i know im not the only one to notice this

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my friendship group is the typical pretty and straight 'popular' girls + in that is this girl who has been in at least one of my classes every year for 5 years + I don't think I've ever been in love with someone so much, this year we will be leaving school and me and my friends are going on holiday, she knows I'm bi but no one else in my friendship group knows, I have also never told her that she's the only reason I come in to school, Idk what to do when Im gonna see her in a bikini, I love her

Try to flirt with her and show you sympathy or if she won’t notice you can just be honest and say it to her! Don’t miss a chance, she might like you back and you’re just missing a good opportunity to make it 


*drinks water* (did someone posted about this before?)

I know some of you already saw the official manga art (top image) and noticed that Chuuya is the only one alongside with Fukuzawa and Mori that is on the upside down position but I noticed something else…

We can see the others with their masks EXCEPT Dazai who is facing his back and of course just as I said Chuuya is also on another different angle, the only one among the smaller “puppets”. Let me think that Fukuzawa and Mori are on the upside down because they’ve already fallen on Fyodor’s trap which is the truth as of now. They already fell so there is no need for the strings unlike the others. But Chuuya on the other hand is still on the process of “falling” and what’s worrisome is Dazai is facing his back.

My conclusion: Its like telling that Chuuya will “fall” (corruption) and Dazai isnt there (facing his back) to save him..thefore supporting the other theory of Fyodor making Chuuya to use corruption without Dazai..and we all know what will happen if ever-

Let us stop here


let me talk crazy for a little…..

-the footage of will in the lab is on the 30th 

-the boys are in ghostbuster costumes on halloween day at school which either occurs on the 30th or the 31st.

- will is possibly (we’ve seen a photo but who knows it could also not be him) the other ghostbuster behind dustin in that shot.

-the boys are arguing about something and dustin is the only one to notice something else


heres the deal, take everything with a grain of salt im just going nuts over this im literally that one meme of charlie day right now. and i know absolutely nothing i just want to speculate. 

We were told by david that they were half way through filming at the SAG awards. This means that madmax through about the storm is done and bits are shown in the trailer, ASSUMING they filmed things in order, but u know what they say about assuming. and things are often filmed out of order.

now lets say the episode called the storm, is when that giant storm appears, cause i know the d bros are the ones to be like lets have this episode called storm but theres no storm whats so ever so im going to ignore that fact and just say the storm happens on the storm.

obviously will somehow ends up in the lab on the 30th, now lets pretend halloween day happens on the storm , and although we saw a photo today with will in a ghostbusters outfit, im not 100% sure thats him behind the boys, just based off the fact that he was in the lab the 30th and i dont think  a boy who “came back to life” and is now coughing up slugs would just be released from a science government lab. 

now the boys are biking away in their ghosbuster uniforms, and someone is missing, so its safe to say will is missing at this point,/ they took the ghostbuster photo earlier that week. 

someone found this photo

now it is pretty poor quality and its wrinkled and distorted + they are all looking the same direction which makes me think photo op.  just like the photos mike had of them winning the fair. also when will is in the lab is states 3:02 PM so anytime before that is free game that he could have been with his friends. but judging by how hes hooked up to machines and has a metal bar around his head i think it would take much longer for him to get in this state.

Which to say either they took the photo it earlier that week or the morning of the 30th.

based off their biking styles and backpacks, Im going to say dustin is on the left, the person in the middle is lucas and mike on the right. BUT WHERE ARE THEY GOING????

now among wills drawings theres a forest, and the boys are in fact peddling into/toward the forest. is that mirkwood? or is it a new area. Not to mention the giant monster is surrounded by trees. 

Now i know people have been talking about this scene 

and how her head is still shaved, and u right i agree with this. she also has visible veins under her eyes and genuine fatigue. SOOO im gonna say we are going to at some point see a flashback or her point of view after she dissolved the demogorgon. 

im not sure when or how eleven plays into these episode or when she going to be back together with the boys. But i did seem some talk about her and hopper in the cabin episode which to me is sound. But it could also be eleven having a breakdown in the wheelers meaning she obviously blames herself for something and no one is around to comfort her at least no one we can see.

im hoping eleven gets back with the boys soon, but i have a feeling the time will starts to act weird and disappear is when eleven will reappear. OR eleven points out will is acting weird which leads to him being taken to a lab which leads to her blaming herself etc.

again im JUST GOING CRAZY OVER HERE AND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS. i know we are going to get tons of clips and trailers before the start of the season and i know it will probably debunk a lot of this . BUT LETS TALK

i like to speculate and would love to hear thoughts or other theories!!

wait a damn second, i was just finishing watching a jikook analysis by minfanatic here and i noticed one more fishy thing, if early in the video the bathroom’s light is on…..

then why is it when tae left the room, the light is off (you can see that it’s rather dark & only the light from the hall was shining through it)…when supposedly there’s only jungkook & tae in the room…..

then who’s the one turning off the light???????????

steve would be so fucking touchy ok like im not even joking in how much i fuckin STAN THIS
he doesn’t even realise he’s doing it at first
his hands just randomly start running up and down your thighs and he only notices when u clench your legs together shooting him daggers
after that he starts doing it all the time
like all the time
he runs his hands through your hair gently tugging at the ends, knowing what it does to u
he has an arm wrapped around your shoulders whenever you’re busy and stares at men who stare at you, (he’s not the jealous type but….who am I kidding yes he is)
he likes to run his thumb over your bottom lip when you pout, staring at u with his hungry expression, daring u to continue as if he won’t bite it in front of everyone at the table
his grip on your hip gets tighter when u lean too close to tony in a low cut tshirt, everyone ignores the growl he sends to tony knowing it was normal for steve to get possessive
whenever someone hits on u or him, he makes a show of slapping and gripping your ass while staring them dead in the eyes….

fuckin steve rogers

Chapter 3 Motives

Celes: I want money so that I can live the elegant and fascinating life I’ve always dreamt of having!

Mikan: I want to kill for the sake of my beloved, the only one who noticed and appreciated me!

Korekiyo: I wanna bang my sister again lol let’s do this fam

Late-Night Texts from B.A.P
  • Yong Guk: [1:14 AM] In the end we're all just used cars.
  • Him Chan: [00:27 AM] I spent the last two hours watching infomercials... do you want to go halfsies on a Nutribullet with me?
  • Dae Hyun: [3:56 AM] do you k now the name of the song that goes ayaiyaiyaiyaiyai??.... I ONLY KNOW THAT ONE PART
  • Young Jae: [2:37 AM] ^^you're^^ I just noticed you used the wrong one earlier.
  • Jong Up: [2:08 AM] there's no t in pizza why are they all wrong
  • Jun Hong: [11:42 PM] i don't even like jello im more of a pudding man....... i can't take it back though

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kths said you know who the spy is????

LOL omg i was just guessing cause after i watched the episode i noticed that in their introduction and ending, hoseok’s caption is the only one that says “caution - danger” while everyone else’s says “access denied” so 👀 but that might not mean anything at all 👀

the signs as texts you almost sent last night but didn’t

Aries:  hey

Taurus: are you awake rn

Gemini: yoooooo

Cancer:  i miss you :(

Leo:  hey you

Virgo: hey man

Libra: have you ever noticed that double stuffed oreos just say “double stuf” on the package with only one “f” anyway what’s up

Scorpio: so i’m still in love with you

Sagittarius: i know you’re not going to respond to this but i just needed to tell you i saw a dog that looked exactly like you

Capricorn: hi im drunk 

Aquarius: sup cutie

Pisces:  heyyyyy *12 eggplant emojis*


You know what i loved so much about this? Firstly, Kyungsoo was far away from Kai, but he’s the only one who paid him enough attention to notice the hanging mic. Secondly, Kyungsoo could’ve just asked the other members who were closer to Kai to help him with his mic. Lastly, and the fact i need to emphasize most, Kyungsoo had an ankle injury while filming this episode, he even had a hard time catching up with his members who were walking towards the sea when they arrived, and yet he still chose to walk towards him just to fix it.

Phan Analysis (Behaviour)

(ok so i don’t know if anyone ever talked about this, so sorry if yes >.<)

so as usual i was rewatching some old phan videos, when i noticed this:

unfortunately i couldn’t add subs because im too dumb for that shit but ok that’s not gonna stop me.

so in that specific moment, phil asked dan a would-you-rather-question. one of the choices which dan also picked was: would you rather have a freaky night with hayley williams but with phil’s face [..]

he then added that “it would still be hayley [..] paperbag- ( meaning putting the paperbag over phil’s face, so that he wouldn’t see him but only her body) and then it’s all good to go.”

after that it was cut into another scene.

I made the “all good to go” into a gif, which you can see above. now look at that gif closely. ( i tried to slow it down, so that it’s more obvious) look especially carefully near the end of that gif. 

do you see it? do you also see that subtle, but still obvious little smirk that dan does after saying “then it’s all good to go”. 

but what does that mean? well for that we need to focus again on the context of that specific moment. 

as i just previously said, dan and phil are talking about how he would have sex with hayley, since he could simply hide phil’s face with a paperbag.
it seems that as soon as he says that it’s “then good to go”, he subtly smiles at phil as if to reassure him that this is simply a joke.
that he actually truly loves phil (and his body) and that all of this is just a game that he wants to tease him(phil) with.

i personally think this is really cute because you notice how unconsciously dan does this, meaning that this “teasing” is  something natural between them (which is quite common in a relationship)

i know i could be overanalysing stuff, but idk i thought it was something quite obvious and adorable.

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im like 10000% here for this therapist/watchmen epiphany you're having rn

LOL I’m posting this publicly because i feel like you’re the only one who is noticing this but I’m over here freaking out a little bit over this epiphany and i WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW 

something interesting at target

i went to the toys section to find the fnaf toys, which are by the yokai watch toys  so id kill 2 birds with one stone

and i notice all the mymojis are gone. no, they werent sold out. you know where they were?

in the minecraft mini box

id like to note none of the other mystery bags in the entire store had this issue. yes, i did check the other aisles and only the fnaf blinds had the lifting problem


i peeked in the bags, and the ones that were left over were two puppets, a springtrap, and a few freddys

i also found two opened mystery minis (one of them is in that pic)

the other one made me laugh pretty hard

i saw the opened box and i picked it up bc i was like “…wow what the fuck i should put this in plain sight for the employees”

but then i noticed, it was a bit heavy for an empty box.. so i move the black bag inside


i started laughing prett yhard because i felt so bad for her… they didnt love her and left her here, they didnt even bother scalping her for ebay 

poor chica

Dear Charlie,

it feels as though its been eons since i last wrote to you, hopefully this feeling is reciprocated. a lot has happened since my last letter to you. his names richie and he kinda reminds me of james dean. he’s sweet. we met at a “ party ” i think he noticed me because i was the only one reading a novel whike everyone else was inside killing themselves slowly. he seems to know an awful lot about this world. i like him. lately things have gotten bad, i don’t really know how it happened but it did. im sadder than ever. my weight fluctuates a lot these days. i lack self control. bodly harm comes easier and easier to me and i am finding it difficult to speak. i am the problem so im trying to make myself disappear. how wonderful that would be. it seems the only light in my life is richie and that shouldn’t be.

p.s. ive shaved my head and now ive decided to stop speaking all together. yay for me.

- jane ives
7:54 pm.

Im sorryIm sorryIm sorryIm sorryIm sorryIm sorryIm sorryIm sorryIm sorrysorryImsorryImsorryImsorryImsorryImsorry
For what have I done…..
I dont really deserves a high grade
Even my own Aunt lost a trust on me…
Whats wrong using Tablet for studying?
Why on my parents vision gadgets is always a bad influwence?
I have this feeling that I never felt before…
Am I insane…? Why I write this blog for no reason….?
Am I depressed?
I dont know myself anymore……
I have to accept the reality that Im the failure on my family…
I notice Im the only one who is great in digital art on my family…
They should be proud… But instead they want me stop….
I’m really really sorry….
Thank you mama @era-x, @roch6103, @yume-gen746, @bloglilystarlight, @sansdepunmaster for comforting me…
I wish My family just accept the fact….

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This fandom is so extra sometimes I swear...

i mean it started on twitter ppl probably jumped to conclusions for some rts lmao

what hickey is everyone talking about? i didn’t notice one

there was some tweet going around with pics where u could see a bruise on his neck if u scroll thru my recent asks i linked it

Im not the anon that other anon was talking about lol but we all know hickeys r bruises but hickeys look diff and pls tell me how someone gon suck a hickey that damn big?? Also u actually think kook would expose himself like this yaaaa rite


I h8 armys istg u all suck im only here for bts

cant relate i like (most) armys but ppl are rly being dramatic for no reason rn hggjhjh


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wish today was over already … *sigh* days go slowly if your  upset and by yourself but if your having fun and with friends it goes fast weird and no fair. 

Still makes me realize how little i exist at times if that makes sense there are so many people around you that are your friends but only the ones that notice the small little hints or chance in the way you act or speak will know when something is wrong with you. Others will take the first okay or im fine as you answer and go back to what they were doing other will ask a second time and realize your hiding what is really wrong so they dont worry or feel down too. never thought about it much till now. 

sorry random post .