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Hello! I have an idea for the ficlet (feel better btw!). Okay: HS AU with popular!Dean and popular!Cas, they're those two annoying guys who make funny (but also obnoxious) comments in every single class, and make stupid, flirtatious remarks to each other like "Cas looks pretty hot today guys" or "I'm totally dating Dean, everyone" etc. Only thing is, they're secretly in love, but neither will admit it. I've had this idea for a while and I'd LOVE for a talented author to execute it.

Aaaahhh it’s been too long since I’ve done a High School AU and I’ve missed it. Thanks for this one and thanks so much for asking me to fufill the prompt! I hope I do it justice :)


“Please take your seats quickly. I want to discuss your quiz scores so we can go over any questions you may have before the final test.” Ms. Mills said with a stack of papers clutched against her chest.

Dean stretched his arms above his head as he flopped into his usual seat on the third row, next to the wall so he could lean up against it in times of extreme laziness. He sprawled out accordingly, dropping his backpack to the floor and draping his letterman jacket over his seat until the air conditioning kicked in during the middle of class like it usually did.

“Hey, hot stuff.” Dean said with a nod as Castiel sat down in the seat next to him.

“Good morning, Dean.” Castiel said, barely looking up as he aligned his binder and world history book neatly on the small desk in front of him.

“How was that student council thingy yesterday?” Dean asked, popping a piece of gum into his mouth.

“Absolutely dreary without your shining personality to brighten all of our days,” Castiel murmured, completely straight-faced.

Dean winked as Ms. Mills began talking again.

“Some of you need to look at your notes from the beginning of the year again,” she said as she began passing back the quizzes. “And some of you need to remember that - if you want full credit on the final test - the answer to ‘What are the seven wonders of the ancient world’ is not ‘Castiel Novak’s Ass’ written seven times.”

She frowned when she got to Dean’s desk, dropping the paper on his desk as the rest of the class laughed.

Dean clicked his tongue and made a finger gun at Castiel with another wink.

“Really, Dean? Don’t be childish.” Castiel said, just loud enough for everyone to hear. “We all know that’s not true. I haven’t done any squats in at least a month.”

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Imagine Daryl being protective of you because of how clumsy you are and getting worried when he doesn't find you

(Soooo yay for some DARYL FLUFF :D Hope it is as requested and you all like it :) I tried my best to come up with the rest of a plot so hope it isn’t too bad xD Gif not mine/found it on google/Credit to the original owners.)

It was early morning and you were already up, preparing yourself to go on a run. It wasn’t something common for you but today you just had to.

It was Daryl’s birthday and you had to get something to prepare a little surprise for him. He deserved it you thought.

From the day, he met you he had been keeping you safe and much more than the others in the group, you could tell. He was always going out of his way to keep you close, standing in front of you to keep walkers away and such, you just had to repay him somehow.

Not to mention, that he admitted to you to never really having had any sort of celebration for his birthday, just made you want to do it for him even more.

Carefully preparing your bag, you finally finished and made sure to quietly step out the house, so the others wouldn’t know, especially the birthday boy.

The sun was out and you could tell it was going to be a rather beautiful day and you couldn’t have hoped for any better. With a smile, you asked for the gate to be open and were finally on your way to the nearest town to prepare the celebrations.


Feeling like something was off, Daryl tossed and turned in his bed. Eventually, he gave up on sleep but as he opened his eyes the sun blinded him through the window, making him realize how he must’ve slept in.

He quickly got dressed for the day but while doing so, he just couldn’t brush the uncomfortable feeling away from him. He quickly stepped out of his room and instantly noticed your door still closed.

It wasn’t odd for you to still be asleep at this hour, he thought and smiled to himself as he leaned against his door. Carefully, he closed his door and just thought of going into your room to surprise you.

He tiptoed his way to your door and held onto the doorknob, slowly turning it before opening it wide. He wanted to scream at you and laugh but you weren’t there.

Your bed was empty. His eyes widened slightly, thinking to himself the countless of times your door would be left open the moment you stepped out of the room and how this wasn’t in your habit.

He quickly rushed down the stairs to check if you were anywhere in the house and soon enough started to call to you. However, nothing. Pacing to the front door, he quickly opened it and took notice of everyone around.

Among them, you were nowhere to be found. Stepping down the stairs, he looked around for you and tried to subtly hide his worry about you.

He could feel his heart racing nervously and started to struggle hiding his feelings. Bumping into Rick, he jumped and felt the other man gripping his arm.

“Daryl?! Y-You okay?!” he asked him.

He looked at Rick trying to reassure him, nodding and shrugging, not wanting to alarm the others around who might pass.

“Y-Yeah i’m fine…Why?”

Rick chuckled at those words and shook his head in disbelief.

“Because you don’t look like it…Come on what’s wrong?”

Shifting his gaze around, he knew he couldn’t keep it a secret anymore and told him in a lower voice of his worries.

“It’s Y/N…She ain’t in her room or the house…I got worried and i’m looking for all over but still nothing…”

At that Rick chuckled and just felt like he should’ve realized the obvious. Since he came across you, there wasn’t a time when Daryl couldn’t be seen right next to you and keeping you company.


From the way you were, it wasn’t hard to want to stay by your side and literally keep you safe. You were probably the clumsiest person he and Daryl have ever met.

You could be doing the simplest task in the world, like getting yourself a cup of water yet somehow you’d manage to come back with a few bruises that you had no idea of. At times, he wondered as to how you even got this far, as even your personality was far too bright and trusting of others for people to not just take advantage of you.

Nonetheless, luckily for you, you stumbled upon them out of all people and have since been in their protection. Everyone had a habit of keeping their eyes out for you, from pulling you out of the way from bumping into tree branches to putting the safety on your gun to just making sure you weren’t pointing the gun towards yourself when you’d talk to them, basically anything they were always there for you.

Your clumsiness was even worst than that of Eugene, he had thought and was just glad that Daryl even went the extra mile to even stay literally as close as he could to you. Having witnessed all of that, hearing news of you not being anywhere to be found, he started to worry and look around as well.


Rubbing his chin, he continued, “Man I ain’t gonna lie it’s kinda scary to not see her…What if she trapped herself somewhere…or worst got herself stuck in something…”

Rick nodded along and patted Daryl’s shoulder to beckon him to follow.

“Well if she’s not here, then come on let’s go ask the others if they’ve seen her…”

Daryl followed along and the two continued their search for you, asking the others if they’ve seen you. Meanwhile, you were practically having the time of your life scavenging around an abandoned town.

You found a few things to make for a celebration and were already at the task to him a gift. You cursed yourself for your procrastination on not doing so earlier in the week and just had to deal with quickly finding something and then having to sneak back in.

Looking around the store, you then got angry at yourself again, for not having even asked him as to what he might like, making you sigh and just keep walking around until you’d find something interesting.


After having talked to nearly everyone, Daryl got pissed and just felt his heart dropping. He couldn’t ever stand the thought of you even deciding to leave on your own, making him come to his own conclusion that someone might’ve take you away or something.

He growled and just wanted to punch a wall or something after everyone denied seeing you. Rick tried his best to comfort him but nothing would seem to calm down.

Coming across the last few people, Daryl marched over to them by the gate and they could tell he was actually ready to go out and look for you.

Not even bothering to excuse himself, he simply yelled at, “Hey! Did any of you see Y/N?!”

“Yeah…I opened the gate for her this morning…”

At the sound of the familiar voice behind him, his rage made him turn around and already run over to tackle, none other than Tobin.

He had him pinned against the gate and was already yelling at the top of his lung at the other man and getting in his face.

“Are you fucking shitting me now?! The hell were you thinking?! Don’t you have a brain to think?!”

All choked up, he couldn’t answer him properly and had to wait until Rick pulled Daryl off of him.

Confused about the situation, he answered simply in between cough. “I-I just did as she asked me too…”

“I swear if anything happens to her…She comes back with a flu, a cough, a single scratch on her, even a missing strand of her hair…Anything! i’ll make you regret ever opening that damn gate for her!”

Daryl’s sense of protectiveness and anger had just come out in that moment. He couldn’t believe anyone would be even this clueless when it came to your safety and didn’t want to let go of it so easily.

He tried his best to fight and get away from Rick’s grasp.Trying to calm him down, Rick told him, “Alright…It’s alright…We’ll just go out and find her!”

He grunted and got out of his grasp, ready to go march over to get his crossbow, all while glaring at the culprit.


As he took a few steps away, a sudden shriek of struggle and loud thump could be heard against the walls. Instantly, Rick pulled out his gun while Daryl instantly rushed to open the gate.

From the simple tone of voice, he knew it was you. Slamming the gate open, he stepped out and called out to you, looking around to see as to where you were.

Instantly, you giggled to see his worried shake of head and called to him.

“Daryl! Up here! Look, i’m almost completely up the fence!”

He finally looked your way and could nearly feel his heart jump out of his chest. You were completely disheveled and he could only imagine the struggle you must’ve encountered. Joining him, Rick felt the same and pushed Daryl towards where you were hanging upon the gate.

As they both walked over closer, you didn’t even noticed or really felt the pain your body was suffering from the slip up you had while trying to climb up the gate and just had to throw a joke at them.

“Hey guys…How’s it hanging, am I right?!”

In a fit of confusion and anger, Daryl could only yell at you in disbelief as to how you could even joke around from so high up.

“What the hell?! You think you’re so funny? You got us all worried here?! How did you even get up there?! Oh god…You stay still! Don’t you move a freaking inch until I get there!”

At that you got scared and stayed quiet until they walked back in to try and pull you up from the inside. You gripped onto the side as much as you could and did as he asked.

Trying to get comfortable, you slipped slightly and let out another shriek. At that, Daryl freaked out even more and backed up to go join you from the outside instead.

Rick tried to get him back but pushing him off, he ran to join you. He couldn’t stand the idea of you hurting yourself after the morning scare you gave him and just couldn’t feel like letting himself down for being so reckless to not keep a closer eye on you.

Surprised to see him back, you panicked and started to scream back down at him.

“D-Daryl?! What are you doing here?! Hurry back up! I-I don’t think i’ll be able to hang on anymore!”

Daryl sighed exasperatedly and was already getting himself ready to catch you if anything were to happen. Loudly, he scolded you and instructed you to let go of the side.

“You idiot, you really think i’ll make it in time back there! Fuck it! Just jump!”

Just the word of “jumping” scared you and truly you weren’t ready for such eventuality.


“Let go! I’ll catch you!”

“No! I-I’m too scared!”

He scoffed at that remark and just started to provoke you while some of the others went to help him and you.

“Scared?! Now you’re scared! You sure didn’t seem like it earlier! Now stop whining and let go!”

Closing your eyes tightly shut, you let go just as asked of you and screamed at the top of your lungs. You were certain to feel a solid ground in a few instant but the moment your body came to a stop, you felt a weight going down with you and realize Daryl had actually caught you.

Instantly feeling his warmth, you wrapped your arms around him. When you opened your eyes again, you smiled and couldn’t be anymore grateful for your friend.

Your smile came back but it didn’t seem the same for Daryl. He glared at you and started to march his way back inside Alexandria. As he saw Tobin, he shook his head and swore to himself he was going to have a few words for him.


Embarrassed by the position you were in his arms, you blushed and stuttered trying to get off of him.

“D-Daryl?! I-I think you can let me down now! I-I’m fine! Let me down!”

He stayed quiet, huffing and puffing out of stress under his breath, walking pass everyone and ignoring them as they tried to go in and help. By then he already had you in the infirmary, alone.

He sat you down carefully and already was starting to inspect you for any bruising you might have gotten. He pulled up your sleeves, lifted up your shirt, checking your arms, stomach and back as much as he can, forgetting completely about your privacy.

When it came to you being bruised or covered in scratches, he couldn’t stand that idea of you being tainted while by his side and just had a manic of making sure you were fine.

Although, you’d laugh it all off whenever you’d find one, his mind was already set on blaming himself for being so reckless that he would always go out of his way to make it all disappear.

You could see the scared look in his eyes and just had to reassure him that you were truly fine.

“D-Daryl! Daryl! I’m fine! I’m ok! It’s ok! You don’t need to keep looking around! I swear!”

Not listening to you, he continued and soon enough he caught glimpse of a little cut and some bruising around. He bit his lip in anger and growled at you.

“Fine? You’re covered in dirt from head to toe! Your jacket is torn and i’m pretty sure that cut was never there in your jeans before! And what about this?! How do you explain this?!”

You looked as to where his eyes were fixed on and squirmed in your seat to get a better look. You chuckled to see it and looked back at him, trying to brush it off.

“Oh it’s nothing! I didn’t even noticed it was there! I probably got this earlier or while I was out, it seems!”

Daryl sighed to hear you and rose up to his feet, searching and scrambling for something to patch you up. As soon as he found a cloth and disinfectant, he walked back and turned you around and was already applying the cloth to clean up.

You winced at the sudden feeling of stinging and he scoffed.

“Nothing? That’s what you call nothing! Even just touching it hurts you! How can you ever say it’s nothing!”

Once again you were cornered by him and had nothing else better to say. He growled under his breath and still continued to carefully clean up your cut.

As he took out the bandage to cover it up, his curiosity got to him and he just had to ask you, “What were you even going out there on your own?!”

Not wanting to ruin the surprise nor knowing what else to say, you stayed quiet and looked away.

“What? Can’t talk all of a sudden…You sure had a mouth when you were out there…Getting me all worried…and you can’t even tell me why…I swear am i going to have to chain you to your goddamn room or what! Tell me?!”

There was hurt in his tone and you just felt bad to not let him know. The more you heard him complain, the worse you felt and just stopped him.

“Alright! Alright! I’ll tell you why…Just promise me to not laugh…”

At that he quieted himself and stare at you intently.

You rose up from your seat and marched over to reach for your bag, trying to find him the gift you got him.

“Well…I remembered how you talked about never having a celebration for your birthday…and I also remembered your actual birthday…”

His eyes widened at the thought of you even remembering such small details about himself and truly couldn’t believe you even cared for him that much. You turned to look at him and hid your gift behind your back, once you found it.

“So…I put one and one together…And left to get some stuff for you…I really wanted to prepare something big…But I was kinda last minute…Cause it’s today, right?”

Looking at you in stunned, he slowly nodded and you continued, scratching your head and trailing down to rub your neck.

“Yeah…well that’s why I left this morning-”

Feeling even more guilty, he looked at you apologetically and solemnly cut you off mid sentence.

“So you risked your life…just to get me something for my birthday…”

You chuckled at those words and rolled your eyes at him, waving a hand to brush it off.

“Well risking me life is big way to put it…”

“Your clothes got torn and you’re all dirty and covered in bruises, that’s looks pretty much like it…”

“I-I’ve looked worse…I just slipped and fell a few times…it wasn’t serious at all…”

Once again, he didn’t seem amused by your nonchalant attitude. You tried your best to cheer him and decided to finally show him what you had gotten.

“But anyways…I just wanted to show you my gratitude for how kind and caring you are towards me…So knowing how much you liked your moonshine…I tried looking for some but couldn’t find any…So I got this fancy bottle instead!”

As you showed him the bottle of cognac, he got up to his feet and approached you. He eyed you up and down, looking at your filthy and torn clothes and messy hair, and just shook his head.

“And for that…You decided to climb up a nearly 10 foot gate to get back in…”

Taken a back and realizing how dumb it was you laughed nervously.

“I-I wanted it to be a surprised…”

From your shy gaze and blushing cheeks, a part of him wanted to laugh as well while another just wanted to grab you in a tight hug just to keep you safe from ever going out again. Thinking about how you must’ve worked hard to just even find that sort of gift for him, he sighed.

He really couldn’t believe how far you risked your own safety to show him a sign of your gratitude towards him and reluctantly took the bottle away from you.

He stared at it for a long while, making you wonder if he really liked it or not. As you were about to ask him, he threw it back onto the couch nearby, making you let out a surprise yelp and try to reach over for it.

He caught a hold of your arm and pulled you closer to him. Looking you in the eyes, his gaze soften before pulling you in a tight embrace.

He tightened his grip around you and made it impossible for you to escape him. Stroking your hair, he tried to calm you down.

“Listen up, you idiot…It’s a really nice thought of you…Remembering my birthday and getting a gift and all…But you don’t ever have to risk yourself like that to thank me…Just promise me that you’ll stay by my side and let me know that you’re safe and sound… That’s enough thanks for me…”

You were speechless at those words and your mind went utterly blank. You could only hug him back and nod quietly into his chest to reassure him that you wouldn’t ever leave on your own without notice.

Feeling you, he finally felt a weight of relief and could breathe easily.

“So is that a promise?”

You nodded again and looked up at him.

“Promise…I won’t try to surprise you with a gift again…”

“That and…”

“And I won’t leave your side without telling…I’ll even start to wear a helmet if you want!”

He laughed at that last comment and patted your head, smiling before pressing his cheek against your hair. His hands trailed back down when suddenly, he felt another tore in your jacket and could swear there was another cut.

Backing away quickly, he turned you around to the side and noticed the little cut he had missed earlier.

“Are you serious? How?”

You shrugged and knew you were about to get another lesson about it and just backed away completely from him. Laughing nervously, you walked backwards towards the couch and tripped slightly before reaching to it.

He flinched to see you stumble and was ready to jump in and catch you. Nonetheless, you to to it in one piece and picked up the bottle he had thrown away.

Looking at him, still smiling, you said, “How about we just drink and forget this ever happen! Let’s just focus on your birthday and not think about me for once!”

To look at you and rolled his eyes. Getting closer, he tussled your hair even more and could only smile at your suggestion, promising himself that he should also keep you happy while at it.

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I love your writing! Can you write a harry imagine where he wakes up one morning feeling really sick and not well at all but he doesn't want to disappoint his fans and cancel a show just from sickness so he carries about his day not telling you he's feeling ill but you can tell something is off and harry is being really weird and clingy and looks sick.. eventually he feels so bad that he has to tell you? Thanks!

Not Just Allergies

You had your suspicions the night before. He had collapsed onto the couch with a warm cup of tea after he’d gotten home, and had remained mostly quiet as you cooked dinner and went about your daily activities. You’d even caught him dozing off on the couch a few times, only to be startled awake and claim he was only resting his eyes when you came into the room.

Later that night, you curled up with him on the couch to watch the episodes of your favorite show you’d missed throughout your busy weeks. He rested his head on your shoulder, letting you hold him. It was when he fell asleep, only twenty minutes into the first episode, that you thought something might be wrong.

You sighed and quickly paused the episode, pressing the home button on your phone and seeing that it was barely past 8 o'clock. Harry usually wasn’t one to go to bed this early, especially not when he knew he’d be spending the night cuddling with you on the couch and stealing kisses from your lips every time you fast-forwarded through commercials.

You rubbed his arm, trying to wake him up slowly so you could make sure he was feeling alright and find some kind of medicine if he wasn’t. He groggily opened his eyes, looking up at you with exhaustion clear on his face.

“Is everything okay?” You asked quietly, as Harry squinted at the soft light of the lamp in the room. He yawned, tipping his head back and stretching his achy limbs.

“M’ fine. I think I’m going to head up to bed, though.”

Your eyebrows narrowed, rubbing his back as he slowly escaped from your grasp and began to sit up.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay? It’s still early.” You pried; the sun had barely set and the dishes from dinner were freshly sitting in the sink. On a normal day, it would be at least a few more hours until you started thinking about going to sleep. He nodded convincingly, standing up off the couch and adjusting the sweatpants on his waist.

“Just tired, that’s all. I’ve been busy.” He assured you, leaning down to kiss your temple gently.

“Finish the episode, don’t worry about coming up with me. Love you.”

You heard his footsteps fade as he made his way up the stairs, and you were left to flip through a few channels on the television until you could find something to entertain yourself with. It wasn’t long before you ended up watching some reruns, and it had barely been over an hour when you found yourself too bored to pay attention any longer. So you slowly trudged upstairs, and peeked into the bedroom before heading to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Harry was practically hidden under the sheets, in a different way than usual. It was common for him to get tangled in the blankets while he tossed and turned throughout the night, but this time Harry had piled up layers of warm fleece on top of his body until he was practically unrecognizable beneath them. You frowned as you walked quietly into the bedroom, slipping into some pajamas and and curling up on your side of the bed, careful not to get too close in case your suspicions were correct and he was getting sick.

The next morning, you woke up to the sounds of drawers being opened and shut clumsily and you weren’t surprised to see Harry fumbling around as he tried to get ready for whatever he had on his schedule that day.

“Good morning.” You yawned, craning your neck upwards to watch him slip a shirt over his freshly showered body.

As he turned towards you, you sat up straighter to get a better look at his face. There were dark bags under his eyes, despite the fact that he’d gotten more than enough sleep, and his skin looked ghostly white. His body moved with a certain slowness, it looked like he was contemplating every step as if his body couldn’t hold him up.

He mumbled a quiet ‘good morning’ in return, rubbing his eyes miserably as he fought off the urge to fall back into the mattress and go back to sleep. You slowly got off the bed, and walked to where he was gathering a few things from the chair where he’d slung a few shirts the night before.

“Hey, mister, I think you’re sick. You’d better stay in and rest today.” You advised.

He flinched away when you reached to press your palm against his forehead, not wanting you to feel the warmth that indicated his temperature. He didn’t know for sure if he was running a fever, but based on the way he felt, he wouldn’t be surprised if it was much higher than normal.

“I’m okay. I feel fine.” He protested, making an effort to stand up straighter and appear like he wasn’t about to double over from his pounding headache and sore limbs. You raised your eyebrows, not believing for a second that he was actually okay. But you left him alone for a few seconds, while you shut the bathroom door behind you to brush your teeth.

When you came back out, Harry had slipped a sweater on over his t-shirt and pulled the sleeves down so they covered his hands.

“Baby, it’s warm outside.”

It was obvious at this point that you were concerned. Meanwhile, he was trying to convince himself that he was alright so he could convince you too.

“I’m just a bit chilly, that’s all. The water was cold in the shower this morning.”

You didn’t believe him for a second, but you knew how stubborn he could be, especially when he had something to get done. You followed him down the stairs and watched him pour himself a cup of black coffee, gulping it down and wincing when the hot liquid burned against his sore throat.


“I’m fine.”

He gave you an unconvincing smile and patted your shoulder as he walked past you to grab his bag by the door.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay home? I’ll get some blankets on the couch and we can watch a movie. I can start some tea right now too if you-”

He cut you off when he stepped forward, placing both hands on your shoulders and forcing you to look up at his face looming over you. You could see that he just wasn’t himself; he looked completely exhausted and like he could fall apart at any second.

“I’m okay. I feel fine. I’m probably just having some kind of allergy thing, now that it’s spring. Please, baby, don’t give me that look.” He raised his eyebrows when you pouted at him. If there was any way of getting him to stay home, that was your last option.

He pulled away when you flicked your hand up and tried to reach for his forehead again; his reflexes were too quick. It was silly, really, because if there was nothing wrong with him, he’d have no problem with you pressing your hand against his forehead to judge his temperature. You knew he was hiding something, and he knew that you weren’t gullible enough to believe him when he said he was fine.

“Promise me you’ll come home if you feel too sick. I’ll come pick you up if I need to.” You gave in, rubbing his arm as you looked up at him in concern. He nodded, a small smile on his face as he took a step towards the door.

“I promise.”

You quickly hugged him goodbye, and he opted to press his lips against your cheek instead of kissing you. If there was any last confirmation you needed that he was sick, that was it. He would always give you a real kiss goodbye, which usually turned into a short make out session, before he left for the day.

As you busied yourself with things around the house, you couldn’t keep your mind from wandering to the way Harry was acting. You were starting to doubt yourself, thinking that maybe Harry really was just having a flare up of his allergies and there wasn’t anything to worry about. If that was the case, you felt bad for pressing the issue if there was never one to begin with. You’d hate to give him a hard time, but at least that way he knew you cared.

The hours ticked by slowly, and it felt like days had passed by the time you heard Harry’s keys twisting in the lock. Needless to say, you’d spent all day worrying if he was alright.

You tried to give him some space, and continued drying some dishes while you waited for him to kick off his boots and take off his jacket. However, you felt his arms wrap around you from behind sooner than you expected, and you turned around to see his sweatshirt still covering his body and his shoes still on his feet. His nose was red, his eyes looked puffy with exhaustion, and his face was even more pale than it had been that morning.

“Baby…” You cupped his cheek and he leaned into your warmth, closing his eyes in comfort and sniffling softly. You wanted so badly to say ‘I told you so’, but you knew that wasn’t what he needed to hear. He already knew you’d been right.

This time, he didn’t flinch away when you pressed your palm to his head and felt it burning under your touch. Instead, he looked you in the eyes, nearly begging for you to make him feel better. You’d heard it a million times that men were babies when they’re sick, and Harry was definitely no different. There were times when he was able to push past it and get on with his day, like he had that morning, but he always needed a warm pair of arms to hold him and take care of him at the end of the day.

“Go get out of those skinny jeans, okay? I’ll start the tea.” You smiled sympathetically and tried to turn around, but Harry wasn’t having it. He grabbed your wrist, holding your hand against his cheek and letting out a soft whine. Although you should’ve found it annoying, it only made you want to wrap him up in a blanket and cuddle him against your chest like the big baby he was.

“Sweetheart, just let me get the tea, okay? Once you get changed I won’t leave your side the rest of the night, I promise.”

He hesitated, but slowly backed away and trudged up the stairs to change. You got busy with the tea, thankful that he was moving slowly so you had enough time to finish before he returned.

You felt him next to you, his body radiating even more heat than usual, and he dropped his head against your shoulder as you poured some tea into a big mug.

“Good?” You asked, cautiously handing him the tea and looking up at him. He nodded slowly, muttering a soft 'thank you’.

“Let’s get you all comfy on the couch, okay? We can put on a movie if you want.”

He clung to your hand as you walked over to the couch, tightening his grip whenever you tried to pull away to do something. You managed to lay some blankets on the couch and fluff the pillows with only one hand, letting him hold onto you. You knew he must be feeling pretty bad if he was that clingy.

“Wanna be the little spoon.” He sniffled, looking at you with the most innocent expression you swore you were going to melt into a giant puddle on the carpet.

You nodded, laying down first and opening your arms, letting him snuggle his back against you. Propping your head up on some pillows so you could see over his broad back, you handed him the remote so he could pick a movie and let your hands rest over his stomach. The couch wasn’t big, and you were somewhat afraid he’d roll off the edge if he wasn’t pressed so close against you. You slung a warm blanket over you both as you felt him shiver and rubbed his arm gently. His body was stuck so tightly against you so you could feel his slightly labored breathing, and felt his chest rise with each sniffle and cough.

You pressed your lips to his head as he reached for your hand under the blanket. It wasn’t hard to tell that he wasn’t paying attention to the movie that was playing, especially when he flipped around in your arms so his face was nuzzled into your shoulder. With a loud sniffle, he sighed and clung to your body tighter.

“I don’t feel good at all.” He moaned.

You pouted and rubbed your hand over the soft fabric of his shirt, and kissed his forehead again.

“I know, baby. Try to get some sleep. I think it would help.” You whispered, pulling the blanket up slightly so his body was covered and warm.

“Don’t go.” He whined, clutching you tighter and coughing into your neck. You winced, picturing the germs splattering onto your skin, but you stayed as still as you could. You weren’t about to deny Harry comfort.

“I wont, I promise. I’ll be right here when you wake up.”

He didn’t want to fall asleep, but it was getting hard to fight the urge when he was just so tired and you were so warm and comfy. With your arms around him and his body warm from the tea and blanket, he found it impossible to stay awake any longer.

You couldn’t even complain when his loud snores nearly burst your eardrums, because he was clearly exhausted and all he needed was your warmth and comfort to make things a little better.

anonymous asked:

How about a sad Tony that has to face the Rogue Avengers alone because the Guardians are in a mission and the Avengers are mean with him, but then the guardias return?

(what is wrong with me. I said short. This isnt short! :D hope you like it anyway.)

Tony isn’t an Avenger anymore. Or more like he never was one.

Fury told him that he was just a consultant. Always was. That he was never a real avenger and just sort of their mechanic. Sure Iron Man was great. Tony Stark? Not so much.

And now he was back to being their servant. Just a month ago Fury got the avengers back to the tower. They weren’t criminals anymore but still under a sort of arrest.

They could leave the tower but there would always be police unit with them. (Not that they could’ve stopped an angry captain america. But whatever.)

Still. They were back and Tony doesn’t know how Fury did managed that but he did. Even Barnes was there. Still frozen but in Tonys home.

And he couldn’t do anything about it or he would never be an avenger.

“Sir? Sergeant Ross on the phone.” says Friday in her monotone voice. Tony looks down at that.                

“Alright. Lets hear him.” says Tony but he doesn’t stops working. He needs to finish Clints bow today and after that he has to look after Barnes again. And Natasha wants her new jacket by tomorrow.

Tony shuts his eyes.

“Stark? Did you already read Furys report? Is there anything we can do?” asks Ross and he sounds already annoyed. Tony sighs.

He turns around and see the four folders from Fury. He hasn’t even started.

“Uh…No i have other things…and…” stutters Tony and he groans mentally. Normally he would’ve a sarcastic remark but he is…he is just tired.

“I don’t care. I need something to hold it against them.” says Ross again and Tony has to shut his eyes again.

Like kill my mom? Or keep that a secret?

“Yeah…i will do it after…” starts Tony again but Ross on-hooked already.

“Sir? Mister Quill send another message.” says Friday this time and Tony wants to scream.

“I bet about the new taser for him. I know.” says Tony and makes a gesture with his hand. He doesn’t have the time to read Peters message. Doesn’t matter how much he likes his silly letters.

He doesn’t have the time.

“Okay Friday it’s already after lunch. I have to check on Barnes.” says Tony and Friday shuts the workshop down.

Tony goes over to the elevator and can’t help himself but reads Peters message anyway. He smiles. He misses him so much. All the Guardians. Sometimes they visit him to get new tech but they write him everyday. Even Rocket.

The elevator stops and Tony sees Barnes in the corner. He sighs. Its his task to look after him and to make sure that he puts a new system in him. When he doesn’t have those words in his brain anymore Tony can wake him up.

He studies the results and nods. Looks good, but its still not enough to wake him up. He needs to be sure or the winter soldier would do something really bad again.

And…then its Tonys fault. Again.

“Sometimes i wish i could kill you…” says Tony towards Barnes. He isn’t sure if Barnes can hear him, but he hopes he doesn’t.

Sometimes i wish everything would’ve gone another way. Sometimes i wish we could have been friends, Barnes. You seemed like a nice guy when you didn’t fight me.

“Maybe you would like to think over your words again.”

Tony is so close to screaming at that but he only does a little whimper.

“What are you doing here?” asks Tony when he calmed himself down again. Steve shrugs.

“Looking after him. And hearing you threaten him.” says Steve and he looks so disappointed in Tony.

“Hm.” says Tony and puts the results back on the table.

“Is he ready?” asks Steve when Tony sits down on that chair.

“No.” is Tony only answer and this time he jerks away when Steve hits onto the table in front of him.

“Damnit! Tony you said it would only take you days! Now its been weeks.” says Steve and he is angry. Tony is so glad the shield isn’t with him or he would’ve freak out.

“I-i’m sorry.” says Tony and tries to busy himself with the results again.

“Ey Stark!” says Clint now. Tony hasn’t seen him enter the room. But it doesn’t matter.

“Hm?” says Tony again and he doesn’t look up.

“Where’s my bow?” asks Clint and Tony sighs. He forgot it in the workshop. And its not finished either.

“Not ready.” says Tony softly but Clint groans.

“Dude you have like what one task and you can’t even do that?” says Clint and Tonys next breath is a bit watery.

“He hasn’t finished Buckys process either.” says Steve and Tony makes himself smaller.

“Man i know that he got old but that he doesn’t even remember to do the things we tell him.” says Clint and he laughs at that.

Tony wishes he could go now. But is afraid to move. What if Steve beats him again?

“I told you we should find another mechanic.” Wanda stands in the doorway and her glimpse is so cold. Tony can see a bit of red in her eyes and he looks quickly away.

“Yeah i think Shield can help us.” says Clint now and Tony wants to laugh. Wants so say: yeah and who pays for everything you want or destroy? Or: yeah try and find a genius like me!

But he just swallows. He is done.

“Ohhh looks like we are a bit late for the party.” says now someone and Tony gasps. Peter stands there and he looks angry.

Oh no, thinks Tony, he is also angry at me. Fuck he should’ve done his taser first.

“Quill.” says Steve and he even rolls his eyes. The Avengers and the Guardians aren’t friends. At all. But the Guardians work together with them sometimes. Its how they’ve met.

“Where is the raccoon.” snickers Clint and when Rocket shows up a moment later he hisses at Clint. Tony would like to smile at that but he is still afraid.

“Hey Tony.” says Peter and then goes over to him. He lays his hand on Tonys shoulder. Tony holds his breath.

“So what exactly are you doing here?” asks Peter and Tony wants to explain that he was just looking for Barnes and then he would go back in his workshop and do the bow. And the taser. And Natashas jacket.

But Peter doesn’t look at him. He looks at Steve.

“We talked to Tony about a few … disagreements.” says Steve and Rocket snicker at that.

“Looked more like you threaten our friend.” says Rocket and he hops on Clints shoulder. The archer doesn’t flinch but Tony can see Rockets sharp claws in Clints shoulder.

“And if you do that again we might have to hurt you. Drax you would like that, right?” says Peter and Drax grins.

“I want to take the Captain. He looks like he could use a punch.” laughs Drax at that and Steve frowns at that.

“I will remember that. So if you are going to yell at Tony ever again or only say something that we don’t like, we will take care of you, do you understand me?” says Peter and when Clints start to open his mouth Rocket claws him again.

“He should just finish his job.” says Wanda now and in a blink Gamora his behind her. Her sword at Wandas neck.

“He can do what he wants. He isn’t your employee. You should feel lucky that he even does a single thing for you, after what you did to him, witch.” says Gamora and Wandas eyes glow red.

“Try harder. You know your little magic isn’t working on me or Drax.” says Gamora grinning. And she is right. Tony doesn’t know why but its useless.

“Okay stop! I don’t understand why you are so angry.” says Steve and Peter turns to him.

“Because you treat our friend like shit! And i won’t let you do that anymore. So be thankful if he helps you, but if he doesn't… well tough luck.” says Peter and when he holds his hand up, Rocket jumps back to the ground and Gamora puts her sword away.

“Alright.” says Steve even though he looks still so angry.

A moment later Tony is alone with the guardians. He is still shaken a bit.

“Oh uh… i will start with your Taser now.” says Tony and when he wants to stand up, Peter holds him down.

“Nope. Wanna tell us what that was?” asks Peter and Tony shakes his head. He isn’t even sure what it was.

“Alright. Tony you know that you are an avenger, too right? You can tell them to go fuck themselves. You should take a break when you need it.” says Gamora and she smiles at him.

“I’m not…” says Tony and looks down at his hands. They shake.

“What?” asks Rocket and jumps on the table right in front of Tony.

“I’m only a consultant.” says Tony and he sounds as bitter as he feels.

“I hate humans.” says Drax.

“I am Groot.” says Groot.

“Yeah i hate humans but Peter and Tony.” says Drax then.

“A consultant? Fuck that. You are right you aren’t an Avenger.”  says Peter and he claps Tonys shoulder.

Its hurts even more when somebody else says it outloud.

“Because you are a guardian of the galaxy.” finishes Peter and Tony looks up at him.


“He means if you want. You are welcome on our team.” says Gamora and Rocket climbs onto his lap.

“We are already a weird family. So you should join.” grins Rocket and Tony laughs watery.

“Really?” he asks because of course he wants that!

“Really. And for now. Forget about those idiots. What do you want to do?” asks Peter and Tony shrugs.

“Still need to finishes Clints bow. And Natasha’s jacket. Your taser. Oh and Ross told me i should read…” says Tony and he knows that he babbles.

Drax laughs.

“Wrong. You need to watch a movie with us.” says Peter and Groot shrieks at that.

“I am Groot.”

“Yeah and eat ice-cream.” laughs Gamora and Tony can’t believe his luck.

And when he cried when he gets is official guardian jacket, well nobody needs to know.

Besides Peter who kisses him silent, when Tony stars babble again.

Second Chances

Words: 10.1k

Genre: Fluff / Soulmate AU

Warnings: slight description of a panic attack, swearing

Description:  Soulmate AU in which you get to see colours when you kiss your soulmate. Dan has a particularity.

Read on AO3 / @cityofdan made a moodboard for this and I’m crying

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catwithagun  asked:

Klangst fic request?: Lance has a dairy, and he doesn't want any of the team to know that he does. He used it as a coping mechanism, of having strong homesick feelings. he writes all about how he misses his family, and how he wished he could see them. Some day, Keith ends up secretly reading it, and Lance catches him. Keith didn't know lance felt that sad at times, and instead of being angry he just cries, and cries, and Keith comforts him. (Sorry if thats alot)

Oooohhhh heckle yeah. The langst and klangst give me life (but also kill me???) Hope you like it!!!
It was a journal, dammit. Not a diary, alright? At least, that’s what Lance would tell his siblings. He always carried it around with him, although he never really used it. That was until he was suddenly in space. His mama had given it to him before he went off to the Garrison, but now he wrote in it all the time. It made him feel closer to them in a way. Unlike your typical diary (it’s a JOURNAL!!), Lance wouldn’t write in it everyday or how his day was. No, he would spill out all his emotions and insecurities. He would write when the homesickness became too much to bear, write when he couldn’t ignore the little voice in the back of his telling him he wasn’t good enough. He kept it hidden from the his team; he didn’t want them to see all the pain he was hiding. He didn’t want them to view him as weak. So, he kept it between him and the worn pages.
Keith was in Lance’s room, looking for his jacket that he left the night before. While Keith was looking on his desk, he came a across a slim book with a leather cover. He ran his fingers over it, curiosity overcoming him. He picked it up and quickly recognized Lance’s loopy handwriting. He noted that at the top of every page was a date. “Is this..a diary?” Keith knew he shouldn’t be going through Lance’s things, especially something this personal, but his curiosity got the better of him. He flipped to a random page, one that was dated a few days ago.
*July 20, 2047*
“Hello, good-lookin’! And I mean me, not you journal. Anyways, nothing much happened today. We mainly just trained today. I wasn’t really paying attention though. It was going good at first, but then Keith put his mullet in a ponytail, and in that moment, I’m pretty sure my soul left my body. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.”
Keith blushed at that, lightly chuckling and shaking his head.
“And Keith was amazing. As always. He’s good at everything. Almost perfect even. …unlike me. Whenever I watched Keith do something amazing or incredible, I can’t help be a proud boyfriend, but it also kills me inside. He could do better than me. I mess things up, don’t know when stop talking, and a pretty crummy Paladin. And I’m just waiting for the day that Keith finds that out, and when he does, he’ll find someone better than me. Heck, the same goes for the others. They deserve a Blue Paladin who’s serious and a total flying ninja badass. I’m just…average at best.”
Keith furrowed his brow as he read the words, letting his fingers trace over the words. He noticed that as Lance wrote, he writing became shaky and wet spots dotted the page.
“It’s days like this where I miss home the most. Mama would hug me and tell me everything was going to be okay. My siblings would pick at me for crying. Back home, I didn’t have to try to impress anyone. They were all satisfied with me being me. Not some defender of the universe. Just Lance. But now…just Lance isn’t enough. I’m not enough. I wonder how long until the team finds that out.”
Keith intakes a sharp breath, eyes filled with disbelief. Is this what Lance truly thinks about himself? “K-Keith?”
Keith whips his head around, finding Lance staring between him and the journal in his hands. “Lance! Um, I was just-it’s not what it looks-uh…Lance?” Keith drifted off as he watched as Lance just stared at the book, unmoving. Keith held his breath, waiting for Lance to say something. To his horror instead, Lance began to cry. Tears quickly streaming down his face as he slowly moved his gaze from the journal to Keith. Lance chocked on his breath, letting out a small “I’m sorry.” before curling his hands into fists and pressing them to his eyes.
Keith let the book fall from his hand, hitting the ground with a soft thud. He rushed over to Lance, taking him in his arms and holding him close. “Lance, oh god, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. It’s okay, it’ll all be okay.” He held him tighter as Lance wrapped his arms around his neck. “Nobody thinks that about you, alright? You’re the best Paladin for this team, and nobody would even think that you weren’t enough. You are enough, more than enough, and we will all tell you that.”

Keith pulled back, cupping Lance’s face with his hands, using his thumbs to brush away his tears. “And as for me, there’s nobody else who I would be willing to spend the rest of my life with. I can officially say that there is no one in the entire galaxy that I would rather be with than you.”
Lance chuckled softly at that, wiping his nose on his sleeve and smiling softly at him. Keith gave him a small smile back. “Now there’s the Lance I know and love. Let’s get you clean up and get something to eat, yeah?” Lance blushed slightly and nodded, slipping his fingers through Keith’s. They both headed toward the kitchen when Lance stopped him. “Thank you Keith. For everything. But I just have one question.” Keith tilted his head to the side, slightly raising one eyebrow. “Where’s your jacket?” “Oh quiznak!”

when they tip nicely
  • Cashier: I should've never taken this shift. Working this late is fucking me up.
  • Cook: You get used to it.
  • Cashier: Do y'all even get customers this late, or is it early? I can't even tell at this point.
  • Cook: Sometimes.
  • Cashier: What kind of person even eats fast food at this time of night?
  • Cook: Mostly travelers, junkies, and such.
  • Cashier: Makes sense.
  • Disheveled dude: *presses face against the restaurant window*
  • Cashier: Eugh!
  • Cook: What's the matter?
  • Cashier: There's some gross dude outside. Oh no, he's coming in.
  • Disheveled dude: *runs into the restaurant carrying a suitcase*
  • Cashier: Hello, can I help you?
  • Disheveled dude: Yeah, yeah, let me get a burger. Large drink. Yeah, that's it.
  • Cashier: This is a Mexican restaurant, sir. We don't have burgers.
  • Disheveled dude: Just get me anything with a lot of meat.
  • Cashier: We need a triple stuffed burrito!
  • Cook: Got ya!
  • Cashier: Okay, that'll be $7.99.
  • Disheveled dude: *slams a wad of cash on the counter*
  • Cashier: This is like... thousands of dollars!
  • Disheveled dude: Keep the change.
  • Cashier: I, uhm... are you sure?
  • Disheveled dude: I just want my food. Make it fast, please. Thank you.
  • Cashier: *stuffing cash into their pockets* Got ya, dude. Hey, make it quick! This guy wants his burrito!
  • *the cook quickly finishes the burrito*
  • Disheveled dude: *aggressively devours his food, sometimes nervously looking over his shoulder*
  • Cashier: He's like one of those professional eaters. That's impressive.
  • Cook: It's disgusting. That burrito has like 1500 calories.
  • Cashier: I'll call anyone who hands me three months worth of checks for a single burrito impressive.
  • Cook: Yeah, about that... could I get some of that cash.
  • Cashier: I mean, a bit. He told me to keep the change.
  • Cook: Technically it's the restaurants money, so you shouldn't be taking any of it.
  • Cashier: Yeah.
  • Cook: Plus, I cooked the burrito.
  • Cashier: Alright, how about $500?
  • Cook: Only $500? Come on, man. You've got at least $10,000 there. Let's split it.
  • Disheveled dude: *hops the counter*
  • Cashier: *backs away*
  • Cook: Whoa, dude, you can't be back here.
  • Disheveled dude: I need to leave through the back. You guys, closing soon?
  • Cook: I don't know what you're on, dude, but the back is for employee's only.
  • Disheveled dude: *opens suitcase and tosses wads of cash at the cashier and cook* Extra tip gives me VIP status.
  • Cook: Uhm... sure thing.
  • Disheveled dude: Anyway, I don't know if you guys are closing soon, but it's in your best interest for both of you to leave. I've probably given you enough money to relax for a year so it doesn't matter if you get fired. Just listen to me. Fucking leave and definitely do not look back. *runs out the back door*
  • Cashier: This is so much fucking money. Was that guy a drug dealer?
  • Cook: Probably, now that I think about it, yeah.
  • Cashier: Holy fuck! Is it safe for use to have this money.
  • Cook: I don't don't know.
  • Cashier: I could buy my own house with this, holy fuck! *stuff money down shirt* I don't know about you, but I'm out of here.
  • Cook: What!? You know we really can't leave with all this money, right?
  • Cashier: We can, and I am.
  • Cook: This could be drug money, or money from a bank heist. If we're caught with this stuff we could go to prison, or be killed.
  • Cashier: You didn't seem worried about it when you were hounding me for money just a few minutes ago.
  • Cook: That was then, and this is now. Nobody just gives money out like that unless there's something seriously wrong. It's dangerous for us to keep it.
  • Cashier: My life is going nowhere fast, man. I've got nothing to lose.
  • Cook: Well, I've got family at home. I'm calling the police.
  • Cashier: You do you, man. I'm out of here. *runs off*
  • Cook: *dials the 911, but gets a busy signal* What?
  • Cashier: *yells*
  • Cook: What's wrong!? *runs to the cashier*
  • Cashier: *sitting on the ground, money dropped everywhere* Look. Outside, there's nothing. Like, literally nothing. It's just an empty void.
  • Cook: I... it has to be some sort of trick of the light. I'm going out there.
  • Cashier: You shouldn't.
  • Cook: I bet it's nothing. I'll show you. I'll be right back. *disappears entirely into the void*
  • Cashier: Hey! Hey! Are you out there!?
  • *a pale hand appears out of the darkness and gently beckons for the cashier*
  • Cashier: *slams door shut* NOPE!
  • Cashier: *runs to the front counter*
  • Cashier: *is greeted by an all encompassing wall of blackness*
  • Wall: *encroaches on the cashier*
  • Cashier: *attempts to run away, but gray arms emerge from the darkness and wrap themselves around them*
  • Cook: *decapitated head rolls out of the wall of darkness, its eyes spinning in opposite directions* Told you that was bad money, dude.
  • Cashier: *screams as they're pulled into the darkness*
  • *elsewhere*
  • Driver: *parked on the side of the road smoking*
  • Disheveled guy: *taps on car window*
  • Driver: *slightly rolls down the window* Can I fucking help you?
  • Disheveled guy: I need a ride.
  • Driver: Let me think about that. Hmm, FUCK NO!
  • Disheveled guy: *points gun at driver* Then I'll drive myself. Get out.
  • Driver: *obeys orders* Alright, don't shoot.
  • Disheveled guy: *tosses wad of cash at driver* That should cover the cost of a new car. I suggest you catch a bus and get out of here as soon as possible. *speeds off*
  • Driver: *looks at the fraction of a fortune that was just tossed at him* This is way too much money for a bus.

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Okay so... you said to bring more Langst prompts so... This kinda has Klance in it so plz don't hate, you don't have to put that in if you don't want to. So, Lance stays up late, he has been for quite a while. Lance cries about his insecurities so he doesn't get much sleep, sometimes none at all. It's been affecting his health and he starts having hallucinations of his family. He's usually late for training and eating. Keith gets angry and goes to scold Lance, only to find him screaming names.

I relate to this more than I should tbh

Lance washed off his facemask, not even surprised that it did nothing against the dark circles that hung beneath his eyes. He was tired. He had been for the past week? Maybe month now. He lost track. 

Lance rubbed his eyes and started to get ready, only half assing his morning routine. He didn’t even register the comb through his hair, or putting his green jacket on. His mind was occupied. 

Why do I keep thinking about them? It was bad enough when I couldn’t see them anymore but now I see them everywhere. Lance attempted to push his family out of his mind. He loved them to death but he knew he needed to focus and not worry the team. 


Lance pushed the goo around his plate as he watch Allura speak, barely listening. Man am I tired. 

“Lance!” Allura slightly slammed her hand down on the table, causing the boy to jump and everyone to stare at him. “You need to focus. We have to make sure training goes perfectly today since we will be losing time creating alliances the rest of the week.” 

“Of course princess. Sorry I’m just really tired today.” Lance stifled a yawn. 

Allura stared at him for a few more seconds before sighing. “Training deck in 15.” She glided out of the room. 


Lance sprinted into the training deck, he knew he was late. 

“Lance, you’re late!” Coran said like it was the happiest thing in the world. Did anything bother him? 

“Sorry, I was….distracted.” Lance gave the team a wide grin and a forced laugh. When he saw that no one questioned him he exhaled the breath he didn’t know he was holding. Lance couldn’t tell the team the real reason he was late. He actually thought he saw his sister, ON THE CASTLE!! He saw her but no matter how fast he ran he never caught up to her. 

Allura enter the training deck. “Good we’re all here. Let’s begin. 


 They were split into groups. Pidge with Hunk, Shiro with Allura, and of course Keith with Lance. 

Lance seemed to be the only one struggling with hand to hand combat. He wanted to say it was because he never used he hands, however Hunk was doing just fine and he had a bigger gun than Lance. 

Lance tried to give Keith a run for his money but he was tired. His head was pounding and he kept getting lightheaded. His vision would sometimes get blurry and he could barely stand at moments. 

Needless to say, Lance was a very easy opponent for Keith. Keith would put him down in about 10 ticks every time. Lance could barely keep up, let alone keep standing up. 

Lance could feel the annoyance radiating off Keith, he couldn’t bring himself to care. He just wanted to go to bed. 

After what felt like years Allura said that they were done. Lance listen to Shiro tell him what he needed to work on and he dragged himself back to his room. 

Lance barely got his armor off before he fell on his bed and passed out. 


Keith stomped towards Lance’s room, he was already pissed from training today. Lance didn’t even try to fight him, he was like a rag doll. Now Lance missed dinner? What was up with him recently. 

Keith stopped in front of Lance’s door, inhaled and knocked. 

No response. Come on Lance, I’m not in the mood for games.

Keith knocked louder. Still nothing. 

Keith was about to walk away, just because he was mad he still respected people’s privacy.

 Keith started to turn from the door when he heard something. Was that a whimper? Keith put his ear up to the door and listened. Yeah, those are definitely whimpers…..I’m sorry Lance. Keith opened the door. 

Keith stood outside the door and stared into the room. He saw Lance on his bed, thrashing around and whimpering. 

Keith stared wide eyed for a moment, then he walked towards Lance, making sure the door closed behind him. He stood a few inches away from Lance, his hands almost touching him. 

Lance looked horrible. He was shaking, and sweating. He was whimpering and saying names? Keith didn’t recognize any of the names. However he did recognize “Mama”. 

It didn’t take Keith long to figure out that Lance was talking about his family. He couldn’t watch it anymore, Keith reluctantly reached forwards and shook Lance. “Lance!”

 Lance flung his eyes opened and bolted forward nearly smacking into Keith in the process. 

Lance looked at keith and scurried to the opposite side of the bed and hugged his legs. “He-hey Keith. Time for dinner?”

Keith nodded and continued to stare at Lance. “Lance is everything alright?” Keith wanted to hug him, strange right, but he decided to stay where he was. 

“Yeah, of course! Just a dream.” Lance tried to laugh ot off but his voice was raw. 

“Lance, that wasn’t a dream. You can talk to me.” Keith sat on the edge of the bed hoping to calm Lance down.

Lance continued to stare at Keith, his breaths were coming fast and his shirt was soaked in sweat. Keith wouldn’t judge him…right? “I miss my family.” Lance swallowed around the lump in his throat. 

“Well that’s okay we all miss someone from Earth.” Lance responded by shaking his head.

“No like this is different from usual. I’m seeing them, I saw my sister in the castle. Keith I’m losing it aren’t I?” Keith stared at Lance even more. 

He was hallucinating, okay.  “Lance I think you’re just tired.” Keith was trying to find and answer for Lance.   

“I can’t. I only slept because of how tired I was. Everytime I sleep I see my family. They’re disappointed in them, I left Earth and didn’t tell them. I never want to make my mama cry but every time I dream, she cries.” Lance’s breathing started to pick up. “And when I don’t sleep my brain is occupied with everything I do wrong. I’m a failed pilot. I’m a failed teammate. I’m a failed friend. I can’t do anything right.” Lance fought back tears as his voice wavered. 

Keith wasn’t sure what part got him but he crawled across the bed and hugged Lance as tight as he could. He slowly felt his shoulder become wet and shaky arms wrap around him. 

“Lance your parents are not disappointed in you. You’re not a failure. You just need to cope and get help. There is no shame in it. You can talk to me whenever you need.”

Lance tried not to shake but he started to tremble all over as he sobbed on Keith’s shoulder. “Thank you Keith.” 


Roughly 2 months had passed and Lance started to sleep better. He brain stopped voicing his insecurities and he saw less of his family. He trained better, and he pilots Blue better than ever. He did it because of one thing. Every night he would sleep next to a certain Red paladin and every time Lance had an issue, he was right there to help. 

I am terrible sorry this took so long. 

I love this idea! Also never apologize for Klance, it’s my life.

I hope you like it!!!

Thank you!

Two More Hours

This is just a sort of one shot thing I’ve been coming up with lately based on the Loverboy AU by @kawaiilo-ren

I hope it’s okay and I didn’t screw this up too much! Sorry if it isn’t very good! I’ve never really written anything for someone else’s AU before! >.<


Two more hours.

Two more hours, and I could go home.

Well, perhaps not home, exactly, but home enough. A safe place, with Beka and JJ.

Two more hours.

But my boys were probably just getting home from school. I wanted to be there, welcoming them as they walked in the front door, to tackle them, and tell them how much I’d missed them, and…

“Yo, blondie! Where’s my coffee?” The man next to me shouted.

I turned on him, gritting my teeth. “Don’t call me blondie!” I shouted at him. “I have a name!” I pointed to the name tag attached to my shirt right over my heart. Engraved in small block letters were four letters: Y, U, R, and I. I had always thought Yuri was an easy enough name to pronounce. Maybe I had always been wrong.

“Yuri, don’t yell at the customers.” Mila chided as she passed by me, a large platter of food balanced precariously on the fingertips of one hand.

I put on the best smile I could as I retrieved the coffee pot, and poured my customer a mug. “And what would you like to eat?”

He ordered a BLT, and I put his order in with Georgi in the kitchen. I hid in the corner to check my phone, as I technically wasn’t supposed to have my phone on me during my shift. My heart sank when there were no new messages from either Otabek or JJ. Beka, especially, usually texted me at the end of their school day, telling me how excited he was to see me, whether I was working or not.

I sighed, sliding my phone back into the waistband of my pants before serving another table I’d taken orders for. I was hoping for a better tip from them than the man I’d snapped at. I didn’t expect him to be overly generous with his tip, if he tipped at all.

As I went to bus a newly empty table, the bell on the front door jingled. Two men entered, both sporting the same black undercuts. They both talked to and laughed with Mila before she seated them. She stumbled toward me, caught up in a fit of giggles.

“Yuri, your undercuts are waiting for you in your section.” She sang as she passed.

I resisted the urge to shove her as I tightened my ponytail and pulled my notepad from the pouch in my short apron.

“Welcome.” I said, forcing myself to follow the diner’s script. “Can I get you anything to start?”

JJ put his elbow on the table, resting his cheek on his fist. “Oh, Yuri. How cute you are when you’re at work. How much do I have to tip you now for you to wear cat ears and a tail while you serve us?”

Otabek held his thumb up as he looked from his iPod to me, a set of large black stereo headphones over one ear.

My whole face burned, and I felt the need to look to my feet. “I’m not doing that.” I told them bluntly.

JJ stuck his bottom lip out in a pout. “Come on. Please? For us?”

I shook my head vigorously. “I don’t need Mila making fun of me any more than she does already.”

“If you just ignore her, then it doesn’t matter.” He smirked.

“Beka, can you make Jean-Jacques shut his pie hole?” I hissed.

Otabek kicked JJ under the table, looking back to his iPod. “JJ, shut the hell up. I’m trying to set up a playlist for later.”

“Add Party Rock for me.” He winked, putting up his signature double J’s. I could practically hear him saying ‘It’s JJ Style!’ about his absolutely shit music choice.

Otabek turned to me with a look that was a cross of down right misery and absolute disgust. “I think I’ll have a piece of pie. Apple sounds good, Yura.” He said.

I jotted it down. “Coming right up. And you, JJ?”

“I’ll have what Otabek’s having. And I’m sure that that will be you later as well.” JJ grinned.

My face burned again. Why did he have to do that when I was at work? He knew there was a time and place for it, right? “Anything to drink?”

JJ grinned larger before Beka kicked his shin again. “We’ll both have coffee.” Otabek told me before the other man could say anything else.

I scrawled out the rest of their order before rushing off to get it filled. I was much more diligent with getting their coffee than I had been with the other man, who grumbled a thanks when I brought him his sandwich.

Mila giggled behind me as I served Otabek and JJ their pie. She escaped to the kitchen before I could say anything to her, though.

I stalked to the kitchen after her, and she was standing just inside the door waiting for me. Had she been expecting me to follow her?

“Why were you laughing, hag?” I hissed.

“Your roommates are cute.” She replied.


“So, are they single? Especially Otabek. I would like to go out with him on a date, get to know him better. I’ve wanted to ask him out for a while.” Mila giggled again. It was getting annoying.

“They’re both taken.” I hissed.

She frowned. “Really? You’re sure?”

“A boyfriend.” I replied.

“A boyfriend?” Georgi questioned. “As in they share one?”

“It’s called polyamory, Georgi. It’s a thing in the world.” I grinned. “They’re mine.” I turned, my ponytail whipping out behind me, and went back to the floor.

I checked in on my undercuts. They had pushed JJ’s pie slice aside, and were taking turns feeding each other forkfuls of flaky pastry and apple filling.

“Hey, pretty kitty.” JJ winked as his lips wrapped around the end of Otabek’s fork.

“You know only Beka calls me that, asshole.” I meant it as a term of endearment, and he knew it. I called him an asshole all the time. I wanted, more than anything, to sit with them and join in the pie eating.

Somehow they drew on the eating of two pie slices to the end of my shift, taunting me more and more each time I passed until they were in the same side of their booth. They exchanged soft, teasing kisses as I passed, tormenting me even more, and it was unnatural to see them both act so soft.

“And he’s free.” JJ said as I stood in front of their booth when my shift was over, my apron hung in the back room.

“Took long enough, kitten.” Otabek murmured, and it took a great deal of self restraint to not start making out with him.

“Can we just go home now?” I asked, begged, although it came out as more of a whine. It was probably showing that I was even just a bit younger than them, but I didn’t care. I was going to lose all self control if they weren’t careful.

“Of course, mon petit chat.” JJ briefly dropped into French as he slid out of the booth with Otabek following close after.

I led the way to the parking lot and JJ’s car. Part of me was saddened that Beka hadn’t brought his motorcycle, but I knew that all three of us wouldn’t have fit.

We all settled into the car for the short ride home. There was tension in the atmosphere. Not negative, angry tension. A more romantic tension. Sexual tension. I knew that all three of us were anticipating what would come when we got to JJ’s house and the front door was closed.

Stuttering Pete {Pt. 2} -Peter Parker x Reader-

Pt. 1 - Pt. 3 - Pt. 4

Part 2!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Somethings wrong with Peter. You start to notice that he’s not really acting like himself, even more than usual since his trip to Germany. Trying to ask what’s wrong doesn't really seem like its going to work until one night, you find a very frustrated Peter Parker on your fire escape, ready to vent for the first time in weeks. 

Warnings?: Maybe a little bit of fluff and a little make out session. ;)

Originally posted by hardyness

Something was bothering Peter. You knew it. He seemed preoccupied, which was the usual Peter, his head always seemed to be in all kinds of different places. Especially ever since their school trip to Oscorp months ago. As well as his Uncle Ben’s death weeks later which had thrown him into a huge depression. He hadn’t talked to you, Ned or May in weeks. He barely ate, it was a hard time. This seemed to be different but you were sure not much would compare to the loss of his uncle. Ned finished adding his handful of LEGOs to the Death Star before getting to his feet. 

“I’m going to go get some food. Do you guys want anything?” 

“No.” You said 

“I’m good.” Peter muttered placing another piece on the Death Star. Ned left the room. The two of you sat in Ned’s room in silence for a moment. 

“Is…” You started “Is something wrong, Pete?” He looked up, lowering his handful of LEGO. 

“It’s nothing.” He said shaking his head but he never looked into your eyes. 

Pete.” You said he looked up. His eye was still bruised, and the bruise on his cheek was still dark but it was looking better. 

“Really, Y/N. I’m fine.” 

“Peter.” You said reaching over and stopping his hand before he could attach the piece, he looked up at you. “How long have we been friends?” He knew where this was going. He knew there was no use in trying to put on a brave face with you. He couldn’t lie to you but he also knew he couldn’t tell you the whole truth. 

“Since we were five.” He muttered 

“Right. So ten years. You’ve also lived one floor up since we were five. You know you can’t hide anything from me.” You added. 

“Yeah.” He said avoiding your eyes.

“Okay, then what’s wrong?” You asked 

“You don’t want to hear about it.” He tried once more to turn you away.

“Then why did I ask?” You raised your brows. He looked up glaring at you but there was no anger in it. Just the single fact that he had no idea what to do. 

I’m Spider-Man. He thought I fought some of the Avengers. It was Steve Rogers who gave me this black eye. Tony Stark made me a suit and made me feel like I was part of the team but then just dumped me on my doorstep and I haven’t heard anything from him since. Stopping bike thieves and helping little old ladies just doesn’t seem to compare to the kinds of stuff I could be doing with Iron Man. I just feel like I could be doing more. I want to do more. 

“I think Mr. Stark is going to end my internship.” Was all he really said. 

“That’s what has you in this mood?” You asked 

“Partially.” He said scratching his neck like he did when he was nervous. 

“Then what is it? You can tell me these things. You know that.” You assured him. “Don’t bottle things up. It doesn’t suit you.” 

“Don’t mother me. That doesn’t suit you.” He went back to assembling the Death Star. You sighed, crawling around the beach ball sized ball of LEGO to sit in front of him so he couldn’t use it as a distraction.

“It just feels like theres a void between us lately. We used to tell each other everything.” You said Well, you never told him about your crush on him. You thought to yourself.  

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merllennium  asked:

18, can will be the one crying b/c He doesn't find himself a good enough nurse?

18. While someone’s crying (you can get a crying will but for another reason bc i have big feelings about this)

Will lost a patient. That is evident as soon as Nico comes home and hears the eerie quiet of their apartment. There are only so many reasons Will wouldn’t be listening to music or humming as he cooked or cleaned or did whatever. And considering the difficult case he’s been worried about for several weeks now…

Nico leaves his shoes and coat and bag to the hall and silently makes his way through the apartment to the bedroom. He finds Will lying on Nico’s side of the bed, hugging a pillow and legs folded close to his chest, staring at the wall without probably really seeing anything. He looks so small and vulnerable like that, his face emotionless but ready to crumble under the slightest pressure.

It breaks Nico’s heart.

Without saying a word, Nico walks to the bed and lies down behind Will, carefully wrapping an arm around him to avoid startling him. Will is stiff, his muscles tense, but when Nico presses against his back he takes a hand and squeezes it so hard Nico’s fingers could break. Nico pushes a knee between both of Will’s, pulls him closer, and presses his lips comfortingly to the back of his neck.

Little by little the tension leaves Will’s body, but with the momentary calm comes the tremble; quiet sobs shaking Will’s body as he tries to keep them in, tries to be strong in a way he doesn’t need to be, tries to not fall apart. Will has always been soft, he’s always felt things deeper than Nico can understand, and for all the times Will has helped him calm down after a nightmare there are just as many times Nico has been there for Will’s cries and fears.

“You’re the one that told me”, Nico whispers against Will’s skin and strokes his knuckles with his thumb, “that being able to cry over a loss is the strongest thing a soldier can do.”

Will turns around in Nico’s arms and buries his face to the soft fabric of Nico’s shirt before letting the tears fall freely. Nico holds him tightly, dying a tiny bit inside with every sob and whimper, and runs a hand up and down Will’s back in a what he hopes is a soothing motion. His other hand buries itself to Will’s hair, holding Will’s head safely tucked under his chin as their bodies shake from the power of Will’s cries.

Nico knows words are pointless. He’s never been good with them, and this is not the time to start experimenting. And he knows how he himself would feel in his weakest moments if someone were to shoot empty words and promises to his face. Things will be okay, eventually, that is true, but that’s not something you want to hear when your whole world is gloom and dark.

“She was barely eleven, Nico”, are the first words Will manages to get out between the tears. Nico hates to hear them, hates that Will has to face dying children most every day, but he holds on tight and listens and maybe lets a tear fall on his own cheek, too. “She was just a child, how can - how can the fates be so cruel?”

Not having an answer that would be satisfactory to either of them, Nico stays quiet and just kisses Will’s hairline softly. It’s a question he has had frequently since he first learned about the nasty old ladies, and no matter how much he tries he will never understand what good could ever come from letting innocent children die. What he does understand is Will’s need to work in the children’s ward, helping and trying to prevent every death that he can, but in these moments where even that isn’t enough it’s hard to see the point in anything.

All Nico can do is hold Will through the sobs, smooth back his hair and help him breathe when it becomes too much. In and out, slowly, in and out, until all that’s left is bloodshed eyes and trembling lips and a wet spot of tears and snot on Nico’s shirt. That’s when Nico finally dares to smile, just a little, just enough to make Will know he’s proud of him regardless of what he thinks of himself.

Will tilts his head up enough to press their foreheads together. It’s something he’s always found comfort in, they both have, and Nico can feel calm settle in their bones.

“Why couldn’t I save her? Why couldn’t I save an innocent child, just this once?”

Will is not asking him, not really. Nico knows that, but still he cups Will’s cheek gently and presses a soft kiss on his lips before whispering, “Because when you take off the armor, every soldier is still only human.”

(thanks for the prompts, everyone!)

anonymous asked:

Dear 404, i hope this one doesn't trigger you: Please write an RFA/V/Saeran reaction to MC admitting she has killed someone. Like, right almost now. Body is not even hidden yet, she might or might not be asking for help/assistance (your choice if it was accidental, self-defense or premeditated, but wow, premeditated would be cool).

A/N: (I really… was tempted.. to turn these into individual fics…because i kept these short with not much detail but /man/ i wanted to get more detailed;;) I’m not gonna lie, I was like… really… excited… for this one. Because I’ve never written anything like this. My stuff is usually fluff and some (pretty bad) nsfw here and there but i am /hyped/ and hope this came out okay ~Admin 404

Should I put a TW here? I wouldn’t know what to put? But it’s here? There’s mentions of blood and death? Is that a good enough TW? Is there a “General TW”?


               -“Hey MC! Welcome home, do you want to play a little LOLOL before I log-” his sentence faded off, taking in the blood on your hands and the immense amount of tears trailing down your face

               -“What happened?! Are you okay?! MC, is this blood?! Please, talk to me!” he panicked, running up to you and searching for any sort of cut on your hands before wiping away your tears

               -He tried to look into your eyes but you couldn’t stop crying long enough to look at him.

               -Trying to talk through your sobs and hiccups, he caught a few words like attack, scared, and the phrase “couldn’t help”

               -His panic levels skyrocketed. What?? Couldn’t help what? Who? MC?

               -You calmed down enough to start speaking quietly, never taking your eyes off of your hands

               -“There.. was this guy. I was walking home and he pulled me into this dark alley thing…… and I just,,, I pushed him away from me but I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean it, Yoosung!” you cried out, tears starting to fall again, “ I tried to help him, I really did! It was an accident!”

               -You kept crying out and as worried as he was about you, he couldn’t get past the fact that a grown man? Grabbed you? What did he want to do? What did he think he was going to get away with?

               -His eyes grew dim, a sort of veil over them you’ve never seen before, as he grabbed your wrists, leaning in close to your face

               -“MC, what happened to him. Whose blood is this? His, right?” he asked, honestly scaring you a little bit with his dark tone

               -You nodded, sniffling as he took you to the sink to wash your hands before asking you to take him to where the man was.

               -On the way there, you explained that you had pushed him away from you, not knowing he would trip and smack his head against the side of a brick building

               -“I- I wanted to call the police but I wasn’t sure what to do! What if they didn’t believe it was an accident! What if-”

               -You were caught off guard when he started to wipe him down, trying to rid him of any evidence of you

               -“Yoosung? What are you doing? Shouldn’t we call-”

               -He turned to you, eyes darker than ever, leaning in close to whisper to you

               -“He touched you, MC. He shouldn’t have. You aren’t his to grab onto. You’re mine and only mine,” he leaned in all the way to kiss your lips softly before continuing

               -“MC, he’s gone. He’s passed on. But he got what he deserved,” he stood up straighten than normal

               -“He’s lucky he was gone before I got here, or it would have been much… much worse. Now, I’m going to get rid of any evidence that you were here. I’ll protect you, MC”

               -He smiled at you, his normal, happy smiled turned into something dark and wicked, he kissed you again, a little harder than at first, his heart pounding in the excitement of what you’ve done, but mixed with his anger that another man had even thought to put his hands on you. He’d take this secret to his grave, always looking out for you from then on


               -He has hundreds, if not thousands of fans

               -And you’re okay… as long as they stay away from him. Stay within the boundaries. Keep their hands off. Keep the distance between them.

               -You’re trying so hard to keep your cool. You knew as an amazing actor, he was bound to get a lot of attention from other people.

               -But you couldn’t take it anymore.

               -This one woman- one who thought she was cute by trying to get so close to your boyfriend

               -Thought she could get whatever she wanted out of him by flipping her hair, pushing up her bra, running her fingertips down his arms

               -But did she care that he was yours? No. Did she continue trying to scheme her way into his pants? Yes.

               -Have you had enough? Most definitely.

               -You contacted her through a burner phone, pretending to be Zen. You set up everything you needed to in order to carry out whatever you needed to protect Zen.

               -Sitting at home, Zen was actually worried about you- you hadn’t come home in hours, and you weren’t picking up his calls? What if something had happened to you?

               -But you knew what you were doing. You wanted to take your time, let her know exactly what she got herself into before you ended her life. You wanted to make her pay, not give her a free pass by taking care of it quickly.

               -“MC! There you are! You haven’t answered my calls all day, where have you been?” Zen asked the moment you walked through the door, practically running up to you as you turned to face him.

               -He wrapped his arms around your waist, looking down at you as you gave him your award winning smile, playing a hand on his cheek

               -“Don’t worry about me, I just had some business to take care of,” you said with a slight giggle. It was then that Zen noticed an odd emotion in your eyes. Why did your hands smell slightly metallic?

               -When you pulled your hand away from his face, he could feel something warm, and a little sticky on his face. Wiping a little off, he saw that it was blood

               -He quickly looked at your hand, about to ask you if you had gotten hurt- but he noticed both of your hands were covered in the red liquid, along with spatters of blood flung across your face. How did he not notice it before when he was looking into your eyes?

               -“MC..? What.. happened? What did you do…” he trailed off, watching as you threw your once enemies signature scarf on the ground, soaked in blood

               -“I took care of our little problem, see? Now you and I don’t have to worry about her butting into our relationship. I did this for us! We can live together happily, until another one of those harpies try getting to you again.”

               -You stepped closer to him, standing on your toes to kiss his cheek, stepping away to watch how completely shocked he was. Before turning on your heel, you caressed his cheek and looked into his eyes, your own glossing over with a wave of possession. “You’re mine,” you whisper against his lips, leaving him to his thoughts while you went to wash up

               -What could he do? What should he do? There were so many thoughts running through his head. When he was younger and in a motorcycle gang there were… many things he didn’t enjoy doing. There were times he’s sure he had… injured others to the brink of dying, but he pushed that in the back of his mind. But you? You were doing this to innocent people who got too friendly to him? What has he going to do? He was a natural flirt. How many more people were going to get hurt? Can he even deal with the fact that you had… done this?


               -The both of you know how to take care of yourselves

               -Both know self defense, you might even know some sort of martial arts, or so Jaehee thought

               -You’ve always seemed a little more… fluent, in your movements

               -Whether you noticed it or not, you had this hidden strength about you and that left her with mixed feelings

               -On one hand, she was proud! She didn’t have to worry /too/ much about you getting hurt

               -On the other hand… she had to worry about anyone who came near you. Even if it was something innocent, like someone walking up behind you too quietly, she was scared that you might hurt someone

               -Turns out she was right.

               -You called her during a meeting. She ignored the first one, thinking she could call you back afterwards, but you kept calling? She excused herself and answered the call, only to hear you broken in sobs, unable to form a full sentence

               -“MC? MC what’s wrong? Are you alright?” she started to whisper soothing words into the phone, hoping to get you calm enough to talk to her

               -You told her you needed her to meet you in a discreet location, and that made her danger senses go off

               -Rushed out of the office to meet you in a dark, deserted alleyway downtown.

               -She found you on the ground, hugging your knees and completely sobbing. A tall, burly man lay on the ground next to you, his eyes dull and lifeless

               -Her gasp caused your head to snap up and look at her, tears streaming down your face.

               -“Jaehee! You have to trust me, I-I didn’t mean to do this! I didn’t mean to hurt him! He grabbed my shoulder from behind and I just… I just… reacted! I didn’t know I wou-would slam him to the fl-floor that hard!”

               -She bent down next to you, smoothing your hair and kept an eye on the man laying lifeless next to the two of you. She couldn’t muster up any words to comfort you, her mind was working too fast to think rationally

               -‘It was self-defense,’ she told herself, ‘MC would never hurt…. I mean… take someone’s life on purpose…’

               -What would happen to MC? Would people believe it was self defense? Would MC be safe? There had to be a way to make sure MC wouldn’t get in trouble for this. She could do her research, she could ask Jumin for help- no no, she couldn’t do that…

               -She had to do whatever she could to protect you.

               -You looked up and watched as she started to drag the man away from you, propping him up against the dumpster. She figured he looked scruffy enough that people could think he had simply fallen and hurt himself on his own. She felt extremely guilty, but she couldn’t lose you

               -“MC,” she said, holding onto your shoulders as she bent down to your eye level once more, “You and I will never speak of this again, do you understand?”


               -He was suspicious when you refused to let him send body guards with you when you left the penthouse

               -What could you have been doing?

               -You knew he already didn’t like the fact that you were leaving so late at night. He just wanted you to stay with him, but you had to do a lot of convincing to get him to let you leave. Sometimes you stayed behind on his business trips because you had things to do

               -There was this one person.. this one person in your life who you could never forgive for hurting you

               -You’ve followed him for years, tracking everything he’s done, learned all of his schedules

               -You were always telling Jumin he should be more open, more honest, more in tuned with his emotions, and to be rational about things

               -Did you take your own adivce? No. This was something they couldn’t come back from. This was something that would never go away, you had to take care of it yourself

               -One night, you decided it was the best time to strike. It was now or never, and this could all be over with. You wouldn’t have to sneak around anymore, and you could finally forget all that had happened.

               -Your target was risky, he was in the higher class and held some sort of power in the business world, but that wasn’t going to stop you.

               -Making your way into his house, you lay in wait, Your heart beating out of your chest

               -When the deed was done you went home, cursing yourself for not thinking it completely through. You thought so carefully how to get it done, how to enjoy it, how to execute it so you won’t be caught in the act

               -But one thing you didn’t think about was how to clean up after you were done.

               -You couldn’t get caught. There was no way you were going to go down for this, nor were you about to slander Jumin’s good name

               -But you didn’t know what to do? How were you going to cover this up? Who could you even ask for help?

               -You went home, your thoughts were frantic but you were composed on the outside. Jumin wouldn’t have been able to notice something was wrong… if he didn’t notice the fact you smell like metal and another man’s cologne

               -He sat as you carefully explained to him what you had done, rubbing his forehead, his eyebrows knit together.

               -He cannot believe what you had done. He knew you had a problematic past but he just couldn’t see how someone like you- the kindest, most warm-hearted person he has ever met, could go and murder a man with no remorse.

               -He has the money to clean up your mess, he has the strong mentality to keep your secret, he has the resources to make sure you’re never caught and that you’re safe- and he’ll do it all for you because you are the love of his life and there was no well in /hell/ that they were going to take you from him.

               -It takes him a very long time to process all of the information before figuring out how to help you, and even longer to actually attempt to get physically close to you because his mind just wouldn’t stop running. He wouldn’t dare to kiss you until he was positive you were in the right frame of mind

               -Although he helped you cover your tracks, he’s still worried about anyone coming near you. He should be afraid of you hurting him but he wasn’t. He was more afraid of someone finding you, or someone hurting you in retaliation. Just as V and Rika had their secrets, he now felt this sort of… pride in having a dark secret between the two of you. He knew it was wrong to think that but he couldn’t help it. It gave him sort of a rush to think about something so secretive the two of you could never speak about it. There was never a thought in his mind growing up that he’d be this close to someone but now he did and there were multiple times he had to talk himself out of suggesting the two participating in similar acts just to grow even closer


               -As secret agent, he’s had to take a few lives

               -He’s not proud of it per say, but he doesn’t let it tear him up inside

               -He found complete comfort in you, though

               -You were calm, loving, and so warm- something he didn’t have most of his life.

               -He thought you were so innocent, so pure

               -But there was something in your background check that just didn’t add up with him

               -There were pieces of information missing. What was your source of income? Your spending habits were a little sporadic? What sort of life were you living?

               -He ignored it all because he of all people knew about terrible pasts, and wanted to believe everyone can be who they are in the present instead

               -So whatever was wrong with your background, he decided he could accept it

               -He was extremely broken hearted at the fact he had to leave you for a mission, but he knew it was something he had to do, and he would see you at home, ready to greet him!

               -What he didn’t expect on this mission, however, was to find you there, at his targets place

               -Let alone see you grab the guy by the hair, dragging a knife across his neck

               -He actually almost screamed, watching the love of his life kill this man, the red liquid dripping down the guys throat and across his chest

               -You looked up from the man to see Saeyoung, your once emotionless face turned to something completely mortified at being found out

               -“This.. this isn’t what it looks like,” you let out a nervous giggle, “I-I mean okay it.. it is what it looks like. B-but you have to hear me out! Please! Just hear me out!”

               -He stared at you like a deer in the headlights, listening to you explain that you’re a paid hitman. You had no idea his target was the same one you had been given

               -You explained that you did this often, with multiple different methods, but when you attempted to go into detail, Saeyoung stopped you with tears in his eyes

               -“MC, listen… I forgive you. My job… it’s not that innocent either, I get it. I just wish.. you would have told me, you know? Trust me with this sort of thing… You… you’re so kind and I love the ever-loving hell out of you. I’m not going to change how I think about you. Except now I’m sure I might have some nightmares watching you with a knife to a man’s throat, but…”

               -You nodded in understanding, letting out a soft sigh and a small smile at the fact that he immediately accepted you despite the horrors you bring upon people, just like you accepted his. At least now he understood why you didn’t mind the danger of being with him…

               -A light bulb went off between the two of you when you simultaneously realized you had to get rid of the body. Completely thrown off guard by Saeyoung’s presence, you lost all train of thought and he started to help you clean up the mess, much to your surprise. You stayed with him while he got whatever information he needed, and as if nothing happened, the two of you went home together hand in hand. Was it odd for the both of you to accept that you’re both killers? Yes, but the two of you can work on those feelings together, and Saeyoung was okay with that


               -He’s been hurt enough in this life

               -And he had been surrounded by enough pain, confusion, and manipulation

               -When he met you, everything seemed brighter and loving and he couldn’t wait to finally be happy with no worries!

               -Except it wasn’t that easy for him

               -He expected some sort of hiccup, but he didn’t know it would be something like this.

               -The two of you were walking through the seemingly empty park one night after an incredible date, when you noticed there was some sort of black figure lurking in the shadows

               -As much as V would love to protect you, his eyesight still isn’t the best, but you don’t blame him at all. You just take it upon yourself to protect him instead!

               -That being said you carried some sort of weapon with you, because you never know who would come up to the two of you. Usually it was something like pepper spray, but after the whole “Rika” thing, you got something a little more… powerful, because you were terrified about someone hurting V!

               -The shadow figure jumped out to grab you, and you panicked.

               -With a small screech when you were grabbed, you pulled out a small handheld gun, pointing it in the direction of the person holding onto you. A bang rang out and echoed into the night and V freaked out, worrying about you

               -He could see a lot of movement and he didn’t know what to do and he never felt more horrible

               -There was a loud thud followed by a lot of mumbling

               -He was able to pick out words like, “oh no,” “what did I do,” and “please”

               -Frantically trying to find you, you grabbed his hand and started to sob

               -Your hand was wet and sticky, and he immediately knew what he was touching. He dropped to his knees, his heart racing out of fear. Was it possible for his heart to beat so fast it just runs out of his chest?

               -“MC? MC! Are you okay? Are you in pain? What happened? Are you injured? MC! Please, tell me what happened!” he begged, listening to you cry violently, trying to get words to come out through your cries

               -“I! He- he! He grabbed me! I was afraid! I was scared for you and I… I didn’t know what to do! I just- I pointed, closed my eyes, and pulled the trigger! I only meant to hurt him a little bit, I guess?? So that we could get away?? I.. I didn’t mean for this! I didn’t mean to end this man’s life! Jihyun, please! Please believe me!”

               -He pulled you into his chest, smoothing your hair and whispering calming words, he wasn’t sure how well he could help you, but he knew it wasn’t your fault.

               -It was self-defense and he knows it. He would never blame you for this. But he loved you, and he couldn’t let you suffer through this alone. He took the gun apart, chucking pieces into what he hoped was the lake, shoving other pieces into his pocket. If it was in pieces, they won’t have enough evidence.

               -He promised you he would always be there for you no matter what. He knows you aren’t capable of harming a person on purpose. He was positive that you are simply an angel on earth and would only do what you needed to protect yourself and the ones you love. There was no way he would let you get caught. He’s done terrible things in the past and he would do them all over again if it meant he could protect you.


               -Working for Mint Eye, he’s already had to kill people

               -It doesn’t bother him anymore. He can do it in the blink of an eye. He doesn’t think twice

               -When you first joined Mint Eye, he was positive you wouldn’t make it

               -Someone as cute as you wouldn’t be able to handle such dirty work.

               -You’d probably cry the first time you were confronted

               -So when you were sent on a mission unrelated to the RFA, he wanted to go with you

               -Definitely not to protect you! Just… to see you crash and burn.

               -You came face to face with the man you had to kill

               -Saeran stood back with his arms crossed, ready to step in and call you an idiot. To tell you that you weren’t cut out for the job, you should stick to just working back at headquarters

               -But without a second thought, you put the gun in between this man’s eyes and pulled the trigger,  leaving the blood spatter across your face as you stare down emotionless at the lifeless body at your feet

               -He was honestly shocked? You…. didn’t feel a thing?

               -You continued going through this man’s belongings, looking for what you were sent there for

               -He stood there in awe, not sure about what he should do about this situation? There were so many feelings about you swirling around in his head. He couldn’t help but grab your arm and spin you around, watching as your eyes sparked back to life

               -“Um? Saeran? What do you want? What’s wrong?”

               -Looking back and forth between your eyes, Saeran watched as your guard dropped and concern flooded them, staring back at him and started to get confused

               -“I uh. Just-” he started, turning his head away from you and furrowing his eyebrows, frowning at the floor, “Don’t get to full of yourself when I say this but, you… you did good. I thought.. I thought you didn’t have it in you to kill. I thought I would have to.”

               -He turned back to you, eyebrows still knit together before he sighed and slammed his lips against your own, dominating and commanding your bottom lip to follow the movement of his own, moving a hand up to the back of your head to bring you closer

               -You tried to stutter out that you were out of breath and that’s when he let you go, practically pushing himself 7 feet away from you

               -“I mean, whatever. You better do this well next time. I don’t want to have to follow you every time you leave HQ just to make sure you can keep pulling the trigger. It’s not because I want to protect you, or anything! Take care of your damn self! You know what, maybe you shouldn’t even go on these things anymore. Maybe you should just stay back,” he rambled on, trying to hide a blush that was rising to his cheeks. He turned to the lifeless body on the ground, nervously fidgeting with him, attempting to change the subject

               -“Come on. I’ll help you just this once to get rid of this thing. You need to do it yourself. I won’t help you next time. What do you mean I’m trying to change the subject? No I’m not! Mind your own damn business, get over here and help me carry this guy!”


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Hiiii can you write one where you and H have been dating for years, you find one of your friends got engaged really soon and H says something like "when you know, you know" and you start to think he doesn't want to get married to you since it's been so long and get distant?

“Y/N, I have to tell you something!” your best friend who you’d known since what felt like forever exclaimed to you as soon as you picked up the phone. 

It was about midway through the day and you had just finished cleaning out your closet when your phone started ringing, as you were trying to be productive on your day off of work. Harry was at a meeting but was meant to be back within the next hour or so. 

“What is it?!” you responded, feeling excited already just because of the tone of excitement in your friend’s voice. 

“He finally proposed! Y/N I’m getting married!!!” she almost shrieked, forcing you to pull your phone slightly away from your ear in order to save your ear drum. And you couldn’t help that your first instinct upon hearing the news was for your face to fall and heart to race, and not out of joy. But you immediately picked yourself back up and responded to your friend with the same tone of excitement, sharing your congratulations to her and her husband-to-be. And you were so happy for her, for them, because this was your best friend from childhood and she meant so much to you and you knew her now-fiancee was perfect for her.  

But once you two had finally ended the conversation and you put your phone back down on the table, your expression immediately fell again as it had upon first hearing the news. Pulling out the chair at the kitchen table, you sat down and your mind immediately went to work.

You and Harry had been together for almost four years now, and nobody was getting any younger. You were easily at marrying age, and you’d known for awhile that you would be more than happy to spend the rest of your life with him. But he just never made a move, never even hinted at the idea of spending his life with you. You had secretly been hoping for the past few months, almost year now, that he would propose or at least bring up the idea of marriage. But still, nothing. And you didn’t want to bring it up because you were worried you’d freak him out and scare him off or something, not that he would just pick up and leave because you two were so close now and had such a special relationship…a relationship that seemed like it had naturally progressed to a place where marriage would be the next step. 

You were so lost in this train of thought that you didn’t even notice Harry coming in the front door, and you were startled when he walked through the doorway into the kitchen, a smile on his face. 

“Sorry babe, didn’t mean to scare you,” Harry smirked as he walked over to kiss your forehead before taking off his jacket and grabbing a glass of water.

“Mmm, it’s okay, just thinking,” you smiled halfheartedly as he sat down at the table across from you. 

“Oh, Y/N, the funniest thing happened today. So we went by the studio and there was this girl waiting outside and -”

“Y/F/N just got engaged.” You interrupted Harry, not trying to be rude but growing more and more anxious each second and not in the mood for one of his stories that you always pretended to laugh at even though it wasn’t that funny. You were getting fed up and it was obvious to Harry, who’d never experienced you purposely interrupting him before. 

You watched as his brows furrowed, his mouth still open from when he’d been interrupted in the middle of his sentence. He paused before responding to your statement. 

“That’s great! Wow that should be a fun wedding,” he smiled, but the way he looked at you told you he wasn’t about to ignore your interruption, something you never did. 

“Mmm, isn’t it though?” you remarked, and Harry couldn’t tell if you were being sarcastic or not. 

“Erm, yeah, I guess when you know, you know,” Harry answered.

That was enough for you. Mumbling in agreement, though clearly not meaning it, you cleared your throat and stood up.

“Yeah I, uh, gotta go check on the laundry,” you murmured before walking out of the kitchen and into the hall, leaving a confused Harry sitting at the table. 

A frown formed on his face, as he’d been in a great mood and excited to talk to you. He assumed you were just in a mood or something, but he was not one to let conversations like these just slide. 

Getting up and walking to find you sitting on the end of the bed in your shared bedroom, clearly not checking on the laundry, Harry sat down next to you. 

“Please tell me what’s wrong, love.” Harry put his hand on your knee and tried to make eye contact with you, but you just couldn’t right now. And you suddenly felt exhausted, not wanting to do this with him right now.

“Harry, I just, can we just not right now. I think I’m just gonna take a nap or something,” you told him calmly, still not looking into his eyes. 

Even more confused and concerned now, Harry figured it was best to give you some space. Sighing quietly, he took his hand from your knee and stood up before leaning down to press a soft kiss to the top of your head. 

“I’ll be in the living room,” he told you sweetly as he left you alone. 

Sitting down on the couch to watch tv, Harry pulled out his phone and saw your friend’s post on Facebook about getting engaged. His eyebrows raised when he saw in her caption that she and her now-fiancee had been together 2 years. 2 years. 

Looking up from the screen, the numbers started running through Harry’s head as he realized that it had been almost 4 years since the two of you had started dating. And that’s when it hit him, that that’s what you were upset about, even though it would have seemed pretty obvious to most people. Harry just thought it was an unspoken fact that he wanted to spend his whole life with you, but he realized that now was the time to make plans and to finally ask you the question you had been hoping to be asked for so long now. 

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AU where something goes wrong and Obi-Wan dies long before his destiny has determined he will-- The Force doesn't like this, and refuses so strongly that, upon pushing his soul back into his body and healing his wounds, there comes the unfortunate(or perhaps not unfortunate at all) side effect that Obi-Wan just. Can't die. He can be injured, but it will heal in the blink of an eye. Even a blaster bolt to the forehead or a lightsaber to the chest can't keep him down for long...

There are three things Obi-Wan knows at that moment.


One is the smell of burning flesh is as sickening as always as the lightsaber burrows into his chest and pierces through his heart.

Two is that he never wants to hear Anakin scream like that again.

And three that Ventress looks real pretty up close when she’s close enough for her breath to wash over his face.

Obi-Wan takes a jagged breath and then calmly closes his hand around her wrist. “That hurts.” He offered roughly before squeezing down on her wrist until she let go, not hard considering she looks shocked to the core as Obi-Wan stands there with a lightsaber buried in his chest.

The Jedi took that chance to remove the crimson saber from his chest, staring at her still before he gave her a directed shock through the grasp he had on her bared wrist, knocking her unconscious.

Obi-Wan summoned his own saber back to his hand from where Ventress had knocked moments ago and hooked it to his belt. “Anakin, please stop staring at me. I’m fine.” He finally offered.

That got a flurry of motions before the dark clothed Jedi was in front of him, blue eyes wide and wild as he stared down at Obi-Wan. “Fine!? She…you were…” He focused on the round hole burned through his armor and tunic, only seeing pink skin beneath it.

“I’m fine. We should most likely bring Asajj in before the droids has a chance to regroup and save her.” Obi-Wan looked down at the Sith acolyte. “And I’ll explain to your, and anyone else satisfaction once that’s done.” He sighed.

How to explain though?

This wasn’t something he could really explain.

Obi-Wan couldn’t die.

The Force was at act in it, though at times Obi-Wan wondered if it was a perversion of nature what he was.

His heart beat though, his mind spun its thoughts and his lungs required oxygen.

He was clearly human despite being unable to die.

But he could still bruise.

“Damn it Anakin!” He yelped as he was shoved into a chair in the command center, hastily reaching beneath him to pull Ventress saber out from under his butt. “I can still bruise you know!” He huffed and dropped the saber onto the desk.

“But not die apparently.” The blond growled out while crossing his arms over his chest.

Obi-Wan sighed. “No, not die.” He confessed.


“If you’re asking me then I ask you. I died a long time ago and just never remained dead. I’d blame the Force somehow.” Obi-Wan shrugged.

“Okay…you can’t die.” Anakin ran his hand over his face then crossed his arms over his chest. “You got a lightsaber THROUGH you heart…”

“Anakin, I’ve had a lot of fatal injuries and actions put on me. I’m not dead despite my heart having stopped several times. The bottom line is that I always came back.” Obi-Wan sighed.

“…When did you first die Master Obi-Wan?” Ahsoka suddenly asked, blinking at the human from behind her master.

“When I was twelve.” Obi-Wan shrugged. “I got trapped underneath the rubble in a mine, my head got caved in my a giant rock from the ceiling and I just…died.” He sat back in his chair, watching them. “I woke up stiff and cold and since then I haven’t been able to die.”

“You died when you were twelve?” Anakin’s arms dropped.

“I died at the age of twelve on Bandomeer and no one knew. I never told anyone. I didn’t want anyone to know. I was weird enough for coming back to the temple after being sent away. Anakin, I can’t die, I breath poison gas and wake up once I’m done choking on my own blood. I have every bone broken in fall damage and yet when my eyes open again, I can move as easily as I can now.” He stared at him. “The trauma alone should have me at the steps of insanity but I am not. I cling to the faint remains of sanity.”

Anakin stared at him.

Obi-Wan sighed then pushed to his feet, reaching up and resting his hands on the others shoulders. “And since you now know, I can promise you this Anakin, I will not leave your side.” He smiled faintly.

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I feel like Derek is the sweetest to drunk Stiles. Like once Stiles loses his inhibitions Derek loses his asshole act. So he says yes to EVERYTHING Stiles says, with zero percent snark or eye rolls. Like Stiles could go, I want a pony with your face on it and Derek would just be like, 'okay dear' but the sad part is that Sober Stiles doesn't remember any of this so he can't blackmail his boyfriend for being so mushy to his drunk self.

I am 1000% here for Derek being a pure little cinnamon roll underneath all the gruff and leather. Which, hey, let’s be real here - this is actually canon. Derek Hale talks a big game and he snarls and growls and threatens to rip your throat out but this is also….a bit of an act. Or at least, these are the kind of things Derek’s walls are built of. After all, he’s had to learn to protect himself, emotionally speaking. His first love died and the second woman he opened himself up to murdered almost his entire family. He’s an abuse victim - several times over by season 3 - and when he lost Laura, he not only lost the very last person he trusted but the very last person who loved him.

Sarcasm is Stiles’ defence and while Derek is snarky and sarcastic and is pretty much the only one who can go toe to toe with Stiles in a game of verbal tennis, we all know he is also this guy

We all know, at Derek’s core, he is cocky and arrogant. We all know he is a book nerd and likes to show off. We all know Derek Hale is, in fact, a dork. 

And the thing is, while older!Derek is emotionally closed off, is hardened and scared, his experiences having shaped and changed him, we still see glimpses off this boy and it hurts. I mean, ffs, almost ten years later and he’s still using basket balls to flirt???


And to be honest, if we do look at this scene as Derek flirting with Stiles, or at least being playful, it actually really hurts because Stiles is the only person Derek does this with. Derek “bad mouths” Stiles a lot but he also likes to play with him a little and it’s like, just for a few small moments every now and again, Derek can be himself. He can be this guy

(coincidence these scenes are also with Stiles?? *looks at the camera like I’m in the office) 

He can be the person underneath all the walls. And what is beautiful is that even though Derek likes playing with Stiles in the beginning, he does not like Stiles playing with him back. We see that several times. He’s not ready for that, it scares him and he is very wary of it. But then you get to this scene

and it’s so beautiful and makes me want to cry because


And I think, little by little, as they get closer and closer (aka Stiles going to college and “oh my god, Derek?? what are you doing here??”) Derek will let his guard down for Stiles. Will his walls go away? Of course not. But will Stiles build a goddamn stair case up those walls? Will he get to peer over and see a whole other side to Derek, a side Derek is very protective of other people seeing? I have no doubt, because what gets me about Sterek is that Derek Hale, while being someone who shuts everyone out, and understandably so, (even though all he really craves is pack and family) he lets Stiles in, bit by bit. This is why, even though their relationship in canon is never an explicit “I love you”, I don’t give a fuck because what their relationship in canon is is this whole build up of beautiful, beautiful trust. 

It’s Derek letting Stiles put his hand on his shoulder when he’s at his most vulnerable. It’s Stiles being hesitant to put his hand on Derek’s shoulder because he fucking knows Derek’s deal with being touched at this point. 

It’s Derek trusting Stiles enough to leave his baby sister with him, even though she is all he has left in this world.

It’s getting to THIS FUCKING POINT


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PROMPTS! YAY PROMPTS! Nurseydex bad mental health day lovin'? Or Nursey explains poems to Dex, Dex doesn't get shit but is all heart eyes about it? Or domestic nurseydex? Anything nurseydex please!

I know I told you I was going to do their coffee shop meet cute from the faculty AU, but that was turning into a huge thing and taking forever, and then last night the idea fairy visited and gave me some stressed out grad school Nurseydex instead.

Nursey looked at the stacks of books that had taken over their coffee table, flags sticking out of them in every direction, and wanted nothing more than to fling them at the wall. Just flip the whole table. Send papers flying everywhere. He could see it in his mind so clearly. It was so close to being satisfying that it made him itch. He grabbed a throw pillow off the end of the couch, pressed it over his face, and screamed.

Dex looked up from his place at the dining table (the only flat surface left in the apartment for him to work at) and raised his eyebrows. “Feeling a bit dramatic today?”

“I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m done. Can I be done? I don’t even remember what the point of getting a PhD is anymore. The pressure to come up with something ‘new’ and ‘innovative’ in a field where everything has been said a thousand times before just makes my mind go blank now, and I think I can vaguely remember a time when I found this subject interesting, but that was so long ago it just feels like a dream, and now I’m so far down the theory rabbit hole I’m not sure I can talk to normal people anymore and I sound such like a pretentious asshole every time I have to talk to my advisor that I want to punch myself in the face.” He ran out of breath and slumped on the couch, staring vaguely at the ceiling and longing vaguely for the days when he thought being “chill” was his ultimate ambition.

Dex blinked at him for a few seconds and then shrugged. “So don’t.”


“Don’t finish. You don’t actually have to. Nothing says you are required to finish your dissertation and get a PhD. You already have everything needed for a master’s in passing. There is literally nothing stopping you from withdrawing from your program, taking the MA, and doing that teaching certificate I know you have all the information for stuffed in the back of the desk in the office.”

Nursey just stared at him.

Dex moved his laptop to the side and folded his arms in front of him. “I’m serious. Unless you really want to be a college professor, there’s basically zero reason for you to get a PhD. If your dissertation is driving you to the point of mental breakdown and you genuinely do not care about the subject anymore, then stop. I won’t judge. You’re not even in debt for this degree because they’ve had you TAing the whole time. There are no real consequences here. There is life beyond academia. You can be ABD for the rest of your life and I will still love you and you will still be employable and the world will still turn.”

Nursey realized that his vision had gone blurry and his hands were shaking, but at the same time, he felt like he could breathe again. “Oh,” he said.

“Yeah, oh. It’s gonna be okay, you know? I promise.”

Nursey blew out a huge breath. “Thank you.”

“Of course.” And then Dex smiled at him and pulled his laptop back over, leaving Nursey to sort out his thoughts.

Nursey wasn’t sure if he’d actually take Dex up on the offer to love him through the process of withdrawing from his program, (during which he sincerely doubted he’d be much of a delight,) but maybe just knowing it was a sincere option would be enough to get him through the last fifty pages of his diss. Just knowing he had options made him feel a thousand times lighter.

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Alright. Logicality of Patton trying to help Logan experience actual feelings besides the love he has for him. But logic doesn't want to do it out in the open in the fear or embarrassment that someone other than Patton will see. So they try to do it while in each other's rooms or when Roman and anxiety aren't home. Sorry if that was long...

Here ya go Nonie-this may have turned into a three parter whoops! so here is part one

Warnings: none, let me know if you need something tagged

The List

Part One- The Fluff a.k.a The hurt/Comfort

Patton’s eyes scanned the list he had found tucked between the pages of one of

Logan’s books. He wasn’t quite sure what it was, it looked very much like a to-do list, a neat column of items with a small box next to each word. However it was a list of emotions.





Love ✔️ June 3rd 2017




Confusion twigged with worry filled him as he read and reread the list. Only one thing was checked off, love. Next to it a date was scribbled and Patton recognized as the day Logic had confessed, struggling to name what he was feeling.

Because that was just it, Patton thought with a smile, it wasn’t that Logan didn’t feel, it was that he couldn’t put names to the things he was feeling.

“Patton?” Logan stood in the doorway looking absolutely horrified.

“I wasn’t snooping, I swear. I just came in to put your laundry away and I found it.” He trailed off, it sounded like a flimsy excuse, even to his own ears. Logan strode forward, snatching the paper out of his hand, quickly folding it and tucking it into his back pocket. He didn’t seem mad, much to Patton’s relief. Rather his cheeks were turning pink and the tips of his ears were scarlet and his gaze was fixed on the carpet.

“What was that, exactly?” He asked slowly, knowing he was pushing his luck.

“It was nothing.” Logan said, brushing past him and busying himself at the desk.

“That’s quite a reaction over nothing,”

“I’m sure I don’t know what your talking about,”

Patton slipped up behind Logan, wrapping his arms around his waist. “ If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were feeling embarrassed.” Silence was his only answer as Logan continued to aimlessly shuffle papers on the desk. Patton slipped his hand in to Logan’s back pocket and retrieved the list, maybe a little slower than was strictly speaking necessary. He chuckled at Logan’s small squeak and plastered on his most innocent face. He smoothed the paper out on the desk, reaching for a pen. In his own, messier, writing he added the word “embarrassment” to the bottom and checked it off with the date.

“There, which one should we do next?” he asked cheerily, his brows knitting together in confusion as he watched Logan’s face slip from mortification into a something near bewilderment before a small smile broke through. Patton’s eyes flew wide as Logan pulled him in by a fist full of shirt.

“Thank you.” He murmured against his lips. “ I just want to be normal, I don’t want to be emotionless.”

Patton pulled back with a frown. “Logan,” he reached up to cup his cheek,  “you are already normal. And you’re not emotionless, I bet you’ve felt the things on this list before. Come on” he pressed the list into Logan’s hands and watched his eyes read over. Then read over it again. And again.

Logan’s shoulders slumped, he set the list on the desk and quickly left the room.

“Lo,” he called, but got no answer. With a sigh he read the list again his eyes catching on the last word,



Could it truly be that Logan had never felt hope? The thought broke his heart. Like really. He felt hot tears building in his eyes and he tried to laugh them off. It didn’t work, so with fat tears rolling down his face and fists clenched in frustration at himself. He curled himself up on Logan’s bed and tried to calm down, but he couldn’t.  Thoughtful, curious Logan feeling alone, feeling different and outside, hopeless. Patton wanted to go to him, but he couldn’t calm down enough. Eventually he cried himself to sleep.

“Patton?” once again Logan was calling his name from the doorway. “Are you okay?” he asked, coming to sit down tentatively next to him.

“Oh yeah,” Patton smiled slightly, rubbing at his eyes which still felt dry and tired. “Just had a little cry, i was overdue for one.”


“Because I was sad,”


“I was thinking about you feeling hopeless, and that made me sad.”

“Well that doesn’t make any sense.” Patton sat up to look at him, feeling just a bit offended.

“Yes it does.”

“No it doesn’t. You feel hope. If you were feeling hopeless that might make you sad, but why should my not experiencing hope make you feel sad?”  

“I love you Logan.” that was clearly not the answer he had been expecting, and his face twisted up at the seeming topic change.

“Yes, I know that.”

“But do you feel it?”

“What? What does that even mean?”

“Do you feel that I love you? Can you feel it in your heart that you matter to me? That the thought of you in pain would hurt me as if it was me that was in pain? I love you so much Lo, and I just want you to be happy. I want it more than I want to be happy.”  Patton bit his lip, watching Logic’s face carefully. He may have broken him. Logan’s eyes were shock-wide and he opened and closed his mouth a few times but didn’t speak a word.

Morality opened his arms widely, but Logan was still frozen. So instead he leaned forward and pulled him into his arms. “Tell me what you’re feeling.” he whispered, running a hand up and down Logic’s back.

“I feel, like my heart’s pounding, but also like something is squeezing it. And I feel like I want to smile so hard my face breaks, and also like I want to cry. It doesn’t make any sense.”

“That kind of sounds like joy to me,”

“It does?”

“Yeah. Can you think of other times you’ve felt like this?”

“Um, not the crying part, but the rest when I study the Cassini reports, and last year when we went to the observatory.”

“Oh yes, this is definitely joy, go mark it on your list.”


They stayed up talking all night, and by time they fell asleep they had checked off almost everything. All that was left was hope and longing, and well, Patton had a plan.

Thanks for reading keep your eyes peeled for part two- the angst, in which Patton reqruites some help to teach Logan about hope   and part three-the smut, for those of you who want to stick around for a very teasing Patton teaches Logan the meaning of longing ;)

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(Monii)JikookThrowback Ep.4 PT.2: JK grabbing JM and saying "Where do you think you're going". JM saying he dressed as a cabbage so JK could eat him. JK making that...face when JM was sitting on his lap (trust me that face is questionable). JK knowing that JM was walking (unknowingly) backwards into him & instead of side stepping, raises his chin so that JM's head doesn't bump into him (but the rest of him can). JK shouting out Jimin-ah on live national television right at the end of the segment

(Monii) JikookThrowback Ep.4 PT.3: JK putting a reindeer headband that says Kkook on JM’s head. JK following through with putting a headband on JM’s head even though it meant literaly getting on top of JM (heh that was…yh). JK using JM’s sock as a mic to sing with (Like how the hell did he get it off of JM’s foot in the first place o.O). JK rubbing & smacking the jibooty during BS&T rehearsal (poor JM now has to live with the thought of exposing his backside everytime they perform the song). 

#jikookthrowback ep4 (part1)

questionable things

by now jungkook manhandling jimin has become a regular thing, he has done it countless times and that time he did it when jimin was about to “escape” to go to the bathroom was one of them, but the thing about that particular moment was him saying :”where do you think you’re running off to?” in a very low voice for jimin, which means that it was intended for jimin only to hear,he said it so quietly so that no one other than jimin could hear it especially since they were using such a low quality phone cam ,so jungkook probably thought that no one could hear it except jimin which wasn’t the case . that btw says a lot about their relationship as whole, especialy the way jimin kept giggling afterwards (clearly enjoying the whole situation) , also jungkook’s choice of words was very interessting don’t you think? and saying it so dierectly like that ..well that shows how bold he can be with jimin.. also they were both so comfortable with the whole situation,it felt very normal (?) to them, which means that it has probably happened more than once already .

the time jungkook was using jimin’s sock as a mic that was really questionable i mean  like you said how did he even get jimin’s sock,plus that day jimin wasn’t wearing those socks(he was wearing white socks i believe) which makes it weirder (the fact that he had a hold jimin’s socks itself is suspicious) there’s a possibily that his and jimin’s videos weren’t filmed on the same  day so maybe that was the sock that jimin was wearing at the moment ,in that case he must have casually taken it off of jimin’s foot and used it as a mic (?) which is questionable by itself, i mean would you take your friend’s sock which btw they have been wearing all day and put it so close to your mouth/face i think no, unless you are genuinely attracted to that person and really like them idfk at this point ,jimin was really taken aback by all of this ,he immediately took the sock away from him and started blushing.. which makes it even more suspicious 

jungkook said that he doesn’t like using banmal/informal speech with his hyungs , but then again jimin is a special case not any hyung right? so there has been several occasions where he used banmal with him,and one of those times is the time he shouted “JIMIN-AH” live on national tv, it was right before jimin and taemin’s performance, he probably thought that jimin was nervous so he did it to cheer him up a little, and he knew for that jimin would be okay with him speaking informally to him.. 

it’s very well known by now that jungkook has a thing for jimin’s butt, but no one thought he’d be bold enough to “rub” and then “smack” it right before the start of the rehearsal when everyone was ready…and the song was about to start playing (they were all in their positions). and after he did it jimin turned around because the whole thing and especially jungkook’s boldness to do that in front of everyone really “ surprised “ impressed him …that of course led them to re-start  everything, they had to re-take their positions .. and even though jimin might seemed like he was taken aback a little by jungkook’s act ; it wasn’t in a bad way because after he turned back and took his position,he was smiling ;he clearly enjoyed it . what makes this thing suspicious tho is the members’ reactions, they were very comfortable with the situation and weren’t taken aback at all ;not one bit actually! they all started laughing as if it has already happened countless times before for them to be surprised by it anymore.

also can you believe that jimin actually literally said that he wanted to dress as cabbage so rabbit jungkook could eat him (x

“JK putting a reindeer headband that says Kkook on JM’s head. JK following through with putting a headband on JM’s head even though it meant literaly getting on top of JM (heh that was…yh). i have nothing to add  

whenever jimin is on his lap/near him jungkook does this weird(!) face   it’s like he’s saying he’s mine, it has to do with him being possessive over jimin , something like that i think.

[JK knowing that JM was walking (unknowingly) backwards into him & instead of side stepping, raises his chin so that JM’s head doesn’t bump into him (but the rest of him can) ] —> this has a lot to do with jungkook being hyper-aware of jimin’s presence and actions ,it happened on jimin’s bday bomb,( jimin looked away after “asking him for a kiss” , at that moment jimin started laughing and without having to look at him jungkook knew and started laughing / smiling himself ,this btw was pointed out by kookminworld on youtube) . [but the rest of him can] that actually reminds me of the time he was imitating jimin’s part of “butterfly” and after jimin moved back and was about to bump into him ,jungkook left up his chin so that is head doesn’t bump  into jimin (but the rest of him can)

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hi can you write an angst that jumin gets into a car accident and he loses his memories so he doesn't remember mc and that he loves her and that she his wife so mc decided it's better for him that she leaves him but then jumin start to remember her and how much he loves her and try to fix the things

Ooooh, that sounds really neat! I’d be happy to do the request! Thank you and have a terrific day! Enjoy <3


Jumin had been in an accident.

It had been a head-on collision, ramming into a speeding truck down the highway, neither Driver Kim or Jumin having the slightest time to react. 

And while at least Driver Kim had made it out with only a few broken bones, Jumin had been far worse.

He hadn’t even been conscious as they dragged him out in his gurney. 

He fell into a coma.

You had rushed to his side the moment you had found out, your hand always laced with his, tears spilling from you as it seemed the nightmare would never end.

But even when it did, you weren’t entirely sure another one simply opened. 

For when he even did truly and fully awoke, his memories were gone.

He had stared at you blankly as he fully gained consciousness, his brow furrowing as he sat up, staring confusedly. 

“What am I doing here…?” He asked. 

You could hardly speak, lips parted in utter confusion, eyes wider than dinner plates in your shock.

“Y-You’re…you’re awake…?”

“Yes…?” He questioned. “Who’re you? What’re you doing here?”

You laughed weakly, wiping at the tears bubbling in your gaze. “W-What? A-Are you serious?”

“Yes…? Are you one of my father’s girlfriends? Do you know where he is?” 

You scoffed in your bewilderment. “Your father’s-” You couldn’t even muster the word. “Jumin don’t you remember?”

“Remeber what?”

“I-I…” You felt another onslaught of sorrow pour in you, jumping from your seat. “I’m going to go get the doctor.” 

And soon enough you found out.

His recent memories were gone.

His memories of you.

And they didn’t know when they’d return.

If they’d ever. 

Yet despite it all, you stayed beside him.

“We’re…married?” Jumin murmured, walking beside you as you made your way to the penthouse, permitted to finally leave the hospital.

“Yes, a few years now.” You said, approaching the front door, listening to a click as you slipped in the key. “You sure you don’t remember anything. Not even meeting me?”

“No, I don’t. You…You planned another RFA party?”

“I did, you helped me,” You looked up to him, frowning. “You fell in love with me then, and I fell in love with you.” 


You both stepped inside, Elizabeth 3rd greeting you as she usually did, not a hint of bother upon her face.

“You were upset after your father arranged you to marry a woman named Sarah, I had been staying at Rika’s apartment but-”

“What were you doing at Rika’s apartment?” He appeared a tad skeptical, his eyes narrowed. “How do I know any of this is true?”

You swore you felt your heart crack at his words. 

“…You can…you can check with any of the other RFA members…” You answered, softly. “They’ll tell you the whole story but…” 

You turned to face him, revealing your wedding ring.

“You gave this to me, you told me that even if the world had been reduced to ruin, as long as I was in this world, there’d still be something bright.” 

He stared at you, his expression somehow changing, as though searching for some sort of key.

He seemed so close to unlocking it, something close to warmth dotting in his sight.

But somehow, cloudy and unsure.

“I’m…sorry.” He let out a deep breath. “I just don’t…remember.” 

You tried to hold the tears, folding your lips sorrowfully.

“Right…I…I shouldn’t expect it all to just come back to you.” 

“I’m sure this is difficult,” He tried his best to be sympathetic, tipping his head to the side. “I feel as if I know you, but I…” He hesitated. “I don’t quite know how to put it.” 

“It’s well-it’s something,” You shrugged. “Maybe you just need some time to yourself.” 

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t force it on you, I’ll only make it worse,” You rubbed at your eyes. “O-On both ends.”

He sighed, crinkling his nose. “I don’t know what to say.” 

You swallowed hard. “Just…” You raised your hand to his cheek, sighing. “Take your time.” 

He nearly melted into your touch, his fingers hovering over your own, almost forlorn as you drew away.


“MC, I-” 

He couldn’t allow the words to escape him. 

You hung at the door, giving him one last small smile.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault.” 

And the door was shut.

And he was left on his own.

He recalled bits and pieces, yet each one blurry and untold.

Yet still, he tried. 

He wandered about the penthouse aimlessly as time went on, staring at the plenty of photos of the two of you.

Yet in every picture, his gaze was never set on the camera.

He was focused on you.

And they were full of utter adoration.

A smirk would always decorate his face, beaming with delight as you were near.

He didn’t know he could be so happy.

He raised his palm up, examining the wedding ring ribboned upon his finger.

He moved it off, reading the inscription.

“As long as you’re in it, the world will always be beautiful”

“Darling…” He whispered, trying to connect to what was thought to be lost. “My darling…” 

And like a puzzle, a piece became connected. 

“MC…MC…!” His breath hitched as the memories began to flow like a tidal wave, an onslaught of happiness he had never known.

Tears brimmed in his eyes as he crumbled to his knees, laughter, and devotion filling his mind, his heart bursting with the emotion.

He remembered.

He remembered the days he’d hold you in the night, his arms cradled around you, listening as you’d drift off to sleep, a hint of a grin tugging at your lips. 

He remembered the days you’d surprise him at his office after rough days, peppering his face in kisses, your fingertips ruffling through his hair. 

And he remembered the murky moments of you by his bedside at the hospital, never letting go of his hand, insisting on staying just another day.

You had never given up on him.

Never doubted him.

But he rejected you.


How could he have done that?

The very idea of you left a loving warmth coursing throughout him.

You were an absolute miracle.

You were everything. 

And he had forgotten that. 

He rushed to call you, scrambling for your number desperately, unable to withstand the moments as he waited for you to pick up. 

“…Jumin? Is something wrong?”

“M-MC w-w-where are you?”

“I-I’m just at the little cafe across from the C & R why-” 

“I’m coming, stay right there.” 

“Jumin what-” 

He suddenly hung up, bursting out the door and down the stairs, never stopping for a second.

By the time he had reached you, sweat dribbled down his forehead, shoulders heaving and exhaustion seeping from him.

Yet as he saw you, it all became worth it. 

He rushed towards you, holding a smile that stretched from ear to ear. 


“J-Jumin what is it-” 

He pulled you close, holding you as if you may disappear with the next gust of wind, tears threatening to escape. 

“I remember love,” He told you, finally feeling true content with you. “I remember everything.” 

You were speechless.

“I’m sorry,” He pleaded. “I’m so, so sorry.” 

“You really…you really do remember…?”

“I do…” He cooed. “I finally do.” 

He continued to speak, his words delicate and cherishing in every sense.

As though the future would finally be better.

Because it would be one spent together.

“And I never want to forget again. I never want to forget you.”

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Thank you for starting this beautiful blog. I love it so so much <3 I'm so happy that the ask box is open!!! I would like to request Bakugou having a hard time to say "I love you" back to his s/o. It's not like he doesn't like them or anything, he's just shy to say it. Then he heard a convo from the girls telling them that "he's not the right guy if he doesn't say I love you back" and etc. Bakugou feels bad and s/o noticed this and asks what was wrong and it ends with him saying "I love you"~!

Thank you for your kind words and I’m very happy you like everything so far! I very much hope you don’t mind that I tweaked your request a bit? If it is a problem, let me know. Aside from that, I hope that I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it!

The thing is, Bakugou doesn’t care at all what other people say or think. Even when he overhears someone telling his partner that he’s not the right guy if he can’t say something, it only serves to make him angry.

What do they know about his feelings? How dare they judge something they don’t know anything about? He stalks away, fuming and goes to train to blow some steam off.

Later though, he thinks about it again, especially when he’s together with his partner and they seem a bit subdued as well, though they also notice his mood.

“Is everything okay?” They ask at some point, when they’re cuddled up on his bed.

Dragging a hand through his hair, Bakugou removes his arm from where it rests over their shoulders and urges them to sit up as he faces them properly.

“Are you fucking happy with me?” He asks them, face serious and scowling just a little.

His partner looks surprised. “Of course I am.”

He nods and drags in a deep breath, before he heavily exhales. “Listen, I overheard the shit those other girls told you today.” He begins and they grow serious as well. “Is what they said really a damn problem for you? Do you think I don’t feel shit for you?”

His partner looks surprised and taken aback, before they frown a little. Bakugou knows instantly that he worded things badly and holds up a hand. “Shit, sorry, that came out wrong.”

He inhales again. “Okay, I want you to know that you mean a whole fucking lot to me. I’m just…I want to be ready to say it, you know?”

His partner’s face softens and they take his hands into theirs. “Bakugou, I don’t want you to feel pressured into it. Of course you should say it when you’re ready. Take your time.” They give him a small, encouraging smile and Bakugou feels a tense line in his shoulders disappearing.

They end up cuddling for the rest of the evening and Bakugou hugs them a tad closer than usually. They proceed like normal and Bakugou finds himself just a tad more tactile with them, kissing them a moment longer and he notices he appreciates the small things between and the easy laughter.

It happens a couple of days later, when they’re lying in bed and are ready to go to sleep. He has his arms wrapped around his love and all of a sudden, he notices how damn fucking much he loves them. Tightening his grip, he presses his forehead against their shoulder.

“I fucking love you.” He finds himself saying, hugging them as close as he can.

His partner hugs him back just as tightly, their head dropping to his shoulder as well. “I love you too.”