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How do you imagine a date with dd ford to go? <3

hmM let’s drop the dd context (i haven’t actually played it and it’s hard enough trying to reason a crossover) and say it’s for a gf dating sim in gf. the player is new to the town, to make things easier. the dateable options are stan, ford, fidds, manly dan, lazy susan, and if you choose to hang out in the forest for three weeks straight you unlock sev’ral times. (if you happen to be on manly dan’s route when you switch over to them, though, you break his heart.) please don’t ask me why i have made these choices.

the game takes place over a summer and the game runs by the week, so you get 10 weeks, with one event to hear about per week. (the exception is summerween, which bumps the event count up to two for that week.) the 1st week is dedicated to the intro, 9th week is for the confession, 10th week is for the wrap-up. the weeks in-between are dedicated to character interactions, so at max 7 chances to interact. we’ll go with dd’s 3 dates system, so you could do 2-2-3 in order to test out 3 people’s routes before committing to one of them for the confession. if you know who you want and dedicate all 7 weeks to them (like i’d do lol) you just get to spend time with them after maxing them out at 3 dates. (this time is conveyed through a one-sentence summary to make it easier on the writer, though, so don’t expect full-fledged events.)


  • 1st week: your first encounter with ford isn’t an encounter but rather just a passing glimpse of him with stan, heading up to the shack. word is that the pines have returned for the summer– both sets of twins– and you get to ask around about them. (you hear “never mind all that“ a lot.) 
  • your 1st date happens in the forest on a solitary hike. doesn’t matter how but you come across ford in mild peril (or ford in mild peril comes across you), and you help him out and he’s a little scraped and a little gruff but gives you a small smile at some point. you can choose to walk him back to the shack, engage in some conversation, and if you do well you leave with an invitation to drop by again sometime. (ford’s making a clear effort to be sociable but he’s a little awkward at it bc he just spent all the time between last summer and this summer out on the sea chasing paranormal activity.)
  • if you liked what u saw of ford u return for the 2nd date and find him playing dd&md with dipper, and you’re invited to join in. u roll ur character and attempt to read through the seemingly never-ending scrolling text of rules that flies across the screen, and regardless of whether you Actually made the attempt to read them ford gives you a friendly nudge and tells you he’ll help you out. ford’s theatrical and enthusiastic and perfect and has all the right reactions at all the right times during dipper’s campaign, and there’s a lot of laughter shared across the board. when the session ends you have the option to take your character sheet w you and promise to return to see the campaign played out.
  • the 3rd date, ford asks you out for a nice excursion to the forest. he basically shows you around what he spent his life in this dimension studying and documenting and talks a little about the weird things he saw on the sailing trip he returned from. at this point, if you’ve gained a bit of his trust, he’ll admit that he’s at a loss as to how to “date” and that’s why he went with something familiar, and you get to go, this is a date?? and ford goes, “It’s a date if you want it to be. …I want it to be,” and you smile and he grins. the date winds down and the two of you return to the shack, his hand in yours
    • now at this point the 3 dates are satisfied but i’m not, so let’s keep going and fill out the maximum of 7 weeks
  • the 4th “date” you spend the day in the shack’s kitchen baking w ford and mabel. mabel’s too-sugary too-nostalgic concoction, combined with some weird sci-fi radiation from ford’s watch, gains sentience and drags the three of you into The Baking Zone.
  • the 5th “date” you join ford and the rest of the family for a movie night that covers some of the big movies ford missed while in the portal. (you find yourself often watching him watch them.)
  • the 6th “date” you find ford’s wardrobe of identical red turtlenecks and black pants and ask him if he even has anything else to wear, and things kinda become a dressup game. (i just want an excuse for a sweater-vested, button-up shirt ford sprite.)
  • the 7th “date” ford sits you down and tells you you should probably hear his whole story, and he’s as ready as he’ll ever be to tell it. you hear abt gf and bill and the portal and coming back and weirdmageddon, and everything you’d only ever heard ford make passing references is finally filled out.
  • 9th week: ford presents you with a pet kraken and officially asks you to go steady. he confesses that he’s not sure how courting gifts work, or if they’re even a thing here ‘cause he doesn’t trust stan’s love advice, but mabel thought the kraken was a great gesture. (the kraken spits out some glitter, and ford makes a concerned frown at it.)
  • 10th week: there’s still plenty of paranormal activity out there for ford to get back to studying, and there’s still life for you to get back to, but you promise to stay in contact, and ford says he’ll come by your area. it’s a long distance deal until next summer, but if you’ve played his route right the relationship lasts.

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I don't know if I already said this, sorry if I have. You have inspired me to make comics, find my art style and animate. I didn't want to ANY of those in the start because I was afraid of people calling me cringy or hurting me by a very rude comment. You have inspired me to do soo many things because of your comic and posts, I was never good at drawing hair, you helped me get the courage to do of that. I honestly thank you soo much, because of you I am now working on two animations, thank you.

Oh joy. Just had to deal with an hour long meltdown from my anxiety-ridden youngest. We had a great night solving puzzles at the museum and swimming at the YMCA, but we had a fight because he refused to walk his dog then threw a paper at me. Which, yeah… I don’t deal well with acts of aggression, so I sent him to his room so we could both cool our tempers… where he promptly skyped his dad to complain about me… which led to his dad saying something about taking me to court so they could live with him.

Holy panic attack, Batman. Q freaked the fuck out about ten minutes after he hung up. He doesn’t even want to spend a weekend with his dad, let alone live with him. His dad is physically aggressive and short tempered and lacks predictable discipline strategies. He yells all the time. We’ve had conversations, the three of us, about how scared Q gets when my ex loses his temper, and how it makes him not ever want to visit. My ex is almost six feet tall, 350 pounds, and terrifying to my little 10 year old.


We talked, and I calmed him down, and Q decided he’s going to stop complaining to his dad and start writing in his journal instead. I told him that’s fine, though he could call Grandma too if he wanted to vent. Which, everyone vents about their parents, so it’s fine. I told him I’m not mad, and if he actually wants to live with his Dad, I would not be mad about that either. But he said the kid equivalent of hell no, and that was that.

Sheesh. Parenting.

I don’t know how I got here. I have the memories of where I was and the physical journey that led my feet to this place, but there is something else. There’s something different in the way I feel and how I think, and I don’t know how it happened. I don’t know how I got to be here with these thoughts, feelings and attachments. I wish I did. I wish I could trace the differences as easily as I can track the physical places I have passed through, but I cannot.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #186

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I want to give Louis a hug and tell him I love him and how much happiness he's brought me and how much he helped me me be at ease with myself but I can't and probably never will. I'm so sad. No one deserves this but louis, especially, does not.

Louis is a gift to this world and he should be treated as such. 💙🌈

I think my heart just broke a little. I’m devastated. 😞

Woods or fields; moon or stars; trains or ships; early mornings or late nights; autumn or summer; Victorian or classicism architecture; wine or champagne; mountains or beaches; velvet or silk; roses or lavender; paintings or sculptures?

What do you miss the most about him?”

“I’m not sure,” she whispered, looking down to the ground, “I’m not even sure if I do miss him. I miss the memories, and I miss talking to him and the way he made me feel. But I still don’t know if miss him, you know?“

—  am i supposed to miss him? | a.m
Maybe all she needed was for you to hold her. Maybe that’s all it would have taken for her to feel safe. Instead you used her, you confused her. You are the reason she will never trust again. Because just as she thought you’d hold her, you threw her to the ground…
—  and left her there

Yuuri has a picture of Victor and him as his lockscreen and wallpaper, maybe from their day at the beach or a picture someone took during their pair skate or a picture from practice where they are both sweaty and laughing and so in love.

But Victor has (two different) pictures of just Yuuri and he changes them a lot (because he takes a lot of pictures of Yuuri and would like to use them as a wallpaper all at the same time), and every time he opens his phone he just forgets what he was about to do and stares at the picture for a full five minutes, marvelling at the beauty of his husband.

And one time, Yuuri uses Victor’s phone because his own is dead (when Victor is still in the shower or sth bc you know The Hair) and Victor’s lockscreen is a picture Yuuri didn’t even know existed of him looking out over the city lights of Saint-Petersburg with a small smile around his lips while he’s absentmindedly patting Makkachin, and his heart just swells until he can hardly breathe, and he figures out how to make your phone switch wallpapers every time you open them and takes a bunch of selfies where he blows kisses and makes funny faces and just smiles, but he leaves the lockscreen the way it is. And now every time Victor opens his phone, his heart stops beating for a moment and whenever one of the pictures appear Yuuri took, he immediately calls him if he’s not around to tell him how much he loves him and asks him to get married again.