i know it looks ugly but

So… I’ve been seeing this post going around

Pretty much if you think it’s “funny” or agree with it… you’re trash. Only bullies attack someone based on how they look.

Also y'all clearly never saw the movie bc I’m pretty sure the people who thought the hunchback was “ugly” were the villains in the story.

This isn’t just about Charlie (because when you call a character ugly who isn’t made up to look a certain way… you’re calling the actor ugly.) this is about anyone.

Plain and simple, it’s not funny to call people ugly or attack their looks, it’s gross and shows more of how ugly YOU are on the inside.

#to be destroyed🙈🙊

So okay I’m showing my face, just because seeing someone ugly makes people feel better about their own appearance lmao

So yea, here goes nothing. Pretty sure ima lose followers for thisssss~~~

I know, I KNOW what it seems like but I’m not twelve i swear.

This post will probably be put down by my own hand because of self consciousness, but people still think I look like Nate, soooo…

Welp, end me

Why I always meet Antis and Shitheads?

So I talked with a person I know (don’t want to say who it is) about Star Wars and all that stuff.

So we talked about Kylo and yeah unbelievable.

I get that not everyone is into Adam Drivers looks, but saying to me that he is a ugly idiot and the worst part a unlikeable person and that he doesn’t like nice and he is awful.


I am so mad and furious right now. Don’t have words. Especially when I know this person and see everyday. Need comfort!

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So a random girl who is new this year called me ugly and I said "thanks" because I wasnt sure how to respond :')

thats the best way to respond, you hold all the power then. she thinks shes in charge of your feelings and thoughts calling you ugly but then you snatch the rug out from under her feet by treating it like its nothing, hell like a compliment, its like that one video where the lady critiques the guys work and the guys like “thank you” and the ladys like “that wasnt a compliment” and the guys like “i know bitch” and that woman she looked like a F o o l. this new girl, she will be haunted by nightmares reminding her of the day her bullying technique failed, and you stood high with a big ole fuck you

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Leisha bb I'm so sorry people have nothing better to do than make you feel like shit for how your sims look. It's pathetic and I've seen it happen a lot on simblr. Keep playing with Quinn! She's not even close to ugly. Saying she's "too skinny" is disgusting, it's body shaming. Not every sim needs to be perfect. If I got a message like that, I'd just laugh knowing how sad that person must be to send hate over pixels lol. Really just pathetic and screams give me attention. Love you. <3

Awwe, thanks Hannah! ❤️❤️❤️ I have just laughed it off, I’ve got no intention of giving them the reaction they’re fishing for….. If they think Quinn is that ugly and it effects them that greatly they can stop reading my posts..

But, I guess It must really suck to be that starved of attention that you feel the need to sit behind a screen and send anonymous hate messages to strangers on the internet… 

( p.s. if you want to know how fast I go, from running to the living room to my room to switch on my laptop, open up sai, and starting the drawing to posting the answer to this ask took me about ~20 minutes )

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God damn have you seen the new photo of Emilia Clarke winking with her natural hair bleached blonde? 1- she's fuck ugly here. 2- oh the wrinkled fivehead will haunt my dreams for months. 3- who gives a fuck if she dyes her hair after everyone railed against poor Sophie for actually wearing a wig and saving her hair. Ugh I'm ready for Emilia's 15 minutes to tick on down cyz we're about 13 minutes passed her needing to fade into obscurity where she belongs.

yikes yeah so I know I don’t always like show!Dany but don’t confuse that with me hating Emilia. 

And can we please stop criticizing people’s looks forever who cares if her forehead is wrinkled? Everyone’s forehead is wrinkled! Why is it such a concern that she posted a picture on her own instagram? Yeah fine, you don’t like her, that’s valid, but let’s stop acting like she can’t post pictures and show off her hair, and really don’t use Sophie as a reason to hate on her. People were shitty to Sophie and that’s awful but..Emilia didn’t do that. Fandom already seems to think we can only praise one female character at a time let’s not do that to their real life actresses as well.  

If you don’t care about Emilia Clarke don’t look at it and blacklist her name lmao tf 

ED 19 Preview

“Oh? You said you’re a Meridies? Could it be that you’re the famous Croix Meridies?” Daryl inquired as she approached the lilac haired witch.

“That’s right.”

“Oh! I heard so many great things about you! Do you mind sharing some of your achievements with us?” One of the twins asked with clasped hands while the other nodded. However, the two heard a cat hissing at them.

“What an ugly cat…” They said making Croix clear her throat.

“OH? Is that so? I find my familiar very skilled and smart. In fact, I couldn’t find a better one if I traveled the whole world.” Croix said, trying not to let her anger escape through her tone. “I don’t appreciate you insulting her.” Chariot just stared at her, not knowing if she should be flattered or really worried because Croix looked like she was ready to commit a murder.

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this is gonna sounds weird but how come i look different in every lighting? the lighting in my room i look absolutely ugly in but like outside lighting i think i look so cute, not in like a cocky way but you know. it confuses me because like what do i actually look like? like what do i look like to other people you know? because i see myself look different in different lighting so like which way do people see me if that makes sense

People normally see you in the natural day light Hun! Lighting does Change the way you look that’s why it’s important when taking pics x




When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.