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Ya never said no to fire being trans

Alright man.

I know you mean well, I know the sorts of expectations this fandom tends to have for content creators within this fandom, and I understand where you’re all coming from.

That said? Stop being presumptuous assholes about it. It puts EVERYONE in an incredibly awkward situation, where expectations are being made of content creators to make things for the sake of other people and I feel awful because I can’t meet expectations being made of me.

This project is my baby, and something I intend on putting my heart into. I don’t want to bend to the wills of anyone else. I want to put what I want in here, and no one else, and I know Dullard feels the same, as they’ve had this same issue before.

I’m sorry if this wasn’t your intention, but it comes off as incredibly rude and it puts way more stress on me as a content creator. If you want something, make your own content, don’t ask other people to do it for you.

A Promise (Klance)

Summary: a really short Klance moment where Lance confronts Keith regarding the vlog. I’m still dead.

Warnings: I guess a little a

Lance walked into the observation room to find Keith staring out into space.
Keith has been here quite often lately, probably because hardly anyone else was coming here.

Lance’s heart was beating with agony. He came across something that not only made him feel extremely guilty, but also broke his heart in every possible way.
He could just try to ignore it, knowing that Keith will be angry, but Lance couldn’t; he needed to get this off his chest.

“Hey, man.” He sat down beside the Black Paladin. Lance was nervous and a little scared because he didn’t know how Keith would react, still… this had to be done.

Keith eyed Lance suspiciously, but returned to look at the nothingness quickly.

“Look, you’re going to be angry and perhaps you… you’ll kill me, but I’ve watched your vlog.” Lance explained.

Keith’s eyes widen and every hair on his body stood straight. “What?! Those things are private! Are you serious?!” He raised his voice, feeling exposed. Lance knew way too much now. Oh god. Keith’s face became red in anger and shame. “I can’t believe–”

“Keith, shut up!” Lance said with force, catching Keith off guard. “Please, just listen to me now, okay?!
I always thought you’re weird and an asshole, I thought you’re ‘emo’ and a loner, but the reality is you’re not a loner… but lonely… and, god damn, being lonely sucks hards, Keith. I know.
I… I can only imagine what it’s like when your mother leaves you. I know that, but…” Lance took all his courage and reached out for Keith, holding his face gently between his palms and looking deep into his eyes. Keith was startled, like frozen in place, but made no effort to stop Lance either.

“I can only speak for myself but, Keith, we’re a team now. You can always, no matter what, count on me. Yes, I’m an asshole, too… sometimes, but… I would never do anything to purposely hurt you, okay? I would never leave you, abandon you, God, I would never reject you, I would never, Keith, I– nevermind… you… you get the picture.”

Lance pulled back and suddenly Keith felt cold. He watched how Lance rose and smiled at him softly, making Keith’s stomach twist and turn.

“I hope you believe me, Keith, because it’s the truth,” Lance said and walked towards the door. Should he have said the L-word? No, it didn’t matter. Keith needed to hear that Lance was there to stay and not the L-word even though it would’ve been nice to also get that off his chest.

Lance reached the door as an impact almost knocked him over.
Keith buried his face into Lance’s back and wrapped his arms tightly around his front. He sobbed as silently as possible, but Lance knew, leaning back a little and cupping his hands with his own.
Lance gave Keith a moment, then turned around and wrapped him in a real, genuine, but mostly tight hug. Keith’s head was resting on Lance’s shoulder while Lance’s hand has dived into Keith’s dark hair as Lance whispered soothing words to calm Keith down.
Keith clung to Lance as if his life depended on it, as if Lance was the only person in the universe… and in this moment he might as well actually was for Keith.

I’m suddenly laughing so hard at how the cover of the first Baccano novel tried so, so hard to pass Miria off as mysterious or even threatening.

Look at that face. Half-lidded eyes, just-killed-a-man red lipstick on a smug, knowing smirk tossed over her shoulder. That face is up to something diabolical. Plotting something, scheming. Probably knows a dozen things you don’t know. Definitely does not have your best interests at heart.

But it’s, like. Miria.

The woman where you find out in the first three pages that 99.9% of her personality is just

the angels stand silent

I would say life is funny
but the joke got old long ago
I choke because I breathe
cigarette smoke
it’s not as sweet as the smell
of the fingerprints you left
inside m my throat

I would say life is fair
but if it were so
I would’ve been born
with a brain that didn’t
have a manufacting defect
bipolar shifts second to second
remember this old song?
jump off a roof fucking loser
go have some fun
drink until your bones get loose
tell her you hate her
ask why she’s crying in the morning
apologize for the things
you never would do
if you were you

I was fucked from the start
I’m not sure about heaven
but I know my mind
wants to kill me
my soul, my heart
fight against it with
ink that rhymes sometimes
photographs hanging
on 1AM backporch eyelids
of your hands in mine

I’m not sure what Love is
I know when you were with me
I felt different, I felt like
a flower peeking through
melting march snow
I felt a new level of whole
when I left you
I found a new depth of hole

my brain might not have the syntax
to develop a thesis of how my
heart beats every letter of your
first, middle, last name
again and again and again
pushing your smile to every extremity
it may not have the verse
to sing the song of how
my soul sits unswinging
next to an empty swing
how it sits on an empty bench
waiting for a sunset that never comes
how it wishes on a candle never
blown out for a star to wish on

one day you didn’t call back
one day I didn’t ask
one week went by
a month
a season
half a decade
half a decade
half a decade

taken from you like a friend
nudging you after
the movie is over
the theatre is empty

they say if you love let it go
that’s bullshit

I can’t tell you
what love is
I can tell you

it never leaves


Who knows if any of these will happen because honestly sometimes teen wolf pulls out the weirdest and most random shit lmao

Here they go:

  • Liam will become an alpha. I had talked about this one before, how I think he’ll kill te natzi werewolf and become an alpha himself.
  • Liam will accept Theo into his pack, our at least as an ally.
  • Jeff said a lot of people will die this season, and so far it’s only been Brett, Lori, Deucalion and a lot of of werewolves we didn’t even know existed. So, even if it either breaks my hearts or makes me jump with happiness, here is my list of people I think could possibly die: Peter, Theo, Derek, Gerard, Nolan, Kate, Parrish…
  • I think we’ll finally get to see the kids going off to college and Scott leaving his heritage to Liam, with him forming his own little baby pack with MAson, Corey and *hopefully bc Thiam trash* Theo.
  • I think Chris and Melissa will have some sort of romantic endgame interaction, since they were once confirmed to be endgame and up till now we haven’t seen a lot of that.
  • I was thinking maybe something with the Nemeton?? Like it getting destroyed or hidden or something I don’t know I’m sad
  • Peter and Malia cute father-daughter moments 
  • Hopefully more Thiam pls
Bad Liar- Chapter 5 (JB GOT7)

Surprise! I got sick so I had the day off of work, and had the inspiration to write since i’m so bored! Sorry for mistakes, and let me know what you think :)


Genre: Fluff, Angst, and a little suggestive.

Jaebum/JB (GOT7) X Original Character

Collage/University AU

Warnings: Swearing. May cause slight heart break, and rage towards characters.

May contain: Brief mentions of BTS members.


“So, she lied to you?” Jimin asked, while picking at some chicken while it was on the grill.

“Yeah, it appears that way.”

“Do you know why?”

“I think maybe because we left to the car without telling her. I don’t think that is a huge deal though, but all people are different.”

“Do you think it’s maybe because you two are ex’s and left to the car together. She might have taken it the wrong way, or maybe she doesn’t trust you two around each other alone?”  

“Why wouldn’t she trust me?! I told her we’re over, splits Ville, done!” I groaned while slamming my chopsticks on the table.

“Maybe it’s not you she doesn’t trust.”

“Well their relationship isn’t going to go anywhere without trust! Anyways, thanks again for meeting me on such short notice. I didn’t really know where to go or what to do in case they were home. I have a feeling I should stay away from the both of them for a while.”

“No problem at all. Anything to help out a friend,” Jimin smiled.

“I also wanted to say sorry that things didn’t really click as a couple on our first date. I’m just not use to dating and I was really awkward.”

“Hey, it may take time for you to properly see me as a man, rather than just a friend. Don’t take that as I’m giving up though, I want to ask for another chance to see how things go.”  

“Oh wow, someone is being a little flirty. Are you sure this won’t make things awkward between us?”  

We grabbed our coats before walking along the dirt path across the campus grounds towards my dorm. The air was thick and chilly, feeling a slight frost in the air as we continued our conversation.

“Micah, you’re one of my best friends on campus, and they always say you should marry one of your best friends… Not that I’m saying I want to marry you, but like… I want the chance to at least try to date you because… Well, I mean I.”

“Ha-ha, don’t hurt yourself Jimin! No, I understand what you’re trying to say. I think it’s sweet that you want to find someone who you click with on a personality level. Not going to lie; I want to say something cocky and be like “Oh well since you asked nicely, I guess I’ll give you a chance” but that sounds like a total bitch move, and in all honesty, I’m surprised you even like me. You know you’re really attractive right? Like, you can find someone way better than me? You do understand you’re super out of my league, right? Like 10/10 could be a model, and date famous people.“ I stared at him a little puzzled.

"Do you know you have a natural talent of complimenting other people enough that it makes them feel really awkward?”

“I’m sorry! I’m just really good at tearing myself down.”

“Don’t tear yourself down, you really don’t give yourself credit. You’re beautiful, smart, funny, and you also are extremely selfless. I mean, you’re letting your roommate date your ex. I’d kill someone before letting that happen to me.”

“That’s a fresh wound you just picked at Jimin, fresh wound” I gulped, still regretting letting them date. I made my life almost 100 times more difficult because I couldn’t admit the fact that I still have… I mean that I had feelings for JB.  

“Sorry. Anyways I better get going, I’ve got to be early for work in the morning. Stop by the shop when you have a chance. I’ll have an iced coffee and a blueberry muffin with your name on it.”

“You sure do know the way to my heart… Through my stomach.”

“Ha-ha, have a good night!” Jimin smiled walking off across campus in the other direction. I waited until he cleared around the other side of the building before pulling on the door handle to the lobby of the dorms. I shuffled around my purse looking for my keys, but they were nowhere to be found. I pulled out my phone and debated calling Amie. It was late and she was probably still mad at me, but I needed to get in so maybe I should call her anyways? I decided just to not bother her. Instead I just called my parents, but they didn’t even answer. Of course not, it’s 11:56pm, they’re probably all asleep. I debated for a moment and then decided to call up someone who was defiantly still awake.  

“Hey Youngjae! How’s it going?”

“Good, I’m just playing some video games. How about you?”

“Could be better… I have a favor to ask. Can I crash at your place? I got in a bit of an issue with my roommate, she needs space, and I left my keys in my room so I can’t even sneak in.”

“There are currently 6 dudes in one house, are you sure you can handle it?”

“I’ve slept there many of times before, I don’t see how this is any different,” I asked.

“You had the protection of one of the guys before, and you had JB’s room to sleep in so you were protected from wild beast-like boys.”

“Youngjae, you act like your house is the jungle during mating season and I’m the only female for miles.”

“I was talking about pranks… If you sleep in the living room Bambam or Yugyeom are definitely going to try and pull something on you,” Youngjae said. I could physically hear his confused blinking through the phone. Sometimes I forget that Youngjae is actually really innocently minded and usually looks for the best in others. “Actually, JB isn’t coming home tonight. He said he’s staying with Amie, so I guess it’s a trade for a trade. You can just sleep in his room for the night, he won’t mind.”

“Oh… Okay, well I guess I’m on my way” I mumbled.

The bus ride wasn’t all too long, and Mark met me at the bus stop with a flashlight, walking me back to their place. Mark and Youngjae were playing games together, while almost everyone else was asleep, including coco, the little white dog who was fast asleep upside down on the couch.

“We’ll be up for a little longer and then we will head to bed. You can stay in JB’s room, and if you need clothes he just did laundry so you can just pick something out to wear to sleep,” Youngjae offered.

“How insensitive are you? You can sleep in my room, I’ll stay in JB’s room for the night. I have some clothes you can borrow as well,” Mark huffed.

“It’s okay, I can sleep in his room. There is no need for you to do any of this. We’re still friends, it’s okay.”

“Are you sure? I want you to be comfortable. You haven’t slept over here in almost 2 years.”

“Thanks for your concern, I’m okay Mark, really…” I assured him.

“If you change your mind just come get me, even if I’m sleeping.”  

I thanked him one more time and walked into JB’s room. Not much had changed. His blue walls still met the same dark wooden floor, decorated with the same old shag carpet from his home. He still had black bedding, and everything was still in the same place as before. The only thing that really changed were the photos and a few decorations. I glanced over some of the photos on his desk. He had pictures of his parents, the guys, and other friends that I recognized from outside of our circle. On the bedside table he had a picture frame that sat empty and picture-less. It was a little odd, but he was probably waiting to fill it with a photo of him and his new girlfriend.  

I tipped the frame down and tossed my purse on the table before walking over to his closet. Automatically I grabbed a black cotton shirt and grey sweat pants and put them on before walking to his full-sized mirror which rested against one of the walls. I looked at myself in the eyes, seeing the dark circles peeking out after I washed my face. I scanned over my body, seeing the sweatpants drawn up tight over my hips when I lifted the shirt. The black shirt cascaded over my shoulders, nodding at the fact that this shirt was meant for someone much broader in the back, especially since the shirts shoulders had actually been stretched a little as well. My eyes met back at its own reflection, seeing my vision blur a little at my tears which were now starting to build up. I asked myself why was I crying, but I already knew the answer. I was wearing the clothes I always wore when I stayed here. When we cuddled for hours and talked the night away.  

It was automatic for me, something that had felt natural. I was wearing the clothes that contained so many memories for me, but now ultimately felt more of a burden to me. The clothes that once were a sign of comfort, were now a sign of feelings that shouldn’t exist.  I felt like I was forced to let go of everything, and the way the shirt would brush against my torso now felt like nails against my skin; like I was a sinner, because I was wearing something that no longer was welcomed on me. Every part of my body wanted it off, wanted the feeling to stop. The feeling of pleasure and comfort were not mine anymore, and an immense amount of guilt started to build within me. The worst part of it all was that there was a part of me that wanted to lay in his bed, wearing the clothes I always had, and suffer, because there was a part of me that didn’t want to let go…Didn’t want to admit, that it was over, and the left place on his bed wasn’t mine anymore.

“Mark…” I called out into the living room.


“Can I sleep in your room tonight instead?”

“Do you need my clothes too?” He asked.

“Yes please.”


When morning arrived, my eyes were met with a foreign room. Pale walls, white bedding, and the smell of clean laundry. I shuffled out of the room to see Jackson and Jinyoung in the kitchen, the only two who were awake at the moment.

“Oh, Micah. I didn’t know you were here? Where is Mark?” Jinyoung asked.

“Mark slept in JB’s room, I crashed here because I locked myself out at night, and I had a little problem with Amie…”

“She wouldn’t open the door for you?!”

“No, I didn’t want to bother her while she was angry with me. She needs space so I thought I’d give it to her.”

“Wait, so where is JB then?” Jackson asked.

“He’s uh… At my place with Amie.”

“Oh boy,” Jinyoung rolled his eyes.

“Morning” Mark mumbled, rubbing his eyes while crossing the living room.

“Good morning, thanks again for letting me use your room, and your clothes.”

“No problem,” he smiled. We were all sat at the table when the front door swung open and closed with a loud bang.

“Morning guys!” JB cheered walking in, “Oh hey Micah, when did you get here?”

“She got here a little after midnight” Mark replied.

“Oh, you stayed the night? Why didn’t you go home?”

“I left my keys in my room and I didn’t want to bother you two,” I muttered.

“So, you decided to stay in a house full of irresponsible guys instead of going to your own home?” JB started to sound a little annoyed.

“They’re my friends too; they said I was welcome, and I just was trying to be respectful of you and Amie. Fuck sakes JB, just because we aren’t together doesn’t mean I’m going to hoe myself out to my own friends.”

“I didn’t say that!”

“That’s what you implied though, right? Just because I’m not dating you doesn’t mean I’m low enough to try and hit you where it hurts and start going out with people who are basically your brothers, and my friends. The only person who’s low enough to go after someone’s friends… is you.

“Woah, I wasn’t saying any of this! You’re blowing everything out of proportion now. By the way remember that you were the one who gave your ‘almighty blessing’ for Amie and I to start dating. You said we could still be friends, but you’re actually kind of acting like an asshole right now!” JB yelled.

“I said we could be friends, but I guess I was wrong. I wish I never fucking fell in love with you.”  

“Micah, stop. You don’t mean that…” Jackson muttered grabbing my arm.

“No, I do mean that. Falling in love with JB was the worst mistake I ever made in my life. I don’t regret being friends with him, but catching feelings for him was a problem on my behalf. I shouldn’t have been so foolish.” I looked at him dead in the eyes, pure anger written on my face. I wasn’t going to cry, and he knew it to. My face wasn’t showing any signs of sadness, only pure fury. I started grabbing my stuff and headed out the door. That’s when I think something clicked for JB, as I tracked down the walk way, I saw JB in my peripherals running after me.

“Micah, wait!”


“Wait a second! I’m not letting you leave like this, you’re my best friend. I fucked up, okay?! I know I did. Can you please just come back inside so we can talk about this?”

I was so angry I just kept walking, and after about a block or two, JB gave up. There was nothing he could do right now to make me change my mind.

When I arrived at the dorms I saw one of my neighbors leaving the building, and noticing the opportunity to get into the building, I started running. “Hold the door!”  

Luckily, she heard me because she held the door and waited, “You lost your key or something?”

“I left it inside, but hopefully my roommate will let me in.”

“Oh, by the way there was one of your friends sleeping in the common room last night. The guy with black hair, and the two moles by his eyebrow? Uh your singer friend that goes to the neighboring university? Your roommate kicked him out of your room last night probably because you weren’t there. I think he was looking for you though, also she was pretty mad at him, woke up the whole floor.”

“Oh? Well thanks for letting me know. Have a good day.” I was a little confused as I started marching up the stairs towards my dorm. When I got there, the door was already unlocked. It was still early In the morning so I opened the door with caution, only to find Amie sitting on the couch looking probably the worst I’ve ever seen her.  

“Uh hey…” I greeted.

Her hair was a mess, she was wrapped in a blanket, and her under eyes were dark. She looked as if she had been crying, but as if the tears had run out. “Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not fucking okay!”

“What happened?”

“I was with JB last night, and I was trying to start something with him but he was really reluctant. At first, I thought maybe he was just nervous, but we were making out and he fucking moaned your name; are you happy now?” She shirked.

Feelin’ Good Friday

I’m having an odd day of actually feeling good about myself (whoa, weird), and it made me want to show off my favorite fics. I’m actually crazy proud of them and they’ve brought me all kinds of joy, so I’m giving them a little bit of love.

Halfway has a special place in my heart because not only was it my first fic, but the friends-to-lovers storyline is one of my very favorites to experience. I loved writing that progression and their deep connection. 

Don’t Even Think About It is the fairy tale I’ve always wanted to write. Strong, badass princess. Fighting for what’s right. Not conforming. Finding love. Making a whole new kind of family. I’m crazy proud of this one & bonus! It’s not very long (5 chapters). Enchanted Forest AU that starts when Emma is a child.

Knock, Knock is my latest and very recently completed MC. I feel like I really got to use aaaaalllll my snark and attitude in this one so it feels very much like me in addition to Killian and Emma. It’s a neighbors AU and an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers fic, so it’s a traditional slow-burn. And deeply inappropriate. And I love it.

I have tons of One-Shots, too! Check out My Fics page if you’re looking for smaller shots of fun. My favorite of those is the Cut-Always Be-Invented trilogy. It has some serious sad and some gag-worthy fluff, but I think it turns out to be pretty balanced in the end. 

Mmmmkay thanks for reading :)

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Now that we have vlogs about Keith and Coran, what do you think Lance's vlog will be like?

Oh my gosh. I honestly don’t know what to expect! Part of me hopes it might be something light-hearted and fun, but after Keith’s vlog drop and it’s very largely different tone from Coran’s, I think it would be veering off course and would make Keith’s look out of place? Ahhh, I hope I’m not sounding odd here since I have a bit of difficulty explaining what I mean, but I think the big shift in tone from Coran to Keith might mean the succeeding ones follow Keith’s in tone, i.e., an introspective “interview” with the paladins, who’d be considering their personal issues and whatnot…and I think we’re all aware about what Lance’s could be so…

Also, in relation, I was kinda wondering of the place of the vlogs in canon too. Like is it part of how the Voltron team’s publicity for the Voltron alliance (since it looked like they found out about “space cameras” only in S3 with Lance + selfies and the S4 trailer makes it seem like they’re going all out on publicity stunts to gather allies)? And the first part of Keith’s vlog sounded like someone was tutoring him from the sidelines, and it was intended to be an “up close and personal” thing to connect the paladins with the potential allies.

To get back on track (aksdjahskd I apologize for rambling so much), I feel like Lance’s might be a mix? With Lance’s character, I’m sure it would start out light-hearted. But at the same time I think the vlogs could be a way that we get to see the paladins’ cracks forming since there’s more and more pressure on them now (and we did see it with Keith). I’ve read someone speculate that they might drop the “I’m just a boy from Cuba” line in Lance’s vlog—which I am considering since it felt odd that Jeremy, I think, found out about the line only during the recording session itself. (My assumption is that they get copies of episode scripts at least before to let them read through, as with live acting, so they could somewhat practice delivery in context of larger scenes, so him being surprised by a line on the day of recording itself might mean it was “shorter/side” material—like promo vlogs. I’m not versed in the field though, so please take it lightly.) With the mounting pressure and stress on the paladins and how the writers appear to be taking advantage of these side promos to give us closer looks into the paladins, I think there’s a good probability Lance’s (and the others) vlog is gonna leave us destroyed. 

If the fact that Aaron can’t move on because it feels like cheating, while Robert is out doing dumb gross shit wit Lawrence doesn’t break your heart you’re not human.

Like he loves Robert that much, that even being with another man feels like a betrayal.

I just know it’s going to break his heart all over again when he hears about the imaginary sex Lawrence and Robert supposedly had…stop hurting Aaron assholes

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i know man, it's just really hard to accept the fact that MOST of the people here and twitter always are on c's side when clearly the girls got really hurt by their ''friend'' and dinah getting hurt man.. my heart.. I'm sorry if i sounded harsh

Next time, before you guys send me anon stuff, make sure you don’t come off as defensive/offensive. I’m so tired of having to explain myself when all u need to do is scroll through my tags to know that I’m not a rabid camilizer, a delusional cs, an icky Tyren shipper, a stupid laucy stan, or an extreme ot4 stan (whatever people accuse me of atm).

I can’t even post one single shit in here without being scared I might offend defensive stans who have no qualms sending negative messages.

Why is it so hard to be in this fandom and have casual fun.


Hi I literally don’t want to leave Zora’s Domain for more than like two minutes and I’ll give you three guesses why

(I’m not content with hylian(?)sidon yet his hair looks like a dr pepper but I’ll keep workin on it)


Than any boy you’ll ever meet 

Sweetie you had me


orphan black meme [1/5 episodes]: 1x09, Unconscious Selection  

I realised the life inside of me was in danger, so I ran, I hid, and gave birth to the two of you in secret. The two of us? Yeah, I had twins. I knew I couldn’t keep you so I hid you away. One to the state, and one to the church.

Okay it just hit me again. He really started his tour in San Francisco. And he invited Muna as his supporting act. A band of three queer women who are pretty outspoken about women rights and the LGBT+ community on stage & merch, who even have a song ‘I know a place’ who became the unofficial anthem for the Orlando shooting. And he went out there in a beautiful floral suit. He picked up a rainbow flag, waved it around, put it on his mic stand and later took it backstage with him. He made so many of his fans feel so safe last night and he publicly once again showed his love and support for the LGBT+ community. And to top it all off, he also sang 'Just a little bit of your heart’ and didn’t change the pronouns.

He did that. It’s a pretty big deal. And so important and encouraging for so so many. Harry, I’m proud of you. We see you. Keep prancing and dancing and being fabulous. You’re amazing. 💃🏼 🌈

Poor Ciao Ciao…

The song in question.

I’ve had this in my head since reading chapter 8. I cannot really art, and what even are your eyebrows, Cestino?  but I had to get it out of my system, and it wouldn’t have worked as a text post or chat.

I’ve finally depleted my stock of stupid posts about UMFB&MHA, at least until Sunday. Welp. So soon. Am I even ready?


[What do you sleep in?]  “Nada.”


Alec Appreciation Weeks | Week #2 - Favourite Malec Moment(s)

You’re confusing me!
Confusion is part of it. That’s how you find out if something’s there. Emotions are never black and white. They’re more like symptoms. You lose your breath every time they enter a room. Your heart beats faster when they walk by. Your skin tingles when they stand close enough to feel their breath. I know you feel what I feel, Alec.
You don’t have any clue what I feel so back off.