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Hi there my deers~~
Im horrible person when it comes to post new stuff here…I know x’D

Sooooo, recently I drew this two sketches that are focused on Pearl from SU and her past c: I was wondering and thinking about her origin….there is still so much stuff in this show that is still secret….but thats why its so exciting no???!

Hope you’ll like it!

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I would love it if u shared some rubber-hose cartoons!! I haven't seen any in a long time but I used to watch em as a kid, mostly Mickey Mouse tho. But with this game I've kinda fallen fully for this style?? Lol


((Honestly my top favorite cartoon to watch is and i will ALWAYS recommend Flip the frog :( he is such a handsome funny toon <3  he last from 1930-1933 uvu but his late 1930′s design is the cutest and the most handsome ))

(( i made a playlist with most of his episodes available on youtube uvu you can find it HERE 


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the signs as annoying types of people on tumblr dot com
  • aries: gets into heated arguments with children over cartoon characters and ships
  • taurus: i'm right. everyone else is wrong. no. i will not budge on this i know everything i took a psychology class 10 years ago
  • gemini: vagues about their friends constantly
  • cancer: every. single. post. is begging for attention and crytyping
  • leo: still into superwholock, and still makes posts like a 12 year old in 2014
  • virgo: constantly reblogs posts that claim they'll give you a shoutout and boost your followers
  • libra: that one person that adds their commentary to every post whether it's relevant or not
  • scorpio: porn bots
  • sagittarius: thinks that posting about polyamorous relationships in ship tags will make things simmer down. does not realize they're making it worse.
  • capricorn: the token cis straight person that adds onto posts thinking they understand all forms of oppression. well meaning, but gets on everyone's nerves tbh
  • aquarius: way too serious about anime
  • pisces: "henlo my smol beans!!!!"
David and Jasper?

I feel like every time there’s an opportunity to show some kind of foreshadowing towards David and Jasper knowing each other/David knowing about his death it’s redirected to something else… Even the newly released episode had David alone looking at old photos where Jasper was obviously present and he didn’t even flinch. Thoughts?

I still want to believe David knows about it, but like there haven’t actually been that many clues that support that besides that they were in camp at the same time. Like if David did know him personally and was affected by his passing then I feel like we would have seen something by now? At least something small like an aversion to spooky island or something? Or maybe his memories are just repressed :/

Pls tell me what you guys are thinking, because I just really want angst in this nice comedy cartoon already.

people so salty about andy in the new SU episode chill

Like…problematic people exist, but they’re people too. Andy definitely evoked a “backwards uncle” vibe that the crew was going for. And that made the gems (and the viewers) uncomfortable.

But isnt that what SU has been doing for the majority of its tenure? Helping kids (the real audience here) see Steven interact with a “problem” relative, and not shying away from wanting to know more about him, because even though gem stuff is WAY COOLER than human stuff, he wants to know and understand him because he doesn’t know all that much about it. Like when Steven and Andy are alone and they’re just peeling potatoes and Steven talks to Andy about his human family. One of my favorite parts (among “why don’t we all get married” and Lapis casually tossing Steven at the plane) was Steven trying to relate the commonalities they have (“I love how we both eat cake!”), but still asking Andy to understand and give their ‘new’ family a chance. I think thats really awesome for kids (and adults) to not just see one perspective, but still holding firm to what you believe.

Tdlr Steven is a beautiful cartoon boy and he is my role model

While it technically wasn’t an episode, this minute long “sneak peek” I saw at SDCC sealed the deal that I was going to LOVE this show. Having already been familiar with Wander through some of Craig McCracken’s old sketches, it was exciting to see this little character really come to life. And then there was everything else! The wavy, fluid style of the characters and setting, the colors that popped out but never distracted, and a fun beat that seemed to be in sync with the animation. As an artist, it was incredibly inspiring. There was one thing that upset me, though. It was only a minute long. And now I had to wait over a year to see more. The clip itself wasn’t even from an aired episode, so what if the show itself looked even better?? (spoiler: it did)

Wander Over Yonder became so much more than just this adorably hilarious, good-looking cartoon. There’s this whole message of seeing the best even when the situation is at its worst. That being positive and friendly doesn’t always end in things being okay, yet there’s never a moment where it throws out that way of thinking. It’s not at all what I would’ve expected from watching that short preview, though it never strayed away from being wonderfully goofy. It hurts everyday knowing it never got to finish telling its story, but there’s obviously an audience if people are still talking about it months after it ended. Hopefully, there’ll come a day where @disneyxd​ can give it that proper closure.

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People get mad becuase people criticizing cartoons is really bad for kids.. itll make them think the show bad and make them sad.. it makes the fandom unsafe

Hmm.. well…
Just because someone says something critical of your fav show means you can not like it hopefully kids know that
Critisim doesn’t and shouldn’t make the fandom bad its peoples negative reaction towards it
Kids can also watch a show critically a lot of things annoyed me about cartoons when I was a little one and I still tuned in

So how come ive never seen anyone mention how Sadie like clearly has dwarfism. It would explain why shes shorter than everyone else her age, to the point where an 8* year old can fit into her dress.

And i know its just a cartoon and a lot of the gems are short and it could be a choice of style but the gems aren’t human, she is. Not to mention she’s way shorter than her mother despite being almost an adult. 

I mean it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change anything about the story but like how much representation do little people have where their condition isn’t used as a novelty or joke? Idk think its a cool addition

fargo (1996)

you know, i thought fargo was my favorite coen bros movie…but i think its a second fav…

if the big lebowski takes place in a cartoon universe then fargo takes place in between that world and ours in a dimension where good, weird, unfathomable stories are told that could still reasonably take place in reality. even from the start, the movie brute forces your suspension of disbelief by asserting that it was based on a true story (it wasnt, the point is enthrall you further with this totally out there story). the coens dont really care about “realism” or whether or not something could or could not happen in reality; they make films where shit just happens and it because the universe goes along with it, so do you. 

fargo is one of those movies that succeeds in trying to capture the “feeling” of a place, they get wrapped up in preserving authenticity and aesthetics in a piece. the movie has a very small cast of principle characters with the open, snowy minnesota landscape framing them as they sprint across the open fields. and like every coen bros movie, the characters carry the piece, with their chirping, high pitched minnesota accents grating against the gory plot. its a beautiful dichotomy and elevates and otherwise pretty funny script to “really funny". it feels like the movie was built entirely around the idea of the perky minnesota nice stereotype clashing with the out of town rabble. 

its a dark and funny celebration of a very specific place in america and type of american that has the good fortune to also be built around a very entertaining to watch movie.