i know it isn't any good but i needed it

youloveso-endlessly  asked:

Hello! I love your fics so so much, they are so fluffy and feel-good and instantly cheer me up! I was wondering if you knew of any other tumblr users like you, who write cute lil cockles fics? much love 💙

AWWWW i’m so glad they make you happy!! they make me happy and the fact that they make you happy makes me happy and I’m happy and you’re happy and everyone is happy. :D

hmmm, I don’t actually follow that many cockles fic blogs, and I pretty universally post destiel myself - so maybe, like all of us at some point, you are experiencing the phenomenon known as the Cockles/Destiel overlap ;D off the top of my head, some great writers of fluffy/happy things are:








some of these blogs are more frequently active than others, but they all have amazing fic tags that I wholly recommend you read your way through. <3

and, as always, if you are not following @destieldrabblesdaily, I question your life choices. Shirley reblogs other people’s fics as well as posting her own gorgeous fluff, so you can find more fluff writers through her blog!!