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Please Help me and my cat!

Hello there and sorry for taking up some of your time but if you could help me it would be really much appreciated!

First of all my name is Killian, I’m 20 and living at home in germany with my parents and my precious cat who helped me through a lot of trouble and emotional stuff, and I’m really really grateful for having him.

Around a month ago he started crying all the time, had trouble peeing and some other issues. We went to the vet and they managed to fix it for around 3 weeks, but now the same issue is back, and even worse. We went there again but it’s not clear what he has and how bad it is and worst; how expensive it could be to find out and fix it. I’m currently without a job because of my apprenticeship (which I’m not getting paid for), I get around (~80€) $90 a month from my parents but I have to buy food for myself and for the cat so I don’t really have any to pay what’s coming up. But the vet expects it to be at least ~(280€) $300, which is terribly expensive. And I’m in (~150€) $160 dollar in debt because of an uncleared issue with the registry office and it might get more and more expensive.

I’m trying to earn money with drawing and selling designs but it doesn’t give me that much, my friends can’t help me because they don’t have any money themself.

Any help will be appreciated, even if it’s just $1 or even less, I need anything I can get. Reblogging would also help a lot to share it, so if you can’t help us, maybe someone else can..

If you wanna help me, my paypal is: askjell.lindner@googlemail.com

I’ve been thinking lately about recovery from my eating disorder. For months on end, I was sure that I would relapse. It wasn’t that I wanted to or even felt that strong of urges, but more that it seemed to be a thing people did, and I was stressed and depressed, and had the opportunity to, so why wouldn’t I?

For whatever reason, though, I didn’t. I kept eating normally and all that jazz. I’m almost two years into recovery. I honestly take my functioning for granted; I’ve been learning math and classical Indian dance and languages. I have showed up on exchange as much as I could, and really implemented healthy coping skills.

I was just musing about the possibility of things going downhill this summer, and then my host mom knocked on my door to give me some ice cream. I was like, oh, ice cream, great! And then I ate it, end of story. Something my old dietitian said to me once was that I was afraid of both being okay and not okay, which is probably really apt. Relapse is always a possibility, and at least for me, right now, it would be a conscious choice. To quote @velvettruce, “I am afraid that I will fail at greater things than this.” The thing is, the stakes of my life are higher now.

The focus is not on my using behaviors, but how I can (potentially) use a postposition in Hindi. Expectations are higher, and I think that’s a good thing. The idea of maintaining recovery indefinitely is overwhelming, and yet, I might as well. Relapse would give me a break; it would be safe and familiar and what-have-you, but I want better for myself. I have proven, time and time again, that I’m willing to do what it takes in order to ensure that I have a future.

“I forgot” does not mean “I didn’t care enough to remember”

Oswald Cobblepot felt safe with Edward Nygma, but sometimes – he didn’t want to. –Only In Dreams, @okimi79

At first I thought it could be cute to see Killian crying after seeing Emma in their wedding.
Then I casually watched a video of all the men crying at their wedding after seeing their bride and idk, I just couldn’t stop laughing.

I think they all wanted to run away but they couldn’t.

Major Arcana : The Lovers

Love, values alignment, choices

I’m feeling a little stressed out at the moment….I shoudn’t be, but I am. So please pray that I can have peace about some things in my life. :)

so wait you’ve got kj apa as the bff lili reinhart has an unrequited crush on (or something) and u choose to ship her with a literal demon???????? in what world does this make sense

“finn compulsively lies”

umm, he told like one lie to a cute girl who’d just chased him down and whacked him in the head with a stick and then hours later told her the truth of his own volition, and only later lied about knowing how to lower the shields on starkiller so he could get to the planet to save said girl and figured out a way to take the shields down too to save everyone. i mean it’s almost like he’d just escaped a fascists terrorists group and didn’t feel safe letting people know for fear of what would happen to him and them and when he decided that he’d have to go back into the belly of the beast to save the first person to look at him like a human being he didn’t want people wasting time trying to talk him out of it/stop him or distracting from the mission. nope, he just lies constantly non-stop for the fun of it no other motivation. okay.

Ok so while we all agree Sombra making Genji dab and slap himself is pretty funny, the potential to hack his cybernetics is actually pretty scary if you think about it.

Like, imagine all of a sudden in the middle of battle Genji just starts losing control of his body and attacks his comrades, or even starts contorting when trying to resist it like bloodbending in Avatar.

That’s pretty fucked up if you ask me.

Missing Persons Case

Steve has always been obsessed with mermaids. Even if the whole village may think he’s crazy, they can’t shake his firm belief that they’re out there somewhere. So when people begin to go missing along the docks where he lives, he can’t help but investigate..

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