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“Painted Destiel: Kiss 1″ - Digital Oil Painting

Another detail frame from my Painted Destiel comic series, I figured you guys would want to see the kiss without all the special effects on top of it! Esp considering that this was the reunion we should have gotten COUGH COUGH Oh, whoops, what was that?

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the walking dead meme — characters [ 4 / 10 ] — (kenny)

You don’t just end it ‘cause it’s hard. You stick it out, and you help the folks you care about.

mifo-heartless  asked:

Hi, sorry for asking, you're probably getting a lot of questions like this, but… would it be okay if i ship Macha with my OC? I'll understand if you say no

Actually this is the first time I’m being asked about this and it’s no problem.

But no, don’t ship Macha with anyone I’m not familiar or comfortable with just like that, such as your OCs, thank you. Unless I’ve already drawn stuff of that particular character with Macha and clearly shows that I’m comfortable with it, such as King Dice, Mic, etc. They’re an original and personal OC and sorta a self-insert after all👌

Edit: It’s the same with Mic, but for him I don’t mind light romantic stuff such as cute kissing or anything. Just keep in mind both him and Macha are my OCs.
Coffeeshop AU Boyf riends

The opening shift is always difficult, which is exactly the reason why Michael always tries his hardest to avoid it. If he ever sees that he’s scheduled to open the coffee shop, he calls up Christine and begs for her to switch. Of course, she almost always accepts due to her miraculous ability to be perpetually happy and optimistic, even at the ass-crack of dawn.

Michael working the opening shift just doesn’t work. The customers don’t want to be up at 5:30 in the morning, whether they’re in a rush to get to work or classes. And Michael doesn’t want to be at work at 5:30 in the morning having to deal with tired, rude, customers that throw a fit if he accidentally puts an inch and a half of foam on their latte when they only asked for an inch. Yeah. Michael and mornings. They don’t mix well.

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don’t worry I’m going

Me this morning, making plans via a facebook group of awesome local women: Yeah! I’ll go out and do something social in real life! Meet some online friends that aren’t fandom friends for a beer! This is A Good Idea. 

Me now: But I don’t wanna go anywhere! I’ve barely touched tumblr today! I bought several comic books earlier! How do I even talk to non-fandom people anymore?!

Lance chibi wip •v•!!