i know i'm forgetting a lot though

you: Peter Pettigrew is a despicable character and I won’t include him in anything I do because he betrayed the Marauders and I hate him.

me, an intellectual: Actually Peter Pettigrew is an essential part of the story seeing that without him half the things that happened throughout the series wouldn’t have happened, I am willing to include him in the narrative even though I, too, think that he is disgusting for doing what he did. However, I won’t forget he was a Marauder because it makes everything a lot more painful.

Can I just

I just wanted to randomly talk about three things that made my day and got me all soft and ughhh. Feelings.

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Your fic has over 100,000 hits. I'm pretty sure everyone has read it

I always forget that YCPfE is sorta popular. To be honest, when I first started writing it, I figured that I’d have very few readers because the ‘omegaverse’ tag sometimes puts people off (even though YCPfE is about so much more than a/b/o tropes, or doesn’t follow them at all.)

I know that there’s a lot of people that dismiss it because of the a/b/o universe it’s set in. (And it doesn’t really get fic recs because of it either, which is something I knew was going to happen, so I try not to get too down on myself.)

But every day I find I’m just so grateful to all the readers I have. I love you all. Thanks for being here with me. ❤️💕😘

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I'm sorry to hear you've been in a manipulative / otherwise toxic relationship, Red. It absolutely sucks to be in that position. I'm glad you were able to get out of that relationship, though. I'm also happy that you got yourself a support system, with Stretch and Blue and Fell. You're a strong dude!!

“Pfft. It does a lot more than suck, buddy.”

“But, thanks. It is pretty nice havin’ my sib, Blue, n’Stretch as a ‘support group’ or whatever its called. Heh, they don’t let me forget how ‘strong’ I am, that’s for sure. Stretch’n Blue are really nice about it, ‘specially since they don’t even know all the details. I’m really lucky to have’em around.”

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do you know of any movies or music ddl likes?

Thank you anon for sending this question back. I think I may have accidentally deleted the first ask since I couldn’t find it in my drafts or my queue and for that I am so sorry. I love this question because it gives me the opportunity to do some research and discover/rediscover many things about him. However this task turned out to be harder than I thought since my memory is blurry, my bookmarking system is messy and DDL’s retirement news pretty much drowned many specific articles that I’m looking for.


Daniel Day-Lewis is a film fanatic. He loves wandering into a cinema and taking pot luck with whatever is on (I laughed whenever people tweeted they thought they just saw DDL queued behind them at movies). He loves even bad movies and likes to analyze the work of actors past and present. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the list of his favorite films although he always talks passionately about those whose work he most admires like Montgomery Clift and Charles Laughton. So I gathered some pieces from his interviews and articles and hopefully it will give you some insight into what kind of films DDL likes.  

He is intrigued by all kinds of performances.

DDL reveres the greats like Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro. He dislikes John Wayne, loves Gary Cooper and prefers the Jimmy Stewart of Capra’s classic pictures to the Stewart of Anthony Mann’s westerns.

He saw Taxi Driver at least five times when it first came out.

In 1976, when he was 19, Daniel Day-Lewis saw Taxi Driver.

“It was a real illumination. I saw Taxi Driver five or six times in the first week, and I was astonished by its sheer visceral beauty. I just kept going back – I didn’t know America, but that was a glimpse of what America might be, and I realised that, contrary to expectation, I wanted to tell American stories.”

He is fascinated by Clint Eastwood.

“I used to go to all-night screenings of his movies. I’d stagger out at 5 in the morning, trying to be loose-limbed and mean and taciturn.”

Ken Loach is the biggest influence in his life.

“I am rather surprised that I haven’t made more stories about my own country but it is a mistake to suggest that the biggest influence on my life in terms of movies has been America. It was and remains Ken Loach and his whole body of work, not that I have ever worked with him. There is something unique and pure about the way he works, without a taint on it. His beliefs have remained unwavering since he made Cathy Come Home.”

He gave Carey Mulligan a personal note for the movie An Education.

When describing the gift from Daniel Day-Lewis, she explains:

“He wrote me this beautiful handwritten note a couple weeks afterwards just saying how nice it was to meet me and that he’d like An Education. His penmanship was beautiful. The note was the most beautiful thing. If my house was burning down, I would save that. It is so precious.”

“If….” is his major early influence 

When asked about a movie he saw when he was young that made him say, “This is what I’ve got to do with my life”, Daniel mentioned seeing the movie “If…” about a rebellion at a British boarding school, with Malcolm McDowell.

“Certainly that was a very important moment, but not just because of Malcolm in that film. It was partly because I was at a boarding school at the time, and if I could have got away with setting fire to the place, I would have done it. And he created a banner around which all the outcasts rallied, and so that film was a big influence.” 



Some of these are really shocking since it’s hard to imagine what kind of music DDL listens to so prepare yourself.


This is one of my favorite DDL’s legendary tales. For Gangs of New York, DDL listened to the music of Eminem to get into his character, the infamously violent leader of the Natives gang, Bill the Butcher.

“Yes, every morning around five, especially the song “The Way I Am.” I’ve admired him for a while. I’m always on the lookout for music that might be helpful to a role. It bypasses the intellect in a particular way. With this film, I realized I was listening to Eminem more than usual.”

Classical music

He listens to Bach.

Folk music

In one interview, while driving up the Wicklow Mountains, DDL slid a CD of Irish folk music by the band Planxty into the sound system, and the writer said the car was filled with layers of mandolins and guitars while DDL said:

“Nothing I say will be more eloquent than this music.” 

(he loves not talking during interview) ;D

Snoop Dogg

This is the transcript from an interview with DDL back in 2003.

Q: What other music have you used to prepare for roles?
DDL: Sinéad O'Connor certainly has helped me. Bach. Nirvana. Snoop Dogg.

Q: That’s funny, I’m interviewing him tomorrow.
DDL: Are you! Will you, from this great distance, pay my respects? He won’t know who the fuck I am, but I think he’s very cool.

Jimi Hendrix

This is coming from his first son with Isabelle Adjani, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis:

“The first album I ever listened to was ‘Purple Haze’ by Jimi Hendrix; my dad gave it to me on my tenth birthday. My mom flipped out! I know there’s a lot of sex, drugs, and rock & roll all incorporated in his music, but there’s something I loved about that kind of rock & roll. It was so raw, and so authentic — it really spoke to me. My music is definitely soul, folk-oriented, and acoustic, though. “

We also knew he went to Adele concert with his son 

and to Bruce Springsteen’s as well and hung out with him in Italy with Steven Spielberg. 

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what do you think your characters' favorite movies would be (guilty pleasures included)?


so santi’s favorite movies are akira and godzilla (only the original godzilla, although he did like shin godzilla that came out last year, but otherwise he gets very heated about the remakes and sequels, especially the one starring matthew broderick…don’t even bring that one up) he was also obsessed with jurassic park when he was a kid and wanted to become a paleontologist until he found out that paleontologists don’t actually get to meet real dinosaurs. he’s a geek ass so star wars of course. i feel like he would probably like green room too. oh and the goonies. hmmm what else…probably spider-man (2002)…scooby-doo 2: monsters unleashed…bad movies that are fun to watch. oh and when he gets really high he watches mary-kate and ashley movies. his favorite is the one where they go to the bahamas. 

gianni is the hardest because i feel like he would like a lot of obscure foreign films or weird surrealist films. like probably el topo or the holy mountain until he found out how shitty of a person alejandro jodorowsky is. omfg wait i watched swiss army man recently and just thought of santixgianni the whole time. he would definitely like that one. OH I JUST REMEMBERED i decided a while ago that his fave is fantastic mr. fox. oooooh and big fish. OH and definitely lord of the rings i mean c’mon. and he’s probably a slut for david lynch too so u know eraserhead and blue velvet. aversely, he probably watches a lot of ridiculously over the top action movies (probably like the fast & furious series lmao) because he finds it interesting how desensitizing they are. OH AND he and santi definitely binge watch the road warrior/mad max series together every so often hell yea.

rooney is probably so easy to please omg. her favorite movie is defffffinitely amélie heheshe loves anything ghibli/miyazaki, and wes anderson as well. she also went through a huge tarantino phase in her teen years when she tried to be edgy and walk around paris smoking hand rolled cigarettes out of those long fancy audrey hepburn cig holders u know what i mean. she also likes movies that radiate existential happiness and philosophical reflections on life, like almost famous, beginners, 20th century women, captain fantastic, those kinda optimistic, relationship-oriented storylines. oh and whip it because she’s always dreamed of becoming a roller derby girl ;-;

lou is probably a movie junkie. all she does is sit at home and watch movies and tv with fiona lmao (when she’s not babysitting santi) for that reason she’s seen everything and is a huge critic but will still watch anything even though she’ll complain about every gripe she has with it. her taste is kinda hard to pinpoint…i feel like she would like mysteries and maybe even sci-fi films. a lot of old film noirs as well. i mean u just know mildred pierce is her shit. gone girl and ex machina also come to mind. and she would like room and where the wild things are ;-; she’s also a sucker for tragedies (go figure) and kubrick films.

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My coworker has ADHD (he's talked about it before) and sometimes people get mad at him when he shows symptoms, like forgetting something or talking a lot. I feel bad and want to say something to him because he seems to really beat himself up over it. He calls himself lazy and annoying all the time even though he's actually pretty smart, funny and good at his job. However I'm not sure what I can do because I don't want to come off as weird and nobody at work knows that I have ADHD.

If you don’t want to tell him or your other coworkers that you have ADHD, you can just start making comments about how you do that too, or you know people who do it (like, don’t lie about your own symptoms). He probably feels really alone and he’s got poor self-esteem from being blamed for all this ADHD-related stuff, so having someone else point out that he’s not the only one who does it a lot may help.

Followers, do you have any suggestions?


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Imagine Jumin has no clue what a Bluetooth earpiece is, so when MC gets him one he's just like "the fuck is this" and MC busts up laughing because spoiled little rich boy is clueless to modern technology

You really wanted to do something for Jumin’s birthday, but he insisted that his birthday was just another day. It made you sad that he didn’t think he should be celebrated, but you also wanted to respect him. Although he wouldn’t let you throw him a party or take him out to dinner, you figured you could still do something special for him.

While he was still at work, you called the chef and told him not to come tonight. You had plans to make him dinner, because if this man was going to be stubborn, he was going to have to suffer with your cooking. You threw some chicken on the stove and tried your darn best to make pasta, and it didn’t really come out that bad.

When he came home and you sat him down to have dinner with you, he was still being stubborn. Big surprise. He kept going on about how you shouldn’t have done this for him, he didn’t want to do anything for his birthday, you shouldn’t care so much. You had to explain that you wanted to do this for him, and you may or may not have been totally guilty of buttering him up with “because I think you should always be celebrated! I love you so much!”

Anyways, you finally got the stupid baby man to eat your food, and you actually didn’t hear any complaints from him. As he was finishing up, you got super excited and kept wanting to reach for the little gift bag under the table. He noticed your excitement at one point, then questioned what you were excited about. When you told him that there was more to his surprise, he groaned a bit, but you quickly told him to shut his trap and appreciate you.

“What in the world is this?” He asked you as he read the packaging. “Bluetooth earpiece…..?”

“Yeah! You’re on the phone with people all the time, so I figured this would make it less of a hassle. Maybe now your neck and shoulders won’t get so stiff when you’re constantly on the phone!”

“What…. am I supposed to do with it?” He kept reading over the same line of text on the packaging, starting to squint at it like it would help him understand.

“You’re serious?” When he nodded his head, you laughed a little bit and walked over to help him. “Take out your phone.”

You sank up his phone to the earpiece, then hooked it to his ear. You placed his phone on the other side of the table, brought his hand up to touch one of the buttons on the earpiece, and then told him to press it when his phone went off. After that, you scurried off into one of the other rooms and called him. With just one wall between the two of you, you could hear his loud gasp and confused mumbling when the phone began to ring. It rang a few times and he was still mumbling to himself; something about witchcraft.





You giggled, finding his ignorance and confusion adorable, and spoke when the ringing stopped. “Hi, Jumin.”


“Jumin. Hon. It’s just like talking on the phone. You don’t have to be extra loud.”

“Oh, okay. That makes a lot more sense.”

“You like it?”

“Yes. So… It’s sort of like…? a baby phone? In my ear…?”

“…..I guess….”

He ended up really loving your gift and you think he’s actually looking forward to his next birthday! He has plans to one up you and get you something you’ll love for your birthday even more than he loves his earpiece, though he still doesn’t know what that thing may be. Sometimes he purposely forgets his earpiece at home though, so that you’ll massage his shoulders when he gets home from work.

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hey there, i was wondering if you could recommend me some comics ? Preferably things w/ cassandra cain , Stephanie , Kate or just any of the ladies really ! no problem If u can't tho !

ofc i love my girls

(warning for child abuse in some of Cass and Steph’s appearances bc their dads are awful. also I tried to make this vaguely chronological but comics are… hard)


  • No Man’s Land - character introduction, huge batfam event with lots of crossovers, I’d recommend finding a reading order or something
  • Batgirl v. 1 - Cass’s Batgirl run, one of my fav comics of all time. really good reading for Cass’s relationships with Barbara, Bruce, Steph, & her parents. earlier issues are the best imo but there are some gems later on
  • Gotham Knights - recurring character
  • Robin v. 3 - recurring character
  • DC does some really weird shit with Cass after the end of her Batgirl run where she’s evil for a while, it’s super ooc and kind of retconned anyways so just skip all of that
  • Batgirl v. 2 - aforementioned retcon
  • Batman and the Outsiders 
  • Red Robin - Cass as Black Bat; appears in 13, 17-19, 25
  • Gates of Gotham - supporting character, includes Dick as Batman
  • I have issues with her n52 characterization, but if you’re interested in that she first appears in Batman & Robin Eternal and is a major character in the current Detective Comics run


  • Detective Comics 647-649 - character introduction
  • Robin v. 3 - occasional character, Tim/Steph relationship
  • Pregnancy arc (takes place roughly during No Man’s Land)
    • Huntress/Spoiler Blunt Trauma
    • Robin 57-65 (some of it is ehhhh but it’s really important for Steph’s characterization. more Tim/Steph)
    • Secret Origins 80 Page Giant (overview of her backstory, warning for child abuse bc her dad sucks)
  • Batgirl v1 - tbh I’d die for Steph & Cass. specific issues: 21, 26-28, 38
  • Young Justice: occasional appearances
  • Gotham Knights: recurring character, shows a lot of her relationship with the batfam, will make you want to deck Bruce
  • Robin arc - Robin 126-128, Detective Comics 796, Batgirl 53-54 (I’m biased bc I love Robin!Steph so read all of them)
  • War Games: tbh I don’t really recommend this unless you really want to get a full picture of how bad DC writers fucked Steph over. warning for torture scenes and a lot of victim blaming. honestly just look up a summary of it
  • Batgirl 61-62 & 72-73: Cass hallucinates Steph after War Games, it’s not super important to Steph’s character arc but it did make me cry
  • Gotham Underground 2-6/Robin 170-183 - Steph returns as Spoiler
  • Batgirl v3 - Steph’s Batgirl run. slight characterization changes, but overall still really enjoyable. more Steph & batfam relationships, including with Barbara and Damian, but very tragic deficit of Cass
  • Red Robin 9-12 (ties into Batgirl)
  • again I’m not super partial to n52 characterization, but Steph first appears in Batman Eternal and is part of Batman & Robin Eternal and Detective Comics


  • 52: pre-n52 character introduction. I’m very biased on this one bc I love Kate/Renee
  • Detective Comics 854-864 - Kate’s Detective Comics run, includes her backstory and Batwoman Elegy
  • Convergence: The Question 1-2 - takes place pre-n52, focuses mainly on Renee Montoya but includes Kate and Huntress as supporting characters
  • Batwoman - Kate’s n52 solo series, one of the best n52 titles imo even though I have some problems with the later issues (warning for sexual assault in the Nocturna storyline)
  • Batwoman Rebirth - ongoing monthly series

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man, i can't believe they'd forget about the music in castlevania of all series?? a lot of people don't appreciate all the work that goes into soundtracks though so they were probably like 'who fucking cares'. you think they'd still at least... try or something though. i'm shook dude.

Yeah I know. I think people really do underestimate how much music does for a movie or game. Film is made up of two sensory experiences, sight and hearing. If what you’re hearing sucks the overall quality suffers a lot, some times literally by 50% as I believe it does here.

There was no effort put in by the composer at all. People are sticking up for Trevor Morris saying Konami probably didn’t let them use their music, that’s fine. But Michiru Yamane can’t use Castlevania music for Bloodstained and she’s done an incredible job. Sure, Yamane composed for Symphony of the Night so it’s unfair to compare him to her, but Ippo Yamada has never worked on a Castlevania game and his music for Bloodstained is spot on.

Mana from Moi Dix Mois and Malice Mizer doesn’t write videogame music and he could do a better job in his sleep. Not everyone is as talented as Michiru Yamane, etc, but when your work isn’t even to the fan standard on youtube, I don’t know what to say. Saying Morris has done even a passable job is disrespectful to fan composers on youtube who do a better job than he did for no pay at all. 

As someone that can actually write music (and writes about film music semi-professionally shameless plug), I’m going out on a limb here, but I would be really surprised if even Morris believes in this soundtrack. The soundtrack mostly relies on extremely sustained synth strings and an arpeggiated low synth pulse. What’s the great thing about that? Well if you have to get something done quickly, you can set the parameters on your arpeggiator, and with a key change here and there you can knock out cues for a 3 minute scene in no time. What you’re hearing is the audio equivalent of someone who did their homework the night before it was due. 

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Oh, no, I the seasons thing, I always laugh bc there are soooo, so many RotG fics where Jack is like, 'oh, yeah, seasonal spirits all get a break for six months and hibernate and stuff,' and I'm like, 'But, but, what about the southern half of the world??'

Oh pfft we all know the southern half of the world doesn’t exist.

Right now I am drifting in the liminal ether and sipping tea and just pretending Australia is a real place but kangaroos are fake and the platypus is a lie and all we have is the Northern Hemisphere.

Hey, Just a Reminder

You all are great. I know it’s been a while and things have calmed down a bit in this fandom (though Winona has caused quite a stir!), but you’re all still wonderful people. I hope you never forget that.

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Hey, I've recently listened to the Hamilton soundtrack, and I was curious how true are the musicals version of Hamilton and Burr, what are the major differences between how the musical portrays them and the reality? I live in Ireland so I really haven't much idea about American history, I know more about Irish history (which is also incredibly fascinating to learn about although there is a lot of it for such a small nation 😬) Sorry if I'm bothering you with my question

You guys never bother me, I’m Irish too, do not live there though! Love Irish history. 

Well, the entire Hamilton musical is not accurate even in the picturing of Alexander Hamilton, who the musical is about. It glorifies Alexander Hamilton, forgets to mention many of the key flaws and terrible stuff he has done and seems to make fiend to everyone who was opposed to him. On top of that, it also portrays Aaron Burr as someone with very little ideals and is constantly changing to make such he ends up on top. This is frankly, untrue. 

In the line, “You changed parties to run against my father and law… I changed parties to seize the opportunity I saw..” is incorrect, Aaron Burr was never a member of the Federalist party and though he frayed and changed his opinions around he was always a dead-set member of the Democratic Republican party. 

It also seems to paint this picture of Burr and Hamilton as friends and it was Burr who seemed to separate their friendship. Lin-Manuel Miranda even said this in his Drunk History episode but this is not true. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were never friends. Aaron Burr did happen to save Alexander Hamilton’s life on two occasions (once from capture during the war and another from a duel with James Monroe). 

While the musical is great sure, it doesn’t capture the fact that Alexander Hamilton was not a very good person. It does show his affair with Maria Reynolds it shadows Maria as a villain, when in fact she was not.  

It was always Burr who expressed a want to hold some sort of friendship with Hamilton, while Hamilton never shared these feelings what so ever. Alexander Hamilton was a hard working man who would do whatever it takes to get himself what he needed, the musical forgets to show that one tiny detail- Hamilton would do whatever it takes to get himself what he needed. 

Those are simply just points about some of their character. We must not also forget the musical failed to show us that while he was an abolitionist- HE OWNED SLAVES. Elizabeth and himself both owned one to two house slaves and he even negotiated the trade of slavery between his relatives (his in laws). 

There is a lot about their portrayals that is incorrect, I am afraid. Though, the music is very addicting (even to me). 

hey my loves!! wanted to let you all know that i’m epically bad at one-on-one communication, like IMs and stuff. i’m a very forgetful person and though i read the messages i receive i may take a while to respond for one reason or another, or sometimes put it in my head that i’ve answered them when i haven’t and forget them there. i don’t mean to ignore any of you, i’m grateful for everyone approaching me ooc, i really am. i just have a bad mind for these things, and i’d hate for anyone to get upset over it and think it’s personal. i love each and everyone of you, i just suck sometimes. just bear with me, i promise i’ll answer eventually (and apologize profusely over my belated answer too)

A kings throne can be used for other things than just sitting on. Imagine sitting on Thorin's throne naked.
Sorry it turned into smut. I couldn’t help myself. Do you mind? ;)

Finally the meeting was over. The whole damn day and long into the night they have been talking about everything what he, as the king, need to know or has to decide over. 

His councilors already left to their chambers to get the desired rest. Not so Thorin. He makes his way the the throne room, for thinking and maybe even relaxing a bit before sleep. Expecting you to already laying in your bed, taking your night rest.

Damn. I promised her to be there tonight. 

He thinks to himself, knowing you would understand but upset after all that he could not spend time with you again. 

A few hours before

You just finished your beauty routine. Still dwelling in the huge bath you let your mind walk.

He is not coming today either you thought to yourself. You sighed. Understanding he must fulfill his duties but damn it you wanted to be with him. Talking, relaxing, cuddling. You imagined his deep husky voice which brings you chills up your spine, his long silky hair and his muscular body. 

Oh no 

Bad enough your loving heart yearns for your king to be by your side, your body does miss him as well. Nights over nights you were wet for him. Laying in the large bed waiting for him to arrive and become one again, but it never happened. There was just too much work for him to do right now. 

These nights you simply pleasured yourself, although it never satisfied you enough. You need to feel your most beloved right next to you. Into you. 

He was in no better mood. Also yearning to be one with you again, but can’t the last days. Your desire became unbearable. To that point that you nearly walked around every day dripping with lust.

I never imagined that one could slide away like this when you make love to someone you truly love.

And then you make a decision.

‘All right your majesty, I take the lead now. If you don’t come to me, I need to come to you.’ you said smirking, preparing yourself for your plan.

'My queen? Are you alright? To whom are you talking to?’ your handmaiden asked worriedly from outside the bath.

'Eh! No one. Thank you Gori. You can leave work for the day. I see you tomorrow then.’

'So early? T-thank you my queen! May I assist you with something or bring you something before I take my leave?’

'No no, thank very much. I appreciate that. Have a nice evening!’

'Your too kind, my queen.’ the young dwarven handmaiden said happily and left.

Present time

Still in his thoughts about you, Thorin didn’t even notice he is half way away from the throne as he hears a familiar voice.

'Evening my king.’ you say softly.

He says nothing. Eyes widened. 

Beguilingly beautiful you sit on the kings throne, veiled in a large cloak of silk fabric. Completely bare underneath. He did not now that yet though.

’(Y/N)? I thought you were sleeping.’

He steps closer and stops where the steps to the throne begin.

'No. I couldn’t sleep. Like so many nights before. I miss you.’

His face becomes a frustrated expression.

'I’m sorry my love. I do miss you as well. But you know I-’

'Yes.’ your soft voice interrupting him.

'I understand. Don’t worry. You are the king. With that responsibility comes a lot of duties. But don’t forget that I love you. That is why I am here.’

’(Y/N)…’ Thorin whispers between his teeth. He looks like he is in pain.

Is he thinking I’m going to leave him now or so? 
You smile. 
'My love. My king. My Thorin. I came here to make you forget all your duties and worries for a time.’

You stand up from the kings chair and let the cloak run down your shoulders. Now resting on your wrists, still holding it upwards. Exposing your naked body. His mouth goes dry and his eyes grow dark. His lower half filling itself with heat and his member twitching in the sight of his wife. Immediately blood rushing to where it was needed.

'When was the last time you took me?’

'My love.’ He blushed 'Here?’

'Yes here. A kings throne can be used for other things than just sitting in my opinion. I’m tired of doing it myself. I am yearning for you, don’t you see.’ you touched your lower body half 'I need you right here. Inside me.’ You let the cloak fall to the ground as Thorin passes the few steps up to the throne and kisses you passionately. Forcing his tongue into your mouth, heavy breathing. By witnessing your wet and glistening womanhood with his sweet juices he always likes to taste his pants become more and more tighter.

'What if someones coming?’ he asks between the kissing. Leaving your mouth and trailing down your neck.

'I don’t care.’ you moan.

'Your right. Besides everyone is asleep. You should keep quiet.’


'Your screaming and moaning, my love. Loud. I love that but these halls are echoing.’ he smirks and you blush deeply.

’D-don’t say such embarrassing things. Ah!’

He chuckles as he licks and nips your hard nipples, massaging your breasts. Your knees shaking.

'If someones coming I have to carve his eyes out. No one is allowed to see my woman bare. To see you in ecstasy like this. Except me.’

You smile happily to yourself and take his face in your hands, up to your mouth.

'Always and forever your woman Thorin. Claim me.’

Your womanhood throbbing he lifts you up and throws you on the throne. Facing him, legs half spread you watch how he undresses his lower half. His trousers fall to his ankles, his bare macular chest with his soft chest hair exposing through the now opened tunic. You let your hand trail from his chest down to his member. Standing dangerously erected, thick and twitching. Already a few drops of precome peaking out of his tip. He groans and suddenly takes your hand roughly. 

'Turn around.’ you hear Thorins husky voice filled with desire. 'I’ll have you this way first.’

He turns you around, your hands resting on the thrones armrests. His large strong hands coming to your hips shoving himself into you with one thrust.

You gasp in surprise and of the slight amount of pain. But you were wet enough to take him.

'I’m sorry love! Ugh your so tight. I’m finally inside you. Ah you feel so good around me.’ ,he pants ,'I try to do it slow.’

Your cheeks grow hot and reddened over his words. He starts to thrust into you slowly.

'Ah! D-don’t say such embarrassing things.’

'Why not? I know you like it.’ He smirks. You turn your head to face him with red cheeks. 'Your pussy is so wet and tight. How did I survived these last days.’

He ankles his hips and jerks upwards hitting your sweet spot. You let out a loud voluptuous moan.

'Quiet love.’ trying hardly to keep his own groans unheard.

Your moans only fire him up, thrusting now hard and rough into you. He knows you like it rough, though he tries to take it slowly this time, because he did not have you in such a long time. Apparently failing to do so. The black haired dwarf knows he would no longer be able to control himself. 

’T-thorin I’m going to- AAAAHH !!’ you couldn’t finish your sentence. Tightening around his cock you came screaming, immediately covering your mouth to muffle your love moans. Still thrusting into you, hitting your spot everytime so you could ride out your whole orgasm, your husband comes as well. A deep groan escaping his throat, shooting his seed inside you. He bits down at the right side of your lower back.

Still breathing heavy you sit on his lap. He placed the two of you gently on the throne and covered you half with the cloak. Leaning against his chest, his strong arms around you.

'I’m sorry I came inside you.’

'Nah… It’s okay.’ you closed your eyes feeling his seed squeezing out of you on his thigh. Looking up at him you talk innocently 'You know I was going to give you a special treatment. My full service you know. Satisfying you. I did not assume you would like to have me immediately.’

He looks down on you and chuckled.

'I was missing you the last days as well as you me. What makes you think I am not satisfied? I enjoyed your body, voice and your love within deeply.’ He kisses your lips softly. 'But… I think..’, the dwarf touches your hard nipples, 'I’d like to have you again.’

You can feel his cock stiffening against your legs.

'It would be my pleasure.’ you said grinning mischievously, lifting yourself up and placing your legs on both sides of his body. Holding yourself up right above his thick cock. Which is slick with your juices from your previously love making.

'Mahal it will.’

You lower yourself onto him, your body sucking him in in one moisty move. His hands and your hips lifting you up and down. You gasp. Feeling him twitching inside you. Rubbing along your inner walls.

'Ah (Y/N) I love you. I love you so much.’

'Thorin… forever. I love you forever.’

He slams you down on him, nearly screaming.

You hands cling onto his tunic. Caressing his chest. Your tongues find their ways to one another a begin battling. You deepening the kiss as long as you can, but the ecstasies forcing you both to break free to breath heavily. Moaning and panting he speeds up. Your liquids leaking out your lower body onto his lap, mixed with his seed. The sound of your bodies meeting. Wet sounds as your cunt squeezes its walls, indulging his thick member totally, nearly pumping the mixed fluidness on his lap. Your orgasm is building up again. You close your eyes and lower your head. ‘Look at me.’ obeying him you meet his eyes. ‘(Y/N) I am close.’ Thorin pants.

You smile. He moves his left hand thump to your swollen clit without leaving your hip. You gasp, moaning loudly as you feel your orgasm will come in a few seconds. 

'Let’s come together. May I release inside you?' 
You chuckle between your groans.
‘Mh ah.. your asking now? You already have.’

His grip on your hips tightens, nearly painfully. Feeling him twitching you give him permission ‘Yes ah release your seed inside me, oh please.’

He heaves a loud groan not caring anymore if anyone would hear them. You came with him, tightening.

In silence you cling to one another, catching your breaths.

'I must admit… I thought you were going to leave me.’ the king under the mountain looks straight into your eyes, your bodies still connected.

'How could you think of such nonsense. I belong to you.’

‘My queen. My love. (Y/N). I am yours and you are mine.’

'Pass death, forever I am.’

Sorry I just love this Game of Thrones quote. It’s so beautiful!

And Gori is a female dwarf name and a character I put into this story. She does not exist in the books.

I’m sorry for all grammatical mistakes. 

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'Forget I even asked you' or 'did you think I forgot?' (Or both if that's alright) with Jamilton? Hopefully pining 'enemies' because I'm always a slut for that prompt. 💗💗

“A hair tie? Why the hell would I have a hair tie?”

Alexander huffed, crossing his arms as pieces of his hair fell into his face.

“Because you have…a lot of hair, I don’t know. I was just asking.”

“I don’t use hair ties, Hamilton.” Jefferson said, his voice pompous as he smirked down at Alexander, “Though with your greasy rat’s nest, I can see why you might need them.”

Alexander sputtered, a blush rising to his cheeks.

“You don’t have to be a dick about it!” he all but shouted, tugging at his own hair self-consciously, “Forget I even asked you!”

Later that day found Alexander sitting at his desk, constantly pushing his hair from his face, a deep scowl on his face. He blinked in surprise when he felt a pair of hands running through his hair, pulling it back gently. A hair elastic was wrapped around his locks, but the hands remained, almost petting him.

“Well what’dya know, it’s actually soft.”

“Jefferson?” Alexander spun his chair around to face the man who towered over him.

“What, did you think I forgot?” he asked with a smirk, “I nicked it from Laurens.”

“Oh, thanks…I guess.”

“No problem.” He tugged gently on Hamilton’s ponytail and the man practically fell into his touch. “We wouldn’t want anything to hinder your work, now would we?”

College!Westallen: "Emergency" Call
  • Barry: *exhausted from night of studying, reaches for morning coffee, phone vibrates; it's Iris*
  • Barry: *answers it* Hey, Ir-
  • Iris: Barry, I had sex.
  • Barry: ...
  • Iris: Hello? Barry, are you there?
  • Barry: *nearly spills coffee on himself* No, ah, yes, I'm here. *clears throat* I'm here, Iris.
  • Iris: *sighs* Well, I did it, Barry. I finally had sex. It was not at ALL what I thought it would be. It was weird, uncomfortable even. I don't know if I'll ever do it ever again. Granted I was drunk. He was too. Still, I think I'd remember if it was really fantastic, you know? That's not something you forget. A really fantastic first time sex, like in those novels I don't read.
  • Barry: Iris, I don't know if-
  • Iris: I'm sure it wasn't fantastic though. I mean, I'm definitely sore this morning. Hot, steamy fantastic sex doesn't involve soreness the next morning, does it? I mean, it could I suppose. Maybe if you did a lot of different angle-
  • Barry: IRIS.
  • Iris: *flushes* Sorry. *clears throat* I'm babbling.
  • Barry: *sighs* Don't you have any girlfriends you can talk to about this? Your roommate maybe?
  • Iris: *frowns, confused* You're my best friend, Barry.
  • Barry: *tries to speak but can't*
  • Iris: Besides, I'm not real close with any of the girls here, not even my roommate. And there's uh...actually something I need your help with.
  • Barry: *wary* What is it?
  • Iris: It's...the guy.
  • Barry: *fortifies himself* What about him?
  • Iris: He's still asleep in my bed. I need you to get rid of him.
  • ...
  • A/N: Tell me if you want a continuation of this! It would just be a oneshot & there would likely be a flash forward at the end to a married!WA.
  • About this being basically a one-night stand...I know Iris doesn't seem the type, but she also said she never had a serious relationship before Eddie. With Joe being as strict as he is, I feel like she could've waited till college & indulged in college parties & then just done it that way.