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I'm an emotional wuss & I know this won't be gotten to for a long time but I don't care: GARASHIR PROMPT, sequel (AU, unofficial sequel or whatever, idc) to 'Final Letter' where by some blessing of the universe, Julian gets the damn letter early by accident (I don't care how), gets his damn shit together, comes to Cardassia and saves his stupid, self-sacrificial, lizard boyfriend and they get together FINALLY. *cries some more*

I’ll write it now. I thought of a decent idea and I need to warm up before I get into my original work today. Plus the letter is still fresh on everyone’s mind and I believe all the other prompts I have are for new content. This will be the only time I just ahead like this.

In truth, I was okay with the letter standing alone. I’m not a fan of making everything a happy ending. While I enjoyed writing this, it may not be atypical of me to write happy endings out of every tragic piece I work on. Just a head’s up.

Final Letter

Final Sacrifice

It was warmer than Garak remembered. He must have fallen asleep.

Outside his open window, he caught the laughs of children. They carried across the dry Cardassian heat like grace-filled birds, swooping and fluttering and diving and soaring. Such sounds were foreign to Cardassia Prime for months. A giggle, or any joyous noises, were lost in the dust and debris. Garak once believed they’d be lost forever. But here they were, ever present. He’d helped rebuild that. He helped bring that joy to the world and allowed it to carry. His sacrifices were worth it. Yet…

His heart twinged. Garak’s right hand tightened with the pain, though he didn’t fully tighten it. The pain wasn’t due to the heart’s failure.

The letter. Ah, yes. The one he’d saved to his PADD yesterday morning. The one for Doctor Bashir. That’s what rattled his heart. It would for the remainder of Garak’s short life. There was no doubt in his mind that the post-death letter was the right choice though. He’d sacrificed his connection with the dear doctor when he returned and stayed on Cardassia. There was no other option but to die enfolded in blankets, stowed away in a building standing proud under the Cardassian sun. Julian Bashir had no place there.

Garak tilted his head to the left, towards the open window, towards the childhood laughter. He longed for it to take him away again, to carry him to thoughts of rebuilding, of constructing, of a Cardassian future filled with building bridges and stepping away from their destructive past. He tried to force it, but images of Doctor Bashir reading over his words stifled the comforting thoughts immediately. The poor man. He deserved better.

A noise stopped that pity. A shuffle to his right. Someone was in the room with him, sitting in the bedside chair, likely unaware that Garak was awake. A nurse, probably. Someone of Cardassia who decided to sit with him in case his heart finally did give out. It was only a matter of days until that happened. He supposed they would have to check.

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dinahbabs high school AU go
•Dinah and babs , in high school, super cool cute girls who r v badass
•but they kinda run with different crowds right
•babs runs the school radio or smth
•Dinah is like in a punk band and she’s a tough girl™ but she has jock friends and stuff (cough Ollie cough)
•the school has a thing where u can talk abt ur band and they’ll play a song of urs on the morning radio if it’s deemed Ok
•dinah’s like holy fuck guys I’m entering us
•so she goes up 2 the school radio place to give the cd
•she finds her bisexual ass ASTOUNDED by the cute and bored looking radio host
•they strike up a conversation while Dinah is filling out the form •they kinda just take a liking to each other u know it’s a perfect fit
•babs calls her up again later in the week to talk abt her cd- literally just an excuse to see her oh my god she is like dying over this blond enigma with the fingerless gloves and the dark lipstick grin and the voice of an angry angel
•but this is babs she’s cool she’s always Cool so she u know makes any excuse possible 2 see her again. Cool. V slick. I mean it’s not any better on dinah’s part she just couldn’t think of an excuse to go back up there
•so they kinda end up talking abt literally everything but the cd👀👀👀 real smooth
•Dinah convinces her to come to her band’s show
•babs is usually busy what with keeping everyone’s life together but Dinah kinda helps her relax and be free for a little while
•Fast forward like a week they’re best friends now but they’re best friends who r low key flirting with each other All Of The Time
•something involving dinah’s jacket happens, babs wears it and it’s emotional and cute
•So she’s wearing it and they’re hanging out beside dinah’s motorcycle
•dinah’s sitting on the hood of someone’s car cause she’s a rebel and barbara is sitting beside her in her chair and they’re both giggling cause they just did something against the rules idk what
•babs has her hair loose and she’s wearing dinah’s jacket and her cheeks are pink from exhilaration and dinah’s losing her mind she"s so cute
•they r now kissing neither of them know how they got there but it’s soft and sweet and loving and really really good
•Now they’re dating but not much changes they still do best friend things but they do it while holding hands and stealing kisses
•Dinah’s song makes it on the radio
•And so does every song she writes about babs after that