i know im not good at doing manip

LISTEN. i know i havent been posting a lot of stuff lately and i decided that has to change. that’s why ive been planning my may manip month!!! are you excited im excited.

so the plan is to post a larry manip every day for the whole month of may. EVERY DAY. that’s 31 manips!!! are you getting excited yet. you should be.

as you might have noticed ive been doing some serious marathon manip making the past couple of days. i have made 25 so far that i think are good enough to post but i promise i will make 31 or even more.

ive used fan pictures, selfies, candids, pictures from all sorts of appearances and events and from as many moments in time and places as possible. there will be cute boyfriend selfies, walking hand in hand, kisses on cheeks, some age difference, red carpet appearances and basically just anything cute i could think off. if you aren’t excited yet there is something wrong with you ok.

so yeah. a new larry manip every day for the whole month of may!!!!