i know i'm late and it looks shitty


their initials spell bra for a reason. and now they’re all wearing one

aka i can’t draw dear god why did i try this what the fuck happened with reiner i have no idea what a lacy bra looks like and i’m scared to find out. 

also who knows where they got those bras i don’t think any of the girls would have ones like those because they need that proper boob support when they’re exercising all day.

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The akai ito pic every respectable ship needs. It was must. Also a good hands practice because everybody knows how hard these are.

Carrie 2013 {Sentence Starters}
  • "This isn't over. This isn't over by a long shot!"
  • "Please, don't hurt me!"
  • "Don't need a license, if they can't catch me."
  • "And I don't wanna talk about it anymore."
  • "If I concentrate hard enough, I can make things move."
  • "You all did a shitty thing. A really shitty thing."
  • "I don't want you to get hurt."
  • "I have to try and be a whole person before its too late."
  • "You will say nothing."
  • "Why couldn't you leave me alone?"
  • "Why not? I've been hurt my whole life."
  • "You can only push someone so far before they break."
  • "I've already accepted."
  • "Look what you turned me into."
  • "Or you could be happy for me."
  • "Please, just stop trying to trick me!"
  • "I know this scares you. It scares me to."
  • "We'll move from here. We're never gonna stop moving!"
  • "They think I'm weird, but I don't wanna be."
  • "This is bullshit! We didn't do anything wrong!"
  • "There are other people out there like me that can do what I can do!"

July 31st 2014

anonymous asked:

If you're in an ok place, do you think you could share what your therapist says about the macro v micro stuff? I've been making some small progress with my mental health issues lately, but the police shot Tony Robinson and it's just too much right now, it's too terrible, I don't know how I'm supposed to live in this world or do anything but cry.

Yes. Baby, I’m so sorry I didn’t see this until now.

My therapist says the world is really really shitty. It is! It’s pretty unarguable. It also has a lot of great and beautiful and hopeful things, but she isn’t into that “look on the bright side” crap because she knows how totally meaningless that seems in the face of such unspeakable brutality. Yes roses are nice but white people are slaughtering people of colour and getting away with it and we feel helpless, and we are. I mean, yes we can protest, but we we’re helpless to immediately stop the murders. And that’s a horrible feeling.

So she tries (and doesn’t always succeed, wth me and probably herself) to focus on the world at two levels.

One level is the macro: white rich people running amok and sanctioning murder and the continued brutality and pillaging of the entire world. Melting and collapsing glacier caves, the hottest winter on record, white people making any aid contingent on their continued access to the resources and labour of the global south. Murder.

And we can’t do anything about any of that. We’re really helpless to do anything but stare at the world with angry and blighted eyes. I can’t reverse c-36, I can’t bring Tamir Rice back to his parents, or Tony Robinson or Kendra James or Michael Brown or any of them. We can’t even get the people responsible held accountable.

And we have to come to terms with that. We only have control over the micro, over our own lives and the people we interact with and our friends and families and pets and yards and cars. We can’t save the world! And it’s not going to end apocalyptically in the near future, we just have to stagger on with it while things get worse.

So—and I don’t know about her Buddhist philosophy mantra, I still have yet to read Pema Chodron, but she echoes the thing I like best about religion, or about Jewishness and Islam anyway, about repairing the world. About making it better in the ways you do have control over, through kindness and compassion and long term struggle to make things better and more just.
It’s not always enough, obviously. I need medication too because I would rather be dead than living in this hideous place. But finding things that I believe in that I can work on and for and towards that offer some tangible thing I can see to prove something got better because of me, someone knows more and is maybe safer or happier because of me.

So you have to find something micro to hold on to, because you can’t ignore the macro but I guess you can’t let it win either, yet. There are people who would be sad and your good work would be left undone! You have to find a micro way to make your life meaningful and hold on to it even in the face of all the horrible unspeakable things that seem to make everything meaningless. And you have to find people you can talk to about that, who understand about it and who won’t shrug you off, and who are also trying to create meaning and healing and hold on to it despite everything.

I hope this helps, I know I’m a little medieval or Victorian or whatever.