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Ok so what if a Langst spy au??? Just hear me out……
•Shiro is still missing, everyone is expecting Keith to take over until they find Shiro
• they hear about prince lotor, but don’t have any information about him, so Allura and the blade of mamora are planning on sending in an undercover operative to have intel on him.
•lance accidentally walks in on the meeting, and over hears them talking about it.
• lance volunteers to go, thinking that this could be his chance to be able to lift his weight and not feel so much as the 7th wheel.
• Allura is not amused, refusing to send Lance in, cause she does care for him on some level, not that he knows this
• but Lance makes some really good points that it’s not exactly a secret that Lance and Keith don’t get along, that if Lance were to make a big enough argument with Keith, that it could get the Galra to be interested in trying to recruit him
• Allura concedes, cause it’s the best plan that she’s heard through the entire meeting. But she only lets him go on one condition: once they find Shiro, Lance has to come back as soon as possible.
•they all agree that the team shouldn’t know about the plan until after Lance has successfully infiltrated the Galra.
• the plan works great. And Lance is successfully apart of the Galra. And lotor is especially interested in Lance, which is good for the mission, not for Lance though.
•ALOT of creepy one-sided flirting. Lance promises to himself to apologize to Allura for all of his incessant flirting.
•bad news, is the team takes it HARD. First the lost Shiro and now Lance!
• hunk is just begging whatever god are out there that this is just some sort of nightmare and that he’ll wake up from it at any moment. He still believes that Lance will come back to the team.
• Pidge is pretty upset, and thinks that if they got Shiro back, then maybe he can talk some sense into Lance and bring him back.
•Keith is LIVID. He can’t believe that Lance betrayed them, that he had said all those things about him, and just turn his back on the team. Keith believes that Lance has completely turned his back on them, that he isn’t coming back.
• Allura can’t figure out how to tell the team that Lance didn’t actually betray them.
• fast forward to a week or two after the ‘betrayal’ they face off against lotor again, and lance as well.
• somehow Lance and Keith are fighting on a catwalk, about 5-6 stories high. And Keith isn’t holding back. He goes on and on about how lance is a traitor, and how he didn’t deserve to be apart of Voltron
• it definitely hurts lance, but lance has pretty much figured out that Allura hasn’t been able to tell the team yet. But he can’t tell Keith, or else his cover is blown.
•Keith takes swing at lance with his bayard, and puts a huge gash in his face.
• Keith kicks lance into the railing, only for it and lance to fall. But lance is able to catch himself barely on the catwalk, but his hand is too slippery, cover in his blood.
•lance calls for Keith, to help him. Lance knows Keith would let him fall.
•Keith lets him fall.
•it’s either, Keith was in a sort of angry frenzy that he didn’t realize lance was calling for him until it was too late, or something else.
•either way, Keith is sure that Lance is dead, and leaves. Not able to look at the dead body.
•but lance isn’t dead. He’s close to it, but not there yet.
•Lotor finds him and has haggar save his life. Of course, lance doesn’t come out of it whole.
• he had to have his complete spine replaced with one of haggar’s prosthetics. He has a scar on his face from Keith, and his arm had to be replaced as well. But he’s alive.
• to say that Allura is relieved when she gets communication from Lance is an understatement. Especially after Keith told them all that Lance was dead.
• lance still sends information and warnings about certain attacks and plans that the Galra have for months.
• then finally the others find Shiro, and Allura is so glad because that means that not only is Shiro back, but that Lance will come back as well.
• Lance sneaks back on to the castle during a battle between Lotor and the team. (Carrying a flash drive with as much information about lotor and the Galra as it can hold)
• Allura calls a retreat and the other paladins go to the bridge once they have successfully wormholed out of there. You can definitely say that they are surprised to see her talking to some random guy who looks a lot like…oh my god it’s Lance!
•you can definitely say that there are some mixed emotions.
•hunk is so happy! He knew it! Lance was alive! He’s back! He’s going to be okay!
•pidge is kind of weary of it. She’s not sure what to think, he might be back, or it might be a trick.
• Shiro is just confused. the others didn’t tell him about Lance ‘betraying’ them, or that they thought he died. He’s just trying to figure out where Lance came from.
• Keith is drawing his bayard and putting himself in between lance and the others, ready to strike.
•of course NOW is when Allura finally tells them all that Lance was undercover and spying on the Galra. Of course their pissed that they didn’t tell them, mostly at Allura cause she was suppose to as soon as Lance was in.
• Keith now feels like he is the biggest screw up in the room, cause he sees the scar on lance’s face. He realizes that he left his friend to die, even if he was under he idea that he betrayed them. He sees how lance’s eyes go stone cold when he looks at him. He knows that he lost Lance’s trust.

Spins, Explained

So, as a follow-up to my previous layman’s guide on jump identification, this time, let us try to make sense of all the different types of figure skating spins.

Now, before we start, not to discourage you or anything, but keep in mind that spin is a topic more complicated than you might think, mostly because spins can come in endless flavors and weird naming conventions and skaters constantly invent new ways to mix and match. Another note is that this post will cover spins in single skating only - I don’t watch enough pairs and ice dance to have proper knowledge on their spins.

A couple of terms you will want to understand when it comes to spins:

Position refers to the way the skater holds their body while spinning. There are 3 basic positions, each of which comes in many different variations, in other words, different movements of the skater’s body while holding to the general shape of the basic position.

Level refers to the difficulty of the spins. There are 5 levels in total: B (no level) and Level 1 to 4. 

Level feature is how the spin levels are determined. One feature = one level, so a spin must have 4 features counted in order to be a Level 4. The ISU defines, in total, 13 different types of features a spin can have, any 4 of these in a spin will make it a level 4. Well, don’t sweat, this is just general information. We are most definitely not getting into all the technical details of all these features today. Layman’s guide, remember?  

Incidentally, it’s worth pointing out that Level and Grade of Execution (GOE) are independent, as I’ve seen some new fans confusing the two. Level reflects how difficult the spin is, while GOE is about how well it is executed. Think of it this way, the equivalence of level for a jump is the number of rotations, whether it’s a single, double, triple, or a quad. Jump of any rotations and spins of any level can be awarded GOE ranging from -3 to +3 and this has no direct correlation with the number of rotations/number of level features.   

With that, let’s move on to look at the 3 basic spin positions and some of their more popular variations.

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I remember one time one of my friends tried to tell me that Amedot is fanservice and I just.

An average Steven Universe episode takes over 9 months to create. They do not churn these episodes out automatically week by week.

By the time Warp Tour aired, Too Far was already in production. Amedot being fanservice is literally impossible. 

Amedot was a legitimate decision made by the crew. 

Otherwise, the episode wouldn’t have turned the way it did, but it would’ve turned out more like Beta, an ACTUAL episode with fanservice (because L4p1d07 was an existing ship by the time the episode began production and Zuke themself was a L4p1d07 shipper).

Plus, Rebecca Sugar herself did storyboards on Too Far.

Amedot was a legitimate decision made by the crew. It was not fanservice. It was entirely intentional.


Who do you think the real enemy is?

This has been a question a lot of us Erwin fans have been asking since this latest chapter. It’s made this scene quite heart-wrenching in retrospect. 

I have more thoughts about this particular question in regards to this chapter that I can’t fit into this post, so I’ll save it for a separate text post.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I have a question- I hate to bother you but, I'm a completely self-taught writer but haven't written in months. So there's a lot I don't know. I have a really tough time with descriptions and sentence structure and choppiness of sentences and the flow of sentences and descriptions. Do you think you could help me?


Here’s a post on describing emotions, here’s a post on describing characters, and here’s a post about deciding what to describe and how much to describe. As for the flow of things, you have to find that rhythm in your head – everyone’s is different, and that’s what makes up your style. For example, Hemingway often wrote in a series of choppy, simple-structure sentences, and that is now known as his style. To start you off, here’s a post about when to change paragraphs (image) – to it I would add “when there’s a certain detail that you want the audience to notice or remember later”, and “when a character’s attitude shifts in the middle of dialogue” (for example, if a character is ranting about something, then runs his hands over his face, takes a breath, and continues in a calmer tone of voice).

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

anonymous asked:

How do you know which question to post and answer? Cause I'm pretty sure you don't answer EVERY question sent to you. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH QUESTIONS ARE WORTHY!?!

Hahaha, you’re very right, I don’t answer every question sent to me ^_^; Or else I’d probably annoy quite a lot of folks who are mostly here to just read the comic!

I try to answer as many as I can, whenever appropriate and whenever relevant! Sometimes if something unique or unusual or something a lot of people have missed but is important has been pointed out, I’ll make it a priority to post/answer those. Just to point people in the right direction ;) Otherwise I like to answer a handful a day to not annoy people but to also keep the blog active between updates, fanart reblogs, and my silly drawings. It’s all about balance!

I know there are some comments that I want to refer to later on, and some that I want to organize and try to answer in bulk. I get a lot of awesome theories too, and I haven’t quite figured out a good system to post/answer those just yet (still considering the second blog idea!). However, a LOT of what’s in my inbox are questions/comments that I can’t answer, because giving any response (even a response like ‘that’s a spoiler’ or ‘I can’t answer that’ or ‘that’ll be answered later’) could be a potential spoiler. And I’m very secretive, haha, so I think it’d be best to just leave all of ya’ll in the dark about most things until you see for yourselves if your question was answered :P

Just know that if you don’t see your comment/question answered, I promise that I’ve seen it (I’m a very nosy potato) and if it’s plot related there’s a chance that maybe I’ll refer to it later. You never know~

anonymous asked:

I'm genuinely confused by what your posts mean. I think I'm missing something. Can you please explain?

alright see in the future pls just be more specific about what you’re confused about because i make a lot of posts usually in rapid succession that cover like a lotta ground but like i’ll just summarize my whole stance the best i can:

piper is quite obviously written to be straight. rick has characters who aren’t straight and we know this because they say so, and piper is not one of them. piper discusses no discomfort or questioning of her sexuality, piper is written to be very happy with her boyfriend. she is written as a straight character.

now, quite a few of us agree that while piper might be intended to be straight, she really….doesn’t come across this way, at all. she’s got a fuckton of subtext with annabeth. a fair few people think j*siper is questionable. she’s rebellious and intentionally alternative in fashion/dress/style in a way that many lgbt are irl. her sexuality pretty much banks entirely on her relationship with jason, and like i said, there’s plenty of room to question their relationship.

so, you can headcanon her as bi, or a lesbian, or even straight if you really want to, and it won’t be wrong and it won’t be erasure bc piper is literally written to be straight. straight characters are in zero danger of being underrepresented, and so there’s no need to police how people choose to interpret her sexuality. if you see piper as bi, that’s cool, especially if you see your own experiences reflected in her! but the problem comes when people start telling lesbians that they are NOT allowed to see their experiences in piper. you’re forbidden from reading piper as a lesbian because that’s bisexual erasure, when it’s quite plainly not bisexual erasure, since piper isn’t written as bi.

like, she’s a botched “straight” character. it’s impossible for headcanons about her sexuality to be erasure.

which is why i said this:

if y'all could please fucking stop confusing “do we actually have sufficient proof that this female character has real and genuine feelings for this male character or did we just fill in the blanks for insufficient writing bc we’ve been conditioned to see het romance even when it’s not really there” with “we don’t care that this female character is attracted to men” that would be [great] 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

saying “piper’s attraction to jason is questionable bc compulsory heterosexuality is a bitch that makes things a lot more complicated than just dating someone of the opposite gender” is one thing. saying “we don’t care that piper is attracted to jason and it’s okay for us to ignore that” is quite another. people keep treating them like they’re the same thing. they’re not.

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hi arc can i ask a question that seems a bit silly even as i write it? how do you keep being so brave about your fanwork? i used to post a lot of fic when i was younger before all the like holier than thou purity politics stuff happened. but the purity politics stuff sort of... made me scared to interact with fandom? like i want to write and post the fics i have ideas for but i'm SCARED and i don't really know how to?? stop being scared i guess? idk i can't really get my thoughts down now sorry

(scared anon) i just guess i was wondering if you had any advice on like pushing past that fear and just doing fanwork without being scared of how people might react?

Oh, honey.

Christ, lemme think about it….

1. I flat out do not follow any “main” tags. In RT, I never followed #ragehappy. In Borderlands, I never followed #rhack or anything. In HS, I don’t follow any ship tag. So I literally do not see most negativity. This is helpful because people like being dicks in tags and to put their shitty vagueblogging in there, but are often too fucking cowardly to come at you personally.

90% of the time, my awareness that people resent me for having “””impure””” popular fics comes from friends giving me a heads up that someone is talking shit. And when they do, I block that person.

2. Relevant to the above: It took me a long time to understand that people resent my fics being popular, not their actual subject matter. It’s a jealousy thing. I have written some filth that never got really popular, and no one gave a shit. It’s only when I start getting a lot of comments and kudos that suddenly I’m the Great Satan. Keeping in mind that bitches be jealous super helps.

Most recent example: people didn’t start to talk shit about ASAFAF until I started to see fanart based on the story. C’mon.

3. I genuinely believe in the diversity of stories we tell. Like, gushing gold is a great example of a fic I deeply enjoyed writing and sharing, but that I also knew was not for everyone. But it was for some people.

When you are writing a subject matter that you are passionate about, understand that other people are going to be passionate about it too. There are people who need difficult or uncomfortable stories told to affirm they aren’t alone, to help work through rare subject matter, to just enjoy in a world that doesn’t offer them much media.

No story is for everyone, but every story is for someone. Take pride in that.

4. No, really. Block people. Block anyone who makes you uncomfortable, and never look back.

I know it’s apparently a Thing, to block someone, then check in on them? I don’t do this. Once someone is blocked, they no longer exist in my universe.

5. Avoid younger fans. This obviously applies to older fen like me, but broadly speaking, this purity politics culture comes from younger fans attacking older fans, and a lack of understanding that Fandom is a place for a wide group of people with disparate experiences and interests.

Not all young fans are part of that, obviously, but… if someone young enjoys my stuff, I’m glad. I hope they like it. But I avoid deep discussion and interaction and attempts to befriend me, because I am 27 years old and write porn on the internet and shouldn’t be talking to young folks. If anyone doesn’t understand the logic of that, for my protection and for theirs, that is genuinely not my problem and I’m sure they’ll figure it out later.

Boundaries: they are important for adults as much as kids. Enforce them.

6. …

A lot of it is that I’ve been in fandom for over half my life now. I’ve seen a lot of shit. I’ve been through a lot of shit. (Anyone remember that pissant who tried to report me to the government because I told them to stop harassing me after +6 months of bullshit? lol) I’ve had great fandom experiences and I’ve had ones I would love to hit Undo on.

There are amazing people in fandom and there are fucking hilariously awful shitheads in fandom. The majority of people are decent, and they enjoy what I do, and if you start making content and sharing it, you will find people who enjoy what you do. There are people who follow me who shoot me out of the blue supportive Asks on bad days, who read my fic even when they don’t know the source material, who encouraged me to write my book and then bought the damn thing.

The purity police are scary, abusive fuckers. But they are not the majority, and the less you interact with them, the less they can affect you. They want an opponent, they want someone to fight so they can play victim, they want to be the Valiant Warrior Of Purity.

Ignore ‘em. Make them take their boring pedantic morality play elsewhere.

ETA: 7. Don’t fight the purity police and don’t try to convince them or win them over. It literally never works. These are people who are in a bad place and you cannot move them from that place. Only they can, when they grow the fuck up. Don’t do it. You will not win, you will expend energy on people who gobble it up to fuel their shitstirring and vagueblogging, and they will just know they can successfully antagonize you.

Take that annoyance and frustration. Channel it into writing more rad shit. 


I hope this helps at all, anon. Remember, also, that the AO3 is your friend, and you can keep your tumblr and your AO3 a little bit separated. That can help.

anonymous asked:

hi so I was wondering if you could tell me the best way to start off writing fics on tumblr? It feels like I'm asking a stupid question but there's just so many blogs on tumblr and I always feel so silly when I post, and end up taking them down, partly because of the fact that having it sit there gets me anxious and partly because I feel like my writing is... crap. Yeah. Help?

I get this question a lot and I never know what good advice to give because I don’t think there’s something you have to do if you want to post your stories online. If you love writing and you want to share your stories with people, you should post them. Don’t doubt yourself and your writing! 

  • Notes - Don’t worry about notes at all, especially if you’re just starting out. Notes don’t guarantee quality at all. I’ve read great fics with a lot less notes than they deserve, and I’ve read fics I didn’t really like that got a lot of notes. I know it sucks to post something you’ve worked hard on and not get any feedback on it, but everyone started out that way. It’s a lot easier to start if you already have some followers, or if you’re friends with someone who has a lot of followers, or if someone shouts you out. If not, you will have to start from scratch, but if you like writing, you should focus on that and not the notes. I think I’ve said this before, but when I first started writing Sin City, nobody was reading it. I liked the story that I had in my head and I wanted to write it down, even if there were only a couple of people that gave some sort of feedback on it. You just need to keep posting if you like what you’re posting, and try not to worry about the notes too much. A lack of notes doesn’t mean your stories aren’t good! Maybe people still didn’t get a chance to find out about your blog. Also, there’s a lot of people who follow you and read your stories but never give any type of feedback, and I know for a fact there are people who don’t follow you, but read your fics anyway. And when I first got into BTS, I’d read fics even though I didn’t have a Tumblr, so I couldn’t like or reblog anything. Just keep posting your stories and try not to worry about the notes too much.
  • Tagging - It’s really important to properly tag your stuff. If you’re a fic writer, there’s no need for you to tag a Jungkook story with “Yoongi smut” or “Jimin gif”. Personally, when I’m looking for something specific, I hate seeing stuff that doesn’t belong in that tag because it makes it so much harder for me to find what I’m looking for, and I’m definitely not going to click on a Jungkook smut story if I’m out there looking for a specific Jimin gif. The first five tags are the ones that show up in the search, so those are the most important ones. Tag the genre and the members that are involved. 
  • Networks - I don’t know when exactly, but I joined @kwritersnet and it’s  a great network for sharing your stories with people, but also for finding new stories. Since the tags are full of things that don’t belong there, I never go through them. When I look for new stuff to read, I usually scroll through the network tag and I find something new every time. I suggest you try joining that network or a similar one - it’s a good way to meet new people and share your stories with them.
  • Asking other writers to read your stories - I see that a lot of people do this, and I’m conflicted about it. I’ve never felt confident enough to send a story of mine to someone and ask them to read it, but a lot of people have sent me their stories and I didn’t have a problem with that. The thing is, the busier you get, the less time you have for writing, let alone reading. So sometimes, writers won’t really have the time to read your story and you’ll put them in an uncomfortable position if you ask them to read something of yours when they don’t have any free time. I feel horrible when I have to turn people down, especially if I know they read my stories, but I have so many things to do that I can’t even keep up with the fics I’m already reading.
  • Feedback - This might be just me, but I feel like a lot of people on this site expect feedback even though they never actually give it. I’ve had a lot of people message me for the first time saying they love my stories and asking for me to reblog their story or read it or give feedback, which I have no problem with, but I’ve never even seen their urls before which means they never gave any type of feedback to me, whether it be likes, reblogs, asks, messages. I’m not saying you have to give feedback, but if you’re claiming you love someone’s work, why aren’t you giving them any kind of feedback, but expect them to give you some? I feel like some of these messages are just generic messages that get sent to a lot of writers at the same time, and I don’t like being treated like one out of 50 options. Besides, if you’re a writer, you know how much feedback means, even if it’s constructive criticism. If you interact with other writers, you have a better chance of them noticing your stories and checking them out. I’m saying this because I know @noona-la-la-la, for example, found my blog because I reblogged a story of hers and gave feedback in the tags. I found a lot writers that way too since I always check the tags on my stories. 
  • If you follow me, you can always send me a link to your story and I’ll add it to my stories to read post :)

Good luck !! :)

Marriage: What the Fuck Does It Mean and How the Hell Will I Know If I'm Ready?

We’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about marriage and since The Sudden Adult and I have never been married (to each other or otherwise), I reached out to my good friend, The Northwest Adult, and asked her to write a post for me. So here is our first guest post! This is so exciting. Everything behind the cut is written by The Northwest Adult.

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anonymous asked:

Meihem Anon here-- Just wanted to say I'm actually really happy with how you responded to my earlier question! You were really respectful and that genuinely meant a lot to me since your artwork is one of the things that helped me get deeper into the Overwatch fandom and I'm trying to gain courage to post my shipping art it's just nice to know that there can be acceptance from someone I look up to even if we don't always see eye to eye in shippings! Thank you so much! ;w;/

aw omg hi!! this made me really happy to read omg :’’) i just want everyone to get along!! i hope you can post your stuff without worry, it sucks how awful some people are to others just cause they dont like their ship. like sure there are genuinely awful ones that shouldnt be done but unless its HORRIble like live n let live dang. but you are welcome!! <33

bookworm773  asked:

Since you were just talking about enrichment, I have a question for domestic pet enrichment. I am living in a dorm room with a cat, my comfort animal. He's 3, very sweet and cuddly, but he only likes to play if I directly engage with him. I am a college student, so though I give him as much time as I can, I know he needs more interesting things to do. We are harness training, but again, he needs stuff to engage with when I'm working. What sort of things can I do?(He's not very motivated by food)

Hi! I’m glad you’re interested in providing your kitty with more types of enrichment. I’ve actually answered this question a whole bunch of times, so please search ‘cat enrichment’ in the sidebar of the blog to pull up all of the posts related to it - there’s lots in there, since each post generally ends up with lots of addition ideas in the notes. 

anonymous asked:

There's this post comparing ACOTAR to Sailor Moon. Though I've never seen the show myself, there seems to be a lot of similarities/parallels between the two. Forgive me for the idiotic questions but I'm genuinely confused. I know that no work is 100% original but is it okay to take inspiration from something that your work ends up being incredibly similar to the original? As a writer, where do you draw the line? Thought you'd be the best person to ask, since you work with fairytales. Thanks!

This is interesting! I haven’t seen the post in question, nor am I very familiar with Sailor Moon, so I can’t comment on this particular instance. But I can take a stab at your more general question, which is a really good one!

So yes, you’re right that no work is 100% original, but there’s also an understanding that you’re putting in your best effort to tell your own story as a writer. No one can prove definitively whether or not a writer has seen/read any other media (unless they’ve directly spoken about it before), so it can be a slippery slope saying a writer’s story is “too similar” to other media. The more recent the other media is, the worse the problem gets. I tend to err on the side of caution–I didn’t read Shatter Me for literal years because Juliette Ferrars and Pomona, my protagonist in Unrooted, have a similar condition preventing them from touching people. It wasn’t until I had Pomona totally nailed down that I felt comfortable reading Shatter Me. I am still careful with what I read if I know my books will be covering similar themes (incidentally, this is also why authors do not/cannot read fanfiction). 

Stories are comprised of segments, motifs, tropes, etc. These make storytelling a little easier. It’s not wrong to use them, and I wouldn’t get too afraid of seeing stories you like that are similar. Don’t be afraid that one creator is “copying” something else, because it could very well be a coincidence. There are times when it isn’t, of course, and that’s never good, but it’s far too easy to hold up any two pieces of media and say one inspired the other when it’s simply not true. 

As far as working with fairy tales goes, I have a bit more flexibility because these stories are meant to be repeated, and no one owns them. Fairy tales have bled into our broader understanding of storytelling, so there’s an even higher chance of that false equivalency popping up. Now, if I’m retelling Beauty and the Beast and include a talking candlestick, I’m gonna be in big trouble because that is clearly a Disney addition to the story. But Disney included Belle as a bookworm with an incredible library decades after Robin McKinley did the same thing in her book Beauty. Perhaps they were paying homage, since McKinley helped kick-start the retelling trend, but perhaps it was also a coincidence. There’s simply not enough to go on to come to any conclusions, and unfortunately this is a downside of any creative endeavor.

[blinks] I’m listening to Jake answer questions on this MultiplicityAndMe channel and he said something about “Jess only sees her memories in third person”

then I sat there thinking, ‘wait…………… that’s not normal…? since when?’

Made a blog just for my OCs, so from now on i will post art of them and answer on questions there ^-^

30 Question Tag

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

I was tagged by the literal ray of sunshine: @pastelminhyuks

1. Nicknames: Jazz (My actual name is Jasmine. It actually took me a while to like this nickname, but a friend called me it so often that I grew to like it SOoo)

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Leo (but I can literally never #relate to my sign posts)

4. Height: 5′3    :’  )

5. Time: 8:40 pm

6. Birthday: Aug 21

7. Favorite bands: BLOCK B, Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Sistar (rip), Monsta X, The Oral Cigarettes (yea, that’s their actual name), AKMU

8. Favorite solo artists: “Insert every Block B member name here”, Dean,     Lee Hi, Gallant, Bruno Mars, Beyonce

9. Song stuck in my head: ‘Artist’ by Zico

10. Last movie watched: Okja (I’M STILL EMOTIONALLY SCARRED)

11. Last show watched: Durarara!! X2

12. When did i create my blog: June 13, 2013 (wow)

13. What do i post: mainly Block B and a ton of shit posts, I reblog anything with a dog in it and occasionally things from other fandoms

14. Last thing googled: “how to find out when you made your tumblr” lol :/

15. do you have other blogs: yea, I use it to reblog unrelated-block b things for myself

16. Do you get asks: occasionally, and I’m really happy when I do!

17. Why did u choose your url: literally all I could come up with at the moment

18. Following: 179 lovelies

19. Followers: 1,301 (Took me a moment to take in that number. I really don’t deserve all of you.)

20. Favorite colors: it’s been blue these days

21. Average hours of sleep: 5-7

22. Lucky number: I have no luck there is no number

23. Instruments: n/a

24. What am I wearing: a regular t-shirt and shorts ._.

25. How many blankets I sleep with: one, my room gets really hot haaaha

26. Dream job: graphic designer

27. Dream trip: hawaii with dorm trio (taeil, jaehyo, kyung)… lmao

28. Favorite food: Loma Saltado (a peruvian dish that will change your life)

29. Nationality: Mexican/Peruvian American (mixed kids ftw)

30. Favorite song now: WE ARE WE ARE WE ARTISTS BABY

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PTA Sans AU General Info / Parentale

So this is what I’ve gathered while surfing down the PTA Sans tag: (definition of a PTA at the very bottom!)

EDIT: This was written before the term Parentale was a thing, so whenever you see PTA Sans, it’s the same thing as the Parentale AU.

Sans absolutely takes no shit from anyone. He only started going to the meetings in the first place because Toriel asked him to and since Linda is his neighbor (who he absolutely hates for good reason) brags about being such a great parent. Sans quickly dominates all conversations with quick one liners and exhausts everyone with his excessive amounts of puns. No one else in the meeting (who is not Gloria, Helen, or Linda) dare to get in between Sans and whoever pissed him off this time on pain of death. So in essence, they learn to back off pretty quickly. Sans is especially irritated on the topics of vaccines, allergies, ableism, transphobia, racism, general stupidity, and misgendering Frisk (they/them). Oddly enough, xenophobia is not an issue in this AU. Another popular facet of Sans is that he has a doctorate in Physics even though he’s 16, and rubs it in the other PTA mom’s faces when they (Linda) try to brag about their husband’s job.

(While Sans is still lazy, all he really does is fight with Linda, make constant passive-aggressive attacks on stupid parents because Toriel told him not to fight them instead. The only time he actually gets up is for the PTA meetings and beating Linda in every way possible)

Mettaton (or in this AU, is frequently called Mettamom), doesn’t actively participate in the PTA meetings himself but usually actively plays a part in fundraising for things like the arts, music, and theater. Whenever Sans gets too tired of *coughLinda'scough* bullshit, he calls in Mettaton as back up. Mettaton then proceeds to beat sense into the stupid suburban soccer moms. Also, if anybody insults Frisk in anyway, he will be charging through walls.

Toriel is a teacher, and thus not allowed in the PTA meetings. This is why she convinced Sans to go in the first place. Toriel is the kid’s beloved teacher and gets really concerned about the children’s parents. If she hears a racist, transphobic, etc. comment from a parent, she’s slit between taking the children as her own and calling Sans. Of course she denies her involvement with the PTA meetings, but if Sans is particularly passive-aggressive to them, who knows how that happens. Toriel is Sans’ inside information source about what’s actually going on in the school and he takes full advantage of that.

Papyrus is the lunch lady who makes spaghetti everyday, hair net, apron and everything. Linda tried making a pass on his cooking once and when Sans found out… well let’s just say she made a huge mistake.

(While there isn’t much about Papyrus in this AU that’ve I’ve found, I’d like to think that there have been frequent complaints about the children having spaghetti every single day. Since the whole council agrees that there should be some variation, Sans is the one who is chosen to talk to him about it. Sans being the best brother that he is, informs Papyrus about the decision and gives him a loophole. The next week, Papyrus serves a multitude of type of spaghetti. Sans sits there in the next meeting with a smug grin.)

Soccer Mom Undyne!! So even though we all know that Sans is supportive, he can’t go to everything and the others start filling up the holes to ensure Frisk’s utter happiness and support. Since Undyne is more of an active person, she wasn’t allowed in the PTA meetings due to violent tendencies. Instead she and Alphys decided on taking Frisk out on their soccer meet ups. Undyne loudly cheers in the stands and frequently threatens to beat up the referee for a bad call (and may just do it if it weren’t for Alphys). She and Alphys take up the responsibility for bringing in the half-time treats and snacks. Undyne particularly makes sure that the kids are hydrated as well. Alphys tends to be more quiet, but while Undyne is off yelling at the stupidity of the soccer moms, she takes Frisk to the side and softly encourages them. Alphys also wanted to do something else other then snacks, so she decided to make banners and posters for the soccer team (and particularly Frisk).

Napstablook (Blooky) doesn’t show up much, but whenever there’s a dance, Sans tries to make them be the DJ.

Asgore doesn’t show up much either, but Toriel gets concerned about how Sans is really dealing with the meetings and employs him to find out. He sits in on some meetings and just watches the chaos ensue. He doesn’t report anything negative to Toriel.

Muffet is sometimes called on to help with the annual bake sale fundraiser.

Burgerpants is the underpaid substitute teacher that every one messes with and generally gives hell to.

Gaster shows up once when Sans is unable to attend a meeting, and suspiciously no one else can either. By the end of the meeting, he’s somehow managed to tame and resolve all of the ridiculous issues that have sprung up (not even) overnight. After the meeting, he somewhat starts to act like a suburban mom for a while.

Gloria is an OC created by the fandom who originally made brownies with nuts in them and got severely told off my Sans due to kids with allergies. After that, she just has drinking problems but is fine. She learned her lesson.

Helen, the substitute for Linda, is not as bad as Linda but still pretty fucking annoying. FIGHT ME HELEN. She’s the typically white suburban house wife who is ignorant as hell.

Linda. Fucking Linda. She’s the main antagonist of this AU and if anything goes wrong it’s her fault. She makes racists, transphobic, homophobic comments and doesn’t see her own ignorance. She believes that kids getting vaccines leads to autism, which makes Sans argue on both points that no that’s stupid, and being autistic isn’t a disease or even a bad thing at all. Her husband may or may not be having an affair, but he does run a Facebook group in one version. Linda just so happens to be Sans and Frisk’s neighbor, which gives Sans an easier time in antagonizing her back. Basically, Linda’s a bitch and can go to hell. (Apologies to all Linda’s out there, I did not come up with the names).

Other things: I believe that Sans, Toriel, Frisk, and Papyrus all live together in the house. Which is great because this fits a lot of the other family AUs out there.

((Frisk just really wants everyone to stop embarrassing them even though it fills them with DETERMINATION… they also may or may not flirt with the teachers whenever they get a bad grade…))

I’ve seen a lot of questions out there about what a PTA is, and it stands for Parent Teacher Association. This means that school children’s parents will get together and help schools fundraise or generally try to make beneficial changes to the school (whether it’s actually beneficial or not is the real question). In these meetings, there’s always that one or two Linda’s or Helen’s there that makes general existence more horrid than it should.

anonymous asked:

I have a friend with BPD and most articles I find for loved ones of people w/BPD are ableist as fuck. Do you have any resources for helping a friend that don't demonize BPD? Sorry if this question's been asked before, I'm a neurodivergent person with low cognitive empathy and rely on Internet articles and advice to figure out how to comfort people.

Yes unfortunately a lot of articles do demonize it. This article from mind.org.uk is the only one I know of that does a decent job, but there’s a good amount of posts about this that I think would be helpful! These are written by people with BPD.

This also goes for other mental illnesses, but basically try to be educated about the disorder and non-judgemental. Consistent communication is a big thing, especially for BPD. I hope this helped!


anonymous asked:

Hey there! I have been drawing since I was 12 (I'm 18 now) and I am just starting out now posting my things on social media, honestly I am quite nervous and I don't know exactly how this all works, I don't know how to get people to see my artwork? Do you have any advice for a noob like me? I would really appreciate it!

Okay, this is going to get really long, so I’ll put all the extra info under a Read More post because!! I have a lot of things to say about this topic bc I get this question a lot, and I know that I would want to know all this stuff when I started out on social media too!

but to answer your question:

First off, JUST POST! My advice? Post the great ones, the good ones, the average ones, and even the bad ones. Think of social media as kind of your art diary? If anything, be active for your own sake! Don’t do it for the likes/reblogs/etc., you’ll end up spending a lot of time selecting the very best of your art which is not really all that helpful if you’re trying to just trying to have a good time.

Make friends! Comment on other people’s art, send nice messages, relate to their experiences in a respectful manner. Just like in real life, people are drawn to those they like, so be real with yourself! Present yourself honestly but w/ courtesy to the other person. It’s just like making friends, except it’s online c:

Be active! Having long stretches of time w/ no new art/posts (coughmyowntumblr) isn’t going to help you reach people, so post in a semi-regular fashion (once every couple days or so, even a week is fine imo)

Tag your art! This is kind only relevant on Tumblr since this website is v dependent on the tagging system in place here, but you can apply this anywhere that this is applicable! Especially if its fanart, tagging your work is really helpful, since places like Tumblr don’t have explore pages, and what’s on your dash is depends on who you follow.

More advice on just social media in general below// 

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Hi :) I have a question,.i've just seen ur post where u say people r asking u to leave joss whedon alone. I'm sorry, im just curious becaue idk much about the subject but I thought joss whedon was like, a nice guy, a feminist and all that. Recently tho, ive seen lots of posts that are insulting him, but idk why exactly. Mostly i just want to know ur opinion on the matter because im a bit confused, thanks :)

…stop with the :), it’s hard to take you seriously.

A lot of people say they’re feminists, use all the right terminology and then just fucking fall on their faces because they don’t actually follow the ideology.

[Like, as you will notice if you go into human services, you will find many abusers learn the right words to say to get out of situations or gaslight their victims. The trick is knowing when they’re actually full of shit.
Like how fuckboys are now asking for nudes, but putting it under the flag of feminism by claiming not sending them nudes is ‘like, misogyny’ and they should be proud to send them feminist nudes.

Knowing the lingo does not constitute being something.]


Joss Whedon is pulling a Moffat, he is God of Marvel in his own mind.

Here are the original posts about it.

Although, if you have not yet watched Avengers: Age of Ultron, then you should know they are 100% not spoiler free, and more like spoiler-full.


1) Original Issues with A:AOU and it’s portrayal of females

2) Additional Point That Should Make You Angry as Fuck

3) The problem with Apolo-Joss-ts


In short, he’s being quite sexist, misogynistic, and blatantly problematic… 

But he’s got fans runnin in to defend him left and right in a way that eeriy feels like when Chris Brown beat Rhianna, or when Justin Bieber did all that shit he did… 

Rather than accept that these are issues, and call him out on them (it is only through criticism that you can change), they apologise and say ‘but he wrote buffy? and firefly? what is wrong with you?’

Well great he did a vaguely-alright thing in the past (and you should hear some hella racist comments he made about the females of Firefly, btw, especially Summer Glau). Let’s excuse everything he ever does from now on…


The movies are fanfiction. His fanfiction.

And you know the most important thing about fanfiction?

Reviews, Critics, comments… the ones that say, “I see what you were going for, and I liked this bit (x, y, z) But you sincerely fucked up (k, p, l), and here’s how you can fix it…” 

If someone’s writing shitty fiction (eg My Immortal) and you heap undeserved praise on it, then they continue writing shit like My Immortal. There is never any improvement whatsoever.

You can’t improve if you continue thinking nothing is wrong, and you are god.

[It’s why I can’t watch Doctor Who anymore, because Moffat just… the writing of Clara and the interactions with her is downright terrible. I’d need a whole other post to talk about it… because his writing of women is either ‘weepy lovesick doctor lovers who can’t do shit for themselves’ or ‘badass chick who falls over herself to get the doctor’s attention’, and ugh. 
We need Donna or Martha back… because they took no shit.


Joss is there.

He fucking wrote Agents of SHIELD but wants to pretend Coulson still being alive isn’t canon. He wants to pretend 90% of the MCU isn’t canon so only his work is… his fanfiction…

He still writes Tony as Pre-Iron Man 3, when he was still an arrogant dick (and not the epiphany-having Tony who realised he fucked up).

He took Black Widow ‘his favourite’, and just… pissed on her.

Literally write in an incorrect non-canon ship with no foreshadowing, no lead-up, no anything… JUST to (SPOILER) make angsty silly-girl-in-love pain for Natasha. And the Goddamn MONSTER comment, oh m god, I could throttle him…

As someone on tumblr once said, Use the KISS Rule when writing relationships.
If they have to kiss for you to realise they are in love… then you wrote it wrong.

He took Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and made it a creepy twindependence thing that left you questioning if this was more than siblings, given her complete inability to think or exist without him.

He completely whitewashed Wanda and Pietro, gave them weird accents… took two canonically Jewish kids and made them NAZI-SYMPATHISERS.
Despite their father, Magneto, being a holocaust survivor, a child tortured in the concentration camps… 

He took Hawkeye, and just went ‘fuck canon, have a family, no homo’.
And didn’t even bother to give them the Dog.
[Probably in response to the Hawkeye Initiative…]

We’ll never get Bi-Cap at this rate. Unless the Russo Brothers are ore LGBPTAce inclined… 

He wrote Cap weirdly, and washed any chance of Falcon being in the movie, out (he’s an avenger ffs, why not?)

He couldn’t even have been bothered to get Pepper Potts or Jane Foster into the movie (two highly successful female characters), even for a cameo… and made them both into a pseudo ‘mine’s bigger/better than yours’ comp/joke.


Joss is to the Avengers, as [whoever directed that disastrous The Dark Knight Triology] is to Batman.

Ignored canon. Didn’t even bother to research the characters, their storylines, how everything usually plays out. That’s lazy.

That’s like someone coming in and writing a Harry Potter spinoff where-… no, I’m thinking of My Immortal again. Imagine if the writer of that wanted to pretend the original books were not canon, but their fanfic was…
‘Nothing is canon but my work, look at it, love it, you have no other choice’.

It’s that arrogance that’s killing the fun of it… 

…such high hopes, and he ruined it.