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hey guys i know we’re all kinda united over a band that sends a message against suicide which means we’re indirectly just a group of suicidal ppl so i want all of you to know that i love you very much and i’d be heartbroken if any of you were harmed and you all deserve the very best. i love you. guys. and you can come to me with anything and im sorry that things are so hard

Writing Advice*

*That nobody asked for.


Don’t spend paragraphs/pages on a character’s thought process. Focus on dialogue, action, and emotions. Let the reader infer the rest. Communicate your ideas clearly, concisely, and in a way that holds the reader’s interest.

2) Get rid of “had” and “have” whenever you can while still making sense.

“She had died” vs. “She died,” “He had read a book about it” vs. “He read a book about it.” See the difference? The word “had” contributes nothing but clutter. 

“I have had this dream before” vs. “I had this dream before.” Same thing- usually, when you use ‘have’ and ‘had’ side by side, you can delete the ‘have’ and still make sense. 

Use either past tense or present tense. Present perfect tense contributes nothing. It’s confusing, irritating when overused, and unnecessary.

3) Use character names and pronouns.

Try to avoid shit like “the taller man” or “the brunette.” Unless a character hasn’t been introduced yet, the reader will know who you’re referring to by name. There’s usually no need to allude to people’s identity via physical traits. Try to keep it to a minimum.

4) Well-constructed characters either have more flaws than virtues, or an equal balance of both. This leaves plenty of room for growth.

5) Plot is secondary to character development. Plot exists solely to feed character development and dynamic relationships.

Stories are about people. Make sure your characters are more interesting than the plot, and your story will write itself.

6) Explain as little as possible while still making sense.

Readers often come up with theories that are better than anything you can conceive. Be mysterious. Keep them wanting more. BUT-

7) Don’t repeat the same question and refuse to answer it.

Ask it three times, tops, before either answering it or dropping it entirely. (Calling out Lemony Snicket and J.K. Rowling for dragging that shit out. Except they kind of did it well).

Don’t lead people on unless you have something AMAZING on the end of that hook.

8) Ask yourself, “would I be interested in this information?”

Would you want to read three paragraphs describing someone’s outfit (*cough* George R.R. Martin *cough*)?

Do you care to hear about the shape, structure, and composition of a Very Nice Castle™?

Is it fun to hear about Protagonist waking up, brushing her teeth, looking in the mirror, and describing her own reflection?

Bruh, if anyone irl came at you with this BS, you would tune them out in a second. Don’t bore your readers unless you ABSOLUTELY have to with CRUCIAL information that comes in handy later.

9) Write what you want. Fuck rules. Fuck this post. Fuck what anyone else says. Listen to yourself. Make something crazy and new. Stop trying to be like other people.

Be bold, selfish, and unapologetic. Always write for yourself.

those anons about frank being an addict have really fucked me up ngl

anonymous asked:

I think that anon from a bit ago meant Maxvid in the familial sense. Like, there's love ships, family ships and friendships, apparently

well, that’s what i said. i adore their relationship, but not in a shipping sense.
i wouldn’t call like, a friendship or a family relationship a shipname, it could lead to some great misunderstandings.

ok so i’ve seen a lot of ppl stressing over a supposed “dark end” in dream daddy, and i haven’ played the game, and i’m not sure i will, not because it doesn’t look good, but because dating sims really aren’t my thing, and i haven’t played one since my tweens, but two things:

it would be almost genre breaking not to have a super fucked up over the top bad ending, like i said my experience is limited, but that’s the reality of even the fluffiest of dating sims - i played one in an all-girls academy, fuck if i remember which one, but in the bad ending a cute innocent girl turned out to be a murderous vampire… or something, other than that all the bad endings were just you not getting together with the girls

two things:

the bad ending is usually hard to get, like Easter egg hard, like knock twice on a door in game at irl midnight or smth (unless it’s a super dark game, in which case the good ending is the hard one to get - that doesn’t seem to be the case with dream daddy)

or alternatively: a punishment for your assholery as a player, it might require you to be an unrelenting asshole to one or more characters, in that case you get the over the top bad ending because you had it coming.

also, there is no canon ending in dating sims, come on, don’t be dense. 

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