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Icon tutorial + feel free to use the icons

I’ve been asked by several people how I get the affiliate and network icons so sharp in some of my groups, so I decided to write a tutorial. (This will also work for your tumblr dash icon.) I’m using Photoshop cc for mac, but I’m not using the mac shortcuts here, so it should work for PC users as well.

This is pretty basic stuff, but it’s a wordy tutorial so that anyone with less photoshop experience should be able to follow along. 

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Not to bash your ship or be an asshole in general (call me out if I am *sweats*) how come you ship pidge x shiro? I'm hella curious, it's not a ship I've really seen anywhere before?? Love your art xx

No worries! Nothing wrong with being curious (there’s a big difference between “why do you ship xyz” and “how dare you ship xyz”). And ahhhh thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say!!! @’w’@

As to why you don’t see a lot of it, it’s not one of the top ships, and with all the ship wars in Voltron a lot of people tend to lie low lol.

As for why I ship it, STRAP IN, IT’S STORY TIME

(also disclaimer: I ship almost everything in this fandom, so if people don’t ship Shiro/Pidge, or ship something else, or whatever, that’s cool with me. No hate, bros)

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Okay! So! The synopsis for episode 10 says there will be an attack at the Institute and Valentine is getting closer to using The Soul Sword. They’re wearing the same clothes in ep 9 and 10, so 10 will follow up exactly where they left off.

I believe the reason why Izzy and Alec aren’t in the stills, is because they’re at the institute. Why we haven’t seen stills from there is probably because they spoil too much.

So my theory is that Clary gets some kind of notification from the institute on her phone, and she sees that they’re in danger. Maybe surveillance or something? Of Alec and the rest? Magnus looks heartbroken. There will be a frightening climax in 9, and Iris and Madzie will be involved. Iris activates her blood oath. Probably has something to do with Kat’s extra hour in hair and makeup.

Then in 10, it continues. We know that there will be Jimon scenes and MAYBE this is when Simon becomes a daylighter. Cause in a bts video a fan took of them filming ep 10 (or 9, but probably 10), Simon is outside the institute in sunlight, stretching out his arms. Now, he wouldn’t be able to do that as a normal vampire right???

This brings me to the next thing we know, which is beautiful Climon. I think that beautiful moment will be then outside the institute, since we know Kat was in that scene too.

And then we’ll also get beautiful Malec. So I think, and hope, that they’ll save the institute and Malec will have a reunion towards the end of, or somewhere in 10. That same fan who filmed Kat and Alberto said Malec kissed and hugged there too. I can’t find this source anywhere, but me and many other people remember it so it’s highly trustworthy. And Matt broke peoples hearts with his performance in 10, and did confirm an emotional scene with Magnus. REUNION PLEASE!

Raphael is important to the plot of 9 and 10. He and Isabelle get closer. Clary is a key part of Valentine’s plan to use the sword, probably because she’s blessed or something. The downworlders are said to turn against Clary, and even targeting her.

📸 Also, in the first pictures we see Magnus wearing the same clothes, but also Alec, IF that last bts pic is from ep 10. We’re unsure but I think so. The thing is, what is Alec doing? It doesn’t look quite like a reunion. Also, could just be his posture, but some people are saying that Magnus’s hands are cuffed behind his back?? Em said once that one of her props in 10 are handcuffs, but why would she arrest Magnus? Makes no sense, except if it’s something Aldertree makes her do.

📸 And then there are the stills from ep9. I think Luke, Jace and Simon are in that place AFTER Jace and Clary goes to Magnus for help cause Clary’s hand is f* up. Clary stays and Magnus’s so that he can help her, Jace goes to Luke and Simon and does whatever they’re doing, and Alec leaves to meet Izzy. He’s angry in those stills so he probably finds about Aldertree and yin fen. Then they go back to the institute and the attack happens.

I have more but can’t remember everything I’ve thought of!! So many questions, so little answers!! Let’s just say, SHIT WILL GO DOWN !!

Please feel free to add anything. I’ve probably missed loads!

Most of Hinata Shouyou’s life is paved through forgetting. It’s not even as hard as he might have thought. GM-O394 is dead. Hinata Shouyou is alive. And it doesn’t matter what’s branded onto his thigh, or what scars he has as a reminder: Hinata Shouyou is alive, GM-O394 is not.


It’s easy, really, to forget. Because he’s not jumping, not flying, not doing anything GM-O394 once loved. So he forgets. (He trains himself to forget).

He forgets how to hold a gun.

He forgets how to break a neck.

He forgets how to kill a man.

And really, really, sometimes it’s all too easy to forget that these were all things he once needed to know how to do.


Tall people, tall, strong, volleyball players—they intimidate him, and rightly so, whenever he meets them in front of a bathroom. Not that he’d ever back down; but they make him nervous, because he’s not GM-O394 when he meets them, he’s Hinata.


Those times when he hit Kageyama—it was Hinata hitting Kageyama, just an ordinary human boy, hitting like an ordinary human boy would.

It’s amazing to think even when he’s angry, even when he’s attacking someone, he’s not attacking someone. He’s reacting just the way he should be: like someone who was never trained how to hurt people, and if that’s not a sign about who he really is, then he doesn’t know what would be.


It’s not 394 who defends Kiyoko from the Johzenji either, although it could have been. That had all been Hinata—getting in between them, being pushed aside, jumping in front of them—that was First Year Hinata Shouyou, trying to help out his beloved Third Year manager, all the while thinking that Tanaka or Nishinoya could have done a better job.

There’s a second, just the tiniest of moments, when Kiyoko looks a little scared by all these strange men crowding her and for the tiniest breath there’s that possibility of danger because the Karasuno students don’t know these guys are and maybe they’re the kind of people who might hurt a girl and in that small, very quick, can’t even really call it a second, 394 is lurking beneath the surface of Hinata’s skin. Blow to the chin, blow to the gut, knock to the ground, grab Kiyoko, fly.

But these students, they’re interested in Hinata Shouyou, the volleyball player. So it’s the volleyball player who talks back. And when Kiyoko thanks him later, it’s really easy to forget just how close he’d been to 394.


He almost always dreams about flying, but sometimes those dreams are memories and they’re more like nightmares.

Sometimes, he dreams about being on the alert—and he has to see everything, everything, because if he misses anything and doesn’t provide the right warning in time, his Generation could die. He has to be more aware than any of them, he has to be prepared for anything, he has to move quickly, he has to move before there’s ever any danger because if he doesn’t move fast it’ll be too late and it’s his job to catch things before it’s too late.

It’s his job to say, there he is, there’s the man who has to die.

It’s his job to say, leave now or we’ll all die.

And it’s his job to get rid of any unexpected threat because the others are too far away and no one ever remembers to look up so they don’t see him coming.

He’s not actually good at his job. He does it. But there’s a reason he was scrapped.

When he wakes up from those dreams it’s easy to treat them as dreams. Just dreams. Over when the morning comes. Not something he ever has to think about again.

Forget it ever happened.


And his classmates in Karasuno, and his teammates in the volleyball club, and his teachers and his parents and his boyfriend—they all forget too because it’s easy. Hinata Shouyou told the world he was genetically designed in a lab and then he went to school the next day like it never happened. People would tease him but they didn’t put it together, not really. They couldn’t add Miracle and Hinata Shouyou and make it equal threat and that’s fine. He’s not a threat. He’s not even a Miracle, not really.

(GM-O394 is dead. Hinata Shouyou is not).


The people who play against him remember, which is something Hinata finds out on accident.

It’s the bathroom again, of course it’s the bathroom, and he’s in a stall and he doesn’t expect to overhear the Aoba Josai players talking to one another after their practice game but he does.

“You know how sometimes that shrimp just moves when you don’t expect him to and he spikes the ball, and then he just kinda gets that aura like he might actually kill you?”


“It’s a lot more terrifying now that you know he could probably actually kill you, isn’t it?”


Hinata has to hide in the bathroom until they leave. It’s a weird sort of disconnect, because he didn’t know that’s how he comes across on a volleyball court, and also he’s pretty sure he was never so terrifying when he was an assassin.

(He was a very bad assassin).


At some point, when they’re kissing, Kageyama finds his scars. (They’re small and unobtrusive for the most part, it would be easy to think they’re the products of a normal, clumsy childhood, except by now Kageyama knows Hinata didn’t have a normal childhood).

The fascinating thing about Kageyama is that he doesn’t ask. From the get go, he knows who Hinata Shouyou is, and nothing else really matters.


But later, after Kageyama meets Kuroko Tetsuya a few times, he does ask, but it’s not the question Hinata is expecting.

“Do you ever think you’ll be him again?”

It pleases him, for some strange reason, that Kageyama recognizes Hinata isn’t that person anymore. He thinks about the question, remembers briefly what 394 feels like under his skin and says, “Might.” He shrugs. “If I had a reason.”

Kageyama accepts this, and then they don’t talk about it, and it’s like they’ve both forgotten, even if they haven’t.


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Hi there! Sooo, I'm pretty new to the dw fandom and I love your blog!! But I wanted to follow more blogs like yours with loads of dw positivity and the occasional critical analysis meta:) Can you rec me a few? I'm still trying to catch up on classic who so I'd like if the blogs recs are majorly new who; but the other is fine too. Thanks!!

Oh my! I’m very flattered! I’m afraid I don’t follow many blogs, and I’ve never been very good at blog recs, but I’ve made some close connections with a few who I’ve hung around with on here for a while, each of which I think really add something wonderful to this fandom.

@abossycontrolfreak and @tillthenexttimedoctor have always been something of a fandom inspiration to me! They’ve been doing insightful meta and beautiful gifs long before I was, and I admire them both tremendously. Definitely both more new Who than classics or extended universe, I’ve sort of leapt further into the rabbit hole, but it sounds like that’s perfectly okay for you!

@clarabosswald is a magnificent blogger who I admire something more of from afar, but with lovely stuff to offer.

@resting-meme-face and @evilqueenofgallifrey are both wonderful, my go-to people to chat about the new spinoff Class in particular with. Expect much very gay Quill thirst, though.

@ceci-nest-pas-une/@whovianfeminism is of course a pretty big blogger in the community, with some quality writeups and critical takes.

@taiey has a lot of strong and interesting opinions to offer, as well as some lovely appreciation for some underappreciated characters.

@joscribbles is more art-based, but I do love it.

@haruspis is quite a good mate and has tons of critical perspectives to offer, though even more on Halo than Doctor Who, and I’m afraid I know basically nothing of Halo! Still, lovely person.

@clockworkamelia has been a mutual of mine for ages, and definitely has some nice critical thoughts and comments to make. Maybe one day she’ll keep a URL long enough for me to get used to, too, took me a couple tries to remember the right one! :P

It’d be remiss of me to miss @lyricwritesprose and @orelseatlastsheunderstoodit, two other people who I’ve been mutuals with for a while and always have a good discussion in them.

@the-last-teabender has more experience with lovely Doctor Who people than basically anyone, and is so clever she’s working on a book on Heaven Sent!

@faithful-viewer is way better at keeping up on gif-making than me and making some wonderful stuff of the new run.

Off Tumblr, I must recommend the AV Club’s coverage of Doctor Who, their reviewer for Doctor Who (and now Class) typically has interesting perspectives to offer in the way of criticism. Even when I disagree, which I’ll do with any reviewer because that’s how life is, I’m always glad I gave them a read.

The Classic/Extended Universe community is a bit of a different, weird, meme-obsessed space, but I just wanna give a shoutout to lovely fellows like @the-macra, @gwylock-one, @3rddoctor, @persona-engine, and more. There’s a lovely little social circle we’ve sort of formed on the more obscure end of content, so if you ever start really wading into the corners of the franchise, check them out!

I am 100% forgetting a ton of wonderful bloggers, and I’m sure my followers can recommend plenty of favorites of their own.

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Hey, I remember you used to do fake pages from Steve(?)'s diary, the ones where you would write out passages or smth in a sketchbook, and add drawings of them etc, and I kind of want to do a couple of things similar to that for another show, so that I'm not always drawing the same thing, but I can't think of how to do it or where to start. Do you have any tips, or anything you found out when you were doing them?

Hi anon ^^

Hey, I remember you used to do fake pages from Steve(?)’s diary, the ones where you would write out passages or smth in a sketchbook,

Yup, you remember well anon! I used to post pages from my sketchbooks and some of them could have been Steve’s sketchbooks (well, that’s what people told me ^^)

Do you have any tips, or anything you found out when you were doing them?

1) Ok, first, you have to decide what medium you want to use, traditional art or CG art.

CG art: you can use brushes that look like a pencil (see HERE and HERE) and a sketchbook texture (see HERE). The asset is that it’s easier to do, you have a better control on the final result, you can arrange the sketches on the page as you wish and add writing with a font that emulates hand writing (or just write whatever you want yourself using the brushes I linked you above). The rendering can be really cool!

Traditional art: That’s what I used above. The problem is that you have to scan and retouch everything with Photoshop. As you can see, sometimes, the pages don’t even have the same color even if they come from the same sketchbook, I never understood the reason why xD You can have a look HERE at my drawing supplies. I scanned my sketchbooks in 300dpi with a Canon scan. It’s fun but I think that if I had to do a “Steve Rogers’ sketchbook” project, I would go digital but it’s just me.

2) Now you have to decide what you want to draw in the sketchbook. Will it be random sketches or do you want to tell a story? I think it’s great to tell a story, respect a chronology and draw for instance moments that were in the show/movie you want to draw for, missing scenes and scenes from your imagination.

Let’s take an example. Supernatural, Episode 12, Season 1, Faith. Sam and Dean Winchester are ghosts/demons hunters and during a hunt, Dean is severely wounded. While Sam is at the motel trying to find a way to save his brother (because the doctors told him that there was no more hope), he hears a knock at the door and guess what, it’s Dean who escaped from the hospital, in a rather piss poor state. Stuff happens and Dean is finally saved. Happy end! (Yes, I know, TONS of other things happen in this episode, but let’s stick to this part of the story for the sake of simplification). Now, imagine that you are drawing a sketchbook from the point of view of Dean:

- moments that were in the show/movie you want to draw for: the hunt that caused Dean to go to the hospital (ex: the monster, the house where the hunt happened, etc…), Dean at the hospital.

- missing scenes: Dean escaping from the hospital and riding the bus to join Sam at the motel. It’s never shown but we guessed that’s how he showed up at the motel.

- scenes from your imagination: Sam happy to have saved his brother and the boys at a bar/a strip club/a concert celebrating because “fuck death”. Pure headcanon.

You see what I mean? Your sketches can be a mix of familiar canon and various headcanons but what is important is always to tell a story.

Also, don’t forget to add details that will tell people what kind of character draws the sketches: fake coffee stains, doodles here and there on the page, ink stains, grocery list at the top of  a picture etc…

Voilà! I hope it helped! Good luck to you ♥

pidge and lance are best friends: a illustrated guide that nobody asked for

hey y’all i’m emma and welcome to jackass appreciating pidge and lance’s beautiful friendship

(this is long af with many screencaps, but i describe them, so you don’t really need to open them all if you’re on mobile ok i know the struggle and i’ve got u)

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Hey there! I was wondering (since you seem well-versed in h/c sam fics) if you could recommend some good fics? Pretty much anything Sam-centric, lol. I trust your judgment.

This is the part where I wish I kept better records. I live and breathe hurt!Sam, but I don’t always save the fics I read. 

I absolutely stand behind all my fic recs, though, which you can find on my blog here! They’re pretty much always hurt!Sam (with some Sam appreciation mixed in there).

There are tons of places to find great hurt/comfort stuff, though, and it would be silly of me not to direct you to these places first, though you may already be following them.

Places to go:

Some author recs:

Choosing fics is hard, because a lot of authors have tons of great stuff and I can’t choose just one to rec. I can point you in the direction of talented authors, though! I can guarantee that their writing is going to be Sam appreciative and Sam centric. 

Note: Most of these authors post plenty of fics, ficlets, and episode tags to their Tumblrs that don’t get posted to AO3. Most of them post a mix of gen stuff and pairing stuff. I’m also definitely forgetting some great authors!

  • @themegalosaurus | (ao3) - Absolutely beautiful Sam-centric writing with a generous dose of brothers feels! (Make sure to check out her fantastic episode tags on Tumblr, too!) Be aware that some fic is Wincest or J2 RPF, with other pairings showing up occasionally.
  • @ameliacareful | (ao3) - Lovely hurt!Sam stuff and great portrayals of the characters.
  • @agelade | (ao3) - Stunning Sam-centric stuff. Generous hurt, beautiful writing, amazing focus on Sam.
  • @waterbird13 | (ao3) - Posts mostly on Tumblr and contributes so much lovely fic that is basically centered around Sam getting love and being happy.
  • @quickreaver | (ao3) - Lots of beautiful hurt!Sam fics, and quickreaver is also an insanely talented artist (if you’re looking for some visual hurt!Sam)! Can be slightly darker stuff. Some Winces and other pairings.
  • stillwaters01 on AO3 - Just in case you want very brothers-focused sweet agony and heartbreak with your H/C.
  • Let’s be real. Basically all the writers over at ohSam, too.

So much H/C you will die (in the best way).

No, really. I always indulge in thoughts of unrestrained H/C but I never seem to be able to write it. If relentless hurt (and delicious comfort) are your thing, these writers may make your day.

  • Marianna Morgan on FF.Net - Suuuuuper lovely and indulgent hurt!Sam and just really idealized happy brothers fic. If caring and protective!Dean is your thing, these are lovely!
  • skag trendy on FF.Net - I was trying to remember names from when I was prowling Fanfiction.Net, and I remember that this writer has just tons of hurt!Sam. You know those fics where the hurt doesn’t let up and it’s just this amazingly shameless pain-fest? Yes.
  • Alex L. Kerr on FF.Net - of the famed Trialculosis Sam fic, but there’s a lot to enjoy.

Mostly pairing stuff (I’ll list which ones!)

These writers are Sam fans who write some great stuff. Some of it is gen, some of it is explicit. If you prefer gen-fic, be aware. If you sometimes love your hurt with more intimate comfort, check these awesome people out!

  • @posingasme | (ao3)- Mostly Sastiel, mostly non-explicit. Beautiful and breathtaking and heartbreaking AUs that often have generous helpings of hurt!Sam and badass!Sam.
  • @rosworms | (ao3)- Sam/Benny and Sastiel and also Wincest + others. Sometimes explicit. Often heavy on the comfort. <3 Always lovely. Mostly posted on Tumblr but some can be found on the Archive, too!
  • @kansaskissedlips (no ao3) - Wincest and Sastiel and basically everything you could ever imagine + more. I’ll bet you didn’t know you needed hurt!Soulless!Sam. But you do. Often quite explicit fics and ficlets with some gen thrown in! 

And now onto the specific fics! My fic recs are below, as well as a list (with links) of fics people have recced to me! Cut for length, and also because I plan to add more as I think of them.

Feel free to submit me your recs (or self recs!), and I’ll credit you and add them to the list below!

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anonymous asked:

O.O I saw the pencil sketch of your dragon OC on the other Blog but how did you line art and color it on Paint?!! with a TRACKPAD? ._. And how did you erase the sketch? I'm sorry I'm a n00b but could you do a tut in your spare time for us people without fancy technology? PS: I bow before your skills TT^TT

OKAY INSIDE IS A PRETTY IN-DEPTH TUTORIAL, i didn’t leave out any steps or tricks i use. possibly the most useful ones are terminating the sketch, and how to use the eraser tool to color-swap which makes the following processes a lot easier:

  • putting markings on a color while without worrying about getting out of the lines

  • putting down some shading

  • coloring lineart

  • marking behind a drawing

(if you didn’t know about that, i recommend checking it out in step 4)

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anonymous asked:

i'm having an internal dilemma- who'd be more clingy alec or magnus? at first i thought magnus bc magnus is very outgoing but then again like once alec gets comfortable he's super loyal like he hugs izzy all the time help

They both are high up on the clinginess scale, but Magnus is definitely the clingiest. No doubt. I think it’s a universally accepted truth among the fandom that he is Weak when it comes to Alec. Lets discuss

- Whenever I think of magnus wanting Alec’s attention, I think of a pet cat annoyed at being ignored. really, imagine him purposely stepping on Alec’s heels when theyre walking together because alec has gone more than 10 seconds without looking at him, or draping himself over alec like he’s liquid; hanging off alec’s back when alec is making coffee and nuzzling into the warmth of his neck, and laying across alec’s lap on the couch and sighing loudly when alec ignores him because he cares about the book he’s reading more (truthfully alec is so immersed in the book he doesn’t even notice magnus trying to get his attention, but magnus likes to add a dramatic flair to his narrative)

- “Oh? So you’re just that friendly with everybody, is that it?”

- I mean, magnus has been clingy since the very beginning.

- Sitting with alec all through the night and into the morning the first time he healed him (dude that was the second time he ever interacted w alec hes in way too Deep)

- Mr. I’m-The High-Warlock-Of-Brooklyn-Who-Dares-Disturb-Me doing millions of things for free and protecting alec and his friends and family and fighting in a war that has nothing to do with him, just to see alec

- “Still I pictured having you for fifty, sixty more years. I thought I might be ready then to let you go. But it’s you, and I realize now that I won’t be any more ready to lose you then than I am right now. Which is not at all.” Sure this is heartbreaking and all but…, clingy much?? C’mon dude that’s gay

- This isn’t exactly an attribution to his clinginess but magnus is always so proud of alec for everything he does, whether its getting an amazing shot off his bow or making pancakes. He follows alec around with fan signs and applauses alec every time he breathes

- When he misses alec (24/7) he just talks about him. To anyone. His cat. Tessa. Jem. Isabelle. An annoyed client. A nosy demon. eventually ragnor and raphael both learn alec’s schedule so they know to ignore magnus’s calls when alec isn’t home

- It’s an official rule that alec kiss magnus the second he gets home

- When theyre not together (and sometimes when alec’s only a room apart from him) magnus texts alec constantly. Especially when alec’s working. Alec ignores the messages until he’s done with work, and then he reads through all of them, smiling at all of the where are you’s and the come home already’s and the I’m so lonely the chairman wont let me pet him please come home so I can hug you’s. magnus never texts, are you safe? or please don’t take unnecessary risks tonight, I miss you too much, because he’d rather alec think he’s clingy than upset alec with his worry

- When hes home alone and has nothing else to distract him he’ll show up at the institute to watch alec train, and when alecs done magnus will kiss the part of his forehead with the least sweat and give him a bottle of water. He ignores alec’s “sorry I was busy” and “I know us hacking at dummies is boring” and says simply “I wanted to see you”. alec may or may not drop whatever weapon he picks up next because hes too busy blushing to think clearly

- Or instead magnus will stay home and go through pictures of him and alec together, he sends alec his favorites with captions like, “remember this?” and, “god, this was my favorite day with you” it helps when he misses alec and he likes the satisfaction of knowing alec gets flustered when he gets the texts

-  “do you even want me here” “magnus, its our wedding night. Of course I do” “then why won’t you hold my hand” “i’m eating” “Alecccccc”

- Alec taking max out for a father-son playdate and magnus responding to the picture alec sends him of the two of them “you guys look like youre having so much fun without me ://” alec: “we’ll be home in 10 minutes. Max got you a present” magnus: “I’ll make cookies”

But im completely lying, because alec has been head over heels for magnus from the beginning and being unsure about them and himself doesn’t stop him from always wanting to be with magnus

- Alec my city is under attack and people are dying all around us and theres a good chance we’ll die but I need to know RIGHT NOW why you never called me back Lightwood

- Alec whining throughout the entire process of magnus putting on makeup (but he likes to watch and sometimes magnus lets him pick colors)

- completely wrapping himself around magnus like a human pretzel on the mornings alec is free but magnus has clients. “five more minutes” “i’m already ten minutes late” “please” (giving up with no fight at all) “okay.”

- he misses magnus so badly when he works. usually magnus waits up for alec to get home, but sometimes its so late when alec gets home he’s already in bed. alec will strip and climb into bed as quietly as he can, content to be near magnus. but sometimes he can’t wait for the next morning to talk to him so he’ll wake magnus up if only to say goodnight. after, alec wraps his arms around magnus’s chest and they both fall asleep smiling.

things i need closure on after the raven king (in no particular order)

-Do Ronan and Adam ever have a real talk about their relationship? How does it go? Does Adam tell Ronan about the conversation with Gansey? How does everyone else find out about them dating?

-When Gansey and Adam had the “so how do you knoooow you love someone” conversation, Blue and Ronan were definitely having the same conversation in the kitchen, right? And Blue definitely requested a high five or fist bump from Ronan when he admitted he kissed Adam

-Blue and Gansey can kiss now, so how long does it take before they become insufferable because they’re kissing at every possible moment?

-Is Sarchengsey real? Is Cheng just a weird third wheel or is it a poly ship? I have to know

-How do they deal with their PTSD? All of them? Do the two ships comfort each other? I need to read scenes of the two ships comforting each other.

-Re: Gansey’s family’s salty texts about “ohhh I guess you don’t care about us, huh?” How does he tell them what happened? Does Blue call Helen and say to her “YOUR BROTHER DIED! FIGHT ME HELEN!” Does Gansey go to them and they immediately see that he’s been literally beyond the grave and they embrace him and all is forgiven? Does he actually explain it all or give sort of a half-ass non-magic explanation?

-Because Glendower turned out to be an archaeological find instead of a supernatural one, does Gansey tell historical societies? Is everyone so so proud of him please? Does he get like a prize for being smart and stuff? Is he featured in Time magazine next to Blue, Ronan, Adam, and Cheng with lil cute interviews and pics of him and his king, who may have turned out to just be a dusty skeleton, but is still an impressive find?

-Does Adam move to the Barns? Does he move out of St. Agnes? Or maybe he takes Ronan’s old room at Monmouth so that he can still get to his job in time? But now he doesn’t pay rent so he can quit the warehouse job and still keep on at the mechanic shop? Also, does he get a full ride scholarship at his college? Where does he go? Does he plan to study law? Will he specialize in domestic abuse and social work and save kids who remind him of himself?

-THE VILLAINS. How does Laumonier respond to one-third of them being dead and the murder of Piper? How does the general magical-artefact community respond to this, after the whole dramatic fleeing scene? Does Henrietta finally get left alone? Do Laumonier seek revenge on the Gray Man? Speaking of the Gray Man, how does he restructure his life to not be about murder? How does the shock of a real demon and the destruction of Laumonier and the Greenmantles reverberate throughout the supernatural artefact community? Does Gray’s vision of a nicer supernatural trade come true?

-Seondeok. How exactly did her relationship with her son work? On the one hand, it seems like she views him solely as a tool (the “damaged goods” line) but she also seems to love him in her own way (”something more”). Does she find out about his involvement in the whole thing? Do they talk about it?

-How do they find out what happened to Noah? How do they mourn him? Do they go to visit his grave and his bones? How do they remember and honor him? Does Gansey tell them how Noah, in a way, saved them all?

-In time they all, I assume, tell each other the parts of the story the others didn’t know. How does that come about? How do they all react?

-I MUST know how the women of Fox Way react to Pynch and Bluesey being open about their relationships. I MUST see Calla and Orla being utterly obnoxious. I NEED Gwenllian to be grossly honest and come up with rhymes about the king and the mirror kissing or something. I HAVE to see Maura and Artemus fawning over their daughter and her boyfriend. I LIVE for all the women making sly comments about Coca-Cola shirt and the snake dating.

-How did Fox Way recover? How much did the women know about how everything was going to turn out? Also, how does Gwenllian continue to settle into modern life?

-When does Ronan quit Aglionby? DOES he quit Aglionby? And how do Adam and Gansey get back to school? How do they deal with the practicalities- explaining why they were gone, why they missed the fundraiser, making up schoolwork? Please let me see them profusely apologizing to their teachers who are like, “you gotta be kidding me, you two are the best students in the school”

-When and how do Blue, Gansey, and Cheng decide to take a gap year? How do their parents/counselors react? How do the planning sessions go?

-I want to see all my children slowly recovering, becoming happy, realizing that their lives are not in danger anymore, that they are OK, that they are in love, that their friends are all alive. That their lives are beautiful and full of possibilities and open.

-How does Gansey react to a second rebirth? What are his first words upon waking? What are everyone else’s first words? Do they all pile on him in a giant hug? Do policemen come by to ask about the cars and the giant piles of blood and dream-stuff and Gansey starts Ganseying his way out of it and the others are like “YOU JUST DIED. WE CAN HANDLE THIS FOR YOU”

-I want to think that when he wakes up, everyone is crying and happy, and then Adam, being Adam, knows that Gansey needs to hear something majestic, and he looks at him and says, “Rex Corvus, parate regis corvi” and Gansey knows that he was the king they were looking for all along

-Ronan and Adam hold each other for like 500 years afterwards and promise to never let each other be hurt, and Ronan tells Adam that it was not his fault, and that they love each other and I CANNOT HANDLE THESE TWO

-OK, Opal. When is she named Opal? How does she recover from her own bout of unmaking? What kind of childhood does this kid have? Does she ever learn to speak English properly and eat normal food? Does she make human child friends and go to school and they find a way to explain the hooves? Does she call Ronan “dad”? Does she call Adam “dad?” PLEASE

-What was Declan calling about re:Matthew in the car? I assume Matthew was also being unmade or slowly dying since his dreamer was being unmade. Does Ronan catch up with him about this? Does he go visit them in D.C.? How does the Lynch family recover from their ordeal?

-How does Ronan recover from being unmade, from seeing his best friend die before him, from the constant nightmares, from the death of his mother for God’s sake?

-How does Adam recover from his worst nightmare, that of hurting the people he most loves, and being blind when the boy he loves is being unmade and KNOWING he can’t do anything about it? How does he recover from his abusive family and the trauma of losing Cabeswater? Is he still a magician? I think he is- he can still scry and read tarot.

-How does Gansey recover from losing Glendower? How does he deal with being made of Cabeswater? With the awful trauma of seeing all his friends suffer and knowing he had to die for them? With dying and coming back?

-How does Blue recover from killing her true love and watching him die in her arms? How does she deal with finding out her father is a tree? How does she deal with finding out that she’s part tree and part mirror? What adventures does she seek in this regard? Does she bond with Artemus about their shared love of the trees and the stars? How does she even handle going back to school?

-How does Cheng recover from the horrors he witnessed, without even knowing the whole story of them? How does he slowly make his way into the group until he is loved by all of them? How does he handle going back to Litchfield and explaining everything to them? And speaking to his mother? With all the trauma of having been kidnapped?

-How do they all reshape their lives? How have their lives changed, and how have they, in the most mundane and wonderful ways, stayed the same? What are their dreams for the future? What adventures are they looking forward to? What’s next for Blue and her raven boys?

I just needed to list all that to recover from my sorrows after reading this book. Feel free to add any more questions. And @maggie-stiefvater feel free to ANSWER these questions, since you’re the one who broke my damn heart with this book

anonymous asked:

Something about the DAV Anakin has felt off to me for some time and I've finally found the reason why: I have trouble seeing Anakin becoming Ekkreth alone, without help. Like, without Luke and him to save each other, the most important part of all the story, how does Vader find the strength to pull himself out of the shadows alone? I know going back to Tatooine was part of it and remembering his roots, but I feel Like I'm missing something crucial.

Hey anon! It may be that we just have different character interpretations, which is cool! But I do actually agree with you that Luke and Anakin saving each other is the heart and soul of the canon story.

And, for me anyway, the fact that Anakin can’t free himself from the Dark Side or Palpatine is one of the main points of DAV (or at least, his part of it - Leia has other related themes in her  parts). The fact is he doesn’t become Ekkreth alone. In canon Luke saves him, and in DAV he has two other people who bring him back to himself and show him the way out: the Grandmother of the Quarters, and Kadee.

In the most recent DAV fic (which was published after you sent this), Leia remembers asking Ekkreth once if it’s possible to escape from the storm (which is how he describes what the Jedi would call the Dark Side, though Leia doesn’t know that). His answer is, “It is not possible alone. But if there is someone to remind you, to speak your name and give you to yourself…”

In canon, that person is Luke. He insists on his father’s true name, he places absolute value on his father’s agency, and ultimately he risks his own life to respect that agency. And Anakin responds by saving him.

In DAV, the Grandmother of the Quarters is the one who insists on Anakin’s true name. She refuses to use his slave name, the name his Master gave him. She makes him see himself truly: a slave, but a slave with the ability to resist. She reminds him of who he really is and the fact that he has a culture and a people and hundreds of years of history behind him, and he is not alone.

But even so, Anakin doesn’t actually become Ekkreth after speaking to the old woman. The most important fic for Anakin’s transformation (his return to the Light, to use Jedi language) is actually Words in the Heart. The shift in that fic is fairly subtle, because Anakin himself isn’t consciously aware of it, but it’s pretty dramatic if you compare Anakin at the beginning of the fic with Anakin at the end.

In the beginning, he’s entirely focused on the idea of taking his oath, mainly out of a desire for revenge. He’s still very much sunk in despair, and he initially sees XF-53 as simply a tool that he can use to get the blood and water he needs to make his oath.

And then the droid refuses. And Anakin has to think of some other way to get what he needs, to get the droid to help him, and what’s on his mind is the Grandmother and the words she planted in him, so he starts telling XF-53 stories, not even fully knowing why…

And the more stories he tells, the more interested XF-53 becomes and the more Anakin starts to actually see the droid, to consider it as a person (the way he once did with Artoo and Threepio), until finally there’s the turning point when XF-53 asks him without asking to change it’s programming, and Anakin realizes he could do anything, could reprogram the droid in any way he chooses. He has absolute power over XF-53 - in the same way that Palpatine has absolute power over him.

That’s the turning moment. That’s this ‘verse’s moment of hoisting Palpatine over his head and tossing him down a reactor shaft. (Though, of course, that literal moment is still to come.) When Anakin realizes that he could be a Master…and instead chooses to add only a single line of code. You own yourself.

Kadee is, more than anyone else (more even than Leia, because Kadee’s been with him from the very beginning) the person who speaks Anakin’s name and gives him to himself. You own yourself, the code he wrote for her says. “You own yourself,” Kadee tells him. They tell each other who they are.

Love interests dealing with the Inquisitor’s death

Cullen: For a few moments he disbelieves what he’s heard. He denies it loudly, refusing to believe they’re gone, and isolates himself in his office. Anger takes over him, there’s no way they could be gone! It has to be lies. The anger quickly turns to himself, what could he have done to stop it? What if he’d been there? Could he have helped? I should have been there, is all he can think. He remembers, and replays every bad decision he’s ever done. The memories of losing his friends in the circle, not being able to stop the rebellion in Kirkwall, not being with the Inquisitor when they needed him. He hurts. Worse than being tortured by mages, worse than quitting lyrium. He gives up, deciding that he’s been through enough sorrow in his life to go through another.

Cassandra: She’s angry, fuming with rage when the messenger tells her the news. “And where were their backup? Their help?” she demands to know. The anger doesn’t fade, she trashes her room, knocks over tables, kicks down chairs, shreds bedsheets, and rips letters to pieces. She doesn’t know how to handle the pain, she tries to treat it like any injury. By walking it off, ignoring it and continuing with her life, but the pain doesn’t go away.

Dorian: Pretends that the news doesn’t affect him. Swats concern off and claims he’s got somewhere to be when in reality he needs to be alone, to grieve, and cry. If anyone asks he will deny it. If anyone catches him he will lie. He’s good at lying, good at hiding his emotions. No one’s seen him like this, except the inquisitor.

Blackwall: He nods when he’s told, eyes dropping to the ground, lips pressing together to keep the emotions in shack. He mumbles a few words on their funeral, stands in honor while the new divine speaks from the chant of light, and keeps a straight face until he’s alone in the stables again. He feels empty, lonely, like history is repeating itself. He thinks that maybe he’s meant to be alone.

Iron Bull: He laughs when the messenger stutters out the news. Not believing what he hears. The though is ridiculous. How could his inquisitor, the one who conquered his heart possibly be gone, when neither dragons, demons, nor walking in the fade could defeat them? Realization doesn’t hit him until days later, when he sees the inquisitor’s weapon displayed on the wall. They never left Skyhold without it, never walked unarmed, but there it is, collecting dust on the wall, on display below a golden inscription of the story of the inquisitor. It hurts like acid, but not on the outside but on the inside, in the center of his chest. His kadan.

Solas: Solas is calm, knowing that their love would not be forever. But it doesn’t keep the pain away. He hurts inside and out. He hurts all the way into his soul. Even his dreams are twisted with horror and pain, constantly reminding him of his loss. He sees the inquisitor when he wanders in the fade, never for more than a second, in the corner of his eye, and when he turns to look they’re gone.

Sera: Laughs nervously when she’s told what has happened. Eyes darting over the messenger’s face, with an awkward smile. “Yeah, and I’m the empress of Orlais.” She shakes her head and looks around, calling for the Inquisitor to come out, saying “you almost got me”. She gets angry when they tell her that there’s no joke, no prank, no act. Firing arrow after arrow at the retreating messenger, yelling bloody murder at the ‘Maker’ that everyone seems to look up to. She doesn’t like the Maker if he lets things like that happen.

Josephine: Horror crosses her face when she reads the message. She’s stunned, can barely see straight, feels dizzy. She stutters when she speaks, trying to tell the others around the war table. Her hand clutches over her chest, trying to keep her heart in one piece. She can’t breathe, can’t think, can’t stand, and braces herself against the table. Leliana is by her side in an instant, wrapping a pair of arms around her right before the tears starts falling.


Cole: Doesn’t quite understand what they mean when they say that the Inquisitor is gone. He searches for them, in Skyhold, in the fade. He listens but there’s an odd silence in the world. It’s unnatural, it’s like everything is mute. With he Inquisitor’s colorful thoughts gone the fort seems paler, without their warm presence it seems colder. There’s a strange feeling within Cole. It hurts, but he’s not wounded. It’s lonely, but he’s surrounded by people, and he doesn’t know how to take the hurt away.

Varric: As if he hadn’t lost enough in his life. As if he didn’t miss his home, or his brother, or Hawke. Another person to add to his list of heartbreaks, another person to remember, but not be able to see again. He curses and sits down by the fire, picking out his trusty inkwell and some parchment, writing the story of the Inquisitor.

Jodice One-Shot: Kiss The Girl.

Jodice one-shot, set somewhen in S2 of The Originals/S6 of The Vampire Diaries and refusing to acknowledge the fact that both Joseph and Candice are currently married to other people.

If fanfictions starring real life ships bother you, please ignore this.


“We come bearing gifts!” Candice announces in her usual cheerful and singsong-y voice.

Paul and Michael are trailing right behind her, talking to each other, as she excitedly enters the Originals’ set.

The three of them have been shooting together all day—the only ones on set except, of course, for Caroline Dries, their director with a few cameramen, and the rest of their shooting crew—so, when break time finally rolled around, they decided to pay their friendly neighbors a visit.

They find Joseph, Charles and Leah lounging on some leather couches, smiles lighting up their tired faces as soon as they notice all the junk food that Candice is somehow juggling all alone in her arms.

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denickespares  asked:

Hi, I'm a game dev student and I'm going to create a 3D Puzzle Platformer for my thesis. Can you give me some tips on Level Design? I've played lots of those kinds before, but now I feel like I know nothing about them. Thank you in advance.

Let me preface this by saying that level design is a really deep subject, and that there are plenty of people who spend their entire careers working on the concept of level design. There is no way I’m going to be able to cover everything you’re going to need to know, so I’ll just try to hit some valuable core techniques and principles in my experience and hope that it helps. If you aren’t sure about something or have more questions, feel free to ask further.

#1. Provide opportunities to use the mechanics

Games are about teaching the player how the mechanics work, and then letting the player use the mechanics to have fun. You want to give the player an opportunity to use the new mechanics you give them in a way that makes sense. You always want to start by giving them the most obvious way to use a new item, skill, power, or whatever. Make it as simple as possible, and do it at least three times to help hammer home how it works. You want to make it feel familiar to them so that they will be able to recognize when they can use it, and when they cannot. Repetition makes things familiar, but too much repetition makes them boring.

When plotting out the critical path to your level, you want to mark where they have to use a game mechanic to progress. If they aren’t using the mechanics enough, you’ll want to add more opportunities to use them. 

#2. Give players things to do. Keep it varied.

Avoid making players use the same mechanic multiple times in a row unless you’ve just introduced it. Try to keep a good mix of things to do by revisiting old mechanics as well as using new ones to keep things fresh. Start by constructing a critical path, and then mark points along the path where the level design might branch out and offer additional ways to get through. Not every level needs these options, but you should have them available to give players some choice and a sense of agency. Choosing which mechanic to use to overcome an obstacle is an excellent way to do this. 

Make sure the players don’t go for too long without doing something, but don’t make them have to do things constantly either. That can cause player fatigue. Vary it between segments with a high number of things to do, a low number of things to do, and just rest times where the only thing to do is walk around at their leisure, preferably with something interesting to just look at.

#3. Always draw players forward through the level

Incentivize the players to progress by showing them new things, preferably in the direction you want them to go. Bright lights, shiny objects, interesting colors, notable contrast in environment to where they are, treasure just out of reach, and even obstacles are your tools for this. When they enter a new area, they should never feel confused as to where to go. There should always be at least one clear option for where to go next. If there is more than one path, they should be easily visually differentiated. 

Remember, bright colors and lights will attract people. Dark colors and dim lighting will repel people. Moving objects will attract attention over static ones. Flashing lights are very hard to miss. Audio cues are another excellent avenue to notify a player that something is going on. Use these to your advantage to draw people through your level.

#4. Not every reward needs to be obtained immediately

Dangle rewards for the player in front of her in highly visible ways, but don’t always let her immediately obtain them. Sometimes they should be rewarded for making it this far, but other times you want to tell them “you should remember this place and come back later”. It’s an excellent way to showcase different use cases for a particular game mechanic that you’re in the process of introducing. Remember that a reward should only be given if she has done something to earn it - used the mechanic, solved the puzzle, traversed the level, etc. Getting a reward after completing a challenge is one of the things that makes players happiest.

#5. Create opportunities to showcase mechanical synergy

After teaching the player how to use a mechanic at a basic level, build on it by making her use that mechanic in conjunction with other mechanics. It encourages her to explore how the different game mechanics interact with each other, which adds depth to the gameplay. You can utilize options like timing, location, scale, or other such things to add new variations that the player may not have explored.

#6. The player should be able to see a clear goal at (almost) all times

Even if a player is in the middle of something, there should be a clearly visible place that he wants to go next and a way to go in that direction. Getting lost is super frustrating. Not knowing where to go is super frustrating. You (usually) want to keep frustration to a minimum. Give the player something to head towards so that, once she is done exploring the current area, she knows where to go next.

#7. Theme is important

When you create a level, you should have a theme. It could be an ice palace, a dark dungeon, a seedy waterfront bar, a high tech office building, a military base, or any of a number of other things. Your visuals should match the theme, because the theme will help fill in the little gaps and details you may have forgotten or overlooked. A robot factory can have enemies that move mechanically, but an amazonian jungle would not. An ancient ruin might have climbable ropes and statues, but they’d probably seem out of place in a shopping mall. Try to pick a theme that works with your mechanics. It is easiest to get immersed into a game when both gameplay and theme work together coherently.

#8. Playtest, iterate, playtest some more

Get people to playtest your levels. Give them the absolute minimum of what they should know to play the game, and then step back and take notes. Bite your tongue and do not offer help or suggestions. If they get stuck and ask for help, give them the minimum necessary to pass where they are stuck. Observe and note what is working and what is not.

Where are the players getting stuck? What are the frustration points? What are they enjoying? Write it all down, let it rest for a little bit (a few hours to a day, to get a little distance), and then start analyzing and thinking about possible solutions. Try your new changes out and repeat the process. If possible, get testers who have never tried your game before. Pay close attention to what they try, and note what things seem intuitive to them. Is there any way you can take advantage of that intuition? Do you need to do something to discourage it earlier?

These are the main concepts I try to look to when I am creating a level. They have each served me very well over the years, and I hope that you can see why they are important guidelines. Good level design isn’t easy to do, which is why you see people making their entire careers out of it. I hope that this helps. Best of luck with your thesis!

for my name twin and november buddy and just an all around lil nugget @queenemmaswan – happy birthday, Amy! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. and all my love to @high-seas-swan for being a brilliant lifesaver (ficsaver?) (both, tbh).

soulmate au where you get a tattoo telling you the time and place you’ll meet them + “mine says 11:59pm, New Year’s Eve, Times Square. fuck.”

first day of my life.
ao3 | ffn

Under usual circumstances, people move to New York City for the lights, the glamour, the opportunity to make it big. Killian Jones wasn’t part of that conventional crowd. No, he’d moved here because of the small print under his left collarbone that he’d seen rather unceremoniously one morning in October while shaving, the shock of it nearly causing him to take his ear off with his razor.

Soulmate tattoos aren’t rare, but they aren’t exactly easy to come by either. The only person he knows of that has one is Robin, and he lucked out by having the name of the bar he manages appear on the inside of his forearm. He organised all his shifts according to the time and month on the tattoo, and sure enough, in less than a year, he’d found Regina. The same ink as his – 4:30pm, June, The Green Tavern – on the back of her neck.  

Most people weren’t that fortunate. Some, he’s heard, spend years waiting but never find the one they are destined for, and eventually give up.

Killian has never been one to give in. No matter how shitty the hand he’s been dealt. Even though Robin’s day wasn’t specific, at least the place was spot on. Because, really, Times Square on New Year’s Eve just as the ball’s about to drop? Bloody hell, you’ve got to be kidding him.

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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Destiel fics written by other authors? Are there any that impacted your own writing style?

What a good question! The answer is yes, and I’d like to share them.

» For Love For Glory [LJAO3] - bellanovaskies

83,400 words, NC-17, AU

Summary: It’s the 1940’s, the war is tearing Europe in half, and the Nazis have a plan to uncover an ancient weapon belonging to the Egyptian gods that can tip the scale in their favor. With the help of a librarian named Castiel, it’s up to Sam and Dean Winchester, respectively a professor of archaeology and treasure hunter, to get to the Lost City of Amun-Ra and stop the Third Reich from achieving world domination. But with a missing father, secret societies, and an unexpected romance, things get more than a little complicated in this race against time. Loosely based on the Indiana Jones franchise.

This story taught me how to write a fanfic so it reads like a movie in the reader’s mind. Sometimes I wish I’d written this - but thankfully it was written by jaegersaurus, who happens to be one of my best friends in the whole wide world, so I get the honour of being proud of her. (She’s not bribing me to say this, I promise.) She blew my mind with her writing skills here. The scene with Dean walking under the Nile River was the single most incredible scene I’ve read in a fanfic story. This is a cinematic masterpiece, and it deserves to become fandom famous. Hell, in another life, I think it could’ve made the New York Times best-seller’s list. I will rec this as the greatest piece of Destiel fanfic, probably until my dying day. (If I’ve oversold this, I’m sorry. I just really love it, okay?) P.S. The ending will make you cry. And that only adds to how great it is. (It’s not major character death, before you ask.)

» All Things Shining [AO3] - Askance, standbyme

142,000 words, NC-17

Summary: Something in the world is waking up. It isn’t long before it’s brought to the attention of the Winchesters and Castiel: miracles are spreading across the country, the paranormal seems to be shrinking back on itself—and it all has something to do with the missing prayer book of a traveling preacher who died over a century ago. Dean is convinced it’s all the lead-up to another Apocalypse; Sam and Castiel aren’t so sure. Regardless, it sends them out on a less-than-typical road-trip, following the Mississippi and remnants of a very old story that seems increasingly to call to them. And along the way the trio learn much more about themselves—and the consequences and origins of love—than they’d ever have anticipated.

I started reading this nearly two years ago and I haven’t finished it yet, so it never made it to my rec list. But that’s the fault of my reading difficulties, not the story. This story taught me how to write original characters. It taught me how to weave extra characters into a fanfic narrative, and it taught me a better way to make ambience out of words. It also taught me it’s okay for a narrative to meander, because whatever you do, you’re still paving the road for the rest of the story. The settings of this fanfic are places of peace for me; all I have to do is remember it and I’m filled with a sense of calm. This is a story that seems raw in all senses of the word. Honestly, I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. I’ve never read a fanfic like it, and I doubt I will again.

» Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) [LJ | AO3] - kototyph

23,900 words, NC-17, AU

Summary: Dean’s done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake. His surprise husband, Castiel, is a little weird but likable despite that, and Dean figures they’ll go back to Boston, get a quiet annulment, and go their separate ways. Six weeks later, he’s still married to one of the strangest, most genuine and definitely most dangerously lov— likable guys he’s ever known. Dean doesn’t know why or really even how it’s happening, but it’s getting harder and harder to remember that he has divorce papers to file.

This taught me how to write fluffy stories in concise little packages. kototyph is another one of those talented people who I’m proud to call a friend (who is also not bribing me!). This story (and all the Dean/Cas stories by kototyph, particularly Domesticated) taught me it’s okay to be completely self-indulgent when writing. Sometimes you can just let your heart lie back on a cushion of happiness and beautiful words, and, on occasion, it becomes escapism you’ll never forget.

There are a few other stories which I recced here back in 2013, and that list is still relevant today (mostly because I haven’t read a lot since 2013). Feel free to skip to the fic rec part and ignore all my waffling. In addition, there are plenty of swoon-worthy gems that I’ve recced on my Destiel AU list and my canon-verse list. Go forth and consume! Don’t forget to leave comments and kudos, because the writers worked hard on their writing and they deserve to know it’s appreciated. ♥

seconds-and-centuries  asked:

Hi! I'm sure you get this a lot, but I've just seen your ACNL map on my dashboard and I was wondering how you made it. c: I'd love to do something like that to help me plan my town but I wouldn't even know where to begin! I looked through your "anne plays new leaf" tag but couldn't seem to find anything on how to make a map like that, I'm sorry for bothering you if there's a guide or something on your blog already that I just couldn't find;; Thanks very much!

oh wow, i wasn’t expecting that to get more than maybe a handful of likes lol.

hello, though! i hope you won’t mind me publishing this on the offchance anyone else is curious–it’s really quite simple, actually, but i’ll give a few tips. there are probably better ways to do this, but this is how i go about it.


firstly, you just need MSpaint, and some patience.

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  • Okay but imagine this
  • Bilbo is the tattoo artist who owns his own shop that everyone is really confused about because he's this cute little thing that were baggy jumpers that go over his hands to do the sweat paw thing when he's not inking someone and he has these big glasses that he's always fumbling to push up his nose and he's just all around adorable and he's polite and smiles warmly at everyone and he looks like he needs to be in a pile of pillows with a cuppa and a good book next to a roaring fire instead of in the middle of a tattoo parlor with designs that range from disturbing to beautiful why is this small creature here why this isn't right and his workers are like hell just you wait
  • And then he shows up randomly in a new pair of glasses that compliment his face perfectly and a pair of nice, tight trousers and a button up white shirt that has the sleeves rolled up to the elbows revealing his multitude of tattoos and a burgundy vest with elaborate buttons sewn on and everyone is like holy shit then Bilbo is talking with someone and having a civil chat and someone says a slur of some sort and instantly any sign of warmth just disappears from his face and he very calmly asks them to leave and the person is like why because I said [insert slur here] and then suddenly tiny cuddly Bilbo is an imposing force and should be ten feet tall to just complete how terrifying he is when he wants to be and he's suddenly very heatedly describing how slurs are incredibly rude and highly inappropriate in any situation and how to merely casually insert them into a conversation is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself for this behavior, your mother would be feeding you bars of soap for a week should she have heard that, get out of my shop and good day to you, and everyone watching is just like O.O because Bilbo has never even spoken in an unkind tone before even when he had really difficult customers and they're all just so shocked and his workers are behind the counter laughing their asses off
  • Now insert Thorin, high-and-mighty businessman who has a soft spot for his two nephews and takes care of them constantly and is always there when they need him and who tries to be stern with them but really can't deny them a single thing. He's got boisterous Kili at one elbow (sixteen maybe) who's chattering on and on about something from school and Fili (nine? twenty?) who's very calm and collected and listening to his brother fondly and interjecting every now and then and they're both making Thorin just feel so proud and they walk into Bilbo's shop because after six months of Kili pestering Thorin about a tattoo and showing him the design he'd created a year prior and begging and pleading for weeks, months on end he's finally convinced him yes, he really wants it, please uncle, I'll get it on my upper arm so I only show it off when I want to, please, I'll make sure mum doesn't yell at you, and finally he concedes because he can't get mad at them and he talked Dís into letting him get it easy enough
  • So he gets a recommendation from Dwalin who has an impressive number of tattoos scattered across his body which adds to his intimidation and makes lots of people comply out of fear of what could happen if they don't and he points them in Bilbo's direction so they go on a rainy Saturday since no ones seems arsed to get out besides them
  • Bilbo's shop is buzzing with life as usual, filled with the misfit kids he'd taken upon himself to watch over. So basically he's got merry and pippin and frodo and Sam all working around his shop doing random jobs like sweeping and wiping down the counter because Bilbo insists that they keep themselves busy and that they don't do bad things and in exchange for work instead of being paid they earn 'credits' Bilbo logs and when you get a certain amount Bilbo will give you a tattoo free but he insists they get the slip signed every time regardless since they're still young. He'd pay them but he's already got Tauriel working as his extra artist and they're looking for a person to work the register and help people find the design they want cause Bilbo is busy tattooing and sketching out custom designs and Tauriel never leaves her workroom unless it's a break for her or Bilbo insists she get out for once
  • So the shop is all bright and colorful and filled with designs, some generic and some unique, and Bilbo is dressed in the vest outfit and sitting on the counter in the criss cross applesauce position (how the fuck do you describe that position anymore without using the preschool shorthand someone tell me) and he's beaming down at his 'kids' as they sit on the floor in front of him, all of them laughing as frodo tries to braid tauriel's hair and merry and pippin and sharing a snack and Sam is sketching in his book a gorgeous flower tattoo for his next one but still joining in on the conversation. In walks Thorin and Fili and Kili and everyone turns to look at them and Bilbo is instantly up and smiling warmly, welcoming them in and telling them they can hang up their raincoats, no need for those in here. And Kili is stunned into silence because of Tauriel and Tauriel is blushing a brighter color than her hair because what is this who is this boy who is shorter than her and watching her as if she is the sun and the moon and the stars encompassed in one body that wasn't right he shouldn't be staring stop it stooooop and Fili is looking over the sign for help Bilbo had put up and the boys on the floor don't pay much attention to the newcomers and then there's Thorin and Bilbo and Bilbo is trying to straighten his clothes because oh gods oh gods he's cute and Thorin is watching Bilbo fiddle with his clothes and glances at his tattoos cause oh goodness no one should be that attractive
  • A bunch of stuttered explanations and accidental flirting later and Kili is set up with Tauriel in her room and he's getting his tattoo and Fili is being helped by the boys with his resume and interview and Thorin and Bilbo are chattering away about nothing and then Centuries by Fall Out Boy comes on so the boys perk up and frodo dashes to the sound system without missing a beat and turns it up with a cry of "Bilbo, it's your song!" and Bilbo is laughing and the boys start getting up and dancing to the loud music (Fili included after a bit of arguing) and Bilbo doesn't realize it but he's singing along and then Thorin who knows the song because Kili is constantly playing this album over and over is singing too and they're just grinning while shouting along with the lyrics and they don't take their eyes off of each other and they're completely in sync when the chorus comes on and just "Some legends are told, some turn to dust, some to gold, but you'll remember me... Remember me, for centuries. And just one mistake is all that it takes, we'll go down in history... Remember me, for centuries."
  • Flash forward a few years to their wedding, Thorin's skin a bit more colorful after a few trips to Bilbo, Bilbo's shop more popular that ever with the influx of businessmen that Thorin happens to find and send his way (really, he didn't think so many people hid so many tattoos under those huge suits) and they're grinning and frodo, merry, pippin, Fili, Kili, and Tauriel (the last two unashamedly holding hands and pressed as close together as they can manage) are getting up to make a speech and Bilbo is curious but then they're all speaking in snippits, telling them that they all had ideas as to what sort of speech they could come up with and then they realized they really shouldn't say anything at all, there's something that could say everything they needed for them, and now Bilbo is absolutely intrigued and so is Thorin and everyone else and then they step offstage and Centuries starts playing and Bilbo and Thorin are laughing and grinning and going to hug the troublesome kids close and everyone is singing and some people are really confused but those nine and a few select others know what's going on and they're just so entirely happy and once the song is over Kili just goes "I'm so glad uncle let me get that tattoo"

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Hi!! Can u please do a angst/make up imagine with Jackson from Got7 and add a related photo too? :) ( I think imagines at the same with scenarios right? I am really sorry if I'm confusing u or)

The Look – Jackson Imagine

Originally posted by markjin

You saw the way he looked at her. It infuriated you. You saw the way he smiled at her. You stood right there. You watched him.

On the way home your knuckles turned white from gripping the steering wheel. “Are you okay?” he asked. All you could do was nod. You didn’t want to open your mouth till you got home. You parked and got out of the car quickly, slamming the door shut behind you in the process. You got your keys out in a shuffle, and you opened the door, dropping all of your things on the couch.

You paced back and forth. Your anger still building. You heard his footsteps and once the door was closed, you exploded. “What the hell was that?”


“You know God damn well what!”

“No, I don’t.” He seemed scared and confused.

“The way you looked at her.”


“The girl at rehearsal you idiot!” He stood there thinking for a moment, which caused your anger to build more. “Oh my god!”

“That was nothing,” he said finally remembering.

“Don’t you dare pull that sh*t with me!”

“Really!” He said pleading.

“How stupid do you think I am?”

“I don’t thi-”

“You haven’t looked at me like that in months!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Shut up! You know it’s true!” He was silent. Tears started to well in your eyes. He tried to comfort you. He stepped closer.

“Y/N-” he said calmly, while placing his hands on your shoulders before you pushed them away.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” He stepped back.

“Why are you acting like this?”

“Me? Why am I acting like this? What the hell is wrong with you?”


“I’m not the one flirting with other people when I’ve been in a relationship for three years!”

“I’m sorry-”

“You should be!”

“If you just listen to me, then you would understa-”

“Screw you!” He was taken aback by this. “I’m tired of you treating me like I’m worthless!” You took a deep breath, calming down a little, speaking quietly now. “Get out.”


“Get out!”

“Just listen to what I have to say!”

“GET OUT!” He was about to argue, but thought the better of it and turned and left. The sound of the door closing signaled that you were alone.

You stood there, your hands in tight fists at your sides. All you could hear was the sound of your breathing. Your deep breaths, in and out, trying to catch up from the air you missed.

Your knees gave way and you sank into the floor. Tears started to fall down your face and into your lap. You placed your hands over your face. You shouldn’t have yelled at him like that.

You were angry, but you didn’t want to loose him. Then again, he was already gone.

A couple days passed and the more you thought about the fight, the more stupid you thought it was. You were angry with yourself now. You shouldn’t have lashed out at him. He was just being Jackson. You loved him and you knew he loved you too. He was busy, and you knew that. He was tired and their practices were running later and later.

You were proud of him and all he was accomplishing. He loved his job; it made him happy. You wanted him to be happy. You wanted to be happy with him.

There was a knock on the door one day. You got up and looked through the peephole. “Please let me in, let me explain.” You could hear his voice was soft, calm. He didn’t want to fight. You took a deep breath and let it out as you unlocked the door slowly. You opened the door and let him to slip inside. Then you closed the door and locked it. You turned around to face him.

You could tell he wasn’t sleeping. He had dark circles and his face in general seemed to be dull, drained. His hair was a little messy and his eyes seemed like there was a glass over them.

You don’t look that much better yourself. You had a messy bun that wasn’t even cute and you didn’t even bother to take it out to brush it. You were wearing the same pajama shorts and one of his t-shirts for the past couple days. Your face had dried tear streaks all across it. You hadn’t been sleeping either. Your dark circles were as bad as his. You let out a breath of air that you didn’t know you were holding in.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that,” you paused taking another breath trying to push your emotions down. “I was scared.”

“Why were you scared?”

“You have been treating me differently for a while. You’ve been more distant, and you wouldn’t talk to me as much. We always used to talk about everything. Then we never did. I didn’t want to think about it because I didn’t want what I thought to be true.”

“What were you thinking?” You looked down to your bare feet.

“I thought you didn’t love me anymore, that you were bored of me.”

“That is completely untrue.” You looked up at him. “I love you. I will always love you.”

“I know, I love you too.” You followed his eyes as he knelt down. “What are you doing?” you asked started.

“I love you, I’m sorry I’ve been distant. I would never be bored with you. You make my life worth living.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a black, velvet box.

You placed over your mouth shocked. He opened it, a beautiful ring shone from the black background. “Y/N, will you make me an extremely happy husband and be my wife?”

“Yes!” He smiled and placed the ring on your hand. You put your hands on his cheeks and lifted him up so he was standing. You kissed him. He suddenly pulled away.

“I’m sorry about me smiling at that girl. She is a stylist that we work with all the time at the company. I asked her to help me pick out the ring. She was just happy to see you and me together when she knew I was planning on proposing. I love you and I would never do that to you.”

“I know, I just lashed out and was mad.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled your fiancé in for another kiss.

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