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Putting on a bikini is probably the last thing you’d want to do when feeling bad about your bod….. but this helped me a lot actually. Lately I have been struggling quite a bit with body image. I’ve lost quite a bit of muscle over the last few months due to not being able to be consistent with working out because of my anxiety and depression getting so bad, so my butt has gotten smaller and my belly has gotten softer and my quads are basically non existent and it’s been really difficult for me. But I’m realizing that it’s normal for bodies to go through changes!!! Gaining weight or loosing muscle doesn’t make you any less attractive than you were before!! I’m still beautiful, I still love myself. It’s okay, I’m okay!!!!

If search engines were Supernatural fans...


Conclusion: Bing is kinky as fuck but also deep as fuck, confused about the brothers’ nicknames, has a love/hate relationship with Sam and really wants to know WHY, and thinks Dean is the Hulk.


Conclusion: Yahoo is a Sam!girl, is pretty sure about Dean’s orientation, has plenty of crossover headcanons, and ships Wincest.


Conclusion: Google prefers Dean but doesn’t know quite what to make of his sexuality. However, Google is certain that Sam is gay—while at the same time being entirely unable to pin down his species.

To Be A Good Person

Summary:  To escape her dream bubble, Mabel must come face to face with her greatest fear.  

A/N: For @paperweight-jellyfish​ in the GF Secret Santa 2016, who wanted either Mabel + Bipper, or Mabel’s bubble from Weirdmageddon.  WELL I was indecisive, so I combined the two (as well as my existing Feelings about the Bipper page in the Journal 3.  You know the one.

Warnings:  a lot of hurt and some (but not nearly enough comfort), referenced and implied violence, NOT A FUN HOLIDAY FIC

Thank you to @stariousfalls (and various others) for organizing this whole thing!


Dipper’s running for his life, with at least a few hundred horrifying abominations of nature chasing after him and Mabel’s dream world crashing down around him. All around him, the pastel-colored stuffed animals are morphing into dripping shadowy monsters with glowing eyes. Above him, the sunny cerulean sky has darkened into an ominous crimson red.

He feels the weight of the past few days with every running step he takes from the tight feeling in his chest to the burning in his legs. Because, he’s tired. Really tired. Dipper doesn’t remember when he last slept or really ate or just - sat down and took a breath.

How could he? With Great-Uncle Ford captured, with the journals and all hopes of beating Bill burned to ashes, with, with Mabel gone -

But his sister is here now, her hand clenched warm and solid around his own. And now he knows, knows that despite the monsters, despite Bill, despite everything that had happened since Weirdmageddon started -

- they’re going to win.

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I have no idea why I bother dressing in a nice suit jacket on exam days when I inevitably end up covered in copy toner.


Any man Grey Wind mislikes is a man I do not want close to you. These wolves are more than wolves, Robb. You must know that.

Direwolfweek - Day One: Grey Wind & Robb

  • Severus: Oh, listen to you two, quarelling like an old married couple.
  • Me: *screams to death*

…Y’know, there is a story in the Bible about a guy who could kill a lion with his bare hands and slay an entire army with a jawbone, but lost all of his strength when someone cut his hair.

Just sayin’.

  • Namie: A week ago, my boss was shanked.
  • Izaya: Namie
  • Namie: It was all over the news.
  • Izaya: Namie oh my god
  • Namie: He died that day.
  • Namie: Sometimes, I can still hear his voice.
  • Izaya: You're fired.
  • Namie: Which is honestly kind of surprising. I was sure he'd be in hell by now.

So it’s pretty late and I’m just kinda rambling here, and I’m also not sure if this idea has been thought of yet, I’m pretty new to this whole trans!danny headcanon after all, but what if Dani lasted the longest out of any of the clones because she was physically a female? And what if Vlad didn’t know about Danny being trans and was confused as to why Dani lasted so much longer, but in reality it actually makes a lot of sense as to why??


Please excuse my tired and unattractive face in these pictures, but today I reached the only life goal I’ve ever had: I’m now a black belt in taekwondo.

( I keep peeking at this blog and my Phi… but can’t quite figure out how to get back in. I just keep disappearing when I do, because I just feel… disconnected here. It’s hard to explain. Just know that the Tales of RP group was like a family to me. I feel nervous here now, for some reason. If anyone wants to write, please let me know. )

anonymous asked:

Do you know if Danny and or Ryan will be at the press conference? I mean, this ain't a general ED press thing- this is billed as Robron all the way! I mean, I know Iain is quite capable of getting me (even more) excited about it than I already am, but frankly if it's being billed as a date with Robron, I want AT LEAST one half present and representing.AT LEAST. But since it's Valentine's Day and I have nooobody but myself to celebrate with (sigh) then c'mon boys. Just do me a solid. Both of you!

Hey anon!

Yep, they’re both gonna be there, I believe.

I know that the press will get to view the episodes today (no idea if that means just the wedding episodes or Thursday as well - probably both?) and then talk to them afterwards.

Everything is under embargo until the weekend, so expect some teaser articles/10 things to expect/misc spoilers to pop up then from the press. Just in time to send us out of our minds. Beautiful.

Wrapped myself up. (So you can slowly unwrap me again) - erenbaeger - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
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Title: Wrapped Myself Up. (So you can slowly unwrap me again.)
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: Explicit
Summary:  Levi hadn’t had a moment to himself for quite sometime, let alone any with his husband. Luckily Eren knows exactly what he’s doing.
Warnings: D/s themes, sub!levi, dom!eren, Edgeplay and Orgasm Denial, Dry Orgasms
Notes: A very belated birthday present to the amazing @sciencefictioness. I’m so sorry it’s late and I hope it’s worth the wait.

Encounter in the rain

(I HOPE THIS WORKS AS A GOOD STARTER… @badlydrawnk4kyoin)

As the late evening mood begin to set in, and the rain fell from the sky, the quaint little Morioh became a ghost town. No one in the streets, and no one on the road, the low, soothing melody of the rains quite whisper was all that was heard for miles.

But among the dark grey clouds that hugged the surface was a young soul.

Standing at about 6 feet, this young man wandered through the foggy rain with just the clothes on his back, no umbrella to shield him, no appropriate coat to keep him dry.

His pace was slow, and laid back, with the metal heeled shoes click-clacking against the pavement below him. The young man’s once neatly styled pomp was now wet, and somewhat loose with hair strands sticking out unevenly as droplets dangled off, with each step causing the hair to lightly bounce in rhythm.

But just as he reached the midway point of the block, his wandering came to a halt…and so did the other pair of shoes.

Someone was following him, and this thought oddly amused him, causing a smile to worm it’s way onto his face.

“Well well, look what we’ve got here.” he spoke calmly. “A fan maybe? Possibly even a stalker? Or maybe you’re just a common theft, coming here to mug me of whatever valuables I have, but ah…you don’t have the walk of one do you… Hm, maybe…nah, that’s just dumb right?“ he slowly turns his head to the side, starring the person following him with the corner of his eye.

“You, wouldn’t happen to be a Stand User, would you…?“

What is Love? (Vision x Android!Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Warnings: None

Tony stark was in his lab late at night as per usual. He sat in his swivel chair and spun around in a circle. “Wake up, daddy’s home.” He said, arms stretched out wide. Little did he know that Vision had floated into the room, looking quite forlorn. “Tony?” He asked, his voice soft and innocent.

Tony turned in his chair to look at his creation. “What’s up junior?”

“What does it mean… to love someone?” Vision blinked a few times then looked to the side of him before looking at Tony.

“Well…” Tony mused. “Well, when you first love someone it has to do with getting to know the person. After that it’s a little more complicated.”

Vision nodded thoughtfully. “Am I capable of love?”

Tony was quiet for a long while before he answered honestly. “I don’t know.”

“Oh…” Vision murmured then looked down at his feet, which were now touching the cold ground.

“Best not to think about it too much.” Tony suggested, as he went about his work of creating a new A.I system to replace J.A.R.V.I.S.

Vision walked across the hall and up the stairs until he reached the roof of the tower, his favorite spot. He felt himself levitating off the ground at his will and soon he was high up in the crisp, thin air, listening to the bustling noises of New York City. He usually felt so at peace up here, but not tonight. Tonight he felt… what was it? A sort of hollow feeling. He looked down at the people below him and saw couples holding hands, friends getting into cabs, and shop owners cleaning their windows. He wondered what it must be like to be them, to belong. And more than that he wondered what love felt like. Will I ever feel love?

The Following Day…

“Attention fellow Avengers.” Tony declared in the living room of the tower. “I present to you… _____.”

“Hello everyone.” Came the voice of _____, the A.I, invisible within the tower.

“Hello.” Vision said with a soft smile.

“Oh, hello Vision.” _____ said calmly.

“I was like you not too long ago.” Vision said with bright, curious eyes.

Meanwhile, the Avengers were grinning amongst each other at the sight of the two getting along.

Vision spoke with the new A.I at all hours of the night, when he was just lying in bed, unable to fathom trying to sleep like a human might, _____ was there to talk to him. Whenever Vision came back from a mission, he had someone to talk to about the minor details that only he and she would understand. There was something about her that gave him a sense of fullness, it was hard for him to describe, but after months of talking to this faceless voice he began to realize that he was experiencing things that he had never felt before.

“Tony?” Vision asked, as his maker fiddled with the coffee machine, trying to rip it apart. “Yeah what is it?”

“I have been experiencing things different than usual since _____ has been created.” Vision admitted softly.

“Yeah?” Tony said as he pulled something out and parts went flying.

“I keep getting a sort of… fluttering sensation in my abdomen, my chest feels warm from the inside and occasionally I find it a little hard to breathe when I am speaking to her.”

This gave Tony pause, he turned to face his friend with a smirk, then smacked his hand on Vision’s shoulder. “Congrats buddy, you’re in love.”

Vision’s jaw slacked in surprise. “I’m what?”

“You’re in love. You love her.”
… .

Once again Vision found himself at the roof of the tower, floating up into the sky. Suddenly he heard the voice of the lady in question. “Vision?”

“Oh, hello _____.”

“I um… I heard what you told Tony.”

“I think he is right.” Vision decided. “That is the only explanation for what I’ve been experiencing.” It was silent for a while, until Vision spoke again. “Do you feel similarly for me?”

“I… I think I do Vision, the only problem is that I don’t feel anything. I can only think it. “She sighed softly.

“I suppose that will be alright for now. Maybe Tony can give you a full form one day, like how he did for me.” Vision spoke hopefully as he casually lay with his arms behind his head.

“Perhaps one day Vision.” _____ agreed.

“Yes, perhaps one day…”

Important message:

(I am going to add this to my info page when I get the chance, but for now you’ll have to settle for a text post.)

Lately I’ve been getting quite a few anons asking for personal advice (mostly faith-related, but not only), and I want you all to know that I DO intend to answer every single one of them personally and thoroughly.
But it takes a little time. Depending on how time-sensitive the particular scenario is, it could take anywhere from 1 day to 1 full week (though I’ll try to make that the max limit.)

I want to give you all an answer as soon as possible, but rushing is risking, and I’d rather be certain of my answer before I give it.

I hope you understand. Thank you for reading, God bless