i know im gonna be disappointed

I don’t know whether to feel honored or offended over the fact someone posted my art to their Instagram without my permission

one of the most traumatic experiences of my childhood was reading the princess diaries series and getting to the part when mia and michael talk about having sex and michael saying some shit like ‘im gonna patient, but im a guy so you must know that im not gonna wait forever’ and??????????? that was so fucked up??? i remember feeling so disappointed but thinkint that ‘well, i guess thats just how things are in the adult world’


Some time ago, i noticed a bunch of old and new boy groups with a lot of talent that arent appreciated as they should be. In kpop industry, make success is hard, and sometimes very talented people lose their chance to show their talent, thats means a lot of new groups disband for being underrated.

So i take a moment to make a list of really good groups u guys really need to check:

- VICTON (Plan A Entertainment, 2016)

- Snuper (Widmay Entertainment, 2015)

- VAV (A team, 2015)

- ROMEO (CT Entertainment, 2015)

- Imfact (Star Empire Entertainment, 2016)

- MYNAME (H2 Media, 2011)

- MADTOWN (GNI Entertainment, 2014)

- MAP6 (DreamT Entertainment, 2015)

- KNK (YNB Entertainment, 2016)

- UP10TION (TOP Media, 2015)

- JJCC (Jackie Chan Group Korea, 2014)

- B.I.G (G.H Entertainment, 2014)

- Boys Republic (Happy Tribe Entertainment, 2013)

- Topp Dogg (HUNUS Entertainment, 2012)

- BIGFLO (HO Company, 2014)

- Cross Gene (Amuse Entertainment, 2012)

- HISTORY (LOEN, 2013)

- HIGH4 (N.A.P Entertainment, 2014)

- 24K (Choeun Entertainment, 2012)

- 100% (TOP Media, 2012)

I know theres a lot more but thats the groups i remember at the moment, i know new groups are amazing and wonderful, but please take a moment to listen just to one music of these amazing groups, youre not gonna be disappointed i swear. 

Im not saying um should not love the new groups, theyre amazing as well but open your rice guys, K-pop has a huge variety of groups, do you really want to be stuck in only three or four just because theyre the most famous or they belong to a big companie? Give love to the flops too, u guys have no ideia how its like to see their smiles when a big amount of fans notice them. 

Maybe i do a girl group ver as well. 

Jaehyun - Pizza-girl & Dimple-boy

genre: fluff and other stuff idk some college!au thingy majingy
word count: 5,527
plot: Yo mama ineffable mark HAHHAHHHAHAHAHAH (as you know personally I love reading your fanfics) Im gonna request something. Can you write about a pizza deliverer (a girl) not knowing she is delivering to Jaehyun’s house during his break. okay I believe your creativity from here 💕 Please write more often I will support you forever💖💖
A/N: @jaelyeoh sorry for taking 103473475638324 years ily hope this won’t be a disappointment. the ending is so gross

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things that break my heart

-the “it’s quiet uptown” in the election of 1800 -how angelica’s voice breaks a bit in “congratulations ” -HOW HURRICANE IS UNDER APPRECIATED -who did this alEXANDER DID YOU KNOWWW -“the orphanage”. can that be a bonus song or sum? -“one last time” and how daddy won’t be calling anymore omigosh HAHHA -eliza crying omfg im ruined -chris’ voice. yup. -how madison sounds smoooove in “what’d i miss” like whOAAA -“my name is phillip. i am a poet. i wrote this poem just to show it. and i just turned nine, you can SAVE LIVES BUT YOU CANT SAVE MINE” holy guacamole my heart -how hot daveed is. I AINT GONNA GO THERE RN -alaBANZA. rip abuela claudia -pacienca y fe and at the end she’s like “okay mami. fine” sum like dat. -benny and nina and how adorkable they are -hey guys, its me. the biggest disappointment you know. -how sad ant is @ the end of 21 chump street -how much i wanna be naomi rodriguez MWAHAHAHA no but fr -your mom cant take another heart brEAK TFFFF?!? yup i am done xx

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I know Scott was the one who said T gave him strength, but I felt like he was the one comforting her more than the other way around.

i think she just needed it more than he did tbh? like he’s mad at himself but i feel like she was legitimately crushed and heartbroken

and i know its off brand 4 me but im just gonna be completely earnest for a sec n say that i love that their relationship is one of mutually giving each other things the other needs, regardless of their own personal disappointment. like not for a second did you feel a sliver of any anger or resentment from her to him even tho he probably deserved it. the second the fd ended she kind of collapsed into his arms cuz she knew he needed it in that moment and in the immediate aftermath when she’s processing what just happened and sounding like she’s about to break down and cry, he was comforting her and making dumb jokes to see her smile. it kinda makes me emo tbh

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I honestly want to know how long Lotor was sitting in the fighter tho. Like it was all tangled up so a while I think. Maybe 3 days?? Maybe more??? Just sitting there doing nothing until hot mystery Paladin LANDS ON THE FUCKING COCKPIT. WHAT THE HELL WAS HE DOING THE ENTIRE TIME?? I imagine he's just watching the Kardashians just like: "Shut the fuck up Kim you slut"

OMFGGG tbh i have a feeling his father sent him there to get shit ya know??? but PLOT TWIST: HIS DAD IS A MAJOR ASSHOLE AND JUST WANTS TO KILL HIM LMAO so thats why lotor’s just like “well fuck ive been bamboozled once again by my dad…….how disappointing…..welp this is my life now……im just gonna…..die here……inside this huge ass worm……..”




I know i gush about lutteo’s heart-eyes game quite a lot. But these silly things are also quite pros at it. Through most of part 2 Gastón looked at Nina like he was absolutely amazed at everything her. 

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hi this is the same anon qn as before, i would like to know ur opinion on the infamous vlive in which (im pretty sure) someone *jimin* was hiding in jk's room?? some ppl said that it could be jin(bc v mention "jin hyung is taking a bath" /staff(imo this is kinda weird like why wud a staff/manager hide) also ppl said tht they could hear a "girl" moaning voice from jimin's room when v was standing infront of his room, still to me (since im trash lmao) jimin's hiding theory makes more sense..

hi anon, welcome back~, and thank you for asking ^-^~. I somehow know that this day would come but I didn’t know it’d come this early.

I hate to be that person, I’d probably receive hate because of this too, but I have to be honest and be that person. I’m sorry to tell you that I’m one of the rare shippers that think the one who was hiding in Jungkook’s room was actually a staff. Okay to be completely honest, 80% staff and 20% Jimin (the thought that Jin was there never crossed my mind xD), and here is why (these are completely my OPINION, not verified facts):

WARNING: This is gonna be really long…

1st, as much as I love Kpop (I’ve been here since 2008-2009), there’s a reason why people say Kpop is manufactured. Okay but that’s not our main point here. The thing is I can tell BTS is one of the most honest ones out there, but that by no mean implies that they’re not under control. And it’s not their problem either. Since what we’re talking about is Vlive, run by Naver. I’m not interested in going deep into it, but from what I know, they try to create the image that you’ll be close to idols 24/7, they’ll just randomly talk to us if they feel like by turning on the app and do livestream, which we mostly know it ain’t true.

We know that if they wanna do a Vlive, they have to borrow the phone to do Vlive, not their own phones. And sadly, but realistically, there should be someone there watching them, ready to react if sth outta controls happen. They can’t really control a slip of the tongue, but they can give signs whenever things go in the wrong direction etc. I can’t give you too many examples because I don’t remember things I don’t pay attention too. But I do remember this Vlive at around the same time when they were in Japan: Hobi and Jimin’s Vlive

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can’t keep her hands off

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I thought about that last ask and now im curious,, who do you thibk is gonna be in the next roster? Do you think Jade will be back?

Tbh i have no idea.

In all truth I have no idea where this game is going in general, since it’s such a mess. like wow.

I would certainly expect the classic chars to be there. It would be a shocker not to have Subziri And Scorp. At least Scorp.. considering that 99% of the players buy the game just to see& play as him. which is rather sad if you think about it

I’d love to have Jade in the game, as well as Frost and Sareena and Skarlet, all the gils really. And judging by Kitana’s ending i THINK it’s even possible for Jade to be back, but iDK. This is mk we’re talking about. Mk has a way of disappointing people all the time.

I’m more curious about the next generation combatants.  Will mk continue to make new young chars? Will they replace the old ones? WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO? I sure as hell hope no replacement will be done, and it’s not even because i don’t like the next gen fighters, but because the plot never bothers to give any info about the old/ existing characters. Except for the fact that Subz has a brother and a lin Kuei temple what else do u know? Except fot the fact that Jax has metal arms what else is there to him? AND THESE are the KEY characters. I don’t think i’d even be able to describe the minor chars in 3 sentences. Because there’s literally nothing to talk about. they just fight . that’s it.

can u believe, before the release we thought yusuke was gonna be this hotshot and now that persona 5 is out we finally are revealed with the truth and that being yusuke is a fuckin dork

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It 11:41 in michigan and im honestly thinking about what im gonna do with my life. Im not in college currently and i feel like im not doing enough,, i work a lot and see my friends and i just dont know what im gonna do in a few years and its scary. I keep thinking ive disappointed my family cause im not im college and all I do is work.. i just keep wondering if i actually have a purpose and if ill ever find it.

Is college something you want to do? I’ll be the first to say that college isn’t for everyone, and I don’t think that the measure of someone’s worth should be bound to their education level. Don’t build your life around your parents’ demands; they have no clue how college is set up now. It’s very risky. Wildly unpopular opinion based on real-life experience under the cut.

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Saying your a superior spices is specisest it's like white supremacy I know you didn't mean it like that but I'm just telling you how you sounded

Okay, so. Here’s the thing.

First of all, if you’re gonna compare what I said to white supremacy… I’ll say Im a bit disappointed.

Fyi. Rokhiel is a character, he will try to defend the impossible. Imagine how desperate would he be to try and find a good argument against those individuals who call him cute when he despises being called that way.
Rokhiel is a Leo by nature, meaning his ego is always there fucking things up, hence the answer.

Don’t bring me SJW bullshit here. This is a blog to entertain, do not compare me with any of your ridiculous racist american archetypes, I am Latin American and for as far as I can tell, I do not discriminate anyone.

Do me a favor and stop comparing me to anything. I’m an entertainer, nothing more.
Those who are ever so delicate and would not understand the answer for what it is, A FUCKING JOKE, should leave.

we’re only stones around the sun by snowingwhite

harry styles/louis tomlinson | 46k | teen

Harry used to talk about him like that once, months ago when he wouldn’t let himself linger on touches that lasted a beat too long or looks that held unspoken promises. Back then it’d been easy, with the hiding of feelings, now it’s all a mess, complicated and hard. He doesn’t know where one feeling starts and another one stops, how he’s supposed to figure it all out. He doesn’t know where to begin, which thread to pick up and begin untangling, where it’s going to lead him if he does. He doesn’t know if he wants to find out.

or, Harry finds that he can’t ignore his feelings for his best friend when the months start ticking down to Louis’s graduation.

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