i know in the original it gets tied to the case

Let’s start it off with the one and only, the canon pairing of a sad sk8er boi and his tiny baker: Jack Zimmerman/Eric “Bitty” Bittle!

Ice Crew Please!

THE FIC THAT CHANGED E V E R Y T H I N G u don’t even KNOW oh my god

u read this and u r like: “ice crew au…?? wut” but U GUYS. READ IT.

I AM. BEGGING U. its so fucking funny but also so fucking meaningful and abt CREATING A Fa mILY !!!! and LoVe!!!! and frieNDShIP!!!

p.s i don’t want to spoil it but if u read it message me and ill talk to u abt the part that made me cry like actual tears bc thank god for friendships and acknowledging that shit is hard

the messes of men

this was… in it’s own way.. a hard fic to read (which makes it the best fic to read! pain! i love it! help me!) it’s very very very beautifully written and i hold it very close to my heart….how it portrays jack by himself and how hard it must’ve been…it also manages to weave in how mental illness plays its own role, even once you get together with the person you’re pretty sure is it for you. somewhat painful but cathartic and achingly tender.

until it got the best of you

umm bitty has a big dick. that’s it.

BUT then there’s feelings! and angst! and misunderstanding! (the best type too! u know when one is like so crazily in love with the other and thinks its shockingly obvious but surprise, it’s not!) it’s just fantastic!

i never saw the signs

imagine a world where jack jumping over the snowbank, bringing bitty coffee, going on long walks classifies (in jack’s mind) as dating. so when bitty gets asked out, jack cannot believe the b e t r ay a l! we’re dating bitty! just read this and be happy :)

left the city, my family, my precinct

oh my goodness this fic.

jack accidentally sends bittle a dick pick.

:0  ;)  <3 ___ <3 = summary of the fic

mixing it up

this is just….so cute?!??!?! and funny?!??! and 1!!!!!

bitty is contestant at a baking tournament for the falconers where jack and tater are the judges. at least, thats where it starts off.

tater is fucking hILARIOUS this fic in general made me laugh a lot.


if u about that dom/sub life well…….just know that eric pins jacks hands to the bed and there’s v intense blushing that boi turns red like a tomato and i live 4 it.

eric is a tad too southern for me but it’s the only thing this fic doesn’t do perfectly :))))

something like this

considering how popular this fic is it actually sat open in a tab for a looong loooooong time just bc…well… it’s 285,748 words. im an all or nothing girl as in i once read the entire maze runner trilogy in one night so i had to find the right time

first of all: angst. second of all: angst. third of all: ….. u guessed it… angst. BUT don’t worry, for every drop of angst there’s a metro-fucking-ton of smut and sweetness :)))) ;))) what this fic does brilliantly is create an OMC that is at the forefront of the story and do it seamlessly. this is a pretty iconic fic and tbh im definitely not one for fics longer than 100k but this was a fuckin’ beaut man

rake the springtime across your sheets

oh god this was P A I N F U L but in a very beautiful way??? (that’s how u know the writing was siCK) ambiguously happy ending but tbh in the end this fic is really just abt the unspoken quiet truth of being in love, of loving, of being human just lke Fffffffuck me up

Phone, Please!

listen. i’m not a fluff person. idk i get bored. BUT. BUUUUUT. BUT. this fic.

AMAZING. this fic is all about the details and the little moments that make Bitty and Jack  ~*BittyandJack*~

Bonus favorite line: “Thank god there are pancakes to serve. Pancakes are also very nice, and something he can actually have.”

Winter Clothes

Chowder POV so this is both hiLARIOUS and surprisingly touching. Jack and Bitty help Chowder buy clothes for New England winter. As a person living in New England, I approve this message.

WIPS: *Hate That I Love You plays in the background*

medic, please!

so if u ever played world of warcraft u r gonna love it and if you’ve never played world of warcraft u r gonna love it

this fic is just SO CREATIVE?!?!! like the format of it is B O M B. its just. so good. oh ym god.

(also the name is “medic please!” get it? cuz eric’s a medic in the game.? and check..PLEASE! ugh I’m a nerd 4 this pic

Fainting Psychics and Pessimistic Demonologists

ghostbusters au except not bc copyright

at first i was like…ghost hunters au?? rlly? but now I’m like GHOST HUNTERS AU? B R I L L I A N T.

characters are on point, its funny (an actual line of the fic “Jack sat down at his computer, pulled open a tab, and googled “How to encourage a teammate”. lmao what a mess)

but also theres some mystery and intrigue and suspense and in general this is a Good.

baking is punk as fuck

this is another AU that i was like…punk band u ….rlly? but then i was like PUNK BAND AU FUCK YEAH im a sucker for asshole Jack. i’m not even into punk?? but im into this fic U ___ U

This Don’t Even Feel Like Falling

filed under “praise kink mmmm”

honestly? porn..? “Bitty is the one to tie Jack’s hands for Hazeapalooza; afterward, he ties Jack’s hands for their own private enjoyment. “ like?? I’m not sorry.

but also not established relationship more like fwb but u know and i know and ngozi knows that ain’t the game we’re playing here

around the green and blue

not usually a big fan of soulmate aus but what i love about this fic is the pacing and even tho soulmate aus where seeing your soulmate = seeing color for the first time isn’t totally new this felt super fresh and original!

shine for you

aw MAN this gave me the feeeeeels. established relationship but jack is not out, it’s a bit angsty but the jack perspective is just so gooood

EXTRA: It all started with a big Russian hockey player calling a small cat-loving hockey player a rat. You either h8 it or u luv it. In my case, I Love it, capital L, so enjoy: Alexei “Tater” Mashkov/Kent Parson

careful the tale you tell

Kent has been telling himself a story, ever since the Q. It’s the epic story of Parse and Zimms, and he’s in love with it. // this fic is specifically meant for patater newbies and this fic does an amazing job of showing why kent and alexei just make sense. its honestly a Blessing.

kick on the starter

lmao im gonna be 90 years old and still reccing Febricant’s fics…for real when i saw they wrote patater i was like…no..im dreaMing…or im dead? is . is heaven?? rlly unique approach to how she gets them together and gr8 build up :)))) Bless Febricant

i need to wake up, i need me some love…

honestly? shameless fluff. established relationship (they’re ENGAGED FOR GOD’S SAKE) short but Good

The Final Proof

*A lot of people have come up with this theory, but it’s so perfect I had to write it down.

They say you learn the most from your mistakes. Mine came as I was watching “Murder Most Foul” and Charming said this:

I hadn’t really been paying enough attention to realize that he was talking about the sleeping curse that the Evil Queen had placed on him and Snow, so my mind immediately went to: What other curse needs to be broken? Luckily for me there is another curse that needs to be broken. Many of you know this, but it’s the curse that is keeping everyone in Storybrooke.

What we don’t realize is which part of the curse is still active. It’s not the dark aspects of the Dark Curse - that was broken by Emma as was prophesied/dictated by Rumpelstiltskin. No, it’s the other part that the pesky imp created that is trapping everyone here still.

The Savior curse. Think about it. The only reason Emma Swan is the Savior is because Rumplestiltskin made it so. In theory, Emma was no longer supposed to be the Savior after she broke the Dark Curse. Everyone was supposed to go back to where they were from, but that didn’t happen. Which means what? That portion of the curse, that tiny little drop, is a curse all in itself, and it too needs to be broken. When it is, Emma’s fate as the Savior will be broken; she will live.

Now you ask: But Emma was given the Shears of Destiny or whatever to cut herself from her fate and no longer be the Savior and she didn’t take it!

Well, we know how Rumple’s curse works right? A pair of pretty scissors wouldn’t break this curse because only one person has that power: Emma herself.

We’ve come full circle. Once upon a time Adam and Eddy pitched the idea that the curse would take seven years to fully break. Now we’ve reached that point. Once Emma breaks the Savior curse, Rumple’s spell that he placed on her life will break. Her Hero’s Journey will be complete, and she will return to her life in the real world, where no one needs her to protect them.

(I’ll come back to this in a minute)

So we know what needs to happen. Here I take it a step further and answer:


It turns out that we have that answer too:

Ah yes. True Love. Here’s where I know I’ll lose half of you because “Once Upon a Time is obsessed with Captain Swan. Why can’t you see that, you’re blinding yourself, stop perpetuating nonsense, wake up blah blah blah blah.”

Well, I’m going to counter that with: Why is Emma still the Savior then? If Once Upon a Captain Swan is genuinely the entire point of this show, why is Emma still fated to die?

Answer: You can’t break a curse where you’re the Savior of the fairytale characters with one of the said fairytale characters.

Here you respond again with: “Well, Smartypants, you call yourself a Swan Queen shipper, but you’ve just contradicted yourself. You think the Evil Queen can break the curse with Emma? She’s a fairytale character too!”

Well, reader, you are very clever indeed. But shall I provide you with my next exhibit:

While it was super fun to watch, Split Queen was not just done for the optics. It was a setup for endgame. The Evil Queen may be a fairytale character, but Mayor Regina Mills (like Emma and Henry) is a completely original creation of our world. Which means, like Emma, the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White, she can live a completely normal life outside of the Enchanted Forest.

I was trying to figure out the purpose behind bringing Wish Robin Hood back, and this line really explains it:

The writers are priming us for a much bigger version of this concept. Robin is the first test of the portal system. Will it allow someone who isn’t supposed to be “real” stay in the “real world”? We know Storybrooke, by our standards, isn’t a real place, it’s a refuge for fairytale characters from many realms, so it makes sense that he passes the test in this case, but what about Regina? Will she, a person who isn’t supposed to be real, be allowed to live somewhere like Boston or New York if Storybrooke doesn’t exist. This first trial proves that yes, she will be able to because something about her is connected to our world (that thing is literally the writers themselves). They have Regina grapple with this issue- Why was wish Robin able to come here?- because she’s next, and she needs to know that she’ll be okay when she tries to stay in this world.

If Regina remains unconnected to the Evil Queen, she should be able to help Emma break the curse and remain in this reality. Will it really be True Love’s Kiss that frees Emma from the Savior Curse and sends everyone to where they belong?

I would hope.

I also hope that I’ll find $2000 on the street tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

But it’s certainly the most reasonable solution since literally every curse is broken with True Love’s Kiss…

Have you ever wondered why there’s never been a True Love’s Kiss with Emma & her parents or Emma with Hook? Perhaps part of that is because True Love’s Kiss can only work with people who are from the same reality. Since Regina had True Love’s Kiss with Henry, that means she’s a part of his reality. Part of her belongs in our world. Emma has never shared True Love’s Kiss with Hook because he isn’t a part of her reality. He’s still a fairytale character. They can get married, she can choose that life, but that means she will remain tied to her fate as the Savior. She will always be connected to the Fairytale world. She will eventually die for them.

But if somehow, Regina Mills is Emma’s true True Love; if two “real people” who were created in this world- Emma Swan the bail bonds person, and Regina Mills the Mayor- shared True Love’s Kiss (not saying they’ll make it gay like they should) then the entire curse could be broken.

I just don’t see any other way they could go with this. The show has always foreshadowed that Storybrooke isn’t supposed to last.

We know there’s going to be a “reset” for the show…

And we know that Regina is no longer connected to the Evil Queen. Everything is setting up for the fairytale characters to return to their world.

But what happens next?

A good story always comes full circle, but the hero returns home with more knowledge and is in a better place. Odysseus goes on a crazy journey with a bunch of messed up shit but eventually makes it back home. Dorothy wishes she could experience life over the rainbow, but when she does, she learns that there’s no place like home. Harry Potter steps onto Platform 9 ¾ for the first time alone, and in the last book he steps on with a family. So if in the Pilot we see Emma in her lonely Boston apartment, wishing on a star to no longer be alone, it only makes sense that the last time we see her, she’s in her Boston apartment but she isn’t alone- she has a family.

We know Henry will be a part of that family, but it’s safe to assume that Regina will be there too, because of this promise:

Unfortunately all magic comes with a price, and my prediction is that price will be that everyone forgets that any of this ever happened.

I’m grounding this theory in the fact that the last time there was a reset, that happened to half of the parties involved: Emma and Henry 

In that scenario, the Dark Curse was destroyed. The Dark Curse’s purpose was to create Storybrooke, so once it was gone, Emma and Henry forgot that Storybrooke ever existed… But everyone in the Enchanted Forest still remembered Emma and Henry because the Savior Curse still existed- they all remembered the Savior. They were able to go back and get her and recreate the bridge between our worlds because Emma was still the Savior. Once the Savior Curse is gone, everything will be wiped out. Everyone will forget that the Savior existed, and why she existed. All the fairytale characters will return to their world where their stories will play out, and all the characters from our world will begin to lead a normal life.

That life for Emma and Regina could very well be together. It’s not guaranteed, but it would certainly explain why the writers have made an effort to keep Emma and Regina apart in Storybrooke while maintaining a certain amount of tension between them- because their story isn’t meant to play out in Storybrooke. It would also explain why it’s not a topic of conversation for any of the writers or actors- it’s a major plot point,  and talking about it would be a spoiler. Lastly, Adam Horowitz said himself that they weren’t queerbaiting:

If they’re planning on having Regina be a part of Emma’s new life free from the Savior curse, then technically this isn’t a lie.

But could they make it so that Emma and Regina’s relationship is merely as platonic co-parents in the real world? Of course. But at the end of the day we would still be right: Swan Queen would still technically be endgame, and it’s still a hell of a lot better than Captain Swan.

blueiben  asked:

actually jason anything with headcanons, spoil me please

headcanons ahoy!

  • jason’s just a tad taller than bruce and i would actually fight DC artists for that, i would fight anyone. line up if you disagree and PUT EM UP
  • city boy through and through - he can’t fall asleep without the sound of car horns going off and a few people screaming “FUCK YOU” in the street, the sound is home to him
  • has the drawing skills of a walnut and is secretly frustrated by it
  • if you don’t answer the phone immediately when he’s trying to get a hold of you, he’s going to call over and over again until you finally respond
  • definitely participated in illegal street racing with one of bruce’s fancy cars as a kid. he was also convinced that bruce had no right to be mad, because he won
  • pack rat. when you grow up with nothing, you want to keep everything you can get a hold of, so he’s got stuff tucked into places he didn’t even know existed
  • was really excited to go to prom, and then he died before he could
  • hung over balconies during galas to shoot spitballs at gotham’s elite, also probably tied the ends of two ladies’ dresses together while hiding under the table. jason, to this day, is under the impression that bruce didn’t know he did this. his impression is false and actually bruce was trying to hide behind a plant so jason didn’t see him laughing
  • since his resurrection, he’s claustrophobic. closets are basically just large coffins if you think about it
  • his voice is really loud. it’s just naturally loud, like he’ll be trying to speak in a normal conversation, and it could carry across a football field. he never realizes that he’s basically screaming all the time. it’s even worse in the helmet, because the helmet does weird things to your ability to hear
  • would talk you into a bar crawl and then only pretend to drink so he can get hilarious videos of you while drunk. he always has some form of blackmail on you. it makes him feel secure
the endless winter

how much longer do I have to wait
how many more nights do I have to stay awake
to see you
to meet you

Summary: Your whole life has been plagued by the sight of gray: cold and lonely and unbearably plain; you thought you were the exception to a system of fate and destiny that brought two people together. That is, until your favorite Kpop group undergoes their first international tour.
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff; Idol/Fan AU + Soulmate AU (the one in which colors get brighter and brighter than closer you are and fade into gray when they’re too far)
Word Count: 11,869
Author’s Note: This was an idea I originally had for Hopeless Hearts, but it didn’t feel right in comparison to what Hopeless Hearts has become now. I knew I wanted to write something for Jimin again so this idea came back to me with more details and it just felt… right.

ALSO thank you Katie aka @minsvga for reading my outline and basically letting me talk you through the entire plot and letting me update you whenever I hit different word counts.


You always thought you were broken—a failed outcome of a nearly flawless structure that has bounded and tied two people together since the very creation of human beings. You had heard of those special cases, of people who just saw gray their entire lives no matter how many oceans they covered and no matter how far they traveled, no matter if they searched the deepest corners or sought out the tallest mountains. You’ve heard of people in which distance wasn’t the problem—it was just them. Their existence had been doomed from the moment they were born, to live their life in monotone quality. Quite literally too, in fact. Knowing that there would be no one waiting for them on the other side as they slowly ventured through, never knowing a sunset or a sunrise or the grass—their life like an old film, classic and hazy and left behind.

For the first seventeen years of your life, the thought of just not having a soulmate was something that you didn’t necessarily think too deeply about. Some of your friends were of equal level to you, basking in the gray plaguing your line of sight. Albeit, there were a small handful who caught glimpses of red and yellow and blue, all of which were tinged in gray, during the duration of high school. And then there were an even smaller handful who were immediately gifted with the sight of the rainbow right out of the gate—their soulmates are the ones they end up going to prom with or are in the running for best couple in the yearbook, or other varying degrees of gross shit like that.

At a young age, the idea and concept of a soulmate, the concept of forever, was far too grand and far too wide to understand or grasp entirely. It also just seemed much too gross for you to want to understand. The thought that there was someone out there made just for you? Preposterous.

For the first seventeen years of your life, you didn’t really care. And you knew there were many others like you who shared that same belief system. No one wanted to have to settle down too early.

But none of you understood the true gravity of what it would be like to finally find your soulmate and the sensation of experiencing something you had been deprived of your entire life—henceforth you continued not caring, not knowing what you were missing out on in spite of everyone gushing endlessly about it.

Finding one’s soulmate has always meant to be a personal experience, something that could never be replicated or repeated—for a soulmate is supposed to provide as a ‘one and only’ occurrence; something that people could talk about yet not understand unless one had also uncovered the discovery of what would follow upon meeting a soulmate.  

For the first seventeen years of your life, the art of ignoring those type of conversations shared between parents and girls who thought they were better than anyone else gradually started to become second nature to you. Yes, you could grasp that meeting your soulmate was going to mark a momentous occasion in your life, but was it really that important? You were going to meet him eventually, so what was the point of rushing through everything?

You were going to meet your soulmate eventually.


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this is my gift for @defractum for the @aftgexchange valentine’s day round! one of your prompts was an urban fantasy au and holy hell i am weak for it so here:

Modern covens aren’t like the old-fashioned ones, but the Fox Coven is more unconventional than most. For one thing, they don’t live in one giant den of iniquity in a backwater town, close to the trees and the moon and what-the-fuck-ever-else.

To be fair, Andrew’s lot does live in a small den of iniquity, forced into close quarters by promises drawn far tighter than blood. But it’s a city apartment, at least. Probably closer to the moon, and definitely further away from the wild animals covens attract like crazy.

What it does mean is travel. Covens are by nature tightly knit, and even the Monsters aren’t immune. That necessity is what sees Andrew - and, of course, Kevin - travelling three quarters of the way across the city to Renee and Allison’s townhouse on a bitter cold Tuesday afternoon.

Renee’s taste for pretty and Allison’s for pink means their two-bedroom in the suburbs looks just like a gingerbread house. It’s in contrast to the wards, which are blood-bound and harder than stone to anyone with the senses to feel them. Knitted in to them are Andrew’s own speciality, centred in the gardens and asleep with winter peace.

Except, when Kevin and Andrew approach, they aren’t asleep. The roses are whispering loud enough even Kevin can probably hear them, murmuring of their taste for blood underneath their repetition of Andrew’s command to wait and hold. They’re sentinels, all thorns and hunger, nurtured by Andrew from seedlings and planted here for just this purpose.

Allison’s in the doorway, confined to the front stoop by the sudden explosion of rose vines across what was a beautifully manicured lawn. The captive in the centre of the thorns has gone still - they never fight for long, with the threat of inch-long thorns aimed at eyes and all the other tender spots. They aren’t designed to kill, only capture, and maim a little if necessary.

They shiver and retreat from Andrew’s touch, quiescing. Like all plants, they resist against anything that isn’t growth, but Andrew never has to ask twice. Only the centre-most vines remain, curled around wrists and ankles like manacles, to reveal their prize ward-breaker.

And there - there’s a surprise.

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The Final Problem is bad and boring and here is why

I had to rewatch TFP yesterday (IN GERMAN!) with a bunch of friends. I hadn’t watched it after it aired in January, and it had developed into some kind of uber-evil episode for me. Because it ruined the whole show for me. Because it didn’t make any sense. I remembered it as tense and brutal. But, you know what - it isn’t. It’s just really, really boring and very badly done.


Do yourself a favour and watch the Why Sherlock is Garbage video. Watch the whole of it, especially the first hour. Because there he explains why Mofftiss are really bad writers for television. One point in their favour I see over and over again is that Mofftiss couldn’t suddenly have forgotten how to write good telly, therefore Sherlock, especially S4, and especially TFP, must have a deeper meaning, are fake, a social experiment, whatever. Just: NO! This argument crashes - because they are really bad writers. They are very good at coming over as clever for a while - but in the end it’s revealed that there is nothing behind all the suspense they are building, that all their arcs lead nowhere, that nothing means anything or has any consequences. The guy explains this by analysing DW and Jekyll - and you find all of this in Sherlock as well. Like, they constantly up the ante - but with no plan or goal in mind, just for the sake of it. Or that the most important moments of the stories happen off screen. Or that they don’t follow the basic rule of show, don’t tell. Or that they never explore their characters’ motivations. We never learn why people do anything on this show. I will talk about this later. Those are basic writing skills! And they just throw them overboard. Which is not a very good idea.

Me, spewing an angry rant, below the cut. 

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These are the most interesting answers of the creators to the fans’ questions about the third season of Wander Over Yonder (my personal thoughts are indicated in italics):

1. Could you possibly give us a hint as to what sort of episode a 22 minute long ep in season 3 wouldve been like? wouldve there been another musical?

It was another four part serialized story that tied the season together.  Had talked about maybe making the last one an hour long finale special. (Hour episode of WOY! Imagine!)

2. Even if Disney wouldn’t immediately renew WOY can you still work on it when they change their mind, like a few years later?

Craig McCracken: If they change their mind someday I would most definitely work on it.

3. Did the cancellation change any plans you had for the story in season 2? Did you avoid starting any ideas for story or character arcs that wouldn’t have been satisfactorily resolved by the end of the season? Or bring forward some things so that it could?

Unfortunately, writing was wrapped on S2 five months before we received word of the cancellation, so we didn’t really have the opportunity to adjust stories. We also held off on telling some MAJOR stories for all four of our mains to have somewhere to go. Season two was a lot about testing Hater; three would have been about testing Wander in a really cool way. 

4. On the topic of the pirate ship shown briefly in The Waste of Time, does that ship belong to a villain or a hero or a neutral character?

Can say you’ve already seen the original owners, though. (Have we seen?)

5. That monkey pic on “the waste of time”…was that season 3 material?

That was a character called “Monkeyboy” who was going to play a big part in Season 3, yes.  

5. If Peepers recruits his species as an army for Lord Hater, what is his status back on their home planet? He must be pretty high up there to be able to do that. Is there anyone on the planet ranked above him or no?

Sigh. Season 3.

7. As the show went on and other villains and Dominator were introduced, Peepers ended up playing the hero more often. Yes for conquering reasons but still. Yet from early early days it’s always been stated that Peepers is more villainous than Hater. Had the show gone on, would we ever see anything come from that?

Most definitely.  Peepers had a heck of an arc planned.

8. What was Peepers’ story arc supposed to be like?

C. Peeps was going to be tempted by the dark(er) side (After these two answers, I start crying)

9. If Hater was reformed would Commander Peepers follow Hater? Or would he stay evil?

Cannot answer in case we get back to it. We had something planned

10. If Peepers and the watchdogs are native to the galaxy in the series, does that mean their home planet was destroyed?! Would we never get to see it?!


11. Will we find out what happened with Lord Dominator next? Or we have to forget about this character in the third season?

Dom was a big part of the third season plan. Craig had an amazing new angle for her that was delightfully petty but wholly Dominator.

12. Since the threats of season 3 are worse than Dominator, that has me wondering. Do they know more about Wander’s weaknesses and how to use them against him?

Dominator knew how to exploit everyone’s weaknesses. The S3 villain knew how to exploit everyone’s strengths. (I wonder, how it is?)

13. So like is there a whole planet of magical electric skeletons or is Hater special?

All will be revealed in time….Most likely.

14. That Hater’s energy that his max power created will have consequences? Like waking up certain monkey.

It would, in fact, have consequences, but not what you’re thinking.

So, it was a very long post! Thank you, if you have read this far. So, are you ready to put up with this? Are you ready to just let it go and never see these wonderful things? And I’m not ready. So that’s the reason for all of us to @savewoy!

Why the next Elder Scrolls game should be set in Elsweyr

So one of my friends recently asked me some questions about Khajiit religion, and it got me on a Khajiit kick, and I realized I’ve never put my case for the above out into the blackness of the internet. Note I’m not saying other locations wouldn’t be deserving–just that I think Elsweyr, at this particular point in the lore of the universe, is the prime candidate for a game.

What is Elsweyr

Elsweyr is the homeland of the Khajiit. Set in the central south of Tamriel, it borders Cyrodil in the north, Valenwood in the west, and Black Marsh, roughly, in the east. The land itself reflects the dual nature of the Khajiit–the north is a hot, sandy desert inhabited largely by nomadic tribes, while the south is lush and tropical, home to many plantations, with several large cities where most of the population is concentrated. Already, we have the setup for a great world, with lots of visual variety in addition to cultural variety.

Why Elsweyr works so well

  • It has great fodder for dungeons
  • Cyrodil had Ayelid ruins and oblivion gates. Skyrim had barrows and Dwemer Ruins. Elsweyr? Egyptian-style tombs buried in the sands of the dessert, complete with mummified corpses. Delving the south? Ancient temples and ruins from before men or mer were even on Tamriel. It represents a chance to see things older than we ever have before.
  • Crime is widespread
  • Not just the bandit camps, but organized crime–smuggling, drug trafficking, theft, scams. Khajiit carry a reputation as criminals for good reason, and it is likely a game set there would put Skyrim’s plentiful bandit camps to shame.
  • It is visually stunning
  • Vast shifting dunes. Plantations on stilts. Rainforest-like jungles. Great cities and entrenched strongholds. Elsweyr doesn’t just have a great variety of climates, it has a variety of some of the most visually contrasting and appealing climates. This isn’t skyrim where everything is grey, white, brown or green–the foliage alone has all the colors of the rainbow.
  • It’s full of characters
  • Anyone familiar with the Elder Scrolls series knows that Khajiit are often some of the most memorable characters. From their wit to their playful nature, each one is memorable in their own way.
  • They’re visually diverse
  • Khajiit biology is tied to the moons–there are a total of at least 17 kinds of Khajiit, ranging from elves with cat tails to intelligent housecats to man-sized tigers. This means that everyone you meet will be different, and cities full of them will not feel as homogenous and bland as Skyrim’s cities often did.
  • They have a unique philosophy
  • While Khajiit have a version of the monomyth that features many of the Divines we’re familiar with, by and large they worship Azurah, and follow the teachings of a Bhuddist-like philosophy called Ja-Kha’jay. After a game that asked pointed questions about what a deity was in the Elder Scrolls universe, Elsweyr is ready and waiting to ask “What does it matter?”
  • It has a newly relevant ruin with a lot of historical importance
  • If you delved into Skyrim lore, you probably picked up that Talos, who went on to become Tiber Septim, founded the third era by conquering Tamriel, thanks in no small part to a giant bipedal machine called the Numidium, which was powered by the heart of the dead god Lhorkan. The building site of this machine, the Halls of Colossus, was built in Elsweyr, after the Blades forcefully evicted the area of the native Khajiit. Not only that, but at some point during or after the Numidium’s construction, it began poisoning the surrounding area, rendering a large swath of Elsweyr uninhabitable to the present day, with descriptions often recalling radiation poisoning. You do the math; an old, abandoned ruin, once home to the heart of a dead god, now in territory controlled by the Thalmor, who have an expressed desire to achieve deity, possibly at the expense of the mortal world.

Why they work now

  • They’re an outside perspective
  • Though technically part of the Aldmeri Dominion, Khajiit are natives to Tamriel, and are generally skeptical of both elves and men. This makes them an excellent background for a story about the conflict between men and elves, which Skyrim obviously built up. We will get to see not only both sides, but what each side looks like to a people unconcerned with either of them.
  • They’ve never been more accessible
  • Because Elsweyr is now part of the Dominion, it’s been instilled with an influx of Thalmor, trying to control their society and generally being perplexed by their culture. Not only does this provide a great source of conflict for the player to be involved in, it gives the writers a way to showcase the quirks of Khajiit culture without making the game totally alien and unrelatable.
  • They’re the most politically uneasy ally in the Dominion
  • Elsweyr joined the Dominion, not as Elsweyr, but as Anequina and Pelletine, the two countries it was originally formed out of. This is because the Mane, the Khajiit spiritual leader, was assassinated by the Thalmor. The Mane served as a mediator between the two halves of Elsweyr, and without him, the balance between the two fell apart. They both joined the Dominion after it claimed responsibility for ending the Void Nights, but there are several indications that the common folk are unhappy with their new Thalmor rulers. Combine this with a long tradition of Khajiit rebels and nationalists and an old racial conflict with the Bosmer, and Elsweyr is the best place to start for somebody looking to chip away at the power of the Dominion.
  • Its experiencing an identity crisis
  • Anequina. Pelletine. Elsweyr. What is the homeland of the Khajiit? This is a question the Khajiit are very much struggling with right now, and there would be no better time for us to explore a culture than when it is trying to find itself, especially as an outside group (the Thalmor) is trying to force their own culture and religion on them.
  • They’re primed for a player character
  • Their spiritual leader is recently dead. Their country is fractured, their culture under assault, and they very recently spent two years with the focal point of their lives absent. What happens when the type of child you have is determined by the moons and they aren’t there anymore? Is it random? Does it go on as normal, but without a reference? Are all the children stillborn? In any case, it’s mass panic at best, and there would be a great deal of lingering trauma over that. To put it in the simplest terms, the Khajiit have the most problems that could be addressed by a legendary hero coming in and shaking things up.

I know you want to go to Alinor and punch the Thalmor in their faces. I know Black Marsh has undergone several radical, often concerning changes. I know Valenwood is fantastically interesting, as are the lands beyond Tamriel. 

But have you considered going Elsweyr.

anonymous asked:

So if kaneki is aging very rapidly, I guess it's right to assume the same is happening to the other experiments like Seidou and Kurona. If that's the case, wouldn't the same apply to the Oggai and possibly the Quinckes? To add on this, is Kanou aware of the aging? (not that he probably cares) Maybe after all this time, he could provide a solution to this issue (again, not likely but there's that chance) leading me to wonder if they'll be forced to ask for his aid.

Hello! Yes, it is indeed very likely for at least Seidou (since he was tortured like crazy by Kanou to “make a new Kaneki”), if not for all the other artificial OEGs of the series to have a similar issue to Kaneki’s, although I think the Qs are different, because they are protected by the different frames around the kakuhou that they release one after the other.

 And yep, Kanou definitely is aware of the aging problem but he doesn’t seem to care as long as he can experiment…

So it’s definitely not good news for Seidou :/ (which is why I’m hoping he and Akira and Amon will talk before it’s too late). Kurona is probably in a similar state, when you see how crazy she was until the Rushima arc

Amon apparently cannibalized to survive however…

so he’s probably less at risk than the others for now, if Nishiki’s reasoning is accurate. 

Finally about the Qs, the way they were operated on certainly is peculiar and taught Kanou a great deal…

so it’s possible that Kanou might have found a different way to create artificial OEGs without the aging problem. At this point, I’m thinking that the frames that the Qs have might be one solution to the issue, since unless they completely break through the frames around the kakuhou, they can eat human food and remain with a stable Rc cells rate (which is why they’re not described as OEGs in the first place). 

Besides, Kanou certainly improved when you see how the Oggai are made…

not with 5 frames, but only with two (A and B, switching from one kakugan to two).

Going further, it’s just a theory of mine at this point, but maybe Kanou and Furuta have been getting along for a while, because ultimately Kanou is trying to find a way to solve the aging issues for the hybrid kids who are from the Sunlit Garden (seeing as Furuta is one himself and we know they’re bound to be slaves to the CCG). 

You see, Kanou once explained this back in TG…

so we know that his research is linked to “the regenerating and propagating abilities continuing as long as the nutrient supply isn’t eradicated”, which directly ties to the telomere issues for the artificial OEGs like Kaneki…

…since Kaneki, because he’s originally human, can’t keep on regenerating forever because it’s speeding his aging process along (although, note how Kanou refers to Kaneki as a model to recreate, so again, between that and Eto giving him a gift after the Roze arc, I’m pretty sure there is something to uncover here). 

I intend on rereading TG and :Re for all the biological explanations during next week if I find the time, so my ideas will surely be more refined then, but basically, this is what Kanou once said to Kurona…

And I think that Kanou’s ghoulification research is probably about finding a “cure” to the following problem…

…because most of hybrid beings suffer from this (seeing as cases like Eto, who are naturally born as one eyed ghouls and thus not having the aging problem, are very rare) and it also represents the supposed inability for ghouls and humans to coexist with each other, which in turn is the reason why the world is locked in a twisted cage.

Remember that V was apparently formed to eradicate the threat of the previous OEG (who was surely a naturally born one eyed ghoul, like Eto)…

and ever since then, without any OEG until Eto, the world rested onto a twisted “equilibrium” (apparently enforced by V): ghouls and humans being two different parts of the same world but never being allowed to mix, and even if they did, the hybrid children resulting of this union wouldn’t live long anyway. 

So I’m thinking maybe Kanou, to break free from the twisted cage built along with this “equilibrium” (aka ghouls and humans can’t coexist because too different), is trying to find a way to reduce/eliminate the differences between ghouls and humans on a biological level, so that the pretext that they are two different species unable to live together won’t hold anymore.
Which in turn will make way for coexistence, especially if Furuta makes sure to become a super villain that needs to be defeated by a big hero (Kaneki).

And guess who is the ghoul who’s currently pregnant with a hybrid baby? 

Somehow it all ties back to a similar plot thread. There is a link between humans and ghouls, but there are also differences to understand before coexistence starts being possible, and I think that’s what Kanou’s awful experiments were about from the beginning.

As I said though, it’s a very big theory and I need to refine it a little by rereading every part about TG biology next week if I find the time.
…All that to say there is a high chance that Kanou isn’t this senseless asshole that everyone made him to be and, if Furuta and him have been pals for so long, it’s probably because they see eye to eye about this world being twisted and not the way it should be…

And it would explain why Kanou really disliked how the CCG used to do things back when the Washuus were still the ones having power, which is why he betrayed and went as far as to join Aogiri to keep experimenting. 

Hopefully, it will be made clearer soon if I can reread all the things I want to reread before next weekend. Sorry for all the rambling, I hope it answers your question.

Have a nice weekend!


@timcanpy-the-golem hopefully this is good!

-Lotor was proud that they decided to call him in

-for the most part, they had kept him out and away from everything, because while he was smooth and did have potential, a thing or two almost always went wrong

-but Lotor was ready to move past that. it had been years since the last time he was in charge and he was going to show everyone that he was ready now

-he plans and plans and plans. once he was sure that nothing could go wrong, he decides it’s finally time to put it in action

-everything was great until it was time for him to meet the paladins

-he had them trapped in a room that he was about to enter and demand them to lower the force fields around the castle and lions

-as he walked in he could see the fear and confusion. everything was going exactly how he- wait dang, the one in blue is h o t

-he ends up tripping and falling right onto a tied up Lance

-he quickly stands up and hopes to move past it as if nothing had happened but he can’t think of anything to say because he was mentally screaming

-Lotor’s too distracted by the way the blue paladin was looking at him in disgust, and the other galra try to take over, but the paladins end up getting away

-a couple of days passed and Lotor’s on a planet in hopes of forgetting and moving on

-guess who shows up

-Lance sees him from behind and starts to flirt

-Lotor realizes that Lance thought he was female and turns around and makes it clear that that was not the case, ignoring the pangs in his heart

-Lance is shocked originally because this is a dude, a galra dude, but hey, this guy is hot, and there are some good galras such as Keith and the Blade of Marmora so as long as he’s not gonna punch him Lance’ll continue

-Lotor wonders why Lance doesn’t recognise him and realizes that he wasn’t wearing his armor and helmet anymore

-Lance notices Lotor’s face and is all, ok I think I’m bothering this guy too much I’ll just go

-but as he’s leaving Lotor gives some sort of really smooth pick up line and Lance is like, “dang”

-Lotor continues to be super smooth and “accidentally” continues to run into Lance peacefully and they start dating

-but when he’s in his armor with the galra he messes up and hopes no one will kill him out of anger

-the other galra go with it and just pretend that Prince Lotor is some other guy that is leading from afar (so they don’t die of embarrassment)

-one day they don’t even let him come to “help”

-he sneaks in anyway, and Haggar is using magic to bring out Lance’s insecurities

-Lotor panics and subtly takes out Haggar by leading the other paladins to her

-but they’re off fighting Haggar and Lance is still crying in the corner and Lotor sneaks over to him

-he’s still in his armor but he doesn’t care

-he helps Lance and tells him how much he’s needed, about how the galra saw Lance as just as much of a threat as the rest of the paladins are

-Lance worries because now he has a crush on TWO galra and Allura’s gonna be mad, and he already has a boyfriend (lol, Lotor is Hannah Montana)

-Lotor realizes that this paladin doesn’t even recognise him as the galra he knew, but was nicer to him than any other galra ever was just because he helped Lance

-Lotor is thinking about it and realizes that he wants to help Voltron

-it’s really awkward at first

-I mean, this dude is smooth and knows how to get what he wants but manipulation is not something a good guy does

-he tries tho (“why am I so bad at being good‽‽”)

-he finally sees the team again and he talks to them

-at first, they’re all like, “well yeah, ok, we have’t seen this guy do anything bad”

-he lets it slip that he was that clumsy galra, aka Prince Lotor (like when Zuko accidentally says he sent Combustion Man)

-trust is g o n e

-except for Lance, he remembers how nice he was when Haggar had gotten to him (when Aang remembers how Zuko was the Blue Spirit)

-he ends up saving them from a fake Prince Lotor that the galra were trying to trick the team with (Zuko saves them from Combustion Man)

-trust slowly comes back with everyone except for Allura (Katara)

-Allura had tried to convince Lotor to be on the good side when the war had started (“I was the first one to trust you, back in Ba Sing Se”)

-I don’t know how he fixes that, but he does with a magical field trip

-Lance and Lotor’s realtionship is going great, and Lotor makes sure Lance knows he’s loved

…and idk what else because I have never dated anyone in my life so…

I also have no idea how to do Lotor. I just know that he’s smooth but I only remembered that in the middle so this might just be crap idk

beastcallisto  asked:

My question is a bit related to the ethnicity based magic question. The setting is zombie post apocalypse northern USA, the protags are mostly poc with mixed heritage (afroamerican/Ethiopian, korean\white, afroamerican/Irish + one white character). They all experience a disconnect to their root's, but when low level magic returns to the world, I want gods close to their personality, NOT their roots, to teach them. I. E. a Norse god teaches a black char & vice versa. Would that be OK?

Cultural Disconnect, Taught by Gods from Other Cultures

>>  They all experience a disconnect to their root’s, but when low level magic returns to the world, I want gods close to their personality, NOT their roots, to teach them. 

That’s not a “but.” That continues the pattern of them all being disconnected from their roots.

A non-Scandinavian-diaspora girl in the zombie apocalypse being helped by a supernatural figure significant to her own traditions and the same girl being helped by Freya or some other Norse god are two entirely different stories. (Or a Swedish-American being helped by Freya vs. by Venus.) The not-their-culture god just continues the disconnect from their heritage plus serves as a kind of invalidator of some cultures, whose religions hold that the other ones don’t count.

Plus, why is the spirit from their own culture not good enough to help them? I understand what you mean about personalities, but most cultures with polytheism have a variety of different personalities to pick from. For example, if I am kind of a clever trickster outsider I get paired with Loki and if I’m bold and brave I get paired with Thor, but other cultures with lots of gods to pick from would ALSO have a trickster and a brave character.

In other words, there are probably supernatural figures close to their personality AND their roots lurking within world mythology, and readers within the culture may think “Why didn’t they just use Freya?” if your character is of Nordic heritage and you used Venus instead. (Sorry that my examples are so Eurocentric.)


Continuing on the topic of cultural sensitivity, I’m noticing a glaring omission: Natives.

You have to remember that all of the people you’re putting on this backdrop do not actually come from the area they’re living in. So if you start omitting Natives, then you’re basically saying “magic can now colonize, too”. 

I get that you’re not going to change around the whole population of an area, considering the Northern USA is a mix of a whole bunch of ethnicities. But it rings really false to me that magic is returning to the land and there not even being a hint of Native people getting their ownership back.

Like, I get that I’ve talked about how exhausting it is to have Natives= land magic, and I still stand by that. But when you consider how intimately Natives and land magic are tied in the real world, it gets a little eyebrow-raising to see “magic returns to the land” and there being absolutely nothing about Natives.
I’m not saying there needs to be an all-Native cast here. I’m saying that it would be continuing colonial legacy to ignore original ownership of who first settled on the land under their feet. It doesn’t have to be much, but I would much prefer something.

And please do not “fix” this by having Native religions/deities pick members of your pre-existing cast. Native religions are closed to only those who are within the tribe. If you do want a Native person in your cast, pick somebody who is actively aware of their identity and the responsibility that comes with their identity. Non-Natives should never, ever, ever be the authority over Natives, especially when it comes to their own religion. As Shira said, having gods from other cultures come in to teach people their ways continues disenfranchisement.

Just something to consider.

~Mod Lesya

Please consider the historical and current relationships between the source culture of the character being taught and the source culture of the being doing the teaching.  It’s unfortunate but nonetheless true that there have existed and still exist power and cultural dynamics between nations and societies that could make such mentor/mentee relationships awkward, to say the least, due to colonialism, religious conversion, or economic exploitation.  For instance, if it were me in this position and the “god” or being teaching me were, say, the English image of St. George or something, I can tell you may reaction would almost definitely be “oh boy, an Indian being lectured to by a Brit… again." 

There are a billion Indians in this world; we survived and thrived; so imagine how much more pronounced that feeling would be when the mentee character is from a culture who was almost wiped out by people from another nation who worshipped or invoked the mentor character.  There are so many ways that it can go wrong.

So there are certain mentor/mentee pairs for which this would be all kinds of nope and others for which it’s less off-putting.  In those latter cases, think about the ways that exploring the teachings delivered by that god or being might prompt the mentee character to rediscover and connect with their own heritage.  I realize it’s postapocalyptic and good research material might be hard to come by in-universe, but if a character knows that they are of a certain heritage, they may become curious about the philosophy and worldviews that come from those people.  Maybe this sounds a little bit tribalistic but different peoples throughout history have often explored similar ideas, either by way of shared history or cultural contact, or even independent innovation, and learning about ideas in a different culture can be an avenue to exploring similar ideas in one’s own, in way that comes off as seeming less contrived and allows the character to reconnect with that culture.  

For example, if a Celtic god starts talking about transmigration of souls, it might prompt a Korean character to explore Korean Buddhist notions of reincarnation—it’s a similar germ of an idea from a divergent source, but it can be explored from a perspective that is more intrinsic to the character rather that being foisted on them by an outside force.  This makes it more of a honest exchange than a "schooling,” and gives agency to your characters of color when the “god’ in question may be of European origin.

–Mod Nikhil

Hello, and welcome to the long-promised Timeskip Companion Outfit Standalone Replacers

Those of you following me here may be familiar with my Companion Timeskip Outfits project, an eventual effort to provide different outfits for every companion on the basis of act, romance status, whether or not it’s Mark of the Assassin, and whether or not the final quest was completed. In the final Timeskip project, all companions will have a full set of outfits that will automatically change over: however, I’ve had several requests to upload the outfits I have completed thus far as standalone replacers, and am consequently doing so now. New outfits will be uploaded as I complete them.

To Install

Pick the file(s) corresponding to the outfit(s) you like, then unzip and drop the .erf file into your Override folder.  If you do not know where your “Override” folder is, it is found under the same Dragon Age 2 folder that stores your user data (this is the same Dragon Age 2 folder where any screenshots taken in-game will be stored). This will usually be found in your “My Documents” or “Documents” folder, in the “Bioware” folder, and is NOT the one found under your Program Files. This should  be the case for both Macs and PCs, but if you have wound up with an alternate filepath, try to find your in-game screencaps folder and navigate up to the “Dragon Age 2” folder. Once you are in this folder, go into “packages”, then “core”. There should already be a folder named “override” in here; if there is none, and are sure you are in the right location, you may create one. Once in the “override” folder, you can just paste the files there.

To Uninstall

Delete the .erf files from your override folder.

Currently, the outfits available include:

Anders First Outfit Replacers:

  • Act One - A modified Grey Warden outfit, to indicate Anders as having recently left the Wardens.
  • Act Two Romanced - The same first romance outfit as available in Anders Automatic Romance Armors. Contains a hawk feather color scheme and bracers with the Amell crest.
  • Act Three Start - A dark variation of Anders’ first outfit, opened
  • Act Three Start Romanced - A dark variation of Anders’ first outfit, opened and with bracers with the Amell crest.
  • Mark of the Assassin - A fancier outfit inspired by his Awakening clothes, with the original Awakening color scheme. Suitable to wear to fancy parties.
  • Mark of the Assassin Romanced - A fancier outfit inspired by his Awakening clothes, with a red and black color scheme and the Amell crest. Suitable to wear to fancy parties.

Anders Second Outfit Replacers:

  • Post-Justice Romanced - The same second romance outfit as available in Anders Automatic Romance Armors. Mixes red feathers in alongside his black and includes bracers with the Amell crest.

Isabela Base Outfit Replacers:

  • Act One - A modified DAI Captain’s Coat mashup with the pants from Isabela’s DAI outfit and the gloves from her base outfit.
  • Mark of the Assassin - A modified Harlequin outfit, recolored to be black, blue and gold.

Isabela Romance Outfit Replacers:

  • Mark of the Assassin Romanced - A modified Harlequin outfit, recolored to be black, red and gold. Includes an Amell crest print. No Amell favor armband because it looked really weird with the red ties, sorry, but I can add it in if anyone really thinks it should be there.

Labeled pictures of all of these outfits may be found under the pictures section as well.

Please let me know if you want any of Anders’ first outfits to replace his second outfit or vice versa, and if you’d like an Act One Outfit replacer for Isabela’s romance outfit. This mod is not compatible with any other outfit replacers or retextures for the replaced outfit. Hell will freeze over before you get any fairskinned Isabela variants, do not ask for them, do not edit these to be fairskinned Isabela.

Coming Up next

Act Three Isabela romance and nonromanced variants, concept art Isabela inspired outfits available with and without her fancy hat from DAI.

Other mods visible in this mod:

  1. Unique Face Textures for Companions
  2. Curly Hair for Isabela


You may retexture and redistribute any of the outfits provided within this mod as long as you do not lighten Isabela’s skintone in any armor replacers meant for Isabela. (You may of course do so if you are using it for a lighter-skinned Hawke or other companion, just not Isabela or any other darker-skinned companions.)

Thanks to:

  • vaelsmod for the texture base + pre-trimmed mesh used for Anders’ Act One coat. 
  • DA2 NPC Hands for the lighter palms texture + non-wooden looking fingers used for the hands Isabela’s Act One outfit, which I just feel gives it a nice touch of realism.

Looking for a more traditional DAI Captain’s Coat for Isabela? Try CC Addons and Various Mods. Looking for a more traditional DAI style Warden outfit for Anders? Try DAI Warden Armor for Anders and Morph Tweaks. Looking for some more Harlequin outfit recolors? Try Harlequin Armor Recolor.

You can get these outfits at this link! Happy modding!

queenmorganlafay  asked:

Hey, out of curiosity, is MCU Steve's origins closer to Ultimate Steve's origins? What's Ultimate Steve like, and is he different than he is in the 616 universe? And, is it true he dated Janet Van Dyne?

Oh boy. I have so many, many thoughts on this topic. Poor @queenmorganlafay, you’re probably going to be sorry you set me off. ;)

Short answer: Joss Whedon was writing Ultimates!Steve, Markus and McFeely are writing 616!Steve. And yes, Ultimates!Steve dated Jan at one point.

Now the long answer: Did you ever watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The slayer mythos went like this, every generation a slayer is born. The Watchers Council usually took that child as a baby, isolated her, and raised her to be 100% committed to her duty and purpose, with no space left over for friends, or family or love. They basically molded the perfect soldier and sacrificial lamb. Buffy escaped that fate, not being activated as a Slayer until she was already a teenager. She was raised by her parents, she formed friendships and emotional ties, and despite coming from a broken home, had a strong support network in her mother and her friends. Ultimates!Steve is how Captain America would be without his emotional ties, someone 100% committed to duty and honor and sacrifice. Someone with whom Steve Rogers got completely buried under Captain America.

For Steve HOW he woke up from the ice made all the difference in how his personality would evolve. I like to explain things this way: Steve Rogers is very much an introvert. He’s socially awkward, he once told Rachel that his idea of leisure-time was reading a book or working out, all solitary activities. Captain America is an extrovert. They are completely different skins that Steve wears. When he woke up in the 20th/’21st century (depending on which run you’re reading) Captain America had reached legend status. Steve woke up to a time when his alternate persona was absolutely revered. Which was immensely disconcerting for him, because what he found is that people had built Captain America up so much, had this ideal in their heads of what Captain America was and should be, that Steve Rogers was completely overshadowed. No one outside of his circle even knew who Steve Rogers was. And Steve struggled for decades trying to live up to the ideal of Captain America, the side effect being one big massive case of existential crises. 

In the 616 universe Steve, like Buffy, has had a very strong support network. All the women he has loved: Sharon, Bernie and Rachel, have all left their imprint. His bond with Sam also left a tremendous imprint. And, very poignantly, his relationship with Tony Stark. In the 616 the Avengers (Tony, Thor, Hank and Jan) found Steve, and right away Tony took Steve under his wing. Gave him a home, helped him adapt, was fully committed in integrating Steve to the future. Ultimates!Steve didn’t have that. He was found by SHIELD, and unfortunately SHIELD was not really invested in getting to know Steve Rogers, they wanted Captain America, thus Steve Rogers got buried. 

For 616!Steve, the people Steve surrounded himself with, the ones who said ‘you know, Captain America is great and all, but I really want to get to know Steve Rogers, can you bring him out, please’ made all the difference. So while Steve’s origins in the MCU matches that of the Ultimates universe, the various MCU writers have completely different takes on Steve’s personality.

I honestly believe that Joss Whedon was writing Ultimates!Steve. I also believe, because they’ve stated as much, that Markus and McFeely resent Joss for it and are very adamantly writing 616!Steve. I actually posted that quote from them once were they cast aspersions to Whedon’s characterization of Steve, just a minute let me find it… ah, here it is, from the 2016 Markus and McFeely SDCC panel…

McFeely: We don’t think of him quite as square as he was in the Avengers.
Interviewer: Darker edges basically?
Markus: He is… he’s a little more… he is a boy scout in the Avengers. And I don’t think our Steve ever was… that… pure. I mean, he’s pure, that’s the whole basis of him, but he’s not naïve.
McFeely: That said, if I had written “there’s only one god, ma'am and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that” I would be really happy.
Markus: See, I would have cut it. 

So that’s probably way more than you wanted, but yeah, as in everything, it depends on which writer is writing him.

Polycentric Polytheism and the Philosophy of Religion

This post is a breakdown of the essay “Polycentric Polytheism and the Philosophy of Religion” by Edward P. Butler. Butler’s writing is notoriously dense and therefore pretty inaccessible for most. However, I think his ideas are thought-provoking and therefore should be made into an accessible post for people to read and engage with. This post by necessity is a bit lengthy but I made sure to include short breakdown summaries for people. That way the ideas contained in this paper should be accessible to many people.

(It’s worth noting now that Butler comes at this with a very particular view of divintity that not all will agree with. So go into this aware of that perspective. However, I hope this will give people something to think about regardless of their beliefs surrounding divinity is.)

In the abstract to his paper, Butler states that he sets out to do the following: Using Neoplatonist* theory, he seeks to establish:

  • that focusing on one deity at a time is not indicative of monotheistic tendencies
  • give guidelines for non-reductive cross cultural comparisons
  • a foundation for a polytheistic philosophy of religion

In addition, while not stated in his abstract, Butler also discusses how syncretic practices preserve the uniqueness of gods, how gods can have overlapping functions, how contradicting myths do not create falsehoods, and lays out the beginning of an historical defense for creating one’s own ‘pantheon’ set up.

* - Neoplatonism is a school of thought from 3rd century Greece. It is hard to give a summary of beliefs but the center of it revolves around the derivation of the many from the One. The One is beyond being and is what makes reality. As such for Butler, the One is equivalent with the divine. From the One and the divine come reality and existence. Other relevant Neoplatonist terms will be discussed through the body of the paper as they arrive.

Keep reading

Elijah Imagine

@bloodyp4andicorn   Hey can I have 5, 20 & 22 from the prompt list? Elijah Mikaelson

#5 “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”

#20 “This is going to hurt, I’m sorry.”  

#22 “I’m better off dead.” “No, you’re better off alive, with me." 

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*You ask Klaus to help you defend yourself, the last thing you want is to become a vampire but certain situations make it seem like the only choice*

"I swear to god Klaus, If I die, I’m gonna haunt your ass.” You threatened the Original Vampire as you held the wooden stake in the defensive position that Klaus taught you.

Since many violent creatures threatens to destroy your town, you decided to start learning how to fight and protect yourself for your own benefit, but you also knew that Elijah would refuse to help you in case he hurt you, so you turned to his crazed brother who you also considered as a brother and vice versa.

“We’ll see love.” Klaus smirked before explaining what you had to do before running at you at a human speed only for you to completely miss his heart and hit his arm instead.

He grimaced before pulling the stake out, you flinched at the sound and hesitantly took the stake as he handed it to you again. “Okay, I’ll practice at human speed until you get the hang of it.” He announced and you nodded gratefully.

You practiced for an hour with Klaus, who gave you constructive criticism and told you how you could improve, but unfortunately, your lesson was canceled early when Elijah arrived on the scene vamp speeding his brother away from you and into the forest where you’re sure he threatened him.

Klaus was glowering when he came back and asked for the stake before practically ripping it from your hands and storming off.

Elijah walked out of the forest fixing the cuffs on his shirt, blood staining each hand most likely Klaus’ blood, “Lijah-”

“Whatever made you think that Klaus was the right person to come to for this task, is foolish and would only lead to the cause of your death, I cannot believe how irresponsible you are-”

You scoffed cutting him off as you marched towards him, “Irresponsible, is that what I am? After wanting to learn how to defend myself? Who cares who it was, you know Klaus treats me right and would never hurt me, and he actually helped me a lot this past hour, believe or not.”

“I do not believe it, not at all, you should have come to me, asked me to train you-”

“Only to be told ‘no’, no thanks.” You grumbled folding your arms over your chest as Elijah’s lips pursed in anger, “Y/N-”

You shook your head moving past the original vampire, “You know what Elijah? Save it, I don’t want to hear what you have to say, I’m going home.”

“Let me escort you-”


Elijah froze but obeyed your wishes as you collected your things from inside the house before storming out and making your way home.

It would take twenty minutes by foot to get to your house and as every minute went by you began to regret your decision of going alone, an hour training would not help you if anything happened, you didn’t even have a weapon on you.

You froze as you felt a gust of wind come near you but the night air was cold and still, you knew it could be anyone and began to run to your house as fast as you could but with another gust of wind your body slammed into another sending you crashing to the ground in an instant.

“Grab her and let’s go.” A gruff voice spoke as suddenly a pair of arms pulled you up and stuffed a cloth in your face, you coughed trying to breath fresh air rather than the toxin they poured on the cloth before you fell into a sea of unconsciousness.

Groaning you lifted your head slowly, hissing as a sudden pain from your arm alerted you as you glanced down and noticed the knife wound and knife still embedded into your arm.

You were strapped to a chair, legs and arms bound as well as some rope tied around your chest, but you managed to keep yourself in order as you studied the room as much as you could, the exits and windows.

“Oh, Look who’s awake.” A male voice spoke as a tall broad shouldered man appeared from out of the shadows smirking down at you, you glared back, “Who are you and why am I here?”

The man chuckled as he came closer and crouched down so he was eye-level with you, “All you should worry about is your original boyfriend appearing because if he doesn’t well…” the man trailed off shrugging as you felt yourself begin to panic.

A scream of pain tumbled out of your man as the man sliced another knife through your leg, the cut wasn’t too deep but if he did it enough times the chances of you surviving were fatal.

He continued to do it, cut after cut in different places, ones which were intensely painful, you felt your body being covered in your own blood.

You felt yourself already falling in and out of unconsciousness when the door burst open and light streamed into the once dark room. You groaned, too delirious to notice Elijah killing your kidnappers, he was by your feet within seconds as he ripped the bonds off of you hissing slightly from the vervain the ropes were drenched in.

He grimaced as he glanced at the knife and then at you kissing your forehead gently, “This is going to hurt, I’m sorry.” He murmured before ripping the knife out as you screamed and whimpered from the pain, Elijah picking you up and holding you in his arms in the process, “Drink.” He whispered holding his not cut hand to you.

You hesitated before allowing his blood to fall into your mouth, healing all of your wounds, “We’re going to get you out of here.” He promised, but it was too late, neither of you noticed the pressure plate until it was too late.

The blast hit Elijah first which threw you both harshly forward a couple of feet but Elijah managed to speed run away to prevent too much damage, but it was too late.

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So. Clearly for Grounders, having your hair done is a part of being an adult in the community. Clarke’s hair gets real elaborate when she’s running with Lexa. JR had Lexa’s hair covered when she was playing at being a meek serving girl because it would give away her station. Even Grounders with short hair have hair they need help with, Lincoln’s gonna have a hard time maintaining his own Mohawk and Indra has many skills but a flawlessly crisp line on the back of her own head probably isn’t one of them. Taking a braid from the hair of a fallen warrior is part of remembering them as we saw with Tris and Anya.

Octavia is obviously the best example of this. Pilot Octavia has her hair down and as she becomes more a more a part of Lincoln’s people her hair becomes increasingly “done”. After Lincoln dies, her hair goes back down for a while until she reconfirms her place in that community through her relationship with Indra. From there her hair gets increasingly complicated until she is the new quasi-Commander.

I have so much more I could say about Octavia’s hair and how she positions herself but like, this is already so long.

And, like, it makes sense for that to be the case. Who doesn’t like having their hair brushed? Who doesn’t enjoy the scalp massage during a haircut? Playing with someone’s hair is a pretty common sign of affection. And many of the hairstyles, especially of people with positions of more power are such that you would really struggle to do them alone. So you end up with this incredibly martial, violent society which eschews softness and vulnerability but one of their symbols of belonging community is fuckin’ playing with each other’s hair. (I have a lot of sappy feelings about that.)

The Grounders we see with their hair down and unstyled are imprisoned (Anya and Echo in the Mountain) or exiled (Emori and Roan when he’s looking for Clarke)*. Except Luna, who never has her hair done. You think Adria wouldn’t have braided her hair for her? Fuck nah.

So Luna who kills her brother and flees her Conclave rejects this one trapping of her people which is a soft, intimate representation of community relationships. She says that she’s casting aside the violence and bloodthirsty tradition of her people but she doesn’t really. She still has armed guards, and has no problem violating the bodily autonomy of people she doesn’t yet trust. Remember, when she has Seal Team Cockblock drug Adventure Squad they haven’t done anything to fuck with her yet. The only part of her society that she actually turns her back on aside from the Flame and the Heda, is this one thing representational of belonging and community. And even when we’re talking about the Flame and the authority of the Heda it’s a rejection that is mostly for show. Floukru are still one of the original 12 clans in the Coalition so she still engages with and at least nominally plays by the rules of that system - which of course they do, they must rely quite heavily on trade to supplement their food needs.

Unlike other Grounders who have actually decided to reject the needless violence of their society Luna lacks the courage of her convictions. Niylah, Lincoln, and Ilian are all peace loving hippies who want something more for themselves than fighting and bloodshed. And they have all removed themselves from their society in much more concrete terms than Luna has. Niylah lives alone at her trading post, certainly she interacts with her people but she is among them not of them. Ilian lived with his family at their farm and after their deaths he returns there (remember he is going back with or without Octavia) to plant a garden. Lincoln lives in a swanky bachelor cave and draws pretty girls.**

These three all continue to engage with their people, continue to care about the continuity of their communities, and they all still maintain the symbol of their emotional ties to that community with sweet hair-dos. They aren’t declarative or performative about their crystal munching Birkenstock ways; They believe what they believe and they live their truth. Additionally they put aside their own distaste for violence and bloodshed in defense of their people because their peace loving ways are the natural extension of their respect for humanity not a distancing from it.

But with Luna it’s all performance and manifesto. She denounces the authority of the Heda and yet stays in the Coalition. She wants nothing to do with society but she becomes a clan leader. She rejects violence at any cost but has an armed guard on her rig and will kill in defense of her own life. The only part of her alleged rejection of Grounder society which isn’t in name only, is that she doesn’t have her hair done. She wears it totally down always. I’d love to have seen her Conclave, see how she wore her hair before killing her brother. Because, let’s be real, she wears her hair down to punish herself for it. It is her self inflicted exile and punishment. She doesn’t hate Grounder society she hates herself.

Her “rejection” of Grounder society isn’t a true expression of some longing for peace and respect for human life, it’s a self imposed punishment for the death of her brother. She believes herself the rightful Heda, she says as much to Clarke; By stepping away from the power structure even nominally she’s engaging in a masochistic act of self denial. That’s why she doesn’t have the courage of her convictions and that’s why at the end of all things she’s a massive shitting fuckknuckle. Her “face”-heel turn never surprised me because she was never sincere in her rejection of violence or the traditions of the society she supposedly loathed. It is her own capacity to take lives that she hates and through that, herself.

TL;DR Luna wears her hair down because she hates herself and she is rejecting the only part of Grounder society that is a preformative representation of community bonds and belonging, symbolically exiling and punishing herself.

* I know Lexa has her hair down a couple times, I know. Bedtime doesn’t count, alright? Sleeping on braids that complicated would hurt your scalp. And anyway, while none of the scenes we get of Lexa with her hair unbound have her imprisoned or in exile, they are definitely of her being out of sync with her people and fracturing her bond to them. They are all scenes in which she is operating outside the Grounder community. She is notably alone with Clarke, who is obviously not a Grounder. In these scenes she questions or reexamines her traditions while nurturing this bond with a non-Grounder that has her closest advisors questioning her dedication to her people. So no, she’s not imprisoned or exiled, but there is a weakening of her community bond to the Grounders. Consider that she dies with her hair unbound at the hand of the man who represents her ceremonial position as the leader of her people.

** I also have just so many thoughts about how these three Grounders who maintain a healthy respect for human life and try to live in a new, peaceful way have meaningful relationships with Octavia. Sorry, that’s a lie. I have so many feelings about it and how it plays into her positioning as the one person who is really qualified to redefine what society looks like for the people in the Bunker. But this is already unacceptably long and @metastation already said a bunch of great stuff about Octavia’s unique position in their finale episodes.

PS. I know that the costume and makeup people probably didn’t think this hard about it. I have dishes to do and I am procrastinating.

Thoughts on OUAT S7 regarding Killian and Captain Swan.

I’ve been meaning to write something up about this for a while, as the hate has become overwhelming and certain individuals are being rude towards those who are remaining positive on season 7. Frankly, I’ve lost any will to not get involved. Here are my thoughts for those who care.

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symbio-ratio  asked:

So I just saw something that threw part of my perspective of Undertale for a loop and I wanted to ask you about it. So, we know Gaster was the original Royal Scientist and that he fell into the CORE and was erased from all the timelines. Gaster is the case of falling into the CORE we notice, but what if he wasn't the first nor the last? What if there were monsters falling into the CORE everyday and no one knew cause they were constantly being erased from existence? Is that possible?

(undertale spoilers) 

First and foremost, a brief disclaimer. Due to the nature of W. D. Gaster’s inclusion in the game, most theories regarding his life, work, and subsequent shattering through time and space are very difficult to adequately verify because of a lack of canon information. This, among other things, include the very popular fan notion that Gaster’s disappearance is directly related to the CORE. While it’s easy to make that logical leap, thanks to knowing the CORE was his project to begin with, this is never directly stated, but at very best implied.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the question at hand. Unfortunately, basing everything purely on what is explicitly said in the game, this cannot be verified by any means. Nobody really knows whether Gaster truly vanished in the CORE, as while he is said to have fallen into his creation, another follower offers a slightly different version:

Because of this, while it may be true that the CORE caused his disappearance, there is also another variable at play here. The follower in question very openly insinuates that whatever happened was tied to some kind of accident, during one of Gaster’s experiments. This could be backed by the elusive second Entry #17.



What may possibly be the experiment that led to his demise is mentioned a second time in this entry. Because of this, it is very likely that even if the cause of shattering was the CORE, the incident wouldn’t have occurred (or would have ended differently), if this unknown experiment had not been conducted.

Additionally, nothing actually states that he is erased from the timelines. He “vanished without a trace” and “shattered across time and space,” but that doesn’t meant he was erased from existence. Considering the followers still talk about Gaster, it’s clear that he is still remembered. One of them even says that “Asgore took so long to hire a new Royal Scientist” because of Gaster’s brilliance. Another also implies that Gaster is still around and listening.

It seems that Goner’s Kid dialogue about a world that “functions perfectly without you” is taken as Gaster’s thoughts, due to a popular idea that Gaster somehow speaks through Goner Kid. However, the only connection between Gaster and Goner Kid is the gray color scheme that matches the Gaster Followers. Otherwise, there is nothing else in the game’s context that gives the two a connection.

She’s Perfect

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Request from Anon : Hi I was wondering if you could write something about a Metamorphi magi! reader x Newt? They meet for the first time at Tina’s and Queenie’s apartment and the reader finds Newt attractive and her hair changes red (its normally brown) and Newt wonders what the color means.

Word Count : 2823

Part 1 : You’re Different
Part 2 : She’s Beautiful

A/N : I’m alive! Haha I’m so sorry about the delay guys, I hope you like it! 
Something to keep  in mind though, I switch between POVs a little bit in here, it’s mainly Newt with a sprinkle of Y/N. 
Oh and if you’re wondering why her hair keeps changing different colors, I thought I’d use the color to represent how she’s feeling/thinking so here’s a little cheat sheet : 
Auburn Brown - Newt (LOL)
Grey - confusion
Blonde - caution
Red - love

Newt looked back at his friends utterly confused and slightly hurt about what just happened. Jacob equally as confused as Newt, he was having a nice conversation with Y/N when the mood turned sour. Maybe he was talking about himself too much.

Queenie placed a hand on his knee and gave him a reassuring smile. “It wasn’t you, honey.”

“Then what was?” Newt looked at her with determination in his eyes. He wanted to set this right but he needed to know what he’d be apologizing for first. He turned to Queenie because he knew that she’d have the answers to his dilemma. Being a legilimens, she must have heard Y/N’s thoughts. “Please…I need to know.”

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