i know i'm ocd

3x23: Insatiable ”maybe you don’t need to hear it, but I need to know that I said it. I love you, I’m proud of you, I’m proud of us.” 

So someone has been in my room. I know because the lights were left on but I always turn them off, my face cloth had been moved, my shower curtain had been moved and one of the hooks that keep it on has come off.

Staff/security were doing room checks yesterday and today, but I was present for my check yesterday. Maybe they did a secondary check today, I’m just scared and confused because I don’t understand why staff would leave the lights on or break my shower curtain.

Whilst staff having touched and broken my stuff is still very upsetting, I really hope it was them because the idea of anyone else getting into my room and touching my stuff but with no intent to steal anything, because nothing is gone, is terrifying.


Kim Jiwon: Veil Nebula NGC6960, Ultraviolent Cygnus Loop, Sagittarrius constellation. 1470 light years from Earth.

Kim Hanbin: Horsehead Nebula of Orion, Ultraviolet Cygnus Loop, Libra constellation. 1500 light years from Earth.

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Hey, I know you talked a little bit about your OCD and I was just wondering if you could elaborate on your symptoms and what it's like for you? I have OCD as well, and it's nice to know that I'm not alone lol

I’ve gone through a lot of different compulsions. When I was younger I used to look out my window until I fell asleep because I was obsessed with the thought of someone breaking into my room. I’ve also had issues in conversation with asking someone to repeat themselves over and over again even when I know what they said/it’s irrelevant. When I’m listening to music on my phone I will have to pause it at a certain note or before a certain word in the lyrics. I also pause and rewind a lot when watching TV or movies to rewatch a random scene I don’t actually care about. When I’m walking I will have to touch certain poles or walk a certain way around a building. Many times those will also be paired with pinching parts of my body for missing something, or lightly punching myself to relieve the anxiety tha builds all at once. I’ve also recently developed a tic with my neck that has become really difficult to manage. Sometimes there is a specific reason I am telling myself to do these things (protecting family, etc) and sometimes it’s just a broader feeling of random necessity.
I’m sorry to here you are going through some of it as well. I wish the best for you and I hope that hearing some of my things could make you feel a little more comfortable. Love ya.

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hey so i know you have ocd and adhd and i'm currently diagnosed with ocd and thinking i might have adhd but it's very hard to tell and i don't know if my possible symptoms are in fact just ocd things and I'm just curious what your experience is with how they overlap? my current therapist is very anti self dx and has completely dismissed me and i just need somewhere to find some ok information i also just feel like a lying asshole if i don't actually have adhd sorry if this is a lot thx in advanc

-Intrusive Thoughts
-Sudden flashes of violent or disturbing imagery in your mind.
-Immidiately comming up with Every Possible Way Something Could Go Wrong

-Switching from being able focus on something for literal hours to not being able to focus at all.
-Having to read paragraphs is literal hell.
-Always multitasking when having a 1 on 1 conversation on Skype or over text
-Feeling like you always have to be doing /something/.


today’s gmm covers some pretty important stuff, and i cannot stress enough how much i think you need to watch it.

Wanna See a Movie with Me?

Then please abide by the following rules:

1) We must arrive with enough time so that we are seated once the previews start. I almost like the previews as much as the movie itself, so I do not treat them as leeway for arriving late.

2) Talking is permissible during previews, but once the movie starts, I only want you to talk to me if the theater starts burning down, and I haven’t noticed.

3) You MAY communicate through nonverbal means, i.e. turning to me and widening your eyes, or tapping on my shoulder, or laughing and then turning to me, etc. 

4) During the movie, do not put your arm around me or cuddle with me and DEFINITELY do not kiss me, unless the movie is terrible and the only solution is to make out.

5) Do not judge me for the amount of candy, popcorn or pop I will inevitably consume over the course of the movie. Calories consumed inside of a movie theater do not count.

Thank you.

140826 4 Things Show - Zico's current state
  • Zico: The person I know? I'm not sure. If I have OCD, I think it's more so applied to myself. (Picks up item) For example, if this is me, I would set it down and if dust starts to pile, then I'll dust it off. I keep playing with it, observing it, and disassembling it in wanting to upgrade myself.
  • Psychologist: Your results are out. Judging by your brain activity when you need to use it and seeing if it's properly balanced, your brain can't rest, seeing as your score for your brain relaxation is 21. A normal person's brain relaxation score is 30 or more so you're lacking in this area.
  • Zico: I can't fall asleep right away. For about an hour and half in bed, thoughts will be running through my mind. There are even times when I forget my lyrics that I know on stage. Even if I have sung it a ton of times, I'll forget it when I get on stage; I constantly keep thinking of other things. Weird thoughts keep running through my mind in midst of performing. Looking back on it, I think my brain's hardware is just at a state of outputting and nothing is being put in. My brain is like a motor, constantly at a state of running and running. It too needs a cooling off period but because it's been running continually, the motor's become overheated and it's now at the brink of exploding. For the first time ever, I felt like I really needed to rest.