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I have a prompt. It's pre-Jesus, or BC, rather. I just wanna see the boys of Team Family, relaxing, having some guy talk and just broing out a bit, discussing women or relationships, whatever. Then they ask Daryl to join in and he's just like "... y'all know I'm gay, right?"

BC, i cackled

The sun was shining. It was one of those rare days, where no one had to leave, where the chores were done early, where everything actually seemed okay. 

The boys had decided to sit outside, Daryl smoking and laying back on the grass, his eyes closed as he listened to everyone around him speak. It was easier, with his eyes closed to listen. To focus better without really focusing at all. 

Rick, Hershel and Glenn were sitting on lawn chairs, all laughing at one of Rick’s stories he had told about a terrible ex-girlfriend. 

Glenn shrugged, Daryl could hear it from the way his arms moved on the chair. “I only ever had Maggie, I have no funny stories. I also wouldn’t tell them if I did have them, because my father-in-law is right next to me.”

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i love the ds castlevania games and lots of modern metroidvanias, but honestly, even now, there’s still something special about symphony of the night. and i think the big thing is the way the game is structured

the first time i tried playing symphony of the night as a teen, it really threw me off! i got to alucard’s first boss fight with no warning and beat it with little fanfare. beating the fight didn’t give me access to a new ability i needed to get to the next area. it was just physically in the way of my path. i then breezed through the marble gallery with at least half of that area being completely optional, and soon i was on the other end of the castle. it felt wrong to me. it felt like i was rushing without intending to. i was used to metroidvanias that put more effort into guiding me through most of the game’s content

when i picked up the game again a few years later, i realized that was one of its biggest strengths: a large majority of the content is optional, and you’re free to tackle quite a bit of it in whatever order you want. you’ll usually have multiple areas open to you at once, with lots of stuff to find off the beaten path. most later castlevania games also had early, fake final bosses that lead to bad endings, but the whole underground portion of the castle and the entire second half of the game are technically secrets here! you can fight richter and get the bad ending and never know about at least 60% of the game’s content

that even extends to alucard’s abilities. i don’t think the wolf form is actually required to get the fake ending. neither are the spells, which you can actually do from the start if you know the inputs. most of the relics? optional. the entire familiar system? i’d never even used familiars until my latest playthrough of the game just recently

there’s just, so much optional content in this game. and the fact that it’s optional makes it feel more special. it feels more adventurous when it’s your choice to seek this stuff out. man this game has aged beautifully

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Do you know how old Dani Kade and Graham are on Rescue Bots? In an episode I just watched, the mayor (who had lost some memory) thought Cody was Graham, and I think it was established that the mayor had lost like, 10 years of memory? So Cody's age + 10 = Graham? But, isnt that still a bit young for being an engineer or whatever? Idk if it's ever explained later bc I'm only just at s3 now, but I couldn't find anything online about it.

Don’t think their ages were ever given in the show, but that would put them all in their early to mid-20s, which doesn’t seem outlandish. Graham, in fact, is still in higher education; he’s accepted to Gremsky Technical Institute late in season 1, and is seen doing homework in season 2. Rescue work’s just in the Burns blood, and they start ‘em young - after all, Cody sees his fair share of action too!

Writing tip:
Try not to think of character flaws as working on a point system–giving someone a bunch of ‘bad’ traits in order to balance out their ‘good’ traits and/or cool powers.

Like, that’s a start, but it’s usually cooler to turn the good traits into flaws–and vice-versa. No personality trait is inherently good or bad–it’s all about context and what the character does with it.

-A guy is determined and persistent and won’t ever give up in the face of hardship–but he also doesn’t actually know when to let things be or make a plan B. He fixates on ideas–for good or ill.

-A gal is tough and stoic and perpetually collected–which is great on the battlefield, but gets in the way when it comes time to comfort a grieving friend and she doesn’t know what to say because she’s naturally stoic and can’t empathize easily.

Basically every trait has good bits and bad bits–and I love reading stories where the strengths are also weaknesses. It feels more real to me when everything connects like that.

Your Ex is Stalking You and Happy Takes Care Of It

Before you met Happy you’d been single for six months.

You tried your hardest not to get involved with Happy but he was so persistent. You ignored his calls, if you ever saw him in public you turned the other way and got out of there as quick as possible. It’s not that you didn’t like Happy or you didn’t want to be around him but you knew getting involved with you would complicate his life even more.

You never told Happy anything about your ex. You weren’t sure what Happy would do if he ever found out.

When you had moved to Charming the calls and the notes and the pictures he sent you increased. It got to the point where he basically called you hourly and there was a letter in your mailbox every day.

Happy knew you were stressed but he figured it was your job, because being a nurse wasn’t easy.

But then without warning the calls stopped. The letters stopped. The pictures stopped. You didn’t feel like you were being watched anymore.

After two months of no letters and no calls you decided to give Happy a chance.

The first few months of your and Happy’s relationship was relatively quiet. His schedule was hectic, he was always being called away for one reason or another. You’d heard about the MC from the other nurses, even found out that an esteemed surgeon was married to a member. You never asked Happy why he was leaving or about the various blood stains you found on his clothes and he never offered any explanations. You didn’t want to know and he didn’t feel like explaining.

Overall you were really fucking happy with your relationship. Months flew by and after a year of being together you two moved in together. You’d practically lived together anyway, but he had his own apartment. He moved in and while you guys bickered more often he just continued to make you happier.

He slowly started opening up about the club. He never told you too much, just when things got really dangerous. He introduced you to a few of the guys too. You’d met Tig, Chibs and Jax and Jax’s wife, the surgeon. You and Tara became fast friends.

You had been with Happy two years before he asked you to marry him. It wasn’t some big romantic proposal, you had come to pick him up from one of SAMCROWs giant parties. Hap had asked you to come but you had to work. You promised to pick him up though, and that seemed to satisfy him.

It was rare for Happy to actually get drunk. But the way he was leaning into you, like you were literally the only thing keeping him from hitting the ground, you knew he was pretty fucked up. You didn’t mind, he wasn’t a mean drunk and he didn’t puke or anything.

Just before you made it out the door he stopped you.

“Hey, girl, you wanna get married?”

Just the thought gave you butterflies, because you and Happy had never talked about marriage. You had his crow tattoo’d on your side and that seemed to be all the commitment he craved. He was drunk so you didn’t take him seriously.

“Sure, Hap, whatever you want.”

When he’d woken up in the morning he asked you again.

You didn’t really want a wedding, either of you, so you just went down to city hall and signed some papers and then you were married.

The club was ecstatic, they never thought anyone, let alone someone semi-normal, would want to be tied to Happy. They all crowded around you to inspect tiny script that wrapped around your finger, which just said Happy’s name, and the one on Happy’s finger that you used instead of rings.

You’d been married two days when the calls started again.

They were worse than they’d ever been. He was angry, so angry that you’d married Happy. He told you every twisted thing he could think of, he told you that Happy would leave you, Happy was fucking this crow eater, Happy was just using you, it just got worse and worse and finally he began threatening you. He told you what he would do when Happy would leave on a run.

You knew you didn’t have to worry about your own safety, not as long as Happy was with you but you knew he was right. Happy would be called away on a run any day now. Your short little honeymoon couldn’t last forever. You couldn’t sleep, you wouldn’t eat and you knew Happy was starting to notice.

“Y/n, what the fuck is your problem?” He growled at you one night when he found you on the couch at three in the morning, instead of being in bed with him where you should have been.

“What do you mean, baby?” You asked without meeting his eyes.

“You don’t sleep, you don’t eat, you haven’t since we got married. Is that what it is? You regret marrying me?” He was getting really worked up, he was shaking and while it looked like anger you knew it was hurt.

“No, of course not, baby.” You reached for his hand.

“Then why the fuck are you acting like this? What’s wrong with you?” He stared down at you, hard, and you knew you had to tell him the truth.

“Sit down, love.” You tugged on his hand until he sat down, he sat on the opposite side of the couch, just far enough away that you couldn’t easily reach out and touch him.

He didn’t want you touching him and you felt a pang of guilt. He really was hurt if he didn’t want you touching him. Even that one time he thought you were cheating on him he let you run your hands all over his body.

“I don’t regret marrying you,” you told him, “I love you and you make me so happy.” He was staring at you, hurt still very clear in his eyes. “But there’s something I haven’t told you.”

You moved so you could straddle his lap, because you missed being close to him. His hands found their way to your waist and he held you close.

You kissed him quickly, because you didn’t know how mad he would be later.

He kissed you again, long and hard. He pulled away and stared up at you.

“Do you remember when we met and I avoided you like crazy?” You waited until he nodded his head to go on. “Well, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to be around you. I actually really wanted to get to know you. But I was dealing with shit. And I really didn’t want you to have to get involved.”

You explained everything to him. You explained how your ex had been obsessive when you were together, how he’d been controlling and manipulative and how when you broke up with him and moved away he began stalking you.

Happy’s entire demeanor changed. He held you close, his hold turning possessive and protective. He didn’t like thinking about you being too scared to tell him something, he wanted to fucking kill your ex, he wanted to rip him apart for hurting you.

When you were finished telling him about your ex you waited. You didn’t know how Happy would react. He held you closer, his head resting on your shoulder.

“I’ll fucking kill him.” He growled.


“No. He’s going to fucking die.”

Happy took you to the club house and had Kozik, who was awake for some goddamn reason, sit with you until he got back.

It was comforting that Happy cared so much and he wanted you to feel safe again. It worried you what he would do to ensure your safety.

“What’s Hap’s problem? Are you alright? I haven’t seen him that freaked in a while.” Kozik looked over at you while sliding a beer your way.

You explained shortly what was happening and Kozik threw an arm over your shoulders comfortingly.

“You don’t have anything to worry about! Happy’ll take care of it. And while he’s gone you got me!” He smiled at you trying for cheerfulness.

Kozik’s ever present grin made you feel a little better. You knew you wouldn’t be able to relax until Happy was back but you were thankful that if you couldn’t have Hap at least you had Kozik to cheer you up a little.

The hours ticked by and you could feel the anxiety of not knowing where Happy could be was starting to weigh heavily on your chest.

You and Kozik had settled on the couch, his arm still thrown over your shoulders. You’d fallen asleep somehow, knowing nothing could get passed Kozik.

You woke up to someone shaking your shoulder. Kozik was no longer sitting next to you.

“Babe. Wake up.” The second you heard Happy’s raspy voice you felt like a weight had lifted from your shoulders.

There was the tiniest bit of orangey-yellow light that was coming through the windows so it was probably early morning.

As soon as you realized it was your husband trying to get your attention you dove into his arms. He grunted slightly at the impact but he wrapped his arms around you anyway.

“It’s okay, baby, I took care of it.” His hand found its way into your hair. “He won’t bother you any more.”

“What did you do?” You asked, almost too scared of the answer.

“I took care of it.” He told you firmly.

You nodded, knowing whatever he did you didn’t want to know about it, and that you didn’t have to worry about your ex anymore.

You let Happy take you home and wrap you both up in you comforter. You fell asleep to the rise and fall of his chest and you felt so much better knowing he was here with you and that you could live the rest of your lives together without having to worry about anyone harassing you.

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Do you think Sam is mad about something season 4 related? On December 5 his driver David tweeted that there was two more weeks of shooting. Seems strange that Sam would be done a full week early? Whatever it's about, disappointed to see it distract from Cait's GG nomination. Would have been totally appropriate to let her shine in a solo interview and have them both back later for another interview.

I don’t think its season 4 related Anon. Also, If you know @flocklander I’ve adopted her laid back “lets all chill a bit” take on this. Sam would never walk away from a shoot. The guy terrified of being sacked? Nah. I think he’s done shooting, other scenes are being shot, and he’s taking a much needed break from everything.

I think he’s thrilled for Cait and this was never intended to rain on the parade. If anything, it was planned to stir the soup a bit.

My advice to all: Stay Calm. Hug it out with
Your Outlander buddy, and read some good fanfiction. I know I’m behind with all this awesome Santa stuff coming out.

Parks and Recreation, Talks at Google, 2012. (On a typical day on set.)
  • Aubrey Plaza: Unlike Chris [Pratt], I feel like a normal day for Amy [Poehler] is probably a lot different. 'Cause normally the girls... I feel like the girls have to come in... you know, especially on Mondays, like 5:30 in the morning. Really early. And, um, usually I walk in and I see [Amy], and you're there, and you're never late. And I'm always late.
  • Amy Poehler: I'm always a little... I'm a little bit late sometimes.
  • Aubrey Plaza: Really? Oh.
  • Amy Poehler: Yeah, I'm like 10 minutes late. It's a problem.
  • Aubrey Plaza: Well, I'm always early, and, um... I...
  • Adam Scott: Wait, I thought you just said...?
  • Chris Pratt: Yeah.
  • Aubrey Plaza: Well, we'll s... Whatever. And sometimes I get in really early and I don't talk to anyone for as long as I can. And I usually go in my trailer and stare at myself in the mirror and think about my choices and my regrets. And I just... Yeah.
  • Amy Poehler: Yeah, I'll see Aubrey in the morning, and I'll say, "Hi, Aubrey," and she'll be like, "Aubrey's dead. April's here now."
The Grill // Eva & Will

Moving to a new town was always a risk for Will. Being a vampire without any friends or family around was quiet difficult, but maybe he’d find a new friend today. Will was at his house and got ready for the date or meeting or whatever this was. He got out of the shower and put on some pans and a black shirt. A few minutes later he left the house and went to the Grill. He was a bit early so he waited outside the restaurant for Eva. 

Okay what I got from the trailer:

-They definitely don’t want us to think that Ben and Bea are still together. They want us to be freaking out and wondering why. Personally guessing either they secretly still are but Ben cant let on about that on the channel that everyone else can see when not being in a relationship is in the rules, or that they did break up and that’s going to be a big unspoken thing for a while that will finally be emotionally addressed later in the series and then love and reunion and more soppy songs (they’re got to adapt the boy’s sonnets as songs right?) will happen, or they broke up for a bit (for Bea travelling reasons?) but then circumstances change and they get back together quite early or they just really did grow apart and are both going to find new relationships or whatever this time but for the sake of my heart I’m not going to think about that possibility unless it happens. 


- I think Pedrazar’s still going on in some way, they might not be still officially going out or something though? Just got that vibe.

- the rules look fun, especially looking forward to the challenges :)

- it sounded like Balthy came up with them? Or is at least their biggest advocate

- We actually saw way less of the new cast than I was expecting? And we don’t know for sure who the LLL actually are (well Ben and Balthy are pretty much confirmed, and guessing Freddy because of the play but we dont know whose playing him and who’s the last person?? Pedro? I mean last we knew he owned the LLL channel but its basically all balthy videos and ben made it so who knows what’s happening now)

- Yay Ben being a lovely dork and doing accents! Yay for smiley Bea and Meg and party/ensemble bits!

- kind of goes without saying but I think all of these clips were incredibly carefully chosen, it seemed like they were picking out of a really small amount of them to avoid whatever spoilers. (Or possibly that’s just because they’re the ones they’ve edited so far, but I still reckon it means big NMTD-shattering things will be happening early and extensively.)