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July horoscope (the month of doing)

Aries: Go to a yard sale, a second-hand shop. Look for interestingly shaped rocks. Find something. I know you’ve been working hard so you need to remember your life is not just about how useful you are.

Taurus: Dream. Plan a trip or an event. Could be a picnic maybe even a road trip but plan something. Look to the future with excitement. Its going to be the perfect month to make a goal you can achieve.

Gemini: wait. You know how some months are awful? that is, not this month. If there is something your waiting on your gonna learn more about it or finish it. This month is about slow patience. 

Cancer: friendship. You should make friends or reconnect with people. do both if its an option. Stop putting off plans. make the time. You need someone in your corner. If you already have good friends check in with them. 

Leo: Happiness. Your emotional health is important and chances are your ignoring it. Work, school, life has a place in your life right now but not checking in with yourself. If you need to see a therapist make that call, if you need to be around family visit them. Find what helps instead of just feeling good. 

Virgo: relaxing. Your taking things a little too serious, it can be heavy to be around you lately but that doesn’t just effect other people. Keep a journal, take photo’s. Look for the good in your day no matter how small it is. in fact the smaller the better. You need perspective. 

Libra: nourishment. Eat something new. experiment outside of your comfort zone. Food effects your mood just as much as anything else so make it good. I know its easier to pick things your comfortable with but you actually like making stuff. remember that. 

Scorpio: Sound. It’s a good month to find new music for you. Which is nice because the repeat button needs a break. Maybe try singing more if you enjoy that. Just surround yourself with sound. 

Sagittarius: effort. If you have a vice to quit start now. Lying? cheating? being angry all the time? take baby steps to work on it. We both know you want to do better so do it. Its not easy but its worth it. 

Capricorn: knowledge. Learn something. Read. Libra needs to feed their spirit and you need to feed your brain. I know its summer but its not work or a chore if your learning something you choose at your own pace. Work or school will fry your will to be open to things so you need to take as much back as often as you can. 

Aquarius: Romanticism. Not an easy month for love which might be what you need. This is a good time to go on dates, keep things light and fun. Not everyone has to be true love. If your single enjoy the alone time. August will pick things back up to a normal speed. 

Pisces: Activity. join something. Anything that gets you moving. Being stagnant if bad for your body and soul but invest in something actually enjoyable. Make sure your putting your energy into something thats actually fun. 

Seth Rollins - Fame in Fragments.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Summary - Part 7; The Hall of Fame ceremony is set to honour the greats of the business. All the blood, sweat and tears they sacrificed for the one thing they loved. It all seemed ironic. They gave it all for a career that could only ever be temporary but still, two people can’t give a little effort for something they once thought could last a lifetime. Could this single night be one to change the near future or will everything remain the same, once again…

Warnings - Fluff, Angst.

Word Count - 2,463 words.

After the events of last night, it was safe to say I was beyond exhausted- maybe even more than I’d felt throughout the sleepless nights that accompanied this last month. Tonight was tonight though. No talk about yesterday and no thoughts of the past weeks; I just had to turn up and walk with him. Sounds pretty simple, right? In actual fact, it was far from that. It became some sort of routine avoiding him when it came to my private life but now there would be cameras lurking around every corner, thousands of eyes rested on us, the ‘happy’ couple. I always thought my mind was good at playing tricks with me; it was as if a hybrid had taken full control of it with half wanting to roar a flurry of insults his direction but the other portion just wishing everything would settle on its own terms. Seeing him in that baby store only seemed to make things even more confusing. In that very moment, this whole situation just seemed like a stupid mistake- but he walked out… I can’t be wrong for my thinking. It all was put in perspective the minute he made that initial decision, he didn’t care about us or our relationship but now he’s saying otherwise. He’s doing all the things that man I fell in love with the minute he showed that goofy grin of his would’ve done. The store, the dress, the subtle compliments, all of it. I guess I just still don’t know how I should take it…

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Obedience Before Desire - Sub Ashton Smut

“ @robincoalition Can you do a submissive Ashton smut? Whenever you have time…” This is for you hunny x

Word Count: 1,097



Cassie and I decided we’re going to go out tonight to some clubs in the city, it’s been a while and I’m keen to get out there! Fast forward a few hours Cass and I are tipsy, laughing out loud and having the time of our lives just being lost in the sound of loud music and bright lights. I head over to the bar to get us a refill on our drinks and Cassie goes to the bathrooms. As I’m waiting at the bar I feel a strong hand softly touch my back and make its way slowly around my waist.

I quickly turn around to see a tall young guy, his messy brown hair pushed off to the side of his head, wearing a black leather jacket and looking extremely handsome.

(Y/N): “Hi?”

Ashton: “Hey there baby girl, you see I’m not so good at pickup lines but I saw you dancing with your friend over there and you’re way too sexy for words”

I blush and laugh, that was kinda sweet but he’s probably drunk.

Ashton: “Oh come on baby.. you ain’t interested in me?”

(Y/N): “ha why would I be interested in you?”

Ashton: “All the girls love me, you just don’t know what I’m hiding..”

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anonymous asked:

What would happen if the paladin+ Allura and Coran, finding and abandoned baby galra? How would they handle the situation if they became their new mom/dad?

tag urself i’m allura

Shiro is a little wary at first; for the most part, Galrans had been nothing but trouble for him since the Kerberos mission. In the end, he takes his duty as a father, even as an adoptive one, seriously because this is a real life and it’s important. The Best Role Model™.

Keith has no idea what to do. He’s spent limited time around young children, so he doesn’t have a lick on how to function. It takes him a little bit of time to come around to the idea of actually raising this being, albeit with a sprinkle of persuading from the rest of the team. Despite popular Team Voltron belief, Keith is a good father.

Hunk “I really don’t know what to do, but I’m adopting immediately” Garrett. He hardly questions it, taking the tiny Galran into his heart and warms up to it instantly. He makes sure to raise it with good intentions, teaching it from right and wrong, good and bad. He tells the child about its real family, but it’s okay if they want to stay with the team because he knows it’s the only life this adopted child has ever known. Literally teaches the kid all of his recipes.

Lance dies. All the time. Nobody else was stepping up to raise the baby, probably just out of spite so they could laugh at the Cuban’s misfortune. Much to their hilarious plan, he’s actually a wonderful father that teaches his child everything he knows: fighting, reading, piloting, etc. Will support his kid no matter what. 10/10 marriage material tbh.

Pidge literally screamed. They’re only a child themselves and can hardly take care of themselves, so how am I supposed to raise a baby? Ah, come on guys. Help me out here. The team helps them out, just because of their age. They have trouble balancing raising this child of their enemy and piloting the green lion, but they manage it somehow. A great mom/dad who learns to love and accept people no matter their differences, and loves this tiny Galra child just the same.

Allura had a million red flags go up when the responsibility was passed onto her; after all, her biggest enemy was the Galra and here was this small baby, hardly even a year old. Her biggest problem is getting over her bias to actually raise the child, but once she is reminded many times that not everyone is bad, she starts. She’s practically a mother to the paladins (and Coran), so she’s an excellent one to this child. She teaches them about Galran and Altean history, but tells them that after raising them for so long, she loves them no matter who they are. 10000/10 great mother i want her to adopt me too tbh.

Coran is an absolute mess. He tried to find out who dropped the baby on their metaphorical doorstep and why, but couldn’t dig up anything. Honestly, Coran had the least amount of responsibility on the ship; Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge all trained to pilot their lions better, and Allura was always directing their missions among other aspects of the team, so theoretically, this was Coran’s newest job. Admittedly, he isn’t the best father out there, but he tries his hardest and does what he can. The two often watch the paladins goof around in the training arena or help Allura when assisting on missions, as Coran taught them a lot about battle techniques and tactics. All in all, Coran for dad of the year for teaching them about all they need to know on the light side of the Voltron fight???

August Goals

Since July was a win-win, I’m gonna make it goals for August. Start out with workouts

You may have already seen this pic from MapMyFitness on the 7.31.2017 workout post.

Workout for 5 hrs per week. This breakdown into:
- 5x 26-30min runs
- 4x strength sessions rotating days of Upper body, Core, and lower body
- Saturdays will be my 100% day
- Sundays remain static as I volunteer at local animal shelter and it’s a workout in itself lol

- I redid my macros to 50c, 25f and 25p. I’ll may progress this to 20f and 30p if I don’t see the slow Progressive gains I want. So, well see.
- continue to monitor my sugar intake to be around 50g per day with a Max of 63g and never go over!
- continue to monitor sodium and potassium. Never go over 2000mg of sodium and 3500mg of potassium
- monitor my meals, ensuring breakfast is at 35-40% of daily calories, lunch 25-30%, snacks preworkout at 15-20% and dinner at 20-25%, thus creating a downward curve throughout the day while afternoon workouts/EPOC create and upward curve throughout the day

Mental Health & Emotional Health:
- continue basic classical conditioning (exposure therapy, Google it) on myself, by myself, for myself, to push myself to a better tomorrow… because I can and I’m worth it regardless of little kids have to say. Its been working so far and I plan on continuing it!!!! Also, in baby steps, pressing my own buttons, and partially triggering my anxiety in regards to Body Positivity posts, handling stress, fears and talking first to new people I meet rather than having you all come to me first, which can be conceived as rude and off-putting. I get that…. Knowing that my anxiety and fears and stress is just inside me and NOT part of the outside world. And I simply have to teach myself that AND make myself believe that. Proving and showing that my anxiety has no power over me, I have power over it. Always.

- continue to build up home gym piece by piece. Whether that be equipment from Walmart or Target or Goodwill or local yardsales. I don’t need a gym, be around guys and girls with negative fuckboy and fuckgirlish behaviors to be healthy or to workout! No one deserves that.

I probably forgetting some things, but that’s the plan. Lol

Hope you all have a great day! ❤️✌️

Mighty Long Fall [7]

So I almost forgot that today is Friday. I’ve been scatter brained all day today, so please forgive me. I hope you guys like this one.


Dabi was at your apartment. He didn’t announce that he was coming, didn’t give you any kind of heads up, just a text that said ‘knock knock’ before physically knocking on your door. You weren’t prepared. You weren’t wearing pants for fucks sake. You had to scramble for pants. How dare he show up unannounced and expect you to put pants on.

When you opened the door, he was smirking. You could see he was smirking. You could see the burns that outlined his jaw from ear to ear, the stitches that seemed to hold him together. He was smirking.

Your heart stuttered.

“Took you a while. Were you missing something?” he teased as he brushed past you into your apartment. As he walked past, he set his face mask on the counter, a black one with a grin of white and pointy teeth.

You shut the door, words failing you as you stared at his back. He crouched to unlace his boots.

“You’re speechless,” he pointed out, glancing over his shoulder at you. Even though his shoulder obscured his mouth, you knew he was grinning. It was in his words, his posture, his eyes. “I know. You’re amazed at the fact that I really am the epitome of a sex bomb. I, too, would be speechless if I saw my face for the first time.”

“You’re a fucking idiot,” you shot back. He laughed, very short and sweet, as he stood back up to his rather intimidating height. You tilted your head back to look up at him. “Why are you here?”

“Am I not allowed to visit my one and only friend?” he asked with his hand against his chest. His voice begged ‘Pity Me’. His eyes said something much different.

“You have Himiko,” you pointed out, crossing your arms.

“Himiko’s a fucking menace to society and shouldn’t be considered anyone’s friend,” Dabi countered. Her named dripped from his lips like venom.

You didn’t ask what he had against her. “So you’re two peas in a pod. Besties. Now I see why she calls you Dabi baby,” you replied.

He stepped over his boots and had you backed against your door in one long stride. “Is that,” he started, tilting his ear towards you, a grin slowly worming its way across his face. It looked painful and beautiful at the same time and you hated it. “Is that jealousy I hear?” he finished.

“No,” you scoffed.

He faced you completely and sucked on his teeth. “You know, green just doesn’t suit you.”

“I’ll have you know I’m fucking ethereal in green, you fuck nugget.”

“I bet you’re ethereal in everything and in nothing at all.”

Your voice caught in your throat. You were hot. Did your air conditioner stop working? It must have. You chided yourself for not replacing the filter in it yet. “What do you want, Dabi?” you asked after a long pause. He shoved his hands in his pockets, shoulders hunching up around his ears, as he turned away. His sock slid against the floor and sent him falling heavily into the door next to you. You looked down at his feet. They were black and grey striped socks. What a punk.

“I thought you might be hungry or bored or something,” he said, “Himiko said you weren’t at work.”

“I wasn’t feeling well,” you mumbled. His hand slapped against your forehead. “Thanks,” you ground out. His skin was cold.

“You don’t feel hot,” he said. He pulled his hand away. You grabbed his wrist and kept it there. You were enjoying it. “Gee, if you wanted me to touch you, all you had to do was ask.”

“Shut up.”

His voice pitched as he leaned into your shoulder. “Dabi, please, I just want to feel your hands on my body. Dabi, I need you to touch me there. Oh please, Dabi.” He stopped just long enough to grin. “Now you’re feeling hot.”

“I hate you so much,” you grumbled. “What, did you just come to check on me or something?”

“Isn’t that what friends do?” he asked. You pulled away from his hand and shuffled back to your kotasu. He followed you after a moment. “So what’s wrong?” he pried.

“Just not feeling well,” you said as you sat down, “Light headed. Nauseous. Just sick.”

“Maybe you’re pregnant,” he said around a groan as he fell next to you. You glared at him. “What? Those are the side effects of pregnancy, you know. This is the twenty first century, anything is possible.”

“You’re an awful comedian and you should stop immediately,” you droned.

He sprawled out over the top of your table like a rag doll, “I’m fucking hilarious and deserve an award.”

You pressed your cheek against the table, eyes locking with his bright blue ones. “Yes, hello, 110? I need you to come and arrest my friend Dabi for crimes against comedy,” you mumbled. He snorted. “Is this what we’re gonna do? Are you gonna sit here with me in your ugly ass socks and keep a sick baby company?” you asked him.

“I was gonna suggest we order take out or something. With you paying, of course, because this is your apartment.”

“You come into my house without a gift and expect to be fed? You’re a monster.”

“Ah, yes, tis I, the Godzilla of table manners.” Your flat voices being muffled by the table made you giggle. You turned and pressed your forehead into the wood. Dabi chuckled. “Told you I was funny.”

“Order me sushi and rice, you fucking heathen,” you mumbled into the wood. Dabi pushed himself to his feet with a dramatic groan.

“What kind of sushi, you lazy shit?” he asked as he shuffled to your phone.

You gave him a simple answer and turned your head to watch him pick up the receiver. “I love you, best friend,” you called.

He turned away from you as he dialed. “Yeah, you fucking better,” he responded. He stared at the phone to make sure it didn’t melt under his touch.

Double fuck.

My Everything

“You are my everything, everything else is just everything else.”

“Babe, I don’t know that you should be going today.”

“Valentin, we’ve been over this a hundred time. I have to go. It’s the last day before break.” Jenna said of her current work project. She was working on a production with a local performing arts school. She was the choreographer for the students for the winter production. The children however followed a different schedule than the regular academic calendar. They were going to be having a fall break starting tomorrow for 2 weeks.

“I get it, I just don’t think its okay. You’ve barely slept these last few days. I honestly think you need to go to the doctor.”

“Tomorrow, I promise. I’ll be okay. I’ll make it.” She said as she felt her stomach grab in pain once more. For the past three days, she had been having sharp pains in her stomach. Sometimes they wrapped around and sometimes it was just stabbing. It got way worse when she laid down at night so she hadn’t really been sleeping much at all.

“You’re not going to cave on this are you?” He said finally relenting. He was seriously concerned about his girl. She was as pale as a dead person at the moment and she had bags from her lack of sleep. He was worried that if whatever was wrong didn’t take over first, she was going to pass out from sheer exhaustion.

“No babe, I’m not. I’m sorry. I know you’re worried but I’ll be okay.” She said moving over to him and wrapping her arms around him.

“Fine, I’ll relent on one condition, well two.”

“What’s that?” She said as she settled into his chest feeling his voice vibrate in her ear.

“That you call me if you get worse. And that you let me go with you to the doctor tomorrow.”

“Babe…you have…” She said getting ready to state he needed to worry about his current partner with DWTS.

“No, Shay will understand. I know she’s important because she’s my responsibility but I’ll make up the time to her. You’re more important.” He said as his hand ran over her back as he swayed them slowly.

“Fine. I’ll call and you can go with me. But you have to promise that you’ll prioritize Shay first.”

“You’re my most important priority.” He said nearly with a growl.


“You’re not getting me to cave on that one. Do you want me to drive you over?” Val asked.

“What time are you done with Shay today? We finish at 3 so just a little before you.”

“If you don’t mind, I’ll go with you.”

“I never mind sweetheart. Maybe you can rest a little more on our way.” He suggested before, dropping down to her lips to press a kiss to them. She hummed and nodded into him before they went their separate ways.

“Okay, call me if you need me sweetheart.” Val said as he dropped Jenna off at the prep school. She leaned over gingerly. She realized that she was kind of just experiencing a constant dull ache at that moment. She wasn’t super sure if that was better or worse than the stabbing pain.

“I will, love you. Tell everyone hi for me.” She said as pressed a kiss to his lips.

“I love you too. Promise you’ll call.” He said as he linked their pinkies quickly. It had been their thing whenever they seriously needed the other to listen.

“I promise.” She whispered as she squeezed their fingers before getting out of the car. She waved to him before heading in. She began to stretch as she waited for the students to begin arriving. The groups were split into age and skill set. Each group was performing different pieces as well as solos, duets, and small groups as well. It had been a huge amount of work on Jenna’s end but she was absolutely loving the experience and the time with the children. She had gained so much knowledge over the past 5 months, it was crazy to her.

“Hey Miss J, you okay?” One of her students, Aria said as she came in. She dropped her bag and sat down next to Jenna and began to stretch. Aria was 10 and was super talented in her skills. She excelled at contemporary but additionally at the Latin style dances.

“Yeah, I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m a little sleepy. How about you, you ready to work on your duet with Liam?” Jenna asked.

“Definitely, can we work on the lift some? I just want to get it down before we’re away.”

“Yeah, you guys almost have it completely down but I know what you mean.” She said as Liam walked in then. They were her first session and once he was stretched, they began to work. Like Aria had asked, they did work on the lift however Jenna began with the steps leading into the lift. She knew from experience that if those were smooth as well, it would help the two execute the lift. Once they had it down, they moved onto the lift.

“So Liam’s hands should be here and then when I leap, that’s when we start right?” Aria said. She was very skilled however had come across as very terrified of this whole lift business.

“Right, so here, come here, so you’ll start here. You’ll leap, Liam will lift you up and over so that you’re now above him. Try the leap with me.” Jenna said moving into position behind Aria. She placed her hands under Aria’s ribs and got ready to lift. As soon as she counted and Aria jumped, Jenna felt like something snapped in her stomach. She yelped loudly as she lost her balance. Both her and Aria tumbled to the floor.

“Ahh!” She yelped as she held her stomach tightly. She heard Aria and Liam panicking and tryng to assist her but the pain was so overwhelming that she couldn’t speak. The next thing she knew the world had gone black.

“Easy, easy, take it easy sweetheart.” Jenna heard Val’s voice off in the distance. She was confused because the last thing she remembered was the collapsing with Aria. Suddenly she felt the familiar dull ache in her stomach again and groaned.

“Val.” She murmured as she tried to open her eyes.

“Easy, I’m right here.” He said as he rested his hand on her head using his thumb to stroke her forehead. She opened her eyes and suddenly could see his fuzzy figure in front of her.

“What? Why are you here?” She mumbled.

“You’re in the hospital Jen. But you’re okay.” He said gently.

“What why?” She said suddenly beginning to panic.

“Calm down baby. Its okay you’re safe. I’m right here. It’s all okay now.” He repeated.

“Val.” She said again as tears filled her eyes.

“I know, remember your stomach pains? Well you collapsed at practice with Aria & Liam.”

“Oh my god, are they?” She said trying to sit up but groaned in response.

“Whoa, still baby, lay still. Its okay, they are okay. You however, your stomach pains were an appendicitis. It burst and that’s why you collapsed. They brought you in and did surgery.”

“What?! You’re not serious?” Jenna stammered in pure shock. She could feel her body shaking and was just confused with all the information. A nurse came in then and made Val step away not helping Jenna’s shock and panic. Finally she was done and he was allowed back beside her.

“Sweetheart, I need you to relax. I promise, it’s all okay now. They got everything and you’ll have some recovery time but its okay.” He repeated.

“What about the kids?” She asked as she reached for him. She wanted him as close to her as possible.

“I can’t lay with you Jen. You just had surgery.” He said gently.

“Please?” She said as she weakly tried to pull him back over to her.


“Please Val. It’ll help.” She said knowingly. They both knew it would. He sighed and tried to figure out how to do this.

“Only if you promise to calm down.” He relented. “And I need to be on your other side. I know it’s not what you’re going to want but your stitches are on this side.”

“Okay, just please.” She said again. He let go of her hand and moved to her left side and settled next to her. She shifted in as best as she could and found his hand again. She felt herself begin to calm down.

“Rest baby.” He said as he pressed his lips to her head. He could feel her relaxing slowly.

“Explain first, from the beginning.” She said as she settled. He knew that she wasn’t going to budge on that one so he began to explain from the beginning clear up until the end.

“So you’ll be in here for 2 more days. And then you’re down for the next 7-10 depending on how well you listen and heal. And I’m going to be your nurse so I’ll make sure you listen. Just you and me for the next 2 weeks.”

“Val, the season, You have Shay.” She stammered as she realized what he was saying.

“Maks is going to fill in for me. I already talked to the producers.”

“You cant….you can’t do that for me. You can’t do that to Shay. The show, it’s important. It’s your livelihood. I can’t let you do that.”

“Jen, when I got that call that you collapsed, it felt like my whole world fell out. Sweetheart, you are my everything, everything else is just everything else. So yes, the show and Shay are important however you are more important to me.” Jenna felt him shake lightly against her and knew that he must have been scared.

“I’m so…” She started.

“No, I just, you’re okay. We just have to get you healthy again. I love you. Okay?” He said as if that was enough. She knew it was and she knew he did but his statement was still quite big. She decided against fighting with him though and just rested on him. She suddenly felt like the weight of the day hit her hard and her body became exhausted.

“I love you too.” She said with a yawn.

“Sleep sweetheart.” Val said knowingly. His hand moved to her hair as his fingers combed through it lightly. He felt her drift off quickly and just took solace that although they were laying in a hospital bed, his everything was there in his arms, safe and on the road to recovery.

**Hope you loved it again! My Valenna skills may improve as I continue going on. :) I do like this concept tho. And I can totally see this occurring. Like Val being like uh no, this is alllll about you cause you’re my queen. Don’t forget to like it up and let me know what you thought! Love you guys!

Those Eyes---Part 2

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Sam, Luke (OMC), Daughter Ruby (OFC) 

Word Count: 2808

Summary: You do everything in your power to find the man who fathered your little girl and left the two of you high and dry. 

Warnings: Angst, sad ending, single parenting, past one-night stand, Dean is not a good dad

A/N: So, I know several people wanted a part two. All I have to say is be careful what you ask for because this turned out even more depressing if that’s possible. 

Wiping at the salty tracks that were streaked over your cheeks you forced yourself to take a deep breath. It was the first step into the new life that was ahead of you. Before you had Ruby, things had seemed almost like part of some dream, like everything was slightly surreal. Meeting Dean, getting pregnant, the swollen ankles and morning sickness, it was like it would all just vanish one morning. Now that you were going back to your little apartment, too small even for a separate nursery for your newborn daughter, in your beat up Dodge Neon, it felt all too real.

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Are you Ready? (Part 4)

Dean x Reader High school AU

Word Count: 1,483

Warnings: language, ANGST 

Summary: It’s senior year of high school and you have everything, good grades, amazing friends, a perfect boyfriend. But what happens to all that when something totally unexpected happens, changing your life forever.

Your best friends will be the lovely babes @bovaria, @abaddonwithyall and @winchesterenthusiast

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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All for good reason - Derek Luh Imagine

Request:Sorry for so much Derek but could I have like a cute imagine where he comes home pretty late and is soaking wet and you’re pretty mad at him but he has a surprise for you and its like a puppy



I lay in bed staring at the ceiling waiting for my boyfriend Derek to come home. I roll over all tangled in the sheets to read the clock. 4:38 a.m. What the fuck he should be home. I think to my self. I reach up and turn off the lamp then drift off to sleep with anger running through my mind. 

I wake up to the sound of fumbling around in the kitchen. The clock reads 6:56. Did he really just get home. Thats it I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind. 

I swing my legs off the bed and put on my furry slippers to make my way down the hallway and stairs. As I approach the kitchen I hear a couple consecutive “shhhs’” and “you’re so cute.” In a little sing song voice. Thoughts of him bringing a girl home flooded my mind. That was a enough for me to storm into the kitchen.

“Do you know what time it is.” I hiss at Derek walking into the kitchen to be met by a sopping wet Derek with clothes from yesterday on. 

“Baby its all with good reason let me explain.” Derek says stepping towards me putting his hands out to me. 

“Explain what?” I snap “How you are sopping wet or how you were out all night and didn’t even to bother to call or text me. Or who the hell you were shushing or saying ‘you’re so cute’ too?” I am now fuming with clenched fists by my sides. 

“Y/n, just calm down listen-.” Derek says calmly but i cut him off.

“What the hell should i listen to your lies?” I yell at Derek. 

Derek then whistles and I hear little scratches running on the hardwood floor. I turn around to be greeted with a puppy golden retriever.

“OH MY GOD!” I yell as I drop to my knees so I could pet the adorable dog. 

“This is why I was out all night, I went out after the studio to pick up this little one and I was driving home from go knows where when my car broke down. I called a mechanic to come help me. Thats when it started pouring down rain and this one always had to go to the bathroom which explains why I’m wet.” Derek explains to me as he sits down next to me with a small smile on his face. 

“This is the best surprise ever Derek…. Im so sorry I yelled at you. I was just mad you came home so late.” I say bringing Derek into my side.

“I know baby girl. Its okay. But there is one problem.” Derek says looking at me with a smirk. 

I give a confused look before he whispers “A name.” 

My confused look faded away as I rack my brain for a cute dog name. 

“Cali. Short for California.” 

Derek nods his head in agreement. “Okay Cali, get your momma!” He yells as the dog jumps into my arms. 

How Long Is Forever? (Nate Maloley)

Can you write one with Nate where you guys are married but really young and then you get into a fight and he suggests that they should get divorced and Idk u can pick the ending, ps thank you 😊 -Anon

I knew getting married at 19 was going to be hard. And I knew it would be hard being with a man who was constantly surrounded by groupies that were skinnier, and prettier, and more bold and daring than me. I knew finding time to be together when he was building a career in music and I was building one in art and photography would be hard. But the difficulty I imagined wasn’t even close. I never thought being with Nate would be so hard. Ever since he got off tour, all we seem to do is fight. It’s  non-stop tension and not the good kind. We don’t even sleep in the same room anymore.

“It was nothing, babe.”

“Oh, really? Then why did you both come out of that room looking so fucking pleased with yourselves?” I yelled angrily.

“Why don’t you trust me, huh? I told you it was nothing, why can’t you believe me?”

“Because she’s been hanging around you more than what’s okay and you have more whiskey running through you than blood! And excuse me, but if I were to even sit next to another man you’d be jealous like that!”

“Fine, whatever. Let’s say I did sleep with that girl. What are you gonna do? Leave me?” he said it almost as if he was teasing me.

“What happened? What happened to the promise we made? Did you even mean those vows?”

“Here we go again. They’re vows! Everyone says them! You have to!”

“No, you don’t have to. You choose to, because you love someone and you want to be with the for the rest of your life.”

“Well, right now I don’t even want to be in this room with you!”

“You know what? Fine, I’ll leave. Don’t bother coming back until you’re sober.” I turn to head out of the door.

“How about I just not bother coming back ever?”

“What?” I turn back around, whispering.

“That’s right, I want a divorce. This shit just ain’t for me anymore.” He takes another swig of whatever’s in the bottle in his hands. We’d got into some really nasty fights, but we never even got close to mentioning divorce. He must be serious.

Tears immediately fill my eyes but I refuse to let him see them. As much as we fought, I still loved him just as much as on our wedding day. I didn’t think 4 words could hurt so much. But, I guess if 3 words could make you the happiest in the world it made sense that 4 could tear you right back down.

“That’d fine with me,” I gritted through my teeth. I rushed out of the door of the supply closet and slammed it behind me.

It took everything I had in me to not sob in the cab on the way home. By the time  got home, I was so tired all I could do was put on some pajamas (which took forever to find because normally I wore Nate’s shirts). Wearing his stuff just didn’t feel right when in a short period of time we wouldn’t even be together anymore. I got in bed and cried until my eyes were so sore all I could do was sleep.

The next morning, it hurt even more than it did the night before but I refused to lay around in bed all day. I grabbed some boxes, which were from when we moved in a few months ago, and packed his stuff from the bathroom we shared and a few other items he just had laying around. I started packing some of his clothes, but then I started crying and I didn’t want him seeing tear stains on his stuff.

So I put myself together, got on some makeup (because there was no way I’d let tears ruin my fucking perfect cat eye), and headed down to the city courthouse. It took a minute, but I managed to get all the necessary papers, and they gave me a list of lawyers they recommend, but I won’t need one unless Nate’s got one. I ran a couple more errands while I was out, but they felt weird because Nate wasn’t there, and I no longer had to consider him (like getting his favorite cereal while I was at the store).

When I got back home, the fresh air and having something to do had helped a little. It still felt fresh and raw, and it would for a while, but I was alive and functioning, so I couldn’t ask for more. I felt like I was moving to fast in this whole ‘divorce acceptance’ process, but I’d been through it before with my parents, and things just usually didn’t affect me as much as they did other people.

I finished packing most of his clothes. Lastly, I organized our living room, which was what the front door led into. I set all of his boxes there and left his set of the papers on the table.

When I woke up the next morning, it was to the sound of his key in the door. I took my time getting up, then walked into the kitchen and made myself some tea. I sat down at one of the bar seats and looked at him through the opening to the living room.

“Most of your stuff is there. All that’s still in the closet is that dresser of your older stuff. And i didn’t know when you’d be free so you can call the number on the top to schedule a hearing, or whatever they said comes next.”

He just stared at me in disbelief. “Wh-what is this?”

“…your stuff. Thought we just went over this,” I said, getting up to grab a granola bar. “Judging by the fact that you didn’t come back last night I’m assuming you already have somewhere to stay?”

“What do you mean somewhere to stay? This is my home,” he said, frustration in his voice.

“Yeah, until we settle what we’re going to do with it.”

“What do you mean settle? And did you say hearing? Like, as in, in court?”

“Yes, sweetheart, that’s what happens in divorces.”

“Is this about that goddamn comment I made the other night? Baby, I said I’m sorry, did you even read my texts?”

My phone had been off since a few hours before the fight. “You can’t just say I’m sorry, Nate. Its not just a goddamn comment. You wanted to end our marriage.”

“Baby, you know I didn’t mean it. I was drunk as hell, you know that.”

“Ever heard the phrase ‘drunk words are sober thoughts’?”

“What? No! That’s not true at all. The last thing I want to do is end our marriage.”

“Well, it’s kind of late for that. I already filed. As soon as you step back out of that door, we’re separated.”

“Well then I’m not leaving! This marriage is not over and never will be!” he exclaimed, taking a seat on the couch.

I rolled my eyes. On the inside I kind of wanted to cry, but I needed to show a strong front.

“Y/N, I barely even remember saying it. And if I knew this was how you were gonna react I wouldn’t have said it. I regret it so much.”

“How else was I supposed to react? Was I supposed to completely ignore the fact that you just wanted to make our vows null and void? Was I supposed to just ignore that you basically said that they didn’t even mean anything anyways?” I was raising my voice but I didn’t care, he needed to know how big of a deal this was.

“No, but,” he sighs, “Can we just put my stuff back, and throw away the divorce papers and talk about it?” He gets up and comes to me, wrapping his arms around me from behind. “And then, maybe if we can’t work it out, even though we will, then we’ll revisit that option.”

“No, Nate, we’ve tried to work it out already, remember? And then every time we end up back in the same spot 3 days later. And there’s still the problem of that groupie you’re fucking.”

“What?” he jumps back, as if in surprise.

“Don’t act dumb. That one that came out of the supply closet looking real pleased right before I came in.”

“Honey, I found her in there crying because she thought Sammy was into her, but he was out with someone else. She came out happy because I told her the same thing Sammy told me earlier: He really did like her, he was just scared to get her involved with his busy life. I also told her about us, and how even though, we fought, we’d be together.”

I could see it in his res, it was all truth. “Okay, but you still asked for a divorce.”

“I try so hard to mean everything that I say, but I definitely did not mean that. Don’t I get a take back?”

I just glared at him. “That’s not how marriage works.”

“That’s how it should work. It should also include you having to wear my shirts to bed every night. What are these?” he says, picking at my shorts and camisole with an plaid unbuttoned flannel (mine, not his).

“These are my pajamas. Your shirts are in your boxes.”

“Well take them out! And put one on while you’re at it. And then we can go back to bed, and I’ll hold you while we talk and then we can have makeup sex,” he says, pecking my neck. I giggle, he knows my neck is super ticklish, that little shit.

When he gets no response he lifts me up and takes me there himself, and even though I could, I don’t stop him. and once we get there, we actually do talk. About those damn fights, and about him not going out as much, and me trusting him more because he loves me with is all and I love him right back. And true to his word, as soon as it’s all sorted, he pounces on me and kisses me hungrily, as if its been forever, which is what it felt like.

And for the first time in weeks I actually feel like we’ll last forever, just like we promised.

A/N: Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! All I have left after this are song and list prompts, which there are a lot of, but REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN just in case you want something, just know it might be a minute.

To the requester: I hope this is what you wanted! You said I could make the ending and I’m not really a fan of making unhappy endings. But yah, sorry it took so long!

anonymous asked:

Realizing that my heart breaks a little more everyday and the girl I like will never find out how much I care because I'm afraid of coming out, I'm afraid of what my family will say. Sometimes it's unbearable. I just needed to get it off my chest.

love, its ok to be afraid, i may not seem like it here but i’m afraid all the time too and i’m also not out to everyone in my family. its ok! we will get there someday. baby steps!!! in the future when you’re in charge of your own life, everyone’s opinion will be just an opinion and you’ll get to live for yourself. work toward that future, you’ll get there, you’ll be happy, i know this

After the Bombs

This soldier!Dean AU (x)…once again. It has its own tag on my blog now because I’ve become attached to it, and I honestly just can’t help myself… I’m sorry. I don’t know if anyone cares - but I really have no self control at this point. (▰´﹏`▰)

Cas is so cute all bundled up in his hat and scarf and mittens. They haven’t even stepped outside yet, but his cheeks are already displaying a faint rosy tint - partially from the small struggle he’d had to get his coat zipped over his belly, and partially out of embarrassment for how snugly it fits him now. The baby may not have kicked yet, but he’s certainly gotten bigger, and there’s no hiding Cas’s baby bump now…at least not in this attire.

Castiel lets out a resigned sigh as he straightens up, smoothing down the front of his coat over his swollen stomach, and Dean’s heart lurches in his chest because he couldn’t possibly be more in love with this man.

Lifting his gaze, however, Cas’s face contorts in a look of concern when their eyes meet. It’s more than enough to desaturate the mood and still the butterflies in the ex-soldier’s stomach.

“Dean, are you sure you’ll be alright to go? We can always stay home tonight. It’s cold out anyways…and it’s certainly no problem.”

Dean frowns internally at the mix of emotions brought on by the suggestion. Frustration is predominant - mostly with himself and this stupid PTSD crap, because he’s finally home now, and he just wants to put all of that behind him. Dwelling on the past - missing time with his family because of it - is the last thing he wants.

It takes a moment for Dean to realise that his agitation is showing on his face, and Cas is still watching him with wide, caring eyes, waiting patiently for a response.

“Yeah, I’m fine, Cas. Really,” he assures. “I can do fireworks. It’s fine. It’s just - when I’m not expecting ‘em, and…man, some of those things sound like goddamn bombs…”

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advice for your moon sign
  • aries: earrings are cool, but your ears are for listening. sometimes your way isn't the best way, it's important to get other perspectives.
  • taurus: step out of your comfort zone a little! I know it's scary, but that's where all the best things happen, just outside your comfort zone.
  • gemini: slow day baby doll. your mind is going so fast that your heart can't keep up. let yourself feel things when necessary. it's important.
  • cancer: when someone doesn't show love in the same way that you do, you assume it's not there. look deeper, it's there.
  • leo: criticism isn't an insult my love, it's a compliment. we believe you can do better. you have to learn to accept criticism.
  • virgo: change it up a little, it's okay to deviate. you're so safe all the time, take some risks. make some stories.
  • libra: you're so in love with love. you chase it. let love find you darling, you're worth the chase.
  • scorpio: scorpio, scorpio, let down your guard. no one is out to get you. open up a little sooner, not everyone has the time to crack your shell.
  • sagittarius: darlin', you have so many feelings and no way to cope with them all. you don't give yourself the time to deal with them so you let them build up, it won't be pretty when it all comes out. find an outlet.
  • capricorn: let your hair down! life is supposed to be fun, embrace it. give yourself a break every now and then, you deserve it.
  • aquarius: slow down, love. at the end of the day, you're going to have all of these stories to tell and no one to tell them to. bond with people. form relationships.
  • pisces: you're so impressionable. work on thickening your skin, you can't let everything affect you. stop being such an escapist. no amount of drinking, partying or drugs will change your circumstance.

So I was watching the FML Roommate Quiz on Joe’s channel, and I decided you all needed to hear my filthy thoughts… and what better way than a jaspar video analysis, hey? This was inspired by @alraune315 ’s wonderful analysis’ and encouraged by @suggleestylinson @yesimawriter xD

The video begins with this…




Joe: We’re reunited at last

Yep, they’re reunited at last, and so be hAPPY to be and imsobbing theyre literally falling over each other and cantstop hugging and  laps and kisses and ijuscant 

YOU DONT BELIEVE ME?/! ?? Then pls explain this :)

Joe: Oh sorry, if I just dribbled on your face there

Caspar: No, I like it.

okay caspar, okay, that’s okay, completely fine, so normal.

Joe:  Sit up Caspar, we need to finish this video

(can i just pls quickly point out that joe said this in a very hasty manner) 

oh right joe, is casp making you feel things and you just want to make it quick so that you can,,,,,,you know…………………do things?? after all, you have been reunited after ages….


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No One Puts My Baby In A Corner (Part 3)

               I found the perfect spot on the beach and began reading, I was almost finished with my book when I checked the time, 1:15, Id only been here for an hour, I sighed and lay back in the chair, only to have my mind wonder to Dean; the way his green eyes stared at me, like they were searching for something, I swallowed nervously and focused back on my book.

               It was about 2:30 when my mother met me on the beach, talking about some dancing thing we were going to that night. I sighed mutely to myself and finished off my book. “Who knows baby, maybe you’ll find someone here this summer” she said winking at me. I smiled just to please her before standing and stretching. “I’m going to head back to the cabin, get ready for tonight.” I said before walking away. I walked toward the cabins, not really paying attention, my mid-shoulder blade brown hair blew softly in the wind. I kept my eyes down, like normal, studying the worn and fading cover of my book. When I looked up, I felt my breath catch in my throat. Those green eyes were staring at me; of course he was talking to Sam. But Dean was looking at me. Or so I hoped. I quickly looked back down and scurried off toward my cabin.

               The way he held himself sometimes intimidated me; he was so strong, and handsome. I knew he was a bit older than me, and really who didn’t like older men? But I don’t think he looked at me the way I wanted him to, I think he saw me as a child, someone quiet to make fun of and pick apart. Get under my skin. I saw the dress my mother had picked out for me and sighed. “Wonderful” I hated the pastel stripped dress with the wool sweater. Why couldn’t I wear different things, like jeans and tank tops, or a skirt and a nice shirt? It was always dresses.  I sighed rubbing my eyes before stripping down to shower.

               That night was about as boring as it gets, the gazebo was decorated with white lights as everyone danced. Dean and Penny had put on a wonderful performance like normal and I had to admire Dean in his white outfit just a little longer than I should have. It squared his shoulders and made his short sandy brown hair look darker. I bit my lip lightly watching as he danced with some other woman who I found out was named Vivian. She looked…mature. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the way she looked, I just…didn’t care for how she looked.

               Suddenly that little runt Neil was stopping Dean and looked angry as he talked, I noticed Dean snap back at him, I sighed mutely when I noticed Neil make his way toward me. “Come on baby, let’s go for a walk” he said smugly, placing a hand on my elbow and lightly pulling me forward. I lowered my glaze to the floor and walked away with him.

               I really hated how full of himself this guy was, he thought every girl wanted him and that he was too good for all the other staff members in the hotels. He bragged on and on about how he’d been with so many girls, it actually started to annoy me to the point that when we went to get food in the kitchen, I was glancing around and saw Penny, curled up and silently crying. I instantly grabbed Neil’s hand and made up some excuse about having to leave. I didn’t really pay attention to what I was saying as I ditched Neil and took a straight shot towards Sam who was messing around with his wallet in the gazebo. “Penny’s laying in the kitchen floor, something’s wrong. She needs Dean” I whispered as he nodded and made his way over to him, finally getting his attention. Dean immediately apologized to the woman he was dancing with and made his way out of the gazebo. Sam following quickly, I glanced at my parents who were happily dancing before following them.

               “God dammit, Penny just doesn’t think does she?” he said, his voice on the edge of hostile. “I brought her in case Neil came back. It wasn’t her idea Dean, calm down” Sam said walking quickly to keep up with Dean. “Whats-whats wrong with her?” I asked quietly, they both lowered their heads, as a waiter passed us, making sure not to speak until the coast was clear.

               “She’s knocked up baby” Sam said quietly, looking toward the ground. I furrowed my brows toward Dean. “what’s he gonna do about it?” I asked. Dean suddenly whipped around staring me in the face, his eyes full of anger. “What’s he gonna do about it? It’s mine right. You fuckin automatically think it’s mine.” Dean spat, resentment flooded his features and rolled off of his tongue with each word he spoke. “I just thought-“ but he snarled slightly, his jaw clenching when turned and stormed off. I looked at Sam before my eyes found the ground much more interesting.

               Once Dean had Penny, we went back to the staff living quarters, where they wrapped Penny in a blanket and handed her a drink. She was a wreck, she looked like she needed some comfort. “It’s hopeless you guys” she cried, I stepped forward. “No its not, don’t say that. I promise it’ll be fine.” She suddenly looked at me, make up running slightly as the mascara she wore gathered under her eyes. “Baby…is that your name…baby? Well let me tell you something…baby…you don’t know shit about my problems.” She snapped at me. Sam stared at the ground, his shaggy hair covering his eyes as he sat beside her. “I told her…” he mumbled softly. “Jesus Sam!” She shouted. “Shes gonna run and tell her management boyfriend and we all are gonna get fired. Why not just fuckin skywrite that Penny got knocked up by Robbie the creep!?” I stared at her shocked. “Robbie?” Dean suddenly shot up pointing a finger at me. “Look!” “Dean wait!” Sam stood quickly and held his hand up walking over to me. “Look, there’s some doctor one of the counselors here knows who’s gonna be coming through town next Thursday. We can get her an appointment but it costs $250 dollars.” I furrowed my brows. I remembered Robbie bragging to Lisa about the money he had saved up. “If its Robbie, don’t worry, I know he has the money. If you just tell him” I went to finish my sentence but she stared at me, “he knows….go back to your playpen…baby” she said mocking me. Sam sighed staring at the ceiling as I looked at all three of them. I turned on my heel and walked out. I kept my head high, I was a good person and even if they didn’t want my help, I was going to help them none the less because that’s how my father raised me.

               I could barely sleep that night, Dean’s image flashing through my mind. I didn’t know that he and Penny weren’t romantically involved. Hell he acted like they were, what was I thinking having a crush on someone like him. My speech with Robbie didn’t work out as I had planned, so tomorrow, I’d ask my father for the money, I know he’d freak if he found out what for…I knew what Penny was doing, but I couldn’t just allow her to suffer so I wasn’t going to tell my father. I rolled over and tried to sleep only to sigh in frustration. Finally, I got up and quietly slipped outside and let my bare feet paddle against the stone path. I made my way down to the dock, holding my sweater to me tighter as I sat down letting my feet dangle in the water. It was warm, almost like the sand, it engulfed my feet clear up to my ankles as I moved them slowly back and forth. I was focused on the water, the black ripples moving through the smooth surface as my feet moved. I didn’t notice that someone was behind me until it was too late. I jumped when two bare feet stood next to me, black jeans rolled up and suddenly someone sat beside me. I looked and suddenly my heartbeat sped up. Dean looked at me. “Don’t mind if I join you do ya?” he asked slipping his feet into the water. I shook my head and looked back at the water. “Whatcha doin out here this late anyways?” he asked quietly. I shrugged “couldn’t sleep…what about you?” I asked cautiously. Dean shrugged leaning forward to lean his elbows on his knees, he wore a black tight t-shirt which caused his arms to flex. I silently blew hair out of my nose, staring at the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on, sitting just inches from me. “Just got done helpin the band clean up the stage….” He said his voice barely above a whisper. “I uh…I wanted to thank you, for telling me…well us about Penny tonight…she was pretty shaken up and I appreciate what you did.” He said staring at the water, I nodded chewing on the inside of my lip. “It was no problem…” I admitted before stretching some and pulling my feet out of the water.

               Anytime I’d ran into Dean he seemed like he didn’t like me, or wanted nothing to do with me. I  almost felt sort of like I was forcing him to talk to me. “Well, I better get back before anyone notices I’m gone and they send the swat team” I joked smiling some. Dean chuckled and nodded. “Yeah…See ya around Baby” he said looking up at me. His green eyes twinkled a little and I was glad the darkness hid my blush. “See ya Dean” I whispered and walked back toward the stone path. Unaware that I was being watched; “just a quick glance….just one….please” he whispered to himself.

               I hit the path and before I could even make another step, I had to do it. One more won’t hurt anyone, besides he’s staring at the water anyways. I smiled and bit my lip before turning and looking back at him. But Dean wasn’t staring at the water…

He was staring at me.

               I quickly turned and headed back to my cabin, where I would end up dreaming about those beautiful summer green eyes.

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Carly Rae Jepsen {Sentence Starters}
  • "I thought this summer you'd be gone away again."
  • "I’ll be right there by your side."
  • "But here's my number, so call me, maybe!"
  • "Are we gonna be more than a memory?"
  • "I thought they’d keep us apart."
  • "I wasn't looking for this, but now you're in my way."
  • "I should be running, but the heart's naive."
  • "I think that I've been going 'bout this the wrong way."
  • "I've been swept up in my own concerns."
  • "With every step I take, I seem to want you more than ever."
  • "What will be left when I have all that I desire?"
  • "Where do you think you're going, baby?"
  • "The worldly matters, they just don't matter at all."
  • "You seem too good to be true."
  • "I don't know how we're going to build a castle, now."
  • "Don't you know it hurts for a reason?"
  • "Lately you've been working too hard."
  • "It's too late for us, and there's no turning back now."
  • "Won't you dance with me?"
  • "I never meant to fight with you."
  • "Do you want to start again. somehow?"
  • "I wanna be the one that's in your arms."
  • "I know that we can't be together."
  • "I don't think anybody understands you."
  • "Sometimes I wish that I could change, but not for me-- for you."
  • "I don't care about your good intentions."
  • "I was sure that you would never look at me."
  • "I know you've had a rough time."
  • "I want to be the place you call your home."
  • "I really, really, really, really, really, really like you!"
  • "Tonight, I'm getting over you."
  • "And I want you. Do you want me? Do you want me, too?"
He makes you feel insecure. Part two. Requested

……Everyone just looked at you in shock at what you had just said “oh gone all quiet now ain’t ya” you say still angry"what do you mean your pregnant? Tell me" Justin says turning you to look at him “IM. PREGNANT. WITH. YOUR. BABY” you say clearly “but I know how you feel about me now Justin so you live your life with all these so called Women but to the rest I’ll text you” you say and take one look around and walk off inside the boat to gather your things but then you realise that your in the middle of the ocean so you cant exactly go anywhere.

Sitting down on the sofa, you place your head in your hands and realization of what has just happend hits you making tears apear in your eyes, you hear the steps creaking so you look up to see Justin stood there “don’t even bother Justin just fuck off back to you girlfriends!” You say angrily wiping away your tears “I didn’t say anything she said up there, I told them all I was in a relationship, even told them that you wad going to be there and yes I said you wasn’t shinny but you know that’s what I like about you, actually its what I love about you even more so that your pregnant with my baby” he says coming closer and kneeling in front of you, taking a hold of your hands you try and pull them away but he doesn’t let you. “I didn’t say anything up there because I couldn’t actually believe what she was saying, I was thinking that the biggest amount of bullshit I’ve heard in a long while. Kendall’s told them to go so ken’s (random name) taking them back to the shore in the speed boat” he says and you finally look up at him in the eyes and you see that’s he’s telling the truth “why would she say something like that though?” You sniffle “baby I don’t know that’s why I was so shocked at what she said” he says sitting next to you and pulling you into him “promise me that what ever she said isn’t true” you say looking up at him “baby I promise on my life you’re not a hoe, you’re my girlfriend and the beautiful mother of my un-born baby” he says causing you to smile wide, leaning up and kissing him gently “shall we go back up to the top and enjoy the rest of the night?” He asks “yes but don’t even think about making me feel insecure ever again other wise not kids for you!” You say seriously walking up the steps “wouldn’t dream of it” he smiles.

Requests are always open (any kind!😘)

"Playing Him By Ear" - An Enchanted in the Moonlight Fanficlet featuring Kyoga, Miyabi and Shinra

Rated PG-13 for language, implied sexy times

The crisp autumn breeze reddened Shinra’s nose a shade almost as deep as the hair atop his head as he walked along the road from the market back to the Shrine, swinging his bag of fish by his side with a carefree hand.  Chalking up the stares he received from several passersby to his handsome features instead of the incongruous sight of his wiry frame toying with a bag clearly marked with its 60-pound weight, he hummed a happy tune, enjoying the outdoor excursion and fresh air. He always did enjoy a trip to the market, where he got to see all the strange human foods and delicacies that piqued his curiosity almost as much as the people who sold them; which was more than he could say for his frowning kitsune companion, who had done nothing but complain since they had left on their errand earlier that morning.

“I don’t know how I got saddled with this menial task,” Miyabi grumbled, his sharp eyes covertly turning to follow a shapely female figure that walked past. “What’s the point of having Samon around if we have to carry our own food from market?”

Shinra snorted. “You’re doing it because everyone voted that the only way you’re gonna get your inari is if you bring the ingredients yourself. Besides it’s not like you had anything else to do. We haven’t had a fight with any bad guys in ages!” Spotting a dried leaf on their path that had fallen from a nearby tree, the young oni trod on it for emphasis, enjoying the sound of its crunch as it crumpled under his foot. “I’ve been going stir crazy!”

“True, it is more satisfying to crunch bones than leaves every once in a while, but peace has its merits,” Miyabi shifted the bag of rice over his shoulder to a more comfortable position as they turned into the Shrine’s front garden. “But I could do for some excitement, especially of the female kind.”

Shinra’s cheeks tinged a slight pink. “I-is that all you ever think about?”

“Basically,” Miyabi smirked.

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