i know i'm all sappy and sentimental lol

Hetalia 30 Day Challenge

5. Character you’d like as your child

Huh… if you mean as in they’re in child/chibi form as my child… I’d really like to have Russia be my kid. His childhood was horrible and a huge part of the reason that he’s so sadistic and messed up. If I could, I’d love to give him a childhood where he’s loved and where he has a good family. I mean, even if it didn’t go back in time and make him forget his childhood… I’d love to give him just one childhood where he’s treated right.

And I know, I sound silly and all sentimental… but… really, I’d like to give him at least that. Maybe it would make him a little less cold. I know it wouldn’t fix everything… but I think it might help just a little. :)