jason only chuckled. Taking a deep breath, Nico gritted his teeth and sat up, ignoring the twinge in his knee as he forced himself to stand.

“I-I’m fine,” He ground out. The blue-eyed boy stared at him with worry and guilt but seemed to breathe a little easier. “Don’t worry about it,” Nico muttered to him, and the boy nodded and picked up Nico’s helmet and glove.

“Sorry, again,” He said nervously, holding them out to Nico. He could just make out a tinge of pink on his face, slightly covering up his freckles. Nico flinched as his heart started pounding again.

“I said don’t worry about it,” Nico snapped, a little more harshly than he meant to, and snatched his things from the boy, careful not to let their hands touch. Looking dejected and guilty, he grabbed his own helmet and headed back for his dugout, completely forgetting the fact that he just hit a homerun.

For the rest of the game, Nico tried to avoid the blue-eyed boy, who seemed to be trying to catch his eye the entire time. As the game was starting to come to a close in the bottom of the seventh, Nico flopped onto the bench and chugged down some water as he waited for his at-bat. Jason sat down next to him after stealing home and yanked off his batting gloves.

“So you’re really okay?” He asked again.

“I already told everyone I’m fine,” Nico growled, starting to get annoyed.

“Alright, alright.” He paused. “I was just wondering because I noticed you limping a little, is all.”

Nico dropped his gaze to his shoelaces and was quiet for a moment. “I… I think my knee is slightly out of alignment.”

Jason choked on air. “What?!” Nico shushed him. “Nico, you idiot, why didn’t you tell anyone? How are you even still walking?!”

“Shhhh! I said slightly, okay? It’s not dislocated.”

“Still, you can’t keep playing on it. You should have told someone.”

“We don’t have another catcher, okay? I just have to suck it up. The game’s almost over, anyway.” He glared at Jason. “Tell anyone, and I’ll drop kick your ass to Mexico.”

Nico couldn’t have been more relieved when the game finally ended. His knee was killing him. After shoving all his gear in his bag, he carefully sat back down the bench and waited for everyone to file out of the dugout. Jason gave him a worried look, but Nico waved him along.

Once was sure everyone was gone, he gently pulled the hem of his pants above his knee and drew in a shaky breath as he saw that entire area was already purple and swollen. He sighed and hung his head. His dad was going to kill him.

“Hi!” A voice squeaked out of nowhere. Nico jumped and looked up to find a little girl at the top of the stairs leading into the dugout. “I’m Kayla.” She explained and ran over. “Whoa, your leg looks funny.”

Nico cleared his throat. “U-Um, yeah. I got a little hurt earlier. But I’m fine.”

“You got hurt?” She asked. “I can go get my brother! He’s great at fixing people up! He even gives it a kiss to make it feel better!” Nico chuckled and shook his head.

“That’s okay, I’m fi-”

He was cut off by a semi-familiar voice shouting up the stairs. He heard footsteps walking into the dugout. “Kayla? Kayla, you know you’re not supposed to be-” He blue-eyed boy stopped abruptly as he emerged, his eyes widening as he recognized Nico, then flitting to his knee.

Nico quickly covered his knee with his pant leg again and began to stand up. “I’m assuming she’s your sister?” Nico muttered as he started gathering his things. “Might want to keep a better eye on her from now on. She just wandered her way up here.” When Nico glanced back up, the boy was right in front of him, his eyebrows knitted. “Wha-” The word died in Nico’s throat.

Without a word, the boy gently took Nico’s bag from him and set it aside. Taking his shoulders, he forced him to sit back down on the bench and kneeled in front of him, lifting his pant leg to look at his knee again. Nico sighed as his blue eyes widened, then flicked up to meet his.

“Holy… I thought you said you were fine, you’re obviously not fine!” He yelled.

“I am. Just leave it.” Nico tried to stand again and move past him, but the boy simply pushed him back down again. Nico huffed. “What are you even doing?”

“Making up for hurting you.” Nico’s own eyes widened as he looked at the boy’s face, who was staring at Nico’s knee, his eyebrows knitted in concentration and determination. Gently, his fingers prodded at Nico’s kneecap and Nico flinched. “Did that hurt?” The boy asked.

“No, I just think wincing in pain is fun,” He replied. The boy rolled his eyes and continued feeling for his kneecap while Nico gripped the edge of the bench. The little girl, Kayla, ran over and looked worriedly from Nico’s pale face to his purple leg.

“It’s alright,” She assured him. “My big brother is gonna fix you right up! I’ll hold your hand if you like.” She extended her tiny hand, and a ghost of a smile spread over Nico’s lips. He chuckled and took her hand, trying not to squeeze too tightly.

“Alright,” The boy said, looking up and meeting Nico’s eyes. “This is gonna hurt a little.”

“Just get it over with.” Nico took a deep breath and grit his teeth.

“On three.” He said. “One, three!” Without warning, he grabbed Nico’s leg and popped his knee back in place. Nico grunted and squeezed his eyes closed.

“What the hell happened to two?!”

The boy laughed and sat back on his heels. “It worked didn’t it?” Slowly, Nico opened his eyes and experimentally moved his leg around.

“Wow… that does feel better. Um, thanks.”

He smiled. “My pleasure. It was my fault, anyway.”

Nico rolled his eyes. “I was the one blocking the plate.”

The boy smiled and shook his head. “I’m Will, by the way.” He said, holding out his hand.

“Nico.” He took Will’s hand and shook it, a million sparks shooting up his arm as their hands met. He suddenly felt a little dizzy.

“Wait!” Kayla yelled, gaining both their attention. “You forgot to kiss it and make it feel better!” She told her brother. He laughed and Nico’s face heated.

“You’re right,” Will said, smiling. “How could I forget?” His eyes locked on Nico’s and he leaned forward and gently kissed his knee. Nico had to keep his entire body from trembling. “Better?” He smirked at Nico’s blush.

Nico managed a nod. “Um… yeah. Better.”

how is “the strong must protect the sweet” one of the most moving evocative quotes ive ever heard in my life when i know that its from when homer was sitting up with the baseball bat protecting that giant fucking mound of literal sugar 

T:“Their uniform makes them look like a fruit salad. A shitty, uncoordinated salad.

Y:"At least it’s not as bad as last year’s.”

T:“Oh man, you’re right. Dumbasses had neon colors on, Jesus.

for psy, merry super late Christmas and happy holidays! As you requested, baseball AU for the nerds.

I tried so hard. /cries