i know it would've ruined the story

anonymous asked:

Why do the writers of shameless ruin everything? They give mickey a crappy ending and treat him like crap. They make ian seem like he thinks mick was a bad guy and make him say shitty things. Like why? Their stories, both together and personal had so much potential. They could of been such amazing and complex characters and they were until the writers ruined it. It would've been so interesting to see how Ixm worked with Ian's disorder and mickeys trauma as well as the relationship in general

i know :( i’m grateful we got to at least see mickey’s development and growth. they’ve had everyone say shitty things about mickey since 1.03 and it never stopped. they still have potential… well, mickey does :/ ian keeps making himself miserable and i’d really like it if s8 had that coming to an end lmao next season give me a solid relationship between them. give me them talking about shit for example: mickey telling ian how his family was mia during his mania/didn’t care about him or his safety at all, mickey telling him about his ptsd/how ian leaving for the army in a time of need fucked him up and how after being left alone 3 times, he now has a hard time trusting ian… give them a legitimate partnership and a clean slate