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Soulmates - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Prompt by @igavecalumhishickeyhola friend i have to request a beautiful writing peice from you. Would it be okay i have an isaac imagine where youre in france when you meet and its a soul mate timer au only the imagine than goes on to show the date and stuff?

Word Count: 4,103 (I got a bit carried away, lol.)

Warnings: None other than fluff overload, lol 

Author’s Note: This is my first soulmate timer storyline. I really don’t know much about it other than what I’ve read in other imagines. I hope I did justice to a soulmate timer concept. Also, I decided to try something different (writing style wise). I got what you asked, but added more to it as well. I hope you like what I came up with.

Also, a little bit of Dawson’s Creek helped inspire this imagine.

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Time’s Up

“Come on,” Lisa grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the crystal blue water in front of us, eager to jump into the ocean on the French Riviera.

My short legs kept up with her pace and soon we jumped off the cliff, free falling. My stomach tightened as the wind rushed between my hair. Fear, excitement, and happiness ran through my veins as I took a leap of faith to let gravity do its job to bring me down to the crystal blue water underneath.

I held my breath before I pinched my nose just seconds before my toes touched the warm water. I opened my eyes under water, seeing Lisa giving me a thumbs up and a wide smile before she began to swim back to shore. I moved my arms and paddled my feet, swimming up for air. I gasped once I reached the surface. Still padding my feet, I lifted my hands, pushed back my wet hair and looked ahead. I looked down and noticed the timer on my wrist had changed. The days had been replaced by minutes on the countdown. My heart picked up knowing my soulmate was there on shore.

I quickly paddled my feet and moved my arms towards the shore, passing Lisa. My mind was racing. Did he notice his timer was ticking closer to 00:00 too? Was he walking and looking around for a girl who was possibly looking for him on the beach too? Or was he letting fate take its course?

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