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So i came up with this idea and i found it really funny and cute and i dont know why

So imagine Jack and Gabe, both going around as Soldier: 76 and Reaper
At some point, Jack’s sitting down, exhausted after an extremely draining fight (not against reaper or anyone from talon tho) and he takes his visor off. He mutters to himself, “god I crave the sweet embrace of death” or something along those lines.

Then out of the blue Gabe fuckin wraith forms or shadow steps over to Jack and holds him real close and says “I’ve got you, cariño.”

and it was the last fuckin thing jack was expecting and he probably freaks out
its up to you what happens next, i just really wanted to get this idea out lmao

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im late to this but, i kinda like where ym is in terms of pop? it doesnt matter whos no.1 but ym is at a point where u get a lot of good fan content even if its not the most pop. besides i notice that ym stans r really loyal cause they prefer the kind of dynamic ym has so once they find it they are ride or die lmao (diff to ym 'shippers' who either only like ss or are just casual) i love ym stans though cause ym moments r ambiguous but they know exactly how u feel when u talk about them

i totally agree, especially with the last part,,, a lot of korean ym stans i’ve seen are all about those small moments and subtle touches and tiny casual remarks which is so relatable even if i have no idea what they’re saying lmao especially when it comes to them talking about hcs we have too like the wine dates ?? seeing us all on the same page like this really does make our fandom feel like a family

hello robin!💐i was gonna comment on the korean anon from busan in the previous threads. she said about “s/ope being heavy fs & when you see ym, you’ll think they’re in love of smtg”- I AGREE ㅠㅠ istg sometimes i question myself why yoonmin seem so careful to show their closeness & affection in front of camera — unless they have something to hide. yet yg & jm (esp. jm) show a lot of affection w/ other members (on camera) but they’re much more reserved to e/o. the big question is WHYYY?! 🤔👀

hi anon!!! 💕 with the way some fans can get kinda invasive about how close certain idols are, i can kind of see it,,, yoongi and jimin have something so intimate and special that they only ever allude to on camera and everything they do seems to be all for them so i can see them wanting to keep it that way,, not even in a ‘it’s because they’re dating Confirmed’ kind of way lmao but just generally because they’re both quiet, calm, people who want their moments to be theirs and nobody else’s,,,,,, though that doesn’t excuse them not posting selfies together Ever or having any kind of unit activities @yoongi @jimin @bang pd it always comes back to this


ik that im like super late to the party but i finally decided to post my designs for the boys,, better late than never right


For all I know
The best is over and the worst is yet to come
Is it enough?
To keep on hoping when the rest have given up?


Ladrien June Day 15: Fear

love is in the air


And Jaspers never break their promises! 💖

Ravenclaw: Oh knock on wood! *knocks on a table*

Slytherin: Do I want to know what this is about?

Ravenclaw: It has been over a week since I’ve been late for something. I’m just trying to keep this lucky streak up.

Slytherin: Right… okay. Did you turn in your charms paper today?

Ravenclaw: …shit…

Y'all love to make Max and David angst but I raise you this:
Minor Character angst.

Give me Harrison trying so hard to live up to his brother’s talents and his parents’ expectations (really Harrison, be more like your brother) that when he does the Great Vanishing Act and his brother disappears, for a split second he’s relieved.
Give me Harrison trying day and night to bring his brother back while listening to his parents’ crying outside his locked door– a door not locked by his choice. Give me Harrison still trying, through all this, to impress his parents with magic tricks during dinner (small things– a rabbit from a hat, a random card picked) but only succeeding at being sent to a cheap summer camp where people doubt his magic even being real.

Give me Preston having to deal with the after-effects of being with Nurf, wearing sunglasses until he’s completely sure the bruise has faded and after insisting it was a fashion choice and nothing else.
Give me Preston still being loud and self-absorbed, but flinching every time someone moves a little too fast, raising his hand to his face instinctively when someone raises their voice.
Give me Preston who knows deep down Nurf was in the wrong, but still can’t find it in him to not blame himself.

Then give me Nurf’s side of the story.

Give me Nerris doubting her powers because really, if she was that great wouldn’t she be able to do some of the cool stuff Harrison can do? 
Give me Nerris taunting Harrison more and more to make her feel better about herself until he yells at her that he wishes he knew her from before– so he could make her vanish instead of his brother. 
Give me Nerris locking herself in her tower, her only real friends being stuffed animals, and wonder where she went wrong.

Give me Space Kid not realising he’s the brunt of everyone’s jokes and continuing to go along his merry way until it finally clicks.
Give me Space Kid slowly growing annoyed that no one seems to remember he has a name–it’s not Space Kid, it’s Neil, and how come Other Neil gets to have his name?
Give me Space Kid taking off his helmet one day when he’s older and when being asked about it saying he grew out of space and that he doesn’t want that to be the feature people remember him by, even while knowing that ‘stupid Space Kid’ is his legacy now.

Honestly, I guess what I’m getting at with this is: Please rip my heart out in more than two ways. I’m r e a d y.

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Has any of you tired to pull pranks of the customers?


Lance: You know what? I kinda miss those days. When Keith was just some weirdo from my past, harassing me at work.

Keith: Who was harassing who in this story.

Lance: It was too funny. You didn’t sit down without checking for a week.

Keith: and for good reason. You tried the same joke three more times.

Lance: Classic is a classic.

A.N. Welp! I’m late! That’s a 14-hour difference and me not paying attention. I rushed this. But to be fair. It’s kinda dumb.

I know Im kinda late to the party but I heard you had a request

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now w the rest of the boys (minus their drummer)

inspired by x

Unpopular opinion: I really don’t want Lotor to be manipulative towards Lance

I want a Lotor who falls for Lance and recognises Lance’s abilities as a pilot and a sharp shooter. I want Lotor to help Lance with his insecurities, and in return I want Lance to open Lotor’s eyes. I want the two of them supporting each other, I don’t want any of that “manipulating the weakest link” stuff. No, I want them to be as healthy as possible in any situation even if theoretical.

I want Lotor and Lance to get along despite differences. Seeing their personalities clash or connect would be amazing to me but only if it’s healthy.

Do I think this will ever be cannon? No. But if Lancelot ever IS cannon I kinda hope this is how it plays out.

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I LOVE YOUR AUS SO MUCH OMG 💓 could you do a lil nct mark au? ☺️

  • highschool!au with mark
  • is completely oblivious to the fact that the entire school is in Love with him
  • plays on the basketball team 
  • but isn’t competitive during gym class like haechan whose like i will RUIN EVERYONE ON THE OTHER TEAm,,,,mark’s just like ok it’s just a game bud relax
  • sleeps in history class LOL
  • is really just a laid-back guy who sits near the window in all his classes so he can stare out of it and never really tries to argue with anyone 
  • gets volunteered to be class president because everyone loves him and he’s bashful about it like guys,,,,,,i don’t think im a good fit-
  • but everyone is like mark,,,,,you’re the nicest person,,,,,,,you’re friends with the seniors, the freshmen, the teachers, the ????? principal even knows your full name
  • but the truth is mark is kinda burdened by it because like he doesn’t really want so much responsibility
  • but too late everyone’s voted for him,,,,,,,,,and mark is LITERALLY too nice to say anything about it
  • and on the first meeting he’s. lost
  • literally didn’t bring anything to take notes with and he sits next to you, who’s got your binder out and ready. highlighters in three different colors if you need them
  • and mark leans over and is like “hi,,,,sorry can i borrow some paper,,,,,and a pen”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,you didn’t bring any????? it’s our first meeting????
  • and mark gets pink and is like “ive never been a class representative,,,,,,or done student government,,,,,i actually don’t know why i was chosen,,,,,,”
  • and you give him a funny look, but at the same time you don’t want to leave him hanging so you’re like “here’s some paper, ill help you during the meeting if you have any questions!!!”
  • and mark smiles at you,,,,,and his eyes are so wide and pretty and you’re like,,,,,,in your head,,,,going oh! i know him,,,,,he’s the prince of class b
  • and probably like five of your friends have told you about him, but you’d never really been near him until now
  • and the meeting goes well, mark asks you in surprise that is it the students that really plan the spring festivals and you’re like yes LOL
  • and as you’re packing up your things mark asks you shyly which way you’re taking to go home and you’re like im going to walk to the train!!!
  • and mark,,,scratching his neck is like “so am i, do you want to go together?”
  • and you think nothing of it, just that he’s being friendly since you guys are going to student reps together
  • but also,,,,,you feel some butterflies in your stomach as you guys walk side by side and you feel your arms brush slightly
  • and you talk about homework and upcoming tests and whatnot and mark is so easy going, and his laugh is charming,,,,,,,
  • and once you get to the train marks comes first, but he waits with you for your train and when he waves as you get on you smile,,,,,but also he’s so???????? Sweet,,,,,,,
  • and the next day mark is sitting with renjun and jeno and jeno apologetically asks if the meeting was tough
  • but mark breaks out into this grin and renjun is like WAIT DID SOMETHING HAPPEN
  • and mark is like “i think.,,,,,im happy to be class president now” and jeno is like ????????Why all of a sudden
  • and mark looks toward the open door of the classroom, kids rushing back and forth and then he sees you
  • making your way to class and he shrugs looking back at jeno
  • but renjun has caught on and he’s like “you’re so obvious - YOU MET SOMEONE CUTE!!!!! MARK HAS a cru S H”
  • mark: rENJUN SHUT -
  • haechan appearing out of thin air: mark has a what now, tell me all the details