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Hello! I had a question, do you have an good angsty fix recommendations? Im in the need to read some & haven't found one angsty enough yet akdjsjsj do you have any recommendations? :) Thank you im advance & if you dont have time to reply its okay! Thank u for taking ur time to read this hope u have a great day! ~

Angst :’) fics :’)) are :’))) my :’)))) favorites :’))))).

Across The Multiverse, 4 by @gukvory - I cried SO hard you have no idea.

Hold Me Tight by @floralseokjin - I’m still not over how raw this left me.

Fate Or Just A Mistake by @baeseoul - Will I ever stop gushing about this series?

Who Cares by @floralseokjin - Settle in because this is one hell of a ride

Intoxicating by @versigny - Is this technically angst? I cry every time I read it so I’m going to include it.

Sin City by @btssmutgalore - angst upon angst upon strippers. Bless.

Future Hearts by @jungblue - I’m pretty sure everyone is reading this series and for a good fucking reason too. My heart is still crying.

And finally. My ultimate, favorite angst series ever.

A Ticket To The Sun by @gukvory - Not since Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro have I ever read something while knowing nothing good could come from it and yet relished the sense of gloom and doom throughout every word. It’s brilliant.


A/N: An Erasermic fic, set just after the USJ incident. If you have any advice for writing Aizawa please shoot it my way!

As a pro hero, one must keep their composure through the good and the bad, for the sake of themselves and the people they protect. Some heroes are quiet and thoughtful, others are loud and rambunctious. Heroes like All Might smile through the pain and fear. Eraserhead is a quiet force in the background, with a level head and solid, precise, confident movements. He never lets the down-talking and taunting sway him. He does what must be done to protect his students, comrades, or the civilians, even at the sake of his own health, all while never breaking his character.

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Night in the Woods Sentence Starters.
  • "I wasn't expecting a party or anything. But I figured *someone* would be here."
  • "Guess I'm walking. Alone."
  • "I definitely remember barely reaching the top of this wheel. I definitely remember barely growing since then."
  • "Oh my god! That was dangerous! I could have died! That was amazing!"
  • "I say hi for no one! Eff the cops! I'm going to bed."
  • "We were so cute back then. Cuties, the lot of us."
  • "Well, sweetie, I think you can understand my worry."
  • "Oh, come on! That was years ago!"
  • "You know what else has been in a hole for fifty years? Dead people from the sixties!"
  • "Delicious pretzels..."
  • "It's a whole new world, sweetie!"
  • "Too bad you didn't die at college!"
  • "I don't even remember! Those aren't even drums!"
  • "Haven't you have of the pizza scale?"
  • "Screw it. Pizza good."
  • "Nobody move! Let's poke it with a stick!"
  • "We found an arm in the ground tonight!"
  • "This isn't _______..."
  • "Woooould you like it to be?"
  • "Welcome to my apartment. I could have been in my underwear."
  • "I. Want. EVERYTHING."
  • "I make my own luck. With a luck machine."
  • "I've got nightmare eyes!"
  • "I'm a total trash mammal!"
  • "Tacos..."
  • "You used to be smart! You used to be worth talking to!"
  • "Sometimes, I think. And start, to sink."
  • "________! Bite my entire ass! Go legally brain dead from lack of oxygen due to choking on my entire ass!"
  • "Crimes."
  • "Way to go, _______ don't fix anything ever again. Seriously, don't even have a pet."
  • "Aaaah, I knew this would happen. Stupid, stupid ________".
  • "Broken things need to be... broken..."
  • "I've got knives. Right now. Just saying."
  • "Stab me once, shame on me! Stab me thrice, shame on... ice."
  • "I'm... I'm a good person, right?"
  • "But I'm just parking lot trash. I've known that all along."
  • "When I'm awake at night, I listen to ____ snore, and I stare at the ceiling and think about how I'm a complete piece of shit."
  • "You're good."
  • "... And, you know... he's got that ass."
  • "OK, Im not comfortable with you objectifying my boyfriend/girlfriend."
  • "I'm adult stuff!"
  • "Maybe I'm just the most recent failure in the long line of failures that is our family!"
  • "My name is _____ and I saw a ghost! This is ______, who doesn't believe me!"
  • "It wasn't good. Top notch math, though."
  • "Ride the chariot!"
  • "GOD. DAMN. IT."
  • "I'm falling into the sky..."
  • "My mouth tastes like broken dreams."
  • "Do you not like me anymore, _______?"
  • "Am I making things weird, ________?"
  • "Kids are like sheep. Real dumb."
  • "That's horrible for you."
  • "We can at least be legends."
  • "Do a crime with us."
  • "You... we... wouldn't be in this situation if I wasn't such a massive screw up."
  • "Everything's... dead..."
  • "I use my powers for good."
  • "Something broke. In my head, in my life."
  • "Bye guys... I love you..."
  • "We've been friends since forever, you big dumb idiot."
  • "Which one of you did it?!"
  • "You... killed ____?"
  • "Pretty amazing to be something, at least."
  • "I've got dynamite."
  • "I don't even believe in hell and I hope they go there."
  • "Everything sucks forever."
  • "It's good to be alive today. That's all."
  • "At the end of everything, hold on to anything."

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do you think gin is broken?

oh wow… that’s a big question, anon. 

i suppose it depends on what you mean by broken? gin definitely isn’t in the same place he was when he first met asaemon, or when otose found him in the cemetery, so he’s come a long way. but at the same time, i think he still struggles with self-esteem issues, as he has a tendency to associate his self-worth with the ability to protect others at times (although i think he’s aware of this to some degree) and occasionally values their lives and well-being above his own, despite his general opposition to the needless self-sacrifice and martyrdom of others. he also has some self-destructive tendencies, i.e. his drinking, gambling, recklessness, etc.

i’d also say it wouldn’t be a stretch to that say he’s depressed…? at least, i relate things like his lethargy, tendency to procrastinate, untidiness and general disorganization, emotional detachment, etc. to my own experience with depression. you could also link his self-esteem issues and self-destructive tendencies back to this, but since those aren’t symptoms i personally experience and i’m not all that well-informed on the different manifestations of depression, i can’t really speak on that. and then of course, a lot of people believe gin suffers from ptsd as well, but honestly i don’t know enough about ptsd to talk about that, either.

in any case, i think gin is still certainly struggling to be healthy and at peace with himself, so if that’s what you mean by broken, then sure, i think so. but personally, i don’t think “broken” is the word that i would necessarily use to describe him…? despite his struggle, gin still functions pretty normally (albeit with some aforementioned self-destructive habits) and he is actively trying to recover and not let his past rule over his life. one of the biggest themes of gintama is letting go of past mistakes and forgiving yourself, and although that’s an ongoing struggle for gin, he is trying, and he’s made enormous strides on that front.

he also has very healthy and supportive relationships with others; he doesn’t feel the need to isolate himself, or think of himself as someone undeserving of his loved ones (or at the very least, he doesn’t push them away because he thinks he’s not good enough for them), which is good. he has a really excellent support system in kabukicho, especially within the yorozuya, who are always the first to call him out when he starts to despair, and he’s quick to support others in turn. he is very forgiving towards others and supportive of people’s attempts to better themselves, and i think that reflects a lot of what he’s learned about loving and forgiving himself, too. his view of himself and others is very tolerant and patient. he knows the difference between acknowledging one’s flaws for the sake of improvement and just being too hard on oneself, and is consciously aware that it’s okay to make mistakes, even if when it comes to himself, feelings of guilt and failure might override that on some days. but he is improving.

i think gin best summed up his outlook on life and people in general with something he said to catherine waaaay back in lesson 24:

“you haven’t been making a good life for yourself, have you? well, i guess i’m no better. people don’t try to live a life they can’t be proud of. they have the intention of staying on the straight path, but then out of the blue, they’re in the dirt. but even so, if with heart and soul you try to break through, there will come a day when even the dirt will dry and fall off.”

i wouldn’t really call that the philosophy of a broken man, personally ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

to be quite honest, i don’t like to view gin as a tragic figure because i just don’t think that’s sorachi’s intention. gin is practically patience and human growth given a voice, constantly looking the reader straight in the eye and saying “life’s hard and it hurts like a bitch, but you can get through it. you’re not a bad person for making mistakes. you can learn. you can grow.”

when we think of gin, we’re supposed to see the person who was called a demon, an insurgent, a man-slayer, and yet can still tell tsukuyo to stand tall and be proud of herself no matter how others perceive her. the person who had only two things he wanted to protect and ultimately had to throw both away, and yet can still tell shinpachi and otae that “if there’s something on the ground at my feet, the least i can do is pick it up.” the person who once thought he wasn’t strong enough to carry the weight of his loved ones, and yet now finds it easy - instinctive, almost - to lean on others and offer his shoulder in turn. the person who, in zura’s words, “has the most reason to hate the world” and yet still finds a home wherever he goes. 

gin’s character is centered around the idea that struggling isn’t a sign of a poor life, it’s just - well - a part of life in general. it’s okay to struggle, and even to have bad days where we get tired and give into that struggle. it’s okay to never really stop struggling with some things. we’re supposed to see ourselves in gin (and really all of the gintama characters!) and be encouraged. we’re not broken beyond repair. we’re not weak or stupid. we’re not horrible people. we’re just… people. people are organic. people make mistakes. people also grow from them.

so no, i don’t see gin as someone broken. just rough around the edges, like the rest of us. :)