i know it is a bit rough on the edges


“Thanks for doing this Barry, she’s just having a few issues in Starling City, she really appreciates this, don’t you (y/n)?” Oliver asked directing the last part specifically towards you, trying to capture your attention.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah I really appreciate this.” You said waving him away with your hand, you were too busy looking around at what would be your new home for an undetermined amount of time. 

“She’s a little rough around the edges.” Oliver explained to Barry. 

“Just like someone else we know.” You told Barry, briefly focusing on them before turning your attention back to the lab. 
“Look, I know you’re not happy about this, but it’s just for a little bit, I’ll come back and get you when everything gets sorted out.” Oliver told you as he got ready to leave. 

“I just wish you’d let me fight my own battles, I’m not weak or helpless.” You told him with a sigh. 

“I know you’re not weak, you’re one of the strongest people I know, but this guy’s going to keep going after you no matter what you do. We’ll handle everything and call you back when it’s safe, until then, help Barry out here and try to keep yourself out of trouble.” He said giving you a brief hug. 

“Play nice.” Ollie told you as he walked out of S.T.A.R. Labs.

“No promises!” You called out before turning and walking back towards the cortex. 
“I think you’re really gonna like Central City.” Barry said trying to cheer you up. 

“Dude, I’m from Central City.” You told him. “I moved to Starling City after the explosion.” You said motioning to the lab around you. 

“So what do you do in Team Arrow?” Cisco asked. 

“I’m their meta.” You said nonchalantly. 

“You’re a meta?” Barry asked as you peeked his interest. 

“Yeah, so?” You asked raising an eyebrow. 

“What can you do?” Barry asked not bothering to hide his excitement. 

You smirked, you never turned down a chance to show off. You quickly bolted across the room, took Cisco’s slushie and returned to your seat, drink in hand. 

“Woah!” Cisco said looking at you with wide eyes. “Barry, I think she might be faster than you.” Cisco said looking at his best friend. 

“No, no, there’s no way that’s possible.” Barry said getting defensive. 

“Well, there’s one way to find out.” Cisco said before leading you and Barry to another room. 

“I give you, the cosmic treadmill.” Cisco said motioning to a giant treadmill that was hooked up to a monitor. 

“Well, that’ll be fun.” You said with a smile. 
“Don’t worry Allen, at least, you’re still the fastest man alive.” You said with a smirk. 

“Oh, shut up. I’m just tired.” He said rolling his eyes at you. 

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A Guide To: Writing Bitchy Characters

There are two types of characters I think we all struggle to write at some point - be it playing them ourselves or playing them against other people. The anti-villain/villainous types as well as the ‘bitchy’ characters — they’re generally mean, have a hard-edged demeanor that makes talking to them a bit intimidating sometimes. They always seem to have snappy, witty remarks or know just what to say to get your character’s blood boiling.

So, how do you write one? 

Tone is one factor.

Words can be carried a number of different ways - by tone and body movement. Is their voice rough? Do they speak with an irritated tone? Is it deadpan? Sarcastic? Defensive? Blase? Abrasive? Authoritative and demanding?

Now, with that in mind, think of mean things to say - they might not be things you would say but they’re probably what your character would say. Meaner characters generally tend to lack a ‘polite’ filter, they’re more crass - and while what they say may not be honest, it sounds honest with the tone. Think of the things you think about saying or do actually say when you’re mad - sometimes that’s an easier approach. Is what they said just a throwaway comment?

Along with tone, phrasing is important - a simple ‘what?’ can sound very upfront and demanding if it’s got an abrupt tone and uptight reaction. Mediator comments and passive ones aren’t typically used by these types of characters - though sometimes it will be used mockingly to taunt the person (but they can also be sincere if they want to be). For example, “I understand that…” versus “I know you…” What they say is more direct, more finger-pointing like they’re out to blame or accuse someone, even with assumptions, they sometimes even lack the ownership of ‘I’ and use ‘you’ and/or ‘they’ instead when it comes to owning up to things. It’s like a redirection away from them to make the conversation about the other person or to make the person feel like they should take responsibility or blame for whatever it is your character is saying. 

If you don’t know what to say, think about their gestures, their movements.

Are they huffy? Do they get defensive and cross their arms over their chest, closing themselves off to the world because how dare you? Do they kick their foot up a little or take a confrontational route by getting closer to the person they’re talking to? Are they the physical type (leans towards controlling when this route is taken), do they grab wrists or elbows? Or do they shove and swat/slap? What’s their demeanor like? Is it really intimidating, standoffish, nonchalant, reserved… 

Body language makes up a huge part of our communication - so it makes sense that their communication also would rely on that. The body can say more than words can. Mean/bitchy characters tend to be more confrontational - they aren’t afraid to say what’s on their minds, be it alone or in a group of people. Sometimes what they say/do has a motive (big or small, from getting a crowd to laugh at their target or to sabotage their target’s career), and sometimes it plain doesn’t and they just say something snarky because it’s a natural thing to do.

And why do they do it? Is it a defense/coping mechanism of some kind? How were they treated by their parents, siblings, friends, and other peers? What did they experience for them to behave like that? While sometimes the answer may not be readily available and it’s easier to say “they’re just that way,” try to find a reason - don’t use that reason to justify their behavior but to explain it, because once you can find a reason they’re like that, the easier it is to find resources on how people behave and depending on how they coped with it.

*They will more readily jump on the defense when anyone tries to insult them, attack their character or talk to them about something serious that may be effecting the other person.

It’s similar to writing villains. They have a more assertive or aggressive stance in conversations, sometimes they’re meant to challenge the plot and characters, and sometimes their roles can be really antagonistic in general because of that even with personable traits involved to humanize them. 

The easiest transition I can think of as a base is giving them witty and sarcastic remarks. What I want you to do is think of phrases such as:

  • Oh, golly, gee
  • I wasn’t aware that…
  • Seriously? 
  • Right, because…
  • Excuse me?

Read them with a condescending and/or sarcastic tone in mind - imagine your character rolling their eyes, shifting from hip to hip and canting their head. Imagine your character looking at their opposite incredulously with dagger eyes or a complete look of indifference as they deliver those words deadpan. 

Visualizing what they do/react and hearing how they say it can really help make that transition from taking a simple line that could be comedic into something rude. Keep in mind, though, that they’re not always mean - and can just say things flatly or be humorous even if what they say might be offensive or upsetting to an extent, because they’re insensitive about a certain topic or don’t care about whose feeling they hurt.

A mean/bitchy character can speak with any and every tone, it’s more their mannerisms and the words they use - they can take something as simple as a compliment and make it sound completely backhanded. And sometimes, they do relent and back down from conversations if their heart just isn’t in it or the effort to cause an upset isn’t arising soon enough. (They can be compared to a bully, they’re encouraged by reactions - so if a character feeds into it, it only fuels them on).

In the RP community, we’re all at a big advantage with being able to format our texts for emphasis and providing gifs for our characters reactions. While that may not always help, it’s good too. But in paras, try to think about their body movements.

And I know I just gave you all a brief mental task above but now, here’s a miniature assignment:

If you’re struggling with how to find your character’s voice, I suggest writing a 300 to 500 word self/solo para just imagining their bodily movements and gestures. How do they breathe? (Huffy, fast and heavy…) What do they do with their jaw, tongue and cheeks? (Puff them out, clench, bite their tongue/lips). Do they pace around or sit down? What about their hands? Clenched, shoved in pockets, what? But most importantly: what are their thoughts?

Put them in a scenario that gets their mind going with all kinds of thoughts — maybe they’ve just been in a vehicular accident, maybe they’re under a ridiculous amount of stress, maybe they’re attending an event they loathe going to. Now, take one thought and have them blurt it out. Allow them to speak their minds. And see where it takes you (and them). Allow yourself to write freely, don’t try to control/police their voice in this assignment - let them think and say what they want, that can help you get a better grasp on what they’re like/what they say.

Hopefully that will help you break that wall.

25 Days of Sterek
Day 5 (shhh i know I’m behind) - First snow

(A little Gilmore Girls inspo)

There were four things that everyone in Beacon Hallow knew about Derek Hale: He worked a bit too much, he was a little rough around the edges, his diner made the best pancakes in town (no matter what Coach’s Pancake House said), and he was hopelessly in love with Stiles Stilinski.

He had been ever since Stiles had rolled into down 16 years before, all of 17 years old with an infant in his arms. 

There were four things about Stiles Stilinski that everyone in Beacon Hills knew to be true: He loved his son Scott more than anything in the world, he was incredibly proud of the Firefly Inn that he and his best friend Erica had started, his blood type was coffee, and he was ass over elbows for Derek Hale, not that he’d ever do anything about it, not unless Derek made a move first.

“Coffee,” Stiles said with a groan as he flopped onto a stood at Derek’s Diner, his eyes shut, lashes dark against his fair skin, Derek had to tear his eyes away from the other man grab the coffee pot, which wasn’t an easy feat.

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A Little Manifesto on “Spirituality” and the experience of “it.”

(This has been brewing for a while now, and I finally got the tap on the shoulder to get it all out. I get a little bit…incensed here. And I apologize if it comes out harsh. If it does seem a little rough around the edges, it’s because I want you to hear me. Really hear me. This is important.)

This is the truth as I know it.

  • Have you ever felt real pain when you saw someone wipe out on t.v.? You might have cringed, or gotten the “heebie jeebies”?
  • Have you ever been around someone who outwardly appeared fine, but being near them made you feel sad? And then later they confessed how depressed they have been?
  • Have you ever gotten a weird feeling that you shouldn’t trust someone you just met, and then later had that mistrust validated?
  • Do large crowds drain you, or sometimes energize you?

These things are ways of experiencing empathy. Almost everyone is to some degree empathetic. People with strong empathy pick up on these feelings without the help of any rational, logical, or visible stimuli.

Empathy is clairsentience.

Feeling like you are being watched, or followed, is also clairsentience.

  • Do you dream?
  • Can you picture a person, place, or thing, in vivid detail?

That’s clairvoyance.

  • Have you ever heard someone call your name, but no one was there?
  • Have you ever heard voices?
  • Have you ever said something so amazing and inspiring, at just the right moment, that it didn’t even feel like the words were your own?

That’s clairaudience.

  • Have you ever just “known” something? Inexplicably? Maybe you just knew that there would be a great parking spot waiting for you when you pulled up to the grocery store.
  • Have you ever had a nagging feeling that your mother was going to call you, and then within the hour that phone call comes in?
  • Have you ever had a random thought about your friend, and you had a feeling that they might be having a rough time? So you get in touch - and wow, yeah, they’re having a shit day?

This is intuition. Knowing something “intuitively” is pretty well accepted even among non-spiritual circles.

But guess what, intuition is claircognizance.

Clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, these all involve “Psychic” - metaphysical - “sixth” senses.

These are the senses that psychics and mediums use to connect to the energy of other people, and to the energies of Spirits.

Everyone has these abilities, to one degree or another.


We are all born with the ability to use them, or not use them. I choose to exercise these abilities, and use them, but that does NOT make me more “spiritual” than someone who doesn’t know how to work with these senses, or chooses not to.

The more you tell yourself that you don’t have “it,” that you don’t have what the “spiritual” people have, the truer that becomes because we create our own realities.

So stoppit. We are all special.

You are special. Whether you feel your connection to your higher-power-of-choice when you read scripture, or great literature, or listen to classical music, or get your feet in the grass, or eat an incredible confection, or look at a sunset, or hear birdsong, or hug your mother.

It’s all valid. Don’t compare your experience of the world to someone else’s, and judge your experience as either inferior, or superior.

It is what it is. You are who you are. You are exactly where you should be, and you can go anywhere that you want to.

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What would cuddling and then sex with Kai be like

AMAZING. (I have a lot of Kai feelings, okay so this question is going to be a big rant ENJOY). Kai obviously spent 18 years in his prison world so yeah, he may be a little inexperienced at first. He’d be sooo good though. He’d be remembering everything he used to know whilst learning things about you that you liked - he’s a very good student and teacher. And if there’s one thing Kai loves more than anything- it’s teasing. He would tease you constantly. Rubbing his hands everywhere, maybe using his magic to please you, getting you right on the edge but stopping before you could tip. kai parker knows he’s good. He knows that he has you in his palm so he’ll tease you mercilessly. I think he’d be a bit rough too, hair pulling, biting, maybe some spanking? Idk, just rough; hard and fast. He’s not had sex in 18 years, of course he wants you quickly. He’s hungry for you and wants to ravish you as best as possible. he’ll learn everything about you, how your body works, what makes you feel the best and as soon as he’s got you pegged, he’ll know exactly how you like it. He’s clever that way. He’ll cherish your body, staring down at you like youre the brightest and most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. I also think that although he’s a dom, he might like to give you the control once in a while. Cuddling with kai would be fun. He’d hold you tightly, pulling you flush against him so that you can feel his heartbeat. He’d press kisses to your skin and wake you up with a grin and some cocky sentence. He’d tell you things that no one else knew. You’d see the sensitive side (or at least the gentler side) and he’d tell you stories from his past or whatever and he’d just share things with you because you’re the only person he can tell these things to. He knows that you have him wrapped around your finger but he wouldn’t like it any other way. He’d like when you fell asleep first. It was peaceful like that. he could play with your hair and just think about things. You calmed him down and he liked the feelings you gave him. If you tried to get up in the mornings, he’d pull you back down and tell you that you’re not getting up for another five minutes (more like an hour though) and if you were persistent, he’d probably pin your hands above your head and whisper ‘make me’ or something sexual. God, Kai would be so good and we all know that we want a bit of that. :) xxxx

Cheering him up

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Cheering him up

Bucky Barnes x reader

Prompt: “Could you do a Bucky X Reader in which he’s feeling down and the reader comforts him? Eventually it just ends up with them accidentally falling asleep with each other and Steve finds them all cuddled up.”

Notes: this is my first Bucky x reader fanfic so it my be a bit rough around the edges if you know what I mean. 

Warnings: one (kinda) swear?

You just arrived back from a single mission in Afghanistan to find the avengers headquarters empty. Most of the avengers (Steve, Tony, Natasha, Sam, Vision, Wanda) were all in Taiwan for a Gruesome battle against a terrorist organization. Your latest mission was to track down that terrorist organization and find out where they would be going next, which is Taiwan (obviously).

You sighed and exited the jet into the empty dim locker room. Quickly you took off your uniform and washed off the dirt and dried red blood from your clothing and skin. After your shower you changed into your favorite pair of yoga pants and an old tank top. You pulled on a hoodie and left the room and into the lounge area.

You heard a large thunder clap and your head snapped toward the window. It was now raining several hard on the window and a bright light of lightning lit up the film sky.

“Thank god the storm started now,” you absolutely hated flying the quinjet in a thunderstorm ever since you crashed one after a strike hit you. You were about to flop yourself on the couch when you heard something crash in the hallway. You ran to the bar and grabbed the gun that was underneath the granite countertop.

It’s probably just the wind blowing something over you thought to yourself as
you started to walk down the hall quietly. You felt a light breeze coming from a room across from Steve’s room and decided that’s where the noise came from. Breathing in quietly you approached the room, you lodged your gun and barged into the room with your gun raised.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry Bucky, I didn’t think you were here,” you dropped the gun in your hand and walked over to Bucky who was looking through a book.

“It’s fine (y/n), it has happened a few times here,” Bucky said as he looked up from his book. You looked into Bucky’s eye they seemed red like they have been crying.

“Have you been crying,” you said kindly as you took a seat next to him on the couch.

“No I just uh watched a sad movie that’s all,” you rolled your eyes as you looked at the tv remote which is in the same place as it always was.

“You can trust me Buck. You don’t need to lie to me.”

“Ok maybe i’ve been crying but it’s just because I’m just feeling down at the moment,” he said as he put his book down of the table beside him.

“Can I cheer you up in anyway,” you said with a smile.


Your smile turned into a frown and you turned on the tv near his bed again, “well I am going to cheer you up somehow,” Bucky sighed as you got up and sat on his bed. He turned around to see what you were doing.

“What the hell are you doing (y/n)?”

“Buying the entire Star Wars movie collection so we can watch them together,” you pronounced with a smirk.

“What the heck is Star Wars,”you groaned and put your head in your hands.  

“I don’t know, maybe just the best movie trilogy ever!,” you got up from the bed and grabbed Bucky’s hand pulled him onto the bed so that he could see the movie screen.

“Whatever, at least I get to stop reading that book. Steve said I should read it and it sucks,” you laughed and the both of you leaned against the headboard of his bed.

The two of you stayed up late watching the movie trilogy. Most of the night was very quiet but there was the occasional gasp and laugh from Bucky but nothing compared to when he found out who Luke’s father was. He almost fell out of his seat next to you.

It was around 1:30 in the morning when Bucky and you fell asleep on his bed. You rested his head on his shoulder while Bucky slept with his arms around you and his head up. Your goal was fulfilled you have cheered Bucky up.


It was the early morning, you and Bucky were still fast asleep but the rest of the Avengers had just arrived back from Taiwan.

Steve walked back to his room quietly still wearing his now dirty uniform. He stood still in his doorway once he heard the Star Wars theme music coming from Buckys room.

He peaked inside the room, wondering why Bucky would be watching Star Wars and found you and Bucky were still asleep. Steve blushed as he saw the both of you together and went back into his room smirking.

“Damn buck you have always been the lady’s man.”

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AHHH, anon, i am SO PUMPED to talk about Kanan-finds-Ezra AU. you honestly cannot BELIEVE how EXCITED I AM. i LOVE THIS AU. and if i haven’t scared you off yet, let’s jump in!! @muse-on-mustafar and i talked a lot about this, so i figured that i’d basically summarize and maybe talk about what we talked about, if that works. i think all of your questions can be answered in that, but if i miss something, feel free to ask again!

alrighty, folks, let’s dive in for A Very Poor Attempt At Parenting, starring our very own Kanan Jarrus!!! yay!!!

  • so, let’s start with our darling boys at this stage in their lives - a ten-year-old Ezra Bridger. he’s a bit more rough around the edges than we know him now.
    • he’s mostly got the thievery thing down pat, but he’s still in a real rough patch, so he’s less scared than he was at seven or eight, but now that he’s not scared, he’s got room for other things - like anger
    • “[three years has moved him] directly from scared, terrified, sad to pissed-off, bitter, ready to blast the whole world,” is how @muse-on-mustafar described him, and I think that’s pretty perfect
    • he hasn’t got the façade we see in Rebels quite yet: he’s lacking the humor, the “i don’t care,” persona - instead, he’s being fueled by rage when he’s got no food 
  • and please welcome to the stage a twenty-three-year-old Caleb Dume - um, haha, Kanan Jarrus!
    • it’s barely ten years after Order 66 and Kanan is trying to fit into his new cowboyish, gunslinging persona
    • Kanan doesn’t quite have a “Kanan” personality yet 
    • mostly, he has one default setting - not Caleb Dume
    • Kanan’s great in a bar fight, full of a barely contained temper and a decent bit of swagger, but deep down inside he’s just a scared little kid who hasn’t stopped running and can’t seem to find shelter
  • so, this is when a very unsuspecting Kanan Jarrus shows up on Lothal looking for a job that means he’s got money for food and alcohol. mostly alcohol. 
  • and, naturally, runs into Ezra Bridger.
    • (now, @gladiolus-red wrote an awesome intro here, but i’m gonna leave what actually happened vague for sake of wiggle room.)
  • maybe he passes him on the street, maybe he literally runs into the conniving Loth-rat - whatever. but either way, Kanan’s left staring after the receding form of Ezra Bridger with one thought in his mind:
    • oh shit
    • that kid’s Force-sensitive.
    • now, Kanan Jarrus is definitely not Caleb Dume. because Caleb would be jumping up and down going “what’s that kid doing here? where are his parents? should we tell his parents? should we follow him? what if the Empire gets to him? should we make him our padawan? we can help him! protect him! feed him!”
  • so, instead, Kanan Jarrus turns around, walks away, and patently ignores the kid because, well, he should get on with his life.
    • “Shame,” he thinks to himself, as he remembers the raggedy clothes hanging off the kid’s raggedy frame, “but it happens all the time. Whatever.”
  • but, yeah, here’s the problem.
  • he can’t ignore him.
  • it takes maybe three or four days, or maybe that’s just how long Kanan can ignore it, but he begins to realize that the kid…that he knows the kid.
    • (not, like i have met him before or having a mind meld with with this strange kid where he suddenly knows all his secrets, of course. but it’s how he knew his friends back at the Temple or his master. he knows the kid, knows where he is with a vague mental map or tug or string that ties him to the kid, that tells him where the kid’s at.
    • and being tied - having pressure, responsibility - to the kid…that scares Kanan most of all, even more than the idea of the Empire’s jackboot coming smashing down on Lothal.)
  • by that point, Kanan doesn’t care how good the pay is at his job or that they even offered him his own apartment, free of charge, as an employee perk. next ship, he’s getting off this rock.
    • and so Kanan sits in the bar, slumped over a space whiskey or space mead or space ale or whatever, when the door slides open and he does his best not to jump out of his seat and run the opposite direction because, well, the kid’s here.
      • What’s a kid his age doing in a bar, Kanan thinks almost immediately, then thinks immediately afterwards: Why do I care, I don’t care.
    • instead, he doesn’t move, maintaining the careful look of a half-drunk, half-sleeping field worker (it isn’t hard)
    • meanwhile, he listens carefully to the argument going on in the corner of the cantina, which is getting more and more nasty 
      • (looks like someone thinks the kid owes something, the kid says he doesn’t, says he did the job, whatever) 
    • Kanan doesn’t care but suddenly the Force is telling him that kid’s about to take a knife to the gut so Kanan stretches leisurely and saunters over
      • Hey, he thinks to himself, I’ve been on Lothal two weeks and not gotten in a bar fight yet. Might as well acquaint myself with the locals.
    • so all the gang members look over and so does the kid, which is when Kanan finally gets a good look at him and is also when he inwardly groans
      • Kid’s got a nasty black eye and more than few scratches and bruises and has the look of someone who’s obviously malnourished 
    • Kanan, nice gentleman that he is, introduces himself
      • “Hey there,” he greets, “heard you were having an argument.”
    • the gang’s not too keen
      • “Get out of here, off-worlder,” sneers the biggest, nastiest brute as another stands up and, yep, Kanan was right - he’s got a wicked sharp vibroblade. “This ain’t your business.”
    • Kanan really doesn’t care
      • “Well, I don’t know about here on Lothal,” Kanan drawls, “but in the rest of the world messin’ with kids is a no-go.”
    • (at least it is in Kanan’s book, because he remembers what it was like to be young and defenseless.)
    • the kid’s looking at him like he’s lost his mind
    • meanwhile, the gang’s looking a little too angry, so Kanan takes action.
      • meaning he takes one guy and bodily flings him into the wall
      • “So,” Kanan says, slamming one guy’s head on to the table and cracking another’s head against the ground, “don’t do it.”
    • the kid, meanwhile, recovers his wits
      • “What?” the kid shouts in to the melee, “I can look after myself!”
      • “No, you really can’t,” says Kanan, glancing around at the stunned bartender and the other wide-eyed patrons before bodily shoving the kid and himself out the bar.

(and if you can’t see it because for whatever reason it’s not showing up on my blog, there should be a “keep reading” tag under here. if you can’t see it on my blog, just click on the post itself and that should direct you to the entire post. hope that helps!)

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almost sold on this guy being my modern desi gale… if he was just a bit bigger/bulkier, if his hair was just a little less curly and longer, and was a little more roughed up around the edges (when you’re looking at pictures of male models, you don’t see a whole lot of that)… and if i had confirmation that the model, kevin stranart from belgium (hello, gorgeous) does indeed have some desi heritage (found him on the desimalemodels tumblr and on the indianmalemodels website but one never really knows). even so i think he would make a good gale because we aren’t given an ethnicity for the seam people and personally i think in the future, in the world of panem and the hunger games, ethnicity as we know it would be a thing of the past.


Hey so I made up a quick tile of the pattern we keep seeing in all the promotional art/on the box art, y’know, in case you needed it for anything. Feel free to use it wherever you want.  🆒

Top is 4 tiles together, bottom is a single tile

Right ‘round; Lily & James


The Prefect schedule for the first term of the 1977-1978 year at Hogwarts School was a carefully structured piece of machinery; one had to appreciate that. Their ranks were full of rough edges and sharp points and one stray Quidditch Captain who’d wormed his way in, and it had taken every bit of technical and time-management know-how from eir mother, and eir father’s social wits, to work through. Lily Evans could see the art in it if she let herself.

It was small consolation for what it meant she had to do, but as she stood scuffing the toes her Chuck Taylor’s - raggedy old things held together with spells and glue and force of will - on the floor of their agreed-upon starting hall, she could cling to it. At least, as ey walked the halls of the school in the dark with an obnoxious Head Boy who apparently fancied em entirely too much, ey could know that ey had managed to do eir job. Was continuing to manage it.

Would continue to manage it even if she had to wait forever. Was Lily early, or was James late? God, it was quiet, so fucking quiet, quiet enough to hear a pin drop or your grief ebb in or even some of the cleverest assailants sneaking up from the side - so bloody quiet it hummed and hissed with it and Lily had to lean back against the wall and whistle, clear and loud and hand on eir wand, Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon. 

Let it ‘ring like a bell through the night,’ and God, let her stop thinking.

my new wow girlfriend…. yes shes a little rough around the edges, a bit prideful, but she knows what she is doing and i believe in her, she has a tender heart 

safe ☁ mark tuan

“Promise me that whenever you feel down, upset, and about to cry, call me, okay?” Mark cupped your cheeks as wiped your tears away with his thumbs and rested his forehead against yours.

You just bit your bottom lip and closed you eyes as you softly hummed, “Mhmm..”

“I love you..” He whispered to you and lightly kissed your forehead then wrapped his arms around you to pull you to a close embrace.

You held him back, practically squeezing the life out of him but he didn’t care. He knew that you were in pain. That you just wanted someone to hold on to.

Nowadays, things has been rough for you and you’ve on the edge. Mark has been busy lately and you know he can’t always be there for you whenever you cry so all you do is breathe, but sometimes, it’s not enough. You just needed his assurance and safety sometimes. Knowing that he’s there and listening to you because the world can’t hear your cries. Mark is the only one who can so that’s why you just need him.

The next day, when you woke, you noticed that the side of your bed felt empty. Mark is already gone to his schedule with the others, leaving you alone, again, at home. You took a deep breathe again.

Don’t worry, it’s going to be alright… You told yourself, Everything is going to be alright.

You went on about your day, and made some effort on yourself to feel a bit better. Nicely styled hair, light make up, and wore clothes that made you feel beautiful in your own skin. You looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled at your nice appearance.

Maybe today won’t be so bad.

The day went on normally and you and your friends decided to go out tonight. You thought it was a perfect opportunity for you to unwind and breathe some fresh air for once.

Your friends and you were walking towards the meeting place where you were going meet some other people who are mutuals from your friends. You didn’t mind, the more, the merrier!

But that hopeful that made your heart drop.

Before your eyes was a guy that you had one hell of a crush on and broke you. The memory of it makes your heart ache a little and mind race because that guy broke you and practically embarrassed you in front of your classmates. It was those awkward times and it felt as if you were back in your past again.

Even though you loathe this moment, you took a deep breathe a sucked it up.

“Oh!” The ex crush widened his eyes the moment he saw you, “___! Long time, no see!”

You just nodded and bowed. You didn’t want to saw a word to him and just kept your distance.

Throughout the night, everything was going well. Everyone was drinking while you kept your drinking moderate, and letting loose. You were steady on your drinking because you knew you had to bring your friends home, but it was okay because that means, when you get to go home, you’ll be sober.

The atmosphere was still light and airy. People were laughing, singing, and just talking nonsense. You checked your phone and you had a surprise text from Mark saying,

- My Mark // 11:45 pm -

Yah, don’t party too much, okay? I want to cuddle with you once you get home! ^^ hehe, please stay safe tonight, babe! Love you!

You began to smile at his loving text and once you were about to reply, a sudden arm was thrown around your shoulders.

Your head shot up at the sudden touch and looked at who was beside you. It was your now drunk ex crush who was taking another sip of his alcohol drink.

“Yah…” He slurred, “When did you became so pretty?”

This guy…

You rolled your eyes and threw his arm away from you, rolling your eyes. You just ignored at his drunk comment and was going to text Mark back but instead, he took your hand, saying, “YAH!”

“WHAT?” You shouted back, now angry. He reeked of alcohol, and his face was all red. Now you began on wondering why you had a huge crush on him because at this moment, he looks like a sweaty tomato.

“Pay attention to me!” His voice raised up even more, but it didn’t phase you.

With all the strength you had, you pushed his hand away, and pushed him, saying, “Too late for that, you idiot!”

You took your purse and stood up, ready to leave.

“Where your going?!” You heard your ex crush yell out, but you just ignored him as you went up to your friends, letting them know that your leaving.

Your friends understood and said their good byes. Once you were about to walk out, your ex crush began shouting out unpleasant things to you.


His ugly words were now in your head. You tried not to listen but you did..

The thoughts in your head now multiplied to different voices. As you walked out, your vision became blurry and your whole body became numb.

Ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly. Pain, pain, pain, pain. No one liked you back then, _____, no one. Ugly, Pain, no one.

Those words repeated in your head and your eyes began to burn.

You found a bench to sit down on, and tried to breathe. You held your head to gain some kind of strength and assurance of your own but the voice wouldn’t go away.

That’s when your tears began fall and your breathing was becoming shorter and shorter by the second. The world around you began to disappear and you felt as if no one can hear you. This went on till a sudden ring came out of your bag.

You were startled by the sudden ring, but checked once you put yourself back together.

It was a text from Mark, asking if you’re okay, but instead of texting back, you immediately called him.  

“Babe?” You heard Mark’s sweet deep voice say to you, “Are you okay? You never-”

“Mark..” You cried, and sniffled, “I don’t know what to do anymore..”

“Hey, hey…___-ah.. what happened?”

You just whimpered and cried. Your words couldn’t escape your lips. Your heart hurts, and there’s a huge lump on your throat. All you do was cry.

It went on like that for a while, and once the tears stopped falling, you took a deep breathe.

“Hey..” Mark said softly to you which reminded you that he was still on the line, “Everything will be okay, ____-ah. I’m sorry I can’t be there right now, but once I get home and you’ll be there, I’ll give you your favorite ice cream, watch some movies, and hold you till you’re all better. Does that sound good?”

You took a deep breathe and smiled. The thought of you coming home where Mark will be sounded safe. As if nothing can hurt you.

“You’re the best, Mark..” You managed to say, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You could tell Mark was smiling through the phone and that sound of his voice is all you needed to feel safe and sound again.


i need mark’s cuddles right now. boo.