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Honestly if pyro turns out to be anything other than a sentient giant balloonicorn I'm gonna be low key disappointed

Now that is a truly magical headcanon I could believe in.


AND 2 Alternative Lance designs that no one asked for to go with my Allura’s… lowey wanna do everyone LOL

(Lance on the right has a vascular birthmark if u were wondering)


Ai Ai Gasa

 An umbrella with the names of the couple as a symbol of love  (´▽`)♡

(tysm @vashtijoy for your help ;-;)

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I've been hesitant to ask anything here but, I've been struggling when it comes to drawing and coloring. I'm not sure how to get better. I've asked for tips many times and well just practice is all I get. Heh. I'm really trying. I'd just like some way of helping myself. Is there a way too?

Hmm. Okay, this is going to be a LOOOOOOONG POST. 

I don’t know how much advise I can offer but I will tell you what helps me, and how I colour. I’ll break it down into sections. XD 


I very much recommend live drawing. Particularly for anatomy. Live drawing helps you learn the basic structures of the human body. How the skin folds, how joints bend and move, how to gain perspective. It trains your brain and makes you able to draw a lot better, a lot faster and more accurately.

With anatomical drawing: Do break it down into shapes and lines. Shapes and lines are your friends in drawing.

Like, the shape of the basic human ribcage can be described like a shape of an egg. Artists like Leonardo De Vinci broke down the anatomical forms of the human body into basic shapes.

Lines helps you gain movement into the body. They, along with shapes, are you basic frame for anatomical drawing.

Don’t be afraid of failure or mistakes. If a drawing failures or has mistakes, then it’s something you’ve learnt. You can then apply what you know now from your to a new drawing.

Drawing Style

Drawing style does very from person to person. But looking at comic artists styles can be a great source of inspiration. And maybe mix styles up.

I’d say my style is like a combination of Naruto and Deadman Wonderland.

With time, drawing style does develop and it does. Like, mine has changes so much within a year.

This one was made on the 5th of January 2016. 

And then there’s this one:

 This was made on the 6th of January 2017. 

They may be subtle changes, but anatomically speaking, it’s a lot better than last year. 


Let’s use a visual example to explain this: 

Colouring is really dependent on the style of the artist. For any tips with digital colouring, always have separate layers from your base colour and your shading.

As you can see, I love layers. I am very thankful for them. And use a lot of them. 

So I always start with a layer for  base colours:


 For my shading style, I prefer to use cell shading, so sharp lines and blocked colours to represent tone. However, instead of using a black colour as my shading, I think about what colours would be suitable for the setting and lighting of a scene. So, say the lighting or scene was more pigment with reds and oranges, then I’d want the same colours for my shading (and highlighting). 

The darkest red in the top right side is my shading colour, whilst the two on the two of the left (the lighter coloured reds) are more to be used for highlighting. 

 When setting my layers, I set them to “Multiply”, and turn the opacity to about 50-70%.  Up to you.

I usually make two layers of shading, one for the main and primary shading:

And another for secondary: 

And one other layer for highlights. For highlighting, I set the layers settings to “add” or “add (glow)”. Some programs may call it something else, like Sai calls it “luminosity”.

It may not seem much, but it definitely brightens up the eyes and the shine of the metal neck (brace?). 

It just gives your character more dimension and lil’ touch of realism. Whether you decide to have soft or cell shading is up to you. 

Once you’ve feel happy with it, you can always add any extra effects. 

So, usually to brighten up the colours and the character, I use similar colours on a separate layer, and set that layers setting to “overlay”. Again, set that to around 50-60%. But it’s up to you.

And for effects like the magic, I use the “add (glow)” layer setting again. For colour, I use the most vibrant red on my colour pallet. So the one on the top left.

Now, something that my lovely friend Cross taught me. When I know I’ve finished everything, but want to give it a bit more “oomph”, then I make a duplicate of the completed drawing, use a “gaussain blur” and set the opacity to about 60-80%.  Once that’s done, I go to edit and use a “colour balance” effect. 

Giving me this result. It just gives the drawing more charisma and “badassery”. 

How you shade and colour is entirely up to you. It is a practice thing, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment with other techniques. 

I’m not very skilled when it comes to soft shading, with the exception of some architectural backgrounds (sometimes). But I can definitely see the appeal.

 Say @kiacii for example, rather than cell shading, she uses soft shading that almost has a sharp edge. She uses SAI and the ’shade’ setting of her layer. And her drawing and colouring style is stunning. With just subtle changes in colour and layer settings, it really makes her work come to life. Which is one of the reasons I hold her so highly. 


 Brush type is really up to you and which you feel most comfortable with. Or experiment. 

Traditional work: 

I really can’t do traditional comics. So instead I save the comics for digital, and use traditional mediums like oil paints, acrylics, watercolours,  inks etc. for traditional life painting. 

One of my artist studies on Melanie Rothman’s paintings. 

Pencil portrait of my friend from school.

It seriously takes practice and patience. But you can do it :D I hope this helps xDD 


Happy Belated Valentine’s Day with Cats

(yes super late I know, hence only minimal coloring… and no, this isn’t the Vday doujinshi I’m still working on Orz)

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hi! can i ask how do you color gotham gifs? i've tried giffing it many times but i can never make a coloring that works for it

*Two years later*

Hi! It always takes me some time to answer, but you can ask me whatever you want because I’m here to help <3 I made a very basic psd so you can take a look. It’s a base, so you’ll need to change it a bit depending on the scene. Under the cut you’ll also find a few tips that you might find useful. Let me know if you need anything else!


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2015 has been an incredible year!! I’ve seen some improvement after comparing to my 2013 & 2014 summary. Hopefully it can be fully coloured by 2016 haha!  Thank you so much to the bandom, phandom and Until Dawn fandom for welcoming me with open arms! I wonder what other fandoms that will be installed for me next year!

Jan: FOB; laugh
Feb: Sketch Dump I
Mar: Fairly Local
Apr: Uma Thurman
May: Sketch Dump V
June: Sketch Dump VI
July: Young Blood
Aug: Precious dorks
Sept: Don’t play with your food
Oct: All I see is you
Nov: Fantastic Foursome
Dec: You’re the stars in my galaxy

To Taylor Swift, from a Gay Fan of Color.

Hi. Hey. Hello. My name is Daniel. I’m a huge fan of yours. Seriously, I have been listening to your music since I was 12 years old and I first heard “Our Song” on Myspace. You’ve helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. The whole Red album was so perfectly timed with my own break up with my first boyfriend, and it changed my life for the better. I’ve seen you live in concert for the Speak Now and 1989 tours.

Anyways, I’m writing this post to get your attention. Not just to fangirl over you, but to genuinely try to get your attention about some things that are very important to me. You see, I’m gay. And I’m also a person of color. These aspects of my life are so engrained into how I live and represent myself. I am always unapologetically myself. That is something you’ve helped me be comfortable with throughout the years. 

These two aspects of my existence, honest to god, sometimes make it hard for me to proudly be a fan of yours. As I’m sure you are well aware with the current state of the country, there are certain issues that I must fight and face and try to stand up for. White supremacy, racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, so many issues I can’t even list them all, are running rampant. Human rights are being taken away. Hundreds of innocent black people are being murdered by police. People are literally marching around with Nazi flags. Donald Trump is the fucking president of the country. We are in basically living in hell on earth. 

I have spent so much of my time trying to defend you because I know you are an amazing person. Nobody is perfect, and I have no expectations for you to be perfect. But I love and respect you so much because of the way your music and lyrics have touched my life. But one thing I sadly no longer want to defend is a silence when it comes to things that are bigger than yourself.

You are arguably the most famous person on the planet, and you have so much reach and have the ability to influence so many people. I beg you to please, please, please, speak up on these issues I’ve brought up. Make your opinions known. Let your voice be heard, and stand up for the people who don’t have the privilege and the power that you do. 

I acknowledge things you have done in the past with activism and charity, but now is the time to be even louder. The way you stood up for yourself in your recent court case with a man who tried to take advantage of your fame after sexually assaulting you was SO INCREDIBLE. You talking about your privilege that you benefit from and wanting to help those who don’t have the same really made me feel connected to you, and I’m sad that all the people against you glossed over it as if it never happened.

I know you are somewhere putting the finishing touches in this new reputation album. I know that your theme for this era is to let the art speak for itself and to not shove interviews and press coverage in people’s faces. But I ask you, as a gay man and person of color who loves and supports you, please come out in support of people like me. Let it be known you’re aware of the things going on. Stand with us as we fight to live in such difficult times. You have so many fans who are people of color and in the LGBTQ+ community. We just want to know without a doubt that you love us as much as we love you. 

That is all I really want to ask.


So like- this is completely random but-
Rainbow hat is just another Grey hat.
There are two grey hats. A lighter grey, and a Darker grey. You could say there are fifty shades of grey.
But one grey, named appropriately Gray (but he changed it to rainbow), was actually a doctor, kinda like the whole flug thing- doctor scientist thingy. He’s just a clone.
And he worked for Grey, the other grey hat.
Grey hat made a duplicate of himself, so that his duplicate can do his work.
The duplicate however, got overwhelmed from work, and decided “Hey fuck you, I have worked my ass off for years and you never appreciated my work. So darling, you owe me. Big time.”
And that grey started to be colorful and really fuckin sassy, which is now the fucker we know today as Rainbow Hat.

Count of how many times i'v said grey/gray: 16

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Hey,so,I don't know why, but I've been having the hardest time figuring out what gem suits me. I love Steven Universe to death,but I just can't figure out what I should do. Should I just give up on making one?

Don’t give up, yet! There are many ways to choose a gemsona that you’ll love!
- Picking one based on its appearance: The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is very true, but in the case of selecting a gem, go for it! Some gems look like they have galaxies trapped inside of them and some are a shiny monochrome color! It’s all a matter of personal taste in this regard. 
- Picking one based on its metaphysical properties: You can find most gems generally have a spiritual meaning to them– for instance, Aquamarine is associated with the element of water and is commonly attributed to helping people cross the sea safely and to help people gain confidence in speaking!
- Picking one based on your birthday: Birthstones are a great way to start creating your first gemsona! A portion of them are represented in the show already (i.e.Opal, Garnet, Peridot) but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own! 
- Picking one based on gems you own in real life: Of course this one’s only applicable if you have any gemstones at all, though if you’re feeling especially creative you can take a false gemstone off of jewelry and try to match it to a real gem!
- Picking one based on a special meaning to you: Maybe your best friend always wears a ring with a Tanzanite gemstone in it, or perhaps your grandmother gave you a string of pearls necklace? Choosing a gemstone because it has symbolic meaning to it will help keep you from getting stumped on what to pick for your gemsona~

I hope this helped!
– Mod Aqua

BEAST Highlight from 2009-now
Five years have gone by so fast and I've enjoyed each one of them with these six guys. I wish for beast to say six for a very, very long time. Happy 5 years with BEAST and I hope we have many more happy times to come with our OT6. 


can’t go back, so we gotta go on we’ll stick together, staying STRONG

has anyone seen barbie and the diamond castle


Is drawing fanart of amvs a thing…?
I drew a thing for @pyrachan’s Ramune Rooftops amv that I really liked… Not sure if you can tell it’s inspired by it though?? I struggled a lot with the colors and it was hard capturing the exact feel I wanted to but it was still fun :’)

Adventures of Nynaeve and Elayne, Part 2:
  • Elayne: The Black Ajah, Moghedien, and Elaida are all looking for us! What should we do?
  • Nynaeve: We need disguises! Quick get the hair dye! We'll dye your hair!
  • *many days later*
  • Nynaeve: Moghedien found us! She knows we're in a menagerie! What should we do?
  • Elayne: We should dye YOUR hair this time! Surely she'll never find us if BOTH of our hair is a different color!
  • Nynaeve: Perfect! I'm so glad I thought of that!
  • *later*
  • Elayne: Wait, Moghedien will surely recognize Birgitte!
  • Nynaeve: Elayne. Get that motherhuggin' hair dye. I've got a brilliant idea.