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“Darkiplier VS Antisepticeye” is Mark’s Effort to Take Back Control From Dark: A Theory

(Disclaimer: I know nothing about any of Jack’s egos, so this is entirely about Mark’s. Disclaimer 2, Electric Boogaloo: I had my Frosted Mini Wheats like two hours late today, and that threw off my groove, so I’m sorry if I’m less eloquent than usual. Disclaimer III- This Time, It’s Personal: The only reason this isn’t under a read more is because someone told me to do that last time, but they weren’t very nice about it, so now I’m being petty. I’m sorry for being the worst. I still love you guys, though.)

In my last theory, we discussed the possibility that Dark is trying to take back control through more subtle means this time, and that he has a plan that we didn’t get to see during Markiplier TV. He’s been slowly giving hints of his existence in videos, teasing just enough to get people talking. He hasn’t revealed himself outright in any videos since Markiplier TV; he hasn’t denied being in them, either. 

Remember this interaction between @markiplier and @hufflepufftrax?

Mark quickly dispels rumors about Darkiplier when they’re not true. Why, then, would he not clear the air during the chaos of World’s Quietest Let’s Play 4, or any other video that has stirred up the community a great deal more than this photo ever did? The logical train of thought, then, is that these really were Dark appearances and we are supposed to know it. So, if Dark has been going about this so carefully all along, why would he reveal himself by sharing the spotlight in a comedy sketch? The short answer is that he wouldn’t. The reality is… say it with me now… it’s just Mark impersonating Dark!

Yeah, I know, no shock there. You’ve been hearing that since the video dropped. I talked about it when answering an ask, which I’m screenshotting and dropping below for your convenience, because I’m just a nice gal like that.

So now we have to ask, why would Mark do this? If Dark really is starting to take back control, this would be a dangerous time to pull a stunt like this, wouldn’t it? Well, it makes sense when you consider the fact that Mark has all but run out of options. 

Every time Dark is hinted at, the community goes wild. It doesn’t matter how subtle the hint may be- if the lights in the background of a video are red and blue, someone will point it out. Someone will draw him. Someone will get excited. And then, over time, everyone will get excited. 

Even if Mark tried to warn us, it only fueled the fire. Reaching out for help, trying to tell us that Dark is here– it is exactly what Dark wants. So Mark now has to try a different tactic. The only way that Dark can lose at this point is if he loses his allure to the viewers, and the only way to do that is to use his own method against him: Dark is pretending to be Mark, and now Mark is pretending to be Dark in order to discredit him. More specifically, he’s trying to get Dark out of the way, impersonate him, and make a fool out of him. That sounds… familiar, doesn’t it? Have we heard that somewhere before?

What if I change up the tense a little and word it a bit more like this?

“Pushed aside. Replaced. Mocked.”

Originally posted by rubies-and-oaktrees

That rings a few more bells, doesn’t it?

When we put all of these things together, a picture starts to form: Mark kept Dark at bay for years by making him a joke, but then he made the mistake of letting down his guard. Letting him back in. Now, Mark is fighting back using the only method that he has ever known to work. Why wouldn’t it this time? Making silly edits, taking over Mark’s twitter with edgy, emo poetry… it was enough to dissuade the community last time. So what could make it fail now? How could humor no longer be sufficient to drive Dark away?

The key difference this time is that Dark is not simply a wisp of a presence like he was years ago. He can’t be laughed off anymore. He is here. He is real. He is powerful. He does not like to be mocked, and this action from Mark will most definitely have consequences.

And the blame for that, really, falls on all of us. As Mark said all those years ago, we made Dark real.  Back then, he had to resort to humor to keep Dark at bay, because none of us would listen to him when he warned us. Now, history’s repeating itself,  but the outcome isn’t so sure this time. We learned nothing in the process. Now Dark has become too strong, because we, the viewers, keep letting him back in. Mark tries to tell us that Dark is here and we are thrilled about it.

So, really, the question isn’t, “Why would Mark do this?”

The question is, 

Why didn’t we listen?

samwiseofficial  asked:

Hey Alan! I just saw a post about different types of allistics on my dash... one of them was "The 'Ally'™". I'm allistic and I want to know how I can be a good ally, so I thought I'd ask about certain things mentioned in the post so i can avoid doing them! What are person first language and functioning labels and what can I do as an allistic to be an actual ally (not an “Ally"™)? Thanks so much!

okay, first of all, I’m going to assume that you meant [this post]. If not, sorry. Second, I’m not going to get this perfect. I’m viewing this as a bit of a first draft, which (note to self) I will edit at some point.

definitions: person-first language is “person with autism” as opposed to “autistic person”. Please use “autistic person”. I dealt with functioning labels later in this disorganized hell-post. 

So here’s my stab at allistic ally 101

1) You follow the same rules as if you were an ally for any other group: [Here’s a pretty good ally 101 article], but it’s not the end-all-be-all. Keep listening to autistic voices, and if we contradict the rules hold our voices higher. 

Also, above all, rule #1 of allyship is don’t be a shithead–come to conversations with the intention to listen and learn first and treat us like human beings (this is particularly critical with disability rights)

2) Our voices are the important ones: this is important with being an ally to any group, but autistic people often struggle to communicate or express ourselves. Be patient. Ask people how they’d like to communicate and be prepared to be a bit flexible.

Some autistic people use AAC (Alternative or Assistive Communication), and their voices matter just as much as verbal people’s. You don’t have to learn ASL or anything, but don’t assume that because someone’s not communicating verbally they’re less intelligent or competent. And, even if someone can’t communicate using language (or communicate at all) don’t assume that they don’t have thoughts, feelings, and needs.

3) Nothing about us without us: knowing an autistic person doesn’t make you an expert on autism. BEING an autistic person makes you an expert on autism. If you see anything claiming to help autistic people that doesn’t prominently feature Actual Autistic People, don’t support it (unless Actual Autistic People are telling you to support it, see #2)

This goes double for any charitable organization focused on autism which leads me into point number 4 (also from here on out things are a bit smaller-scope, that doesn’t make them less important):

4) Autism Speaks is trash: [and] [here] [are] [some] [sources

If you want to support charities try ASAN and The Autism Women’s Network

5) Please don’t try to “cure” us: I’m dealing with some internalized ableism with this one, so let me turn you over to  Anya Ustaszewski who in [this article] writes:

My autism is part of who I am. It is not something “extra” that can be taken away from me to suit the agenda of an intolerant society. My abilities, challenges and perception of the world all go hand in hand. If I were to be “cured” of my autism, the person that I am would cease to exist.

so yeah cure = bad, acceptance and accommodation = good

6) Celebrate the things that make autistics unique: lately, tumblr has gotten a lot more stim-positive, but stimming isn’t solely a pretty, paint-mixing or slime video (in fact, stimboards are rarely tagged and can overstimulate the SHIT out of me). 

A lot of time, stimming is viewed as ugly, distracting, loud, disgusting, or socially unacceptable. Support your local autistics, don’t expect people to stop stimming and try not to stare or comment (many autistic people have to work very hard to reclaim stimming after childhoods of expecting to suppress it entirely).

Also, try your best to support different cognitive styles and processing issues. Try to keep your websites accessible, provide image transcripts, try not to make posts that are entirely text in images (like screenshots of twitter posts), and help to subtitle videos if you can. <- these things also help d/Deaf people and anyone who accesses the internet via a screenreader

7) steer clear of stereotypes: I’m not rain man or that dude on the big bang theory or your cousin’s dentist’s sister’s younger brother’s son. The ‘idiot savant’ stereotype is almost never true and puts unreasonable expectations on autistic people. Also, not all of us are good at math or science, have incredible memories, etc. Fitting or not fitting stereotypes don’t change the fact that every autistic person is human and deserves rights and respect.

8) functioning labels are fake: never listen to anyone who describes autism as “high” or “low functioning”. Every autistic person has struggles, and putting labels on functioning basically sorts people into “can be ignored” and “subhuman”. [here’s about a million posts about why they suck because if I put it all here this post would be five times as long]

9) ABA is trash: this is trigger territory for a huge number of autistic people, so [here] and I’m not going to say anything else just take my word on this one

10) If it has puzzle pieces on it, run: if you’re looking to see if a group is okay, look for the rainbow infinity sign. The puzzle piece is a huge red flag. Please don’t support anything with puzzle pieces on it. Please. I’m begging you.

Okay that was WAAY longer than I meant it to get, sorry. Also, I’ve missed a bunch of things, but I’ve been working on this for an hour and I don’t have the energy to add more. I’ll throw this in #actuallyautistic and hopefully someone else can add anything important I missed.

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Hi! I'm a new reader and I just wanted to say I absolutely love your writing n_n Could you do some headcanons on RFA+V+Saeran with an animator MC? Maybe with them trying to help her with her work with their own talents and whatnot? Like Zen doing voices, Yoosung with story ideas, etc, etc. Thank you!

Cute idea ^^


Request Killing: 2/30

RFA+Saeran and Animator MC


  • You call him almost every night to ask for his opinion on the storyline, and he tries his best to offer suggestions or ideas for you to bounce off of
  • But unlike you, he wasn’t used to staying up so late…
  • Most nights, you would hear him snoring lightly over the phone while you were in the middle of talking
  • Although you’d feel annoyed at first (especially since you were stressed over your work), you’d calm down and remind yourself that Yoosung was willingly giving his time to you despite not benefiting from it
  • Just the mere thought of him trying so hard to help you every night made you smile.
  • He wakes up and finds himself in his own puddle of drool on the desk most mornings (HE NEVER LEARNS)
  • And desperately tries to wipe it up, thoroughly embarrassed that he still drools despite being a college student
  • He always feels apologetic that he falls asleep first, and wants to help you the best he can, knowing that you stay up even later than him—sometimes he wonders if you even sleep…


  • He very much looks forward to being your voice actor!! Although you tried to pay him, he firmly refused
  • “We’re friends, aren’t we, MC?” he’d say, pouting as he tried to guilt-trip you
  • He already has a lot in his schedule—his rehearsals, plays, work-outs, modelling, acting lessons… And now he tries to fit in voice-acting for you, barely having time to eat even 2 meals a day, and only sleeping a few hours every night
  • Sadly, you were too caught up in your own busy life to notice that his condition was worsening
  • He put on bright smiles to see you every time he came to help, putting on extra make-up to hide the tired lines on his face and forcing out a good voice for you even when he was risking a sore throat
  • It wasn’t until he didn’t show up one day that you realized what was going on. You had tried to phone him when he was late, but he hadn’t picked up. So you asked In the RFA group chat, and Jaehee immediately replied that Zen had been taken to the hospital!
  • When you read the news article that followed the incident, you learned that he had been overworking himself, and that he had collapsed in the studio. No wonder he couldn’t make it today…
  • Immediately, you were overwhelmed with guilt, knowing you were one of the reasons he collapsed.
  • He ruffles your hair when you visit him at the hospital, laughing that he was perfectly fine. But he did end up agreeing to only help you out when he had free time


  • She was already busy with all the work Jumin gave her
  • But you’re her best friend and there was no way she wouldn’t support you
  • You had no idea, but she was the one who ordered food for you every night… You would hear your doorbell ring and find a deliveryman standing there with food in his hands, fully paid for already under your name even though you knew you hadn’t made the order
  • And in the mornings, Jaehee would drop off a hot drink for you before she headed for work. Sometimes it was coffee, sometimes flavoured tea, and sometimes sweet milk.
  • She knows that you often stayed up all night perfecting scenes, and thought the caffeine would help you regain your energy—also because she was aware that you would keep working until you’d pass out, so that extra bit of energy was definitely needed


  • He wasn’t really sure what animating was
  • Until you showed him one of your videos…
  • He was absolutely flabbergasted. “You made this? From scratch? The whole thing?” he had asked, a bit doubtful because it looked so professional.
  • He vowed to support every one of your works, and became the source of your funds
  • Of course, you used the money only when you really needed it, not wanting to take advantage of your friendship with him
  • He paid for billboards to advertise your projects, no matter how grand your animation really was
  • It was thanks to him that you gained so much attention from famous animators, who offered to be your mentor!


  • He came right over to help! Although his main job was hacking, he was skilled in all forms of technology—be it video edits, photoshop, social networking, computer code, etc.
  • Oh, but he had zero art sense, so he couldn’t help you with digital art
  • BUT he would help you organize the frames, and give feedback if something was out of place. He had a keen eye for detail after all. (Developed from the need to be severely attentive in his missions)
  • While you were busy working on your animations, Seven would take snippets of your work and upload it online, using his bots to get it trending over the internet
  • Yes, that’s why you’d wake up and find scenes of your animation all over social media…
  • (He also filtered out any negative comments as well, so you would only see love, support and encouragement from your fans)
  • And since he was right beside you, he would make you catch some sleep, lecturing you that it was important for your health. (He wasn’t always around though, since he had his own work)
  • Seven was the biggest help whenever you were busy animating, both in the actual animation and keeping your sanity in check.


  • He was the one who took all your reference photos for you
  • Sometimes, you wanted a certain scenery for your backgrounds, and he’d search high and low to find the closest thing to what you imagined—he would go on a lot of trips every time you had another animation project… (which made Yoosung accuse him of slacking off and not really helping… lolol the omelette boy just had to find every reason to jab at V)
  • And sometimes, you’d want a specific angle of an object, and he would take hundreds of photos just to find THE angle you desired
  • Sometimes you suddenly decided you didn’t want that angle, after all. And then he’d go through the pains of taking even more photos for you
  • But he was always happy to help
  • He loved travelling, he loved photography, and he loved being helpful to you!


  • He was a bit jealous that everyone else kind of had a set job—the creative and young Yoosung helping with the plot, the actor Zen helping to voice lines, the motherly figure Jaehee who made sure you were eating healthily, the corporate director Jumin providing funds, the photographer V helping to find reference photos, and his techy brother Seven who helped put your animation together.
  • So he tried to help in his own way. He would be your ‘Vanderwood.’
  • He cleaned up your house while you were too busy concentrating on your work to notice
  • He would prepare meals (Saeran was a good cook!) since he knew the take-out that Jaehee ordered for you wasn’t healthy to have everyday
  • He’d cover you up with a blanket whenever you fell asleep—sometimes if you hadn’t gotten much sleep in DAYS, he’d dump you into your bed and lock you in there
  • And… most embarrassing for him to admit, Saeran would even model clothes for you. Surprisingly, he could pull off a ton of styles! Whether it was a badboy, innocent, cheerful or even girly look, he’d still look cute! (Well, Seven dooooes cosplay a lot and matches various styles… Not surprised that his twin has that ability, too…)
  • Although he never voiced his opinions or complaints, he was very, very pleased that he was able to help you!

Bonus: You gave each of the RFA members a special mention in the credits of your animation, which really touched their hearts!!

anonymous asked:

(rape tw) Can you explain why you don't think HIV+ people have a moral responsibility to tell potential partners their status, if that is indeed your position? I understand that if they have an undetectable viral load and they practice safer sex, the risk of transmission is very low, but it still exists, no? I'm just trying to understand. I have HPV and I feel guilty for not telling the man who raped me beforehand, and that's not even a potentially fatal illness, just an inconvenience. (1/2)

(2/2) I want to support HIV+ people and not make their lives harder, but I’m having a really hard time with this perspective from an ethical standpoint.

(anon sorry, i answered this but forgot it in my drafts)

anon, i’m not really sure where this is coming from since i haven’t posted about this in a while [since this came in before my other post got resurrected] but i’ll try to explain (and forgive me, this got so damn long but i’m quite swamped lately and have no time to edit)

i don’t think i’ve said that there’s no responsibility to disclose, and i wonder what made you think i did, but the main point i want to get across is that it doesn’t really matter what i think about the morality of nondisclosure in any given situation — what matters is whether i think it should be a serious crime. this is a separate question because the law isn’t about morality, in this case it should be about public health.

and these laws are a resounding failure from a public health perspective, especially since as written they penalize testing and usually completely fail to take into account the risk level of the activity (including condom use) or even whether transmission actually occurred (even when the charge is “criminal transmission”!). these laws were born out of stigma, not science or real ethics. but you don’t have to take my word for it; this is the accepted position among HIV/AIDS and sexual health advocacy organizations, and even the CDC is recommending that they be reviewed. i really recommend reading what these organizations have to say about it. from a quick search UNAIDS’s policy brief (pdf) seems pretty good and clear but there is much more out there.

i’m so sorry about what happened to you and i want to know that you’re not at fault at all. no rape survivor is at fault for their rape or for the consequences of the rape for the rapist. he chose to do that to you, and he accepted the risks that came with that. that is entirely on him!

i think a major problem with the debate about disclosure is that, as the UNAIDS brief says, it “places […] responsibility for HIV prevention exclusively on those already living with HIV and dilutes the public health message of shared responsibility for sexual health between sexual partners.” this applies to other STIs as well. we all have to take responsibility for our own sexual health, at least when it comes to acts we consented to.

even if it may seem to make sense on a moral level, placing the entire responsibility on people who know they’re positive for HIV or any other infection just doesn’t work. there will always be people who don’t know their status or can’t know their status for sure because they were exposed too recently. these people can’t disclose, yet if they are HIV+ they pose a much greater transmission risk than people who know they’re positive because they can’t possibly be accessing treatment, because transmission risk is highest in the acute infection stage when they’ve first contracted HIV, and because they’re less likely to be taking the additional safer sex precautions that they’d take if they knew.

there is still a profound stigma against people living with HIV and other STIs. when we’re influenced by this stigma, we’re likely to focus on finding someone to blame for transmission (or even the possibility of transmission). when we reject the stigma, we can focus on effective methods of prevention which involve helping everyone accurately judge their risk level and make informed choices to protect themselves.

you mention that safer sex with someone with an undetectable viral load is very low-risk (so low-risk, in fact, that i don’t think there’s ever been a documented case of transmission under these circumstances) but that any risk is too much. it’s fine if you feel that way; you set your own boundaries. but sex with someone who doesn’t know their status is much riskier. so is it morally permissible not to disclose to your partners that you don’t know your status? and should not disclosing that be a crime?

i don’t think most people think so, or they haven’t thought about it. to a lot of people, not knowing their status is normal, because their sexual choices are governed by assumptions: they assume that they are negative, for HIV, HSV, etc., and they assume that everyone they have sex with is negative, unless they say otherwise. they assume this partly because of lack of education, and partly because of stigma. we think of people with STIs as dirty, reckless, less than virtuous. we don’t want to think of ourselves or the people we’re intimate with that way. but of course, people with STIs are not those things — having an STI is an entirely morally neutral characteristic of a person. and these assumptions about ourselves and others aren’t sound. they are actually an obstacle to STI prevention.

so these debates trouble me because they obscure the fact that the best practice for everyone is to get tested regularly, disclose what you know about your status (including whether you know it!), and ask about your partner’s status, making it clear that it’s safe for them to be honest. and when we place all responsibility on people who know they’re positive, we validate our assumptions that everyone is negative, but we have to challenge those assumptions if we want to protect ourselves and each other. we have to acknowledge that when we decide to have sex based on the assumption that our partner must be negative, we are taking a risk. even in a world where everyone who knows they’re positive disclosed — and i believe most do — this would be a risk.

the sooner we can accept this and reject stigma, the sooner we can take steps toward more honest and open communication in our sexual lives and make healthy, fully informed choices, the sooner we can stop the spread of HIV.

NoHateAwarenessWeek: Love your content creator!

This is a post for ALL types artists and content creators, whether it’s fanart, fanfic, meta, graphics, etc.

There are so a number of these people that I personally interact with, some I’m closer friends with, some that are distant senpais, and some that I may have not even met yet (and still discovering!)–

I want to give an honorary shout out to a few of my best friends who have created some amazing content in the past and deserve a visit!  Plus they’re really cool people in general: @angellust155 (@dustys-art), @roypoptart, and @phantomkim!  Thanks for being such awesome friends.  I love you guys, you’ve been there for me through tough times and good times, and supported what I love to do.  Whatever our interests are now, I wanna say thanks for being my squad when and where it counts!  <3

And now a special thanks, in no particular order-

@erensjaegerbombs : (writer/graphics) Heidi!  You’re honestly such inspiration to so many people around you, me included.  Your writing is very gripping and passionate, whether it’s your fic or your meta, you’re so well-spoken, empathetic, and creative.  Your edits are also top-notch quality and I get excited when I see them on my dash!  You have very unique design ideas that’re both pleasant to look at and entertaining.  Jot that down with being an overall kind and fun person- you are an amazing friend that I am proud of having.  Continue doing the best you can and have fun with it, and know that you have a lot of fans and friends who encourage you!

@perfectfearsomebeauty : (writer) Amy, you’re another very close friend of mine, but that isn’t the big reason I’m directing attention to you.  While I know you are newer to posting your headcanons and fics, between our conversations, I think you have an explorative mind and one that not only thinks critically, but also creatively.  I hope you continue posting, no matter the content.  Keep being you!  There are a great deal of ideas that should see the light, but you really are worthy of being called an artist because you create.  You’re also a loyal and compassionate person, who I cherish very much.  Never give up and keep making, friend!

@writer-person : (writer) Moneé, like the name states, you are an incredibly talents writer who clearly puts a lot of thought and soul into your work.  While sometimes my schedule doesn’t permit me to read a lot of fic all at once, I’m always on the hype for what you put up.  It makes my day and you come up with interesting themes, and I love how you write the characters with such purpose.  You also speak up some good ideas and I tend to really support the headcanons you have (esp. shippy ones, oops).  But you do have a bright mind that shouldn’t go unappreciated.  Thanks for being a consistently great writer and amazing friend!

@fuku-shuu : (writer/graphics) Let me tell you your writing is one of the biggest things that inspired me to walk into the RM fandom.  Your words are so elegant and descriptive and I can really feel every emotion a character holds, and that’s huge.  I also adore your pretty and cute doodles, rare as they are.  And your clear (and sometimes funny) graphics are something I look forward to come new animations.  And meta of course should not go unnoticed!  You’re a great friend and creator of all sorts and I hope you understand and feel the appreciation on this day and more.

@daydream24-7 : (artist) Rose, the way you draw characters has a lot of expression to it, and you make it uniquely your own!  I’m a huge fan of your Mikasas, especially!  You also write well and I love your insightful input when people ask you questions.  Keep doing what you’re doing, friend!  c:

@kaschy aka @kaschy-art : (artist) We’ve only recently become friends, but I’ve known your work for longer.  Among one of my favorite Reiner and Bertholdt (and other warriors) artists, your art is hella amazing, expressive and funny (or angsty, depending on the mood lol).  You’ve always got a story to tell with each piece and I love it!  Never stop!  You’re doing so well!

@redcoaster : (artist/writer) Love them titan abs and butts!  But seriously, the way you add a sense of realism to something that is entirely fictional- it’s all very believable and holds a life of its own.  That’s what I value a lot in art and yours completely stuns me.  I hope you know how valued your work is, so the effort is well worth it.  You’re such a talent!

@alemanriq : (artist) I can always pinpoint your drawings whenever it pops up on my dash, and whether or not I’ve seen it before, it always grabs my attention.  Not to mention the lot of your humorous art brightens my day.  You’re super funny and the style is definitely you.  Hope you keep on truckin’ because what you do makes me and I’m sure a lot of people really happy!

@jaeeg : (artist) You’re a young artist but an example that no matter what age, what you create can get a person giddy or at loss for words (in the best way!)  You’re very funny, but I enjoy seeing your doodles and more fleshed out pieces!  You give me a lot of motivation when you start drawing, so thanks for that too lol!

@toruq : (artist) Another young artist that makes me smile and intrigued with each drawing made.  A definite growing talent, you’re amazing now and will be even more so!  You’re also a hilarious person!  I hope you know you are a joy as a human being and skilled as an artist!  I wanna see more always!

@kenken-chan : (artist/writer) You really are a jack of all trades- with your writing and art, you’re quite a talent!  I remember seeing your RM art when I first entered the ship fandom and knowing you ship my ships and write and draw them so well- makes my heart explode from what I see.  I’m always up for seeing and reading more, you have a gift!

@momtaku : (writer) Can you see me?  lol I hope you know that despite all that’s happened, you remain an inspiration to many meta writers in this fandom.  The blog certainly generated a lot of discussion that has been essential in the activity of this fandom and you’re a marvelous person both as such a fan and a person in general.

@aurieackerman : (graphics) Not only do you run a bunch of blogs that make the ER ship feel alive again, you also provide quality graphics and edits!  What you do is highly regarded and I’m grateful for it, as well as having the pleasure to talk to you!  Thank you!

@nakamatoo : (graphics) Another amazing graphics maker!  I love the special quotes you use that relate to the subject of the animation, it makes the entire sequence poetic and you can tell you put a lot of thought.  You are also a caring person who has talked to me throughout a variety of moods- I appreciate you dealing with me then too hahah!  Keep doing the beautiful work you do!

@freelance7 : (writer) We worked together on the SnK Artist’s Big Bang event and I was absolutely thrilled to work with such a talented writer, especially on a ship I honestly could afford to give much love to.  You write beyond well and being a witness to your process I know you are attentive to those talents.  You made a lovely story and I was proud to illustrate for it.  We make a good team!

The post is becoming long and honestly there is…so much I want to say to some many people.  Ones that I’ve never even talked to.  Ones that I’ve yet to read their stories.  Ones that I’ve yet to even meet.  I don’t think what I have to say can amount to the sheer emotion of gratitude for those who share what they love with a multitude of people.  To those aforementioned individuals- I have you on my mind.  At this point, I do still want to briefly mention others who have made that impact:

Artists: @09raito, @6161-e-ko-t-blr, @amayaokami, @apetitan, @aphin123,  @april-yoon, @ask-secretrivamika, @bev-nap, @blauerozen, @cinthmp, @constant-catastrophe, @dinklebert, @dreamxxdream, @drinkyourfuckingmilk, @elvendashears, @erenspencil, @ererichi, @erwinoutfitters, @eryen-art, @eveblum, @felixora, @hana-tox, @isabelmaqnolia, @j-witless, @kimoidane, @kiokushitaka, @krista-w-chan, @kuryusai18tokki, @kyo224, @lllannah, @lolakasa, @miawrly, @michijm, @mioko-san, @motorcyclles, @nayawata, @nerdlevi, @oeilvert, @oekaki-chan, @omy-chan01, @rejected3, @roredwarrior3, @roxe-kun, @roxoah, @shira-aot, @shynii, @sookashira, @tanekore, @varrix

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I most definitely forgot people, and apologies if I did, I scrapped this in a hurry but regardless you are all important in making this fandom whole!  Keep doing what you love!  So many people appreciate and thank you for it!

samwpmarleau  asked:

Since I know you're a fan of stupid theories being debunked: do you have any favorite SSMs or the like that have rendered those theories moot? Or more broadly, any bits of information that you've found particularly intriguing or which challenged any assumptions of yours?

Ummm… hmm. Re crack theory debunking, the first thing that comes to mind is when GRRM said Darkstar is in his late twenties, and therefore very definitely not the real Aegon Targaryen, or Jon’s twin, or any of the weirder identity theories that hovered around him for a while. Oh, and along those lines, the SSM where he cleared up (for people without reading comprehension) that Edric Dayne is 12 and did not nurse from Wylla at the same time the four-years-older Jon did. (And so obviously he isn’t Jon’s twin either. There are wayyy too many Jon twin theories.)

Ooh, and the fact that someone asked GRRM about the Corn Code crack theory and he didn’t do a typical “just wait and see” but actually replied with a straight-up “no” is hilarious. As was the theory creator’s response, OMG.  edit: And @goodqueenaly reminds me that GRRM also said that Rhaegar was cremated, and so is very definitely not still alive and pretending to be someone else.

Intriguing info… ah, gosh, the SSMs are full of really cool stuff. I can’t even quantify it. But some of my favorites, for theory proving and debunking – that Targaryens are not immune to fire (also) (so Jon getting his hand burned does not disprove R+L=J); that Princess Rhaenys looked like a Martell (so Jon looking like a Stark does not disprove R+L=J); and of course “Dany was most like named by her mother, Tyrion by his father, Jon by Ned”. GRRM being ever so careful in his wording is always a joy. :)

Like, oh, his very careful statement about whether Sandor and Sansa would meet again. (And so much more that I have in this tag.) Though when he’s not at all careful, it can be amazing, like when he said the third head of the dragon will not necessarily be a Targaryen. Or when he said all of the Stark children are wargs.

As for challenging my assumptions and theories – probably the biggest one was his “NO” response to when his editor asked if Coldhands was Benjen Stark. That was very annoying, because I really did believe Coldhands was Benjen. (Hell, the GoT guys seem to have said fuck it and gone with that theory anyway, which should tell you a lot about the show and its relationship to the upcoming books, rather.) I don’t think the Waterstones pitch letter actually challenged anything I believed, even though it was extremely revealing about GRRM’s original ideas about ASOIAF – because, like, when people do try to bring up the original plot as proof of something or the other, I respond “so you think Jaime’s going to murder everyone and take the throne, then? And that Tyrion’s going to have a deadly rivalry with Jon over Arya’s love?” because honestly that’s just as valid. :D

Anyway, unfortunately I don’t tag posts with SSMs or interviews (I should, I haven’t, it’s probably too hard to fix now) so I can’t find all of my favorites right now, alas. (My GRRM tag has a lot, but I know not everything.) I very much recommend going to the So Spake Martin archives and reading them all, though, there’s so much good stuff in there. A lot which aren’t picked up by the SSM search engine, too, because they’re links to interviews, and oh man can those interviews be amazing. (Like this one! And this one! And this one! And… ok, I’ll stop now.)

I have Dyslexia and I am proud.

I was made to believe when I was younger, being diffrent wasn’t really a good thing. You had to look like everyone else, talk like everyone else, think like everyone else. That’s just what was acceptable in society. 

I was 5 years old when I started school. I was like every other kid, scared yet excited to be starting school. As time went on, I realized I didn’t learn the same way the other kids did. Most of them were already able to read full sentances fluently, yet I was stuck at every other word. The other kids would sinker whenever it was my turn to read. I thought it was my eyes at first. I constently asked my dad if I could get glasses. I never told him the true reason why I wanted them. I was afraid of what he would think.

When I would get the yearly checkups, the doctor told me I had 20/20 vision and there was no reason for me to have them. The devistated me. Now I started to belive I was infact, a stupid kid. When I bearly passed the grades, I found it harder and harder to read. When I was in 5th grade, my classmates were already readng novles while I could bearly read small childrens books. Now instead of quiet snikers, there was banterous laughter everytime I was called on to read something out loud.

This is what a normal sentence looks like to you at a first glance.

Tish is waht a nromal sntance loks like to me at a frist glsnce.

I’m not exaggerating when I write that. That is what a small sentence would look like to me. That was the reason why I felt like I was stupid. Because I couldn’t read properly, I wasn’t motivated in school. I was in very general classes. I was placed in some classes with kids who really did classify as mentally challenged. Not saying that it was a bad thing, but back then it lowered myself esteem to rock bottom.

You wanna know something funny? I still read the mixed up sentence better then the one above. It’s just what my brain can process. It wasn’t until @purrtlepuff made me take a test on the internet. When I was 18 years old I discovered I had Dyslexia. 

I learned this 13 years to late.

13 long years I had convinced myself I was stuipd, I was worthless, I was nothing. All because my brain mixed up letters on a page. So when I did research on Dyslexia, I descovered some intresting things.

We are offten refered to as, dumb, lazy, unmotivated, “not trying hard enough.”

That’s not the case at all.What people don’t seem to understand is we get sick from trying to read. Our brains can’t comprehend that muh of information as fast as we want, making it overload itself and our bodies. Sometims we get head aches, nausea, or we loose focus because our brain can’t do it all at once.

This is what happened to me, and I still get headaches if I read/write too long. I felt so relived to find out that I wasn’t stupid after all. My brain just processes things a little diffrently then others. It makes me imperfect. And you know what?


There are so many other things I am good at! Editing, game design, Acting, singing. They’re all encluded to the long list of what Dyslexic people are good at. I am unique. No one can take it away from me. It’s who I am and I intend on embracing it. It’s made me stronger and it gives me a reason to push for my passions.

If you have Dyslexia...


Don’t let anyone else say other wise!

If they do, just write a sentance backwards and then make them read it fluently. Then they’ll think twice.

~ Mama Scribb

Theory TIME!

Wow has been a while since the last, hasn’t it? This time: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Spoiler alert!) 

Sooo I just watched all the new episodes and this is just something burning in my mind. Is Toffee related to Star?

Like okay. Let’s start at the beginning. In the Episode “Baby” it was revealed that Star is the most powerful in her ancestry since Eclipsa. In “Into the wand” we learned not only that Toffee was immortal. I don’t now how many generations lie between Star and Eclipsa, but with Toffee immortal this is not relevant for my theory. Which is: Toffee might be Eclipsa’s son. Or at least was really close to her. Why?

Toffee had in the season 1 finale the chance to claim the wand for himself. Instead he told Star to destroy it and became part of the “evil wand” (as we learned in “the hard way”). What I always was wondering about was, how did Toffee know the whispering spell or that it was the first spell she had learned from her mother? My idea: Eclipsa told him. Maybe it is tradition that the first spell you learn is the whispering spell. If that’s true Eclipsa must have learned it the same way. When she ran away with her monster boyfriend she probably had to leave the wand behind (to have some peace maybe?). But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t tell her child about it. 

My other point is kinda silly but stick with me here okay? 

I have the feeling we will get LOTS of parallels between Star and Eclipsa. At the end of “Baby” the shot from the portrait of Star to Eclipsa’s kinda made that obvious. Both look very somber but as we know that’s not how Star really is. So what if Eclipsa is not “The queen of darkness” like the stereotype but kinda Star’s future if she goes the path of “evil”.

That’s Eclipsa’s husband (?).

That’s Star’s ex.

They seem to have the same type don’t you think?

Star had her moment where she realized that the monsters are not purely the bad guys. They have been wronged too. 

Then there is the dark magic stuff. The only chapter in the spell book about it is in Eclipsa’s chapter. Which is ALSO the chapter Ludo looks at when Toffee takes over.

Originally posted by nobleghost

(attention! Huge spoiler in the next paragraph!)

We have seen that Eclipsa is frozen in a crystal. She’s not dead. So I’m 99% sure we get to see her soon. (With the crystal loosing it’s power. Pizza guy was freed trough a punch) And I think we will see a more matured Star in her. Still silly, but she understands the world more and sees through all this good vs evil lies the Mewmans believe. 

In “the hard way” we see Ludo’s minions rebuilding a place “his wand told him about”. So probably a old base from the war or something that belonged to Toffee or Eclipsa and her husband. We also learn that Glossaryck knows Toffee.  He can tell who he is only by hearing his voice, so he even seems to know him pretty well. He belonged to Eclipsa once so maybe he kept an eye on her even when she left Mewnie?

I also think it’s fascinating that Toffee seems to be his real name (I thought he told Ludo a fake one till that point). Don’t you think Toffee is a really stupid name for someone so sober? It can’t be a name he choose so it must be his birth name. You know who loves silly names? Star. 

If Eclipsa really is the “evil Star” like I suspect than it would make sense for her to look at cute little baby lizard and be like “He looks like a Toffee!”. 

I don’t know anything about monster anatomy in Star. But I’m pretty sure that that 

IF it can reproduce, doesn’t make sexy lizard mans. So maybe he was adopted when he was little? Like all alone and sweet Eclipsa took him in? That would explain his devotion to freeing her (I suspect that’s his goal with all the foreshadowing).

The man BLEW HIMSELF UP for crying out loud just to get into the wand. Why he did that and didn’t just take the wand I don’t know. But I’m sure his plans will make more sense after some more episodes. Also I’m 90% sure his goal is to free Eclipsa. I don’t know why else they would show her in her prison. 

At last he fought Moon in the war. 

Look at the skulls. They have the same symbols on their cheeks (?) as all the lady’s in the butterfly family (and miss heinous, but that’s another can I won’t open).

Maybe he did that to look more menacing to them? But STOP look who also has spades on her cheeks:

She would be probably frozen at this point so maybe the monsters are trying to get her back and fail because Moon and the wand? The diamond skull representing defeating Moon and the spade-skull the trapped Eclipsa?

I don’t know. I’m tired and exited and overthinking things. But I think it would be really neat if they really go down that path with this show!

(EDIT: probably way to late but I changed the error with calling Eclipsa’s spades clubs. It was 4am and they are not called that at all where I am from okay? Even if nobody actually cares about it except one person and me)

On delays, the rest of season one, and being whelmed.

Before I get to the post-proper, this is me offering a cyber high-five to anyone who got the “whelmed” reference!

Hello all!

Alex Brown here! Your friendly, neighborhood co-showrunner. First, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting our show - when we released our first episode nearly a year ago, I figured it would be a fun side project to do with my friends, and that maybe some old college acquaintances who knew us would listen.

I’m over-the-moon ecstatic that I was wrong. Your response to our episodes, our characters, our music (which is the best part, let’s be real), and the humor we try to put in our stage directions is beyond anything I could’ve ever dreamed of. Throughout this past year, we’ve seen spectacular fan art, amazing fan fics, lots of fantastic theories, moodboards that fill my heart with more joy than I can express, and lots of other great things. As someone who’s lived the past six or so years as a frustrated writer who has struggled to get published, it’s been ridiculously fulfilling to see that I’m capable of helping to create something that people can genuinely connect to.

With that said, I want to let you all know where I’m at with a few of our processes, because, for me, the struggle right now is quite real. It’s not really a secret that one of our mini-episodes, Home, was influenced a lot by my own experience with depression. It’s certainly something that Etta has, too - but a lot of what’s in there are things I’ve felt for a long time. And, for me, some of those things still linger. 

I have mechanisms in place to help confront these thoughts. Other than on-going therapy, I like to put a lot on my proverbial plate to keep busy when I’m not in an introspective mood. My day job helps with a lot of that - during the school year I’m often in late-night meetings, or meeting with student groups on the weekend. I was hoping to have a little more free time this summer, but my day job seems determined to keep adding to my growing to-do list.

I’m also stage managing a show this summer, which has been lots of fun (and is totally my jam - I’m a way better stage manager than I am a stage actor, lemme tell ya). But the theater I’m working with is about an hour away on a good day, so there’s a lot of driving involved at the moment.

There are other things I’m trying to balance as well - getting another book written (as that’s been on hold for…about a year now), trying to make sure that my friends stay connected (being scattered around the country makes that a bit harder), trying to just… have some downtime and read a book, or watch The Bachelorette. All of these things are very important to my mental health - and all of these things haven’t been happening nearly as much as they should.

That was a very long-winded explanation of what’s going on with me, but I wanted to share that with you all, because I want you to know that I take this show seriously. It’s pushed me creatively, taught me new skills, made me a better writer, certainly a better actor, and I hope a better friend. I truly adore the community that’s been built around this podcast, and I can’t wait to see what you all think of the rest of season one!

And that’s what the point of this post is, I think. I have most of what I need for episode 11, but what I don’t have right now is a lot of time. As we’ve said lots before, I get individual audio from each actor, have to sift through all of their takes, and piece the puzzle together from there. It can take hours - sometimes, most of the time, it winds up taking days. Which is not a problem if I didn’t have lots of other time consuming obligations tugging me in their direction - but, here we are. I’m writing this note at 1:46 in the morning because I didn’t get back from rehearsal until 11:10 PM, caught up on The Bachelorette, and now have time to craft this note.

So, what I’m getting at is that we have sixteen planned episodes for season one, and we are very close to getting episode 11 out to you. I promise that I’ll try my best to get that done before June, but the show I’m stage managing opens right at the end of the month, so things might be a little hectic.

Once episode 11 goes out, we’re going to take another hiatus to prep the rest of the episodes. This time, I don’t plan to lift the hiatus until the rest of season one is edited and ready to be released. Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline for you yet - and, seeing as how release dates seem to be a bit flexible when it comes to this show - I think it makes sense not to speculate right now. Once we know when episode 11 is coming out - and when the rest of season one will happen - we’ll let you know. I promise.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to get some admin stuff straightened out so we can start to sell our wonderful merchandise! The response we got to our designs was amazing, and I want to make sure that you all have access to that if you’d like to rep the show somehow! (And props again to Em and Eliza for the rad designs!). Once I get a handle on that, we’ll also launch our Patreon - but I want to make sure we have cool rewards for all of you, because you deserve the best! I don’t want to try to rush into things for the sake of having/doing them anymore - and I think waiting on these things will help us in the long run.

Wow, this note was much longer than I anticipated. Uhhh, so, yeah. We’re still here, and we will continue to make content and tell what we hope is one kick-ass story. It just might take us a while, and that’s 100% on me. I am but one person, and there are but 24 hours in a day. But we’ll get there together, one way or another.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for your support! You’ve made this whole experience into probably the best thing I’ve ever done, and I’m so glad you’re here. 

If you’re going to stay for a while and would like some chocolate fondue, I hear there’s some overflowing in the kitchen.



curlsofblue  asked:

Hiii! I was just wondering if you had the time if you could maybe write a fic (it can be really short) that's about Mikael and one of the guys. Preferably Even, Jonas or Isak. It can Be AU or not or maybe about what happened between him and Even at Bakka but make it up a little bit so that he also had feelings for Even. I don't know I'm sure that whatever you decided to come up with would be amazing. I really really hope you decide to give this a go. 😊

hi love!! ok so this is 100% @bakkoushnaesheim‘s fault bc she put the idea of mikael and jonas in my head. i’m also working on a mini fic about even and mikael, too, but i hope this lil jonas and mikael thing is okay for now!

they just can’t stop laughing.

they’re lying on the grass, staring up at the starry sky above their heads, high off laughing and smoking and each other.

the thing is, jonas doesn’t find it difficult to get along with people. in fact, he likes to say he finds it very easy - the conversations always flow naturally, and getting to know people is something that he’s never really struggled with.

but it’s never been this easy. this natural. this much fun. it’s never felt quite like it does right now, lying in the grass with mikael by his side.

once their laughter dies down a little, jonas can feel a notable shift in the atmosphere. it’s late, so everything around them is quiet and dark; the only sounds are a few stray cars whirring past in the distance, and the only light comes from a streetlamp a few metres away from them.

jonas turns his head, suddenly becoming aware of how close he and mikael are to one another. mikael’s side is pressed against jonas’, and the simple feel of their bodies so close - touching like this - makes something light up inside of him. it starts from the parts of his body that are pressed against mikael’s - his shoulder and thigh - and spreads out towards the rest of him. and there’s a quiet kind of charge to it; a gentle electricity that makes jonas want more.

he moves a hand gently to toy with the string on mikael’s hoodie, and the simple touch alone is enough to make mikael’s head turn to face him. and it makes jonas wonder whether maybe mikael can feel it, too. because now mikael’s eyes are flitting from jonas’ lips, back up to his eyes. searching. shy.

jonas doesn’t know what this is that’s crossing between them, but he knows he wants more of it. so when mikael inches just that bit closer, lips slightly parted and still turned up in a small smile, eyes searching jonas’ face for any signs of trepidation, jonas decides to close the distance between them and kiss him.

the initial brush of their lips is tentative and barely there, giving each other time to pull away if it’s not what they want. but soon, they’re smiling against each other’s lips. mikael runs his hand through jonas’ hair as a quiet laugh passes between the small space between the two of them.

the second time they kiss, it’s with more purpose; it’s slow and lazy but it’s warm and certain, too. hands exploring one another, soft and slow and careful. and it’s unexpected, how good this feels, but as they break apart and look at each other again, there is one thing that jonas now knows for certain:

it has never felt this good with anyone else before.

His Best Friend’s Sister

part 1


RedRiot: mina save me i’m gonna be killed

QueenOfTheAliens: aw poor bby, bad night w/ the gf?

QueenOfTheAliens: protective fam?

QueenOfTheAliens: bad food?

QueenOfTheAliens: r they secretly vampires?

RedRiot: mina i’m serious i’m gonna die

QueenOfTheAliens: ???

RedRiot: y/n is BAKUGOUS LITTLE SISTER i’m so screwed

QueenOfTheAliens: wait he has a sister what

QueenOfTheAliens: nvm i’m calling you

True to her word, Mina’s name popped up on the screen not even twenty seconds later. Kirishima hit the green icon, but he knew better than to have the phone by his ear.

“What the heck?” she shrieked. “I have so many questions. Why didn’t he ever mention her before?”

The question was at a more reasonable volume, so he put the phone to his ear. “He said it never came up. Bakugou is a kind of common last name, so I never really thought about it either. Is it too late to drop out of high school and move to Madagascar?”

Mina giggled. “That wouldn’t be very manly.”

“You know what isn’t manly? The way I nearly pissed myself when he figured out why I was at his house.” Eijirou groaned, rolling back onto his bed miserably. “This whole night was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

“Really? You’re like, the person who’s least afraid of Bakugou. No matter how much he yells, it’s never fazed you before.”

“No but Mina, that’s the thing,” he said earnestly, suppressing a shudder at the memory. “He didn’t yell at me. Not even once.”

“Wait, what?” Mina sounded confused and a little bit wary. “Is this a prank, because it’s not funny Eijirou. There’s never been a single day in his life where Bakugou wasn’t yelling, Midoriya said so.”

“If I was kidding, I wouldn’t be seriously considering moving to Africa.”

It had been a surreal night, and definitely the scariest one he’d ever lived through. He really hadn’t known that Y/N was Bakugou’s sister, and on one hand, he could understand Bakugou’s anger. He could completely understand being protective of a little sibling, and Eijirou hadn’t even just broken the Bro Code- he’d shattered it.

On the other hand… he wasn’t going to leave Y/N because of it. Not just because it wouldn’t be manly, but because she was perfect. He would never leave her for something like this.

That didn’t make the prospect of facing Bakugou at school any less daunting, though.

Call me Kacchan, he’d said, sounding so sincere that Kirishima would have believed him had it not been for the steel in the other boy’s eyes. They’d been daring him to do so, he knew. Just waiting for him to take the bait. But he knew better. Only Midoriya had the privilege of using that nickname, and he’d paid dearly for it over the years.

Eijirou could only imagine the hell that awaited when the school week began, but Mina managed to talk him down from moving to Madagascar and convince him to get some sleep, with the promise that she would text Midoriya for an explanation, since he was the person most likely to know how to proceed from here.

Besides, he was exhausted.


QueenOfTheAliens: deku!!!! kiri thinks he’s gonna die bc hes dating bakugou’s lil sis and i’m? confused??

Deku: Wait

Deku: Y/N was dating THAT Kirishima?!?!

QueenOfTheAliens: YOU KNEW?????


Deku: She didn’t tell me who she was dating exactly, just that he had red hair and a hardening quirk. She likes him a lot, if that helps

QueenOfTheAliens: not rlly no. apparently baku was so mad he was nice? I’m 99% sure kiri was pulling my leg but i thought id ask u

Deku: Wait. Kacchan was NICE? That’s only happened once, ever

Deku: Has Kirishima considered moving? I hear Africa is nice this time of year

QueenOfTheAliens: wait he wasnt kidding?

QueenOfTheAliens: is baku even capable of being nice???

QueenOfTheAliens: also i just stoped him from moving to africa

Deku: Kacchan is /plenty/ nice… in his own way. ( >_< *)

Deku: But to answer your question, no. He really was just that mad. Kirishima might not want to come to school for a few days. Kacchan is really protective of Y/N.


Deku: ???

Deku: He talks about her all the time? He’s really proud of her in his own way because she’s a lot like him.

Deku: OHHHHH he doesn’t call her by name very often, you guys probably just didn’t realize bc you’ve never met her. [attached image]

QueenOfTheAliens: …she’s too cute for either of them

QueenOfTheAliens: she’s too cute for me to handle this late @ night goodnight deku

Deku: …? Okay? Talk to you tomorrow? I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.

Neither of them did end up talking to him, despite the open invitation to do so. Eijirou spent most of his time staring at texts from you, Mina, and Midoriya, contemplating his existence. He knew he should at least answer you, since your texts were getting more and more worried as time went on, but he couldn’t really think of what to say. Bakugou wasn’t really scary, not really. He was brash and loud and explosive, but it wasn’t like he’d ever actually consider hurting Eijirou. And, if Deku was to be believed, he cared enough about Y/N that he wouldn’t take any of his anger out on her.

Nothing was more frightening, though, than the text that came in right before he left for school.

Kacchan: Hey Kiri-chan! I took the liberty of changing my contact name in your phone when you were helping Mom with the dishes the other night! Let’s both try hard today, k? ^.^

Eijirou screenshotted the message and sent it to Mina with a caption comprised entirely of terrified emojis, and gets the same emojis back in response.

RedRiot: babe ur brother is terrifying, ur lucky i love u [image attached]


Y/N: that’s kinda funny tho tbh, he hasnt been this pissed since izu-chan broke his limited edition allmight figure when they were 4

RedRiot: ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y/N: good luck in training today bby, love u! gotta go to class byeeeee~~

Eijirou groaned as he approached the gates of Yuuei and saw Bakugou standing there with a bright, deadly smile, waiting for him. He was so dead.

on editing & repetition;

i’m such a firm believer in the shit first draft. i used to be one of those people who would madly edit as i went and labour for hours over one sentence, just to get it right. spoilers: that is a waste of everyone’s time. the trick to writing is becoming good at editing, but like, in that order, editing after you’ve written it. it can be hard to know where to start with editing, so i’ve written up this post on what i consider to be the first step in a successful self-edit.*

here’s what i do: ctrl+f. this might seem like a weird, slightly obvious thing, but one of the biggest problems with underdeveloped writing is excessive repetition. there are some words you can only use once in an entire novel, and some words that carry less weight but which you wind up using too much anyway. the real trick to a first draft is to stop giving a stuff about repetition. then, ctrl+f.

my biggest plague word is just. i’ve already used it once in this post. the first thing i do when i finish something is to search for instances of the word just and delete/rephrase every second one or so. i allow myself to keep it when it’s absolutely necessary to the meaning of the clause, but that’s about as far as i’m willing to push it.

here are a few words to look for in this first stage of repetition-fixing:

  • adverbs: the most common ones will be things like basically, actually, suddenly, really, very… but if you want to do a quick check for any words ending in -ly, that helps too.**
  • unusual conjunctions: it’s perfectly fine to use a lot of and, but but needs to be kept in check. too many negative clauses can break immersion! similarly for so, also, although, still, etc.
  • swearing. (and this is coming from someone who swears like a sailor IRL.) as with any strong and emotive language, it has more power when you hold it back and only use it for similarly emotive occasions.
  • any phrases you know you use a lot.

once that’s done, reread the work. the moment you find a word that carries a lot of weight, or a phrase that sounds incredible to you, ctrl+f it. because if you’re having that thought now, chances are you’ve had it before, and you’ve used that word or phrase more than once within the work. when something stands out to you that much, it’s worth saving it up for a special occasion.

there are a few other subtle things worth looking out for in terms of repetition, which i’ll list quickly:

  • overusing character names when pronouns will suffice, i.e. “It was still dark when Bob’s alarm went off. Bob was so tired that he had to physically force his eyes open.” that second Bob can easily be a he and no-one will get confused!
  • italics for emphasis. while you’re in the midst of writing, it may seem like you need to remind your reader that certain words will be stressed in a sentence, but it’s more likely that your reader will understand that intuitively. save italics for moments of heightened emotion and humour.
  • similar sentence structure. if you have two sentences in a row that look the same, like this: “Bob’s alarm went off, but it was still dark outside. He was unbelievably tired, since he’d stayed up too late the night before.” … then change the structure of one of them! experiment with moving clauses around until you get enough variation. this helps hold your readers’ interest, and maintains flow so that your writing doesn’t get too clunky.

there! now you’ve got a cursorily-edited first draft, just (oh, yikes, there i go) by focusing on one issue at a time. at this stage, you can go back and read it again (yes, again!) and see where you might be able to use repetition as a powerful device to draw attention to a particular concept, or to create emotion or humour.

one more thing: i started this off by cautioning against editing as you go. but when you start becoming aware of repetition, and your own personal plague words/phrases, you’ll start doing all of this like second nature. but that doesn’t mean you should stop using ctrl+f!


* obviously once you’ve done a self-edit, a good idea is to send your work off to a beta reader/critique partner. they’ll pick up on anything you might’ve missed, as well as talk you through bigger issues than are covered in this post.

** my general stance on adverbs is that they should be used sparingly (which is an adverb :P), except for comedic emphasis, in which case adverbs will do a lot of the heavy lifting. (see above: physically forced, unbelievably tired.) as with everything that frames itself as a writing “rule,” don’t trust anyone who tells you never to use adverbs.

lost | tommy shelby

tommy feels lost without grace and the reader comforts him

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When Tommy came back from the war, he was a broken man. He didn’t have the same happiness that he did before. Tommy would find it hard to talk to people, and never open up. Whenever you brought up the war he would dismiss it, and act as if it didn’t bother him. Grace was the one who fixed him, she brought a new lease of life to him. Tommy had slipped back into his old ways of keeping himself reserved, and Grace wasn’t around to bring him back.

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I am confused and don't want to be attacked, but I have a question. What is Autism Speaks and what about it is bad? I genuinely want to be able to support those with Autism and don't want to devote time or energy into something that is counteractive, and would like to have an idea of what they're doing wrong to make sure that I don't mindlessly agree with whatever they are doing. Thank you so much!

Hey there anon, I totally understand. A lot of the general population is unaware of exactly how awful Autism Speaks is, even I didn’t really know what was going on with them until sometime in the last few years. They market themselves as a charity for Autistic people, but they’re actually incredibly ableist and a large part of their manifesto concerns the eradication of autism and autistic behaviours. This is often at the expense of the mental health of autistic people. 

It’s pretty late, so I’m just going to cover some main points here. Also I’m not adding sources at this time, I may come back and edit it to add them in. Or if someone wants to reblog with sources I’d be eternally grateful, but I’m just working from memory right now (btw if I start sound angry it’s not because of you, this topic just gets me worked up I’m glad you had the courage to ask). 

1. There are no autistic people working for autism speaks. A group of allistic people get to make decisions that have a huge impact on a lot of autistic lives without any kind of input from autistic people themselves, and you can probably see why that’s pretty messed up

2. Very little of the money that goes to autism speaks is actually put towards any kind of services. Most of it goes to lining the pockets of the company (possibly a bit of a blessing in disguise, I don’t really want them to dedicate MORE resources to what they’re doing) 

3. ABA therapy. If you google ABA therapy the first result that comes up is a page that defines this as a therapy programme that promotes positive behaviour change in autistic people. What this actually means is that autistic children are taught that their behaviour is bad and are trained to suppress any kind of autistic expression in order to appear more “normal”. I cannot stress enough the kind of psychological damage this does to a child. I’ve spoken to people who were put through ABA therapy and it has always, ALWAYS had long lasting negative impacts on their mental health. ABA therapy is child abuse, and autism speaks bloody loves it. 

4. They also support shock therapy. For children. They claim it’s been shown to reduce autistic behaviours. Imagine hating autistic children so much that you’d be willing to subject them to electrocution to make them more normal. 

5. Part of their mission statement is to “cure” autism. I can and have written full essays on why that offensive and ableist, but I’m keeping this as brief as I can (which is already very not brief) so suffice to say that my autism is entirely inseparable from who I am as a person. Autism speaks thinks that my existence is a disease that has to be cured and I really can’t stress how harmful that idea is. 

6. They’re just generally very anti-autistic. I know that’s not really a point so much as a vague observation, but their entire manifesto seems to be based on how much they despise autistic people. They don’t believe in our autonomy, or our basic human rights. They think we’re just broken machinery, and there are so many children subjected to their attempts at repairing us. It’s a really awful thought. 

So those are my key points, there may be stuff I’m missing but like I say it’s late. I hope this is at least a helpful starting point for you. If you type the phrase “Autism speaks is bad” into google you’ll actually find a lot of pages that can explain in more detail and with sources. 

Thanks for the ask anon, I appreciate you taking the time to make sure you’re support autistic people the right way. If you’re looking for a good charity to support, I’d recommend the autism self advocacy network. It’s an international charity founded by autistic people and they’re dedicated to protecting our autonomy and learning to accept and appreciate ourselves. Have a good evening! 

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what are your fave narumitsu fics? top 5 pls i'm looking for stuff to read :D

!!! I’m not sure how new you are to p/e fic BUT I’ve already got a post of some of my all time faves + a general fic rec tag, though I can make another rec for newer fic rn?? especially since the ones in that first link are some of the most popular/well-known already in the fandom 

SO OK more recent fic rec under the cut !!

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I'm feeling very tired right now, and my whole body hurts from stupid cramps 😭 Could you do a scene of Ethan taking care of the reader on her period? 💙

ahh! yes i can try to write this!! hopefully i get everything right, i hope you feel better bha and tysm! i’m slightly peeved because this is the second time this draft has been deleted, but i love the prompt,,

On Your Period

You’d felt horrible for the last couple of days, but this was the worst. You were curled up in a tight ball on your bed, trying to alleviate some of the pain in your abdomen. It felt like something was burning inside of you, and you hated every moment of it. You’d burrowed under your blanket, with a pillow on any side of you, your eyes screwed tightly with the absolute pain you were in.

You’d been trying to get some work done, but everything was blurring together because of the heated pain in your stomach, so your laptop was on your pillow while you laid in a mountain of blankets. It was going to be okay, you knew that, it just didn’t feel good now. However hard you concentrated on working, something was never quite right, and it was beginning to frustrate you how much time it took to do such simple tasks.

Of course, you also felt bad for Ethan, because you’d snapped at him earlier because all of your emotions are out of whack, but that isn’t a good excuse. You’d profusely apologized, both in person and over text, and he’d promised up and down that everything was fine and you were still absolutely adorable in his personal opinion.

Speaking of your boyfriend, he’s been working some pretty late nights lately, trying to get everything done. Some editing, some recording, some streaming; he’s been doing it all, and you love how passionate it is but wish that it didn’t have such a negative effect on his health. Everything felt really slow and syrupy in your head, but you’re sure he’s racing at a million miles a minute to try and finish everything.

Speak of the devil and he shall arrive; Ethan came walking into your shared bedroom as soon as you thought of him. “Hey, Y/N,” he grins, “mind if I lay with you for a little bit?”

“Hey, you,” you smile back, though you’re still hurting pretty bad. Ethan looks absolutely exhausted. “Did you stay up all night again? Come take a nap, love, you’ve earned it for sure.”

He comes over and lays beside you, on his back, but he keeps on making motions to hold you. You wouldn’t normally brush him off, but you really want to finish this project and you’ve felt so unproductive compared to him lately. Especially when he’s waking up early and going to sleep at the same time; his days are basically twenty hours long at some points, and you’re trying to discourage him from doing that.

Eventually, he gives up on making you give in, and instead hooks an arm under your hips and pulls you on top of him, linking his arms around your waist (and pulling all of the blankets with him) and, of course, trapping you.

“Ethan, I’m busy,” you try to complain. You really do make an effort to try to seem like you don’t care that he’s warm, or his skin is really soft against yours, or that he’s so nice and warm and his bare skin is like a heating pad on your stomach. You definitely try to ignore how cute his lips are, smiling at you, with his glasses falling down his nose and his bright blueberry hair so delightfully messy.

And you totally ignore the way he basically purrs when you scratch his head, and lean your head against his shoulder.

“You know exactly how to make me happy,” he giggles, and it’s priceless. “And I know exactly how to get you to relax for a change. I know I’m kind of a hypocrite, but you’ve been pushing yourself to do a lot while you’re hurting really bad.”

“I just want to try to be useful, instead of just a blob of attention-seeking and whining,” you pout in return, and he takes the opportunity to kiss you swiftly.

“But you’re not,” he insists, “you’re being what everybody should want to be, because you’re you, and I love you.”

“You really need to take a nap, Ethan. You’re practically slurring your words together trying to take care of me when you’re the baby blueberry.”

“Pfft,” he snorts in a little giggle, covering your face in kisses. “I’ll only sleep if you do, too. I have a hard time getting to bed without you.”

“Okay, just this once. I hope I don’t bleed all over you.”

“Ew,” he crinkles his nose.

“Hey, I could just lay next to you instead of on you.”

“I guess your bodily fluids are just a small price to pay to have you be comfortable for a change.”

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So. Let’s talk about the hospital room scene with Sherlock and Culverton. Despite it never being said outright, it’s implied that Sherlock had it all planned out, that he knew John would save him. I’m not convinced. Sherlock may be clever, but he had no idea of knowing that John would save him. Sure, he had everything else accounted for, but not even Sherlock could account for how John would react, especially given the events that occurred not too long before.

Here’s the thing: Sherlock experiences suicidal ideation on some level. I won’t be convinced otherwise. In this instance, and others like it where Sherlock knowingly puts himself in a dangerous situation, it’s only passive, but I can almost guarantee that he’s actively thought up suicide plans to the last detail, in an assortment of ways, in the past. There’s no way he hasn’t, if he is so precise in his self administering of drugs. The potential is there for an easy fix, if he just flubs the dosages a bit. It’s there, plain to see, for all who know to look for it. Sherlock couldn’t have known John would come, because John blames Sherlock for Mary’s death. Sherlock killed Mary. John beat the shit out of Sherlock to the point that there was a puddle of blood on the ground. Never before had John hurt him in such a way, even when Sherlock came back after being dead for two years. So, Sherlock blamed himself for Mary’s death. Sherlock blamed himself for causing John, the most important person in his life, pain. Sherlock never fought to see John after Mary’s death, as John made it quite clear he didn’t want to see Sherlock. Sherlock turned back to drugs, because John wasn’t there to stop him, either physically or because Sherlock didn’t want to disappoint him, because Sherlock knew he couldn’t disappoint John any longer. It’s hard to disappoint someone who expects the worst of you and cannot stand to be in your presence.

Sherlock didn’t want to die, but he wouldn’t have minded. Sherlock hoped John would come, but he would be fine if he didn’t. Sherlock was scared to die, because he knew if John came, but was too late, he would be hurting John more, if the man still cared for Sherlock even a little. He was scared to die because if John didn’t come, he would know John didn’t care about him anymore even the slightest bit.

Remember, you don’t tell someone ‘you’re suicidal, you’re allowed chips’ out of the blue like that, especially one you don’t know well or particularly care for. You don’t point something out so bluntly(though that’s par for the course with Sherlock), and you don’t imply that even the smallest of pleasures are okay, even if you feel you might not deserve them. Sherlock isn’t known for being compassionate, nor is he known for his vast emotional intellect. Plus, when Sherlock monologues about ‘taking your own life’, he speaks as if he’s thought about it considerably and finally come to a conclusion. Sherlock was likely projecting.

In short, Sherlock didn’t know John would come for him. He didn’t expect it. He hoped, because dear god, John Watson is everything good in his life, but he was never certain, because behind all the bravado and the false confidence, Sherlock is a man with insecurities, a man who feels but doesn’t understand. He’s starting to, but it’s a long road to understanding emotion when you’ve spent the majority of your life repressing and seeing it as a weakness.

There’s prior evidence to support this, going back as far as ASiP. Sherlock was absolutely going to take the pill, because it didn’t matter if he died. No one would mourn his loss. It wasn’t immediately apparent at that point because the show was shown from John’s point of view, for the most part. John didn’t know Sherlock very well, and Sherlock was hardly comfortable enough to express human emotion, so John likely wrote it off as Sherlock being an adrenaline junkie, a narcissist, someone who had to prove himself right above all else.

Sherlock’s never cared for his life. It’s John who makes his life worth living, and without John, Sherlock would have likely died years ago. “John Watson, you keep me right,” indeed.


The end of Nalu week is here and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crying. I’ve enjoyed this week very much! Thank you all so much for reading! Until next time! (Also can be read here.

Word count: 925
Summary: Their lives are more similar than they think, but will they ever intertwine? 

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hey I was wondering do you know any good podfics? I'm gonna be in a car for like four hours on friday and I don't think it's a really good idea to read fics in the car so listening to one would probably be a better idea

I love podfics. I listen to them all the time! When I’m crocheting, sewing, painting my bookshelves…

I usually listen to novel-length fics, but I think it would be best if you listened to one fic that is ~4 or ~8 hours long (depending on the total hours of your round-trip). I went through these links but the one’s I have listed are about the length that I would recommend for you:

I haven’t read/listened to every single one of these so I don’t know how good those ones actually are.


Unsettled: (3:31:13) Sherlock’s dæmon hadn’t settled. Once John realised that, so much made sense. Though so much else didn’t, because it practically wasn’t possible.

Corpus Hominis: (4:52:52) John knows the human body intimately. He’s had plenty of opportunity for study as a doctor, soldier, and lover. There’s one particular body, however, he knows very little about. When Sherlock launches himself head-first into a new obsession and they get sent on a case in an unlikely location, the pair discovers each other’s bodies with confusing yet delightful (and sometimes hilarious) results. (I’m reading this rn in text format and oh my god it’s hilarious and I’m loving it).

History, Repeating Itself: (4:32:31)  Postgrad AU. Med-student John Watson starts living with a bong toking, insane, Teaching Assistant called Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, just like in the books.

Two Years as Your Interpreter: (5:13:12) John isn’t scared of Sherlock or of the adults around them. But he is scared of this Message. He is scared he’ll be there, in two years, right next to Sherlock, watching and unable to do a damn thing when he dies. Because the true Message was, “Don’t expect to make a career out of this interpreter thing. I’ll die in two years.”For the first time in his life, John wishes he’d never taken the Cassandra Tests.

Our Enthusiasm Which Cannot Always Be Explained: (time isn’t available but I estimate this to be close to 4 hours) The list that is tacked haphazardly on the refrigerator of 221B reads, ‘Kidney(s), and/or a full cadaver (preferably male, late 30s, under six feet tall), bag of fresh toes, sixteen cow’s eyes (corneas retained), dual exhaust hand –held flame thrower, an unopened first edition copy of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’, and no less than ten abhorrently gruesome murders in the upcoming month.” The one neatly hanging next to it simply reads, “Sex.”One of these lists is not John Watson’s. If John Watson were to put what he really wanted in list form, to live in a land somewhere beyond ‘almosts’ now that Sherlock Holmes has indeed returned to him, he would never be able to look his flatmate in the eye ever again.


The Progress of Sherlock Holmes: (7:54:40)  Sherlock is deeply in love with John, not that anyone or even himself would think he is capable of that emotion. Then enter Mary Morston…

Dawn Before the Rest of the World: (time isn’t available but I estimate this to be close to 8 hours) In one of the grand houses of England in the 1920s, butler Sherlock Holmes is wooed to pieces by the world’s most romantic gardener, John Watson.“A really well-made buttonhole is the only link between Art and Nature.” –Oscar Wilde

Paradox Series: (6:59:00) In which what’s in Sherlock’s head is never going to get any better, and John is nearly thrown out of his flat. (This has four parts).

If you don’t like the sound of any of these, don’t forget to go back to the links listed at the beginning of this post cause they have even more podfics that you can listen to.