i know it's a really old interview


 Tom Hollander: “Here I was sitting by the seaside with Hugh Laurie, who is one of the most entertaining people you will ever meet in your life, and Olivia Coleman, Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Debicki… It was paradise. Until we went swimming ! And, I -cause I’m a gentleman- lent Elizabeth Debicki my goggles, which I’d brought to Majorca because I knew about the jellyfish problem. But she didn’t have any so: ‘You must have mine Elizabeth’, so she wore them and I swam into all the jellyfish… And I don’t know if you’ve ever been stung by a jellyfish but it’s really, really painful… Guess who peed on me ? Tom Hiddleston. He saw this, he is heroic and you know, sort of ‘Bond’ like… Out of the corner of my eye, someone sharp strokes cutting through the water, Hiddleston had seen I was in trouble, he came out to me. I was standing on a rock immerged just in a few feet of water and he went: ‘It’s alright, stand back, I know what to do.’ He went ‘Where is it?’ ‘Here, it’s all here !- and ah it’s all really warm now…’

Tom had done what he needed to do, which was to pull his dick out, and to piss all over me. And I’m sorry to say, it doesn’t actually work.


My little indie rock and roll outfit from Salt Lake City.

It’s a homage to an unpopular individual i knew of as a youth. Or just a homage to the unpopular in general.

I hope so, a lot of songs I really enjoy may not make the cut. Keep your fingers crossed.

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2Doc and 2Nu

I don’t really know what’s up with this 2Doc is abusive thing and 2Nu is a healthy relationship now that she’s a grown woman thing. Just like how y'all 2Nu shippers say she’s a grown woman now, Murdoc isn’t that abusive asshole anymore and it’s so evident in the recent interviews. I have like nothing against 2Nu I just don’t fancy it since it’s more of a brother-sister relationship thing and I feel weird imagining 2D knowing his supposed significant other when she was 10 and he was about 20 years old. 2Doc was abusive, I agree on that and Murdoc is still a dickwad but c'mon, there’s obvious improvement now and saying one ship is better than the other isn’t really the most mature thing lol. Idk, can we all just stop invading each others tags? Its annoying how I go to 2Doc tags and see all this 2Doc hate. Ugh. If you don’t like it, fucking just leave.

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INGLÉS Hi, sorry if this bothers you, but I'd like you to say a few words to those people who are giving up believing in CrissColfer. There are many people who begin to believe that Chris is truly happy with Will, just as Darren is truly happy with Mia. There are many people who begin to convince themselves that Darren and Chris are not together and that they never were and that everything is an illusion of ours

I wasn’t sure about replying to you nonnie. That “Ingles” before your message shows me that you used a translator or… i don’t know.. don’t wanna think about it tbh.  But i decided to use this ask anyway to give my point of view.

I don’t think there are more people believing in Chill or Miarren. Chill: with Chris’ radio interview it revealed itself a joke as much as Miarren… and about Miarren… i don’t think we need other confirmation about its falseness: beard provides us a lot of stuff lately… both directly that through fake accounts.

What i think it’s happening rn? More people knowing that it’s only a facade and thank God, more people who don’t buy bullshit as it is and searching and trying to understand what is really happening. Well i see some of the “old people here” acting like they don’t even know what is pr and all of these anymore. too.. being a little too much obnoxious in a wrong way and “demanding” to know how is better for C or D to act in their situation when the don’t owe us nothing… but whatever.

So….my dear (troll?) Nonnie. I don’t have to say anything to convince people of anything. It’s all out here.. for people to see and understand. 

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That is such a great idea! I know there are a lot of respectful and nice Katie/Lena/Supercorp fans, and really talented people. We should fill those tags with love and support. Tag our happy and nice headcanons, analysis, fics, gifs, pics, videos, drawings, even opinions. Even if someone thinks they shouldn't tag it, they should. I'd rather read a nice opinion in those tags than hateful posts. As a new fan, I love when someone brings back old interviews, or bts, or videos. It's great to see it.

You heard it here Katie fans.

Tag it all!

Tag your love!
Tag your fics!
Tag your art!
Tag your gifs!
Tag your photo sets!
Tag your thinky thoughts!
Tag old videos and interviews!

Let’s all do what we can to help keep the Katie McGrath tag beautiful. I want so much amazing content that any hate or troll posts that come up are never even seen! Do it!

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Your 5 favorite things about Alex?

His kindness and genuine care for others.
Let me quote a message I received about him here. 
”I remember when they played here in Barcelona he said “visca catalunya” (which is actually Catalan, not even Spanish) and I loved that because most celebrities don’t even know what Catalonia is lol and he actually took time to learn a couple words in Catalan, when it would’ve been easier to say it in Spanish” x
It’s the small things like that that show he actually cares.

The way he talks about the things he’s passionate about. 
“When I first saw it in the store two years ago, I laughed at it. Then I went back and bought it. It’s as if they tried to make a guitar so no one would have to have an effect pedal ever again. It’s got a repeater effect, a palm wah-wah and a ratty fuzz distortion sound. And when you play it, it sounds like an orchestra from outer space.about his Vox teardrop-shaped 12-string Starstream guitar (Guitar World - December 2013)

His intelligence.
“I sometimes imagine each word to be made using a three dimensional open-top glass alphabet. Each letter built to harness and transport the mirror ball liquid marble of the melody. When the ‘substance’ fills up the syllables they seem to shimmer and become weightless. With the addition of close harmony I see colours swirl together, parts of the lyrics glow and the way in which they float suggests that something like the ‘star gate’ sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey is happening deep inside them out of view.” 
This whole interview is just fascinating.

“It’s really like… I feel like that riff - or that song even (Do I Wanna Know) - was like a ghost within the walls of this old guitar that I bought, to some extent.” 

His sense of humour. 
“That rock’n’roll, eh? That rock’n’roll, it just won’t go away. It might hibernate from time to time, sink back into the swamp. I think the cyclical nature of the universe in which it exists demands it adheres to some of its rules. But it’s always waiting there, just around the corner, ready to make its way back through the sludge and smash through the glass ceiling, looking better than ever. Yeah, that rock’n’roll. Seems like it’s faded away sometimes, but it will never die. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Thank you very fucking much for this, I do truly appreciate it. Don’t take that the wrong way. And yeah… invoice me for the microphone if you need to.” 
This speech is iconic and no one can ever convince me otherwise.

His strength and ability to grow and overcome his shyness.
“Writing isn’t the same as speaking, I struggle with conversation.”

“I feel like I should just flip out and do something crazy. It’s boring when people tell me I’m really well grounded. I feel a little bit sensible ? I don’t want to be that.”

“I’m in a difficult position in the sense that, preposterous as this might sound, I don’t like being the center of attention. I get up on stage every night and play songs, but I almost feel the songs are the center of attention. I don’t like opening my birthday presents in front of people, either.” -  Esquire UK (May 2014)

“I think I’m alright as a lyricist, you know? But then what will happen every couple of months or so is that I’ll hear a song I’ve never heard before and feel I’ve gone right back to square one. ”

“If anyone asks me about songwriting, I guess I’d say that you just gotta do it. I remember being afraid almost, to write shit down. It’s not strictly like - it is a craft, and there’s definitely an element… you need a little bit of luck and a little bit of magic as well. It’s just about practice; you get better.” x

There are so many more amazing things about him and I’m always so excited to find out more. 

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purplehalsey*tumblr*com/post/161910951775/youre-so-nice-thanks-so-much-for-the-answer it feels very intimate knowing who it's about right? i think i should watch/read some of ashley's old interviews to know more about the songs, like is there somewhere... it's one of my favs and i honesly don't know anything about it

yeah the thing is tho i dont think she really told ppl stuff like i remember when ppl said that is there somewhere is about matty n she was like nah u dont know who its about so like, i like that shes being a bit more candid but it does feel weirdly intimate knowing who its about yeah


[All readership personnel should abide by the following Content Warnings: torture, clinical descriptions of impermanent death, repeated suicide mentionings, human capture and containment, jaw restraints, electrocution, DirkJake, and SCP-related horror.]


Item #: SCP-1112
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1112 is to be held within Bunker-4 at Research Locale-13 on the coastal edge of ████, California. Bunker-4 is to be thoroughly soundproofed while in use as containment for SCP-1112.

SCP-1112 has shown to be physically aggressive and a potential hazard to personnel mental health. It is to be nullified under the following mandated procedures: metal binding of the lower jaw, placement and enforcement of a 50 milliamp containment collar, and set weekly sedation. SCP-1112 is to be secured in complete isolation at all times. Any personnel found interacting with SCP-1112 on a physical, psychological, communicative, emotive, metaphysical, or otherwise subhuman level without approved clearance will be terminated from their current assignment and demoted to D-class personnel.

SCP-1112 will be subject to a monthly interview under sedation. Any research personnel experiencing negative mental or emotional side-effects upon the continued study of SCP-1112 should report to Dr. [REDACTED] for psychological evaluation. Extensive conditioning or reassignment may be required.

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listen im 100% with you if this is definitely a legit interview its been long enough and they SHOULD KNOW BETTER BY NOW. they travel they met a lot of different people this should no longer be an issue. that being said i REALLY doubt this interview is real lol. sounds like the interviewer just bunged some old shit together and called it a day, a lot of ppl are saying so as well. the clue is that i bet my left tit yoongi would never say this. when he's asked this kinda thing he always says idc

THANK YOU YES. They should know better by now if they said it. Especially traveling all over the world and meeting fans of different cultures. I’m just starting to see on my dash that the magazine itself is sketch. Idk I hope it isn’t real, but I will hold them accountable if they said it. Honestly yoongis answer surprised me the most bc he always says height, weight, hair, style all that shit does not matter (bc hes a motherfucking precious angel). 

I really appreciate this message though. I don’t know if you’re a poc yourself or not, but I’m glad I’m able to see true armys and people who stan bts but are unwilling to let discrimination against pocs go. But I hope the article isn’t true, I’m going to keep digging into it and see what I can find. 

The Interview - Calum Hood

A/N: sorry for being pretty absent but here is a 5sos imagine that’s pretty badly written and kinda angsty so read ahead if you dare! What the actual fuck is the title?!

You were curled up on the furtherest side of the hotel bed you were sharing with your boyfriend Calum. You’d been dating nearing eighteen months and you’d flown out to see him on tour for the week.

You were pretending to be asleep as Calum stirred hoping he would remain in his deep slumber for a while longer. He fell back into deep breathing and stillness to your relief after what seemed like forever and you let out a quiet sigh.

You’d arrived two days ago where you had been picked up by the band’s manager who had taken you to the boys. They had all seemed excited to see you, Calum the most but certainly the others too. You’d had fun, hanging out with your boyfriend, watching the shows from backstage, and generally living amongst the 5sos family. The only thing Calum wouldn’t do with you was sightseeing, no matter how nicely you asked him he’d always so say no, coming up with lame excuses to stay and watch a movie or simply saying he was too tried. You respected this and realised that he was probably sick of being recognised all the time. This didn’t stop you from sightseeing when you were waiting for the boys to do interviews or sound checks. And that’s what you’d planned to do today despite the weight on your chest that had been sitting on you since last night. You were going to make the most of the day and use this space alone to find perspective.

You waited just long enough for you to be sure that Calum was completely back to sleep before slipping out of bed and into the bathroom to put your make up on and get dressed. You moved as silently as you could, gathering your things quietly and closing the bathroom door to contain the noise a little.

While the boys had been playing you’d checked their last interview that they’d spoke on the afternoon before you came, it was the only one up from the latest string of interviews. You were exhausted and Cal had promised he would be fine with you missing a show so you’d stayed in the hotel room.

The interview had been quite standard up until the last third when the interviewer had asked the boys about significant others. When it came Calum’s turn he shrugged casually, ‘nah man single as a pringle, were all too busy for girlfriends right now!’ He had said with a chuckle. The young lady had pressed him on this, 'what about the girl we’ve seen you with just before you left for this tour?’ She asks and Calum furrows his eyebrows, he almost says your name, his lips forming the beginning of it but he stops himself, 'who?’ He asks innocently and while you know he’s almost said your name and the boys probably do too nobody else would have noticed these subtleties. 'This girl.’ The woman flashes a picture of the two of you in your home city from a few months ago. 'She’s just a friend from high school who was here on holidays and popped in yano?’ He said in the video and you’d felt yourself break. 'Yeah she’s definitely not Calum of 5sos material hey boys!’ The interviewer says snarkily and again only you notice how Calum does a speed lap of the boys with his eyes and they all laugh awkwardly after he has glanced over them. 'Yeah he’s pretty damn hot!’ Ashton says and the lady laughs moving on again.

You’d cried yourself to sleep not wanting to confront your boyfriend about this just yet. He’d been there when you awoke this morning, arms around you tightly and face snuggled into your neck. You’d slowly removed yourself until now you were getting ready to leave the hotel and return only when you knew Cal wouldn’t be there.

You’re finishing your cleansing routine when the door squeaks open revealing your exceptionally hot boyfriend in only his briefs. Usually this would excite you but today it just makes you want to cry. 'Morning babe, what are you doing up so early come back to bed with me a while.’ He says with a yawn. He leans around you encasing you in his arms and kissing your temple. You stiffen as soon as he comes near you. He in turn stiffens arms going ridged against you. 'What’s wrong Y/N?’ He asks concern flooding his tone. At this you burst into tears pulling your arms around yourself and pushing his away at the same time. He takes a step back arms hanging by his sides shock all over his face.

You continue to cry unable to stop yourself, sobbing and wiping your eyes, gasping for air until you think you’ve composed yourself. 'Whats the matter, why are you so upset?’ He asks trying to comfort you but you flinch under his touch, making him pull back like he’s been burnt.

'Do you have a girlfriend Calum?’ You ask through your tears and he looks confused unsure if this is a trick question. 'You’re my girlfriend Y/N, I’m not cheating on you if that’s what you’re asking.’ He says trying to reassure you. You sniffle angry at yourself for crying and being such a mess. 'Ive just got to be alone for a while.’ You say pushing past him. You grab a hoodie, pulling it over your pyjamas as you swipe your room key off the table leaving the room altogether to the sounds of Calum’s startled protests.

You feel pathetic for leaving but you don’t know what to say and you know you want to be clear headed when the time comes to confront Calum, which you are clearly not at the moment.

You hurry through the lobby of the hotel finding the quietest corner of the room where nobody will see you. You curl up against the wall in the corner and scroll through your twitter. The fans have reacted to the interview already. Mean comments flow in a steady stream about Calum and this mystery girl who just so happens to be you. The consensus being that Calum is deserving of only the best. You feel like absolute shit. You try really hard not to be a mess again but you can feel the tears welling and then spilling out from under your closed eyelids.

You manage to compose yourself a little before trying to distract yourself with something else. You have a steel grip on your phone as you open up the different apps in a desperate attempt to distract your brain from thinking.

You’re so focused that you don’t hear the big man sit next to you until his shoulder brushes against yours. 'Hey Y/N.’ Ashton says as greeting.
'Hey.’ You mumble hoping you don’t look as big of a mess as you feel. He glances at you before pulling his phone out and sending what you assume to be a quick text. 'Wanna talk about it?’ He asks you.
'Not really.’ You say quietly. He just nods understandingly. 'I don’t know why you’re so upset but Cal was really worried.’ He says and you throw your defences up in protests. 'You know what Ashton?’ You ask but don’t wait for a reply. 'Fuck him, you wanna know something? He isn’t god-damn perfect! He’s just as fucking flawed as me. You know that Ashton, he’s not fucking perfect!’ You say angrily. And Ashton laughs patting your knee. 'God no! Y/N I live with the man when you aren’t I know he isn’t perfect, shit we could talk about his bad habits and annoying vices all day but we both love him enough to put those aside and be his girlfriend or best friend, and if we are being honest he’s worth loving for who he is, warts and all.’ Ashton says becoming serious at the end of his statement.

'Ash does he talk about me on tour, like does he love me still?’ You ask timidly eyes focused on your shaking fingers that fiddle with the sleeves of the hoodie which unfortunately happens to be Calum’s. 'Y/N he loves you, I have no doubt in my mind about that. He talks about you all the time on tour, if he gets drunk and we put him in his bunk or in the hotel bed he always gets grumpy, drunk Calum yells and wriggles the best a drunk man can and you know what he says? He says 'I have a girlfriend don’t kiss me.’ And it’s so fucking hard to get him into bed because he thinks were going to make out with him or some shit. Trust me I’m leaving that up to you.’ He says in way of comfort. You smile half heartedly but still can’t think of why he’d say what he said in that interview. You don’t get a chance to ask Ash before thundering footsteps echo through the lobby. Startled you look up scooting a little closer to Ashton.

The footsteps come around the bend of your hallway and stop a few meters away. 'Y/N?’ Calum says when he sees you in the corner. He walks over slowly. 'Can I sit here?’ He asks nodding at the space next to you, his voice is timid and his eyes plead with you to say yes. 'Well I can’t stop you.’ You say and he stands still. 'If you asked me to give you space I would leave you know that, right?’ He asks not wanting to push you despite the worry in his eyes. 'You can sit Calum.’ You say with a sigh trying hard to remain calm.

'I think I might go now, remember what we discussed about this guy before.’ Ashton reminds you ruffling Calum’s already messy hair before leaving the lobby and heading for his room again.

'I’m not sure what’s wrong Y/N. I don’t know what I’ve done to upset you and I really want to know what it is so I can fix it.’ He sits near you but not touching you. He’s put clothes on, some running shorts and a baggy old band tshirt. He looks haggard. 'Its just.’ You begin taking a deep shaky breath to ensure you don’t cry. 'I watched this interview last night, it’s here let me show you.’ You reach for your phone and unlock it looking for the video. 'I know which one it is, it’s the one from this week isn’t it?’ Calum says sadly. You nod glad you won’t have to hear him say the same thing again.

'I can explain,’ he says quickly and you pull yourself tighter into a ball, 'can you Calum?’ You whisper unsure how he could make something so blatant any different. 'This sounds stupid and I know that but I don’t want you on the internet, people will just tear you down all the time and you’re my girlfriend, I don’t want that. I want you to be as safe as you can be. It sounds stupid and I was awful about you in that interview, I made the others go along with it too but if you saw the shit you’d get purely for being my girlfriend you’d understand. I love and I want to protect you. If I say things like that you’re safe, that’s why I won’t go sightseeing with you.’ He says letting it all off his chest. You just nod stunned a little.

You compose yourself a little. 'Calum you can’t protect me, and you needed to tell me, discuss this. I thought you saw me as a joke, the boys laughed and you didn’t say anything and then you just ignored it all.’ You say and he hangs his head. 'I know that and I love you please never think that I don’t love you, but I’m not going to go public with this, I’m not going to be responsible for the hurt that you’ll get, I’m not going to be that selfish.’ He says determination in his eyes.

You open your phone and flick to twitter finding the comments that you’d been wading through before. 'You can’t stop them Cal, you can’t protect me forever.’ You say handing your phone to him. His face falls as he reads them. 'This is what I wanted to protect you from, I’m going to fix this. I don’t know how but I am. This isn’t fair. You shouldn’t have to put up with this. This is what I was trying to avoid. Do you see how much hurt I wanted to keep you from?’ He says running a hand through his hair. 'Im so sorry, if this is it for you than just say so. I understand.’ He says looking across at you eyes full of sorrow.

'Cal, it’s bothering you, not me. What upset me was the fact that you kept this idea from me. I was terrified for the whole evening. I thought you’d just been using me as something fun and I thought this was all just a lie. That you didn’t love me and that I’d wasted my life with the man I thought was truly someone I couldn’t live without.’ You say honestly. 'I was so angry that you thought yourself better than me, you know I struggle with being the average girl who is going out with the mega star, extraordinarily talented musician.’ You let the feelings off your chest hoping he has something of a reply to these thoughts.

'Y/N. I love you, I want you to be happy. I was selfish and over protective and I should have talked to you about us and the fans and all that. You’re not the average anything. You’re flawed like me and I love you despite of that, and as for truly loving you and not being able to live without you. Yeah, I don’t think I could bear a world were you weren’t in it. I love you and I’m sorry please forgive me.’ He asks and you put a hand over your trembling lips. 'Of course Cal. I love you and I’m sorry for overreacting.’ You say leaning over and grabbing his hands before hugging him. 'Thank you my love. Let me take you back to bed and pamper you until you can’t imagine wanting to cry again.’ You kiss his cheek and nod. 'I’d love to, but only if I can pamper you too. Also we need to thank Ash on the way past. He’s pretty wise sometimes, don’t tell him I said that though.’ You stand bringing Calum with you, his arm around you tightly and you walk through the lobby with a new found happiness.

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Do you think if Louis didn't have Harry and they weren't famous and all that, that Louis would be.... A real flirt? And charming? And maybe very (extremely) wild?

i had to save this for today because i wasn’t coherent enough to do this justice last night.

i would like to think if they hadn’t done x factor and gotten put together and become famous and all that that they still would have found each other. however, had louis gone on his merry way and not gotten famous or found harry how do i think he would be?

wild?  mmm…i don’t think he’d be any more wild than the usual 23 year old guy.  i’m sure he’d enjoy his share of partying and such when he could afford it, those things are expensive you know.  lol

but a flirt?  charming?  absolutely.  you’ve seen how he works male interviewers.  it’s incredible to watch.  he looks up through his lashes

and he’d probably go after them with a simple move like the lip licking

before showing them he really is a great listener and doesn’t mind when they touch

notice he does the looking up through his lashes again?  

its a very effective tool.  and then he continues on with being a good listener

and then he goes for a tight, full body hug

before going in for the kill

yeah.  i think he’d have pretty much any guy he wanted eating out of his hand. but i’m also inclined to believe he is a relationship man.

and quite happy that way.  so whatever guy he pursues i would imagine would stay as long as he wants them.  but maybe that’s just me.

Realistic Phanfiction

Many years in the future:

Interviewer: Hi Dan and welcome to the show!

Dan Howell: Hi! Thanks!

Int: Nice to have you here!

Dan: Good to be here. *looks around* Its quite nice, isn’t it?

Int: Oh, yes.

Dan: I’ve always heard Sydney was an ugly city but its really warm and just sort of pretty.

Int: *To the audience* Now, if you don’t know him, this is Dan Howell, youtube giant, internet kind, and official emperor of irony. *Turning back to Dan* Dan, how are you today?

Dan: Pretty good, thanks. Excited to be in Australia. Been visiting friends. Nadia’s not used to travel, we didn’t know how she’d do but she’s loving the whole experience.

Int: Awww, how old is she?

Dan: She’s- Oh! For those who don’t know, Nadia’s my daughter… 

Viewers/interviewer: aaawwwww!!!

Dan: Yeah, I know. Me and my best friend, Phil, got her- wow- almost six months ago! *looks dramatically shaken* Wow, already?!

Int: Woah, congratulations!

Dan: Thank you! Yeah. You know, some of our fans still call her Susan Howlter?

Int: Really? Still?

Dan: Yeah, they’re hanging on to that one. *To the audience* If you didn’t know, Phil and I have been pretty good friends for about sixteen years and we used to have this joint channel where we played video games- we’d this Sim we called Dil Howlter, you know, because it’s like a combination of our names- and Phil sort of had his awful habit of naming everything Susan, so…

Int: So the long-time fans are really enjoying this, essentially.

Dan: Essentially, yes.

Int: By the way Dan, last I saw you, you were living in London. Do you still live in the old flat?

Dan: No- it was a bit small. We’re moved out of the city, a bit less urban, ‘cause we thought, better for Nadia… you know.

Int: It is so great that you and Phil are still such great friends!

Dan: I know- I mean, its so funny because a lot of people are really surprised at the idea of two mates adopting a child together and getting a little house with, you know, a blue door and a wood fence but we’re happy and… its great.

Int: …

Dan: Life with the biffle’s pretty great, to be honest.

Viewers: …

Dan:   :)

I’m Defenceless (Harry Styles One-shot)

I’m Defenceless (Harry Styles One-shot)

You and Harry are both famous singers and you go to the AMA’s together. Harry feeling the affects of being away from you and he finds it hard to keep his hands off you….

A/N: Hey guys, so a lot of you have been asking me about the boy’s performance on the AMA’s and ive been thinking about writing a story to fit into it. I’m really sorry that i haven’t been that active on this account, and i promise that i will write more! I do miss writing and hearing your opinions and answering your questions! And im sorry that this is really long, i usually say its going to be a page, then before i know it im on page 5 and its like 2 hours later, i just hope you enjoy this one! A lot more detail than what i would usually write, but its what you guys are asking me to do, so here you go, enjoy!



In my hotel room, there were about 10 people rushing around me, 4 people making me look presentable, and my boyfriend that was annoyingly knocking on my hotel door, trying to get in even though he was told that he couldn’t. “Okay guys we have about 30 minutes until we need to leave, and Lou whenever your done can you make sure that the lads are ready? I don’t wanna have to drag them to their hotel rooms to get changed, especially Harry” Yes, to answer your questions, ive been dating Harry for about a year now, and this is the first awards show we are doing together as a couple, just because of the media. We didn’t tell the world about our relationship until 3 months ago, and honestly I’m surprised that we kept it hush hush for that long without someone selling stories to the media or someone spotting Harry giving me public affection, which since we came out as a couple, it as become a reoccurring thing, which i don’t mind at all.

“Babe you look stunning, and you haven’t even put on your outfit yet”

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Yet despite the intensity of his roles, he has enormous fun at work. On X-Men, he and James McAvoy were banned from using the on-set golf buggies after James crashed one into a Lexus: ‘I went flying over the back seats and hit my head on the steering wheel, so everyone thinks it was me driving.’ When I query James McAvoy about this event, he laughs. ‘I tell it kind of differently to Michael,’ he retorts. ‘He landed in the driver’s seat… and then ran away, with this comedy-caper run. And his shins were all cut up and bleeding.’

Fassbender is famously popular on set. McQueen describes him as ‘a team player, a dad who embraces everyone around him, but he’s also very serious’. When Fassbender hears this, he cracks up and says: ‘Yeah, well, Steve’s a dirty liar.’ But Javier Bardem backs up McQueen. ‘Michael’s always making the most ridiculous jokes. It’s like: “Jesus man, stop it, I need to concentrate here.” [But] the guy… he’s an acting beast. When they say ‘Action’… boom, he goes to a place that I want to visit in the scene. So I just have to follow him.’ McAvoy says more of the same: ‘He’s a proper gentleman. Yeah, he plays hard as hell, but he works really hard and gives everybody respect. There’s something quite old-school about Michael, and I love him dearly.’

For his part, Fassbender hasn’t got a bad word to say about anyone. On Steve McQueen: ‘I love him too. You know, he changed my life. Simple.’ James McAvoy, he clearly adores. When I suggest that McAvoy – after a stomach-churning turn in the recently released Filth – might topple Fassbender’s monopoly on deviance, he is delighted. ‘I’ve heard he’s AMAZING in it. Anything that he does, I’m gonna go see.’

—  From ELLE December 2013 - Interview Michael Fassbender

‘Bob Odenkirk says it’s sometimes difficult for him to focus on just one thing, which might help to explain how in one minute he’s talking intellectually about comedy, and then in the next he’s asking that this interview be halted for a moment because, well, that dog over there is just too funny.

“My god, that is one hilarious animal, some kind of mutant,” Odenkirk marvels. The small oddity of a dog—a smashed-in face, a high screech of a bark—is leashed up and barking incessantly at the window of a coffee shop, presumably for its owner, who’d just stepped inside. “I should really take a video of that for my daughter. Do you mind? She will flip out.”

Right now, though, he’s just a dad saving a giggle for his 9-year-old, dropping to his knees on the sidewalk in front of the barking dog, his camera phone recording. “ What are you doing?” Odenkirk asks in his best puppy-dog voice (you know the one). “ Oh, you’re a tough guy. Funny guy. Tough guy…”’


Source: Daily Beast interview with Josh Gajewski (2010)


How long did it take you to get used to having the runes applied every day?
Oh, man. You still don’t get used to it. Because you get them on there — and some people don’t mind so much, and really, they’re easy to have on… but it toward the end of the day, it becomes a bit of just ‘oh, I want to get them off.’ But they’re fun to have on for a lot of the time. It’s like play time.

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lets pray for harry. aint nothing happened to him, its just he has to eat that pancake tonight. hope his stomach well, though his heart might swell by louis' love through the poor pancake.

Hahaha aww. You know, it’s funny, because I always see people on Tumblr saying that Louis can totally cook because he’s 24 years old, that the lack of cooking abilities is just part of his false image, that he lies about it in interviews…but I really don’t think he’s lying about that. I’m 23 and I am an absolute DISASTER in the kitchen. I have honestly ruined so many easy dishes, so I really survive on food that requires the bare minimum of cooking prep. I think there is a really good chance that Louis does suck at cooking, especially since he doesn’t have a ton of motivation to improve because he has a boyfriend who can cook really well. There’s a reason that Louis’ cereal cupboard is so well stocked, and it may not be just because he enjoys cereal. It’s possible to be 24 years old and suck in the kitchen, and honestly, that picture and the stories Louis has told suggest that he just doesn’t have a lot of talent in that particular area, which is totally fine. I don’t really get why the fandom acts like it’s such a huge insult to Louis when people suggest that maybe the lack of cooking abilities isn’t just a trope.

Sara 'control freak' Quin curates the shows
  • Sara: I really enjoy making the playlists for out front, actually, like what people hear when they come in the venue, what they hear in between the opening bands. Um, I make those playlists, and make them with care. I spend a lot of time thinking about them -
  • Tegan: She curates the evening.
  • Sara: I really, really do. And sometimes I think I drive the people we work with crazy because the wrong playlist will come on all the time, and I'll know, and I'll hear it and be like, "No, this is supposed to be - this is the old country section and I don't understand why Patsy Cline isn't playing right now" and someone has to go and fix it.
Baby's First Word (Calum)

This is quite short and I don’t really think its that good in quality but I will let you guys be the judge of that. Sorry about the length but I really just wanted to put something out today.

“Come on baby, say daddy” Smiling down at his five month old baby girl Ava laying flat on her back while her dad dressed her for the day. “Daddy, come on its easy sunshine da-ddy" 

You laughed from the bathroom "Sweetie, don’t push her she will talk when she’s ready”

Calum sighed and watched his little girl blow bubbles while grabbing at her feet. “I know but me and the lads go away for the interview tour in three days and what if she says it when I’m away?”

“Then I will film it honey, you’re only going away for a week I doubt that she will say it. Stop stressing!” You leaned down and kissed his cheek before scooping up Ava into your arms and bouncing her on your hip.


It was time to say goodbye to Calum, you were currently at the airport and everyone seemed to be crying or silent. The lads had not been away from their family’s in over two years. They decided to take a break from being 5 seconds of summer to be family men, but now it was time for them to go back into the spotlight and become a band again. Your little girl was getting restless in your arms, trying to wiggle out of your grip and holding her arms out to Calum.

Even at her young age she knew that her daddy was not going to be with her for a little while and she didn’t like that.

“Ava honey, wave bye bye to daddy.” You sniffled and Ava started to cry as she watched Calum and her uncles walk away


Both you and Calum looked at her with wide eyes.

"She said Daddy!” Calum started jumping up and down running back to you both and scooping Ava up and spinning her around. “My clever little girl”

Ava squealed in delight at her daddy’s antics and started to chant “Daddy Daddy!”

Even though Calum was heartbroken that he would still have to leave his daughter and his wife, hearing his little girl say his name made the departure a little more easier than expected. 

  • Interviewer: Do I remember correctly hearing the Christmas episode was written differently at the end? It had written you out originally and you changed your mind?
  • Jenna Coleman: No, it was very confusing, but my contract was up. But much earlier [than the Christmas special was shot], I decided to stay and do another series with Peter.
  • Interviewer: So it probably only got to the draft stage?
  • Jenna: Yeah.
  • Interviewer: So the rumor that the ending (of “Last Christmas”) where you’re old, that was never on its own the original ending?
  • Jenna: I don’t know. But it was decided much earlier that we would stay and do Season Nine.
  • Interviewer: So you never saw a script where it ended there?
  • Jenna: No.
  • Interviewer: It feels like so much of the news around “Doctor Who” is like, who’s parting and who’s coming on. And I’m curious, is that at all frustrating? Constantly being asked if you’re quitting your job?
  • Jenna: Mmm that’s something I was really very aware of when I started, because you literally start and people say ‘When are you going to leave?’ When Peter was cast people were like ‘Who’s going to be the next Doctor?’ and he’s like give me a week! But I suppose it’s the nature of the show and it’s what makes the show really exciting. But as I came in Arthur [Darvill] and Karen [Gillen] were leaving, so there was that in the air, and obviously Matt left soon after. So I think you’ve always aware of the ticking clock, I suppose. And enjoy it while it lasts because it’s really a one of a kind job.