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Hello, Yonatan. I am Vicky :) I am currently doing my 2D animation final project in SAE Brisbane Australia. I really like your animation art work! It's so inspired! :D I would like to ask you how you do you do to make your animation object/character going so fluent ? I tried to draw and add many frames in between my animation but look so awkward... haha XD I would be really appreciated to get your advice! Cheers Vicky

Hey Vicky!
Thanks so much- I’m glad that you like my work:))
Since I haven’t seen your animation it’s hard to know what looks “awkward”. Im assuming that it might look jittery (cause you said you wanted it to feel more fluent) and if that’s the case- It sounds like technical issues.
I suggest that you go back to your shots and double check those 2 key animation principles:

(They’re in capital letters because of how important they are!).
I was blessed with a great teacher in my first year (Brian Ferguson). The first few assignments were as basic as can be (bouncing ball, a blade of grass etc..). I can’t describe how important it was for me to really get the basics right before moving on to something more complex. 

You can also study the SPACING and the ARCS in animation that has the fluency you’re looking for.
Yes, it is tedious and time consuming, but it definitely pays off when your animation plays the way you want it to:)

I really hope that helps!

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